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    @Joah I'm curious, you are claiming that you cannot complete your goals however. Your goals that you claim that can't be complete can be listed here https://gyazo.com/45063b6284071ba0673c8d579b439a76 I don't think it's fair to claim that your group cannot complete it's goals when the goals that cannot be complete require you to FORCE your groups sphere of influence onto other groups. This action is inherently hostile, along with this you claim that you wish to start up a drug trade and we have in no way have we impeded this. In zero ways have we even learned about this IC or OOC in fact this would be the best time for you to do so. I will list here screenshots of you saying that you enjoyed the PvP, and every date we have fought. May 28th We initiate on you guys in your compound firefight ensues (The Time) May 30th You initiate on Zorull and G19 firefight ensues (The Time) June 1st We attack your compound as a result of your group raiding our allies group the corporation you agreed OOC to the attack. After which an OOC agreement is formed about the times in which attack can happen to which you state that you are fine with the PvP in fact you messaged this to the lads. The Time June 3rd We initiate on yourself and the Muslims with a few of your members present. (The Time) June 14th We initiated on District, CTF and yourself. I wasn't present for the attack however you and Hex had a good ol time recollecting the firefights. (The Time) June 20th We initiate on The Watch for contacting you IC using the double mic function on their radio's to kidnap Zac Biggems. We initiate and one of your spies are present and they survive (Not intentional). (Pamyati) June 22nd We initiate on The Watch for contacting you IC using the double mic function on their radio's to kidnap Vlad Viscus, and with Chris's shit talking on myself and Vlad. After a hour long siege your men and Kase roll up and a firefight ensues, Kase RDMs JamesRP and your men use their rights from one of your spies who we initiated on without knowing. (Pamyati) June 23rd After Kordruga fights you, G19 leads a squad to attack your Northern base, is unable to locate you finds CDF instead. (Pamyati) June 24th We are given information from our Homies Dongle and Kirby that you were meeting with them so we decided to attempt to capture you and end the war, we initiate on your men with support of the Contractors but everyones game freezes cause rip the server, big ol fight. (Pamyati) That's 9 times total, 4 times as Pamyati 3 of which were unintentional. OBVIOUSLY BASED ON THE FACT YOUR SPIES IN PEOPLES BASES GAVE YOU KILL RIGHTS ON US YOU CAN STILL DO YOUR GOALS. NOTHING WE HAVE DONE/DOING IS STOPPING YOU FROM DOING YOUR SPY STUFF/DRUG STUFF. In fact, you have been going around to multiple different parties telling people that a 2.3 report was going up with the soul intention to get us perm'd and claimed that it was the Wolfpack, the Watch and the CTF to myself and members of my group. In fact I went through tonight and the nights previous to make sure they were all enjoying their roleplay, each group responded to me saying that it was not them who wanted to throw up these reports, but they had heard rumors from you that there was a report going up and they were going to be called in. However, you sent me this: The Wolfpack sent this: And I spoke to the second in command of the Watch about the conflict and he said he had no clue of the 2.3 Report. However she then sends you this for some reason? Not only all of this, but you told me and a few other people that you were attempting to get @Kordruga-kun perm'd and then proceeded to send me this. In my opinion, your conduct through this response to legitimate RP. Your blatant OOC threatening, lying to people blatantly to split up groups of friends and openly admitting to wanting to get people perm'd for what people say about you OOC with absolutely 0 proof. We've spoken in the past about people pretending to be us to get people to 2.3 us, seeing as you know how damning a 2.3 report is for us since you were there to back us up when Roland posted the warning, it is very clear to me that you have decided that it would be better to get 25+ people Perm'd including Kordruga as you have previously stated. In fact after being in a call with you in which you and Hunter stated, "The reason we would throw up a 2.3 report against you is because your group is around to often." to which I responded with "So what should I tell my guys to do, avoid RP and hide in the woods. When was the last time we initiated on you guys, because as of recently all we have done to the Wolfpack is Campfire RP and defend you from Raiders." Hunter then replied, "Well you are a hostile group aren't you, why are you around us." It is this kind of thinking that makes for these situations to break out, people want us to RP more and stop hostilities, so we do. In fact we farm nails and give the Wolfpack 9 AKs and 3 Cars in one night, along with saving Hutch from bandits and giving them 2,500 nails in one go. Yet people are coming to you to help them 2.3 us?????? In every situation that my group has been involved with your group Dean, other than one. You have come in to be a relieving force, you made the choice to come in and fight. Not the other way around, you can't claim that we attack YOU too much when you are the one choosing to get involved in fights. Hopefully this clears things up for people who read the above messages.
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    Day 4 of being in my anime cage My hair is starting to fall out
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    Please discuss which one you are, cheers.
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    How I see dudes who play female without any voice changers But IMO it’s trolling, but it’s 2019 after all, to each their own. I don’t really let it bother me, but I’m not actively seeking them out to roleplay with them. I’ll just give them the ‘sorry busy’ and go on my way.
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    Just want to roleplay...
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    lets keep this on a small cooldown for now and have @Roland or @Zanaan and @DrMax give ther input if this should be allowed to go on
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    Hey bud, glad you’re doing good bud
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    Man, not sure why you’re talking about the Pamyati attacking you. I’ve ran with them dynamically those days I played, and the only conflict there was with your boys while I was online was when 2 of your guys initiated (no clue why, was pretty random) on our boy in Krasno and they got smoked. Don’t blame others for your shortcomings, that’s a cheap shot and quite frankly I’m very disappointed by your answer. If you wish to improve as a group there’s plenty of ways and room to do it, you just have to be willing.
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    That sounds pretty generic and standard to me. Shady isn't the word I would use, loud and upfront are ones I'd be more inclined to wave around. I've yet to see any RP that is remotely "Mafia"-esque. Not trying to put this group down at all cause I love it but it just doesn't fit at all.
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    We cant fix DayZ vanilla stuff.
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    I have studied the topic extensively and I believe I am a 'Swag Asian'.
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    Based on the popular request, I present you my idea of group settlements: What I'm unsure about: Are these requirements reasonable? Is the evolution idea good, considering increased workload? And if so... Is the evolution timer long enough, perhaps it should be monthly? Maybe we should require scrap and wooden logs to be "offered" to a GM (who then deletes them) as a requirement for upgrades? Maybe we should just get a developer who will be dedicated to handling these things? Anything else that I should think about that I've forgotten?
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    Thread dedicated to pictures/screenshots/clips and any/all memes related to our group. To start it off with couple pictures right here.
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    DISCLAIMER: None of the information can be taken from this post to an IG scenario without my permission, either by asking or robbing. Entry #1 - Beginning Research - 25/06/2019 06:40 It has been a while since I went out into South Zagoria. With this entry, I hope to be able to motivate the finding of new groups, areas, and points of interest for future interactions and possible research. I'm planning on, perhaps, trying a series of questionaries on people in order to note their ways of living and even useful information for any new research that I might come up with. So far, new ideas include: continuing the radiation research that Dr. Capella started; begin an exploration of deeply infected areas; report on infection growth and effect on wildlife and especially plants; further research on neuro-activity impairments due to virus infection. Questionary might be further developed later, however, a good sketch would be: Must find an ideal set of questions before proceeding to try them. I should set up a radio message in order to find proper information on new groups and points of trader so I can be more useful to people there, or perhaps, make another "hotline" for emergencies, just like back in 2017 (might want to keep a lower profile, however). It is imperative that I should note everything I find so I can never forget anything. This will be key to further investigation on the people of Chernarus, and perhaps, useful info towards new research to send back to the people in the GCHR at Greenland. Data is always a plus, and excess/wrong info can be ruled out later by the epidemiologists since it's their job after all. God, I hate epidemiology. Anyway, I shall gather my belonging and head out for a field trip. I need more medical supplies and new contacts. Items in need: Next entry I shall try to note my results with the radio message, and supply gather. Also, any new equipment should be listed for storage purposes. Can't risk an infected ripping my pill's pouch again.
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    I am writing now to recount the last few weeks... it's been horrible for me, I have struggled to pick up the pieces from the events weeks prior after everything... thanks to Dr.Brandon's encouragement I have managed to pull myself together enough to start writing once more... This entry is my first attempt at trying to understand what I have been through and proactively heal from these experiences. in all of my pain and confusion I've lost track of the days... the source of trauma: Day:???(unknown)... I was scared before but... I thought for sure I was going to die the evening the toy makers showed up with guns pointed at Misha and Lt. All I could honestly do was hold back the sick feeling at the thought of them splattering Misha and Lt's brains all over me. I've really hated myself over what happened and over my own foolishness. Somehow Its only been worse since. my problems did not stop at the hostage situation, in truth it got worse... not long after those events I had to stand in the line of fire to protect a patient and then further trauma arrived much later as I was getting ready for bed in the form of a crack team of armed men jumping the fence of the haven and handcuffing me. I felt so helpless and humiliated... I slighted them unwittingly by turning someone away who I had no idea was in trouble. these events torment me endlessly. The Aftermath: Vadim (the amazing friend he is) stopped me from doing something terrible, I have been so selfish, ignorant and immature in spite of the fact that I really struggle to help... I really strain after this to see the love in my friend's eyes or hear their reassuring voices. it's been like a black miasma around me that has blinded me to their cries for me to wake up from it. After the storm and subsequent bomb cyclone that destroyed our janky wooden structures. we decided to move north where we encountered some crazy dude while setting up camp.. to my horror he gunned down the camp before my eyes before trying to turn the gun on me. By some miracle I somehow avoided being killed in cold blood while the guy shooting indiscriminately emptied an entire clip. it was the most horrible two days of my life traveling back to tell the others... I thought Quin, Otto, Misha, and Sarge were dead... It's affected me... I Have struggled for the longest time to even function, It's like I am drowning in sheer terror... every night I go to sleep and I hear the sound of men clambering over the fences and screaming Put your hands up and Don't move!!! my hands are bound... All I can do is stand there and stare at the wall inside the house as they kick the tents and search everything... I hear the sound of gunfire constantly... I sometimes think everyone is out to kill me even the people who love me the most.... Cholera: to date I have successfully treated a number of patients, yet I had met a kid who seems insistent on drinking pond water... I will Omit his name for the benefit of my own well being as I really would rather forget. in fact I would rather not remind myself. I will note that while living out of an old water treatment plant which felt entirely like a prison I could not successfully treat this patient due to noncompliance in regards to medical advice... I will also remind myself that I cannot help everyone and that I am only a third year intern who has been thrown into this mess. despite what people say to me about it age is not a factor in self preservation! The Wonderful Dr.Brandon: Since Meeting Dr. Brandon I have discovered new meaning to my life in spite of the fact that my head rests on cold concrete every night. we have discovered a game to play with each other. passing the Jam Jar... it's my favorite pastime since most of the time We have spent together has been locked up inside a water treatment plant with nothing but each other's gaze while we tell stories over a jar of jam. no seriously, you cannot make this up... he is brilliant and charming, more then that I actually never have once had a sense of dreading him. He makes me want to try to live... I cannot understand fully how he can be so strong kind and capable... If not for Dr. Brandon's guidance I would not have been able to help save a young woman who had a gunshot wound to the head, his quick advice and expertise got me in direct contact with Dr. River... the operation was a complete success. I have left my camp at the water treatment plant and made my way south looking to study under more experienced and capable individuals if I were to openly state in the eventuality that someone finds and reads my journal even the worst storms are followed by clear skies... as the kilometers peel away from that place I feel more and more at ease knowing that there is still hope in the face of sheer terror... I will write more about the many others who have been kind and positive to me next time I journal. I owe them an entire entry to write about their good deeds....
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    Bring it back, report things that look retarded. Then send the slaves developers to remove plots from BA, stage and commit ez
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    From the album: Fletcher's Character / DayZ Artwork

    "Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before." Not usually my type of art-style, but wanted to try something new.
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    I think it'd be nice if it's brought back with strict rules, not being able to secure a base because of a curb makes no sense and is kinda annoying.
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    Not wanting to come off as hostile in that response but following your logic, we shouldn't play fantasy games and/or RP as characters of different races cause we're humans, we aren't dwarfs, elfs, orcs etc. and can never be. Just saying. I agree that your character should be a different version of you but nothing should stop you from creating a character who is completely different from who you are.
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    This isn't admin, but it's a step in the right direction Congrats
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    Congratulations on the approval.
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    Congrats on the approval guys
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    Good luck to this group! I like your funny accents, and I like that you wrote a very deep background, which brings some interesting politics (Russia vs Chernarus). My Chernarussian character should learn more about it... I hope you get approved soon!
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    Welcome, @Mike-Styles
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    @MouseWB @BravoWB @SmashingWB My child. My brothers.
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    I mean you don't need to be so negative about it. It's just a bit more clear for people to ask questions regarding the changes rather than having the applications or whatever they are combined with in the same thread.
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    Its a bump to the other thread. If you're asking about why is this needed, its not really, but it's a nice thing to do for upcoming streamers or those who want assistance with their twitch. Also acts as a notification that the DayZRP twitch has changed management? (correct me if im wrong).
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    I played a male character (actually my very first character here) since I joined and only recently I created a female character. Yes, I was aware of community's stance on it but I decided to try it anyway. I admit, I was scared at first. I was trying a character I've never played before, both a woman and with a complete hearing loss. I was dependent on a feedback from friends and people I've encountered. I'm not going to say for myself cause obviously I'm always terrified that I'm doing something wrong but so far reception from the people I've RPed with in the past month was mostly positive. Some people here don't like TextRP cause "it takes 10 seconds or more to receive response" and it does but with characters like mine it feels natural. She mostly communicates by writing in her notebook. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I was hesitant at first but people I've met and interacted with encourage me to push this character forward and actually try to better myself at TextRP. So to answer OP question - people do it a lot sometimes. I even encountered weird opinions that its okay for a woman to RP as a man but vice versa is seen as something weird. No, I'm not going to use a voice changer because 1)they are hard to set up 2)they dont sound natural and 3)my voice is really deep so it would sound weird as hell.
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    that ^^ Hopefully i wasn't cringe when I played my chars
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    During the winter season I work as a wilderness-/snowmobile-/safari-guide for tourists and during the summers i work jobs relating to my studies (forestry). Atm im working for the forestry ministery as a "lumberjack"
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    Is that Nellis AFB? I live in Vegas lol
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    Iv been juggling with the idea using a version of the Mentor Program for all new community members. But this time it would be in-game based. the idea is to assign all new members to a seasoned veteran, and they are to play with that person and learn the ropes through real encounters. This will help new players know what good RP looks like, and it gives new players a good chance to see some real action, without wandering around for days and eventually lose interest. This idea comes from my times in Film School. The best way to learn the industry is to work with a person who is considered a professional, gain great experiences, and network.
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    >Taking 3 hostages in Severograd >Suddenly a horde of zombies appears >Kill zombies >Suddenly a pack of wolves appear in town >Spend 10 minutes killing spawned NPCs instead of role-playing with hostages
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    After the home warming party had ended and everyone had left the Fifty Two boys were ready to head off to sleep. However, they encountered a horde of around 50-80 infected and had to hold them off to stop their camp from being taken over. @Luke @AlecM @PurifiedNoobs12 @Whiskayy @ManipulateMe @Realize @hi_im_kev @DieselTheSnowMan
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    Loved meeting your new character for the first time and I have a feeling you'll be the newest addition to the club suit real soon @Tactical Monkey Hopefully we'll get longer to RP together tomorrow and you can meet more of the boys
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    Pretty cool stream tonight, I'm starting to like S2 more and more
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    It feels odd... Having the Kamenici roster but they don't hate foreigners! I think gl bois, i know this is a solid roster
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