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    Just arrived, love it, absolutely love VVS diamonds, gotta get the inside filled but hey, maybe some other time.
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    I've got a pretty solid map here to signify owned territories across the map Currently no, there is no 'faction map', and with two servers, it's almost impossible to do. Just wander about and find out IC where people are set up.
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    Yo boy a couple of months ago in the uni bathroom after a whole day of microeconomics, thinking about fleeing to Mexico.
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    I enjoyed rp with @zumbum @Aron73 @justmate @Tewudin. Had a good time with the Cherno traders and thankt to @Ram for letting us stay at his house over night.
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    From the album: A Deaf Girl's World

    Rooftops are the best places for area recon. Appearantly they're also the best places to catch amazing shots of sun slowly falling behind the horizon.
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    Here is a few questions I consider important. -------------------------------------------------- Scenario: You have found another player and engaged them in conversation, the other player decides to point his rifle at you in a threatening manner and begins giving you instructions. Which of the following statements are true? 1. The other player has validly initiated and gained ATTACKER RIGHTS. 2. You have gained DEFENDER RIGHTS from the other player's action. 3. The other player has invalidly initiated and gains no rights. 4. You have not gained any rights from this encounter. -------------------------------------------------- Scenario: You and your friend are chatting casually in discord while you are running around in game, you suddenly come across a stranger and begin talking with them. After a few minutes of discussion with the stranger, your friend asks you in Discord if you want to rob them. Which of the following statements are true? 1. Your friend has broken rule 3.6. 2. The stranger gains DEFENDER RIGHTS. 3. You have broken rule 1.1. 4. The encounter had no rules broken. -------------------------------------------------- Scenario: You have just logged into your base after being offline for a few hours, as you stroll around your base you see another player trying to break down your wall, you decide to shoot them. Which of the following statements are true? 1. You have made valid use of your ATTACKER RIGHTS. 2. You failed to initiate and invalidly killed another player. 3. The other player was powergaming. 4. You do not need to initiate when someone is breaking into your base.
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    Who needs Lady Of The Lake when you have Gentleman in White? Admittedly he did summon about 30 zombies but he is our new god
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    I understand there are a lot of difficult logistics that go into a change of map, especially lore-wise. But what are the chances of a new map other than Chernaurus? Has that idea ever been considered? An idea I've been thinking of that I reckon would be neat for the DayZRP community is to switch server 2 to a map other than Chernaurus. It would stop server 2 being used a "loot-hub" or being used to just travel and instead be a different world with new characters? (It could also introduce the niche type of RP where if a character switches server they could say "Hey, I just traveled here from Chernaurus etc etc" and also possibly cause conflict between Chernarussians and those from wherever the new map would be.) Again - I understand this is not as easy to execute as it is for me to suggest it and there are probably a lot of factors I am overlooking, but I think it leads to an interesting discussion and encourages the growth of the second server.
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    Look at this mf flexing on us with his airpods This peak Italian, that jacket is
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    From the album: Mia's Never Ending Footsteps

    The climb down was worse than the climb up. But, the view from the top was worth it. I traveled down from Severograd to Cherno with Grachi today. And after wandering Cherno for a bit, I still haven't decided if big city life is the life for me.
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    Mhh thinking of coming Back to Dayz Rp, Since the German GTA Rp scene is full of Dickheads and Meta/Scripted Rp. Is it worth it?
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    @BrianM and @Voodoo is drunk on twitch! They have to drink each time somebody says something about cannibals! Come and bully them!
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    Chernarus Trade Federation “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” ~ Mark 10:45 *A group of survivors sits around a campfire in the far north of Chernarus. One of them is wearing a camouflage jacket and matching pants. On his head is a baseball cap that has just a slightly different pattern than his other clothes. The night is cold and dark and not a sound is audible other than the light crackling of the campfire. The man in camouflage looks up at the others around the fire and begins to speak.* Galatians 6:2 reads, “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way, you will fulfill the law of Christ.” These are the words that I believe were in the head of Chip Lonegan when he decided that rather than fight to gain more for himself in a world that offered nothing, he would give back to those who truly needed the help - the people. This aspiration to give back would eventually evolve into the development of Chip’s Shop for the Common Man in Gorka. His goal? Well, he aimed to bring peace and prosperity back to at least part of this nation he was now bound to. The creation of his own store was only his first step, Chip eventually planned to use Gorka as the basis of his new civilization where all could live in a sustainable town without having to constantly fear attack from the dead...or the living. Chip was met with violence almost immediately. The thought of peace in times such as this was seen as a threat to those who had adopted a more violent lifestyle since the outbreak. With order typically came justice and equality, and thus there would be little opportunity for hostile individuals to continue their reign of terror within Chernarus. Seeing Chip’s potential they acted quickly. Within the first few days of establishing his shop Chip was forced from town with little more than the clothes on his back by a group of individuals who claimed to “own the land.” Knowing that he was the people’s only hope, Chip complied and moved to the next town over - Novy Sobor. It was here that Chip was finally able to create a sustainable shop, and where he employed his first group of runners. These runners were survivors who aligned themselves with Chip’s morals and decided to dedicate their time and risk their lives to help bring goods and supplies to those who truly needed them. What none of them realized at the time was that this small group of just three men would soon evolve into something much greater. After living in peace for some time, word of the shop began to spread. This brought many new patrons and runners alike, however it also alerted hostile groups to the presence of this shop. Soon, the store and its runners were subject to constant attack. While many of the regular patrons attempted to fight back, they were simply not well enough equipped to fight off the more established groups that had complete control and access to most all military equipment that remained in Chernarus. Scared that these attacks would begin to bring harm to the people, Chip again moved this time bringing his runners with him. The new location would by Stary Sobor. Once in Stary, Chip attempted to establish a store inside the old supermarket on the west side of the town. Soon, however, Chip was faced with more violence. This time from a group that was known for its violent actions Rather than continue running, Chip reasoned with the leader of this group of scavenging bandits. While many of his runners and patrons disagreed with the decision, Chip knew that in order to grow his numbers to where he wanted them and to enact the second phase of his plan, he would have to comply with his new neighbors. Thus, the shop was under the control of this hostile group. Unfair regulations, monstrous taxes, and violence soon found its way to Chip’s doorstep, yet he chose to stand his ground. The group, which I shall not name planned to exploit the shop for their own personal gain. They wished to use it as a means to get more equipment at no cost to them, and as a means to find victims for their violent acts. Chip and his rag-tag group of runners continued to trade with those who were willing to risk entering the town. Unable to attract new patrons due to the constant threat from violent groups, Chip began trading outside of the town secretly, as he knew the groups that controlled the shop would murder him and his people if they found he was trading with their enemies. While he knew things were not the best, Chip still remained set on keeping the store in Stary as he devised the best way to go forward with his plan. It wasn’t until an event of extreme violence and betrayal that Chip knew things had to change and that it was finally time to move on with his plan and to get his people to safety. One deadly Friday in May, there were multiple executions of innocent civilians in front of the Stary Sobor trading outpost. An estimated eight people died that day as a result of members of the various groups associated with the store, or the violence that they brought with them. Following the murders, members of hostile groups entered the store, took multiple crates full of supplies for the people, and threatened to shoot anyone that tried to stop them. Chip knew the time had come. That evening Chip had his runners take only what they needed for survival and retreat both north and south to provide overwatch for him. He entered his store and threw all of his supplies to the floor in protest to the actions of the hostile groups. When members of the violent group heard of this they moved quickly to attempt to stop Chip. However, they knew that by harming him they would have to deal with the repercussions of the people who had been loyal to Chip’s cause. By this point in time Chip had nearly twenty people behind his cause and countless others who were loyal to the idea of his shop. Harming him would bring an end to whichever group was responsible, and thus they had no choice but to let him leave. Chip and his men moved in all different directions until they finally met in a predetermined location. Here, in this large town to the South, the men decided that they were now large enough to stand alone. They created a constitution and a set of bylaws that established Salus (Latin), or Salvation. This would be the new center for the men and a place where they could finally initiate the second phase of their plan - to establish a safe and sustainable society. Salus would be the new center of the Chernarus Trade Federation. A group dedicated to the betterment of society and Chernarus that plans to do so by helping those who truly need it and by providing a means by which one can live their life to its extent in a world that is constantly working against them. How do I know all this? Because I know Chip Lonegan personally. You see, my name is Dallas Lee I am one of the few who have the honor of working with this man. I have been by his side through thick and thin along with a select few others. I can tell you first hand that Chip Lonegan is still alive, and the promise of Salus is more than just a fantasy. *The man stands and stretches his legs. He picks his rifle up and the others around him rise as well.* Brothers and sisters, my fellow survivors. Today is the day that we bring change to the nation of Chernarus. Today is the day that we become the spark that will light the fire that will burn down the idea of tyranny and disorder. We shall be the ones who bring order and justice to Chernarus and to those who need it most. Salus Vive! *The others around the small fire repeat the chant with a fiery passion. The words are Latin and translate to Salvation Shall Live. Words that would soon mean much more to Chernarus. The men throw dirt on the fire to extinguish it and all move back towards the trees from which they came. Their mission was only just beginning* Establish a trading outpost that brings the people to one location (Completed) Establish a sustainable settlement where people may live freely known as Salus (Completed) Establish a set of bylaws for the settlement and those within its walls (Completed) Establish a security team large enough to enforce the laws set in place within the settlement (8/10) Establish small businesses within the walls of Salus to allow for everyone to make use of their skills (1/5) Grow the citizenship of Salus to a number that will ensure its stability (19/TBD) Ensure the area surrounding the settlement is a free trade zone where anyone may trade regardless of their ties - exception if they have wronged the Federation or its people (Day 790) Create a radio broadcast announcing the establishment of Salus and what it offers the people (Completed) Work with groups that control the region around Salus to negotiate peace for the good of the people in general (Day 790) Establish a settlement that will allow people to use skills to create a community focused on Life RP rather than Hostile RP. Help new players on the server experience peaceful role-play or at the very least give them the supplies necessary to start their role-play. Give players the opportunity to grow their knowledge of types of role-play to avoid players having bland role-play experiences. Give players more of an opportunity to join a community rather than being in a group focused only on themselves or being a lone wolf. Create a role-play hub where players can meet one another and experience role-play from the perspective of others. Have strict rules of engagement that will prevent our group from becoming a hostile bandit group or being blamed for a conflict that they were not involved in. Create a group that is neutral and has no allegiances to any other group to avoid the possibility of bias. Founding Father Chip Lonegan Council Members Seth Lonegan | Rusty Members allanman123 Dhavy Gopnik22 Kaiser_Krieg Kira Mantis Kiranthrix Magnet Marshall Freeman Nutter Butter Ophelia005 perry Red Bunny Ricochet Rinkatorin Ripuss Highman Rocketjosh shameglaze william89 Trainees If you are interested in joining the Chernarus Trade Federation you need to private message Chip Lonegan following the template below. If you do not follow the template you will not be considered for the group. Our group arm band colors: Name (IC): Forum Account (Link): Character Page (Link): How many days a week are you active?: Please explain why you should be considered for the CTF: Please explain what you could add to the CTF: Do you have any questions regarding the CTF or recruitment?:
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    It's so rewarding when you help people and they're really appreciative
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    Throwback to my character Asher Stephen stalking the Moretti Familia when they went to investigate survivors on Skalisty.
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    You're a sexy guy you know
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    Best beer. Let you alcaholics fly. Go!
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    Unearthed a relic from 2015... among many many others
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    Loved the mod days where we had chainsaws, would also be incredible for hostile RP
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    well rip bases again might as well change base building textures to cardboard weee
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    It's still only "stuff". Stuff that can be found again if needed. We never promised impenetrable bases and I realize that allowing the community get a taste of that feeling with the previous patch change was a mistake. That has been fixed now.
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    This "I was sleeping" shit is so tired bro this is not rust, nobody was home I think people prioritise bases far too highly lately it's kinda dumb. there's a whole map out there
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    I dont know why people are complaining 15 minutes is too quick. IRL if someone has a damn axe or sledge hammer you can bust through one of those walls in less than a minute. Its fine that you can chop down a solid tree trunk in a few swings but hours for a small 2x4 from the same tree? Plus 15 minutes is a long time to stand there and continuously chop. Looks good to me
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    Hello Camo, as Executive Officer of security I took this very seriously. After reviewing the video you sent I will be having a discussion with those involved out-of-character. We try to be a serious group however as the old saying goes a few bad apples spoil the bunch. I can assure you that this type of behaviour is looked down apon in our group, so if you see this again I ask you come here like you did and then make a formal report about it. The only way we can weed out the bad seeds is if we know who they are. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention. I am glad You have enjoyed your time with us to this point, and I hope to interact with you in the future some time. As for the enforcement concerns, until recently I did not have set training for security so many do not know the limits to which they can go. This has changed and you can rest easy knowing that in the next few days you will see this changing for the better. We greatly appreciate your feedback.
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    Anyone notice El Presidente Roland only has 106 rounds of 5.56; but has 7750 cans of BeanZ? I mean, that's clearly not enough ammunition. Other thought: How the fuck did he collect so many cans of BeanZ?
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    Found this in my archive of old screenshots. I probably submitted it before a long time ago.
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    I mean if its available we could go back to the old ways that any rule break = character reset? @Roland
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    Hello @Nick Plasse, If you take a look at the guide below it and follow the steps it will fix your issue. If you continue to have issues let me know!
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    Had a blast roleplaying with @Cuchulainn @wirpy @Rutkiy and @Lucas, had some really character developing and evolving stuff going on at the camp. I'm really glad that I hopped on today, shame that I wasn't able to stay on for long though. Can't wait to see where the story goes on from here and can't wait to hop back on!
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    Throwback to Winter Chernarus - More Here -
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    Theres no inbetween when I drinlk
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    First session, finishing in two weeks.
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    So here are my ideas on the whole ease of access that seems to be going on resulting in a lot of disquiet and discontent with our current system: 1) Forum accounts are needed to do the white list. Introduce a mandatory wait period before they can complete the white list, such as 72 hours. This stops 'spur of the moment' applications, and if the person is serious they will spend the time reading rules, lore and coming up with their character. 2) Add a team of a few individuals whose only job is to review the applications from start to finish, this would include reviewing apps, contacting the applicants if needed, all the details involved in the application process. 3) Only accept a limited amount of applications a day, saves on that teams work load and again, if people are made to wait, it shows a legitimate serious interest in playing here. 4) Revamp the white list, multiple choice is fine if used sparingly, text answers the same. Minimum required characters on any application shows a persons ability to understand and follow direction. Text answers can be reply's to scenario's they are given on how they would respond to given situations. 5) 3 Tries and that's it. Again, if someone really wants to join the server and has failed twice, they'll seek help, go to staff, ask questions and get themselves informed. It very much shows those who want to be here. Overall the quality of RP has become a real issue. If there is any RP at all. I would love to see changes made to the current system to help fix the issue, but as we're talking of returning to old systems, I would like to add as a final suggestion a restoration of the Mentor Program or something similar. New players can benefit greatly from seasoned and experienced players. They just need to know whom they can go to. I know many will not agree with some of the suggestions I've posted above, but they are only suggestions and I would love to see more added to provide options.
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    I want the whitelist from 2016 to be reintroduced if I'm honest, or at least a more difficult version of the current one. I don't mind the extra work, personally.
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    Don't want this to come across as throwing shade, but @Roland, the closing of the last thread I semi-understand due to circumstances, but this is an issue that a lot feel is getting outa hand to an extent mate. If there is a legit reason for wanting "quantity over quality" (a phrase donned by people in this thread, not me) then I am sure we would all like to hear it. But if there is no reason to keep the whitelist as is, I personally would love to see the old format reinstated. And yes, I know it would be taxing on staff, but I suggest a separate staff role purely for accepting applications, and I personally wouldn't mind help filling that role if it meant a better community (hell I barely get time to play anyway, might aswell make my walls of text be something useful in the form of marking applications )
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    Weren't you just on final warning? And now you're calling members "cucks" in a rant thread? Not on my watch.
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    I heard its totally ok to be 30.
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    Perhaps it is because I was raised here in Denmark, and perhaps it is because we view things different socially. But where I come from, we greet strangers with respect, we are open to dialogue and we keep things civil. I have no need to berate, insult or otherwise try to de-value whoever I am talking with for any reason because it's not a polite way to go about it. Is there hyper sensitivity? No, I wouldn't say so. Instead what we have is an overly masculine and toxic environment, which is constantly being fed into by berating those who speak out against it. I understand I will receive flak for this comment, but the majority of that flak will likely be in regards to "internet culture" and how the toxicity is part of that, and while I would be inclined to agree I do not believe that is the environment I want to support in this community, and as far as the core values of the community goes, they seem to agree with me.
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    Only whitenames carry Alice bags
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