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    Thread closed permanently, just like the OP for shit attitude.
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    Firstly, I would like to say that I think it’s a great idea for us as leaders to communicate more with each other to address issues and work to improve RP for our groups and others in the community. I personally disagree that everything should be handled IC. Why do we have rules, forum discussions and reports? Because we RP as characters, as people who may act and think very differently from the person behind the screen. Ultimately, we are all here to have fun and if the roleplay you are being subjected to is not enjoyable, then people should be able to reach out to the other party to constructively communicate their concerns. If we do not talk to each other OOC, it is very hard to determine if someone genuinely enjoys the RP and make adjustments accordingly to ensure that both sides are content. I think it is a very selfish attitude for a person or group to subject people to the RP they find entertaining with no consideration for the other side and I see a lot of this happening in the community sadly. Telling someone to deal with it IC when the solution may be detrimental to their RP is equally as harmful. In my opinion, poor quality hostile RP is forcing a fight or flight response, leading to constant unwanted PvP or people moving bases and hiding in the woods. While this may be characteristic of the apocalypse, this is a game we play to have fun. This same fight or flight response can be seen OOC, with constant arguments on the forums or people leaving the community. The issues will not be solved IC! With that being said, I have spoken to my group regarding feedback for this thread. What things do they enjoy/would like to see more of? We enjoy interacting with random people on our travels or at our base which constitute more than a hi/bye or a quick trade. We’d like to see different people/groups meet up to RP and build stories. We enjoy maintaining good relations with other groups, setting up trade and security deals which are of mutual benefit. For example, having a trader convoy actually travel between bases to exchange requested items. We enjoy negotiating arrangements to ensure our safety from hostile groups. We enjoy the threat of good hostile RP that does not involve constant initiations and raids. For example, our camp has been tormented for weeks by a dynamic group who broadcast creepy coded radio messages and pick us off one by one. This has been some of the best story forming, tense RP I’ve had and OOC we eagerly await their arrival because its just so terrifying and well done. We would like to see more movement across the map. With people remaining inside bases, it seems that you can run for hours without meeting anyone. Our group concept revolved around picking off the lone wanderer but lately, we struggle to find good RP. This leads to more internal RP, which as much as I love it, doesn’t contribute positively to the community as a whole. Since we have such a large group, we aim to split people up so that while the base is still manned, others wander the map and interact more with other groups. What is it they are displeased with and how can we correct this? We work incredibly hard IC and OOC to maintain good relations with the hostile groups to mitigate their reasons to attack us but it is still a daily struggle for us to avoid and deal with poor quality hostile RP and unenjoyable trolling/memeing. We do not fight back against groups as a rule for fear of endless hostilities and we do not appreciate people taking advantage of this. We do not enjoy unprovoked constant attacks on our home or our people. We do not enjoy ‘shut up, stare at the wall’ hostilities, nor do we enjoy being constantly raided and big dicked. We do not enjoy people coming to our camp and baiting initiations or attempting to create reasons to justify initiations. We do not enjoy sexual and racial comments made towards our members. We do not enjoy people accusing us of being a BDSM group. We do not enjoy people loitering outside our camp for no apparent reason. We do not enjoy excessive banter and memeing. We don’t enjoy people walking in and stealing right in front of us because they know we can’t/won’t stop them. We do not enjoy having to flee from our own camp to avoid poor RP. Yet sadly, we are encountering the above way more frequently than we would like. It’s getting to the point where I have to deal with unhappy members daily, which I think is incredibly sad considering the numbers, talent and experience we have. Numerous members are thinking of moving servers and its becoming more common for people to run away and log rather than experience the poor RP from certain groups/individuals. I am struggling to keep everyone positive and focus on the good RP we do have because the negative encounters taint the RP and moods of everyone involved. This will not be corrected by IC means. Sadly, there are those in the community who simply do not care for the enjoyment of others. This needs OOC intervention because as much as I love this community, it’s getting too much even for me. I wish I had a magic solution for this. I personally think that the community is way too lenient when it comes to poor quality RP. The standards are too low in my opinion. The stance appears to be that if it’s not a rule break, its okay. It’s not. This allows people to provide RP that is just acceptable for them not to get banned, but is not pleasant either. The shift of people to other servers has already begun and while the new players may make up the numbers, they do not make up for the skill and experience of the quality RPers that may leave. What style of gameplay/roleplay are they most interested in? We are a group who enjoy both giving and receiving good hostile RP. Our reasons when taking hostages are always IC motivated and we do not steal gear or look to execute. Our purpose is to create long term storylines. We initiate daily but PvP a few times a month only when we have little alternative. We aim to provide quality RP with enough build up to initiations that we very, very rarely have uncompliant hostages. We welcome and enjoy hostilities against us when there is a storyline behind it with goals that don’t involve constant raids, initiations, executions and big dicking. We respect and follow reasonable demands. We do have a substantial amount of internal RP, both hostile and campfire, but we are welcoming to outsiders where appropriate and actively seek external RP daily.
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    “Life is what you make it. Always has been, always will be.” Two years it has been by now... Two years since everyone's life was put upside down in a heartbeat... our lives. It feels like decades have passed, ever since this Infection started to ruin lives. Mother nature finally decided to pull the plug on us. Nations bleed, Governments broke, Armies fell and everyone is suffering. And we are right where it all started, in between the beautiful hills, forests and fields of South Zagoria, Chernarus. Three German Citizens trapped in eastern Europe, just like their grandfathers, just under slightly different circumstances. We've all lost people we held dear. The Stories The uniting and new beginning Sets of Goals: -The goals are dynamic and will change depending on the situation IC- General Goals: Make the best out of our life and enjoy it. [Ongoing daily] Offer our help to the people who are in need. [Ongoing: 7/20, Day 820] Help the group members achieve their personal goals. [Goals achieved: 15/x] Keep our people safe from those who would do us harm. [Ongoing daily] Fix up a radio tower to contact our families back home. [Day 800] Long term: Find out information about groups in the region. [11/20] Make contact with groups we deem fitting to work with and set up alliances. [Day 790-Failing] Chart out suitable locations for large scale habitation. [Day 800] Try to meet up with groups in the region and earn neutral or friendly standing with them. [Day 810-in progress] Upon forming sufficient number of connections between groups work towards uniting them together under one alliance with a functioning council of leaders. [Day 825] ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Completed Goals: Failed / Changed Goals: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Personal: Sofie Richter - @MajooRB Alexander Rudnik - @RoCKiE Thomas Kruger - @derNils Felicia Lindell - @Demaabd Willem Nedved - @Razareth Collin Rose - @Deagle Bella Kovar - @Mia Marie White - @Scarlett Grey Albright - @HeadKillz Charles Hanes - @Inferno453 Pyotr Karkaroff - @Ozymandias Aaron "Kent" Williams - @Fenrir Dr Kevin Shock - @Imation11 Konstantin Horak - @Arrow Nikolayev "Orange" Borishov - @Nikolayev -Will be added as we progress in making connections with people in game- Lemons and prison folk Alexandria Library and the Book Lady Kate People of The Tower The Slovaks Wolf Pack Legion Corp. Mercenaries Maxim and the Chernarussians Kuba's racists Legend: In Conflict / Disliked / Neutral / Friendly / Alliance Recruiting members for our group is done through IC but we still encourage you to send in app format in pm to @MajooRB if you are interested in joining even if you haven't had the chance to meet us in game yet. Before applying please consider that we heavily focused on RP and we are trying to keep 3rd party voice chat on the minimum as we focus on RP while we are IG, keeping the 3rd party voip in character for the most part. OOC Age: Character page link: What’s your roleplay experience (in general, not only DayZRP): Past Groups you’ve been part of: Why do you want to join us: Group media thread
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    This is roleplay server that shouldn’t cater to twitch tos
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    This is so ironic i can't even So because OOC hate is a problem.. you want to increase it by not being able to block people? Everyone can't be friends with everyone and at that point it is much better to just block someone, that is literally the point of blocking people and MORE people should use it.
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    Im gonna bulid a huge camp then move after being attacked once. It's really good for server performance.
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    This thread could do with being disbanded a lot more than the council... maybe if we get the consensus of 14 beanz we can get the thread locked. Your responses to people's comments just show you to be immature and not serious, despite however serious you want your intentions to be in the OP. /Close please, Staff :')
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    What is this unnecessary drama? Jesus. Considering the way you are responding to @Terra, @The Traveler is seems you made this thread in order to start some drama arguements in your disagreement with Terras opinion in the reply above which I totally agreed with hence giving her beans. I prefer to handle what happens IN GAME.... in game. Although there are many ways the council can be useful, maybe to discuss how to progress some stale roleplay should it happen or what not. At the same time having out of character influences forcing a situation in game kills the roleplay. I dont really understand the point to this thread at all, maybe you want to be apart of this amazing exclusive club, I don't know.
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    Funniest day on DayZRP today so far to be quite honest. Thanks lads @Diamond @Wendigo @Gatorr @DallasRP @RavenousRP @EvanPVE @G19RP @Nik @Blake @tosstheball and who ever else (cant think of names)
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    When you quit a server to hop on another server and continue to stay in-game you are essentially using another server to escape the 2 hour kill rights that the other party has. Unless you get permission from them, you can't just log off and head to the other server and continue playing there. They must give their attackers / people who have rights on them the fair chance of being spotted/killed if they plan to continue playing. When said parties hop on the other server they are essentially continuing to play while the other parties continue to hunt them down on the other server. You can't just 'switch server' to play on the other server while you know other people might be hunting you, even if you switched 'for another reason', there is no way to prove said reason. It still gives you an unfair advantage because you just are not there on your enemies's server, thus giving you an unfair advantage.
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    The condesending replies you are also making further proves the point in creating some silly drama and trying to 'meme' replies for banter. Good laugh this.
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    DayZRP does not enforce 3rd party sites ToS, we have our own rules. However, most of the time those media or streaming sites will not ban you or give you any negative repercussions when the content against ToS is outside of your control (like other players in multiplayer games). Therefore you should not be too worried.
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    How about no. The day we cater to filthy casual streamers is the day RP dies. Shit, we already have them telling everyone that initiates on them that they have their go-pro on. What is this, Altis Life?
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    Object's name: Long jacket Reason for it to be added: RP Reference picture:
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    I mean.. I think some people should really give it a go themselves! Somebody already act like a child even though they play adult characters! I will still stand by my statement that people should send a msg to the person they have a problem with and not start shit publicly
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    I think your doing a great job don't mind the haters.
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    https://www.dayzrp.com/council/ *Don't tag me* *Proceeds to tag* Absolute madlad
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    If you are afraid of being banned from twitch due to the possibility of meeting people who say faggot or black person (or other offensive language) in an in-character roleplay context, maybe don't stream on DayZRP. The end users of DayZRP are roleplayers, not twitch viewers. Due to the magic of roleplay, people are able to become characters who might represent ideas that are not necessarily 'PC', something I think is great. People all over the world have a varied vocabulary, some of those people do use homophobic and/or racist slurs. People are allowed to roleplay characters from all over the world and use whatever vocabulary they want in-game. It's a roleplay server. They are just roleplaying characters who happen to be homophobic and/or racist and there's nothing wrong with that, as long as it is IC. Just because people use this language ICly does not necessarily mean they are personal views of the roleplayer IRL. Edit: in the first line, the forums auto-changed my use of Nigg*r to "black person"
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    A group of people connected by a twisted obsession. Control. Each with their own disturbing fascinations, they seek out victims to play with. Pulling the strings to make the puppets dance for their own amusement. "Pull the strings, and I'll sing you a song, Make me do right, or make me do wrong, I'm your puppet." Masked by the anonymity of the dark web on which they met, a group of individuals explored disturbing acts that they could only fantasise about in the confines of a civilised world. Each person derived pleasure through different means… torture, cannibalism, blood play, murder. Some led seemingly normal lives, while others had endured unimaginable hardships. It may have been hidden, but the darkness within them was always present, the desire to control and hurt driving them to take risks to satisfy their twisted minds. With Chernarus in turmoil following the declaration of Martial Law in 2017, the group plotted hideous crimes that would go unnoticed under the chaos of the political unrest. They gathered in Chernarus from around the world, working together to execute their sinister plans. They preyed on the weak and vulnerable, taking them as ‘toys’ to keep in their playhouse. Through coercion, manipulation, threats and torture, the group experimented with various ways to force the toys to play along with their evil games. Eventually the broken toys were discarded, never to be seen or heard from again. The outbreak provided the perfect playground for their atrocities and the group thrived amidst the devastation and destruction. A world free of the chains of society. One on the brink of collapse. Finally, they were no longer bound by law and morality, free to expand their reach over the lands. They recruited those willing to participate and preyed on those who were not. Whispers began to spread of their evil ways, earning them the name the Toy Makers. The group concept is to have a collection of disturbed individuals who view Chernarus as their playhouse, and the people in it as toys for their twisted games. Each toy is marked with an X on their wrist and becomes a subject for further hostilities. Depending on the reason for their capture, tasks may involve anything from gathering information, providing medical care, farming and hunting to assisting with kidnappings, torture and murder (OOC cooperation will be sought where appropriate). Good toys remain mostly unharmed but bad toys will of course be punished accordingly should they elect to break the rules. Alliances with other groups as well as the hire of private security and other contractors is undertaken when deemed necessary. The idea is to create a network of likeminded people and promote interesting and engaging interactions between us. Those wishing to participate in the RP will be invited to join our Playhouse discord for communications aimed at furthering the storyline, arranging meetings and setting tasks. We are now looking to expand the idea to include a travelling camp to provide a place for people to RP when not actively engaged in hostilities. "Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly." • Maintain a collection of toys to play with: (18/20) • Recruit associates for various outsourced tasks including security and bounty hunters: (3/15) • Establish a settlement of traders, doctors, farmers, hunters and security run by toys and associates, open to all. (COMPLETE) • Find like minded individuals to rise the ranks. (5/10) +2 • Maintain neutral or good relations with large groups and those who may pose a threat to us. (Ongoing) • Gather a network of informants to be our eyes and ears. (2/10) • Maintain a friendly façade while travelling and visiting settlements, building good relations with groups and lone survivors. • Invite individuals to roam with us, creating a mobile RP hub promoting farming, trade, and ‘campfire’ RP as we move from town to town. • Reveal our sinister side cautiously and selectively, generally targeting lone wolves unaffiliated with official groups. • Use PvP only as a last resort. • Promote interactive and engaging hostile RP with or without initiation, with clear goals and motivations to warrant our actions. • Continue to develop extended storylines following on from hostile encounters. • Prioritise the enjoyment of the players we take hostage, leaving them with guns and belongings and reaching out OOC wherever possible. Alyssa Black - ScarletRose Andrew Murdoch - Yuthee Drago Savic - Roman Nikolai Chaletsky - ComradeBandit Scott Anderson - Onyx Martin Berglund - Hanro Julian Jacobs - Dutch Sunny Smith - zsmith1111 Lupe "Ace" Sepulveda - JkpFrog @Jadeboat- Mallory Shibley @Zilly - Chase 'Rex' Quinton @kazzu10 - Sergei Sokolov @JohnCrown - Alkis Rouber @Walnuts - TBD @Flynt - Flynt Caverly @MR Pussywhipped - Jude Miller @MRS Bradtica - Ivona Vulpe @Shepard - Ronan Moore @Paco_ - Parker Hunt @AVeryBritishGael - Neil Murray @alexro - Vlad Borcea @Ade - Ade "Fridge" Castus @flybandito - Jon Blackstone @Taleinara - Taleinara ORourke @Zeltig - Cid Hartley @Peg4YourBackpack - Agnes Starr @ItsMaverick - Maven Pierce @Method - "Father" Alfred Josiah @achmed - Joel Jacobs @Malthis - Robbie Jackson @yiska - Millicent Bailey (Toys are given the option of being added to the CP. It is not our requirement. Some toys will remain unlisted and some may be part of other groups.) @MichTheMedic - "Ripper" Owens @Opticillunitic - McKenzie Mathis What we are looking for: New recruits may start off as toys, security or various other roles as required following on from an IC interaction. There will be the option to rise the ranks if so desired. We are happy to create and maintain storylines with other dynamics and groups. We sometimes create alts to serve as killable victims for our games. If you are interested in perming an existing character or creating a new one to participate in a storyline that involves your ultimate demise, we would love to hear from you. We want this group to be as interactive and dynamic as possible, where people can involve themselves as much or as little as they choose in the RP. No one will be forced to participate in anything without consent. OOC, you are free to leave at any time and no one will come after you. We ask that you agree to abide by a high standard of RP etiquette while playing with us, which involves putting RP above PvP at all times. We do not generally target people who are part of hostile groups and actively avoid engaging in hostilities with people who do not share our RP mindset. We do not execute people or use kill rights unless essential. We do not steal gear. We risk our safety to providing enjoyable RP, such as leaving people with loaded weapons after initiations and generally complying to hostilities initiated against us. Please consider the welfare of the group when making decisions on who to tell about us and how you use the information provided. We do not want to hide in the corners of the map and only internal RP for fear of snaking and constant attacks. Instead, we are choosing to welcome people to join in, relying on goodwill to continue to operate this way. If you are interesting in RPing with us, PM @ScarletRose, @yuthee, @Roman, @ComradeBandit or @Onyxon discord or forums. "I'm not your toy. If you want a game, I'll show you how to play." We welcome feedback, suggestions, and ideas for the group. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We are happy to provide clarification on IC and OOC rumours. Have fun and we look forward to playing with you. x
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    Ano, Slava Chernarus bratr! Also mind our other true Chernarussian brands and companies!
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    I can remove the bar that appears for ignored posts in the forum threads, but the notification system has a life of its own and it's mostly out of my control unless I really dig deep down into the core code of the website.
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    Or they should be able to tag you/quote you but if you have them ignored, you dont get the notification for it.
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    I get that and I did that, until I got notifications. And that should not be a thing. Hence the suggestion.
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    No @'s and no DM's is a fine change, but it's not the blocked person's fault if you click the show post button on someone you blocked. If you really don't give a fuck, just don't fall under temptation. Simple.
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    Object's name: Cures Reason for it to be added: Since sickness is buggy as hell, maybe we can have injectors that cure sickness instant instead of slowly? Reference picture:
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    So @Terrasaid exactly what I was think and wanted to say tbh and once she posted it, it didn't have to, also like @Ron said it's a place for leaders to speak, it is an option not a requirement, if you have an issue with it don't look at it, simples
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    People need shit spoon fed to them.
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    Nice read here & they layout is sexy.
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    I have found my new muse, it is AURORA. I'm loving her new album
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    Yeah... dont thank me. I said no.
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    Bring back this guy? https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-6683/
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    Entry Six: Found a nice little place I can call my own, at least for the time being. Pretty out of the way, and it doesn't look like too many people come through here. Still can't be too careful. No word from noseless since I last radioed him, it's been about two days now, but I'm in no rush. Decided to try and scout out the camp again, see if there was any new information I could gather. Tried a different tactic this time. Spent a couple hours gathering equipment and clothes to change into. New mask, new jacket, sunglasses and one of those stupid fucking Russian hats, ushanka or whatever. Made sure most of my face was covered. And then I worked on a voice to use, since they would know me the moment I spoke, otherwise. Being from West Virginia and growing up in a trailer park makes one pretty familiar with the stereotypical "dumb hick" and deep south accent. Fucking moonshiners and shit, that sort of thing. As much as I hate to say it, the whole thing came pretty naturally to me, and I found myself pulling it off pretty, pretty easily. Took the woods and nature paths southwards instead of the main roads, less chance of running into others that way. The trade-off was of course running into wolves, but thankfully that never happened. It took about an hour or two, and then some, probably, before I curved back and moved northwards through the city. Ran into a couple people, but they didn't suspect anything and we all moved on shortly afterwards. All-in-all, it worked out pretty well and easily. Until I got as far as the camp's walls. The Doctor was there, and I had arrived shortly after another group had attacked them, so they were all on high alert. I'm pretty sure he figured me out immediately, and if not, he had a sneaking, sneaking suspicion. I was hoping to at least be able to chat with some of them for a bit, maybe even try and lure one of them away so that I could persuade them to give me a little more information, but none of that played out like I had hoped. I'd forgotten about the fucking "no masks" policy the fucking kid had put in fucking place. God fucking damn it. All that planning and preparation undone in a few minutes. I wasn't even able to get around to the front gate, because The Doctor asked me to remove my mask. I couldn't. I couldn't remove it. They'd recognize me immediately because of the fucking scars "A" gave me. I tried giving some half-assed story about not wanting to remove the mask for fear of breathing in something harmful or whatever, but The Doctor and "Al", who I guess is living with them now, and if not, she'll probably be one of them soon enough, quickly debunked my excuse. Smiles was there as well, ready to ventilate me at a moment's notice, and The Doctor was ready to send him and some of the other brute forcers at me if he had to ask me to remove my mask again. Then I heard her. The accent, that nervous tone always hiding behind every word, I recognized it anywhere. It was her. My little Four-Leaf Clover. She was still there. It was only one little sentence that I heard from her, but that was enough. That was all I needed. The Doctor loaded his gun the next time he asked me to remove my mask again. I removed my sunglasses but that wasn't enough for him, and I knew what would happen if I showed my mouth. So I did the only thing I could do. I ran. Told them I would just be on my way, and fucking bolted away. That extra padding of bandages I wrapped around my leg really came in handy, because otherwise I probably would have torn out my stitches again. Still hurt like a bitch, though. I changed into a set of backup clothes I brought along just in case as soon as I was able to, and then just started heading back up north again. Not passing through Novaya, I can hear the gunshots from where I'm staying at right now. Take a big circle around it and get back to my "home", change back into my fucking jacket. I miss that thing already. After that, I'm starting to plan. I can't get near the camp because of the fucking Kid's mask rule, so I'll have to try and get one of them when they are away from camp. Bird and "S" like to make trips up to that military base. Maybe there. It'd certainly be easy, and it would sure as hell make for some nice payback as well. Let's see how smug you are when you get shot in the leg, you stupid prick. Might need to hold off on putting back on my jacket, actually. I'll probably need another accent as well. Maybe Irish? Picked up on that accent a lot from the one I had when I was still staying in the mountains. Still wondering where the other one went. I liked her. Either way, I need to get my shit together. I'm pretty sure they're catching on to me. And if that is happening this soon already, that is a very bad thing. I need to be more careful. And I need to find noseless, or for him to find me. I know I have said that already, but it still bears repeating. I'm so close. I'm so close. I'm so close. I'm so close to having her. -A.C.
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    To ensure the enjoyment of our player base and the community as a whole is literally the responsibility of & required of every single member of this community.
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    As long as the streamer actively shows distaste to the comments made in game and walk away from said situation, you should be ok. As a streamer/player we cannot control other people. whether it being RP or a public server. If twitch banned every streamer for what other players say there would be no streams. lol However its a sad that when people know that you are streaming and go out of their way to say certain things within RP and are so over the top with it, makes me question why the hell they are in a RP community. That being said i have not experienced that here for a good while
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    Was a fun encounter near Sosnovka with @AndreyQ, @Roman, @APositiveJade, @Wolfen, @bunny and others before discovering some interesting grenade mechanics with @ScarletRose Fun times were had in Vybor with @bunny, @Wolfen and @SquirtleKitty before meeting @augustschild in which turned out to be a fantastic little encounter. Learning a bit of military history and teaching some Chernarussian on the trip down south was very enjoyable. Hope to meet you again, Mr Patton!
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    It's very important to remember that just because you don't like certain RP, doesn't make it bad RP. The RP I've seen from kids in the last few days has been entertaining, and honestly kind of refreshing. I don't know their ages IC, but it doesn't bother me that they sound really young tbh. They bring something different to the server, instead of the same old stuff we're used to seeing. I'll say it again, RP you don't like does not equal Bad RP.
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    Here's a story for you. A bit before I was born, my mum proposed to my Dad that they call me "Anakin", which thinking about it now would've been pretty dope! But my Dad was worried I'd get taken the piss out of, and she then proposed "Luke" instead! And there you have it, I am officially named after Luke Skywalker!
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    Yea, yea this originates with this abomination of a decision but it's also a problem I've seen quite a bit lately. Disregarding the points situation, which is honestly a lame excuse since among the 24 members it equates to 4.42 points each, it seems that staff are taking criticism of groups too seriously if you actually look at things in perspective. For every person that complains about a group like this there's a lot that were either pleased with their RP or didn't give a shit. These guys had to wait 3 weeks without staff giving them any kind of guidance (at least based on the thread) only to have everything they've been doing in game end abruptly, while @Cowboy's group gets accepted in a week. I'm not saying it shouldn't have been, I just wish that's how the group approval process worked for everyone, as being strict with some groups and lenient to others is a really bad look for the community. In the week after they got unarchived Pamyati had not one piece of bad feedback on their thread, only people complaining about 2.3 to Rolle because they can't be adults and approach the group about their problems unless the admin of the community tells them to. Also, on 2.3. If a group's being hunted by another group I can understand if some kind of OOC arrangement needs to be made if no matter what the defending group does they get dominated. HOWEVER, when a group is actively being hunted, knows they're being hunted, and simply moves to make another mega hub on the other side of the map I'm gonna say they didn't put in enough effort IC to get out of the situation. A good example of this would be @Chief's group pre-lore wipe. They kept getting attacked, but instead of going to Rolle and trying to essentially ruin the group/groups attacking them they moved around to isolated places and eventually ended up on Skalisty where people were rarely willing to go for a massive firefight. It seems that people want to play one way and one way only and if anyone dares to make them change then they go to the forums instead of actually role playing out a group conflict. I know that no matter how I say this I'm gonna sound like PVP scum but if groups took shit on the chin and changed up their tactics a bit instead of getting upset they lost in a video game I think everyone would have a lot more fun overall. I've been on both side of the situation, I understand it's frustrating sometimes when things don't go your way but when people don't want to start conflict with a group because they know they'll take it OOC then it's pretty bad. TLDR: A lot of you need to make a better effort to deal with issues in game instead of on the forums
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    Bad Quality by eh... (This is why you don't tie people up just before a restart)
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