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    It is my understanding that the lag is caused by inflation of basebuilding structures, due to imbalance we created in last DayZRP patch with easily accessible nails that can be crafted, too common tent and sleeping bag spawns and most of all build anywhere mod, which caused people to build fences literally everywhere. Yesterdays count of all objects on S1 revealed impressive 3906 player objects on the map. Today it is already 4026 and counting. This number is unsustainable and we will most likely have to wipe the map again. Before we do though, we are working on a new balancing patch that will make base building more time consuming, difficult and require more materials to craft, so that bases spanning entire villages and lasting for months cannot be created within just a few hours. Hopefully this will allow persistence to work for us for longer than a month at a time.
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    Summary of AA-001 Liquidators in Chernarus (LICH) ACTIVE DATES 2017 - Present SCOPE OF CONTENTS Files contain correspondence, memos, cables and reports that concern The Liquidators mission and commissions in Russia and Chernarus C-0001 Liquidators in Chernarus (LICH) Headquarters, Chernarus, Operation Report Summary - 18/06/19 17:00 - Six Liquidators convene at REDACTED and spent approximately 30 minutes drawing up operation plans for the evening. OPERATION RUNDOWN; Initial aggression from unknown assailant took place on the 17th day of the 6th month of 2019. A small arms fight broke out on the sight of the now abandoned Headquarters at REDACTED . It was following this exchange of gunfire that, Liquidator REDACTED REDACTED managed to follow the assailants through the forest located at coordinates; 11768, 6976 . It was during this mission that Liquidator REDACTED REDACTED identified a blue 4x4 used to transport the assailants to a fortified position the assailants were using located at coordinates; 12851, 4447. Liquidators Bekker & Mackenna constructed a number of simple questions to be posed to the assailants, these being as follows; Who are you? What were your motives for targeting the Liquidators? Who is your de facto leader? 17:45 - Six Liquidators depart REDACTED for the assailants last known location, located at coordinates; 12851, 4447. 18:30 - Six Liquidators arrive at the location and identify a position upon the peak of a nearby hill located at coordinates; 12324, 4563. Upon arrival to the overlook position Liquidator Bennet identified a Blue 4x4 as described by Liquidator REDACTED REDACTED the day prior. It was with the good information that the remaining five Liquidators moved to surround the compound. 18:35 - During movements through the surrounding forest Liquidator Bekker, who at this point had taken over, overlook from Liquidator Bennet, contacted the remaining five and informed them that two assailants had shown themselves inside the compound and were due to depart in the coming minutes via the use of, as yet identified secondary vehicle. 18:36 - Liquidator Bekker confirms the departure of two contacts from the fortified location via the lone road in and out of the compound. 18:37 - Liquidators Mackenna, Bennet, “Walshy”, Steele and Alexander intercept the vehicle and two contacts. Debrief questioning shows that Liquidator Mackenna and Bennet demanded that the car be brought to a halt and that the occupants were to remain seated inside the vehicle. It was at this time that Liquidators Mackenna and Bennet each fired several rounds, wounding and killing the driver of the vehicle after he made an attempt to exit. 18:40 - The remaining occupant, now identified hereafter as “George Banks”, disclosed to both Liquidator Bekker & Mackenna that the group who operate the fortified location, and are presumed assailants from the day prior, are known as the “52”, he dismissed accusations of theft posed upon him but did go on to disclose that the de facto leader of the “52” goes by the alias “Clancy Roads”. Furthermore he informed Mackenna that they had been working along a one “Dean Lockwood” of the “Mafia” the day prior. 18:42 - Six Liquidators release “George Banks” and bury the body of the driver before departing the local area, making their individual way back to REDACTED. 19:10 - All men who commenced the operation reconvene at REDACTED and are accounted for. Summary At current it is not known to the Liquidators the number of men affiliated with the “52”, and / or the “52” have any military affiliation, as the name could suggest. As such; I, Jackson Mackenna solemnly believe that the men now known to the Liquidators as the “52” are the prior days assailants. Further actions against The Liquidators, known to be 4 prior thefts from the now abandoned Headquarters, will also be attributed to these men as we have no further leads on these actions. With this in mind I, Jackson Mackenna, on behalf of the men and women of the Liquidators declare that our best course of action is to place a bounty on the head of “Clancy Roads”, this information will be passed to the public in the coming days. Finally our deliberation landed upon the allegations posed against “Dean Lockwood” and the “Mafia” by “George Banks”. We wish to fully explore this avenue and will make an attempt to contact “Dean Lockwood” in order to confirm or debunk these allegations, however we dont believe they are to be held responsible for the robberies. Signed: JACKSON MACKENNA Alternative way to read - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jFM6Jj2jy9_API22UUEErw6v6oIFlSrgFDQd-A63Mpo/edit?usp=sharing
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    You cannot be bothered with drama but instead of a report you put up a vent thread?
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    ______________________________________________________________________ Pamyati is the SVR's front for operations in South Zagoria. Fully embodying Russian hybrid warfare doctrine and traditional maskirovka, the group operates independently of any formal government support, while working towards the interests of the Russian Federation. This gives Moscow plausible deniability for all its operations within South Zagoria, whilst simultaneously undermining CDF control of the region and promoting the chaos and anarchy eventually needed for a full Russian takeover of the province. Pamyati's leadership is largely made up of SVR/FSB/GRU agents, while the common rank and file are recruited from local manpower, either in the form of eager volunteers or paid mercenaries. Pamyati takes its name from the Russian "Remembrance" or память, which the group prides itself on. The word symbolizes the abuse of ethnic Russians by NAPA insurgents, and, to a smaller extent, the Chernarussian Defense Forces before, during, and after the Civil War of 2009. Pamyati's policy is one of revanchism for the Russian people, separatism of South Zagoriam, and repression against those loyal or sympathetic to the CDF, the Chernarussian Government, or the Kozlov regime. It states its goals as an independent South Zagorian state. In reality, it can be described as a tyranny by the minority. Though Pamyati is directly controlled by Moscow, the field agents running the group are given a large amount of leeway in conducting the group's affairs to promote the idea of an independent militia rather than a Russian proxy army. Thusly, Pamyati conducts diplomacy, promotes the creation of Russian settlements, and distributes its own propaganda. However, the Russian surplus military uniforms, unmarked Kalashnikov rifles, and ski-mask clad men promote an image of their own, and leave the imagination of their victims and benefactors to run wild. “There has not been any place on the planet where a KGB officer has not been.” - Former Director of the SVR, Sergei Lebedev From the beginning, foreign intelligence played an important role in Soviet foreign policy. In the Soviet Union, foreign intelligence was formally formed in 1920 as a foreign department of Cheka (Inostrannyj Otdiel—INO), during the Russian Civil War of 1918–1920. On December 19, 1918, the Russian Communist Party (Bolshevik) Central Committee Bureau decided to combine Cheka front formations and the Military Control Units, which were controlled by the Military Revolutionary Committee, and responsible for counter-intelligence activities, into one organ that was named Cheka Special Section (department). The Special Section's task was to run human intelligence: to gather political and military intelligence behind enemy lines, and expose and neutralize counter-revolutionary elements in the Red Army. In 1922, after the creation of the State Political Directorate (GPU) and connecting it with People's Commisariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD) of the Russian SFSR, foreign intelligence was conducted by the GPU Foreign Department, and between December 1923 and July 1934 by the Foreign Department of Joint State Political Directorateor OGPU. In July 1934, OGPU was reincorporated into NKVD of the Soviet Union, and renamed the Main Directorate of State Security (GUGB). Until October 9, 1936, INO was operated inside the GUGB organization as one of its departments. By 1941, foreign intelligence was given the highest status and from department it was enlarged to directorate. The name too was changed from INO (Innostranny Otdiel), to INU—Inostrannoye Upravleniye, Foreign Directorate. During the following years, Soviet security and intelligence organs went through frequent organizational changes. It then returned to its former state. Already in April 1943, NKGB dealt with foreign intelligence as a 1st Directorate of NKGB. That state remained until 1946, when all People's Commissariats were renamed Ministries; NKVD was renamed Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD), and the NKGB was renamed into Ministry of State Security (MGB). From 1946 to 1947, the 1st Directorate of the MGB was conducting foreign intelligence. In 1947, the GRU (military intelligence) and MGB's 1st Directorate was moved to the recently created foreign intelligence agency called the Committee of Information (KI). In the summer of 1948, the military personnel in KI were returned to the Soviet military to reconstitute a foreign military intelligence arm of the GRU. KI sections dealing with the new East Bloc and Soviet émigrés were returned to the MGB in late 1948. In 1951, the KI returned to the MGB, as a First Chief Directorate of the Ministry of State Security. After the death of longtime Soviet leader Joseph Stalin in March 1953, Lavrenty Beria took over control of the security and intelligence organs, disbanded the MGB and its existing tasks were given to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) which he was in control of. In the MVD, the foreign intelligence was conducted by the Second Chief Directorate and following the creation of KGB foreign intelligence was conduct by the First Chief Directorate of the Committee for State Security or KGB, subordinate to council of ministers of USSR. In 1996, the SVR RF issued a CD-ROM entitled Russian Foreign Intelligence: VChK–KGB–SVR, which claims to provide "a professional view on the history and development of one of the most powerful secret services in the world" where all services are presented as one evolving organization. The Crimean operation, although most probably conducted according to existing contingency plans, was sudden and executed mostly without direct fighting. This means there was no direct action, and littletime or need for military assistance from the Russian SOF. The operation was largely covert action, most likely based on intelligence gathered previously by units connected to the Russian Black Sea fleet and possibly local agents recruited by the FSB, SVR and GRU. Pre-deployment special reconnaissance by SVR may have taken place, but so far it has been difficult to find evidence of it in open sources. The Ukrainian military observer Dmytro Tymchuk claims both FSB and GRU became very active in Ukraine after Viktor Yanukovych became president in 2010. The latter made the Ukrainian security service, SBU, change its focus from counterespionage against Russia to counterespionage against the United States. It would probably also be wrong to claim any significant military assistance role for the Russian SOF in Crimea, since the so-called “Crimea self-defense units” seem largely to have been décor, providing the Russian forces with a local image. The self-defense units did not play a very significant military role. Since the operation in terms of special operations forces was largely a covert action, it was only to be expected that the SVR would play the crucial role. According to Russian military observers Anton Lavrov and Alexey Nikolsky, the take-over of Crimea was the first operation of a significant scale undertaken by the SVR. In particular, SVR was behind the seizing of the local parliament on September 27. This act made it possible to elect the Russian “marionette” Sergei Aksenov as new Crimean prime minister. Furthermore, SVR also led the takeover of the Ukrainian military’s headquarters and a number of other hard-target military compounds. These were, however, operations that demanded more troops than SVR could provide. The organization was therefore aided by units from Spetsnaz-GRU and naval infantry. The SVR, however, was always in the lead. The Crimean operation used speed and surprise to establish fait accompli on the ground, thus making a military response from the Ukrainian side difficult. True, the Russian victory was secured by the transfer of additional troops to the peninsula, but the initial action by SVR and other special and elite forces elements was the decisive element. From the take-over of the Crimean parliament to the signing of the treaty making Crimea a part of Russia it took only 19 days. Seven days later all Ukrainian military units had laid down their arms. Such a time schedule makes the Crimean operation very different from the follow-on operation in Donbass and Luhansk. While Crimea for Russian SOF was mostly about covert action, their involvement in the Donbass war also saw them engaged in the full spectrum of regular SOF tasks from July-August 2014 onwards. The Ukrainian military observer Konstantin Mashovets claims Spetsnaz GRU at any time have had from three to four combined units/battalions in Donbass. These units have contained roughly 250 to 300 fighters each, and have been provided to the theater of operations on a rotational basis among the seven Russian Spetsnaz GRU brigades. They have operated in groups of 10-12 individuals, and worked closely with GRU SIGINTunits. In terms of Russian SOF relations with the local rebels, the former trained and provided intelligence for the latter. At the same time, there has been a reluctance to operate together, especially in the cases where Russian not-in-service volunteers have been able to do the same job.Mashovets further claims each Spetsnaz-GRU group has been set up with “curators” from Agentura-GRU. Thus, the Russian tactic seems to have been to keep political and military assignments somewhat separate. Spetsnaz-GRU do special reconaissance and military assistance, whereas the political work is taken care of by embedded “curators” from Agentura-GRU. In terms of direct action, Russian SOF in general have tried to avoid direct combat in Donbass. This, however, has not always been possible. For example, one of the GRU officers identified in Donbass is an individual known as Krivko. He was wounded in battle at Sanzjarovka at the end of January 2015. Simultaneously, in May 2015, two soldiers from the 16th Brigade in Tambov were wounded in battle by Stsjastye near Luhansk.27 These examples suggest Spetsnaz-GRU has been only partially successful in avoiding participation in regular battle. Another area of direct action has been sabotage in Ukrainian rear areas. One example, of a sabotage mission gone wrong, was the killing of an alleged Russian GRU-agent in Kharkov in September 2014. He was suspected of blowing up train wagons with air fuel at Osnova railway station, probably in order to create problems for Ukrainian military aviation. Credit to @Kain for this portion of the lore, with edits by myself The start of the Apocalypse in Russia is that of a chaotic one. During the July crisis of South Zagoria, they had attempted to work alongside with NATO and CDF forces to contain the infection within South Zagoria, as time went on, their grip lessened until the infection had started to spread to neighboring countries and outbreaks had started to occur in Russia. By the 25th of July, Russian Aerospace Defense strictly held the air surrounding South Zagoria and their own country and were killing anything that was deemed infected by the skies. Tensions grew in the Black Sea as a NATO Fleet had been virtually decimated by a nuclear device which Russia claimed no involvement in. The surviving world now worrying about now only the infection, but war. Quickly after, President Donald J. Trump ordered the NATO forces to attack all Russian military targets as it was believed that they had fired the nuclear weapon. War erupted in the Baltics as the French, British and Germans fight off the Russian’s air force. This level of chaos to protect the eastern European countries left Russia to be completely opened to new major outbreaks of the infection. The Russian Ground Forces would annex Belozersk, Chernarus to claim a nuclear power plant, meanwhile the world develops further into chaos. As the month passes, more of Russia would fall to the apocalypse, most notably in major cities. The advances of the NATO forces continued to trouble the Russian Federation. However, the attacks lightened up as the NATO forces needed to reaffirm attention to their own home countries. Russia would send more troops to neighboring countries during the month of August to attempt to stabilize what they can. They would commonly do bombing runs on the Russian borders to keep the growing number of infected outside of their country, but hope was beginning to look grim. Continuous protection of the border was failing by the day, but the Russian Armed Forces was not giving up their grip. The VDV inside of Chernarus were pulled back as the situation worsened. By November, the attempts to retain the infection was growing. Thousands of Russian citizens were being killed, main detained and others were being sent to camps. The paranoia grew in the major cities of Russia, as many rural towns were starting to either migrate or be killed by the growing infections power. At this point, Russia has began to retreat significantly from Chernarus due to the major outbreaks in the city of Sochi, the last remaining at the border mainly consisted of FSB and border police. By February, Russia was moving into a state of control and panic. Clearance was given to shoot or detain anyone at the borders of Russia. As worries grew, a strong unit of FSB CBRN was sent out to the Chernarus-Russian border to fortify it even further. Meanwhile, in the motherland, the Defense Ministry had ordered military control of small villages to be protected and used as quarantines. The fight against the infected grew as the MVD was in complete activation across Russia, but as time went on local factions grew and the influence of the Russian Federation was growing much shorter. As the apocalypse wore on, Russia began to enforce more security measures, checkpoints, quarantines. Movement was heavily restricted, information censored and the masses controlled. Major cities in the north of Russia still held significant strength, Moscow being the power of politics and St. Petersburg being the power of military. Slowly, citizens were being forced into new locations and a new saying had appeared, “Order by any means.” By March, a serious mutiny had occurred within Moscow. As the city walls closed to surround the Kremlin and some out, the Metro was being used as the primary source of living for the Moscow citizens. Rigorous checkpoints were formed inside of the Metro and most citizens would not be allowed to do much but gather their rations. Many starved and crime was rising. A man by the name of Kazimir Pytorvich Yazov had influenced many of the military personnel within the Moscow city walls as he’d plan to reform the government from the police state it was heading towards. An attack on the Kremlin occured on the 4th of March, leaving Moscow in complete chaos. The attack had failed and many of the forces that were loyal left and marched far south towards Sochi. The Russian Federation were able to barricade off Sochi and create yet another military state and Kazimir used it to recruit. In the shadows of Sochi, a revolution was being built. Calling themselves the Free Russian Movement, they recruited many members to their forces as Kazimir sneaked his way into Chernarus to communicate to the anti-government military known as the Belozersk People’s Republic. The two successfully allied, creating a troublesome alliance against the Russian Federation. The Russian Federation was quick to retaliate with aggression that would frighten anyone. The 58th Army pushed into Sochi and annihalated the South Russian Government, while simeltaniously concluding a cease-fire agreement with the BPR and recognizing it as a legitimate state, much to the dismay of the Republic of Chernarus. Now, Russia turns its attention further south, into the CDF's exposed eastern flank in South Zagoria... Due to the failures of previous SVR units, and the delays in the invasion along with the cover of Russian units being blown to some degree. New units deployed in the Summer of 2019 will take a more aggressive stance, focusing more on the location of hostile elements and interrogation of HVTs before being embroiled in large scale conflicts. Section 1 Infiltration Successfully infiltrate South Zagoria and make contact with local SVR cells. Day 720 (Complete) Stash a stockpile of firearms/rations/ammunition/supplies for the battles to come. Day 730 (Complete) Gather preliminary intelligence on local groups and persons of interest. Day 720 (Complete) Locate, and eliminating any defectors (i.e. Former Russian Military Personnel that have defected, downed RU Pilots, or other servicemen) Day Ongoing (In Progress) Section 2 Disinformation Begin spreading rumors of US Military intervention in South Zagoria. Day 760 (In Progress) Recruit at least a dozen local Russians and foreign mercenaries to serve in the Brigade. Day 760 (Complete) Locate former Allies, and with there support, destroy old enemies (District, The Time, Green Dragon Holdouts.) . Day 760 (In Progress) Rally citizens to the cause by pushing an agenda of Peace and Prosperity for all who assist the cause. Day 760 (In Progress) Spread general disinformation to mask the possibilities of a Russian invasion. Day --- (In Progress) Section 3 Direct Action Declare South Zagorian independence, and assist the subsequent Russian takeover of the new republic. Day 830 (In Progress) Locate former Saviors for the attempted assassination of Yuri Makalovich, Gleb Federov and Pavel Ivanov. Day 790 (In Progress) Elimination of any CDF, UN or Former/Active US Military Personnel in South Zagoria. Day 830 (In Progress) Location of Chedaki cells and the capture of high ranking Chedaki officials, in return for the bombing of Red Square. Day 830 (In Progress) Attempt to capture Mikhail Brata in response to Kamenici's murder of active Russian Servicemen in the past year. Day 840 (In Progress) Capture and interrogation of Active US Military personnel to gather information of troop movements throughout the Middle East and the Balkans. Day 850 (In Progress) Elimination of HVTs including but not limited to all High Ranking Potius Craz personnel operating on Russian Soil illegally, Mikhail Brata, Dean Lockwood. Day 850 (In Progress) Find a solution to the Islamic Question. Day 850 (In Progress) Section 4 Annexation Thanks u papa Major TBA OOC GOALS 1. Provide a refreshing taste of Military styled RP in the form of a State Acting, Direct Action Force. 2. Bring back the Guerrilla Warfare Vibes. 3. Provide Lore driven RP for all those who interact with us. 4. Focus on the enjoyment of all involved, via community outreach and the hopeful support of the Event Team in later phases. Command Team @-CML-NorWayy - Pavel Ivanov @G19RP- Adrik Zaitsev Honorary 3rd in Command (Secretary) : @ThanosRP - Borya Bodrov NCOs @ZorullRP - Viktor Sereda @Real VegasRP - Grigori Belyaev @WongRP - Aleksander Reznov Enlisted @RebelRP - Artyom Alekseyevich @Oiram - Ilya Orlov @Hex - Sevchenko Seba @ThanosRP - Borya Bodrov @Mak - Sergej Makarov @JackZRP - Khabib Magomedsharipov @NozzyRP -Vladimir Petrov @ThrashRP - Iakov Zavrazin @SeversonRP - Alexei Ivanov @JamesRP - Antoly Petrov @SleepyRP - TBA @Kricket - Vaughn Rastyev @DallasRP - Kosmos Kozlov @LumenRP - Maksim Kuznetsov @Eagle - Vadim Popov @HoboRP - Petri Kozlov @NikoteenRP - Niko Sokolov @JimRP - Bolat Aslakhanov @RedRP - Alexei Belinsky Militiamen Combat Commendations June 26th 2019 For combat actions involved with a skirmish with Chernarussian Troops, and their foreign allies in the province of South Zagoria, Chernarus. Adrik Zaitsev will be awarded the Cross of St. George 3rd Class. For gallantry, bravery, and distinction in combat while leading a fire-team in extremely perilous circumstances. During the firefight, in which a friendly Islamic Militia unit was ambushed with SVR advisers embedded within the unit, Adrik led a group of 5 men and personally led the charge to relieve friendly troops. Adrik made contact with friendly forces located in the valley and proceeded to engage the enemy and eliminate 4 hostiles before being injured in the initial skirmish, the moving to further assist friendly units being engaged near VMC where he re-engaged the enemy and allowed his men to pursue smaller formations and continue the fight after being severely injured. @G19RP Send a PM to @-CML-NorWayy1 with the following template. Note that if you want your character to be SVR, you will be required to make a new one. Acceptance is based off of IG activity and RP quality.
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    I wish i could bean that feedback
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    Had a great time with the regs. Much needed distraction. @Dino @Ouromov @cheeks @DeagleERP Then a blast running into; @Pepper and her people once more. @Mouse and Dr Daniel(whom ever that was) As well! Then a awesome tense end with @Harvey @Lemons and @arttu! Lovely and thank you so much for the hostile tense encounter.
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    lilwhoreRP reporting for duty Um yea ⠀⠀/ |⠀⠀⠀ ⠀/⠀/ \\ ⠀\⠀\ ╱/ ⠀/⠀(⠀• )⠀•) ⠀)⠀⠀. ╱ (⠀ \ \⠀⠀\⠀/ ⠀\⠀⠀|/ dat way,,
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    "These n*ggas is talk, I'm still in the hood when it's dark These n*ggas can't slide on my pump Riding and switching them lanes Run up get switched in your brain I'm gripppin' the thang, I do this shit for the gang Run up get clipped in your heart"
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    Is your base out in the open, easily spotted from distance, in a highly trafficked area perhaps? There's like 1000 people playing on our servers right now. It's a survival game, people need supplies to survive. Bases are not supposed to be perfect loot hoarding safe spaces, they are meant to be broken into by bad people. I don't think it's just "this server" as you seem to suggest. I mean, it's DayZ.
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    You are making reports easier to read making a wall of text is to much hassle, nobody will read them. Short and sweet is what everyone needs to do.
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    I had to do it. You guys are great though!
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    Let’s do this look forward to seeing you all at camp
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    Love the group page, and enjoy getting called nanny McPhee each time I see you some of you *cough* Luca *cough* lol Best of luck with this guys! Do amazing things
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    Just succeed and take over!
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    That was a good one Squillium LUL we took this oath in front of a weirwood too
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    Had plenty of great encounters with these people, keep up the good work and keep roleplaying the way you do. Great addition to the server IMO
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    I GMAK agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character." Signed by @GMAK
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    The only advice I can give is to not put all your supplies in the one place, especially in bases as bases are nothing but an indicator of free loot for the taking. Create multiple stash points with all your valuables spread out across all of them so in case one stash gets found you won't lose all your valuables in one hit.
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    It was great while it lasted, but now my Ruski heritage must prevail. Back in a bit lads, you can /yeet me front he roster o7.
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    Wew Since a new thread was made on this topic by some @Whitename and the drastically one-sided poll results, are Staff going to consider this?
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    I must say, it was certainly the most friendly hostile encounter I've ever had... Great RP as well guys, happy I could get back into it all. xoxo Thank you aswell for the internal RP today! @Lemons @arttu
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    Want to give a big thanks to @Fletcher for the help editing my submission this month
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    Thank you for those kind words. I felt bad for my rudeness, but I'm glad you enjoyed the rp. Till our next troublesome encounter.
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    It can pick up conversations from people who are on the other side of the house from me, so yeah. Just use PTT if you have a mechanical keyboard.
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    Wow... I mean, wow! I honestly didn't expected RP to be this awesome when I logged in today. Firstly, I wanted to thank @Phoenix @Watchman and everyone I've met and talked with from their group. You guys are cool, I'm really looking forward to our future interactions. Also @Bsigo you always make me laugh and for that I thank you. Your character is great. Special place in this post is reserved for @Daisy I dont even know where to start. When I logged in today, I wasn't expecting that our RP would develop in this direction. While Maggie was honestly very upset with today's outcome, I found myself being sad as a player. That's how much of an impact Ella made so far on me too. Here is hoping that we will meet again but I'm sure it will happen.
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    aaa good to see the request for the bot upgrade passed gz on green
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    These look like good improvements, but it would be better if there was at least one lore question since most new people never read the lore, and think Chernarus is part of Russia and is an island.
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    Always fun to save @Diamond when he is roleplaying as a starving African child It was fun, thx
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    Have to agree the servers were way more stable at 80 pop. I drove a car for 2-3 weeks with 80 pop and didn't crash once. As soon as we were upped to 90 cap I got into a car, rolled forward at 2mph and flew to the moon to visit my other brothers who had recently joined the Chernarussian space program. In all seriousness, I'm all for changing the server population back down to 80 as this seems to be the best option we have tried so far.
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    tactical blop reportin for duty
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    Barry Thomson Throne agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character." but that doesn't mean they will have it easy doing it //Signed @vaako
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    Was good. Enjoy your character
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    "I " @Heisenburg " agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character." //Signed by @Heisenburg
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    Thank you to all my loves in the Playhouse but especially @APositiveJade for the extraordinaire fear and pain RP, it was hard to torture such a lovable and kind character, would totally do it again
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    "I "Dexter Murdock (Dexter Murdock)" agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character." //Signed by @Dexter Murdock
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    People gon hate your vibe
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    The premise is simple, a change to the current combat logging rule. As it stands, both hostages and hostage takers must wait 30 minutes after a hostage situation has ended in order to log out. This makes sense for hostage takers as it gives hostages a window of time to exercise their defender rights after a situation has concluded itself. However, I see no reason for hostages, who are the ones that the combat logging rule is meant to protect, should be punished for logging out if they have been totally compliant and have no rights on them. I will now link a couple of reports to demonstrate that this is a current practice: My suggestion is simple: we go back to the way things used to be done, the method that I believe most members of the community are familiar with currently and the most logical approach in my opinion; allow hostages to log out once they have broken line of sight with their captors, as long as they have not committed any actions that grant their captors kill rights on them. Discuss.
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    From the album: Dr Flynn's adventure

    Still not very good at the old directions thing.
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    Cars are just unpredictable. Myself and @Netherist suddenly died yesterday when we were literally in first gear going about 3 mph. No jump to the moon or barrel roll, just randomly dead. Then shortly afterward @SquirtleKitty drove across the map by herself while the server was full and was totally fine. I won't be getting in any cars again any time soon rofl
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    Here is some helpful advice from someone thats been RP'ing in various mediums for close to two decades. On a game like this, people do a lot of surface RP. They meet people, scrape up on the basics, then move on. It takes a while or a special situation for someone to really get beyond the skin of your character and start digging down into the meat of it. So, have a good polished story for why you are here! We are almost two years into a zombie apocalypse, so it is getting harder and harder to come up with an easy reason for being in Chernarus. How many times have you heard the below? - "My plane crashed." - "I got lost." - "I washed up off a boat." A lot of people will roll their eyes if they hear the above, or the usual 'I'm here with the US Navy Seals" kinda line, so it is a good idea to come up with something firm. It doesn't need to be unique to you, just something that you can roll with. It can be very hard to play a character if you aren't nuanced in what the character is talking about; I played a religious fanatic on another game for close to 7 years, and I learned more about both Christianity and then many other religions for that character... More then I learned in bible school, that is for sure. If you yourself don't know a lot about the bible or religion in general, you'll need to do some deep diving research into it. For example, someone is going to ask if you are Protestant or Catholic. Do you know what that means? What the difference is? You might want to learn that, so when someone asks you questions that your character knows, you have an answer... Alternatively, if you aren't that versed in it, the other alternative is to just find an IC reason you don't talk about, or don't entertain people asking you questions. Brush them off with religious rhetoric, 'THE LORD KNOWS, AND THATS ALL THAT MATTERS' or whatever have you to get past it. But ignoring those specific things above, the below are what I also recommend for a character. - Three quirks anyone will know - Three secrets no one will know. - A common phrase/line/etc that you use when introducing yourself. It can be anything, just something to help you get stuck in peoples head. Example 'The name is Bond. James Bond.' The quirks anyone will know are just things to help give your character a little life beyond the basic blank character. Maybe he is deathly afraid of chickens, and doesn't tolerate being around them. Maybe he never eats potatoes. Anything that someone could theoretically experience just from being around you. As for the three secrets, these are things no one should ever know unless you decide to let them know and share. Something like you killed your ex-wife, or you were the Mr. Badtouch Priest, or anything that your character would WANT to keep secret. These don't /ever/ need to come to light either, but its things you have in the back of your head that helps you to decide how and why your character behaves or acts as he does. A game you can do for yourself is imagine RP-scenarios you've experienced on your two characters already, and figure out how your new character would respond/react to them.
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    Looks great. ❤ I like the unified hue of the character images.
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