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    Hello. So I've been wondering for a long while, about a situation that happened several months ago between @Cipher and @Aeryes. Due some flaming situation between the two, @Aeryes decided to report him and get him banned. I know Cipher should've been thinking about it, but it is what it is. But I think Cipher should be let back in the community, he's a good guy, provided great roleplay, knows how to do the game, a lot of experience and exchange with this guy. I know a lot of people who wish him back because of this, I know he had a lot of good Roleplay connections with others who he didn't even know, he's a person he gave you the type of roleplay that would make you ask for more of it. Cipher is also a good guy to hang out with, he might had an attitude back then, I mean I'm pretty sure all of us do. I've also took word, that @Aeryes had forgiven Cipher for doing this, and regrets for Ciphers ban and hopefully he can vouch for @Cipher's come back as well, and I'm sure Cipher tried to pay amnesty for his come back as well, I'd please ask for you to give @Cipher a chance in the community, we miss him and want him back, we enjoy him being with us and roleplaying with us. If anyone else could vouch for the boy, please do so, I also forgot to mention that Cipher's appeal should be in the spam box, he never got a respond on it. Also requesting to duplicate this post to put it on general for public opinions if posible @Roland #GiveCipherAChance Edit: Oop, i got told back then Aeryes reported him mustve misunderstood it then sorrrryyy
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    So I do really (crap) graphics that I thought I'd show case. I'm not really a photoshop pro (cause I don't use photoshop). I can admit some of them are pretty meh, but I use Paint 3D so ombre effects or making actual artwork is not a thing I can do. If you want some quick graphics made, just post this template: I charge one bean I will let this be known, I do work and play games so I may not do them immediately. The Name's Eddie Malone and I Fucked Your Wife! Riviaira Dellouise (Flowers) Minnie 'Mouse' McKaine (Tarot Card) Jimmy 'Pogo' White (Clown / Psycho) Jeranie Parisot (Fashion Designer / Autumn Theme) A firefighter character @FireDude wanted to make... Dr. Hope Pisces (Medical Character) Noah McKaine (Lawyer Character) Galapagos (Group thread) Yelena Kostol (Character Page)
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    New Profile Music, it had to be done.
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    @pickledeyeball Really enjoyed the RP and your character is interesting @ItzTyler Enjoyed the little back and forth with Shakes. Good stuff mate. Funeral Parlor - Always interesting running into you guys and yesterday's RP was great as well. Will definitely be seeing you guys more. And the rest, can't forget all of you @ScarletRose @Roman @KILO_Phoenix @ComradeBandit @Jadeboat @Method
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    @Rutkiy @Jackfish @GMAK @Banshee
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    "hope that you're feeling this pain i won't go through it again maybe you got your reasons doesn't mean im gon' stay"
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    Say what you will about the Chedaki, but those guys sure put on quite the RP show, good job boys. @OxeN
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    @OxeN and other Chedaki. TWICE IN 10 MINUTES AH THE POOR TIMING @Jean One punch knock-out @Isaiah Cortez Although I didn't exactly RP with you today, I gotta give you a shout for making me cry today.
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    You could say.... with the group colors we have, activity wise it also can only be green or yellow-ish
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    Welp it's official guys, I seriously need to find a hobby... But I reached my goal all throughout RP. Every so often I'd go afk for 5 mins to do something or grab food but that's about it.
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    @Xehara We should stop meeting up whenever you require medical assistance @DaRsnn @ToeZiesOG Minimal ruckus please. @Cookie @BrianM @Eagle As always, good RP @Tomu It was fun. Don't threaten my daughter again though.
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    Had a great amount of fun volunteering to be the baddies of the event. We enjoyed all of it. @Galland @Harlow @Oisin @Sgttater @Phatal
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    - The official thread for all of Fifty Two's media content - More will follow in this main thread in due time however, posts should follow soon. - Some music for your bored ears - - Walking the long road back after a successful supply run organised by @Peril consisting of @LewOS, @Peril, @DieselTheSnowMan, @Welshie, @EaZi and @Luke -
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    Lmao when I get a status update removed for lighting a candle for someone that got permed recently but people can make threads and status updates preaching to bring another permed player back
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    As the title reads, it seems that when you Archive a group and if you are still the defacto leader of said Group you still hold the title of Council even if the group is not active. Is this intended? If so, disregard. If not, you may want to fix that! Or as we say at work, "Enhancement Request, Not Defect." @Roland
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    Just read about Sri Lanka, this world is fucked up. I really do not understand how and why people can think of doing shit like that.
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    Greetings, Your group activity is very good! Most of your members are active nearly everyday. @Aisling & @Harvard haven't been in game for two weeks now, so just check up on them and see what's going on there. Your goals are good and being updated when they are completed or failed which is good. Keep up the good work guys!
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    Once animations are allowed to be modded we'll make boats ^^
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    Don't really save my siege clips much since my hard drive would be full if I saved them all , but here's the only watchable one I have uploaded. Calling in @Spartan to post his POV
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    Greetings @Cookie & co. The group thread looks great. The graphics are nice and give the group a very sinister feel. I like that a lot. The Lore is decent and a nice read as well. All in all it seems like a very good group concept and I am excited to what it will bring to our servers. The only thing we would like to ask is for a few more SMART goals to be added. Most of your goals are pretty common, and as far as I am concerned the goals don't make a group, the people in it and the roleplay they provide does, however if you add a couple more unique goals, you're most likely good to go. Good Luck!
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    Listen pal, I already have a hard time coming to grips with the fact that religion is all most likely a lie as Jesus is just a modified version of an ancient African legend / religion and for the most part all religions are just old folk tales modified for different regions of the planet. You think I want to sit alone at night, in the dark wondering if humanity is the only intelligent life in the galaxy?
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    Awesome RP with @ScarletRose today and her companions, Taught my simpleton character a life lesson that changed him (For better or worse, depending on how you look at it), and left me perma-scarred. Can't wait to run into y'all again! Was genuinely scared for my life because I sorta love my character a lot and didn't want him to die. Wasn't sure where it'd end up or where it would go, and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Cheers!
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    Some amazing Roleplay from @Aiko, @JohnCrown, @ToeZiesOG, and the other boys at that settlement. Was tons of fun from Andela egging on the fighting between Ryan and Dominik, to the two of them boxing, and then to butch and dominik fighting. Was amazing all around! And @ToeZiesOG your radio station is gonna take off mate, was amazing!
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    My next group is going to be a tin foil hat group that are like conspiracy therorist who believe they are stuck in a video game
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    Get this filthy whitename off my profile... I feel fucking disgraced.
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    Hm I dont see a problem what people wear Ive meet this group and it have been ok Nothing bad with the clothes
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    as god ape of the gorka jeans gang, i really dont give a shit what our enemies wear. gunna be some wicked firefights d/t it i can already tell you that
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    snifffffff I smell Ruski Goodluck with your group.
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    I need opinions on the new profile change... I feel the force is with this one personally.
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    Seige can honestly off itself...
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    It all depends what you believe in taking into account religious/cultural beliefs etc. there are so many different views on how we came to exist etc. so ultimately it's what you personally want to believe in. Even though I believe in what I'm going to write below (I come from a more scientific point of view) I still think science cannot explain everything. Scientists believe that there are more stars in the known universe then there are grains of sand on planet earth, now you have digested that I think that there is a bigger probability that there isn't other intelligent life somewhere else in the universe than the probability that there is intelligent life. In our galaxy alone (The Milky Way Galaxy) there is something like 100 billion stars and to think that around those stars could be other planets and then to think about the rest of the known universe and the planets around those stars and it starts to become absolutely mind boggling. The nearest star to us, other that the sun is 4 light years away so you'd need to travel for 4 years at the speed of light to reach it. The grasp that to travel at the speed of light would be to travel around the world 7 times in one second so if we do start to explore out of the solar system unfortunately it will possibly not be in our lifetime. I watched this short video a few years ago that tries to explain how massive the universe is and it always stuck with me. I find it quite interesting to try to understand the vastness of the universe and the endless possibilities but I do not worry about it, what's the point as it is what it is as. I like to look at questions like this with an open mind and with wonder rather than fear/worry.
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    As soon as the order is given...
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    I shouldn't have to do that. That's like saying "Oh no. Please sir stop trying to rob me."
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    DayZRP more alive than my nan what's going on?
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    @YungBrandonRP @ScarRP Remember this?
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    It's really easy for us to build stuff like this ourselves, the problem, same now as it was back when we discussed the bridge the first time, is server performance cost due to adding bunch of stuff on the map. If the game loaded these new buildings and stuff the same it does the base map it would be a done deal, no problem at all but in reality these are treated as persistent objects same as tents, walls and watchtowers. And we all know what happens when you walk into a compound with 20 walls around it. The fps dips to shit. Same deal here.
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    Hey, massive scene maker here. I've got some feedback after a recent conversation with Jackfish: Currently, y'all do really enjoy those jeans and flecktarn jackets, and I don't blame ya, they do look good. But do you know who else enjoy them? Your mortal enemy. See there is a long history since the civil war of NAPA hunting down Russians and Ex-Chedaki, slaughtering them, torturing them and ultimately committing genocide. It's almost as if remnants of Chedaki would not dress like their mortal enemy Upon explaining this to Jackfish I was met with a comment about how great y'alls roleplay are, but I genuinely couldn't take you seriously as Communist Chedaki if you dressed like NAPA. Compare it to NAPA dressing up in all black with the ChDKZ beret on, and pretending nothing is wrong This deep underlying hatred for eachother should be a driving factor in despising everything about eachother. You already despise NAPA and CDF, and one of your goals it to eradicate them, so why dress like them? I hope you reconsider changing that uniform, cause to me personally, it's lorebreaking as fuck. /end of feedback
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    Hey guys the clowns are back
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