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    I wanted to come here and say a few things about this group. The story they have going and the roleplay they provide is absolutely outstanding and much needed on the server. Finally a hostile group that concentrates on creepy RP with a story arc to each of their characters, a group that doesn't care about PVP. It's a fucking shame that the people on this server don't seem to allow for this type of group to exist. People are constantly trying to find any excuse they have to initiate and firefight with this group when they care more about the actual RP, you know, the thing we all came here for. They are getting demotivated because people keep using twitch streams to recognise their voices ingame and uses that as a chance to initiate without actual IC proof that they are cannibals. I am very sorry this is happening to you. I personally, as well as my entire group, have absolutely loved having you around. It has created some fucking fantastic storylines for myself and others and the RP vibes we have gotten have been superb. Please don't let the harassment and metagaming ruin this group.
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    "This Land is your land and this land is my land, sure, but the world is run by those that never listen to music anyways" - Bob Dylan - Told from Luca's perspective - "I remember it clearly. I was at the wolf pack's old camp when a few people showed up at the gates. They were panicking, at least that's what we thought. Said that they needed a doctor urgently, one of their people was wounded in a Church down the hill. I had just finished patching up Alex, who had a chunk of his arm torn out by what he said to be a cannibal. Dr. Shock was the first to run straight out of camp. Grachi also followed. I went back into the office and grabbed my BLS Kit. I eventually caught up with the group and we followed them down the hill. It suddenly didn't seem so urgent anymore. Everyone was jogging and talking. In a real emergency, I would've expected them to be running, panicking, worrying about their friends health and survival. When we got to the church, it was all walled off as if someone had built there. The strangers seemed surprised that the church was built up, just as surprised as the 3 of us were that their injured friend was nowhere to be seen. Surely they should've known about the church base if their friend was inside, right? They suddenly came up with an excuse that their friend was actually in a barn near the church. My alarms had already been ringing for a while. Shock also knew something was fishy about these people. Grachi pulled out his gun and held back a little, following behind the last guy of the 3 strangers. When we got to the barn, it was empty again. Nobody to be seen. The people started surrounding us and I was starting to get especially worried. Not about myself, but about the people with me. Shock. Grachi. What if they were going to get hurt? I asked Grachi to go back to camp. He didn't want to, so I put my foot down and made him. I wanted him to be out of harms way. At least Grachi out of all people. He had been through so much in the last weeks. Shock and I remained with the 3 creeps who eventually walked us down towards an industrial building, or shed of some sorts, in Severograd. We didn't exactly have a choice. They made it pretty clear that if we didn't follow them, someone was going to get hurt. Said they had people watching the camp too ready to attack if we didn't go with them. I know now that it was bullshit, but at the time it seemed pretty real to me. Who could've known. When we got to the industrial building, they pushed us into an isolated room, started sizing Shock up and wanting to cut bits off of him. I stood up and intervened. I told them to take me instead. And that they did. I don't remember too much, hust the look on Shock's face and an unbelievable horrifying stabbing pain in my right side. After that, everything went black. I woke up to the sound of Caleb's voice. His hands full of blood, sweat on his forehead. I placed my palm against his chest with all my strength and held him tight until the people from camp arrived with a car to transport me and shock to the clinic back home. I recovered, but I was close to not being here right now. Twice. A few days passed and we started hearing more and more talk about this guy called the butcher. The man who cut out my kidney. And the cannibals in general. One of the people from camp pulled me, Caleb and Imrich aside and told us that they overheard the butcher talk about some sort of Pact that the leader of the wolves had with them. Rumors that they were selling out innocent civilians from the camp to the cannibals to save their own asses. Something like a pact. Imrich started losing his temper and getting pretty riled up about the whole thing. Caleb and I went to talk to him in private about it for a few minutes and when we got back to the gate of the camp, people down there seemed in uproar. They told us some people just showed up and took a bunch of things from the tents and said they'd come back for anyone part of the wolf pack. None of us there at the time were officially part of us. That saved our lives. We gathered everyone up who was present at the camp at the time and decided to get the fuck out of that place. The camp wasn't safe anymore and rumors about the wolf pack were spreading like wildfire. We knew something was happening behind the scenes. Something sinister. We decided it was time to leave. We stuck together for a long trip down to krasnostav and ended up becoming pretty good friends. I started caring about these people. Knew I had to do everything in my power to keep them safe. We settled down in Cernaya Polana for a little bit before heading back off to a new place. A new home for a while. As long as life allows it for. I don't know where destiny will lead us, but I know I'm not giving up on this new family. They're good people. They deserve good in their life. Our IC Goals will be shaped by IC events only and will not be OOC driven. They will be dynamic and may change at any point. Stage 1 (By day 720) ~ Find a suitable location for a home (Achieved) ~ Build the Settlement up and fortify it to our needs (Achieved) ~ Rebuild the clinic at the camp, clean it up and stock it with necessary equipment (Achieved) ~ Repair any damage to houses around the camp (In Progress) Stage 2 (By day 735) ~ Reunite with the friends we lost contact with (In Progress) ~ Befriend and / or attempt to fix any bad relationships with groups in the area ~ Locate any old friends we lost contact with during the last few weeks / months Stage 3 (By day 750) ~ Find at least 3 cassette players for our personal use and therapeutical aspects (Achieved) ~ Get our hands on a minimum of 3 tapes for said cassette player (Achieved) ~ Locate and recruit at least one musician to the group ~ Achieve all of our members' personal goals as seen below Infinite Goals ~ Get the medical frequency out to as many survivors as possible ~ Find other solutions than war and fighting to end issues ~ Keep our family safe no matter what ~ Grow our family and build close relationships with each other ~ Invite friendly survivors into our camp and offer them shelter and aid ~ Open other people's eyes through the power of music Personal Goals Caleb ~ Traverse the country and gather information and supplies (In Progress) Luca & Caleb ~ Treat Kevin Shock for his injuries/illnesses (In Progress) Alex & Caleb ~ Talk about how to properly defend the camp / treat hostile encounters (In Progress) "Gonna change my way of thinking, make myself a different set of rules. Gonna put my good foot forward and stop being influenced by fools." - Bob Dylan Our Group was formed and shaped through IC interactions. The members of our group have bonded together purely through their storyline paths. We do not align ourselves with a specific behavioural side. We're neither hostile nor heroes. We want to focus on as much IC interactions with eachother and the least OOC comms as possible to give this group a truly realistic survivor feel. Goals and alignments may change with where the story takes us in the future. All recruitment will be done strictly in character. If you're interested, message @Watchman and @Phoenix for an OOC discussion before meeting you in game.
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    *You hear heavy footsteps and catch the smell off old shoes* Looks like Kenneth the Hobo is back in town. New PC and down to game.
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    Community constantly asks for less PVP > Hostile group is created that focuses merely on Roleplay and storylines > People wanna firefight with them even tho they asked for less firefights > Profit????????????
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    Exciting times. Some awesome firefights and RP recently, an amazing mix. Proud to be where I am.
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    ______________________________________________________________________ Pamyati is the SVR's front for operations in South Zagoria. Fully embodying Russian hybrid warfare doctrine and traditional maskirovka, the group operates independently of any formal government support, while working towards the interests of the Russian Federation. This gives Moscow plausible deniability for all its operations within South Zagoria, whilst simultaneously undermining CDF control of the region and promoting the chaos and anarchy eventually needed for a full Russian takeover of the province. Pamyati's leadership is largely made up of SVR/FSB/GRU agents, while the common rank and file are recruited from local manpower, either in the form of eager volunteers or paid mercenaries. Pamyati takes its name from the Russian "Remembrance" or память, which the group prides itself on. The word symbolizes the abuse of ethnic Russians by NAPA insurgents, and, to a smaller extent, the Chernarussian Defense Forces before, during, and after the Civil War of 2009. Pamyati's policy is one of revanchism for the Russian people, separatism of South Zagoriam, and repression against those loyal or sympathetic to the CDF, the Chernarussian Government, or the Kozlov regime. It states its goals as an independent South Zagorian state. In reality, it can be described as a tyranny by the minority. Though Pamyati is directly controlled by Moscow, the field agents running the group are given a large amount of leeway in conducting the group's affairs to promote the idea of an independent militia rather than a Russian proxy army. Thusly, Pamyati conducts diplomacy, promotes the creation of Russian settlements, and distributes its own propaganda. However, the Russian surplus military uniforms, unmarked Kalashnikov rifles, and ski-mask clad men promote an image of their own, and leave the imagination of their victims and benefactors to run wild. “There has not been any place on the planet where a KGB officer has not been.” - Former Director of the SVR, Sergei Lebedev From the beginning, foreign intelligence played an important role in Soviet foreign policy. In the Soviet Union, foreign intelligence was formally formed in 1920 as a foreign department of Cheka (Inostrannyj Otdiel—INO), during the Russian Civil War of 1918–1920. On December 19, 1918, the Russian Communist Party (Bolshevik) Central Committee Bureau decided to combine Cheka front formations and the Military Control Units, which were controlled by the Military Revolutionary Committee, and responsible for counter-intelligence activities, into one organ that was named Cheka Special Section (department). The Special Section's task was to run human intelligence: to gather political and military intelligence behind enemy lines, and expose and neutralize counter-revolutionary elements in the Red Army. In 1922, after the creation of the State Political Directorate (GPU) and connecting it with People's Commisariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD) of the Russian SFSR, foreign intelligence was conducted by the GPU Foreign Department, and between December 1923 and July 1934 by the Foreign Department of Joint State Political Directorateor OGPU. In July 1934, OGPU was reincorporated into NKVD of the Soviet Union, and renamed the Main Directorate of State Security (GUGB). Until October 9, 1936, INO was operated inside the GUGB organization as one of its departments. By 1941, foreign intelligence was given the highest status and from department it was enlarged to directorate. The name too was changed from INO (Innostranny Otdiel), to INU—Inostrannoye Upravleniye, Foreign Directorate. During the following years, Soviet security and intelligence organs went through frequent organizational changes. It then returned to its former state. Already in April 1943, NKGB dealt with foreign intelligence as a 1st Directorate of NKGB. That state remained until 1946, when all People's Commissariats were renamed Ministries; NKVD was renamed Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD), and the NKGB was renamed into Ministry of State Security (MGB). From 1946 to 1947, the 1st Directorate of the MGB was conducting foreign intelligence. In 1947, the GRU (military intelligence) and MGB's 1st Directorate was moved to the recently created foreign intelligence agency called the Committee of Information (KI). In the summer of 1948, the military personnel in KI were returned to the Soviet military to reconstitute a foreign military intelligence arm of the GRU. KI sections dealing with the new East Bloc and Soviet émigrés were returned to the MGB in late 1948. In 1951, the KI returned to the MGB, as a First Chief Directorate of the Ministry of State Security. After the death of longtime Soviet leader Joseph Stalin in March 1953, Lavrenty Beria took over control of the security and intelligence organs, disbanded the MGB and its existing tasks were given to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) which he was in control of. In the MVD, the foreign intelligence was conducted by the Second Chief Directorate and following the creation of KGB foreign intelligence was conduct by the First Chief Directorate of the Committee for State Security or KGB, subordinate to council of ministers of USSR. In 1996, the SVR RF issued a CD-ROM entitled Russian Foreign Intelligence: VChK–KGB–SVR, which claims to provide "a professional view on the history and development of one of the most powerful secret services in the world" where all services are presented as one evolving organization. The Crimean operation, although most probably conducted according to existing contingency plans, was sudden and executed mostly without direct fighting. This means there was no direct action, and littletime or need for military assistance from the Russian SOF. The operation was largely covert action, most likely based on intelligence gathered previously by units connected to the Russian Black Sea fleet and possibly local agents recruited by the FSB, SVR and GRU. Pre-deployment special reconnaissance by SVR may have taken place, but so far it has been difficult to find evidence of it in open sources. The Ukrainian military observer Dmytro Tymchuk claims both FSB and GRU became very active in Ukraine after Viktor Yanukovych became president in 2010. The latter made the Ukrainian security service, SBU, change its focus from counterespionage against Russia to counterespionage against the United States. It would probably also be wrong to claim any significant military assistance role for the Russian SOF in Crimea, since the so-called “Crimea self-defense units” seem largely to have been décor, providing the Russian forces with a local image. The self-defense units did not play a very significant military role. Since the operation in terms of special operations forces was largely a covert action, it was only to be expected that the SVR would play the crucial role. According to Russian military observers Anton Lavrov and Alexey Nikolsky, the take-over of Crimea was the first operation of a significant scale undertaken by the SVR. In particular, SVR was behind the seizing of the local parliament on September 27. This act made it possible to elect the Russian “marionette” Sergei Aksenov as new Crimean prime minister. Furthermore, SVR also led the takeover of the Ukrainian military’s headquarters and a number of other hard-target military compounds. These were, however, operations that demanded more troops than SVR could provide. The organization was therefore aided by units from Spetsnaz-GRU and naval infantry. The SVR, however, was always in the lead. The Crimean operation used speed and surprise to establish fait accompli on the ground, thus making a military response from the Ukrainian side difficult. True, the Russian victory was secured by the transfer of additional troops to the peninsula, but the initial action by SVR and other special and elite forces elements was the decisive element. From the take-over of the Crimean parliament to the signing of the treaty making Crimea a part of Russia it took only 19 days. Seven days later all Ukrainian military units had laid down their arms. Such a time schedule makes the Crimean operation very different from the follow-on operation in Donbass and Luhansk. While Crimea for Russian SOF was mostly about covert action, their involvement in the Donbass war also saw them engaged in the full spectrum of regular SOF tasks from July-August 2014 onwards. The Ukrainian military observer Konstantin Mashovets claims Spetsnaz GRU at any time have had from three to four combined units/battalions in Donbass. These units have contained roughly 250 to 300 fighters each, and have been provided to the theater of operations on a rotational basis among the seven Russian Spetsnaz GRU brigades. They have operated in groups of 10-12 individuals, and worked closely with GRU SIGINTunits. In terms of Russian SOF relations with the local rebels, the former trained and provided intelligence for the latter. At the same time, there has been a reluctance to operate together, especially in the cases where Russian not-in-service volunteers have been able to do the same job.Mashovets further claims each Spetsnaz-GRU group has been set up with “curators” from Agentura-GRU. Thus, the Russian tactic seems to have been to keep political and military assignments somewhat separate. Spetsnaz-GRU do special reconaissance and military assistance, whereas the political work is taken care of by embedded “curators” from Agentura-GRU. In terms of direct action, Russian SOF in general have tried to avoid direct combat in Donbass. This, however, has not always been possible. For example, one of the GRU officers identified in Donbass is an individual known as Krivko. He was wounded in battle at Sanzjarovka at the end of January 2015. Simultaneously, in May 2015, two soldiers from the 16th Brigade in Tambov were wounded in battle by Stsjastye near Luhansk.27 These examples suggest Spetsnaz-GRU has been only partially successful in avoiding participation in regular battle. Another area of direct action has been sabotage in Ukrainian rear areas. One example, of a sabotage mission gone wrong, was the killing of an alleged Russian GRU-agent in Kharkov in September 2014. He was suspected of blowing up train wagons with air fuel at Osnova railway station, probably in order to create problems for Ukrainian military aviation. Credit to @Kain for this portion of the lore, with edits by myself The start of the Apocalypse in Russia is that of a chaotic one. During the July crisis of South Zagoria, they had attempted to work alongside with NATO and CDF forces to contain the infection within South Zagoria, as time went on, their grip lessened until the infection had started to spread to neighboring countries and outbreaks had started to occur in Russia. By the 25th of July, Russian Aerospace Defense strictly held the air surrounding South Zagoria and their own country and were killing anything that was deemed infected by the skies. Tensions grew in the Black Sea as a NATO Fleet had been virtually decimated by a nuclear device which Russia claimed no involvement in. The surviving world now worrying about now only the infection, but war. Quickly after, President Donald J. Trump ordered the NATO forces to attack all Russian military targets as it was believed that they had fired the nuclear weapon. War erupted in the Baltics as the French, British and Germans fight off the Russian’s air force. This level of chaos to protect the eastern European countries left Russia to be completely opened to new major outbreaks of the infection. The Russian Ground Forces would annex Belozersk, Chernarus to claim a nuclear power plant, meanwhile the world develops further into chaos. As the month passes, more of Russia would fall to the apocalypse, most notably in major cities. The advances of the NATO forces continued to trouble the Russian Federation. However, the attacks lightened up as the NATO forces needed to reaffirm attention to their own home countries. Russia would send more troops to neighboring countries during the month of August to attempt to stabilize what they can. They would commonly do bombing runs on the Russian borders to keep the growing number of infected outside of their country, but hope was beginning to look grim. Continuous protection of the border was failing by the day, but the Russian Armed Forces was not giving up their grip. The VDV inside of Chernarus were pulled back as the situation worsened. By November, the attempts to retain the infection was growing. Thousands of Russian citizens were being killed, main detained and others were being sent to camps. The paranoia grew in the major cities of Russia, as many rural towns were starting to either migrate or be killed by the growing infections power. At this point, Russia has began to retreat significantly from Chernarus due to the major outbreaks in the city of Sochi, the last remaining at the border mainly consisted of FSB and border police. By February, Russia was moving into a state of control and panic. Clearance was given to shoot or detain anyone at the borders of Russia. As worries grew, a strong unit of FSB CBRN was sent out to the Chernarus-Russian border to fortify it even further. Meanwhile, in the motherland, the Defense Ministry had ordered military control of small villages to be protected and used as quarantines. The fight against the infected grew as the MVD was in complete activation across Russia, but as time went on local factions grew and the influence of the Russian Federation was growing much shorter. As the apocalypse wore on, Russia began to enforce more security measures, checkpoints, quarantines. Movement was heavily restricted, information censored and the masses controlled. Major cities in the north of Russia still held significant strength, Moscow being the power of politics and St. Petersburg being the power of military. Slowly, citizens were being forced into new locations and a new saying had appeared, “Order by any means.” By March, a serious mutiny had occurred within Moscow. As the city walls closed to surround the Kremlin and some out, the Metro was being used as the primary source of living for the Moscow citizens. Rigorous checkpoints were formed inside of the Metro and most citizens would not be allowed to do much but gather their rations. Many starved and crime was rising. A man by the name of Kazimir Pytorvich Yazov had influenced many of the military personnel within the Moscow city walls as he’d plan to reform the government from the police state it was heading towards. An attack on the Kremlin occured on the 4th of March, leaving Moscow in complete chaos. The attack had failed and many of the forces that were loyal left and marched far south towards Sochi. The Russian Federation were able to barricade off Sochi and create yet another military state and Kazimir used it to recruit. In the shadows of Sochi, a revolution was being built. Calling themselves the Free Russian Movement, they recruited many members to their forces as Kazimir sneaked his way into Chernarus to communicate to the anti-government military known as the Belozersk People’s Republic. The two successfully allied, creating a troublesome alliance against the Russian Federation. The Russian Federation was quick to retaliate with aggression that would frighten anyone. The 58th Army pushed into Sochi and annihalated the South Russian Government, while simeltaniously concluding a cease-fire agreement with the BPR and recognizing it as a legitimate state, much to the dismay of the Republic of Chernarus. Now, Russia turns its attention further south, into the CDF's exposed eastern flank in South Zagoria... Due to the failures of previous SVR units, and the delays in the invasion along with the cover of Russian units being blown to some degree. New units deployed in the Summer of 2019 will take a more aggressive stance, focusing more on the location of hostile elements and interrogation of HVTs before being embroiled in large scale conflicts. Section 1 Infiltration Successfully infiltrate South Zagoria and make contact with local SVR cells. Day 720 (Complete) Stash a stockpile of firearms/rations/ammunition/supplies for the battles to come. Day 730 (Complete) Gather preliminary intelligence on local groups and persons of interest. Day 720 (Complete) Locate, and eliminating any defectors (i.e. Former Russian Military Personnel that have defected, downed RU Pilots, or other servicemen) Day Ongoing (In Progress) Section 2 Disinformation Begin spreading rumors of US Military intervention in South Zagoria. Day 760 (In Progress) Recruit at least a dozen local Russians and foreign mercenaries to serve in the Brigade. Day 760 (Complete) Locate former Allies, and with there support, destroy old enemies (District, The Time, Green Dragon Holdouts.) . Day 760 (In Progress) Rally citizens to the cause by pushing an agenda of Peace and Prosperity for all who assist the cause. Day 760 (In Progress) Spread general disinformation to mask the possibilities of a Russian invasion. Day --- (In Progress) Section 3 Direct Action Declare South Zagorian independence, and assist the subsequent Russian takeover of the new republic. Day 830 (In Progress) Locate former Saviors for the attempted assassination of Yuri Makalovich, Gleb Federov and Pavel Ivanov. Day 790 (In Progress) Elimination of any CDF, UN or Former/Active US Military Personnel in South Zagoria. Day 830 (In Progress) Location of Chedaki cells and the capture of high ranking Chedaki officials, in return for the bombing of Red Square. Day 830 (In Progress) Attempt to capture Mikhail Brata in response to Kamenici's murder of active Russian Servicemen in the past year. Day 840 (In Progress) Capture and interrogation of Active US Military personnel to gather information of troop movements throughout the Middle East and the Balkans. Day 850 (In Progress) Elimination of HVTs including but not limited to all High Ranking Potius Craz personnel operating on Russian Soil illegally, Mikhail Brata, Dean Lockwood. Day 850 (In Progress) Find a solution to the Islamic Question. Day 850 (In Progress) Section 4 Annexation Thanks u papa Major TBA OOC GOALS 1. Provide a refreshing taste of Military styled RP in the form of a State Acting, Direct Action Force. 2. Bring back the Guerrilla Warfare Vibes. 3. Provide Lore driven RP for all those who interact with us. 4. Focus on the enjoyment of all involved, via community outreach and the hopeful support of the Event Team in later phases. Command Team @-CML-NorWayy - Pavel Ivanov @G19RP- Adrik Zaitsev Honorary 3rd in Command (Secretary) : @ThanosRP - Borya Bodrov NCOs @ZorullRP - Viktor Sereda @Real VegasRP - Grigori Belyaev @WongRP - Aleksander Reznov Enlisted @RebelRP - Artyom Alekseyevich @Oiram - Ilya Orlov @Hex - Sevchenko Seba @ThanosRP - Borya Bodrov @Mak - Sergej Makarov @JackZRP - Khabib Magomedsharipov @NozzyRP -Vladimir Petrov @ThrashRP - Iakov Zavrazin @SeversonRP - Alexei Ivanov @JamesRP - Antoly Petrov @SleepyRP - TBA @Kricket - Vaughn Rastyev @DallasRP - Kosmos Kozlov @LumenRP - Maksim Kuznetsov @Eagle - Vadim Popov @HoboRP - Petri Kozlov @NikoteenRP - Niko Sokolov @JimRP - Bolat Aslakhanov @RedRP - Alexei Belinsky Militiamen Combat Commendations June 26th 2019 For combat actions involved with a skirmish with Chernarussian Troops, and their foreign allies in the province of South Zagoria, Chernarus. Adrik Zaitsev will be awarded the Cross of St. George 3rd Class. For gallantry, bravery, and distinction in combat while leading a fire-team in extremely perilous circumstances. During the firefight, in which a friendly Islamic Militia unit was ambushed with SVR advisers embedded within the unit, Adrik led a group of 5 men and personally led the charge to relieve friendly troops. Adrik made contact with friendly forces located in the valley and proceeded to engage the enemy and eliminate 4 hostiles before being injured in the initial skirmish, the moving to further assist friendly units being engaged near VMC where he re-engaged the enemy and allowed his men to pursue smaller formations and continue the fight after being severely injured. @G19RP Send a PM to @-CML-NorWayy1 with the following template. Note that if you want your character to be SVR, you will be required to make a new one. Acceptance is based off of IG activity and RP quality.
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    @ThanosRP @Osku @YNW Pep @Kordruga When the weeb profile goes away (play at given time)
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    @Brayces & @Dino & @MajooRB & @DrMax & @Ouromov & @cheeks - Was a lot of fun tonight Thank you for coming Glad I could take you to the camp @Imation11 & @Scarlett You are both always fun! Both family It's so cute how you both struggle between telling me the truth and my happiness. @Pepper & @HumbleMortician & Co. You guys have a great and fun camp! I will be back with more cookies
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    Number Two: The Journal of Alexei Petrov This is an item stored on Alexei's person and can be read ICly during a search of his backpack. The journal is in Chernarussian -- English translations are provided for OOC reading. Chapter Zero: Cover Page Chapter One: Introduction Chapter Two: A Convoluted Offer
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    As seen in this report and this gyazo people are digging garden plots anywhere and everywhere, where it doesn't make sense, such as floating in the air or spammed in buildings. The normal digging for garden plots was only for areas where there was dirt, and it was completely fine as it was, but now you're able to make garden plots anywhere, like inside buildings where there isn't dirt, and being used to AOGM over things. Garden plots need to be removed from the build anywhere mod and go back to normal digging areas. @Aeryes
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    Pink man keeping an eye out for intruders.
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    I encountered a few of your people in Cherno at the trading camp a few days ago and wanted to say I enjoy the RP from this group even though my character may not like them!
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    Thanks Genji, I think you’ve inspired me to stick with my half English/half Italian bounty hunter type character. I do like keeping out of sight and watching people moving around camps, listening to their ic chatter as they talk about whose cooking the food next etc (while absolutely killing myself laughing off the mic) and then just walking up and asking for X person who ive just heard being referred to which freaks the shit out of them. I may find a way to make that work for me, maybe something like im here as theres been a hit placed on their head but if they want to pay me off, I’ll walk away and say the jobs done. … actually, im thinking I quite like this guy now…. I knew I just needed the advice of all you pro’s!!
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    My advice is to know your character, run through certain scenarios in your mind and wonder how they'd react. Think about what they know, do they know how to use a SCAR or an SVD or would they mostly be comfortable with a shotgun or a mosin or something easier to handle? Would they only wield a pistol because it's easier to conceal? Maybe he always has a knife in his boot, ready. Maybe he hates the rain, and can't stand being in it, so carries a raincoat or has to get inside. Maybe he's terrified of infected (that'd be interesting cause no one really reacts to them that way anymore). Something that makes your character stand out. @Rover said it best here: I like the sound of this guy tbh. You wanted to play someone who doesn't give a fuck about anyone but themselves? Awesome, I'm an expert. Someone like that might attempt to befriend others to use them to their advantage, be nice to gain information, or just to create an ally for future use if needed. Maybe its the way that they speak to people, perhaps overly nice, overly friendly to the point where it becomes a little uncomfortable for others. Maybe he's that gruff 'I don't care but secretly I do, here, have an apple you look starving' kinda guy, maybe he's just 'Oh my god if I give you this food will you shut the fuck up' You can be nice to someone and still be an asshole on the inside, and still have that malicious intent. You can be nice to people and still be a ruthless killer/asshole. It can work. It makes you human, it gives your character depth. You can be cold and uncaring and still have valuable interactions with other players. Maybe you have a select few people you are close to that you care about, but anyone else you are suspicious of and question relentlessly before you trust them. My character Fae is an absolute dick, just a literal asshole. But people love her, probably because her 'I don't give a fuck' attitude comes with her being a little bit cheeky and silly. She makes stupid comments about shit, she is nonchalant about people's wellbeing, waving as they're taken hostage with a little "sucks to be you!" People still love her as a character (for some reason) even if IC they might dislike her. I've had so many people tell me that Fae is hilarious and just downright scary at times. For example, When I hung around Eden and was part of that group, it was painfully obvious Fae hated being there, she was a little bit of an ass, made little comments about the place and its people, though she did help keep it afloat by building walls, cutting trees and finding nails etc. She stayed around because it benefited her personally. It gave her a place to live, somewhere there was always food and ammunition in abundance. She had allies that would defend her, and yet it was still obvious that she hated being there and it created some really interesting RP interactions. My point is you can still have a hardass, not giving a fuck character, and still have relationships with other characters and still have some really good RP experiences. I went on a rant idk if any of this is helpful or makes sense at all
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    Here is some helpful advice from someone thats been RP'ing in various mediums for close to two decades. On a game like this, people do a lot of surface RP. They meet people, scrape up on the basics, then move on. It takes a while or a special situation for someone to really get beyond the skin of your character and start digging down into the meat of it. So, have a good polished story for why you are here! We are almost two years into a zombie apocalypse, so it is getting harder and harder to come up with an easy reason for being in Chernarus. How many times have you heard the below? - "My plane crashed." - "I got lost." - "I washed up off a boat." A lot of people will roll their eyes if they hear the above, or the usual 'I'm here with the US Navy Seals" kinda line, so it is a good idea to come up with something firm. It doesn't need to be unique to you, just something that you can roll with. It can be very hard to play a character if you aren't nuanced in what the character is talking about; I played a religious fanatic on another game for close to 7 years, and I learned more about both Christianity and then many other religions for that character... More then I learned in bible school, that is for sure. If you yourself don't know a lot about the bible or religion in general, you'll need to do some deep diving research into it. For example, someone is going to ask if you are Protestant or Catholic. Do you know what that means? What the difference is? You might want to learn that, so when someone asks you questions that your character knows, you have an answer... Alternatively, if you aren't that versed in it, the other alternative is to just find an IC reason you don't talk about, or don't entertain people asking you questions. Brush them off with religious rhetoric, 'THE LORD KNOWS, AND THATS ALL THAT MATTERS' or whatever have you to get past it. But ignoring those specific things above, the below are what I also recommend for a character. - Three quirks anyone will know - Three secrets no one will know. - A common phrase/line/etc that you use when introducing yourself. It can be anything, just something to help you get stuck in peoples head. Example 'The name is Bond. James Bond.' The quirks anyone will know are just things to help give your character a little life beyond the basic blank character. Maybe he is deathly afraid of chickens, and doesn't tolerate being around them. Maybe he never eats potatoes. Anything that someone could theoretically experience just from being around you. As for the three secrets, these are things no one should ever know unless you decide to let them know and share. Something like you killed your ex-wife, or you were the Mr. Badtouch Priest, or anything that your character would WANT to keep secret. These don't /ever/ need to come to light either, but its things you have in the back of your head that helps you to decide how and why your character behaves or acts as he does. A game you can do for yourself is imagine RP-scenarios you've experienced on your two characters already, and figure out how your new character would respond/react to them.
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    Thanks for the feedback Were gonna stay about and we knew this type of thing would happen but for example in one situation when you get randoms instantly saying "I saw human meat on the road surrounded by clothes" and taken hostage it gets extremely annoying especially as we have no desire to hold human meat as an item and any cannibalism we decide to do is all RP based. Big thanks to @Diamond group for stating there wasn't enough evidence they seem to be the only guys that are following the rules and not judging on game mechanics or rumours. I mean we hate to do it but seems we have no choice but to really start investigating and reporting any metagaming/powergaming we occur
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    Make a poll, but yes, I will agree to this. Some serious AOGM and general tom fuckery can be had with this, that shouldn't be.
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    @Ouromov trying to fit into his new pants given to him by @Lyca
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    The Tainted Theme Song: Day 292: I had been surviving with a man named Matt for a couple of months now. But today that changed.. Food had been hard to find, we rationed what we had and tried to share it equally between each of us. Matt wasn’t a man I liked in particular, he was just company and someone I could use to my advantage, he proved his worth to me. Then today came... Our rations ran out, we only had water to last a few more days. Both of us became weak and limp. Matt was waiting to die, however, I wasn’t one to give up. Never have been. I picked myself up, stumbling and staggering, trying to balance myself against the wall. I dragged myself towards Matt with my eyes half shut and fatigued. I looked down on him with a slight smirk on my face, then reached for the gun attached to my belt. I stared at Matt, looking at him dead in the eye before shakily waving the gun at his head. I squeezed the trigger and watched as his brains splattered across the wall behind him. Hesitantly and took out my knife and began to cut up the meatiest parts that were still left on his frail body. I cooked as much as I could and took what I could carry, leaving what was left of him.. “Anything to survive” is what I told myself... Day 693: I met a man.. A man that interested me, a man with a story, a man that could help me.. His name was Jack. I met him in Krasnostav. Jack is a devious man, I have seen what he does and how he does it. He was a Mortician before all this. That meant he knew his way around the human body.. That meant that he could be useful in many ways for me. I found things out about Jack.. I began to like him and enjoy his company, even more so when he told me that he likes the same food I do. It meant that I wouldn’t need to force his hand into doing what I wanted... Jack reminds me of a Butcher. He knows the best parts to eat, the only downside is that he isn’t the best at cooking it. After a couple of days, I grew closer to him.. I started to rely on him, and that made me think to myself... I need someone to help and stick by me through thick and thin, no matter what.. Jack is that man... Day 696: Nathan Jack and I decide to take a trip up to Kelm hill and look down over the city where we first met. We were looking for our next meal. Jack wanted something juicy and succulent, so we were looking for the first person or animal we came across... I didn’t care what we were eating... But then a man named Nathan stumbled upon us while we sat at the top of the hill. Nathan came across as very disturbing and sinister, but he feared me more than I feared him. Out of luck he randomly started to talk about finding his next victim to eat, hinting that it would be one of us. Me and Jack never took that lightly and began to intimidate him and gave him an offer he wouldn’t want to refuse... “Come with us and you can cook anyone you want..” Nathan became our Chef that day, he said he knew how to cook, so we gave him the benefit of the doubt. Jessica We traveled from Krasnostav to Gorka, in search of food. We met one individual when we arrived. Her name was Jessica. She seemed a little spooked at first but she somehow started to get more comfortable and confident. She wasn’t like us, she never ate other people, but that could change at any moment with what I have planned for her. Jessica is brave and fearless... She doesn’t seem scared of any of us and kept trying to push me and see how far I would go, but I never let it get to me. Truth is I enjoyed it... Gave me something to laugh about. Again, we have her an offer similar to the one we gave Nathan. Due to her seductive voice and charisma, we asked her to help lure our victims, be our bait. Surprisingly, she accepted and she was well worth our time... Christopher As the four of us were getting ready to leave and gave our two new recruits a tryout, we ran into another man.. A man that Jack wanted to eat. This man was Chris... I didn’t like him at first, but as the day went on, Chris proved himself and was devoted to keeping us happy. I figured it was because he didn’t want to be added to the Chef’s menu. Chris took us to popular places in the land, he was our map. As we moved further North towards a town called Severograd, Chris started to grow on me. He isn’t like us... Yet... But he will be. I see the darkness behind his eyes. He will learn to be like us... Be like me... The Hunter & The Kidney The five of us decided to move South of the town, towards a camp run by a pack of wolves. They called themselves “The Wolf Pack”. The name was ridiculous, but what was even more ridiculous than that was that they took the bait, again.. Jessica had already lured a hunter out of their camp for us, and we have done a number on him. He became submissive and allowed us to do what we want without fighting back... That’s the benefit of having a beautiful woman around.. Most men think with their dick... Anyway, the Butcher and Chef did most of the work when we had him. They took some blood and skin samples from him and he never even struggled. We must’ve scared him... But then we let him go and he crawled back to his pack... Later that day, after the Chef and Chris took refuge in a house for the night, we got word that the Hunter had told people about us, so we decided to go back to the wolf den. The three of us gave one another fake backgrounds and wore different clothing before getting close. We told them we needed a Doctor to help with a friend down the road. I had a feeling that they knew who we were, but they sent out an old man named Denis, a young woman named Luca who was the Doctor and a Shrink named Shock. The old man, Denis, was very hesitant and knew who we were. He was causing problems, so the Shrink and the Doctor told him to go back to the wolves... And that was when we made our move... We took the two of them to a factory building by the quarry in Severograd. This time the Butcher wanted to do a little more... He and I started to get to work on the Doctor. I held her down while he started cutting into her. Jessica, on the other hand, was keeping the Shrink some company. She stabbed him and beat him a little, then made him watch as Jack and I removed a kidney from his friend... We drove fear inside of them. I could see by the look in the man's eyes... Day 701: Days have passed and people were getting suspicious of the things we have done. Some of us have been captured and beaten... And others like me, have been left unscathed... But that was until Jessica started to fight back against me. Chris and Jack saw it as us flirting, but I only wanted to get to know who we have been running with the past few days... So later that day after Jessica and I had been trying to intimidate one another, I quietly made my way into the room she had been sleeping in and I found her journal... I sat at the bottom of her bed and read through the pages, finding more and more out about her until she eventually woke up and caught me... We spoke the rest of the night, trying to figure one another out and eventually came to an agreement... - Hunt for those that are weak or alone to quench our appetite [Infinite] - Work with settlement leaders/large groups to supply us with unsuspecting victims [Infinite] - Build up our list of informants to help with diplomatic issues [Infinite] - Hunt down those who Tainted our name and punish them as we see fit [Infinite] - Bring in like minded survivors to the family [Infinite] [0/10] - Complete the cook book with various recipes for each part of the human anatomy [Day 800] - Harvest enough human meat to see us through the winter months [Day 844] - Secure and maintain a "Slaughter House" or "Butchers Shop" for a place to lay low during the winter months [Day 844] Our goals are dynamic and determined by IG events. 1. Provide the server with top quality fear RP 2. Focus on RP over PVP 3. Have fun and be unique to the server @BrianM - Jacob Walker @Voodoo - Jack Bones @CocoMii - Lilith Rose @Inferno453 - Christopher Morgan @ImNovaaa - Chase Moore / Chris Iris @Ram - Jaxon Moore @lunathecat - TBD If you are interested in joining the group, please send a PM to @BrianM, @Voodoo & @CocoMii
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    From the album: The Patriot Adventures

    Ever have those dreams where you're falling?
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    Hi, I'm pretty much new to DayZ compared to most of its playerbase but I've have been roleplaying before (mostly in forums/websites). English is my second language but hopefully it won't be too much of a problem. Anyways I'm looking forward to meeting you all in game
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    To each their own, there is a major difference between the two. It's not meant to be something that is to come off as offensive. CampfireRPers in my eyes are people that do not enjoy combat. They prefer to be in their own world and roleplay 95% of the scenarios out. They prefer to have internal RP with their own groups and are very questionable of anyone outside of their world. I'm sure just about anyone can agree with that, I hang out with these groups every day as someone who defends some of these groups. HostileRPers - 50% of them, are looking for an excuse to PvP, loot, play the game like it's rust or ARK. After initiating, there are only specific groups that have demonstrated extremely good roleplay in the past few months that are hostileRPers. The other 50% are good roleplayers. There's a reason you only see specific members of the hostile groups leading roleplay. Examples: The Time - Muslims. (This is my personal opinion) are two hostile groups that have made an enjoyable RP experience, but they also have their boys there that at the end of the day are strictly there for the PvP experience when it arrises. Good RP Example of the Muslims: They do an excellent job of spreading their religion, and they are extremely good at what they do.(So far I've had no issue with their Islamic / Muslim lore) Good RP Example of the Time: Slavery that actually has worked out, + a personal example ~ Someone tied truck batteries to one of my mafia guys with loose knots attached to them and gave him a "Mafia's Death". He ended up escaping because of the loose knots. But these are just key examples. To "The District" take no offense as I haven't met you guys in the game yet. - No opinion on you guys yet. From my point of view: The Campfire boys seem on edge lately and have been retreating to server 2 to get away from the hostilities of server 1, It's actually quite an interesting concept, @RavenousRP can actually vogue for this. I'm unsure if anyone else would be able to. Sorry if you take offense to that. To each their own.
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    awesome, good too have ya'll back do some magic with this @NorwayRP
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    Want to give a big thanks to @Fletcher for the help editing my submission this month
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    Cars are just unpredictable. Myself and @Netherist suddenly died yesterday when we were literally in first gear going about 3 mph. No jump to the moon or barrel roll, just randomly dead. Then shortly afterward @SquirtleKitty drove across the map by herself while the server was full and was totally fine. I won't be getting in any cars again any time soon rofl
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    Welcome our two new members @Revie & @Malet!
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    Thank God, I want the Tainted to eat every member of Jaysh Allah, including Squilly, so I can once again wander the countryside without a male escort while wearing what I darn well please. Good luck with your group. I have to say I’m curious and would like to happen upon you all in game. But, the darn “Curiosity killed the cat” saying keeps replaying in my head.
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    My first advice would be do NOT play yourself, because I think a certain distance to your own character is necessary to rp him out. Many times I read the advice "think about what you would do in a scenario like DayZ." - Well, truth is, I don't know what I would do, and I find it incredibly hard to imagine. Instead, I'd recommend going with a character that has an similar background to yourself - you can feel with him, but you don't have the interest to lead him into a direction you would take yourself. Secondly, while I do think it can help to imagine certain scenarios and how your character would react in them, I think it's very important to not have a too strict idea of how your character will behave throughout his life. You need a loose concept, sure, but take that rather as a guideline than as characteristics set in stone. From my experience, your character will develop naturally over time, based on ic events that you could never have predicted. If you are too committed to an idea you once had, it will just hinder your natural development. Thirdly, I'd just say don't worry too much about what others think about your character. If you take rp serious and enjoy the way you play your character, there is a high chance other's enjoy it too. Have fun!
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    @Thrillshire thanks for all the help i really appreciated it, great talking to you. You too @Aestethic
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    The love each Fifty Two member has for each other is on another level. We are a family, we will die for each other @Luke @Whiskayy @AlecM @Realize @DieselTheSnowMan @PurifiedNoobs12 @hi_im_kev @ManipulateMe @Novality
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    Looks great. ❤ I like the unified hue of the character images.
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    I love Alexei #2 I cannot wait to read more man! You get his personality on "paper" really well lol
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    Can't wait to read more about Alexei
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    Just like Roland said "there will be bad ones that slip through the cracks". Too bad the cracks seem to be the size of the god damn hole akin to that of when the iceberg tore through the Titanic. LOL.
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    Thanks for the top notch RP @Kordruga @SquirtleKitty @GreenySmiley @AndreyQ Special thanks to @Juice Hand @Aeryes and @Netherist for the premium rOLE PLAY
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    Glad you guys finally put out what you really want to do! Best of luck with this guys, the thread looks superb!
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    Thanks for the RP @Ingvalid @Bsigo , @Phoenix and the new gang of Highway 61 probs RP'ed with more but fuck me if i remember
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    Great roleplay from @FalkRP and @RavenousRP earlier today, keep this stuff up and we might not get 2.3'd
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    @Conor You are getting back rly fast. Your rp is fun and enjoyable - lets see where this goes! @Terra Betka fucked up again. oh oh. @Oryx You talk so fast! Lovely encounter, happy that you are still around. @Wilfred You are not in Russia! Glad we got that sorted. Thanks for the role play at the medic camp.
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    The cars weren't TOO bad at 80 players, anything about that makes them useless to be honest. 60 would probably be the sweet spot but we would need a third server should we drop that low. In my opinion I think we should drop the player cap back down to 80 for sure!
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    I've driven on full servers, its difficult but not impossible. If you are careful and stick to long straight roads with minimal turning along with maintaining a reasonable speed of like 30-60 mph you are usually ok. When in doubt, first gear it out.
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    There is nothing wrong with a boring character. I've actually made it my goal to play what I like to call 'background' characters. My characters are around essentially as vessels for other people to tell their story and progress through. Some people play characters that take up all the oxygen in the room at the best of times, and other groups have a tendency to steal the limelight. (Not in bad ways, just in the sense that the little people or solo-RP'rs get drowned out). Play off that if it makes you happy, and be an observer. Listen, remember, and fill in the blanks for late-comers later. I can't remember the number of times people were seeking out one of my now deceased characters because he had a lot of dirt on others just from quietly listening around conversations. As for generic military types carrying a big gun; I don't personally get this beef. We are almost two years into a zombie apocalypse. You better believe I'm going to be carrying the biggest gun I can find! If we were still 'fresh' near the beginning of the outbreak I'd understand, but at this point its slowly getting harder and harder to believe the person that 'has never shot a gun before'. (Sort of shooting myself in the foot there, as my old character was one of those that had never used a gun before)
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    After the tradepost started shooting into a crowd of people, DISTRICT and two Time members worked together to take it over in retaliation, when the long battle was over, two voices were heard in a heavily locked down room, the following occured:
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    Metamorphosis I’ve made my way further West, I’m not sure where I am. The road signs might as well be blank. Shame on me for not having my friends teach me how to read Cyrillic, but that’s how we rolled. I feel so stupid. I’d give anything to see them again, and know they’re alright, but I also know it’s mostly because they’d help me read these signs. What the hell is wrong with me, they’re probably dead. I’m a terrible human being. I’m so selfish. I had to kill an old couple today. I bet they were happy once. In my mind, I imagined that they were married for 50 years, and then they had the misfortune of turning into animated corpses. The old lady was clutching a bible in her hands. I’m pretty sure they were walking to church together, and then poof, blessings from above, enjoy being a rotting corpse until an asshole from the States domes you both with a shovel. It was a messy death, they both deserved better. I buried them in the front yard of the nearest home, it’s probably not theirs but at least it’s something. I hope that the graves are deep enough, they don't deserve the indignity of being picked at by wild animals. I've also noticed that I no longer feel that much at all now when I kill the dead. It bothers me, I want to feel guilty. I don’t want to dehumanize them, but it’s happening whether I want it to or not. Everything is different now.
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    The Spades have been hard at work building the new Camp Fifty Two - 50% completion
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    It’s been 27 years since the collapse of Communism in Chernarus, but it is no cause to celebrate. A shadow has been casted over what sparse cities and villages existed in Chernarus after the Soviet Union - Nationalism. It had always been an issue in Chernarus. With the launch of Operation Alpenröschen during World War 2 into the Black Mountains and unto the proud city of Novigrad, the Nazi menace established a local pro-Nazi regime, made up of die-hard nationalists with a bone to pick with the Soviet government. The Chernarussian State, as some referred to it, was a spectre of things to come. Thankfully, the proletariats and those proud of their Motherland’s accomplishments rallied together to defeat the traitors. The situation in 1943 was not too different to the situation in 2009. The sons and daughters of those very proletariats, workers, and patriots rallied together once more against the fascist menace. This time, the workers were alone. There was no Soviet Army to swoop in from the North, over the South Zagorian cities and factories, over the rolling hills and through the dense pine forests. They were alone, but it made no difference. They fought long and hard. But, in the end, it didn’t matter. The fascists were backed up by the Imperialist West and they brought their drones, helicopters and planes. The fascists viciously hunted down the leaders of 2009. Many were executed, under guises of genocide, insurrection and murder - all lies of course. It is not murder to defend oneself. Now, despite everything that is going on. Despite the Apocalypse arriving in Chernarus - the fascists and reactionaries do not stop. They do not think to work together with one another. The foreigners trapped within our borders are prosecuted. Killed en masse and hunted, just as we were during those fateful days in 2009. I ask of you, my fellow workers - rise up against this menace. Bear your arms proudly, under the Red Banner. Fight back the reactionaries and liberate yourselves. "Workers of the world, unite!" 1943-1955 Partisanship had always been a part of life in the Black Mountains. The mountain town of Tuapse was in fact famous for it and thus, the concept of partisanship was nothing new come 1943. During Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812, small bands of civilians harassed the French and their allies before and after the retreat from Moscow. When the Kaiser’s army snuck in during World War 1, the Germans were forced to pull units from the front line to deal with the partisan activity and ultimately, the men and women from Tuapse participated in the Russian Civil War, founding small Red detachments, which were particularly successful in South Zagoria. When German Gebirgsjäger units, accompanied by traitorous Cossack SS-divisions attacked key Russian fortifications in the Black Mountains, partisan groups from towns like Tuapse proved invaluable in providing guidance through the treacherous mountain ranges and in attacking key supply routes, effectively trapping several detachments and platoons in the freezing cold mountain peaks. For their efforts, a small monument was erected in Tuapse, which only ever attracted four or five would be historians yearly. More importantly, Natasha Dmitrievna, a leader in Tuapse, posthumously received the Order of the Red Banner for her efforts. A woman, from such an obscure town, receiving such a prestigious award -- it shocked people. Ultimately, however, it solidified the town’s loyalty. Dmitrievna moved into the Chernarussian SSR after the war to live a quieter, more secluded life. She moved there with her two sons, Vladim and Alexander and husband - Abram. There, they founded a small rural town specializing in peaches and apples, named Stalinisi. People came and went, usually with the picking seasons. Only a few families remained, participating in local community activities and other then a few state interactions, a completely autonomous life. 1991 The town lived independently throughout the existence of the Soviet Union, only ever receiving a few calls for conscription and police visits for rowdy Chernarussians with a bone to pick. This changed, of course, with the Chernarussian Declaration of Independence in 1991. During the riots, Stalinisi was raided by small nationalist militias, with tools and supplies being stolen and hunting stalls and sheds being burned. The biggest shock came a few months later, when the newly established Chernarussian government came to the village with an ultimatum: remove the villages name and identity or be evicted. The choice was obvious, the men were too old to put up a fight and the boys too young to take their place. The village became Stary Yar and according to de-Communisation policies and the small monument dedicated to paristan Natasha Dmitrievna was demolished. This was a wakeup call for the denizens of Stary Yar, things were changing whether they liked it or not. They would have to fend for themselves in this new era of Chernarussian nationalism. The men buried their hunting rifles in fear of them being taken off them and the disgruntled ex-soldiers hid their old AK rifles under beds and in toy lockers. The truck drivers that used to transport apples and peaches from the orchards to the factories to be processed were laid off, replaced with Chernarussians in dire need of a job. Hell, even the police-men were replaced and reorganised. This major change sowed the seed of dissent and would enable the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star to gain control over the area. 2007 The scars from the 1991 raids and de-Communisation were still very real, and the foundation of the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star gave the village’s anger a productive release. For the most part, the ChDKZ was a legal movement, but they were planning something big. Anton Grigorievich , father of two young boys, was a devout Chedaki and planned to use the town as a training ground for Russian paramilitaries and weapon storage. From there on out, Stary Yar became a hotbed for extremist organisations. Anton’s two sons, Roma and Kirov merely watched as his father met shady men in suits and turtlenecks. They were old enough to consider politics, but not old enough to comprehend them. They’d talk about equality and the liberation of the working man, whilst beating down on rival Chernarussian gangs of boys in the woods. Anton could see that his two sons needed a productive outlet and an education. Hence, he gave them a run-down course on socialism and the implementation of the ideology just before giving the eldest a rifle and the younger a pair of binoculars. They’d train together for the remainder of the year. Late in the year, just before the snow fell a small brawl between a group of Russians and Chernarussians erupted. Kirov was stabbed during the fist-fight. Outraged, Kirov went home to Stary Yar and snuck out later in the night with his father’s pistol, whilst Anton and Roma were at the hospital. He rallied some of the other boys, who were keen for retaliation. The intention was to just scare him off and give him a warning. Maybe rough him up a little bit. But things turned sour. It turns out that this one particular Chernarussian boy was a drug dealer and had his stock to protect. A small gunfight erupted and Kirov shot the boy dead. It didn’t change him, it didn’t make him feel any better either. He simply knew that he had the ability to kill someone. This marked a turning point for the duo. They trained more rigorously, and even ordered some old military surplus online; smersh, camo netting – that kind of thing. Soon enough, their little gang of boys turned into a serious paramilitary, full of anarchists, Marxists and misfits. This undeniably made Anton proud and soon enough, their newfound paramilitary was also rocking the ribbon of St. George and the Chernarussian Red Star. They learnt that funds were desperate, so they took up robbing. Police-stations with armouries and lazy guards, desolate ATMs and local banks. In enough time, they’d earned enough dirty tanks to arm the entire local area and extra. In December, just before Christmas day, Roma would be arrested for possession of an illegal firearm – an AK-74U to be exact. For every bullet, a year would be added. The bias judge that presided over him gave him a life sentence without parole and in Chernarus, a life sentence really is for life. It was an outrage, but no strike or protest would change it. His younger brother plotted, but their father assured him that there was nothing they could do – yet. 2009 The twenty-first of November was cold, but otherwise clear. The Civil War had been raging for a few months now, with Anton’s militia seeing constant combat. The absence of Roma had greatly dampened morale in the militia, knowing that they walk free whilst one of their comrades are stuck in a tiny prison cell. Thus, they hatched a plan to break him out before he was transferred to Miroslavl. The men involved slipped through checkpoints as refugees seeking a new home, posing as Chernarussians to avoid suspicion. These men then gathered in a warehouse in Kamyshovo, where a fisherman had lent them a boat and where their weapons were waiting. A stolen blueprint revealed that there was a pipe that connected to the sea and into the maintenance room and ran underneath the prison. The plan was to rig this pipe with explosions and blow a large section of the prison from underneath it. Then, whilst the guards were distracted, they would climb up to the outer wall, rig it with explosives and create a hole in which they could allow prisoners to escape from during yard time. The plan failed for the most part. The explosion shook the ground, but nothing of real consequence happened above ground and the guards were still present upon the insertion to the wall. However, luckily, the guards were easy pickings for the battle-hardened warriors of the Stary Yar militia and they were still able to rig the wall. After retreating to a safe distance, they blew the wall. Confused and disgruntled guards watched as about fifty-five men in striped pyjamas ran out. On their boat, they took about five men with them – one of them Roma. Only a few escapees actually escaped par from that five, the rest being captured or shot. The brothers transferred out of the Stary Yar militia soon after the prison break, finding a home in a reconnaissance battalion, known for guerrilla tactics and assassination missions. Usually, they’d target people like local priests known for sheltering NAPA militiamen, local nationalist leaders and checkpoint officers. Rarely, anyone of importance was killed. Upon a raid further south, they came into an abundance of military grade uniforms and kit, effectively transforming the reconnaissance battalion into an actual fighting force. Gorka uniforms, mess kits hell, even belts. The battalion was present for war-crimes, but was never brought to light for any involvement or knowledge of such actions and after the Civil War, most members avoided persecution by splitting up and re-integrating into Chernarussian society. Those who spoke Chernarussian found this easy, but those who only spoke Russian were found and persecuted easily. The two brothers moved to a quiet town and lived out their lives named Zvir. Small amounts of contact was maintained between those who formed friendships during the war. 2017 The two brothers, Roma and Kriov, were for the most part unaware of the Apocalypse. The town of Zvir was too isolated and self-sufficient to realise what was going on. Suspicion was only created when a shipment of bottled water failed to arrive. At a town meeting, the two brothers volunteered to go to Zelenogorsk to either go pick it up or figure out why it’s so late. They arrived at a checkpoint. It didn’t feel out of the ordinary, the Chernarussian Defence Force always liked to bother the civil populace. But, no one came out of the checkpoint. Confused, they drove up to find it abandoned. Casings were scattered on the ground. Further up, there was a pile of bodies. The blood splattered on their clothing wasn’t a regular, crimson red. Instead, it was blackened and unnatural looking. Their faces were twisted and their irises were non-existent, just white and blood shocked. They quickly drove over to a payphone - but the line had been cut. Confused and frightened, they drove into Zelenogorsk to be met with hordes of standing corpses. They drove slowly at first, trying not to hit anyone, but then the undead began to bang on their windows. They picked up speed and hit as many as they could, speeding out of the most clear exit. Town after town, they saw the same thing. Figuring that travelling any further was pointless, they tried to send a radio message back to Zvir. No response. Again, nothing. Fearing the worse, they camped out for weeks, living off the land. Eventually, they figured that they should send a message over the radio, hoping to contact any of their old comrades from the Civil War. After the third message, they got a reply. They met where it all started, Zvir and reformed the movement. They planned to take advantage of the Apocalypse to create a new society. IC Goals Day 495: Establish a free territory within South Zagoria. Complete Day 500: Establish an understanding of the politics of South Zagoria and establish who is sympathetic to our cause and who is against it. Furthermore isolate and speak with as many survivors as possible to convert them to our cause. Establish contact with Viktor Padella. Complete Day 505: Continue to expand and grow our ideal Free Territory. Complete Day 510: Establish an official Free Territory Peoples Militia. Complete Day 535: Create a radio station to play nostalgic Communist music and inform survivors of current news. Failed Day 535: With the radio station, make contact with BPR and build relations. Complete Day 545-550: Enable a large recruitment drive. Failed Day 545: Establish a proper Commune Settlement. Complete Day 547: Establish a citizenry within the Commune. Complete Day 547: Keep our Commune sick-free, whilst also providing aid to those that are sick. Complete Day 548: Continue our cease-fire with New Moon and other groups. Failed Day 550: Defend ourselves from the Nationalist Threat. Ongoing Day 550: Receive support and thank the BPR. Complete Day 560: Re-form into a more passive group, leaving our armed hostilities behind. Partial Completion Failed Day 560: Establish worker communes within our standing commune. Ongoing Failed Day 565: Re-distribute all collectivized production within our settlement. Ongoing Failed Day 575: Communism and establishment has failed us, switch into a more anarchist group. Day 575: Avoid the cease-fire and any other forms of contracts/alliances created. Day 575: Throw ourselves back into the mix of group politics. Day 580: Start and or cause another large-scale conflict. Continuous: Avenge Comrade Kirov Continuous: Recruit those sympathetic to our cause. Continuous: Provide aid to those oppressed by reactionaries. Continuous: Abolish and denounce private property. (Not to be confused with personal property.) Continuous: Oppose any governments within South Zagoria and around the territory. OOC Goals Actively contribute to the lore of the server, the overarching narrative and the narrative of each individual character within the group. Provide a realistic and immersive experience. Create an opposition to current standing nationalist groups. Provide a sense of “consequences”. When a character is executed, they will be permanently killed. Roster Leadership: Roma Grigorievich - [email protected] Jiri Vlasak - - @Ducky Militia: Pavel Antonov - - @Thrash Tomas Nemec - - @Veryniceperson Igor Sokolov -- @lowca_ludek Aleksander Matejcek - - @KnightsTemplar Edik Petrovich - - @Stannis Anders Mata - - @Stagsview Andre Martin - - @MetalHeadPatriot Brody Graham - - @Onyx
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