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    idk what I just watched. But it makes me kind of sad to see the DayZRP tag in the corner of the vid, since it means this actually happened within the servers of a ... let me quote: "...community created by mature people, for mature players."
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    Hard. No. While there are always measures people can take to protect themselves from certain actions: (IE: keep your money in your wallet and not wear it on your sleeve) it is never the fault of the victim. Don't blame them for someone else being petty about something shared in confidence.
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    Even if 50% of them WERE impulsive, it's all about consent, you see? Everything sexual should always involve consent. I send Brad a nude, I consent for him to have it/see it. I do not consent for his friends, and an entire community to. Could a nude photograph being spread around on the forums be avoided? Absolutely, by not sending nude photographs. But is the person who sent that photograph any less of a victim when it get spreads around? Nah, bud. The argument of we're all "pixels and 1&0's" is the problem with this community as a whole. People forget that we're not just pixels, and 1's and 0's... there's a human on the end of the line. Hello, my name is Alexandra, I have a fiance, much younger siblings, two dogs, a cat, a large group of family and friends, and I have a whole life ahead of me. I'm assuming there's a lot more to you than just being "Dr Willsky" (at least I'd hope there is). That's why your argument doesn't jive well with me. And your argument is also why people justify being absolutely horrible to one another, which I also can't get behind. So yeah, moving back to the topic at hand, using this as a perfect example of how we can all be a little nicer to one another. Since you know... we're not just pixels on a screen.
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    DayZRP has always been quite competitive whether people notice it or not, people strive to "wipe" other clans or out muscle them in RP sense so of course there's going to be heated arguements between players. People are gonna flame each other but anything said on here is so harmless in the long run and I'm sure neither side is ever actually effected, and if you're upset about a rival clan member blurting out something then god damn you gotta grow up quick. I personally think private messages should be treated as such, private. Anything said on a platform not hosted by DayZRP should just be a free for all, a really old TS that I use to play on had lets just say, altered images of staff members and community members, those said staff members had seen them on the TS but just laughed it off, but if that shit was posted on the forums it would be a straight up perm, and that would be fair. Why do people strive to get others banned, when its those same people that are bringing enjoyment to the server for even their enemies? I've seen it sooo many times before and its just stupid at this point. "These rules apply everywhere, not just things you do, say or send through DayZRP services." Thats from Rule 1, does that even cover private messages? its the way it should be but 1.1 should literally only be a verbal warning then maybe points if they keep going or straight up points for racism or sexism, but only on the forums or the DayZRP discord, not PMs. This community was never created with maturity in mind, the forums in 2012/2013 were pretty dope and straight up, no bullshit or worries of "should I post that," nah just fire away, people were allowed to actually be themselves without a filter and it was much better.
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    Using screenshots of someone belittling you and giving you shit for an opinion and then reporting it is weak? Nah. Insulting someone online, constantly to the point where you've been removed, come back and to do it again, that Lumen is what should've stopped. I've no issues with the person that was removed, nor do I with many left but going on the supposed 'facts' that someone is weak due to reporting a rule break is rather pitiful. 'Be less triggered' shouldn't be a community moto, when I was in staff we re-wrote a rule to make it obvious to people to not be a cunt. 'Basically don't be a cunt' was added to the old rules to make things clear, it should've remained because clearly that's just popped out of a lot of peoples minds.
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    I want my two minutes of lifetime and the brain cells I just lost watching this back please
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    Honestly? Not sure why it's so fucking hard for people to just give each other the common courtesy of basic human respect for one another. You don't have to like everyone you meet, but is it so hard to ask everyone to sit back and think for a second that we're not just pixels on a screen and there's an actual PERSON on the end of your insults? Seriously.
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    I found out today you can use NVG while your drive, here are some pictures if you didn't know and how it looks. What are your thoughts on this then?.
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    Ok im not going to sit by and let you keep making up false claims about Luke we made a group vote the majority won and you guys wanted different things and now your salty you didn't get you're own way.
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    Future you say? There is but only one future for Chedaki scum.
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    God damn it. Now I'm gonna have everyone after my ass
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    Welcome @Imation11 to the group. Our newest doctor added to the list to help the good people of this land
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    1945 After the Second World War ended, Five English men who fought on the front lines for the British Army came together to form the group called ‘The Time’. The five soldiers disagreed with the allies and their decision on Germany as they felt the Germans should have been under British Rule such in a similar sense like Northern Ireland. The Time ideologies were to enslave the Germans and sell them to other traders who had hatred towards the Germans. The men didn't care if the people were Nazis or not, in their minds they were all guilty by association. All of the five men committed war crimes during the Second World War, mainly due to mistreatment to the Nazi prisoners and torture for any information they may have had. The five men were apart of a squad called ‘Bull-Hens’ later on in the war to find out information about the Nazi plans by any means possible. This meant they went to prisoner of war camps and targeted certain people which they had information, tip-off on. When the war ended the five men met in a city called Enfield and spoke about their plans and what would be the next steps to carry out. One of the main objectives was to get funded. Each of the soldiers went to families and sold whatever they had plus any savings they had and reported back in two weeks. When it came to counting the money they had it was around eighty pounds which were a lot, because of the county trying to rebuild itself due to the war. The next part of the plan would expand over five years where the five men would go and recruit the same minded soldiers who served in the war and find work for them to help fund the group. By 1948 they had twenty men additional recruits and all twenty-five men worked on construction, such as roads and repair broken buildings that were bombed by the Germans. The original five men, we're looking for any work they could get their hands on so they could leave England, build a new base of operations. In between the five years, they found out where some Germans were living and burned their houses down and wrote ‘nazis’ with keys on their arms. 1957 Twelve years since the second world war, The Time had around fifty men, they now had the money for their base of operations in Bechuanaland (Currently known as Botswana) in Africa. When they left England to Bechuanaland, it took them around six weeks to arrive. Once they arrived they looked around for a few days before stumbling across an old farm. The group pulled into the farm and looked around it was empty. Almost immediately the group got to work and got their tools out of their bags and started to chop trees, saws and other nearby supplies that could be used to rebuild the farm. The camp got known as ‘Boyle’ after one of the five men’s fathers who killed in the bombing. Once the group got settled in, the locals came around lurking to see who they were, a small group of people came asked who they were and wanting to see what they were doing here. The leaders explained they were in the war and wanted to settle down here for peace, in reality, they were building a slave camp. As time went on the original idea for enslaving germans went down and the group went looking for small villages and outposts to raid, attack and capture whoever was there. In 1959 the time had captured and attacked around nine camps and made the slaves do hard labour. The locals who lived near the camp that needed help with whatever they needed to be done, they would go to The Time. As the group grew larger with the locals wanting to join, they expanded back to England, France and Germany to kidnap people who they had information that nobody would care about or go looking for them. The Time got a contract from Northern Africa regarding from some Americans. They wanted young children to make into child soldiers as they heard and seen what The Time was doing. In 1960 the news got out in England - ‘a group of kidnappers were around’ - The Time was being hunted so they left England and spread across Spain, France and Germany. The next few years The Time focused more on training their new recruits while older members went out and fulfilled on the contacts. 1965 While one of the newer members was back in England to attend his mother’s funeral, the priest gave the new recruit a letter that was signed with a wax mark and said ‘Give this your to your superiors’ and walked away. The new recruit was surprised by this as no one knew who he was. After the ceremony, everyone went back to the family house and the recruit saw four priests there. The recruit got uneasy and said his goodbyes and left. He met back up with one of the leaders in Peterborough and handed him the letter and explained what happened. When the leader turned the letter over and saw the waxed mark. Glaring at the recruit, he took a letter opener and started cutting away the seal. “Dear the leaders of The Time, We are writing to you about the line of work you do. Your actions have led to some inconveniences for us, our members have become frustrated. We would like to have a sit-down and talk about business and our future. These issues can only be solved in person. - The Church.” The new recruit, in his confusion, stared at the man and said ‘what is this all about?’ The leader responded back saying ‘looks like we have been summoned by God’. That evening the two headed back towards Africa. While the two were heading back they were run off the road by three trucks. The two tried to get up and were both held up at gunpoint. The attackers were all wearing masks and one of the men walked up and shot the leader in the head and told the new recruit ‘Don’t let us see you on our road again’ and the masked men walked back into their trucks and drove off. The blood still pouring from the leader’s head - shake to the core, alone and full of adrenaline. The recruit, crawling on all fours out of pure fear, scrambled to the supplies, the letter, took a photo of the leader in his sorry state, struggled to his feet. The new recruit wasn't far off where the camp was and was already early morning when he arrived. When he approached the gates of the base, two of the guards saw him and the cuts on his arms and face and helped him in. While the new recruit was getting patched up the leaders came in and asked what happened. The recruit explained about the letter, the attack and the photo. The next morning when the leaders came and ask if the new recruit saw any of the attacker's faces and other questions. 1967 Around two years passed, The Time sent one of the top soldiers and members to deliver a letter that they were given for by The Church. It took the team about twelve days to reach the address and when the arrived in the location the saw lots of young children and old people in a courtyard with nuns and priests all around watching and caring for them. Once they delivered the letter, they were greeted by what seemed a very old nun. The Nun brought them through the old building, after a few moments the arrived in a room where a few priests were standing around and one of them walked up and introduced himself and then The Time did, The Time top soldier gave him the letter and the priests left the room for around half an hour and came back with another letter and handed it to the man. The soldier and rest left to head back to the main camp. After they got back the leaders of The Time came and greeted them ask what happened and the soldier handed them the letter. After a short while, the leaders came back out and said 'we're gonna need some more soldiers we will be leaving tomorrow morning. The next morning the group was ready to head out to the meeting, The meeting was located in Groslay, a small village outside Paris. It took the group about thirteen days to get to the meeting location. When the group arrived they were greeted by a few people in black suits and few priests. When they walked into the meeting room they were greeted by seven priests who were sitting on one side of the table. The priests introduced themselves and explained what this meeting was about and what they hoped to achieve. After some serious talks and changes, the two parties agreed on a deal. The deal they agreed to, The Church would fund them and in exchange any babies and small children they would get their hands on and other targets that came to light from time to time. The Time walked away with around two hundred thousand pounds that the church had ready as a first down payment and good faith. 1978 With The Church funds and other funds saved up from other contracts, The Time decided it was time to expand to Northern Africa. The base of operations was in Bechuanaland so the leaders chose to pick four new bases that were located in Angola, Tanzania, Chad and Ghana and then small outposts between the base camps. Angola and Ghana main base camp were used as the main port for shipping slaves and importing equipment. Chad main base was to store and the slaves into sorting houses and when a contract came in for what they needed they would get them from Chad. Tanzania was used for getting in and out Kenya and other countries that were close by for that's where most of kidnapping went on. The Time had now five main bases all around Africa and around twenty outposts. While the slave trade was good pay, The new leaders of The Time wanted to get into the gun trade to sell. With people getting attacked and murdered local gangs were on the rise and the demand for them was high. Tanzania base was now to use the port and sail the sea towards Pasni, Pakistan and make their way up towards Multan where they had a contract with a group that called themselves the ‘MTS’ for automatic rifles and alike. While the new business and the trade was going great, more and more money kept flooding in and one by one each camp got better equipment, with it being, radios, clothes, guns, food, better living conditions and vehicles etc. 1989 In 1989, The leaders of The Time decided it was time to create a special forces group with the organisation. After some series, internal meetings, tests and such they chose the best fifteen men from their members to create 'The Hound Squad'. The Hound Squad main duties were to find missing members who The Time lost contact with for a period time, search and kill deserters, high-end targets, Find new possible base locations and other duties that came to light from time to time. The Hound’s Patch. Originally The Hound Squad was filled with fifteen members but as the years went passed they gained more members from the tests and programs they ran with resulted with The Hound Squad having a big say on how the organisation was run. In 1995 one of the members of the main camp was gone. After some investigation into the matter, they found that the member had deserted the group and attempted to ruin some trade relations in Kenya that The Time had for different reasons. The Hound got intel that the ex-member was last seen near the large warehouse north of the city in Thika. The Hound got some intel on the warehouse, the warehouse itself was used by a gang of small-time smugglers and whatnot for animals tusks and pelts for medical equipment. It wasn't long until The Hounds to get there, they watched the warehouse for day and didn't see their target and they decided to breach to see what was going on inside. When they breached the warehouse, they heard something fall onto the ground and they rushed in to see what was going on. The saw a chair and someone sitting on it, As they carefully searched the room and the others. One of the members went to the chair and saw it was the ex-member. The ex-member had been beaten and tortured and a rabbits head was nailed through his body. They took a photo of the corpse and left the area. That evening they radio into camp to explain what had happened. The leaders both said to get some information on whoever the smugglers are and take out who done it, as the ex-member may have given up information on the whole organisation. 2005 In 2005, The Time was at its worst and crumbling drastically. The Time contracts had pulled out, camps were been attacked and members been arrested for crimes against humanity. The biggest contract The Church was the last organisation in fear that will be caught up in the mess. An ex-member of The Time, who was also a private detective that The Time used for information started to put a case together in the early 2000s. The ex-member put together a team of private detectives and had the backing from numerous people to take The Time down. In May of 2005, the Private Investigator lead an arrest team to a funeral that some of the leaders and members were attending. When They arrived they saw three main figureheads from The Time and some Hound members. The arrest team laid in wait for an opening and when the funeral was finished and the casket came out, They came in for an arrest. The Time members ran for the cars while The Hound Squad tried to attack the arrest team. The arrest team were able to arrest two of the main figureheads and some of The Hound members while the rest got out of the area. One of the members that got away made contact back at the main camp to explain what had happened. This would be the last contact made from all the members that were there that day. Few years went passed and Time Time was getting attacked by other groups and members dead or missing. The people in charge that were left tried to keep things going by making new contracts but with the current situations and events no one would take them on. Most of the bases in Northern Africa were been attacked or destroyed what was left took the last remaining small sea boat and sailed out towards Iran from Kenya. One of the leaders had made contact with a group that they sold child soldiers to called the 'Instants'. They deal was that they would let them in exchange they would train the soldiers and bring new soldiers in when they could. This was the best thing they had for about five years. 2017 Since The Time and what was left from The Hound squad had moved to Iran, fighting in god knows what and where Some of them that were alive had moved on and left while some stayed. The new leaders had contact in a country called Chernarus from an old member that had left about a year before. The old member contacted saying the country was a safe haven from which they could possibly start up again. The main leader decided to leave and take five people he trusted with him and went on their way. Getting into the country seemed to a bit hassle due to the borders but eventually, they were able to get in by hiring a boat by hiring a guide with a boat from Samsun Turkey that they paid off. The guide brought them and landed in somewhere near Svetlojarsk and the group headed into the country. The old member had left a jeep in Svetlojarsk and gave the licence plate to them and the said the keys were in the boot of the car under the wheel. The group quickly found the jeep and headed towards Cherno but ended staying in the forest that evening due to them travelling for so long. The next morning the group headed towards Cherno where they had agreed to meet the old member. While on the way they noticed there were soldiers everywhere and roadblocks. They couldn't risk getting caught as they didn't have their paperwork yet. They took the backroads and a lot of detours to Cherno and that evening the arrived and the old member was meant to meet them in the bar but wasn't anywhere to be seen. The group waited and ordered a few pints, a few hours went by and the old member wasn't anywhere to be seen. The group went back to the jeep and when they got to the truck, they saw the old member walking up towards them. After a short chat, the group followed the ex-member back to his cabin that was in a town called Balota. That evening the group spoke about old times and what was the plan moving forward. The next morning the group were outside the cabin getting ready to look around at the ex-member small business he ran which was supply stores with vegetables. The ex-member was growing potatoes and carrots. The leader said they could expand this if they got more contracts to sell and better and heavier machines. After a few weeks, the farming business had few old tractors and other farming equipment. The group headed into town to have few drinks and while they were there, they overheard people talking about a Russian helicopter was filmed going into some sort base and other rumours that Russians were doing. The next few days the group didn't have any runs to do and they were in the fields sorting out what was needed when one of the locals that they got friendly with rang them and said, the army is setting roadblocks and setting camps. The group member went back and mentioned was going on and the groups started talking about what to do etc. The group decided to stay where they were for the next few days. A few weeks into the outbreak, the group and some members they picked up on the way were staying at a lighthouse near the coast for a few days and they had plans to get over to the island that could be seen from the mainland which they had been fixing up some small wooden boats to get over with but one evening the guard who was meant to keep a lookout feel asleep and the camp was attacked by the dead. A majority of people were killed and few managed to escape that evening. 2018 About half a year later, the group that managed to get out were on the road heading towards a town called Stary Sobor as they heard over the radio, people were staying there. As the group entered the town, they were created by the locals and one of the big factions had run into them on few occasions while on the road and they spoke for a while. After a few days, there was a food shortage and the faction asked the members to start growing food for the town. It was a matter of a few days the farm turned into a trading camp, and everyone all over came to the town that was renamed ‘Tortuga’ to trade. With the town growing and the amount of people coming through, the trading camp moved to a bigger area, where they could trade and others could too. The town had issues with certain people, such as cannibals and certain Russian people. The town was under attack from the Russians while the cannibals came in the night. Bandit groups started up roadblocks so trade wasn't able to get into the town. One of the key figures of the town took upon himself to go out and find a new trade route and bring in fresh supplies. While he was on the forest he was taken and wasn't seen for a year. The town was attacked and the town was ruined. When the key figure was able to escape he made his way back to the town to find his men and he saw the town ruined but he managed to find some of the members from The Time shortly after. The group was back and they tried to rebuild the town by creating the state but failed. The Time was once on the road again and now and they met another group and joined the ranks by joining forces. The two groups fought against nearly everyone as the leaders did not agree with them and the war began. Depending on what side you were on the story changes on what actually happened 2019 The Time moved into a town called Stary Sobor which alot of the members knew quite well over the years off the outbreak. The Time had information from a group called The House that a trader had already set up shop and The Time took the contact to take over the town. After a few days the trader and his people start to riot and complain about The Time there. The Time ordered the traders to leave which they did. Shortly after the traders left the town, The Time moved quickly and stripped down the shop and started to rebuild it after a few hours it was done. The Time had gotten information that the trader had moved down to a town near the coast, The Time headed down to the town and held up the town to find the trader and gave him another list of demands. Few weeks in and The Time had captured around thirty slaves which they used to rebuild the town. The towns folk had mixed opinions on the The Time which pushed people away but The Times Store had all the best supplies and other equipment which brought people in. People started to move up to a town that was in the north. This was good and bad for Time, as no one would go there shop but they cause capture the people in the town and sell them in the future. The town up north was attacked and people were taken and later sold to people who came to the shop looking for slaves. In the early morning a man shouted out to one of the slavers and the slavers saw that man was with a woman and man that was tied up. After the Time leader let him into the camp, he was told this was a runaway slave which had gone to the man’s camp to safety. After some talking, The Time and man made an agreement with the twos different camp. After a few weeks the time leader got radioed from another slave trading group that they had large number of slaves in Ukraine and were going to sell slaves to them. One of the leaders was sent with the numbers while few stayed to find a man that he made an agreement with. After a few months The Time memebrs have arrived back and started to rebuild the town of Stary Sobor and to carry on the slave trade. Goals Rebuild The Time and The Hound Squad. [COMPLETED] Find large merch group. [COMPLETED] Rebuild the slave trade [COMPLETED] Create a caravan trade route inside a trade zone. [COMPLETED] Maintain a cattle log. [COMPLETED] Slaves will work to provide groups both shelter for the future and monuments to respect our past. [COMPLETED] Create a large arms store [COMPLETED] Make contacts for building camps [COMPLETED] More goals will be added when in-game events happen PART 1 IS COMPLETE. PART 2 IS COMPLETE. Members The Time FalkRP JimRP The Hound Squad G19RP RandyRP KennethRP JewRP KordrugaRP DallasRP LouieRP HenningRP KricketRP JackZRP SassyRP YungBrandonRP SeversonRP VictusRP MurasakibaraRP ExoticRP LumenRP N-ToxRP CipherRP RebelRP UndeadRP PerqeRP NozzyRP ScarRP RedRP ThrashRP KyleRP OnionRP KaiRP NorwayRP ZorullRP HexRP Real VegasRP JoffreyRP BostonRP General RicketsRP OiramRP WongRP NikoteenRP RavenousRP MR.PandaRP CalRP SleepyRP Dr BrandonRP ZeroRP JamesRP DexAgonRP BandsRP HelixRP TurkRP burRP PhoenyxxRP HawkzyyRP BrodieRP SquirtleKittyRP StellaRP FaeRP ChaseRP FinnRP Slava John Johnson Send @Falk a message if interested in joining
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    This is a new discord since i was removed from the old one! @NozzyRP You are now admin of my new text discord Wow this discord is popping Thanks man i made it myself Yeah g this discord is lit So many new members! Welcome all
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    I give it a few months before the amnesty appeals roll in. No server outside of this one seems to last, best of luck elsewhere.
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    It sucks to have come to a split but the group had become a dictatorship without anyone's permission. I had a great time RPing with all of you but I want to stick to the lore of the group and it seems that only @Luke had that in mind so I'll be sticking with him as he has the right frame of mind in the group's lore opinion. I'll miss the first few normal days of the group but can't wait to start with the new things we got and have! Best of luck to all and here's to a good future.
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    Really, really late to the party but @Jadeboat your RP is 10/10. Sorry for shooting
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    Whew, this thread. I think In extreme cases of bullying and harassment then a ban isn’t stupid imo But if its a one time deal and you both get mad at one another and beef and get permd for OOC that’s just uncool. If you intentionally go out of your way to ban someone just because you know you can, also not cool. I think I’m certain situations there is hypersensitivity but not all situations. That’s my lousy 2 cents
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    Thats quite a fence-sitter response imo. Given the size of the thread and the detail that people have put into voicing their opinions, this is a problem that some community members want dealt with and are using a public forum to discuss it. No, we aren't solving world peace but passing the problem off as a non-issue is the kind of thinking that leaves problems to fester.
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    Of course my argument does not apply to people who post personal information about others or criminal behavior. Taking the edge case of someone who is genuinely hateful of someone else, to the point where they might be very insulting, I am completely ok with that. If you disagree with someone and care enough to make a point of banning them, surely it is more effective to actually argue and contend with what they're saying rather than remove them entirely? If someone is being unreasonable then their argument should be easily defeated. Banning people based on what they say only shows how weak your position must be if you have to resort to what I suppose is censorship in order to 'win'.
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    A real powerful video mate, will there be a part 2? Also welcome back Mr.Ling Long
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    Hello, fellow community RolePVP'er Pep, Misho already answered your question and I have highlighted the answer for you xoxo, fellow community roleplayer Dr Willsky
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    Thank you for having me, I look forward to the adventures and the help we will bring to the people
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    don't let memes be dreams also my memes are pretty shit *heart rate intensifies* That one time Nasinec got TK'd by vehm.
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    I've always thought that flies would make a super interesting addition. I've never played the mod (I know I'm a dirty 2014er), so I don't know if it's an annoying addition or not... But I don't care, I think it would be immersive.
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    Whilst this is suppose to be a "mature" community, much like real life, there is always going to be those who are just fuckwits and whom the server is better off without. A portion of these people are the kind that will go out of their way to get someone else banned because they said something they didn't like or have a personal issue with someone and/or because they can't separate OOC and IC. The worst ones are those who will provoke a situation and then pull the victim card and go running to staff cause someone said a mean word or two in response (which may not even be that bad), and then relish in the fact they managed to get someone banned because it's probably the only noteworthy thing they have accomplished that month and they can momentarily forget how sad and pathetic they are. This is where staff need to acknowledge just how juvenile a reporting person is. I'm not really sure of what staff procedure is in these circumstances, but I think staff just need to actually talk to the person being accused and give them some time to respond before pulling the trigger on someone. This would allow them to see if there is some context to what has been said to the person because context is important, not just in what was said but also who it was said to and how many people may have been involved in the conversation. Then they need to use some common sense and see if maybe it can be handled without points. Maybe just suggest that the reporting party block the person they are reporting for a start. Yes there will be times where staff need to give points or Rule 4 someone, especially if it is repeated harrassment but calling someone something fairly harmless should, in general, not be met with points. One would think that this being a "mature" community and all, that people could actually behave this way and not be shitheads to others or go running to staff everytime someone calls them a word that they don't like, especially if what is said is fairly harmless or when put in context is a reasonable reaction to something that person has said or done themselves. That is a juvenile response and not what a "mature" person would do.
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    I can't believe Game Of Thrones is over.. Time to rewatch it all for the third time
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    Be smart in what you post and that’s the end of it. Keep your opinions to yourself on things that will get you banned, and you won’t get banned.
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    From the album: A Deaf Girl's World

    We had to battle difficult terrain and wildlife. Fortunately, a latter seemed to give us a peace of mind.
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    Wipe the server within a certain time frame - like 4 weeks or so. / solved.
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    Meh. I think staff do a decent job staying out of a lot of conversations. Sometimes shit gets heated and they give it a cool off. Other times it's too heated and people get points. Maybe people are too sensitive at times, and that sucks. But it just comes with the territory. I'm not sure what you are suggesting we do differently as a community with this thread? What do you want to see change?
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    Shameless plug for my newest journal entry if anyone is interested.
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    Me likey. Good luck on this Ladies and Gents. Hope to run into you one of these days!
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    @Roland when as soon as he goes on vacation the Rule 2.3 report goes up
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    Potius Cras is back. Is it because I've been fucking smiling lately? Dom said he saw them a while ago, but not in these numbers, not this organized... I don't want to do this shit again. Too many... too many friends gone. Andy... I know I'll be digging another grave if I go at them again. I might as well start on my own. Might as well find a nice place near Chernaya. Hopefully I'll just end up face down in a ditch. Forgotten. Nobody gotta deal with my mistakes that way. I've done some terrible things. To them. Myself. Those I care about. All in the sake of stopping the Corporation? The lines got too muddled. I mean for fuck sake. We let Jack infect one of them! Hoping he'd take more out with em when he got back to camp... I turned one into a fucking paste... I just... still can't take the chance. Even if it's this slim... that they're gonna fuck up the little good that's left... Even if I ain't doing fucking "gods" work. Killing is all I know I can do.
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    From the album: Franny's Fun Times

    Just a nice shot from the treeline
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    I haven't seen Dom or Kain in sometime. I'm sure they're fine, just makes me wonder... I don't blame them for leaving if that's what they did. I just worry about Potius. No way in hell I can deal with them myself. Maybe I should just give up on our plan? As long as I don't use my real name anymore, and they don't find out I am back. I could get by like I am now. As if. Even in the mountains I was struggling to keep on. I have met some pretty resourceful people, unpredictable at times, but as long as I am on their side. They seem willing to keep protecting me and those close to me. Just gotta keep doing the odd job here and there. Reminds me of the old days. Less killing, but I imagine it's only until a matter of time. It's all I am good at anyways. Been hanging around with some kind people though. All with a troubled past it seems. They seem to like me... Likely the drugs. Easier to put on a smile. Sometimes I get pangs of guilt. Just gotta stay medicated. Been running low on codeine, may try to bump to something stronger... I'm around that camp too much to get some myself, but just gotta keep at the job. Some of the docs leave some drugs laying around though. They don't seem to notice when they go missing, so I at least got enough in the mean time...
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    Once my neck scared and my mother buried I tried to forget. I was taken in by CPS, talked with therapist after therapist, moved from foster home to foster home. Thing was, no one wanted a kid with such a visible past. So being the stupid kid I was, I opted to get on by myself. It worked for a while when I ran away. Maybe it was the bottled up hate for my father that kept me going. Knowing he was still out there... but I was never able to get far. A fucking kid in Chicago didn't have many options to get by. Countless nights I slept hungry on the streets. Eating garbage and left overs out of the dumpsters behind a pizza. Keeping hidden in trash and the shadows to avoid someone wanting fighting over my spot. This was my life until that greasy old man found me. He'd passed the alley I tried to claim as my own regularly, enough to where I recognized him. A hairy, fat, Colombian named Santiago. Told me he could help. He became my pimp... I've done unspeakable things for money, sure, but then all people really wanted from me was sex. Mostly men, but some woman here and there. His gang took me in and taught me their way of life. Eventually I was able to prove myself more than just a pig for fucking. After a particular patron tried to get off by nearly strangling me to death. Santiago had taught me was to always sleep with protection, and not just condoms. As he choked me from on top, my vision growing dark, and my struggle muted by his meaty hands around my neck. I reached for the knife I kept under my pillows. Grabbing it by the blade first I sliced my hand open, eventually fumbling for the handle, I quickly grabbed it. Plunging the knife into the man's neck. He fell back, slipping out of me, clutching at where the knife stayed fixed in the front his neck. I recognized he was choking on his own blood, as I nearly had a few years prior. The gurgling and choking sounding so familiar... I blacked out. When I came to the man was dead. His dick stabbed through his forehead with my knife. I didn't see it for long because I was being dragged out of the room by some of Santiago's men. That was the first life I took.
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