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    "I look at the sky and the dust that separates us from the stars that will be my home. I breathe in the night air, the rotten night air, and I miss, I miss, I miss.” On 26 April 1986, at 01:23 am, the Chernobyl Power Plant, Reactor 4 exploded due to a catastrophic power increase. For the next ten days, Radiation would escape into the atmosphere, causing radiation sickness for days for people living in the town of Pripyat. One of the men working at the power plant called Aleksander Moroz watched as the place he worked at would go into flames as Radiation would escape into the air and begin the biggest nuclear meltdown in human history… Aleksander and his wife Elena would be evacuated from the town of Pripyat along with 49,360 other people. 4 years later, Aleksander would have a son called Hunter Moroz. Ukraine had suffered massively from the Outbreak. Two weeks into the Outbreak, the country had suffered a total societal breakdown and the country was overrun by the Infected. Hunter Moroz was living in the capital of Ukraine known as Kiev. He watched as the city fell into chaos as he began to make his way out of the city to find his parents. All over the country, the Infected were everywhere, even in Pripyat and Chernobyl. The country fell into chaos…what made Hunter snap was watching his parents get gunned down by two Russians right in front of him for just not being Russian...this is where his hatred for Russians would begin as he made his way into the country of Russia to survive as his home country had completely fallen. When a group called Red Star Survivors from Russia began to bring in people from Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, and Poland, most of them were seen as weak people and sent out to do dangerous jobs…this is when STALKERS were born in the RSS. They were sent around different locations in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and Takistan to gather resources, equipment and weapons and they were rewarded well by leaders of the RSS however most STALKERS did not return…Hunter was made into a STALKER after he requested to leave the kitchen and been treated like dirt by the Russians. He was assigned to the RSS Alpha STALKER Team led by Artyom Tarkov and Aiden Carmine who was always sent into Pripyat and Chernobyl. They would always end up in firefights against groups of Bandits and even Cannibals who were staying close to the now radioactive area. When Hunter, however, was left for dead by a different group of STALKERS, he slowly made his way towards Chernarus fueled by anger and betrayal. From here he would become a Savior and become their own STALKER as he went into the radioactive area of Kamensk which was known as Ground Zero. He was fascinated by the area…but curious as to how this small area in South Zagoria became radioactive. Some of The Saviors would question why he kept going there...he always said the same thing...it reminds him of home in Ukraine, it reminded him of Chernoybl where his father worked at..and reminded him of the betrayal of people he use to call brothers which caused him to not trust people so easily anymore. Over time, as The Saviors disappeared, he joined a small camp known as Camp Hope to where he met up with some Chernarussian known as Dimitri Parkov and a Belarussian known as Ctac Gavrelyk who were both also interested in the area of Kamensk. These two men would become Hunter’s first STALKERS. “It reminds me of home my brothers...reminds me of my family...it’s apart of me I guess” - Hunter Moroz Dimitri at first was simply known as The Mute due to he was recently attacked by Russians bandits who were calling themselves Kamenici. His throat was badly injured during his torture which made him not be able to speak for some time but he would tell the story by writing it down. He would discuss what happened in the Civil War, how he watched Communists, Russians, and Chedaki ruin his home country and now take his voice away from him for some time. “Russians took my voice...but they have not taken my freedom” - Dimitri Parkov Their first contract was given by Noah McKaine to find any form of Documents in Kamensk along with any useful equipment that could be used for the Medical Camp…overtime they would begin to go around Camp Hope, gain contracts and assignments to help people who live there. They dealt with bandits who raided when people were asleep, they would go out into South Zagoria to find food, medicine, and weapons and also assist the group known as Mac Tire to fight off Chedaki. When Camp Hope sadly fell, the group would go there separate ways and take up contracts from other people they came across. They usually were given the tasks of protecting camps, gathering resources start-up Trading Routes. Hunter’s anger towards Chedaki was beginning to grow due to he was injured from a Chedaki attack and could not help defend his new home. His hatred towards Communism grew more from the fall of Camp Hope...due to all of this he then joined Mac Tire. “Why do they keep hurting innocent people?...they have done nothing to them, they are just trying to survive this new harsh world…” - Ctac Gavrelyk As time went on after Camp Hopes demise, Dimitri would stay around west as he made a home of the place known as Camp Eden. Here he would once again start to take contracts from people who lived there or came by. These were usually just protecting people who went out to gather the camp some resources but for Dimitri, he would start to recruit people to become STALKERS as he believed both Hunter and Ctac were killed during the fall of Camp Hope. As for Hunter and Ctac, they had joined Mac Tire to fight the Dead Batteries as well as help Kamenici fight off The House and Chedaki that were starting to become a serious threat once again to people in South Zagoria. During this time both Hunter and Ctac would still do STALKER type contracts and assignments for people that Mac Tire was allied with but was mainly protecting settlements from any form of attacks. After being apart for almost a month, the three STALKERS all met and began to discuss future plans. Dimitri talked about how he had recruited some people to join them as Ctac and Hunter had already had ideas what they all need to do. All three of these men had suffered harshly since the world fell into chaos but it did not stop them from wanting to help people. Dimitri continued to go out and explore South Zagoria to find anyone willing to become a STALKER as both Hunter and Ctac along with Mac Tire continued to fight Dead Batteries and The House...but once again these two would watch something else fall...a brotherhood. Mac Tire would disband...the brothers and sisters would all either become lone wolves or stay with people they had grown close to...as for Hunter and Ctac, they contacted Dimitri telling him...it was time. The three originals along with the new blood would all meet up at Stary Yar to discuss who they will become and what they will do. One thing the whole group shared…was hatred towards Communism and Russians. The Chernarussians who became STALKERS talked about the War back in 2009 and what the Chedaki have done back then and now during the Infection. Other STALKERS would talk stories on how Communism ruined their lives along with their families and friends in their own countries. …so they had a personal mission they all shared as brothers…end Communism in South Zagoria by any means...even if that means to kill. Find a Location to begin construction of our HQ – COMPLETED Build up Defences for the HQ – Day 710 Set up a Medical Facility - Day 715 Recruit new STALKERS – 3/5 Acquire Working Transportation – Day 720 Number of Contracts per month 3/15 Weekly Meetings to discuss progress and Contracts - Weekly Gain Allies with other Groups – Day 740 Setup Trading Chains with Settlements – Day 760 Gain Information on other Groups – Indefinite Gather Equipment/Weapons from Ground Zero – Indefinite Study and understand Ground Zero - Indefinite Find and Track any Communists/Russians/Chedaki – Indefinite Give out great RP to people we meet on the Server Making sure people have a good time IC and OOC Provide unique and diverse RP elements throughout the server Focus on RP over PvP If you wish to become a STALKER please fill out this template and send it to @TheMrGasMask. You can meet with us IC and have a chance of joining us there. Lore: @TheMrGasMask with the help of @FireDude Graphics: @TheMrGasMask and @CocoMii (Big Note: This is my first time attempting a group. if anyone has feedback about the lore and goals please let me know ASAP if anything should be changed/added/removed)
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    Funny to see those people who said "DayzRP is shit, Ill never play there!" now playing here
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    Fat Swede incoming Also, #SD2019 The EU can suck a big one
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    Absolutely amazing RP tonight, the emotions were high, and the torture was great! @ScarletRose I don't know even know what to say here that could describe how wonderful the RP was that you provided tonight. There's no amount of justice the text on this page would accomplish to let people know how great the torture session you provided was, how high the emotions were, and how dark and twisted of a character you have created with Alyssa. Thank you so much for providing my new number one experience in roleplay. I don't even know who all of the toymakers were there, so thank them all for me please! @Jadeboat You've managed to break Robbie once again. Other than knowing he knows you somehow, Robbie has no clue who the angel was carrying him away from that place, and to the house was. It's always a pleasure RPing with you Jade, and all I can say is I hope I get many more nights to come with your amazing RP! @GenjiRP My god..I don't think I've ever heard how emotional you can actually be with your character like you did tonight. I can see why you like torture RP so much now, you're amazing at it, and it was hard at times not to tear up myself. It's going to be an emotional rollercoaster of recovery and I look forward to being there for every minute I can get with you for it! I have no clue what Jet's username is so pass this onto him Genji, he's an amazing RPer and I'm super glad he came over. It was amazing seeing how emotional he could get during a situation like this for a kid character he only met like two weeks ago. I want more interactions with him and really hope things work out like we want them to!
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    I will be taking my leave. I joined this group to get a taste for different roleplay with different people, that is exactly what I got. I definitely really enjoyed my time in this group and had a great laugh along the way. However I have my eye on something else at the moment along with the playing hours generally differ from mine, I would like to thank you for accepting me into this group and making me feel welcome. Anyone thinking of applying to join this group should definitely do so. I hope this group continues to be successful. Ya'l are legends. Have a good one lads.
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    Yes, yes a thousand times yes to Infinity Evolved.
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    absolute 10/10 RP from these guys, so fkin impressed with their hostile/torture RP. Fuck that was some of the best RP ive ever had, and ive been doing this a long time aha.
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    Imagine punishing someone for something they had nothing to do with or wasn’t involved in.
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    I've had so much fun playing this character that I decided to make a tribute for him Rest in peace Viktor Petrov almost noone liked you dickhead
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    I heard its totally ok to be 30.
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    After the massacre of house people were sad But today is eu eleciotn and its bad to vote right so i went undercover
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    Nice to see characters people have spent time and effort into thrown to the garbage bin. Not sure exactly how erasing people's time and stories lessens hostilities and promotes RP. Almost like logging in after a mini Thanos snap. Guess we'll just forget those people ya spent all that time with over all this lore.
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    It is very clear that the current modpack we use (Feed the beast ultimate reloaded) has left people unsatisfied and turned away some others from playing. I can be partly to blame for that for not researching the modpack enough before requesting a server from it. So I have discussed it with @Aiko and we have decided it may be better to potentially use this modpack: This is a 3-4 year old modpack which contains around 175 mods of pure progression. Its got everything you would have remembered from the old era. Full mod list + link below: I wish to change modpacks within the next 24 hours if its at all possible. Just so I can go back and start anew without wasting anymore time on the previous modpack. If anybody has any disagreement, please post below. If not then I would kindly ask @DrMax whether it be possible to change modpacks tomorrow at 4pm BST Cheers, all have a nice day! King/monday
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    That will be in the next update after the current one.
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    I'm sick and tired of shit community I'm leaving forever and never playing again mark my words..
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    @Lorcan: "Why did you allow yourself to get carved into!? This is not dayzRP!" I love it when my friends support me Going full dayzRP mode and getting scarification
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    Happy birthday to these two boys @TheMrGasMask @Voodoo
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    " When the snows fall and the wind blows, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives " Hope. There isn't much of that around here now. It used to be that people feared the infected and the unknown. However, there has been a shift in what people fear. There is more fear of the living than of the dead. Our story is quite simple, nothing big or fancy. It started off as three of us, none of having known each other prior to arriving in Chernarus. We had come across one another in our travels after the outbreak. Our group dynamic was interesting as all of us came from different backgrounds. Phoenyxx, a former captain of the Canadian Armed Forces, Jackson a former Combat Medic from the United States Army and HanHarr, a former captain of the LA Police Department SWAT team. However, despite such different backgrounds, the dynamic of the trio worked well. We managed to survive alone, just us three travelling across Chernarus. Eventually our goals changed. It was no longer about us just surviving, it was about helping others. Just like our jobs before the outbreak, we wanted to help and protect people. Our morals had stuck through the devastaion so we set out to bring a little hope to the remaining survivors. We began to expand our travels and as we did we came across survivors who needed our help. From simply providing food and water, to gathering resources and even protecting those who couldn't protect themselves, we offered our assistance. In our travels, we also came across those that didn't appreciate our kindness and those that wished to remain hostile to one another. After a run in with one of these groups, our motivation to help those who couldn't defend themselves or just generally needed help grew. That was when the trio decided we would become a group and expand our numbers. Several survivors we had come across had offered us their hand in helping others. That is where our journey truly began. We call ourselves “The Wolf Pack”. We are strong, intelligent, loyal and protective.The wolf is a fascinating creature. Did you know that no matter how weak or how old, a pack protects all its members? That is exactly what our group does.The reason we called ourselves “The Wolf Pack” was because of our growing group dynamic. We are a family and we stick together to support one another. Pack life ensures the safety of numbers as well as the survival of one another.. However, heed this warning. A wolf cannot be tricked twice. Loyalty is important to us and we will not hesitate to do what is necessary to those that seek to harm our pack or impede on the survival of others. Our rules for our pack are as followed: • Respect all members of the pack • • Remember that you are representing our pack, therefore you must always be on your best behaviour whether with us or not • • We do not kill unless it is absolutely necessary • • We do not rob anyone for any reason • • Always give to those who need it most • • Defend those who cannot defend themselves • • Survival of the Pack is priority • • You will not speak for the entirety wolf pack unless you have authority to (meaning making deals and alliances) • Because we are a semi-nomadic group, constantly on the move, it is hard to give timeline to our goals, therefore we will keep this updated and add timelines where appropriate. In Progress • Successful • Failed Scout Out Chernarus & Keep Notes On Groups [Infinite]: Looking for camps, locations of groups, travel routes of groups. Reputation Control [Infinite]: With the reputation of the wolfpack, we look to clear our name and make a new reputation. Going around our focus will continue to be to help those in need. Therefore, whenever we meet someone, old or new, we will make sure they have the tools needed to survive and we will help in anyway we can. Food Supply [Ongoing] Keep the food supply within the compound full and accessible to the pack and survivors. Continue to plant vegetables/fruits, hunt daily to keep meat supply decent. Keep cooking tools (pots, knives, fire tripods, fire starter tools) Keep a supply of water bottles/canteens to be accessible to survivors. Peace, Alliance & Neutrality [Ongoing] Maintain peace and neutral standing with most groups so long as they do not interfere with the survival of the pack, goals of the pack and the survival of others. Secure the Den [Day 750] Within the walls of the Sanctuary will be the den. Secure the den and maintain organization of the storage. This area will be wolfpack only and will be used to store our personal supplies and supplies for those we have made agreements with. Establish ‘The Sanctuary’ [Day 790] Taking the current town we reside in and walling it off to establish a haven for survivors. This will be for protection and security measures. This will become a place for people to come for food, water, supplies and socialization. Business in ‘The Sanctuary’ [Day 800] Reach out to groups and individuals about bringing business into ‘The Sanctuary’ [Arms Dealers 1/2] [Clothing Shop 0/1] [Medical Centre 0/1] [Library 0/1] [Shoe Shop 0/1] [Mechanic 1/1] [Traders 0/3] Miscellaneous: Barber Cannabis Seller [Will add more as others approach and we reach out to more role-players] The Safehouse [Day 800] Establish a Safehouse in a secure location close to the ‘Den’/Sanctuary. This will be used for Wolfpack Members to get away from the area for a while, or those that need to be separate from the activity in the Sanctuary for a little while. PAST GOALS OOC GOALS • Maintain a respectable image within the community • • Make new friends regardless of character interactions • • Provide outstanding roleplay to the best of our abilities for everyone we come across • We are a roleplay driven group Phoenyxx Caine (@Phoenyxx) The 'Second-In-Command' Roy Hutchinson ( @RiZStream ) - Team Lead Zeta These are the third in command, each leading a team of members with specific roles. Lukas Stika ( @Hunter) - Team Lead Bravo Roy Cooper ( @Cracka_tee ) & Kenny Kowalski ( @bur ) - Team Zeta Leaders These members are our scouts. They are the ears and eyes of our pack. They gather information and assist with resource gathering. Elijah West ( @Insight ) Dominik Willens ( @Vlembar ) These are the security/combat members of the group. They help with the protection of the pack as well as doing any detail work (ie, protecting certain people, taking out hostile individuals) Nick Sauce ( @duxpredator ) Bishley Adams ( @Bishey ) These our are pack members, they have no specific role within the pack but assist where needed. They are still protected like family and considered to be family. John Swanson ( @Eagles_4L1fe ) These our are youth of the group. They are protected at all costs. Keiko Higanbana ( @Lori ) Liah Sharma ( @CocoMii ) Elijah Collins ( @BrianM ) These are our recruits, they are on trial and being observed by all members. Murdoch Komarov ( @SpaghettiCPD ) Mikael Hansson ( @Aron73 ) Chris Leonard ( @MrNiceGuy957 ) Henry Hanharr • Died protecting the pack Connor Wilson • Executed by Jaysh Allah, died honourably and voluntarily Ashton Piece • Little is known about his death, other than he was forced to play a game of Russian Roulette - Chris Jackson put him out of his misery Denis Sokolov • Died from wounds suffered from Jaysh Allah and Russians & Co. Michael Fletcher (ALIVE) • MIA Recruitment is currently: CLOSED Although we are actively recruiting, our recruitment process has been placed on strict recruitment. This means that we are only allowing recruitment to be done IC. You are to seek us out and come roleplay us and create a storyline with us in order to join the pack. This helps us create roleplay for yourself and our group. Becoming an Omega does not guarantee your spot within the group. You are not considered a full fledged member until you have been moved out of the Omega Rank. Please feel free to post feedback in our forum here or directly message Phoenyxx.
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    How To Get Your Desired Character Model - First you need to join the server through the launcher. - Then kill your character in game. - You then have to press EXIT (DON'T PRESS RESPAWN). - Choose the character model you want to use. - Join the server and it should be fixed. If for some reason it isn't complete these steps again.
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    This pains me to watch nozzy. One of the worst videos I've ever seen in my life.
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    I'm just going to sit on this for a while. Enjoy it some.
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    There are infected that take only a few shots to dispatch, the militarys of the world lost to them. A Eastern European country is filled with more people from Western English speaking countries then it is with natives and other countries like Takistan and Chernarus. I think we can suspend reality just a bit. The island is pointless as a base without some sort of water or collection system as the swim nearly kills you and you have to drink constantly because the game is broken.
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    It’s a tiny island, the only water they would get from the ground is salt water. Making people leaving the confines of a literal island fortress? Yes please.
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    I mean this effectively means people can live on the island and never have to come off it. I'm in two minds about it, one part of me goes "yeah that'd be really cool". The other part of me goes "well if nobody ever has to leave the island, that means people can sit in a corner of the map indefinitely, and don't have to leave the island meaning things like ambushes can't happen to get them as they leave the island for supplies etc.
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    real gang shit with @Charlie(front), @MajooRB(left) and @nyyoooooommmm(right).
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    I was always under the impression the infection was isolated to chernarus?.. maybe I just haven’t been following my lore, but Russia and the rest of the world would be relatively untouched from the outbreak in chernarus? Minus some political reactions to the infection? maybe I just missed the lore update or something involving Ukraine, but whatever the case best of luck.
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    Whoever is the guy who designed the new Defender should be swinging by a tree tbh. Calling this piece of shit the "new generation" of one of the most iconic cars in history is just an insult to its legacy; this thing looks like an overpriced Suzuki Jimny. Rant over.
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    Time to stream and see the world for what it truly is
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    After many days of consideration and pondering we've finally decided on the new leadership of the Sentinel's and will announce it in the few days to come. But to make it short, @Aron73will have leadership of the Sentinel's transferred over to him. Thanks for your patience (mainly the staff team). He'll most likely provide a new forum post and he can edit it and tailor it to his own needs.
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    When I see you in game
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    This is a great song i must say @YNW BorisOGRBRP @Hampze @wirpy @JippaSWE @HoboRP
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    NWOBHM! Baphomet
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    well then, as long as you have a trader dude with a deep voice who says "bullshit" all the time or "come on in, do not just stand there" and give survivors quests, then this could be a good group.
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    Been able to post the group on my birthday before I am completely drunk...mission accomplished
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    STALKERS...were here. Group Page is up finally. I've wanted to do something like this since I first joined the server and only just got round to give it a go. If anyone has feedback about the Lore/Goals please let me know ASAP. Wish Me Luck
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    New Profile.. Opinions?
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    Well this discussion was about consensual non-consensual ERP in-game. You still had to give permission to be raped in-game otherwise it would fall under powergaming like you said. I think the whole discussion is useless since if you don't want to be raped in-game you report them and they'll be hit for powergaming. I don't see what the point is in banning consensual actions between two individuals
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    American in Chernarus.
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    Mate, don't even bother. I will be spectating and banning on the spot
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    Sorry, I have forgotten about this. The thing is on DayZRP it has been a custom since the very launch that we add rules not for the sake of adding rules because things "might" happen, but because these new rules will solve a problem that is actually happening in game at that very moment. Since this thread went live and you have voted there have been AFAIK 0 reports about rape RP, and that resulted in this thing getting forgotten. I will look into it again soon, after releasing the content patch which takes priority now.
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    low quality picture of a low quality man
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