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    I know it sounds bad but i was wondering if there could be a group of the Fourth Reich (won't actually be racist) Like we won't discriminate against race or religion. But the other characteristics (i'm not actually racist and i might not even make a group of this type but i feel that it might add something to the server. Like the communists having a mortal enemy. This isn't all the changes to true naziism we would make just a thought, THERE WOULD BE ABSOLUTELY NO RACISM IN THE GROUP. Just some ideals like nationalism etc.
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    These things are sick, good find today Didn't even know these were in the game, don't work sadly, but the night raid aesthetic has been found
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    Some minor update to revive this dead AF thread. Ye, I still doodle here and there.
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    kamenici got a s/o on the jre podcast
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    "Bruises on my arm bluer than the sky is, Called out for help but no one ever offered it, Only way to numb the pain is whenever I'm off some shit, Pick the pen up and start painting my canvas, Lost trying to find my way with the map and atlas"
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    Who else remembers 500 word or character can’t remember, explanation of each rule and a novel for your character backstory??? It is WAY to easy now
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    @Jadeboat 's Mallory and @Drbeans's Kristen - I missed having girl talk, thank you for being around and having another lovely talk with Katie @Malthis's Robbie - I don't think I've had to explain that much information with someone before and I absolutely loved struggling with Mallory and Kristen to find a way to say it. @Kain, @Hunter, @lunathecat, Sunny/Sonny , Sam, Matthew, @Mugin - Truth or Dare was something I didn't expect, (thanks for the idea Sam!) but it turned out to be a lot of fun, with someone getting shot in the chest, and people showing us dance moves. Thanks for the roleplay and relaxing chit chat! @Kordruga - It's always an interesting interaction between the two of us. Can't wait for more to come!
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    Loved meeting you guys. Great roleplay, had a lot of fun after months without playing. Thanks for leaving a good aftertaste in my mouth, and that is not an euphemism, Jason. (Or was it James?)
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    When I'm taken hostage by people and 30 minutes in the only line of text RP I see is //do I find a radio then that makes me disappointed. There's so much you can do with text that you can't do with just your voice/animations and people forget that which leads to the typical same ole RP.
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    I am not saying i disagree with you, I'm saying the staff team right now is making some questionable verdicts that involve calling somebody "salty" or "upset" when they have legitimate points. That in itself makes people not want to report for BadRP out of fear of getting slammed themselves.
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    Woop woop! New profile theme!
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    Kamenici: @Veryniceperson @California @Chernon @Mexi Some fun roleplay today with you guys. Watch out for the cars though haha. Slava Chernarus. @Kase Always love roleplaying with you bro, looking forward to what the next day brings @Joah @SlickTR @Eagle @Lorcan Loved the RP at the camp today from all of you. Very interesting stuff. Tak Tak.
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    I feel like perma bans ruin a community more than help a community to be honest, only perma bans that should exist to me should be cheating, I feel like lengthy bans really do teach people, I can only imagine what the perma ban list looks like, so many good role players gone for some shit that really didn't hurt anybody, but hey we all have different POV'S on things.
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    The title is self-explanatory. I have seen people wanting this for quite a while. And dear God do we need it more than ever. I'm not trying to hate on the server but I feel like the quality of the RP is getting worse and worse. Please make the whitelist harder. I believe I speak for a majority of the DayzRP community, who had to go through the harder version of the whitelisting process.
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    Why did they even bother....
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    I’m going to bump this thread, the whitelist needs to be looked at again, I’m reading reports lately and it’s clear as day people aren’t reading the rules correctly and are acting like this is taki life. Now I’ve been away for nearly 2 weeks so haven’t been in game so do not know the standard of RP that’s being dished out. But from what I can see in the reports it looks trash. I understand these people are new and we were all new once. But it seems like some people do not care and glance over the rules. Please for the love of god make the white list harder. I remember when I joined back in the mod days and the whitelist was nails. I really think the white list needs to be stricter and if it’s a staffing issue to do them, then why not add a few staff roles dedicated to white lists and for new comers (application team)
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    Music In the scenario of this book being stolen from Eli, the information shown underneath may be used for roleplay purposes.
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    From the album: A Deaf Girl's World

    On my travels, I've spotted a group consisting of one stag and at least three hinds.
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    From the album: Franny's Fun Times

    Aleksei and Francis after some furious fucking.
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    I wish that were true. But lets face it these days I am scared to put up a report for BadRP because i'll likely be considered putting up a false report just bc i'm "upset" or "salty".
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    First things first you should never be afraid to make a report. If there is a chance that the staff do see no issue they should be posting an opinion and allowing you time to contradict that opinion and keep a report open based on your view or shut the report down because you agree with what staff put in their opinion post. As for BadRP its simply not doing what your character would. So joking around, using current day memes, rolling around on ground when initiating, showing no pain in a torture situation (no excuses as text can be used to emote a scream), running away and avoiding RP etc. The difference then comes to if it is trolling or just someone being bad at RP. The issue i see alot is the server just not being serious anymore. The amount of times ive heard a dick joke or just general running around with another player and punching eachother is ridiculous. I wont complain as its my fault for not reporting but RP like this needs to stop and for members of this community to actually put themselves into the shoes of their character. Make groups, form alliances, try to take over the country.. i dont know but dont just log on to run about, grab gear and generally meme.
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    - When is BadRP a rule break for you? At what point is it no longer excusable, and you decide it needs to be reported? I think BadRP shouldn't even be present on the server, if you get bored to the point where you start to meme around and perform borderline troll behavior you should take a break from the game. I believe we need to be more strict on BadRP, because this isn't VRChat. - What constitutes BadRP for you? Specifically, what do you consider "BadRP"? Here are things I believe can amount to BadRP Using female character models, and blaming the game even though there's a simple work around. Quoting memes, and overall meme behavior. example: crawling around, spinning, aiming at people for the meme, typical VRChat behavior. Treating the server like a PVE looting server, getting upset and letting that take an effect on your Roleplay when someone decides to rob you for what you have. Executing people for simple things(talking back, attempts at creating roleplay) just for the sole reason because you don't want to spend the time roleplaying to get the gear you wanted. I think I could say more, but that's all I can think of now.
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    Something different than a generic trap beat, hope y'all enjoy.
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    @DaRsnn @Lorcan @Eagle Fun times boys o7
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    Extremely enjoyable evening of Truth or Dare with some wonderful people! @Jadeboat For coming up with the most awkward question for Robbie to have to answer, and for the entire educational talk, always wonderful late night RP with you! @SquirtleKitty @Drbeans for helping with the awkward education of 15 year old Robbie (welcome back to RP by the way Drbeans, look forward to running into you again!) @[email protected]@Hunter For all the fun in the Truth or Dare game tonight, so many crazy and personal questions that helped develop all the characters us even more! @zsmith1111 For one of the funniest nights, your character is wonderfully dirty and hilarious and reminds me of my other character Alistair so much!
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    If you don't want to have trouble do not mess with people that have friends. Don't understand why people don't understand their actions have consequences.
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    Good times were had by all (mainly myself) Special mention to @TheMrGasMask for the nice little chat we had, better than at the end of a barrel, eh?
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    I nearly failed mine three times when I first join at the beginning of 2016. The third time was the charm. Needs to be harder to stop lazy people, kids, and trolls. This is what is negatively afflicting the server atm. I've dealt and seen with too many trolls, kids, and general tom fuckery that could've and should've been avoided just by a stricter and more in-depth whitelisting.
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    +1 The whitelist should be way harder than it is currently, I've already ran into a lot of people who don't know how to RP whatsoever, giving badRP. When there is montages for kills in an RP server you know something is wrong.
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    Add critical thinking questions to deter a younger audience.
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    This just sounds like any normal open settlement does it not? Where people can come and meet other people etc. Other than that yeah sounds like a great idea, i'm afraid if you're just gonna rely on people's goodwill then it might not last for long. People are bound to cause hostility when they meet other people that they've tried to kill multiple times and unless you have rules or the guards to back it up people won't care that much. Also the word "Svoboda" is copyrighted by @role player
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    From the album: Franny's Fun Times

    Back when we lived at the fire station.
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    My opinion? Sure. Based on the reports I've seen, what I've witnessed in game and on peoples streams - yes the whitelist should be harder. In the thread Jasper wrote, this is what I stated: I may repeat what I say there but we have newcomers who basically skip reading our rules page and do as they please. Such as going OOC in VOIP when it clearly states this is a ROLEPLAY server and any OOC used should be // for emergency purposes only. We have people who are new to the server and 'lmao' at it for being a roleplay server but they took the time out of their day to link their steam account, make a dayzrp account and do the whitelisting system? Children also join the server and just meme the heck out of things. I'm not going to lie but if a twelve year old child can pass out whitelist, clearly something is wrong... Unless they got their dad to do it for them. Another reason, the rules again, people report of what rulebreaks they think have been broken, and that is perfectly fine. But when they don't understand the terminology and tell us we're wrong. Shows that they clearly haven't read our rules yet again. Personally, the whitelisting should have questions that state the following: When can you use OOC? Is it allowed in VOIP? What is the definition of griefing? What is combat logging? How long do you have to stay in the server before you can log after a hostile action? What is powergaming? What is metagaming? Can you use your radio with both your hands on your head? What is NVFL? What would show NVFL? What is GearRP? Should you do a 10 second robbery and leave the person with no RP? These are the main problems I can currently think of that would be best in a whitelisting system. But that is just my 2 cents.
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    this is powerjohn and i'm here to RP on dayzRP. a lot of you cool johns know me, but if you don't well fuck it. who gives a shit. thank you to my friends for wanting me to come on here and rp
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    Hey, pals! I've been a member/whitelisted for awhile and now I'm finally going to introduce myself. I'm stoked to RP with you all. I've been RPing on DayZ for 4-5 years now. I probably know some of you if you were ever part of other communities. Most call me Red or Brittany. See you IG. ❤
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    Nice screenshot this
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    I agree that text RP can bring about a lot of interesting concepts and actions that are physically impossible to act out using DayZ as a game, quite a lot of the time the usual * (text) * phrases are involved in either searching for weapons or performing torture RP like cutting off a finger. Other than that * (text) * RP is never used at least in my experience during hostile situations, certain people like @CocoMii frequently use it to emote having certain features which is great in creating RP that would otherwise not arise, it comes down to who it is, I have been taken by groups of people who, because there are so many, disregard providing an enjoyable situation and focus on mainly talking to each other, there is sometimes a lack of focus on the RP priority in some situations as being left with minimal RP after a situation that has great potential to inspire different paths etc. The only awkward thing with Text RP is waiting for the person to complete what they are typing, and this usually leaves gaps of silence which can sometimes make the interaction feel quite disjointed.
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    RP server does not mean there is zero PVP. Where's the fun if there are ZERO consequences? But yes, yes, 100 times yes the whitelist needs to be fucking harder.
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    Teddy knows what he wants, but is unsure of how to get there. Hopefully Fifty Two and all his past allies will help guide him there, because he can't guide all these other people looking towards him if he himself is lost.
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    It took me 5 years to finish this...
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    It's a cardboard cutout trust me
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    Looks like some kind of super soldier.
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    From the album: A Wanderer's Pictures

    I was scavenging in one of the western military outpost when I accidentally alerted one of the Z's. It created a chain reaction and well... that's the end result.
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