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    Just arrived, love it, absolutely love VVS diamonds, gotta get the inside filled but hey, maybe some other time.
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    From the album: A Deaf Girl's World

    You know that feeling when you finally have large enough group to risk going into big cities and you see their empty streets? Hollow buildings? Abandoned cars? Silence that is omnipresent? To think that a few years ago thousands of people used to live here. Now... it's a ghost town.
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    I've got a pretty solid map here to signify owned territories across the map Currently no, there is no 'faction map', and with two servers, it's almost impossible to do. Just wander about and find out IC where people are set up.
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    Yo boy a couple of months ago in the uni bathroom after a whole day of microeconomics, thinking about fleeing to Mexico.
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    I enjoyed rp with @zumbum @Aron73 @justmate @Tewudin. Had a good time with the Cherno traders and thankt to @Ram for letting us stay at his house over night.
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    It's been real. Had the streak since my first day playing. o7 Happy early Father's day everyone.
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    Back when coughing made the game so much better.
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    From the album: A Deaf Girl's World

    Rooftops are the best places for area recon. Appearantly they're also the best places to catch amazing shots of sun slowly falling behind the horizon.
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    More Roleplay @ThanosRP providing some HQ SlaverRP
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    Kept the same energy
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    Here is a few questions I consider important. -------------------------------------------------- Scenario: You have found another player and engaged them in conversation, the other player decides to point his rifle at you in a threatening manner and begins giving you instructions. Which of the following statements are true? 1. The other player has validly initiated and gained ATTACKER RIGHTS. 2. You have gained DEFENDER RIGHTS from the other player's action. 3. The other player has invalidly initiated and gains no rights. 4. You have not gained any rights from this encounter. -------------------------------------------------- Scenario: You and your friend are chatting casually in discord while you are running around in game, you suddenly come across a stranger and begin talking with them. After a few minutes of discussion with the stranger, your friend asks you in Discord if you want to rob them. Which of the following statements are true? 1. Your friend has broken rule 3.6. 2. The stranger gains DEFENDER RIGHTS. 3. You have broken rule 1.1. 4. The encounter had no rules broken. -------------------------------------------------- Scenario: You have just logged into your base after being offline for a few hours, as you stroll around your base you see another player trying to break down your wall, you decide to shoot them. Which of the following statements are true? 1. You have made valid use of your ATTACKER RIGHTS. 2. You failed to initiate and invalidly killed another player. 3. The other player was powergaming. 4. You do not need to initiate when someone is breaking into your base.
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    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/17755-nozzyrp/ Why the verdict is not fair: This verdict is not fair because i already served this punishment back in April. I have learnt to respect weebs and their right to watch whatever they want. I even go into the anime channel in discord to show my respect. I was then given option to watch an anime of @Aikos choice, which i was then quizzed on and i succeeded which lead to me getting my profile back. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Some evidence to support my claims: What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Anime profile removed What could you have done better?: Talked to Aiko with more respect i guess? Can staff pls look at this @[email protected]@[email protected]
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    DayZRP 19.6.3 Released 2019-06-14 General fixes Fixed "spaghetti arms" when logging in @Misho Fixed item weights @Misho Fixed chat position being too low @Kerkkoh Fixed an issue where rifles could still be put inside barrels, sea chests and dry bags @Aeryes Fixed client log error spam related to the laptop @Kerkkoh Fixed client error related to the safe keypad @Kerkkoh Fixed some crafting recipes @Aeryes Balancing Weapon spawn flags have been changed to be the same for all weapons, to prevent hoarding of continuously respawning weapons and make certain weapons (Golden Desert Eagle for example) very rare as intended. This will reduce overall weapon spawns on the server, depending on how much has already been hoarded away. @Roland Reduced spawnrate of civilian tents and sleeping bags @Roland Removed shemagh crafting (made the item too common) @Roland Time required to destroy objects reduced from 28 hours to 15 minutes @Roland New server cleanup timers to remove dead entities quicker to improve server performance. The following entities will despawn in game after being killed within the specified amount of time: @Roland Dead players - 10 minutes Dead animals - 5 minutes Dead zombies - 2 minutes New persistence timers to get rid of inactive bases and unused loot stashes much quicker, to improve server performance and improve distribution of loot. The following structures will automatically despawn if no players interact with them for the specified amount of time: @Roland Car and large tents, safe, base building objects - 14 days All other tents, boxes, barrels - 7 days Sleeping bags - 3 days Underground stashes - 1 day RP items Removed laptop and USB from spawn table (now reserved for event use) @Roland Clothes New item - 6B5 Vest (black, green, ttsko) @Misho New beret variants - black, Tre Kronor @wirpy New ballistic mask variant - black matte @Misho
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    Who needs Lady Of The Lake when you have Gentleman in White? Admittedly he did summon about 30 zombies but he is our new god
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    when u have svobada as a faction but not kamenici this is so fucking sad
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    Oaths I’ve managed to sleep through the entire night undisturbed. I’m not sure if the house was taking it easy on me, or if I’m just getting used to it. That's a terrifying thought. Either way, I’ll take it, sleep is sleep. Maybe the house is behaving around its newest resident, who knows? The fortification project is solidly underway, the Sarge has been incredibly helpful, it seems like we had both leveled an entire forest by the end of today with the amount of trees that we’d cut down. We talked quite a bit while we worked, she was part of the NATO coalition that was sent to Chernarus, and the chopper she was in crashed. The whole thing sounded terrifying, and when she recounted the story to me, I could tell that it is something that haunts her. It didn’t sound like anyone from her unit made it through, and she had been wandering the countryside on her own this entire time. She really is one of us. I also asked her if she’d train our group, so that we’d be stronger and more cohesive, and she agreed. She actually seemed to perk up a bit at the idea of training us. Our little group of ragtag wanderers has done well, but we could always do better, and I think the Sarge can help us do just that. After the Sarge went to sleep, Jess started getting weird radio messages from a farmer that she had been helping. Apparently, she was treating his friend for cholera, and the messages she was getting implied that he had passed away. It all sounded incredibly fishy, the message cut out in a way that felt deliberate, one that would trigger urgency from Jess, and it worked. Jess started rambling about how it was her duty to treat those that are in need of medical aid, in spite of how suspicious things may seem. We all tried to calm her down, and to get her to see things for what they were, but Jess is Jess, she sees and believes what she wants. Ultimately, I told her that she could go, as long as she waited until daylight, and took people with her. I was far too exhausted to argue further about the entire thing, and with the way she was acting, she would have likely gone by herself after we all went to sleep. At least she’d have people there to protect her when she drives into the most obvious trap in the world. Oh, and I almost forgot, a BBC Reporter showed up at our camp, his name is Clint West. He seemed interested in joining our group, so I told him that he could camp nearby, this would give him a safe place to rest, and an opportunity for us to get to know him better. I gave him a few things to help him out, apparently he got roughed up by the Redbands. I suppose time will tell us whether or not he’s someone worth trusting. As of this moment, the scratching has begun on the basement door and I can hear the muffled murmuring of my father’s voice as he/it ascends the stairs. Something seems different about the voice tonight, it doesn’t sound entirely like my father anymore, or entirely human. It’s words sound more like the mimicry of speech, there is something disjointed about its patterns, almost like the way a parrot repeats the words and sentences that it hears, but doesn't understand them. I've got a bad feeling about this.
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    I understand there are a lot of difficult logistics that go into a change of map, especially lore-wise. But what are the chances of a new map other than Chernaurus? Has that idea ever been considered? An idea I've been thinking of that I reckon would be neat for the DayZRP community is to switch server 2 to a map other than Chernaurus. It would stop server 2 being used a "loot-hub" or being used to just travel and instead be a different world with new characters? (It could also introduce the niche type of RP where if a character switches server they could say "Hey, I just traveled here from Chernaurus etc etc" and also possibly cause conflict between Chernarussians and those from wherever the new map would be.) Again - I understand this is not as easy to execute as it is for me to suggest it and there are probably a lot of factors I am overlooking, but I think it leads to an interesting discussion and encourages the growth of the second server.
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    Look at this mf flexing on us with his airpods This peak Italian, that jacket is
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    As of the latest patch, people seem to have become even more divided on base building and raiding. The system DayZ has created is flawed, unlike its predecessor in Epoch. However I've decided to look at some old suggestions and finally make a full blown thread on a solution. In my opinion, DayZRP could fix it entirely if time is put into it, but while there is base building changes and additions in the works for the mod, I wanted to expand on the idea created by Joah in his take on the issue you can find here. The suggestion is clear, power tools. (Or something like it) Many games that have balanced raiding have different ways to break in, but all require time and materials. DayZ simply requires an axe and as it stands 15 minutes to get access through a wall. Clearly there is a disconnect between the amount of time it takes builders to create versus players to get in. Now I understand why the change was done, hoarding. Players like to hoard an absurd amount of weapons and gear, but for now I feel that can be fixed as soon as building is. I'm going to reference Rust due to both its popularity and its success on creating a good building and raiding system that rewards good design and players who raid equally. The thing I want to focus on is equal time spent, the builder should be protected equally from their buildings and raiders should have to work to get in as well. In Rust, builders gather resources to create their base, incredibly similar to DayZ from nails and planks to wood and stone. Raiders must create explosives which requires them to collect more materials. However, DayZ does not give raiders the tools they need and instead allows all basic axes to destroy bases. This imbalance can be fixed with specialized ways of getting in. The raiders haven't had the tools to get into the base for a long time, but I feel that if they want to get in and they put the time in, they should be allowed to get in. Onto the suggestion: Power Tools These tools would be incredibly rare (to account for time spent) and require power in forms of either a specialized battery (rare as well) or a Generator (makes raiders have to carry a fuckin massive generator to raid) These tools would be excellent as they would serve for a few walls, not just one, and could be the balance the game desperately needs for building. As well it just makes sense, people would be using these things instead of using shitty hatchets and axes. On a final note, I want to ask your opinion on the matter, I've simmered down a bit so I feel that everyone should have a say on what should happen. Bonus props to @Joah for the suggestion.
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    From the album: Mia's Never Ending Footsteps

    The climb down was worse than the climb up. But, the view from the top was worth it. I traveled down from Severograd to Cherno with Grachi today. And after wandering Cherno for a bit, I still haven't decided if big city life is the life for me.
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    I’ve seen a mod done elsewhere with a whole keypad interface that’s custom and locks behind you as you close it as well, no resets at all. If we had that it would solve like 90% of our issues.
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    Mhh thinking of coming Back to Dayz Rp, Since the German GTA Rp scene is full of Dickheads and Meta/Scripted Rp. Is it worth it?
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    Hey-o! I'm live on Twitch right now! Come join in and watch me take my first steps back into DayZRP as my psychotic serial killer character! Live right now!
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    Take me back to having the chainsaw days. If you can find fuel or batteries then sure - go ahead. Would also be a great use for torturing people too.
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    My group's camp gets looted at least once every few days, with anything of value being taken. This was with the 28 hour timer. Stuff gets stolen it really isn't a big deal, we hardly care anymore, yeah it's a ball-ache but shit happens. People aren't going to tear down your entire camp becauase it only takes 15 minutes to destroy a wall, it makes sense people just need to stop prioritisng the supplies they have under lock and key and understand its an RP server. Use the theft to further your character's development, try to hunt them down, just don't get stroppy about it because shit happens. Good update, big fan of most of it.
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    @BrianM and @Voodoo is drunk on twitch! They have to drink each time somebody says something about cannibals! Come and bully them!
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    Right, but 95% of your base is still there even if you lose one wall? I get a vibe from these messages that it's not about the bases at all. If it's about protecting the loot inside the bases just say so up front. No need to be protective of your base if you don't really care about it except the tents with weapons that are inside.
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    I don't see why Shemagh crafting was removed when we could have just made it more expensive. Also Why did we reduce the building time to only 15 minutes, literally defeats the entire point of making settlements again because people will just destroy them all as fast as it takes to put them up. Terrible changes on those two points.
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    Journal Entry 2: Basic Medial Training
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    Group Song A New Dawn. A new life. Something someone always dreamed of in their life. Since the outbreak, we all got a new life. Everything changed when the infection spread, but not everyone changed. Some, stayed who they were and continued to do what they did best. Dr. Dylan River was one of the many who did. After the outbreak started, Dylan was already in Chernarus with his close friend Andela. The two of them set up a small camp near the coast. The camp was a medical camp, a place where people could be seen too by trained medical staff and would be welcomed into a safe place. It lasted for a while, until they ran into a fellow doctor Dr. Hope Pisces. Hope was creating a camp in the North. The idea was that Hope would go out and treat and maintain the injuries and bring them back to the camp where the other doctors like Dr. River would treat them or do surgery. The camp ran for a while up in the North, until River and Andela had some issues with how things were being ran. The two of them decided to create another small camp in the South, still working with the people in the North. They ran this camp for two or three weeks until, the 'White Vader' situation happened. After this incident, the camp split up and went their own ways. Dylan and Andela stayed with each other for a small while after until they had a falling out and they too, went their own ways. The situation, known to some people as the 'White Vader Incident' caused a lot of pain and even death. Many people parted ways because of what happened from it. Several people even died because of this. While in surgery treating the man who died, Dylan was shot doing his work because of the actions of the man he was treating. After this, River was taken to an island near the coast to recover on from his injury. A month after, now in May, Dr. River returned to the mainland and ran back into some familiar faces. Nikolai, Ellie and Jaro. They reunited and continued to travel together, treating and helping people on the way. Even though some of the company that Dylan was traveling with was not the best, he stuck with them. As they travelled around they ran into other familiar faces, such as Marie and Alyssa. With the people around him, River wanted to do again what he did the best. His treatments. Dr. River wanted to do what he did before with the camp in the North, but better. Not so much as public to the common eye, but their presence would be known. He wanted to create a working hospital, a place where he and his team could treat patients, do lengthy surgery and have a place where people can recover from their injuries. The group would travel around, treating patients and teaching people the knowledge they have of medicine. He wanted to give back to the people who needed. The others agreed and were willing to help out. So they worked together and found more people to help out. Dylan met groups which could benefit the help of his. The hope was rising. Things were going to change. Dr. River and his group were not trying to be hero's, but just doing what they all did best. Helping people. @DrMax - Dr. Dylan River Paediatrician & General Surgeon @Brayces - Ellie Hoste Trainee First Aider @Dino - Nikolai Hagelund Former Soldier with advanced first aid training @Scarlett - Marie White Combat Medic @Ouromov - Jaromir "Jaro" Lucic Former Soldier with first aid training @DeagleERP - Collin Rose Good Question? @Kerkkoh - Dr. Alexander Ellis Psychiatrist @Hofer - Dr. Dimitri Stepanov Orthopaedic & General Surgeon @Aleksi-Baraszkov - Dr. Nathan De Wildt Anaesthesiologist @vivallion - Dr. Arkadij Ruban Emergency Doctor The council are group of people who are trusted by Dr. River and know that when he is not around can be trusted to make decisions. The council will have a member with different specialities and traits that will help benefit the group and progress the story. Council members will do some other things too behind the scenes. Nikolai - A former solider who shows strength in protection and security. Nikolai has military training and is a trusted friend of Dr. River. If anything goes wrong or Dylan needs some assistance in figuring out what to do for safety and security, he knows Nikolai will have the answers. Ellie - A young lady with many talents. Even though she is young, Ellie knows a lot about the lands of Chernarus already. Ellie, being young has a positive mindset and does not always see the wrong in people. That is good. She is a good judge of character. Plus, she's a kid. Everyone likes kids ,right? Short Term Find a main base location to call home [Day 715] Completed Find out 3/5 local camps that we can work out of [Day 740] Find a supply team to help with scavenging [Day 750] Find out more information on 'Camp Dracula' [Day 740] Find a Chemist [730] Completed Long Term Recruit more doctors in the following fields; Day [760] - Emergency Doctor - Cardiologist - Orthopaedic - Oncologist - Psychiatrists Anaesthesiologic Create a working hospital [Day 760] Treat 11/25 people and document each one [By Day 760] Train 3/10 people with medical knowledge [Day 770] Continue to treat patients across Chernarus [Ongoing] OOC Goals Provide quality roleplay from medical and campfire roleplay Teach people basic or advance knowledge on MedicalRP As a group, engage in each characters own personal story lines If you wish to join New Dawn, please PM @DrMax using the following template bellow. This will then be sent and reviewed by myself and the council. After we have decided if your character will fit in, we will set up an IC meeting to get to know your character more before being a full member. Please keep in mind, we do a lot of medical roleplay so you may be either treating people or sitting around a lot while we do medical things. Tell us about you OOC!: Character Page: IRL Age: Timezone: Why do you want to join the group?: What can your character contribute to the group?: How active can you be in a week?: What groups have you been apart of on DayZRP? Any questions for us?: If you need to contact us OOC, you can PM @DrMax. If you wish to contact us IC you can either create a radio broadcast directing it towards us, answer to our call here, or join our discord server where we have an IC radio chat for roleplay. You can join our discord by clicking on the icon below. Special thanks to @MajooRB who made these amazing graphics! Big thanks to everyone in the group that helped create and form this group!
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    Ladies & Gents, it is time for you to meet the one, and only, Eric Hobbs. Hopes are high due to @GenjiRP talkin shit ton good stuff about all of you. See ya in the fields
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    SSH68: MICH: I mean... The re-texture makes them a little more barable to look at..? I guess..? @Greener161 @Combine
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    Throwback to my character Asher Stephen stalking the Moretti Familia when they went to investigate survivors on Skalisty.
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    Anxiety man, Fuck it
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    You're a sexy guy you know
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    well rip bases again might as well change base building textures to cardboard weee
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    This "I was sleeping" shit is so tired bro this is not rust, nobody was home I think people prioritise bases far too highly lately it's kinda dumb. there's a whole map out there
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    Love the changes but I do feel that 15 minutes is a bit too little. 28 hours was way too long and I agree with that but 15 minutes is also on the low side. I'd like to see either 30-45 minutes for someone to knock down a wall to a base. In my opinion that would be the sweet spot.
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    Found this in my archive of old screenshots. I probably submitted it before a long time ago.
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    First time being initiated on after returning to the community... Featuring @Lucio and @yodaddyhotdog (I think) who I thought were the dudes distraction...
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    Theres no inbetween when I drinlk
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    First session, finishing in two weeks.
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    I just witnessed some traumatizing shit in game. Report coming soontm Please for the love of all that is holy make the whitelist harder.
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    MOSHI MOSHI OHAYOOOO! Anyway, I have spoken up about this already a few times. I have even looked into the whitelist a bit and seeing as I have been an ex admin. I know a lot about the WL process. Honestly I rather go back to what it was when i was an admin. Going through the appeals i have noticed a lack of new players putting up appeals for rejected WL. Going back more I find it upsetting that there is no longer a cap on how many times you can try. Meaning I can just keep guessing until I get the right answers. The character backstory isn't hard. Especially if admins aren't catching things, and looking for copy pasted. Which again, I see a lack of appeals for. I don't think we need a full written one, I think I middle ground. A handful of multiple choice and like one or two easily written ones. That either take a sentence or less, put a cap on characters. I even mentioned I would come back to staff, if the whitelist was revamped. Meaning I would take the time to help hash out a new one. Because frankly I don't want to set the quality of rp drop more. Sure the reports aren't at two pages, but what do you expect when new players run into well new players. They see what they do and think it's ok. They don't report it and thus it becomes normal. Like people taking OOC IN VOIP! Obviously easy rules, and they get broken. I am not an elitist, I am for teaching new players but with the influx of new players. They are going to learn from the wrong people. I say at least go back to giving people only 3 tries.
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    Don't want this to come across as throwing shade, but @Roland, the closing of the last thread I semi-understand due to circumstances, but this is an issue that a lot feel is getting outa hand to an extent mate. If there is a legit reason for wanting "quantity over quality" (a phrase donned by people in this thread, not me) then I am sure we would all like to hear it. But if there is no reason to keep the whitelist as is, I personally would love to see the old format reinstated. And yes, I know it would be taxing on staff, but I suggest a separate staff role purely for accepting applications, and I personally wouldn't mind help filling that role if it meant a better community (hell I barely get time to play anyway, might aswell make my walls of text be something useful in the form of marking applications )
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