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    @Real Vegas my partner in crime
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    Today was another day full of great RP. First I want to thank all my Chedaki bratr's. Every day I am hyped to play because of you, thank you. Second I want to thank the Toymakers @ScarletRose, @Roman, @Method and the others (sorry dont know your forum names) for your amazing hostile RP / kind? RP. Loved it. Third I want to thank the Doctors @Jadeboat and @Imation11, I loved how doctor Shock tried to protect Victor even though he was Chedaki. Great roleplay from the both of you. I also want to thank @Shanoby for his roleplay, I enjoyed it. Finally I want to thank @Xehara, everytime we meet we RP for atleast an hour. So much character development its unreal. Hopefully this story will not end soon! If I missed anyone, sorry!
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    I have finally gotten a moment to properly comment on the whole uniform situation so here it goes. From the perspective of the Lore, NAPA and Chedaki did not have official uniforms, they did however have a collection of clothing items and various parts of suits mixed and matched to form a certain "look". NAPA tend to go for a more green look with flecktarn, jeans, in combination with olive or green elements. Chedaki tend to stick to Russian VSR-93/98 (not in SA) and urban and woodland reed (also not in SA). So that's the lore side of things. Why a bunch of Chedaki guys would run around wearing stuff to look like NAPA is sort of odd, unless you are pretending to be them. NAPA has not existed since 2009 anyways. I find this entire ordeal over clothing kind of odd at the end of the day. Nobody can copyright or say that anyone else can't wear something, that's just absurd. Most conflicts have a mix and match scheme with a certain look for either side, see Ukraine in this case or even Chechnya. But at the same time it does not make sense for Chedaki or pro-govt forces to run around wearing the opposite sides berets. I also would not run around looking like Chernarussian countryside militants, just doesn't make sense. I'm not telling you that you can't wear something, or even a particular set of items, but from a Lore perspective it would be correct to mix and match a bit more or wear black, that's kinda the current BPR/Chedaki thing now given we don't have proper uniforms. My suggestion is to wear woodland camo along with the black berets or masks and some black. It doesn't make a ton of sense to dress like NAPA. TL;DR: be sensible and dress how you should according to lore, but not to the point of splitting hairs over pixels
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    I agree, to a degree. But you did ultimately end your own life by calling us no better than capitalist and also saying that we were lost etc. I wanted to make you join us, actually had no clue who you were. I wanted to give you a chance to fight beside us and support us but @Zipcouda had other plans. I feel like we should meet up ingame again and not have you pk that would make me very upset as it was not how i and several others wanted that situation to go.
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    The real reason I didn't end up actually doing the mentor program is because only one or two people actually read the whole thing and properly applied. 10+ people did not and applied incorrectly. Fuck me mate. The mentors needed mentors. Aint got time for that.
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    @ToeZiesOG Good fun with the other CZ who came, as well as Mac Tyre boys. Also a nice thank you to Dan's Nate's friends from the camp, all in all very good time, you guys really sell your characters well.
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    Props to @Eagle for the video of this spinarooney initiation.
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    It’s my base and home tho and they are breaking in and stealing my shit, it should be treated the same way as an initiation or robbery. I don’t want to RP with someone robbing me if I don’t have to. What would I do if I initiated and they comply? I can’t execute them. All I can do is beat them up and let them loose just so they can go run to their friends or them come back with a sniper and dome me.
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    When your group gets some good love from the community and hits official. - Clancy Road showed partying in GenZ's Nightclub celebrating his new life as being relevant -
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    Little friendly reminder! Dont be sad because sad backwards is das and das not good!
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    Wouldn’t mind the channels that are on the actual radio IG so that people can join for negotiations etc.
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    I feel like I can give some fair opinion on the topic given my history in the community. Nobody will have noticed this, but I started playing on DayZRP back in 2015, being 15, whilst the 16-year-old rule was in place. I was eventually outed by an old group-mate however was given the option to appeal this once I was 16 due to my behaviour, roleplay ability and general mature and juicy input to the community. I fully believe there are people under 16 absolutely fit for the community. But with all that being said, Age enforcement would ensure a mature community, with much less possibility of far below average roleplay and encounters in-game, as well as the forums. Whilst I'm on the fence regarding the age enforcement matter, I'm heavily in favour of increasing the complexity of the whitelisting process as I feel there seems to be a large recurring issue with active members coming across players clearly not aware of what the server is, or what the whole idea is. Just my thoughts though! I am rather zoinked, and could be chatting absolute scooby-snacks!
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    From the album: Silence

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    @GreenySmiley It was a pleasure to meet you ingame. Great rper, hit me right in the feels. Was leaving to join my friends but felt bad for leaving her alone went back and took brought her with me on the walk. Hope the settlement you ran to gave you some good rp and experience. Look forward to seeing you again.
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    @RolandWhat happend to the itemshop's "Item of the Week" discount? I am a big fan of the itemshop, and have been buying new items here and there, I just am saddens to see it gone. I noticed it a couple months back, but figured I would ask why it was removed.
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    This thread is for all your irresponsible drinking, feel free to post your own. Made by: @baskorthuis
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    Had this on repeat today, such a tune.
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    I think instead of outing people based on their age, we should out people based on their ability to abide by the rules (in this situation BadRP being the most important). Please bring back the old whitelist system, where intelligent people could still pass if they took the time to understand the rules and lore. I internally cringe every time I read a character bio that says Chernarus is an island. No arbitrary age rule, harder test to get whitelisted. tyty.
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    It was so good they had to give it the thumbs up twice, congrats again!
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    In terms of Lore: Of course this doesn't really make sense. One could argue the bridge was once heavily fortified etc, but even still, no bridge would make way more sense. In terms of Gameplay: A new bridge could see a potential rise in the amount of interactions and traffic happening on the island, and never having been there myself (noob) it does make it a lot more appealing than to swim for who knows how long, get freezing cold etc just to arrive with possibly nobody else there. Just some thoughts.
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    @Falk is a fool just use this https://kiwi6.com/login
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    I'd also like to add, just because it would be hard to enforce a rule, doesn't mean we shouldn't have it. There are definitely still ways to determine if someone is under 16. Things like how they act, their IG voice, etc. It really wouldn't be that hard to enforce it if we all worked as a community.
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    welcome to the community and good luck with your whitelist
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    Sounds like y'all need a Spanish Inquisition
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    Funny video haha A bit spooky as well with the meat and all that
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    Looks good. Looking forward to more interactions between us!
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    Congrats on the approval mate.
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    Approved based on reassurement by the OP that this is not another "drop weps" bandit group, but more of a lawful evil alignment approach. Should that not be the case, the approval will be withdrawn.
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    Had amazing rp with @PhantomPlayin @Quill
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    add a Proficiencies & Skills tab into character pages, so we can mark off what our characters are good at. Piano, drums, Hunting, fishing, farming, killing, .etc
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    Encoding the first 6 episodes of Captain O'Hara's story! This series will eventually lead to the story of the South Zagoria Alliance and the rise and fall of Albion!
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    Can't enforce this due to new laws that were put in place in Europe.
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    Thanks @Walnuts for the RP we had earlier. Was an extensive philosophical RP I really enjoyed. You play the old boy well.
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    Now is with Samantha
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    Who needs to be official if you never firefight? Boys im so proud about everything we did so far, bringing fear into chernarus without taking peoples supplies and without pvping. this has been one of the best groups ive been a part of and I cant wait to see where the future brings us. Slava Chedaki
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    Please do not clutter the thread anymore, the feedback has been addressed. If you wish to argue take it to PMs, thank you very much lads and have an awesome night of roleplay.
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    Our active playerbase continues to grow for some unexplainable reason, and we are reaching new records in queue length to the server during peak times. I opened server 2 yesterday to temporarily help this issue, however as we all know it comes with a long list of problems on its own, including using the second server for looting, loot storage and ghosting into bases. At the same time we cannot expect to grow as a community and server if we cannot add additional servers and have enough slots for everyone. I have coded a little addition to the server player check today. What it does is it locks the second server until server 1 is 80% full. This happens automatically and without requiring staff to start/stop servers or do anything in particular. This way both S1 and S2 can stay permanently online, but S2 will only be usable once S1 fills up. Once S1 dips below the player threshold, an announcement will be sent to players on S2 and they will be kicked some time after in order to move to S1. The locked/unlocked status of the servers is displayed on the front page using a lock icon. This status is updated every 5 minutes.
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    So, you’ve decided to give your character a stutter. Great! People with speech impediments are generally mis-represented in modern entertainment and normally associated with being disabled. This guide is to help you avoid that stereotype and create some interesting characters. Bit of backstory about myself. I’ve had a stutter for as long as I can remember, I’m chill about it and talk as much as possible and power through the shit. Let’s get started. What kind of speech impediments are there? What kind of speech impediments are there? To answer that, we need to ask what a speech impediment is. A speech impediment is a communication disorder where speech is disrupted or blocked. This can mean anything from stuttering to being mute. Side note, although a lisp can be considered a speech impediment, it’s not as severe as the other types. There’s a bunch of speech disorders, much more than the average person would know. I’m sure you’ve got a busy day, so let’s go over the major ones. Cluttering – The person speaks quickly and rapidly, makes speech difficult to understand Muteness – The person has an inability to speak Development Verbal Dyspraxia (DVD) – Only seen in children. Children have problems saying sounds, phrases and syllables due to brain having problems moving body parts Stuttering – A big one. The person has issues with the flow of speech. Speech is disrupted or blocked by involuntary repetitions of sounds, involuntary prolongation of sounds, involuntary silent pauses or involuntary spasms when trying to talk There’s a lot more than just these four. If you have spare time, take a moment to read up on some of the others. It’ll also help to look up interviews with people that suffer from speech impediments. Stuttering Stuttering is the most common speech impediment used in entertainment media. This includes books, games, film, music etc. Stereotypically, a character with a stutter is viewed as being mentally challenged in media (Yes, really. This fucking happens.) and as a guy who suffers from a stutter, it’s bloody annoying. Let’s try and help you avoid the same mistake. So, we briefly mentioned stuttering and what it is. That was just the tip of the iceberg, there’s a lot to stuttering. A lot of people associate stuttering with the repetition of certain sounds (H-h-h-hello.) and although this does happen, it’s not the only characteristic of stuttering. The prolongation of sounds (Ssssssssssay it to my fffffffffface.), silent pauses and muscle spasms are also a part of the disorder. It’s important to note that the stress levels of the person affect how much they stutter. If Joey is talking to his friend Chandler, he’s not going to be stressed and he won’t stutter as much. However, if Joey is getting mugged, his stutter is going to be a lot worse. Right, back onto the characteristics of stuttering… specifically repetition. Repetition only works with sounds, not entire syllables. (NOT ‘hel-hel-hel-hello’). A person doesn’t stutter on every word either, that relates to the flow of the sentence. A good way of understanding how it happens is to look at sentences like blocks. Let’s take the sentence ‘This cuppa is bloody boiling!’ If I was to say this sentence, chances are I’d say it like ‘T-this cuppa is *silent pause* b-bloody boiling!’ Let’s break it down into blocks. The first block can be looked at as being ‘This cuppa is’, the final block being ‘bloody boiling!’. Generally, a person only stutters once in a block of a sentence. That’s what happens to me when I speak anyway. However, the severity of the stutter can affect this. When I say ‘stutter’ in this context, I mean to show one or multiple characteristics of a stutter if that makes sense. You’ll notice that there was a silent pause in that example. That silent pause is the person trying to get the word, phrase, or sound out of their mouth and into the air. Sometimes it takes a couple seconds, sometimes ten seconds, sometimes thirty or sometimes they even restart. During that silent pause, a couple things can sometimes happen. The person’s face or arms can slightly spasm while they try to get the word out, their mouth can be distorted or a mixture of the two. Personally, when I have a silent pause for over ten seconds I start over. The prolongation of sounds follows the same ‘sentence block’ theory. However, this characteristic only shows itself on certain sounds. It’s more prominent when the ‘S’ (Ess or Sss) sound is used and can happen anywhere within a word, start to end. Severity of the stutter An important one. I met a fellow stutterer in primary school whose stutter was more vicious than mine. Every time he tried to talk, his right or left arm would flap like he was acting like a bird and his mouth would remain in the same spot. He stuttered on every word in a sentence. He didn’t give a fuck though, he was still hyperactive and playful and talkative. The severity of the stutter affects how much you stutter in a sentence. I’m rather lucky as I can get through a sentence with some difficulty when compared to other stutterers. Why does your character have a stutter? There’s a bunch of reasons as to why your character can have a stutter. Anxiety disorders, genetics, stress, head injury, etc. Since stuttering is related to a problem in the brain, any issue relating to the brain can affect speech. A hard smack on the head, a tumor in the brain, PTSD. Anything can affect it. I stutter due to my mother and father stuttering when they were young, they grew out of it though. It probably didn’t help that my mother smoke and drank alcohol while I was still in the womb. Oof. The mind of a stutterer People that suffer from any speech disorder tend to have decreased self-esteem and are, of course, subject to bullying at a young age. A positive, thick-skin attitude is needed if you’re not going to be affected by such things. Being able to joke about your own stutter is helpful. I tend to joke around with it with my friends, however I take it as an insult when a stranger makes a joke about it. If your character doesn’t possess such an attitude, chances are they’re going to be offended easily. I was in a Facebook stutter group for a while and saw a lot of self-pity and people complaining about jokes being made at their expense. I also saw stories of small victories. Being able to talk to a person over the phone without stuttering, conquering a fear of asking for cinema tickets or calling it for a cab. In the mind of a stutterer, every conversation is a win. Couple side notes No, a person doesn’t stutter when they think. Most stutterers don’t like when people finish sentences for them. Personally, I don’t give a fuck. Save me the annoyance. No, people that stutter aren’t disabled. A stutter can be controlled through breathing exercises and talking very slowly. It works, but takes months to get right. Through those months, you’re going to sound like a robot. I tried it, it worked, but I didn’t want to sound like Microsoft Sam. Around 1% of the world stutters. That’s half the population of Russia, 75,270,000 to be exact. End There you have it! There’s a lot to stuttering. As stated before it’s important to not immediately go into the ‘mentally challenged’ territory. Try not to roll around in the wasteland with autism and a stutter, it doesn’t represent stutterers well.
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