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    *You hear heavy footsteps and catch the smell off old shoes* Looks like Kenneth the Hobo is back in town. New PC and down to game.
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    Exciting times. Some awesome firefights and RP recently, an amazing mix. Proud to be where I am.
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    I encountered a few of your people in Cherno at the trading camp a few days ago and wanted to say I enjoy the RP from this group even though my character may not like them!
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    Thanks for the feedback Were gonna stay about and we knew this type of thing would happen but for example in one situation when you get randoms instantly saying "I saw human meat on the road surrounded by clothes" and taken hostage it gets extremely annoying especially as we have no desire to hold human meat as an item and any cannibalism we decide to do is all RP based. Big thanks to @Diamond group for stating there wasn't enough evidence they seem to be the only guys that are following the rules and not judging on game mechanics or rumours. I mean we hate to do it but seems we have no choice but to really start investigating and reporting any metagaming/powergaming we occur
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    Make a poll, but yes, I will agree to this. Some serious AOGM and general tom fuckery can be had with this, that shouldn't be.
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    Hi, I'm pretty much new to DayZ compared to most of its playerbase but I've have been roleplaying before (mostly in forums/websites). English is my second language but hopefully it won't be too much of a problem. Anyways I'm looking forward to meeting you all in game
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    To each their own, there is a major difference between the two. It's not meant to be something that is to come off as offensive. CampfireRPers in my eyes are people that do not enjoy combat. They prefer to be in their own world and roleplay 95% of the scenarios out. They prefer to have internal RP with their own groups and are very questionable of anyone outside of their world. I'm sure just about anyone can agree with that, I hang out with these groups every day as someone who defends some of these groups. HostileRPers - 50% of them, are looking for an excuse to PvP, loot, play the game like it's rust or ARK. After initiating, there are only specific groups that have demonstrated extremely good roleplay in the past few months that are hostileRPers. The other 50% are good roleplayers. There's a reason you only see specific members of the hostile groups leading roleplay. Examples: The Time - Muslims. (This is my personal opinion) are two hostile groups that have made an enjoyable RP experience, but they also have their boys there that at the end of the day are strictly there for the PvP experience when it arrises. Good RP Example of the Muslims: They do an excellent job of spreading their religion, and they are extremely good at what they do.(So far I've had no issue with their Islamic / Muslim lore) Good RP Example of the Time: Slavery that actually has worked out, + a personal example ~ Someone tied truck batteries to one of my mafia guys with loose knots attached to them and gave him a "Mafia's Death". He ended up escaping because of the loose knots. But these are just key examples. To "The District" take no offense as I haven't met you guys in the game yet. - No opinion on you guys yet. From my point of view: The Campfire boys seem on edge lately and have been retreating to server 2 to get away from the hostilities of server 1, It's actually quite an interesting concept, @RavenousRP can actually vogue for this. I'm unsure if anyone else would be able to. Sorry if you take offense to that. To each their own.
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    Want to give a big thanks to @Fletcher for the help editing my submission this month
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    As requested here is the MICH helmet with a cover made by @Misho All I did was re-texture it to TTsKO. @Combine @Greener161
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    @Thrillshire thanks for all the help i really appreciated it, great talking to you. You too @Aestethic
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    The love each Fifty Two member has for each other is on another level. We are a family, we will die for each other @Luke @Whiskayy @AlecM @Realize @DieselTheSnowMan @PurifiedNoobs12 @hi_im_kev @ManipulateMe @Novality
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    Glad you guys finally put out what you really want to do! Best of luck with this guys, the thread looks superb!
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    -Coexist peacefully with other Muslims of Chernarus (Day 710) (Completed) (On going) -Make the presence of Jaysh Allah known throughout Chernarus (710) (Completed) -Establish a town for Muslims to live (Day 720) (Completed) -Establish sharia law in the town (Day 730) (In progress) -Create the grand Mosque (Day 735) (In construction) -Appoint Hisbahs to enforce sharia law (Day 735) -Spread the word of Allah Through the pen and the sword (Day 735) (Completed) (On Going) -Win our second Jihad against the infidels (Day 750) -Establish a School to teach Islam to the people of Chernarus (Day 735) -Create a Caliphate Similar to the Ottoman or Umayyad Dynasty (Day 820) -Convert the Shia of Chernarus (On Going) -Conduct haram checks on local settlements to check for forbidden items such as alcohol or pork (On Going) -Fight for the people of Islam through the greater and lesser Jihad (On Going) -Enforce Sharia Law Across Chernarus (On Going) Convert the infidels of Chernarus (On Going) CALIPH @Diamond - Ahmed Omar al Sham SAYIDDS @Dew - Ibrahim Al Suwaidi ibn Mustafa @Blake - Salahaddin Bukhari SAFIRS @Hollows - Assad al Abhari @Nik - Zayan Nur Basim @Dusty- Ahmed Yakupov SHEIKH @Apollo - Sheikh Mohammad Abbas IMAMS @Gatorr - Abu Al Farooqi @YNW Viking - Maaz al Selim @YNW Pep - Saif Al Jabari Ibn Saeed JIHADIST @ShanePVP - Shaheer bin Shafee @YNW Law - Abeo Mohammad @Doom - Izz al Din @Jason b - Nadeem Ullah @GrizzlyOG - Kareem Tayseer @OPEN_WIDE - Sarah Omar Al Sham @TheGooseIRL - Hassan al Abhari @Bussdown - John Emwazi RADICALIZED @Shroud - Michael Lovington @Wendigo -Eddie Morrison @Kaliss - Derek Green @BobbySullivan - Bobby Sullivan @Squillium - William Drake @SassyRP - Sassy Sagdiyev @JoeyLahey - Joey Lahey Trusted Russians Liked Sunni Muslims Other Radicals Neutral The highway men Untrusted Most people we meet Christians Chernorussians Mayit US Military Israelis Abraham Goldstein CTF CDF Wolfpack The Mafia This is a reboot of my group from old DayZRP in 2016. This is a serious RP group and only experienced members will be allowed to join but recruitment is open. All group members will have a guide provided by me in our discord to help with the RP given. There will be no trolling allowed in the group. If you have any questions, or would like to apply, feel free to shoot me a PM. All recruitment is to be sent to me in the form provided below. OOC Age: Location/Timezone: DayZRP Experience (previous groups, etc): Other RP Experience: Why do you want to join?: What do you feel you could bring to our clan?: Character Name: Character Background: Lore:
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    Obey and adhere to the leaders Never go against a contract Never disrespect a client Never break client confidentiality Never tarnish the group name Establish a base of operations - day 690 Achieved After establishing a safe zone have set patrols and guards - day 700 Achieved Establish medical contracts for specialized personnel - day 720 Ongoing Establish a form of training for new recruits - day 730 Ongoing Establish caches and safe-houses for themselves - day 740 750 Ongoing Establish a radio based outpost where they can broadcast consistently - day 750 Ongoing Accept and fulfill 20 contracts - day 780 Ongoing - 8/20 Accept and fulfill 10 medical contracts - day 780 Ongoing - 0/20 Maintain a log of all contracts, successful or otherwise - Indefinite Twig - John Caboose - Lead Contractor MrBowTie - Marcus Ryder - Right hand man Sxcomba - Bryan Ashworth Bambi - Liam Reddington Streiter - Giovanni Ettore Twizzler - 1/1 Michael Lambert HarlssHeretic - Mattias Reid God - Kirby Hammer PapaMeme - Jacob Belfort FruitPunchG - Ricky Williams DC2200 - Rowan McCoy Nvllsekt - Alex Koveli ImDongle - Kato Ito Mason26 - Dr.Tyrus Mason - Doctor/Surgeon
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    From the album: A Deaf Girl's World

    (Even though OOCly I could hear everything) I still have no clue what in the world was going on here. I don't know if it was a wedding of sorts or a fashion show.
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    Great role play jade, thanks for hanging around! I hope we were able to scare you a bit.
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    Was nice to meet and roleplay with @APositiveJade this evening in Severograd. Shame some cunt had to ruin it after we parted ways
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    Group Goals updated along with the roster
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    The cars weren't TOO bad at 80 players, anything about that makes them useless to be honest. 60 would probably be the sweet spot but we would need a third server should we drop that low. In my opinion I think we should drop the player cap back down to 80 for sure!
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    1 month since I joined staff, how time flies
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    1. I did send in a staff application and got accepted to do development for the Arma 3 server we had back in autumn last year. 2. Arma 3 SQF scripting & terrain creation in terms of the Arma series. Some other irrelevant programming experience also. 3. I've made this project earlier, but I don't know if that really helped. I couldn't have done any DayZ projects because back in 2018 when I joined, DayZ modding/scripting wasn't really a thing and I started doing it for DayZRP right away when the server files came out . 4. Visual Studio Code & Notepad++
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    Suggestion: Change the double mic to when a player is like 20cm close to you
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    1. Spoke with some of the Devs and eventually Rolle himself. 2. I am studying an AP-Graduate in IT Technology and Computer Science. (Python, #C, #C++) 3. I just talked with @Gremlinco about development work and he sent me some references, and I just started making textures and showing them to Rolle and the community. 4. I have yet to delve into scripting for DayZ, only re-textures and editing configs / xml files.
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    There is nothing wrong with a boring character. I've actually made it my goal to play what I like to call 'background' characters. My characters are around essentially as vessels for other people to tell their story and progress through. Some people play characters that take up all the oxygen in the room at the best of times, and other groups have a tendency to steal the limelight. (Not in bad ways, just in the sense that the little people or solo-RP'rs get drowned out). Play off that if it makes you happy, and be an observer. Listen, remember, and fill in the blanks for late-comers later. I can't remember the number of times people were seeking out one of my now deceased characters because he had a lot of dirt on others just from quietly listening around conversations. As for generic military types carrying a big gun; I don't personally get this beef. We are almost two years into a zombie apocalypse. You better believe I'm going to be carrying the biggest gun I can find! If we were still 'fresh' near the beginning of the outbreak I'd understand, but at this point its slowly getting harder and harder to believe the person that 'has never shot a gun before'. (Sort of shooting myself in the foot there, as my old character was one of those that had never used a gun before)
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    Just play ya self, my dude. Easiest way to get into a character is to make one that is a lot like yourself. That way you can manage things like, "I totally would have a huge backpack to store stuff in" or "Well, damn I don't know anything about medicalRP so I better find someone who does." Etc. Just mix up or change up the backstory to make sense for the lore, and set forth. You don't HAVE to play some complex or over arching character with all these super detailed and hard to keep track of traits that feel more like a tally board than a RP character to you.
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    Nothing but amazing experience with this group, been a long time since iv been truly scared and horrified IC which has affected Shock so badly and rot him to his core. Shame to hear what’s happening to you at the movement. Please tho keep up the great work
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    good roleplay from those damn edgy toy collectors @Mugin and @Aiko always a good time nice seeing @Malthis
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    Well at the moment we are moving shop, some other groups didn't like the fact we are for the people and did us a favor and gave away our items to the people....no biggie, I'm Chip Lonegan and I'll open a thousand shops and more because it's for the people.!!!! For the people
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    i think the beginning my acting is a little bad i kept messing up Grovers voice then i couldn't think what to say next at times XD but as the video goes on i really get into character!
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    Glad we ran into each other @Dr Brandon Thanks for showing me around and the excellent RP. I learned a lot from you!
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    I know green roofs are trendy but think of others.
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    But.... then I can't make gardens on my roof I say you just add logs from something like that.
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    I just realized I am on groups lore. Oh. My. God.
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    The Fifty Two boys looking fierce, ready to raid the people who raided us
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    Awesome to see you guys creating the group, but just remember that the cannibals are watching.
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    when I find out they completely removed age limit for some reason
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    goodbye australian monkey move to new ape tribe
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    Current update to how things are going: I haven't had a lot of time all week to do what I wanted to do regarding figuring out config settings and where exactly I feel things would work good to balance on the side of being too grind intensive versus being way too easy. I think I've found a good setting and I'm doing more testing towards the later half of leveling skills (60-90) to see if it feels too much like a chore. To make things perfectly clear, I'm aiming to have the server be hard enough on the grind so that it takes some time for people to hit skills to 100. I'm learning about the mods needed so that we can have a server economy, as well as looking into how needed the ravens mod for the game actually is. The Trading Post mod will make it so whoever would be appointed GM's on the server would have access to create an ever-evolving server market, likely refreshed ever little bit (obviously yet to be determined) so that players could work on getting coin. In the same hand, this allows players to also having trading posts and create player-based markets so it's not just GM controlled. The idea of the GM controlled market is so that everyone always has a way to make money, and players can create their own trade posts if they want to control the quality of the items and the price of the items that they make. It's pretty neat. I plan on making much more progress this weekend. I'll have the config finalized by the end of the weekend and wouldn't mind doing a small play test to see how some people feel about the way it is, so that way we can garner some feedback on how skills are progressing. Everything else doesn't matter as much. I also want to have a better understanding of how all the mods work so we can get that integrated into the server and start figuring out how we want to do that. Community feedback is always accepted and if anyone has any questions let me know.
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    Contemplation This project, the fortifying of our camp, it’s been the only thing keeping me grounded. The dead may walk, that is a horrifying fact, but there is something more to all of this. I spend my time contemplating it while I work. What it could mean, why it’s happening, is it all connected? Against my better judgment, I’ve continued having conversations with my “father”. The topics have mostly remained the same, reminiscing, and discussing my present situation. It continues to probe my mind, the sensation is far more noticeable now. It’s like a static charge, similar to what you feel when you put on a sweater fresh from the dryer. I’m still unclear as to what it’s gaining from all of this, and yet I continue to allow it to happen. I’ve had to be more discreet about it though, a staff sergeant from the USAF has joined our camp, and she’s decided to sleep in the kitchen. It’s nice to not be alone inside the house, but I doubt she or anyone in the camp would be thrilled to learn that I’m having conversations with my deceased father. I do wonder about how she’ll react when she starts to hear the scratching, or how that thing might lure her into its grip, the way that it has done to me. I feel as though I should say something to her, and to everyone, but I’m still not sure if I'm losing my mind from sleep deprivation and imagining things. How do I go on to explain any of this without sounding like a lunatic? I’m going to try and get a full night’s rest, maybe the morning will bring me clarity?
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    @Imation11 Great Rp with him today I really love this guy 10/10 RP and he saved my life when my game froze. He gave me the whole doctor RP session was a great time and He was a very solid RPer
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    Throwback to Winter Chernarus - More Here -
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    Metamorphosis I’ve made my way further West, I’m not sure where I am. The road signs might as well be blank. Shame on me for not having my friends teach me how to read Cyrillic, but that’s how we rolled. I feel so stupid. I’d give anything to see them again, and know they’re alright, but I also know it’s mostly because they’d help me read these signs. What the hell is wrong with me, they’re probably dead. I’m a terrible human being. I’m so selfish. I had to kill an old couple today. I bet they were happy once. In my mind, I imagined that they were married for 50 years, and then they had the misfortune of turning into animated corpses. The old lady was clutching a bible in her hands. I’m pretty sure they were walking to church together, and then poof, blessings from above, enjoy being a rotting corpse until an asshole from the States domes you both with a shovel. It was a messy death, they both deserved better. I buried them in the front yard of the nearest home, it’s probably not theirs but at least it’s something. I hope that the graves are deep enough, they don't deserve the indignity of being picked at by wild animals. I've also noticed that I no longer feel that much at all now when I kill the dead. It bothers me, I want to feel guilty. I don’t want to dehumanize them, but it’s happening whether I want it to or not. Everything is different now.
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    User was cautioned for this post
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    The Spades have been hard at work building the new Camp Fifty Two - 50% completion
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    DayZ Standalone Groups Groups are a big part of game play on DayZRP. They allow you to officially represent your group in game, allow your group members to efficiently defend each other as well as perform organized attacks on other groups. They are a backbone of role play and conflict on the server. Creating and leading a group is a big responsibility, therefore approval of administrator team is needed for all groups before they can become official. 1. Starting with the idea To create a group you need to meet the following requirements: You must have been whitelisted for at least 30 days You may not have been a leader of another group in the last 30 days You may not have been a member of another group in the last 7 days Group idea may not have been used previously The member who creates the group thread is considered the group leader. The group leader must be the same person who is leading the group in game. Group ownership will not be switched to a different member unless the group owner stops playing the game, permanently leaves the group or gets banned. "Holding ownership" of a group for someone else to bypass any of the group requirements is not allowed. If you meet those requirements, you can begin by creating a new thread in the Group Ideas section of the forums. This will allow you to present your group idea to the community, advertise your group, gain feedback and recruit members. Before posting the thread make sure that it is as complete as possible. A group idea thread may not be just a skeleton or empty placeholder. The thread must be posted in a relatively completed state and with enough information about the group. Work In Progress and placeholder group idea threads that are considered too empty and without substantial content will be archived. 2. Approval requirements In order to get your group approved, your group thread needs to meet the following requirements: A finished thread that contains detailed information about the group Minimum of 5 active members listed in the thread under "Roster" Group lore that is detailed, realistic, plausible considering the current setting as well as be compatible with the DayZRP Official Lore. A set of reasonable and obtainable group goals that follow the SMART criteria. The group must strive to complete the goals they set for themselves. More on those below. Consistent in game activity of all members and feedback of your role play posted on your thread by other members or groups Group goals must follow the SMART goals and objectives principle. We use our own, slightly modified version: Specific – goals must target a specific area for improvement or accomplishment. Measurable – goals must be able to be quantified or at least suggest some kind of an indicator of progress on the goal. Attainable – the group must be able to realistically achieve the goals and mark them as complete within a realistic time frame. Relevant – goals must be relevant to the nature of the group and fit well with their back story. Time-bound – specify when the goals can be achieved, must be within realistic time frame. It's a good idea to use days since the infection outbreak as an in game time measure. Good example: Our military group wants to create an outpost for us to conduct our meetings and allow for trade with external parties. Updates will be posted in this thread and/or in radio chatter. ETA day 180. Bad example: Our military group will fight enemies, make everyone fear us and we will claim the Chernarus as our own. Group ideas awaiting approval must keep their group idea threads clean and on topic. Posts on thread should be on topic and helpful to the group, such as constructive criticism that would assist them in becoming approved. Good example: Your graphics are too busy, perhaps tone them down some. Your RP was great, but I felt some of your members could have got more involved. Bad example: You guys suck balls, we squad wiped your asses today! 3. Approval Once enough time has passed and your group idea thread has gained enough feedback and have met all the requirements, an administrator will take a look at it and decide whether the group should be approved or not. Time from posting a group idea to group approval varies heavily, but usually is between a few days and a month. 4. After approval Once your group idea has been approved, the thread will be moved by staff to the approved groups forum, where other threads by approved groups reside. You will also be asked to create a group page, which will allow you to display a logo next to your posts on the forum as well create private group forums and claim group specific perks. You can then invite your members to the group page so they can share on these perks and access private group forums. Remember that all group perks, kill rights and other features are granted to members based on their group page membership, therefore it's very important to keep it updated. The group page needs to be set to public and visible to other players. In order to keep your group approved, your group needs to meet the following requirements: Have 5 or more active players and keep the group page roster updated at all times Keep lore and goals up to date in the group thread if any significant events or changes occur Make reasonable effort to achieve your groups goals and post updates in your thread about the status and completion of these Stick to the group idea presented in the group thread, any deviations from the concept that was base for approval may result in the group getting unapproved 5. Admin discretion Groups may be archived or disbanded at any time based on admin discretion, for example in event of groups disregard for the group lore, goals, community rules or core values.
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