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    False 2.3 accusations are a complete waste of peoples time. Why should people have to constantly reply and comb through 2.3 accusations more than once in fear if they do not respond to each claim it will be seen as fact by staff and result in punishment. 2.3 is far to easy of a card to play and excessively used lately. There needs to be a counter punishment for a false accusation of 2.3 harsher than a false report judgement. Wastes staffs time and the reported parties time. I am tired of seeing every single legitimate hostile situation being reported. Find IN CHARACTER ways to remove yourself from IN CHARACTER situations. There are PLENTY of groups out there to form friendships with, strength in numbers, not strength in TWO POINT THREE.
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    Thread closed permanently, just like the OP for shit attitude.
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    Firstly, I would like to say that I think it’s a great idea for us as leaders to communicate more with each other to address issues and work to improve RP for our groups and others in the community. I personally disagree that everything should be handled IC. Why do we have rules, forum discussions and reports? Because we RP as characters, as people who may act and think very differently from the person behind the screen. Ultimately, we are all here to have fun and if the roleplay you are being subjected to is not enjoyable, then people should be able to reach out to the other party to constructively communicate their concerns. If we do not talk to each other OOC, it is very hard to determine if someone genuinely enjoys the RP and make adjustments accordingly to ensure that both sides are content. I think it is a very selfish attitude for a person or group to subject people to the RP they find entertaining with no consideration for the other side and I see a lot of this happening in the community sadly. Telling someone to deal with it IC when the solution may be detrimental to their RP is equally as harmful. In my opinion, poor quality hostile RP is forcing a fight or flight response, leading to constant unwanted PvP or people moving bases and hiding in the woods. While this may be characteristic of the apocalypse, this is a game we play to have fun. This same fight or flight response can be seen OOC, with constant arguments on the forums or people leaving the community. The issues will not be solved IC! With that being said, I have spoken to my group regarding feedback for this thread. What things do they enjoy/would like to see more of? We enjoy interacting with random people on our travels or at our base which constitute more than a hi/bye or a quick trade. We’d like to see different people/groups meet up to RP and build stories. We enjoy maintaining good relations with other groups, setting up trade and security deals which are of mutual benefit. For example, having a trader convoy actually travel between bases to exchange requested items. We enjoy negotiating arrangements to ensure our safety from hostile groups. We enjoy the threat of good hostile RP that does not involve constant initiations and raids. For example, our camp has been tormented for weeks by a dynamic group who broadcast creepy coded radio messages and pick us off one by one. This has been some of the best story forming, tense RP I’ve had and OOC we eagerly await their arrival because its just so terrifying and well done. We would like to see more movement across the map. With people remaining inside bases, it seems that you can run for hours without meeting anyone. Our group concept revolved around picking off the lone wanderer but lately, we struggle to find good RP. This leads to more internal RP, which as much as I love it, doesn’t contribute positively to the community as a whole. Since we have such a large group, we aim to split people up so that while the base is still manned, others wander the map and interact more with other groups. What is it they are displeased with and how can we correct this? We work incredibly hard IC and OOC to maintain good relations with the hostile groups to mitigate their reasons to attack us but it is still a daily struggle for us to avoid and deal with poor quality hostile RP and unenjoyable trolling/memeing. We do not fight back against groups as a rule for fear of endless hostilities and we do not appreciate people taking advantage of this. We do not enjoy unprovoked constant attacks on our home or our people. We do not enjoy ‘shut up, stare at the wall’ hostilities, nor do we enjoy being constantly raided and big dicked. We do not enjoy people coming to our camp and baiting initiations or attempting to create reasons to justify initiations. We do not enjoy sexual and racial comments made towards our members. We do not enjoy people accusing us of being a BDSM group. We do not enjoy people loitering outside our camp for no apparent reason. We do not enjoy excessive banter and memeing. We don’t enjoy people walking in and stealing right in front of us because they know we can’t/won’t stop them. We do not enjoy having to flee from our own camp to avoid poor RP. Yet sadly, we are encountering the above way more frequently than we would like. It’s getting to the point where I have to deal with unhappy members daily, which I think is incredibly sad considering the numbers, talent and experience we have. Numerous members are thinking of moving servers and its becoming more common for people to run away and log rather than experience the poor RP from certain groups/individuals. I am struggling to keep everyone positive and focus on the good RP we do have because the negative encounters taint the RP and moods of everyone involved. This will not be corrected by IC means. Sadly, there are those in the community who simply do not care for the enjoyment of others. This needs OOC intervention because as much as I love this community, it’s getting too much even for me. I wish I had a magic solution for this. I personally think that the community is way too lenient when it comes to poor quality RP. The standards are too low in my opinion. The stance appears to be that if it’s not a rule break, its okay. It’s not. This allows people to provide RP that is just acceptable for them not to get banned, but is not pleasant either. The shift of people to other servers has already begun and while the new players may make up the numbers, they do not make up for the skill and experience of the quality RPers that may leave. What style of gameplay/roleplay are they most interested in? We are a group who enjoy both giving and receiving good hostile RP. Our reasons when taking hostages are always IC motivated and we do not steal gear or look to execute. Our purpose is to create long term storylines. We initiate daily but PvP a few times a month only when we have little alternative. We aim to provide quality RP with enough build up to initiations that we very, very rarely have uncompliant hostages. We welcome and enjoy hostilities against us when there is a storyline behind it with goals that don’t involve constant raids, initiations, executions and big dicking. We respect and follow reasonable demands. We do have a substantial amount of internal RP, both hostile and campfire, but we are welcoming to outsiders where appropriate and actively seek external RP daily.
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    RIP Derek Crow. Thanks to all that made him so unbelievably fun to play. One of my favorite characters I've ever had the pleasure of playing.
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    Ending every single night of roleplay with a report PoV
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    I didn't really read through the other responses to your question but here is mine so consider it from the horse's mouth. There are roughly 3 eras of modern Chernarussian history. Dark times when the republic was forming (1991-2004), the Interim period (2004-2009) where the Chedaki movement began to coalesce and the Chernarussian government was very weak and run by a centrist party with little influence, ending in the civil war, and the Kozlov (2009-present day) which saw the lessening of NATO forces, the increase in size of the Strana Vzkříšení (Resurrection Party) and the CDF, the unification (more or less of the Chernarussian political right and center), and the utter consolidation of the militaristic, statist nationalist faction. It was at this point directly after the war that Chernarus refused to join the EU to play into Russia's hand, they are still part of the UN as every nation is but they limited NATO bases to MNBG 1 and MNBG 2, which is Utes Island and a small base outside of Kirovograd that is mainly comprised of non-American personnel from across NATO's member states. The base on Utes was evacuated in late 2017 if I recall correctly and the base near Kirovograd was utterly destroyed after week 2. (Pro-Kozlov poster 2010) These bases were the only one used by NATO in Chernarus after 2009. A key desire among the new establishment was to placate the Americans in the aftermath of the war, as the CDF was seen by many as just riding the coat tails of the Marines that liberated South Zagoria. The establishment also ensured that Chernarus did not become a NATO proxy or a battleground for the East and West. Access to local rebuilding contacts and trade agreements that leveraged Chernarus' vast resource wealth made this possible. The reality was a bit more nuanced on the part of the actual conflict, and this is evident in the harvest red campaign that you can play in Arma 2. We follow "The War That Never Was" ending of the campaign. The simple fact was that once the Marines pushed the Chedaki inland towards Stary Sobor and re-took Krasnostav Airbase to use as a spring board for air attacks the game was pretty much up for the Chedaki as their leadership was hunted down and eliminated by Razor Team with assistance from Chernarussian State Security (COBR) and OREL spetsnaz subunits. From Vyshnoye onward, virtually every assault was spearheaded by joint Marine-CDF formations, with the Marines relying heavily on the CDF's army intel branch (there's a portion of the campaign where you as a Marine visit Lieutenant Marny of CDF intel in Electrozavodsk.) The Chernarussian government DID ask for help once it became clear they couldn't handle it. Misinformation is how stories get created, it's part of RP even if it is false. There are western weapons strewn around mainly because of (from a Lore perspective) the movement of so many people groups into and out of the region, moving from place to place, getting eliminated, dropping weapons and cycling them around. The loot table has actually just recently reduced the amount of western weapons that spawn. No Russian forces have maintained bases in territorial Chernarus since 1991. The Chernarussian bases in South Zagoria are property of the 93rd Brigade of the CDF and are rightfully government property as far as they are concerned, but nobody is as bothered with looting in such places now as the government has it's territory in the west that is more critical.
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    Bring back the mentor program
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    I killed 17 people. There was only 5 of us. @Osku @Ryan Shepherd
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    Merciless grew from seeds of discourse and contention, it’s founders angry with the way the world had become a corrupt and vile excuse for civilizations. Especially after the infection, Merciless found that from the scum of the earth to the self-proclaimed heroes there was corruption. In groups and lone wolves, in attempts to rebuild cities and create trading posts, there was no good guys. Merciless doesn’t profess purity and holiness, but rather justice. A crude and primitive justice, one attuned to the crude and primitive wasteland that Chernarus has become. Wandering from place to place, hearing stories of robbers, bandits, and madmen, Merciless decided to embrace the world as it was, to fight fire with fire. Now, Merciless spreads its brand of justice, one without a judge or jury, but an executioner. Some may call them vigilantes, villains, or bandits, but Merciless is definitely one thing. Merciless. Started by three men, Merciless is ever expanding and recruiting. While the name may make them seem like a bunch of brigands, Merciless is actually a group willing to make alliances and help others, but will show no quarter to those they deem evildoers. By means of robbery, torture, murder, or any other punishment, Merciless seeks to iron out Chernarus, brushing away the grime and scum, to make the nation whole and pure again. They aren’t nationalists, and perhaps not even Chernarussian, but as men, they’ve decided to fix the broken land. Above all, Merciless will not punish anyone without good reason. They will not rob a lone wolf for a new rifle, or torture someone for making fun of their shoes. Merciless exists for the explicit purpose of combating the corrupt and powerful groups of Chernarus. From the pacifist CTF to the violent Jaysh Allah, no group is beyond Merciless’ fury or vengeance. All members of the group will recognize and appreciate this code. Any member who breaks this code will be treated as one of the corrupt, and duly dealt with. Merciless has three founders: Romulus King, Drake Carver, and Cody Baton. These three men banded together over the fellowship of mistreatment and abuse by the world. They decided that to root out the corruption that caused their pain, they would step off the moral high ground and fight with the dogs they needed to kill. The decision to leave behind good morals and kindness gave way to the group’s namesake. They became Merciless. All this came after the three men had a falling out with their previous group, the CTF. They felt that even through the professions of being for the people, the higher ups in the group were more concerned with themselves and their vision, rather than what the people wanted. What the people needed. After seeing this favoritism and squandering of their own law, the three men gave a display of defiance and left, determined to drill the blatant and rampant corruption that invaded Chernarus when charismatic madmen, warmongers, and demagogues took control. After leaving and deciding to take matters into their own hands, they began looking for individuals like themselves to help them defeat their large and powerful enemies. Merciless now roves, seeking out the corrupt and unjust. They don’t hunt it down, per say, rather let it rear its ugly head. And once it does, Merciless will be there with the axe. Some view their fight as a losing battle, like Hercules and the Hydra. But eventually, Merciless will find a way to stop corruption at its roots. They have no doubt of this. The main way to fight the scum that litter Chernarus is punishment. The same treatment they inflict upon others, now inflicted upon them. Merciless isn’t afraid to rob, torture, or kill. They have no limits. Why fight a fight with your hands behind your back? Use every means of winning, and the strongest will shall prevail. This sentiment is carried by all of Merciless’ leadership, and should resonate through the lower ranks. No situation is too difficult, no obstacle insurmountable, no position untenable. Merciless won’t back down from any fight, and will see it to the end, whether that end is theirs or not. Merciless isn’t concerned about having the best gear or coolest gun, but functionality and ability. Merciless doesn’t pass off passersby as a collection of bad loot not worthy of robbing, but potential members, tired of the bigger, stronger, and more bullying groups. No person is too young or too old, as long as they seek to bring justice forth unto Chernarus. As long as there is a fighting spirit and fury ready to be unleashed, Merciless will prevail. That’s who they are, the physical manifestation of the abuse by the most powerful and corrupt survivors. Merciless has a goal to rid the world of corruption. Its leaders understand that to completely annihilate the idea and existence of corruption is a fanciful dream. They strive merely to cut through the weeds to find the grass beneath. They exist so that society may return and with it law and order. Several of its founder with backgrounds in law, Merciless is guided by those who seek to find the blind justice of the old world, long since forgotten by the new and unimproved barbarians of modern Chernarus. Merciless will never profess purity or perfection, just a way to bend the world’s knees, and make it see the truth. They wish to be the stepping stone to a society that punishes the practice of corruption, instead of ignoring or bowing to it. Once this is complete, Merciless will fade back, a silent sentinel to watch and wait. The seeds of corruption are spread far and wide, and some take time to grow. As long as the scum exist, so will Merciless. Will be updated as time goes on. - Recruit new members into Merciless to make a formidable fighting force (18/25) | [Indefinite] - Create a name for the Merciless under the symbol of the light blue armband | [Completed] - Create strong alliances with other groups or factions. (0/2) | [Day 750] - Recruit a medical personnel member to keep members healthy | [Completed] - Create a camp to support the needs of our people | [Completed] - Recruit informants to give us tips on potential and proven criminals | [Day 840] - Maintain a steady supply of ammunition and medical items for our people [Indefinite] - Guarantee Safety to our people | [Indefinite] - Learn more about other groups or factions in Chernarus (7/15) | [Day 900] - Set a Chain of Command in place for the group | [Completed] - Obtain a Working Vehicle (1/1) | [Completed] - Establish a Fully Functioning outpost where crime can be reported to the people of Merciless | [Day 540] - Revive the Local Community | [Day 850] Leader | @Cody Baton Co-Leader | @xxxDynastyWolf Sergeant | @Ghast Corporal | @BluJayOnPcIn144p Corporal | @ImNovaaa Private First Class | @Haus Private First Class | @Voodoo_BoomStick Private First Class | @Humanity Is Insanity Private | @TheShiningShard Private | @tr3ko Private | @Kusken Private | @Johnny Navid Private | @Drew7822 Private | @Vocalizedrook Private | @MrSaltyFish Private | @HailPhantom Private | @ForerunnerAlpha "Light Blue Armband"- Our group will wear these Recruitment is done both in and out of character. If you are interested in joining us, find us in game and show your interest towards our group. If you want to join out of character please message @Cody Baton or @xxxDynastyWolf
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    Why are you the way that you are.
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    This is so ironic i can't even So because OOC hate is a problem.. you want to increase it by not being able to block people? Everyone can't be friends with everyone and at that point it is much better to just block someone, that is literally the point of blocking people and MORE people should use it.
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    We try, thank you for the kind words, we enjoyed your RP aswell! And yes, hopefully we run into each other soon!
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    Excuse me, where is the "All of the above." option? If I had to pick out of all of them, I would say the "Ruger Mini 30: Chambered in 7.62x39" ...
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    Nothing beats this guys!
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    I know it's a little late but I really enjoyed our relationship therapy @RiZStream @Xehara and as usual always running with you bro @RiZStream I really enjoy your RP and enjoyed you helping hutch and sauce's relationship @Xehara and for remembering my name this time always a pleasure and till next time! Hope to RP with you again.
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    Don't you hate making people feel bad unintentionally? Fucking sucks ass
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    Please do. @Fae and I are 9/10 edgy. With this addition, we could achieve that 10/10 edginess.
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    So.. I'm a Game Master. Now you're all doomed
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    Where are Dr.Lemons drugs? But anyways, I have to say We've always had awesome encounters and I definitely enjoyed every single one of them we've had! Looking to keep the interesting Storyline going!
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    What about if your character becomes famous ?
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    Honestly all the responses I read were basically 'yeah I NEED to be allowed to say n--- and faggot or else I cant properly RP'
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    Voted for @Wolffeof course, look at that badass laying on the ground.
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    Today it was very eventful and I was laughing/fearing a lot! XD! Thanks to Mr Seth Lonegan @gabemg421 for being a shame of a son and getting us kidnapped! XD! Thanks @tosstheball @WongRP and @Nik for being evil, and thanks to @Phoenyxx and the entire Wolf Pack for saving us, and for giving me useful information! Nikolai is always in your debt. But please, kick @bur out of your group! ;)
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    A gm+ can help you soon bro best bet would have been to hop into the staff waiting desk in discord but that always don’t work Im sure someone will see DIS
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    This is obviously one for the admins to comment on but my personal opinion is that Rape RP shouldn't be a thing. I understand that it would happen in real life but it just seems extremely creepy. Please note that my opinion is as a community member and is not my opinion as a staff member nor the staff team as a whole.
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    That seems to be exactly what Rolle is suggesting in the thread you have linked.
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    No I'm not going to censor myself to something I did not agree to.
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    *The men gather in the run down pub they have been residing in.* "Extremely good work the other night to all involved. We have liberated another compound, angel barns as we call it. These people that turn away good hearted and defenseless people will be shown the way. I trust you all will do as asked and send any civilians seeking aid or wounded people to this compound. The code is *** and this must be checked weekly to ensure these people keep their side of the deal." *A photo Polaroid is placed on the table.* "Pass this photograph onto future compounds, we will document each operation revolving liberating these... exclusive compounds for the public. This may give future compound.. owners.. some confidence in our suggestions. Also, we must radio in to this Jack Lemons from prison island, I hear of his activity on the island but I have not heard him check in on the radio about his current prisoners, I ask one of you to follow this up and we will take action. Accordingly should we not hear the information we expect to hear." *Another Polaroid is dropped onto the table.* "Anyways, back to what we are here for: Oscar O'Doyle (@Osku), long term man of the cause, still a horrendous choice of clothing. However, you always represent District to the best of your ability, a man reason even to our enemies. PROVEN to SOLDIER. Brjorn Kalshnik (@wirpy), the dedicated sniper and lets not forget a fine man to play songs for the cause with that iPod of yours. NEW BLOOD to PROVEN. Kenneth Carlsson ( @HoboRP), what can i say the hobo code is real. A fine shot and never thinks twice about offering your supplies to anyone of our members in need. NEW BLOOD to PROVEN. Luke Runningham ( @tosstheball), an extremely loud and punch-able person at times but you get the job done and you know how to threaten our disarmed friends. You know whats best for DISTIRCT. NEW BLOOD to PROVEN. Jozef Ibrahim (@Flurgh), fine man to have beside you in a gun fight. Handles himself well. NEW BLOOD to PROVEN. Kyle Wilson (@Murshy), welcome to the gang. You best prove yourself. NEW BLOOD. Also last but certainly not least, welcome back to the Ubuntu warriors, primitive and temperamental but fookin' hell are they warriors. We will no longer be taking in new recruits for the time being, however high persons of interest may be considered. Thats all." *The men turn around to watch the Ubuntu brawl eachother over a can of peaches.*
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    DayZRP 19.7.2 Released 2019-07-10 General fixes Radios can now be attached to backpacks again @Ducky Radio item name now shorted from "Long Range Personal Radio" to just "Personal Radio" so that you can more easily see the frequency selected @Roland Radio item range increased by 25% @Roland Added limp animation to the emote wheel @Kerkkoh
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    Forewarning: There will not be a poll due to the very complex nature of this post. I wish this to be a discussion between the community and staff. So, I think if most people were to ask us what DayZ is, we would say it's a survival game, right? Well, it can sometimes if the game works right. However, I think we've lost what it means to be a survival game. We always want things to be so simple and I know why, gives us more time to RP. That's fair, but, does it really feel like an apocalyptic game sometimes? Most of the time, I can get all my clothing and everything I need in about 30 minutes and then I'm good for probably the next week. I want to propose a way to balance out the game to a point where we actually MUST focus on stuff like hunting and not as a side chore. I feel like we should be getting used to dirtied clothing, and less perfect-looking clothing. We should (if we can do anything to help the medical system) try to add some more things so we have a way of preventing medical aliments, but those who aren't as lucky may fall to whatever aliment they might have. So, I have a few suggestions. Firstly, a more in depth medical system. I feel most people's issue with the medical system in DayZ comes in due ways. 1. It's very unrealistic how fast it may spread. 2. It's very frequent and can impeded a lot of RP. So, my suggestion comes in a form like this. We tweak the medical system by giving playing a base immunity to infectious diseases. Players can improve their immunity by taking certain medications, eating and drinking consistently, vitamins, and other methods. (Maybe even rest may help it.) If this stat is high, it makes the player far less likely to catch and infectious disease, but they are not immune to it. On the other hand, getting shot, taking too much medication, no rest, or other medical aliments can reduce your immunity, making it more likely to catch something. Now, that discussing one thing about catching it, but there would be another thing added to it. There should be methods of containment. This could be done by wearing a gas mask (on either side), wearing certain equipment, or even implementing a way which vaccines could be in game. There is one very, VERY important thing to suggest. We change the nutrition system to make losing hunger and water to take FAR longer. I would feel to help with the flow of my suggestions here, it would require the nutrition system to be at least take 3 hours to go from white to dehydration and 5 hours to go from white to starving. You will see why in my next paragraph. So, to sum up, I believe would should rework the medical system in favor of having people be more careful with how they approach other players and certain roleplay environments. This would help improve such areas as medical roleplay, quarantine roleplay, and potentially far more things in regards to medical. I do have a larger idea in mind though. On to my main suggestion, a heavy rework of the loot economy. So, a lot of people complain. A lot of people do. Usually it pertains to a lot of things: gear. Well, this isn't the same across the board, but I think you see what I mean by that. Gear, whether we like it or not should be a driver to the environment we roleplay in. How it's currently set up, there is no sense of necessity, ever. I rarely ever feel the need to hunt, I never feel the need I have to find food, I never really feel that need. Most of the time, we can find everything we need in one town and we would be settled. The only thing I see really ever being traded is weapons and nails. Beyond that, rarely anything is being traded. I believe that with my aforementioned nutrition system tweaked, it would be fair to do a heavy rework of the loot economy to make all items rarer. Stay with me. We are currently about to approach the 2nd year mark of the apocalypse. The nearly 936 players that have joined in the past week alone would have taken most of what would be found in South Zagoria. It makes little sense how we find such an abundance of things this deep into an apocalypse. Chernarus was already a shitty country, but to make it so abundant with gear feels... well, it feels like I haven't done anything to deserve what I get. Not as a character, not as a player. I feel if we make it so that a town MAY have only one piece of food in there and that the only thing easy to find is clothing, albeit, most should be damaged or otherwise. If we follow my suggested rework of nutrition, this would give an incentive to have people go hunting more, or maybe trade for food, or even rob people for food out of sheer hunger. That's what we are trying to create after all, isn't it? We are attempting to replicate a potential realistic scenario for us to roleplay in. While yes, you could make the argument that if we do this, then shouldn't KoS be allowed for it to be realistic? While yes, it is realistic, we quickly lose most roleplay due to that. This is for sake of enriching the environment we roleplay in more. That's one of the major things to think of: Would you kill a man if you needed food? Would you abandon any moral compass for food? I feel implementing this retweak will gear our playstyles far more in fear and cautiousness than ever experienced, honestly. Cannibals would be far more understandable than ever before. Hunting would be a common job in most areas. Stocking lots of food would bring in either a lot of traders, or a lot of bandits. This idea spreads to guns as well. Can't find any guns? Better learn how to stab someone or use a bow. You can only find an M4 with four bullets? You better use those rounds wisely. While that was more of an extreme example, the premise remains. Scarcity should be seen in roleplay. I have never, in the past 4 years of roleplay, been in moments of scarcity. With the chance to mod the game, I think it's something that can be done. Maybe not now, could take a long time. However, I think it's time we make this game truly into a survival game. Yeah, things might be tough and that might be annoying, but would things really be easy in an apocalypse? Discuss, please. If you have any more ideas which could make the server more survival-based, please comment. If you have any criticism, fire away. Please remember to be constructive and add to the conversation. Hope this is discussed widely in the community. Edit: As an afterthought, I wrote this rant/suggestion late at night, so please excuse my grammar mistakes. If you have any questions of clarification, just ask. Edit x2: I think I should mention, I'm not expecting this to be done ANYTIME soon. I would expect at least until stuff like fishing is added and other mechanics are tweaked by the BI devs.
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    @Ron @Conor I have huge respect for players who play as the opposite sex properly. I dont find it cringy at all. From my experience, more players do it properly than poorly.
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    A few pics from Greece vacation that Presidente & family went on last month.
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    From the album: Odd and Interesting

    Oddly colored tree near Stary..
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