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    HereWeGo. Feedback: I won't upload a handful of videos i have of your group running before i can roleplay with you, but it is getting annoying now. There has now been over 5 occasions where i have begun to walk over and attempt to start role playing with one of the members of your group to have them run away before i am even in VOIP range. I do not think your in game role play at all correlates with your group idea. It is almost impossible to role play with anybody in your group as you run away every time anybody gets remotely near you that isn't a completely passive role player. It seems as if i need to ambush your group to actually role play with you. Which i had to. What i have found is that you only tend to really interact with one or two people rather than groups and when it is groups it is passive groups. If you are meant to be role playing these big bad Chedaki characters, why are you running away constantly from any type of threat? Nobody actually fears you at the moment because they know you will not do anything to a group with any type of security. Don't claim its guerrilla warfare either, Because Kamenici play the same style but don't run constantly. My simple advice is start playing like a Chedaki group. Be fearless. You currently seem to fear everyone that is possibly able to protect themselves.
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    >RP boys posts group >People at some point or another start crying and posting pointless feedback. Thanks for that RP the other day... Keep it up.
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    The Asylum graphics: The Funeral Parlor graphics: Random:
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    Aaron lay wide awake in bed. Thinking about the days events. He turned to the side of the bed to grab his journal, along with a pen one of his students had given him years ago. He placed it to the page and began writing. Everyday, gun shots. Hostilities. It doesn't stop, but at least...I'm free. The group I've been spending time with, they call themselves Gen Z. I never really asked why, I guess I just assumed they thought it sounded...cool? What are the kids calling it...on...fleck? Fuck. I feel old. Sometimes even older when I'm around them. They bicker about...everything, but they also...have fun. Sometimes relying on the fun being at the expense of others, but fun nonetheless. Out of all of them Viggo is the one that I've spent the most time with, and I'm grateful for that. He reminds me of an old friend who used to tease me relentlessly but always had my back...no matter what. Viggo, Poppy and I rolled into a town call Pushtokeah? Don't quote me on that one. We had met a guy named Ryan on the road who had told us a bit about it, but the others had heard it from the Chedaki as well (that would prove to be a problem later, stay tuned on that one). Anyways, "Ryan" wanted us to hear about a group called the Funeral Parlor....I know right? Apparently they have a graveyard so I guess it made sense....still not a name I'd want to go around saying every time I met someone. We met the two in charge, a man whose name I've forgotten and a woman named Constance. There was some odd conversation, mostly about Poppy's shoes and how much Constance would buy Viggo and I for, it seemed mostly harmless. After mentioning the Chedaki had stated the town was a safe place, a meeting was set up with their leaders that...well never ended up happening (apparently dropping the Chedaki name was a mistake). We left Pushy (I'm going with it, just let it be) and things started to get strange. People began to whisper about harming us, about holding us up. "Ryan" developed an accent, and talked about helping us. I'm not sure what his plan was, but we eventually decided to run, Viggo had been brave and tried to cover our escape (I need to thank him for that). That didn't work, they surrounded us quickly. I think they mostly just wanted us out of town, but they wanted to know who we were (who we were with). After some time, of searching us and threatening our lives, they found the red arm bands of Gen Z in our packs. They thought it was for someone else (someone mentioned "The Order"...note to self...find out what the fuck that means), almost seemed relieved when we told them what the arm bands meant. Eventually they ordered us to run, I was worried for Poppy. i couldn't let them hurt her, but they didn't and were true to their word...and I guess that's something. I'm still wondering if they intended for us to leave the entire time...or if I had said the wrong words and as a result were kicked out. Regardless we had made it out, mostly unscathed. It had been tense, I had been worried about our safety, but not like when we had met the Toy...collector....maker...people. They...they aren't the same. Nothing about them makes me feel safe. We ran into them on the road on numerous occasions...they seem to be hunting Poppy. Seem might be the wrong word...they ARE hunting her and it scares the shit out of me. I want to fight back, but I'm not sure I know how...This latest time, we tried to run. I hid in a bush...I felt cowardly, but they didn't spot me...I don't...think they did. The woman Alyssa, she tries to get into Poppy's head...but damn, Poppy won't back down. The way she stands up to them, it's amazes me...every time. Gun shots had rang out in the distance, I think they thought we had back up, I think it spooked them...it's good to know they can be spooked. There is a lot going on right now. Gen Z...they...we...call ourselves a family, but everyone seems to have different goals...different ideas on where things are headed. Jordan is fucked up...I wonder if he's beyond repair...trying to meet with people that WILL hurt him, for the sake of a game. Poppy and I were able to enjoy a nice moment with Caleb...a man was playing guitar, (in the middle of the road) we sang along, and laughed. Hopefully there can be more moments...like that, but I'm afraid things are crumbling too fast... Maybe in the end some zucchini jokes will save the day? Aaron would chuckle softly at the thought, louder than he thought he would. Poppy stirred momentarily beside him, he leaned forward to kiss her on the head and she returned to her deep sleep. Closing the book he'd place it into his pack quietly, lying back on the bed he'd look up at the ceiling. Sleep would be difficult tonight, but at least he was free. wihcikâtew -it is mentioned by name- @MRS Bradtica @Derek Steel @Xehara @Lorcan @AlanM @ScarletRose @Watchman
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    Two cents on something. Saying, "thank you for your feedback," or any other variation thereof without any sort of substance is a meme in this community. I understand as a group leader or a group officer you don't need to give step-by-step details into the inner workings of how you take feedback, but don't complain when people don't expect or see change when you just rail off a, "thank you for your feedback," and proceed to have all your mates give it beans. You want to be taken seriously? Be serious.
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    Okay community member Kase. Thank you for keeping this community flame free!
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    @Mugin @Jadeboat @MichTheMedic @JkpFrog @Walnuts @G19RP @-CML-NorWayy @Xehara @Batok (also whoever plays Sunny, Dan and Worm @Pinkerton?) For the amazingly fun drinking game that then went crazy! Didn't expect to be RPing out a bullet wound, then drunkenness and a high afterward, made for an interesting end to the night.
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    The United Nations trying to reenter Chernarus for the nth time, despite local resistance.
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    Dead Batteries clients after their 32nd pill of comfort
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    I've just played on the PvP Server and ran into multiple people who did the "officer Elmo" thing in the Electro Police Station. Looks like @Bot Elmo is already a legend there and People sharing his lifestyle haha
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    From the album: The Detective's Journey

    Eddie hadn't seen Kaz and his people since the Jackals came to Green Alley in Cherno, but upon returning to the Camp Grounds to get ammo he finds a sweet surprise waiting for him. Getting to meet Kaz, Chet, and Fae again really made him feel like there was something to hope for.
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    think this is my fav x song no capero
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    Mate you said "it's Jim, this is Jim, he's going to initiate". How did you not use/try to use/incite using OOC info IC there? lol Seriously man, this is getting really pretentious at this point.
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    I prefer the Tarkov version.
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    Recruitment is Open We are always looking for more members to join the family especially now with a lot going on
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    All my avatars are free to use. Static Avatars: Gif Avatars:
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    Thanks to @Aron73 and at @justmate for the great rp today. Also @Magpie it was a really short encounter, but you are a great rp'er, keep it up!
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    New Heaven in previous lore, everywhere they set base @derNils
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    Kovar’s Market This is fun, Squilly!
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    I would like to have a music frequency. Especially if we host it. (102.5 would be a nice channel)
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    Random Anime Girl Gif No. 2 Just because I'm bored.
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    What I'm pissed about is why we aren't graced with this character on the RP server.
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    God damnit, this is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. The fact that you sounded so out of breath is literally the best RP that a deathmatch server will see.
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    This is the standard excuse if people want to join Chernarussian groups but cba to do the accent. I don't know if you'll be let in or not with that sort of character but I'd advise everyone thinking about creating a char like this to stop trying to go the easy way and learn the accent. Even a Chernarussian with a shit accent is better than a foreigner saying he is Chernarussian. Also be prepared to be called a fake Chernarussian and also treated that way by the real Chernarussians.
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    As a local Chedaki Scum I can Confirm
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    I'm too worried if @GaryCash finds out Francis is back in the country lol Was a great night though. @Aiko, @Bot Elmo, @Kordruga, @AndreyQ Fucking love how unpredictable the DB's are. Gives me a real fucking sense of unease anytime I hang with them. It's been a dream to RP with @NishiUrban, so I am stoked to see if I can bump into him and @Nocheluz again. Maybe get a tattoo? Gotta thank @MRS Bradtica because otherwise, I would've have gotten on, and had such a great night.
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    I'm fine with horsemen being op, it's realistic. But short swords are retardedly strong when fighting against knights with longswords, and it needs to be fixed.
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    And this is the part where I chime in. This group will be reviewed and monitored by me, it is also a Lore faction in reality if not in name. It is completely realistic for the UN to still exist in the world. We have governments, corporations, conglomerates, militaries, gangs, enclaves, techno fascists, cannibals, and all manner of group. As for why they are in SZ I'll leave that for the OP to establish. I'm never going to deny people the opportunity to play as the characters in the faction they want. A long time ago I wanted to run a CDF unit before it was fashionable and had a lot of people give me the same treatment or not give me a chance. He is well aware of previous experience, and even though you'd have to be a sadomasochistic to want to do UN it's his group to run, if he succeeds great, if not it's a game. We are here to have fun. Stop repeating what everyone has said and please move onto something fresh in the criticism department. OP, please refrain from going after people and calling them names, that will get you less than anywhere and only end in points and less potential help than you would otherwise have. Carry on.
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    Just dropping some dank feedback This video kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. Just standing around awkwardly after chasing someone down for a period of time and then instantly hitting mach speed like sonic the hedgehog and circling them going "HANDSUPORYERDEADHANDSUPORYERDEAD OKOKOK GUNSONTHEGROUNDORYERDEADGUNSONTHEGROUNDORYERDEAD QUICKLY BITCH QUICKLY BITCH" I dunno man. Doesn't really scream quality to me. I would work on making initiations more...something. I don't know. Entertaining, intense, more full of emotion and less deadpan or like anything but what is displayed in that video above. I understand this is an active report so you can't quite comment on exactly this situation nor how it ended and the validity of those executions but It's not the first I've heard of something very similar happening/being done. By no means are all of my initiations flawless mind you, but i'll be honest, as someone that does a decent amount of hostile RP and initiates on people a lot I just think that stuff like this is what increases the stigma against hostile RP as a whole. I would really recommend working on the initiation dropping side of things just from seeing this video and, as I said, hearing of other carbon copy situations that involved circling someone and repeating yourselves rapidly. Also I mean, from what I understand from the video, you've chased these boys for a while and finally catch up, and all you have to say is "Why are you running" like five times, and then "Suck dick bitch suck dick bitch" like...what? He then asks why he's being chased and all he's given is "Yeah...yeah." like....what? Again, what? This may just be one person doing this, and I'm not really sure who it is to be honest, but it does reflect the group as a whole. Other than that I think I've only run into you guys like one or two other times but it was alright. @-CML-NorWayy was pretty funny to run into near the airfield last night. Other than the initiations and the manner some of the hostile RP has been conducted, I've heard a few decently positive things about the group though, so keep it up in those areas and just work on the initiations and some of the hostile RP side of things I suppose.
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    1. I will look into this and fix how long fires take to burn out. 2. I will try to figure out if I can make a toggle autorun and toggle walking button, to lower the finger cramps
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    The one show to beat them all
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    I'll have to swap my camo/cloths, but whenever we do decide to swap I'll be ready! Looking forward to a change in scenery.
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    Not really military style but...I would be interested to see a group rp as a former soccer(football?)/Rugby/Hockey team. The interesting comradery that comes with it and how they survive afterwards with TEAMWORK! That or a bunch of professional wrestlers who were putting on a show and got trapped there. "Finaaaallly the Rock, has come back....to Chernarus!" Something like that.
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    If this is just about zombies, may I suggest, aiming for the head? There have been plenty of times recently I've domed a Z with small caliber pistols. That being said maybe a touch more power would help when it comes to body shots, but I think it's decently balanced currently.
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    "Today was a really good day, apocalypse considering and all. Shepard and I spent a lot of the day together. He's a grumpy old man, but it's kinda endearing. Like the way Gramps used to get first thing at the crack of dawn. I know that he feels a certain level of... responsibility over me, for whatever the reason is. I can tell by the way he gets mad at my lack of awareness, and how it's likely to get me in trouble with either the dead -- or the living in some cases. He gets mad because I think part of him doesn't want to see me hurt, maybe doesn't want to lose any more friends? That, I'm not sure of. There's just a certain little bit of loneliness in him -- an emotion I'm familiar with, so it's easier to point out in others. But enough of that sob story. The craziest thing happened though! So, we were shooting at a whole bunch of the carnivores that had cornered us in this house. I thought for sure we were dead. The two of us managed to clear out the horde, but all the gunfire attracted the attention of the living; one particularly rough individual, actually. At first I hid while Shepard talked to him, trying to get a feel of the situation before making myself known -- though I'm sure he already knew I was there. And then it was the wildest thing! The two actually knew each other! Way before all of this had ever started! I mean... the chances are... incredibly slim, right? They've got to be! And if someone can meet up with a person from their past, then maybe there's some hope for the rest of us too. I know it's optimistic of me to think so, but... maybe a pleasant thought for once will help me sleep better tonight. The one thing that is a little troublesome was the way they knew each other. I didn't get... many details, but enough that I don't think it was particularly good work Shepard used to be a part of. I should ask him about it, I'm sure he'd be okay talking about it... I hope. This Desmond guy mentioned something about being a getaway car driver? Getting away from what though, is what I'm worried about. I think I could still trust Shepard, even after knowing all the details. I get that feeling from him. But, then again, I've been wrong before. My judge of character tends to be... hopelessly positive. I'm starting to learn my lesson, though." Nick Shepard @Shepard Desmond Aurelio @Jack the Ripper Based on events taken place on 03/12/2019
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    "Today was... an interesting day, to say the least. Interesting in the sense that I settled down here tonight with conflicting experiences, and the only way for me to make heads or tails of it seems to be by spitting it out onto a blank sheet of paper. The men I first ran into had an optimistic way of looking at the world, a way that I once would have felt would be a good endeavor... but now I'm uncertain. Now that I'm sitting here... I can't remember the name they gave me for their group. Started with a "C"... I think. The one who was doing the most talking... his name was Alex, if I remember right. I'll be honest with myself when I say that a lot of the information they gave me went over my head when they had asked me to join them... become part of their group. It felt like the walls started closing in on me; a reaction that I couldn't have guessed would happen, but it came crashing down on me all the same. Why, though? They were nice enough; kind to me by providing me with water, weapons and sent me on my way. So why the fear? Unless it was their mission I disagree with? I told them it was a worthy endeavor, bringing back the world to the way it was, but I didn't believe it as the words left my mouth. Maybe at one time I would have gladly sought that out... but now, I mean what's the point? It won't go back... it can't -- even the most normal of us are too far gone. They didn't know me from a hole in the ground, and yet they ask me to join? It didn't add up, to me. If they were genuine, then they're going to find out quickly that someone is going to betray them. Even quicker still if they show the location of their base and hidden stashes to everyone, since they had to me. If they aren't genuine, then I'm safer not hiding out in an apartment building with one entrance and exit. That is, unless you count the free fall from the top. Some would. I was glad to get out of there when I did, even happier still knowing that none had followed me or tried to change my mind. Not too long after, I stumbled across a man in desperate need of some help. An older guy, mid-forties... voice like gravel in a blender, and an attitude to match. The dehydration he was dying from, not helping the matter either. Without a question, I helped... I mean, how could I not? We're all just trying to survive... and it would have taken a monster to leave the man in the state he was in. He drank nearly everything I had he was in such bad shape, but after he had finished drinking, and thanking me, I got to his name. Shepard. If my father was still alive, they'd be nearly the same age, I think. I couldn't help but to warm up to the idea, which is silly. Obviously. He stayed with me for some time, fighting off the zombies in our path I think as a way of saying thank you. We got separated for a while, and during that time I was glad to meet up with Generation Zero again, especially after my encounter with those who had wanted to turn the clock back. I had been hoping that speaking with the other group would give me some perspective. Show me both sides of the story, to help me make my own decision about it all. And though it did help, I'm still on the fence. They were really interested in me, and how I had survived thus far. Told me that my way of life sounded lonely... and they weren't wrong. I mean, how could they be? I'm proving their point sitting here, in a house I barricaded in the middle of a forest. But as far as survival goes... I can't discount luck as a reasonable explanation. They talked about how people cry with guns pointed at them, talked about it as if it were a bad thing... but I'm no different than the people they point them to, am I? Would I cry now? I don't know... but I know that I have before. Well before, when all this had started. I've changed since then, that's obvious... I wouldn't have survived this far if I hadn't. But, changed enough to be considered strong? Definitely not. Not by a long shot. There were three others there, but my attention was focused on the other woman... Kyna. There was something... uncertain about her. I felt like out of all who were there... she was the type of person most like myself. More of a quiet strength among others in her family, but determined nonetheless. If anything, one day maybe I can be more like her. Maybe. I'll take baby steps first, before setting myself up for failure. She had recently been married, and when I had congratulated her, she had mentioned that it was less her choice than it was that of her husband's. Jay Wong's, actually; a man I had met a handful of times before. I never got that impression from him... the kind to force someone into something. It was naive of me, having thought of him as less dangerous than he really is. I'll try to remember that for the future. The dept of that conversation didn't last long, though long enough for me to obsess about it now in the dark; my mind whirring a million miles a minute as it tries to catch up. I'll try to turn my thoughts to the lighter conversation we had had around the fire, and focus less on Luca's description of what she thinks of me; it's higher than what I think of myself." Generation Zero Luca Hayes @Phoenix Kyna Lysette @Aisling Jay Wong @Wong Nick Shepard @Shepard Alexander Garrett @SullyDat Based on events taken place on 03/11/2019
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