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    @Real Vegas my partner in crime
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    Fast and Furious Kevin Nivek
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    Today was another day full of great RP. First I want to thank all my Chedaki bratr's. Every day I am hyped to play because of you, thank you. Second I want to thank the Toymakers @ScarletRose, @Roman, @Method and the others (sorry dont know your forum names) for your amazing hostile RP / kind? RP. Loved it. Third I want to thank the Doctors @Jadeboat and @Imation11, I loved how doctor Shock tried to protect Victor even though he was Chedaki. Great roleplay from the both of you. I also want to thank @Shanoby for his roleplay, I enjoyed it. Finally I want to thank @Xehara, everytime we meet we RP for atleast an hour. So much character development its unreal. Hopefully this story will not end soon! If I missed anyone, sorry!
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    So... I guess me joining the group is out Sadly it went as it did... I cannot say I am very happy about it. I was hoping to have intelligent conversation IC cause Im actually passionate about communism topic ingame, but it is hard to do when there is like 5 people trying to talk to you and I have to keep track, who asked what and so on, not fun. I would rather have talked to one person, one of the guys with Chedaki hat. Whoever was doing most of the talking to me, I really felt you tried to listen and have proper conversation whilst others constantly interrupted and added confusion lot of the times... maybe cos it was 2AM + time and I was also bit tiered. Also I am sad about that people who roughed you up were let go, yet in perspective my character (although being leftist anarchist/real communist) got executed cos of bad joke and hurt feelings. I feel like execution was a bit too much. Considering this is the first time we met IC... torture or beating up would have been enough. Now I will have to think about it if my character survived this or not... seems unlikely. Overall fine hostile RP, but too much confusion, interrupting and at I felt a bit rushed all the time... not good bases for RP and character development. Thank you and good luck!
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    Wanted to come on here and praise the rp from the group that I received today. Thank you all for furthering our storylines of GenZ and for providing some outstanding hostile rp. especially @Jackfish & @OxeN as we had the most interaction with them during the encounter. Good luck on getting accepted. I love that you're so story focused and not pvp or gear focused
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    Hello, We started this group not too long ago and we wanted to give people a good time, we wanted to focus on roleplay and focus on storylines. This is going very good in our and other people's eyes. Yet I hear some people complaining about our group. I know you can't make everyone happy and I respect that, but it makes me pretty sad to see that people complain about us on Discord and assume we do certain things, not having even met us before, but don't post feedback on our group page or PM us. I would like to ask all the people who have feedback, positive or negative, to post it on our group thread or PM myself. We want as much feedback as we can get so we can make this group better and better each day.
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    I have finally gotten a moment to properly comment on the whole uniform situation so here it goes. From the perspective of the Lore, NAPA and Chedaki did not have official uniforms, they did however have a collection of clothing items and various parts of suits mixed and matched to form a certain "look". NAPA tend to go for a more green look with flecktarn, jeans, in combination with olive or green elements. Chedaki tend to stick to Russian VSR-93/98 (not in SA) and urban and woodland reed (also not in SA). So that's the lore side of things. Why a bunch of Chedaki guys would run around wearing stuff to look like NAPA is sort of odd, unless you are pretending to be them. NAPA has not existed since 2009 anyways. I find this entire ordeal over clothing kind of odd at the end of the day. Nobody can copyright or say that anyone else can't wear something, that's just absurd. Most conflicts have a mix and match scheme with a certain look for either side, see Ukraine in this case or even Chechnya. But at the same time it does not make sense for Chedaki or pro-govt forces to run around wearing the opposite sides berets. I also would not run around looking like Chernarussian countryside militants, just doesn't make sense. I'm not telling you that you can't wear something, or even a particular set of items, but from a Lore perspective it would be correct to mix and match a bit more or wear black, that's kinda the current BPR/Chedaki thing now given we don't have proper uniforms. My suggestion is to wear woodland camo along with the black berets or masks and some black. It doesn't make a ton of sense to dress like NAPA. TL;DR: be sensible and dress how you should according to lore, but not to the point of splitting hairs over pixels
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    I agree, to a degree. But you did ultimately end your own life by calling us no better than capitalist and also saying that we were lost etc. I wanted to make you join us, actually had no clue who you were. I wanted to give you a chance to fight beside us and support us but @Zipcouda had other plans. I feel like we should meet up ingame again and not have you pk that would make me very upset as it was not how i and several others wanted that situation to go.
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    The real reason I didn't end up actually doing the mentor program is because only one or two people actually read the whole thing and properly applied. 10+ people did not and applied incorrectly. Fuck me mate. The mentors needed mentors. Aint got time for that.
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    Made my first signature. Guess that means i'm a web designer Photo shop expert now!
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    20 rounds of roleplay delivered
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    @ToeZiesOG Good fun with the other CZ who came, as well as Mac Tyre boys. Also a nice thank you to Dan's Nate's friends from the camp, all in all very good time, you guys really sell your characters well.
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    I am going to post random stupid shit here.
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    Huge thanks to everyone who keeps coming to my stream from DayZRP, Means a lot!
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    Last night's rp was insane. Thanks to @Watchman @Voodoo @AlanM @MRS Bradtica @Imation11 @Derek Steel @Limpan @SonOfWatchman
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    Hello everyone! The event held on the 21st was a great success! Even though it was Easter, we still had a very great turn out. We had quite a few visitors, and we handed out some of the more interesting tasks thus far. Speaking of tasks, I want to thank all those who participated. I want a special shout out to @Ducky and his boys for volunteering to play the hostile group. We had nothing but positive feedback for the tasks, and I want everyone to know they'll only get more interesting and complex/open ended in the future. Every action, every task completed, and every faction helped is actively affecting the lore and what's happening around Chernarus. You'll see some of the proof of this in an upcoming Radio update from CCNN on the Event radio thread. As far as trading goes. This faction was known as 'Chrysopoeia Corporation'. The volunteers who portrayed the traders did so accurately and I couldn't have been happier. Those of you who got 'scammed'. That's all part of the fun and RP. You gotta haggle! Those of you who didn't see something you wanted? Save your roubles and come to the next event! Every event will utilize roubles as currency. As for the visitors. This time we had about the same if not a few more visitors than last time. However, due to some growing pains and unforseen issues that arose, I am going to address something. I've made a few amendments to the event rules on the original post. I'd also like to point out that, in the future people who violate these rules at the events, will be punished as per both the event and forum rules. Things such as needless 'big-dicking' (such as you'd see on the radio thread) and other intentional disruptions will be dealt with in an according fashion. Bantering, speaking in a hostile manner, etc. Is completely allowed, but there's also a point where it does nothing for the situation. The factions you're interacting with (for the most part), have a large backing of numbers. If you wish to interact in a hostile way with the faction, please PM me on discord or the forums and we can work something out. Next, I wanted to give a shout out to all my event staff. @Pontiff and @XeharaThank you for donating swaths of your time both before, during, and after the event. @DaRsnnThank you for supply last minute guards as volunteers. I value all of you far more than you realize. even pontiff I guess. This brings me to my next point. In order for us to keep these events entertaining, fun, and alive.. we need YOU! If you have availability on Sundays, are interested in seeing what it's like, or don't plan to attend an event on Sunday, we could greatly use your help! Lastly, make sure everyone checks back on this thread and the radio thread in the future. Starting after this week, a new form of advertising will occur but I'll leave that as a surprise for now. I hope to see familiar and new faces out at the events next Sunday (May 5th). Everything you guys do, say. Every task you complete/fail. Every faction you help/disrupt. It all effects the lore in Chernarus as a whole. tl;dr: Event was a great success, We want more event staff volunteers, Your interactions with the traders affect the lore, the event rules have been updated on the thread. Whew. That was a lot of talk. But seriously thanks for all the great RP thus far guys. I look forward to May 5th, and I have so many more plans for the events. I hope to see you all again soon, Phatal
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    proof that Lil Dicky is a real hustler
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    New PVP Video featuring @Jean
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    Epic RP with my group @PhantomPlayin @Quill @SlickTR we were so small now we are something else and thank you to @Chernon and your group for the RP.
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    Welcome Back @Squillium
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    Welcome back @YNW Dusty
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    oh really you're bad
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    Though I'm going away for a few days, I'll leave with saying that this is the most fun i've had in a very long time with a group. I'll start by saying that people such as @Elmo, @Kordruga, @Stagsview, @AndreyQ and so on provide a baseline RP that just gives so much room to stem off from. Not knowing where my RP is going to go, but it being this exciting and interesting is phenomenal. So much has stemmed and given my character room to grow, one that I was originally making as a "see how it goes character." I love it. And then there's the fact that from our progress so much RP has stemmed for others. The influence this group has is causing conflicts that I personally am really enjoying. Other groups, lead by for example @Kase, are actually fighting back and giving us a very interesting conflict. Being the antagonist to a lot of people's stories, but still seeing them enjoy the RP they're given and the conflict they're in is something that really brings back my passion for DayZRP. This smaller scale conflict wherein both sides have taken victories and losses has really been interesting recently, and I look forwards to wherever this expands. Thank you to everybody in this group for making it so enjoyable, really bringing back my interest for DayZRP.
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    Honestly wish we could and I think we could. Why? Because of this as evidence: Looking at steam, we are only greeted with this: Meaning that in some terms parents have to accept the fact their children / young adolescents can be playing this game. Then we follow up to going onto the XBOX page for DayZ: Notice anything? Pegi 18? Basically saying for 18 + and in their terms... ADULT CLASSIFICATION
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    Props to @Eagle for the video of this spinarooney initiation.
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    It’s my base and home tho and they are breaking in and stealing my shit, it should be treated the same way as an initiation or robbery. I don’t want to RP with someone robbing me if I don’t have to. What would I do if I initiated and they comply? I can’t execute them. All I can do is beat them up and let them loose just so they can go run to their friends or them come back with a sniper and dome me.
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    //This will be an RP item on my character in which can be stolen, or pried from his dead body, etc. I don't really know how to start one of these... With so much going on I figured keeping track of all the shit going down might be smart. I just don't know what to start with... Why I came back to my fucked up home? Why we left in the first place? Before the civil war. Who my family was... Or whats left of them. Maybe this'll help me forget about him... Maybe I should start forgetting Andy too... Codeine and booze helps, but maybe I can just write and forget about it? Fuck I mean I'd figured the amount of journals I've found off of dead survivors, and read, I'd been better at this bullshit... I just don't want my last words to be me bitching and moaning my life and all that came of it. Because the only way someone gonna read this is by prying it from my cold dead fucking hands. Nobody needs this much of insight in my life, but... I just want to forget the bastard, all he's done to me. It's his fucking fault I am here in the first place! I'm fucking rambling already. Maybe I'll get better at this with time. Could always just burn this thing before doing what needs to be done. I don't much like the idea of running around with some shit with my name on it. It's not like they don't already know me though. Somethings need to be said though...
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    When your group gets some good love from the community and hits official. - Clancy Road showed partying in GenZ's Nightclub celebrating his new life as being relevant -
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    Hell yea was a great time! thanks for the rp
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    Little friendly reminder! Dont be sad because sad backwards is das and das not good!
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    Had a blast with @Batok and his group. @JoeyOG and the other guy fighting because of him wearing the officers cap. Then afterwards @Zanaan started another one of his great events where he drives around in a car and you have to kill the car. @PandaOG
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    There will be plenty coming your way soon Well i suppose you can call them experiments
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    Wouldn’t mind the channels that are on the actual radio IG so that people can join for negotiations etc.
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    Jesus fuck just make it a rule and if some cuck acts like a 4 year old ban him on the grounds that he's acting like a 4 year old. He doesnt have to prove his age or anything. He's acting like a child so treat him like a child. DayZ isnt some god given right. Why the fuck are we acting like it is?
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    Did anyone say Stalker?
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    You flatter me. I'll try to be on today, but I've an exam tomorrow morning so no promises! Had a lot of fun with the roleplay, especially with Kazimir's sudden drunkenness. But thank you really for the kind words! If we don't get that old Palpatine banter, my man, it ain't gonna be it chief.
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    I feel like I can give some fair opinion on the topic given my history in the community. Nobody will have noticed this, but I started playing on DayZRP back in 2015, being 15, whilst the 16-year-old rule was in place. I was eventually outed by an old group-mate however was given the option to appeal this once I was 16 due to my behaviour, roleplay ability and general mature and juicy input to the community. I fully believe there are people under 16 absolutely fit for the community. But with all that being said, Age enforcement would ensure a mature community, with much less possibility of far below average roleplay and encounters in-game, as well as the forums. Whilst I'm on the fence regarding the age enforcement matter, I'm heavily in favour of increasing the complexity of the whitelisting process as I feel there seems to be a large recurring issue with active members coming across players clearly not aware of what the server is, or what the whole idea is. Just my thoughts though! I am rather zoinked, and could be chatting absolute scooby-snacks!
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    From the album: Silence

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    @GreenySmiley It was a pleasure to meet you ingame. Great rper, hit me right in the feels. Was leaving to join my friends but felt bad for leaving her alone went back and took brought her with me on the walk. Hope the settlement you ran to gave you some good rp and experience. Look forward to seeing you again.
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    I think instead of outing people based on their age, we should out people based on their ability to abide by the rules (in this situation BadRP being the most important). Please bring back the old whitelist system, where intelligent people could still pass if they took the time to understand the rules and lore. I internally cringe every time I read a character bio that says Chernarus is an island. No arbitrary age rule, harder test to get whitelisted. tyty.
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    Congrats on the approval mate.
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