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    “Corruption renders the entire system basically inept, but creates a desire for deep tribalism and commanders who will fight for their interests, thus upholding our glorious nation-state.” - Aleksander Novák. While originally an element of the Kozlov regime’s efforts to restore control in the South Zagoria region, the 31NBCP has essentially become a maverick warband under Maj. Gusev, swearing fealty to the Kozlov regime due to a shared sense of nationalism and State loyalty. Formed early 2018, the 31NBCP has been, and still is involved with the State’s current scientific and medical apparatus and thus has several extremely secretive elements. As of early 2019, the 31NBCP was considered one of the worst postings for a conscript due to a lack of clarity in orders and information. The true goals of the 31NBCP are masked in secrecy, protected by strong nepotism. Almost every leader and official, even on the field, has a personal or past connection with Maj. Gusev, who himself has connections with the 93rd Brigade commander. In fact, in late March, a secretary responsible for one of Maj. Gusev’s personal advisor blew the whistle to the foreign press. The secretary revealed that Maj. Gusev personally blackmailed that advisor and suggested that other advisors may be under the same pressure. In the same interview, however, the secretary also remarked as Gusev as a cool, collected person and never seemed malicious or unkind. Although the interview was anonymous, the secretary vanished a few days later and the advisor was sentenced to death for revealing State secrets a week later. Gusev’s great uncle took his place. Due to the secretive and dangerous nature of the 31NBCP’s tasks, and proclivity to undergo massive losses during operations, the 31NBCP finds the majority of its manpower is relatively untrained conscripts. Each conscript serves a tour of three months and the conscript detachment has a mortality rate of 65%. The average age of a conscript is 19. The suicide rate for conscripts is 5%. Political commentators and thinkers have theorized that the conscript detachment is a sociological experiment. Others, including State-approved outlets, regard the detachment as a necessary sacrifice in restoring Chernarus. Actual dedicated and professional soldiers also reside in the 31NBCP, known as “the regulars” or simply “the NBCP troops.”. These men are often in leadership roles and often received contradictory or extremely secretive orders. There have been cases of men receiving orders that contradict each other’s, too. Nothing is known or recorded about the NBCP troops. Files kept are not publicly available and every death seems to be a closely kept secret. However, it’s believed that the NBCP troops maintain a detachment psychiatrist and has a greater average mental health. Due to the fact that the 31st NBCP exists outside of the 93rd Brigade’s order of battle, it is able to take liberties and participate in operations that would be considered taboo or might need higher approval from the Defense Ministry. The unit is also essentially self-funded, utilizing captured or scavenged gear and the spoils of war to improve the readiness level of detachments at the squad level. Conscripts, despite their lowly status, are allowed to retain equipment captured in the field and are paid a slightly higher salary and provision allotment to their families due to the fact that an incentive is needed to prevent defection amongst such units. All conscripts’ families are relocated under the protection of Major Gusev’s area of patronage and control, which gives them the peace of mind to know that their loved ones are safe while they do their duty. Order set #1 (Complete 26/06/19) Establish an FOB/Hospital in the region. Gain a better understanding of the region, and of other groups. Meet up with and or recruit remaining CDF elements within South Zagoria. Acclimatize new conscripts to military life. Establish the regiment as a viable force. Investigate the Radioactive issue. Order set #2 (Complete 10/07/19) Protect and maintain the FOB/Hospital. Research further into the Radioactive issue. Re-direct injured civilians towards the FOB/Hospital for aid. Spread information about the radioactive issue. Repair/enable the East and West radio towers. Order set #3 Complete file 3913. Interact with supposed ultra-nationalists. Send reconnaissance parties to the South and East. Link Altar radio with E&W radio towers. Avoid becoming a policing force. Continuous Orders Maintain a steady income of medical supplies to FOB/Hospital. Provide aid to all. Leadership Lt. Oskar Novotny @groovy stannis Lt. Vojtech Krat @groovy cali NBCP Sgt. Radovan Janousek @Ducky (Dr) Lt. Gustav Polacek @Dr Willsky Dr. Marek Kozar @Charles Cpl. Mykyta Petrenko @groovy nate RN. Katerina Novotny @Franny Pvt. Taras Polek @groovy ming Conscripts Sgt. Patrick Doubek @Mexi Sgt. Benedikt Horak @groovy PatZ Cpl. Immanuel Cerny @Xavier Cpl. Aleksander Vasiliev @CrusaderCJ Cons. Bronislav Capek @groovy tander Cons. Marcel Marek @Groovy ToeZies Cons. Oliver Vaclav @groovy clarence Cons. Leopold Kolinski @groovy vnp Cons. Quiza Udutai @Vulf Cons. Danya Blazek @groovy chernon Cons. Krystof Zdenek @Harlow Cons. Dusan Kovalyuk @Major Cons. Grigory Blazkov @Bulgarian Bombshell Cons. Vasili Belinksy @Groovy Grimm Cons. Radek Radomir @groovy chow Cons. Felix Sevcik @Stormyvill Cons. Anton Lesnitsky @Flea Cons. Alexej Tomasek @Greener161 Cons. Miro Krylov @cheeks Cons. -tba- @Randy Other: Cpl. Radec Sokov @Combine Recruitment is done both in and out of character. To join in character, approach us in-game and express interest. We can take it from there. To join out of character, send the following application to @groovy stannis @groovy cali
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    THE ISLAND The Island of Storozh, and the Prison Complex housed upon it (often referred to locally as Stará stráž, or ‘Old Warden’) has played many an interesting role during its many years of service, both as a political symbol and geographical advantage. While the islands history as a whole is unclear prior to Soviet control, it is understood that the Island played a typical role as the home of a lighthouse, at least until other plans were drawn up for it. During the late 1940s, the Soviet Occupied Government built the main prison complex on the island to house those guilty to the most serious crimes, and perhaps more importantly individuals who threatened the very fabric of the political systems in institutions throughout the Union, including infamous political dissidents, rebellious leaders and figureheads, as well as various Nazi Officers at least directly after the war. Many of these people were also on death row. Whilst the Prison was not perhaps as valuable as many of the undisclosed gulags throughout the Union, there was a reason why such people were held there; being tucked away in a rather small and insignificant part of the world meant those in power could theoretically throw these people away and simply forget about them. Whilst that might be so for those in the ivory tower, In Chernarus, the island was big news, there had always been rumors regarding its use was, who it was holding and just why it was held to such high esteem by local authorities. The Island was strictly off limits during this time, It was reported to have often held a small garrison of military personnel, and it had a secondary use of housing coastal Patrol Boats. Whilst you could assume this was all for guarding the prison, it was understood that the Island was not only a prison but also a military outpost, for obvious reasons it would be a viable location to hold in the event of naval attack, but despite this, the island had no permanent weaponized defenses. THE OUTBREAK The island continued its service as a high security prison up until the Outbreak, although after the Collapse of the Union it ceased to contain political prisoners. During the 2009 Civil War it is understood that the CDF held a garrison there, although it never came under attack. Over time however, the Island became less relevant and less useful as a prison, where more modern institutions were eventually built in the capital city. As a result it was no longer maintained and ended up being used to house those awaiting transfer, as well as more local criminals. Despite this it still held a lesser military presence and was always off limits. The Island was found to be relatively safe at the turn of the outbreak, where no sign of infection was found at first. The garrison remained on duty for a good few weeks before the situation in South Zagoria completely deteriorated, whereas what was left of the prison staff had eventually left to either be of find their families, eventually the garrison was moved along with all classified information and the island was deserted. The prisoners were simply abandoned, most left the island, others stayed to fend for themselves, however the infection quickly spread, and this, combined with infighting left the island completely empty. Since then it has remained abandoned, often picked at by the occasional scavenger and sometimes settled on, but never permanently. THE GROUP The Quarantined can trace their roots back to Rogovo, where a man by the name of Murdock had began building a settlement with a goal of becoming a safe zone of sorts, propped up by trade, he hired another man named Jack to run security, however the setup did not last long, for the town faced a large amount of harassment from passing aggressors. Upon search of another location, the pair, along with a growing amount of support soon realised that the Prison island was currently abandoned, and with safety in mind chose to settle on it. Finding passage through the ruins and shallow rock formations that line the coast around it, they cleared it of infected and officially moved in It didn't take them long to begin reinforcing the island and soon considering its use. The small group began work to make the island sustainable, such as growing crops, using various construction methods to make the large imposing building somewhat livable and beginning to scavenge supply materials. It soon came to discussion, at first merely as a gentlemen's agreement, what exactly to do with the many empty cells that circled the prison complex. It seemed logical at first to use them either to shelter people who need help or perhaps lock up evil-doers. However, as time passed and faces changed, the moral questioning behind this ‘option’ began to shrivel away, and the current president is not so clear, and methods could be deemed questionable. Despite all this, the group remains somewhat clear in their goal of helping those who need help and locking up those who intend to harm. @Lemons - Jack Lemons (Leader) @Crim - Murdock McClane (Leader) @Harvey - Oswald Vingradov (Head Doctor) @Garrett -William Buckner @Padlock - Daniel Graves (Guard) @isaac lineheart - Micheal Delmont @VikingHunter - Jared Riley/Danny Gray @XDRP - Ganju Gurung @Preacher - Bo Marshall/Ben Hayes @allanman123 - Alex Jackson @Nick Wilde - Darius WolfGang @KingBlood860 - Xsavian King @Rusty Faucet - James Hunter Control The Island at all costs (Indefinite) Maintain fortification of The Island (Indefinite) Remain self-sufficient on the Island (Indefinite) Hide our true intentions what goes on inside the prison (Indefinite) Gather new intel and capture Dangerous people (0/25)/(0/10) Assist those in need (Failing) Keep ample supply of prescription drugs (000/200) Restore & make new alliances with other groups (920) Maintain a sufficient Moral Standard (Restoring) Set up a system for ranking in the group (Completed) Hire survivors to keep the prison fully staffed (900) Obtain a Medical Team that could either treat the wounded or help the prisoners (900) Try to set up a contracting system, on taking prisoners (Failing) Complete our the Hunted List (900) Hunted Radan Perov (Dead) OOC Goals Provide Unique, creative and memorable Hostage / Prisoner RP Avoid starting hostilities except if necessary when conducting rescue operations Try to avoid OOC Drama Prioritise RP over PVP To apply, please send a PM to @Lemons, @Crim and @Harvey using the following template: Credits for @Harvey with the Lore and @Tayto with the help of graphics!
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    @Saunders, @Whiskayy, @Realize & @Luke and the rest of the fifty 2 - Was fun meeting you today for the event. Sorry we were late for the party but we had some great breakfast! Loved roleplaying with you all, as did the rest of the group. I was very excited to see Saunders and @Malet to roleplay with each other as they have such different characters and it was amazing. Also P.S, tell your men to stop hitting on my members. k thx @Lyca - Always a joy to roleplay with you. Was nice seeing Khandra again. Come roleplay with us more!!! And to the my group. Always love the roleplay that we have! You guys make the group a success!
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    Holy hell, today was... Today was a whole other level of everything. Just extremely amazing RP from a whole host of people. It started off like any other day. I'd help a group with some building, do a few scavenging runs, a bit of walk and talk... Everything changed when the Fi Broken Nation attacked. Just damn near everyone I met today was awesome, the RP was exhilarating and all because of something as simple as my radio being left on the wrong Freq, all hell broke loose. So thank you to @ScarletRoseand @yutheefor being awesome, and terrifying and balancing the madness of what was happening and the flow of the RP wonderfully. To @alexrofor being the poor schmuck with me in being carted off to the middle of nowhere, the back and forth of trying to blame the other was perfect for the scenario. To @Fae, @Malthis, @JkpFrog, @JohnCrown, @Hanro, @APositiveJade... And I know there are others but after so many hours (some of which I might've fallen asleep for) and sooo many people, I couldn't keep track. So, basically everyone in The Playhouse (And Black Roses) that I know of and met today, and in the week or so prior? Thank you for amazing RP and a great set of characters for me to get to interact with. I hope I can contribute to this mad, crazy, wonderful story with a caliber of RP you can enjoy in return.
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    If you got a problem with me @ me Not my friends
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    Fellow community members. Please send me a detailed PM with what you want to see from the LM team, specifically events, progression, Lore, explanations of stuff, ideas, etc. Thanks.
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    cool and epic media thread
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    @Dino @[email protected]@[email protected]@DeagleERP - HAD FUN TODAY! @Kieran - Thanks for the Hordes!! Was a interesting dynamic to our tense talk with @Harvey who, thank you for showing up! You helped to progress some major RP
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    Accents are just mouth fonts
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    She still loves me. Despite everything. She gave me her journal too... Knowing the terrible things that's happened to her. She can handle herself, but I will make sure she don't ever gotta go through that shit again. Knowing only hurts more after talking with Mal. The dumb ozzie cunt. She's fucking stupid for the situation she's in, and not taking a helping hand. Hurting Khandra like that, I'd say it'd be unforgivable but she's scared shitless... I can't forget that moment... Seeing them both walk off crying. It was heartbreaking. And I am still just stuck here with the pieces of their friendship... At least we got some good news. I'm gonna be a best man. It was a needed and pleasant surprise. At least I can focus on something else besides the second coming of the end of the world... I don't know if even that'll be enough to get my mind off it all. I am gonna try though, for them, and myself. We need to enjoy the few good things when we get the opportunity. I feel bad too. Still haven't gotten to meet and properly talk with all of Khandras friends... Fucking Corpos got in the way today otherwise I could've stayed longer. At least we got some more of their tags. Guess I can use them to apologize. Jona and Ellie are good people though, great even. Khandra has some real nice people in her life. Makes me feel better about Mal being a stupid fucking cunt. I know they're smarter than that at least. I hope Mal lives long enough to apologize to her. I can make sure of that at least... at least try. Rest in Peace: Sam
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    Amazing night of RP with the Fifty Two, Mafia, New Dawn and all the others (will try to tag everyone I can but I don't know all of your forum names, if you wish to be added ask me because I'd love to add you to this post) who came to the Fifty Two's home warming party! @Xehara & @Kase - Thank you for coming to the home and making sure Kyle's doing ok and caring for him when he was coked out his mind. @Luke @ManipulateMe @AlecM @hi_im_kev @PurifiedNoobs12 @Realize @Whiskayy - Love you boys, I've not only made real life friends but also all of our characters are like a family and our home warming party was everything I imagined it to be and more. Thank you to our amazing hearts suit who managed to grab all the supplies needed for the party, this wouldn't have happened with you guys working your asses off. Also glad I was able to get as many people as we had come to the party, it was a tiring 10 hour shift in doing so yesterday but was more than worth it for sure. @Joah @NotMrPink @G_Date @Korvus (Sorry if I missed anyone else) - You and all your boys were a pleasure to have at camp and were first to turn up. I'm so excited to see where ours groups storyline takes us and I hope the two of our groups stay very close for a long time because we sure do need that protect you and your boys offer us. Also, that one punch KO you smacked Ethan with was hilarious! @Roland - Thank you for being there in ghost form and spawning those Z's in for us It's a bit shitty that you missed the whole thing but we'll be sure to let you know next time so it can be even more intense. It was great practice for our boys having to stay in formation and kill those things, were just little old civilians and we did pretty well if I do say so myself. It also makes a lot of sense since the LM's have those hoards coming in hot from Russia. To everyone who was watching the stream, I apoligize for Kyle's use of the word "FAM" so much.. I'll have to tone it down as watching the clip back even I was getting annoyed by it hahaha. @DrMax - Was a pleasure to meet Dr. Rivers again and this time he bought his closest friends which was a pleasure to meet, even if half of the Russians there couldn't understand a word Kyle was saying lmao! I'm sure we will meet again and it's always a pleasure to have you round. I hope your character and friends enjoyed breakfast and I'm sorry you missed the party party. @Derek Steel - Always a pleasure to meet your character and he always seems to have some goodies for us when he arrives. We will definitely have to pay you back somehow even though you're always saying no when we try to. We'll also have to take a trip together (our characters) real soon so we can get to know each other better. Overall, thank you to everyone who turned up today, we had a blast and it's nice to know so many people are friends with the Fifty Two and that so many of you have our backs. I'm so happy that all the hard work we put into setting this up tonight was so so worth it and me and each and every one of our boys had a great nice!
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    Amazing party boys! The Fifty-Two know how to throw down. Thank you to everyone who came and had some fun, means a lot. I'm gonna forget like 30 people but I just wanna write down some people I know and some parting comments from today's RP. @DrMax - Rivers! I always get this warm, homely feeling around Rivers.. maybe because he's a doc but whatever. Great RP, glad you popped around even though it was quite late. Sucks you might have to keep an eye on Saggs around @Brayces's character. Highschool drama. @Saunders - Kyle! As well as just being one of the Fifty-Two boys, the man organized everyone who came and did so much more behind the scenes. He deserves an award. Never a dull moment with Kyle and his druggie self. Stay awesome man, see you in a bit most likely. @Joah - Dean! We love the fucking mafia man, bring then around more. The dynamic is nothing like the Fifty-Two's in the sense of letting each other fight but it was pretty funny to watch. Dean stays a fucking champ I also want to thank all of the hearts in our group and the people who gathered all of the shit for the party today. Lots of work that went unrecognized. Nowwww it's back to work. And no, hearts aren't the best suit. @AlecM @[email protected] @[email protected][email protected]
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    Yesterday I got the idea to showcase and stream my typical "server check" just for some laughs. During the "hall monitor pass" as I call it, I use my admin tools to fly around the map, check on player bases for AoGM, any objects that need to be deleted, visit the largest hotspots of players and sometimes even do a mini-event by spawning in hordes of zombies for players to have fun with. It kind of turned out to be popular as during the first stream I peaked at around 60+ viewers and I received multiple requests to keep it going. Might as well get that Twitch affiliate status and a cool Presidente emote Even Presidente can be a famous streamer! I have linked my Twitch below, make sure to follow me to get a notification when I stream, as the streams may be quite irregular and unscheduled. Since I am very new to streaming, I thank everyone watching who keep up with my technical and mental difficulties when I attempt to navigate the map.
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    @Xehara & @Kase, the impact today had on Teddy is pretty hard to quantify or measure. I'm thoroughly excited, both for us OOC and Teddy IC, to see where everything pans out. Thanks for the invitation, and here's to the future. Not to mention the roleplay from start to finish. @Joah, despite a few helpdesk calls and hearing a lot of stories IC, I've never met the Mafia in character. Glad that changed today, you guys are just as business and brutal, but also interesting, as I expected. @Kieran, fuck you, you cheeky fuck, it was dark in my room at 4 o'clock in the morning and I nearly pissed myself ahahaha. Nice one man
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    Maybe I can get captured again, and you can bring an army to come save me @Lemons Need a prisoner? xD
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    I "Mr. Moon" agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character. //Signed by "Montgomery Moon"
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    Please watch the video then discuss
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    I wasn't sure where else to put this or who to tag, but I would like to give a big kudos to the team of staff that were involved in making our first night at our new camp, one that we'd never forget. Thank you so much for all the fun! First, we got hit by a couple of waves of huge hordes of infected, and then, during the night, we were haunted by strange voices and whispers of what we could only assume were some kind of ghosts/demons. It was a pretty amazing experience, to say the least
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    Any native Japanese speakers?
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    Journal Entry 7: Home Warming Party & The Horde
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    A. The campaign against the BPR has been successful. It ended with the Chedaki coup which saw their expulsion and brought the remaining ethnic Russians that were left in power were thereby brought to the negotiating table. The CDF and the BPR have worked out an agreement that has resulted in elite CDF forces moving into the city from Novigrad as the humanitarian situation improves. The government is now operating the nuclear plant there and negotiations as to the legal status of the area are on the back burner. The insertions into South Zagoria have been done by lower level commanders and are not really part of the grand strategy, which is to seal off the coast from the Takistani horde (which has happened) and secure the north (also occurred) with the exception of Russians over the borders and the Chedaki in the Black Mountains. Most of the higher level operations have been victorious due to the use of conscripts, and destroying larger hordes and enemy units in detail and in chunks, using airpower, and keeping the populace happy by withdrawing larger units to the cities. Most of the dissent involving other people in the State was limited to Miroslavl in 2018 when Kozlov moved into the city after local corruption had led to a decrease in the state of the security situation and calls for action. The military is fairly happy with his leadership, but there is broad dislike among the CDF with how they have been paired with Right Sektor militants. B. This remains true essentially. C. SoonTM. D. 46. E. It's improved. There is more comprehensive and effective security now due to the tendency of South Zagorians to gas the city. It's more or less like a normal city under military conditions. Some conscription gangs, but people still drink coffee with sugar, drive and do other things due to Chernarus' trading with other city states.
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    Been a while since I have made a fresh character for something other than an event. If you are bored please give it a read and leave your thoughts. xoxo
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    Love waiting 50 minutes to get the HUD /menu overlay glitch after I just started my stream...
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    Woah man, this is very cool. Switching it up boys, if the last few days are anything to look forward too, it's gunna be fun!
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    @ScarletRose Gotta watch yourself...you never know when...
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    OOoOO Timmy~ c'mere got something to shoooww yoouu~
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    Kyle and the Fifty Two boys encountered a huge horde of infection shortly after their home warming party
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    Not sleeping for over 30+ hours really does catch up to you Stream ended early now i die of sickness
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    I've never understood this logic. What about civilians means they can't ... A) Want clothing made of higher quality, more durable materials, designed for rough situations? ('camo' usually means military equipment). Why can't civilians want to blend in? Hunters have had it for years. Why can't civilians want clothing that can 'carry more'? (Bigger/more pockets) B) Want to see at night? Honestly this one is almost laughable! Of course people are going to want NVG's. If you had zero power in your country, and had zombies running around that can appear out of thin air in the darkness, wouldn't you want to see? Head-torches have a vision range that is almost exactly the same as infected, so usually by the time you see them they see you (unless you are crouchwalking everywhere). Carrying NVG's isn't something you see every day civilians doing because streetlights and price. C) Want to shoot fast and often? In 'Murica, you can! (Some places). In Canada, you can! (With a hard to get license) In Chernarus post-Outbreak, you can! And you should! Semi-auto is sufficient to protect yourself from infected in most cases, but a higher magazine count is king. I carry an M14 and numerous 20 round magazines mostly cause I adore the loud sound of the rifle, but also because more bullets=more safety. I also carry the MP7 for when its time to panic-spray and sprint for a building. These are not things that a civilian can't learn or want to do almost two years into an outbreak and the world falling to shit.
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    As the title says, just curious to whether or not the community as a collective want the build anywhere mod, personally I believe it gives groups who don't enjoy pvp a place to seek sanctuary and as seen with Chip's little community in Cherno it creates a really interesting atmosphere.
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    I feel like the changes to base building were made too hastily. I 100% agree with doubling the materials needed to make objects but I don't agree with removing the build anywhere mod. That mod allowed players to create more unique camps by utilising the vanilla DayZ structures like houses and barns. There was a lot of abuse but abuse should be reported. An alternative could have been three or four sentences written into the rules about the use of the build anywhere mod would have been more than suffice to stop the abuse of the mechanics. Allowing those who obeyed the rules to build their bases anywhere. Everything else looks sick though, @Ducky did a good job with texturing the new clothing items and I agree with the balancing @Roland.
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    I really did warn him...
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    Journal Entry 5: Lex & Nixon - Building Their Home
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    Ground Zero - Place of Interest In the first month of the Outbreak survivors were occupied their daily struggle of finding food, safety, and some peace of mind in South Zagoria, generally forgetting or disregarding the place where the entire crisis had started. Some traveled into the base to search for supplies and anything left behind by the military forces that had manned the base before it was bombed. Many were smart and wore protective clothing and gas masks, others were either unaware or ignorant of the biological dangers of the site and went in unprotected. Some got lucky and some got sick, but most others just figured they had gotten bitten or exposed somehow. As the forces of the Russian Federation pulled out of the province and the CDF remnants were ordered out of the province, survivors left Chernogorsk and headed north to Severograd, a town which provided a fairly centralized location for commerce and hearing about the goings-on of the area. Apart from the occasional rumble from Tisy or the occasional Chernarussian Air Force jet high up in the sky, everything seemed normal. Aside from the amount of buildings that had been destroyed by Russian artillery the north Severograd countryside was almost picturesque. While downtown Severograd had mostly been spared, outlying areas were marked with destroyed houses and barns, a testament to the Russian attempt to distract the public from the epidemic that would soon grip the province and the world beyond. The civilians in the area had been evacuated or fled to Miroslavl, leaving behind ancestral homesteads and lands to rot. Cows and farm animals grazed at will in the countryside, and the frequent call of wolves in the forests to the north were a reminder of the dangers of travel as the summer months winded down and the temperature cooled down and the leaves began to change colour. The Kamensk Military Base was visited by forces of the UN in an attempt to discover more about the origins of the Outbreak. The former base of the 34th Engineer Company and the 176th "Gorka" Battalion was a shadow of its former self following the Russian bombing and the dispersal of the CDF from the base and the greater area. Most of the buildings present at the base had been in abysmal condition even before the Outbreak, most of which were leveled during the bombing. Tents set up by the military forces deployed to the site had mostly been looted or removed of valuables, and any documents or papers that could be used to deduce what had transpired there had conspicuously disappeared. The only real clue to what had happened being a pit down the hill to the south east of the base. A concrete slab punctuated by a small opening covered with a steel grate were apparent, but a look below the surface revealed a pile of bodies and a pipe that spanned the horrific pit, along with what appeared to be a shed jutting out of the side of the structure. The pipe had at one point been breached, with a jagged outline that showed where it had been. Since then it had been welded shut from the inside, and whoever had sealed the exposed pipe had conducted the job in a rushed manner among the pile of rapidly decaying carcasses that show evidence of being executed or subject to the blast of a grenade. The radiation level at the mysterious base is unusually high, not enough to be immediately dangerous, but enough to discourage anybody who knows about it to keep their path narrow and the duration of their visit brief. Beyond this, the level of biological contamination is far more of a threat to humans then the radiation. And as if that isn't enough, roaming packs of wolves make any trip to the site dangerous before one even reaches it. The feeling that you are being watched permeates the whole facility, making one uneasy as they tread through the area on their travels. In short, the location is a place full of questions and danger with few answers to offer up for the risk. //This thread meant to announce Ground Zero as a biologically contaminated site that would require sufficient protective gear and a gas mask to access safely. Those who don't would probably get sick dependant on where they went inside the base (pit, destroyed buildings, etc). It could also be considered bad rp to visit the site without the necessary protective gear and to play it off as if you were unaffected or safe from exposure. Everything that has been mentioned in this post can reasonably be seen by everybody IG, with the only small exception being the outline where the pipe has been welded shut from the inside. More will be done with Ground Zero in the future with the advent of hazmat suits in .63 (keep an eye on Tisy too) and as we start doing events in the area, many of which will be unannounced and dynamic which are directly related to the site.The radiation is just high enough to be suspicious but not really enough to do damage, the biological contamination is what will kill you.
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