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    Question you’d like to ask: Why was the whitelist dumbed down so much? And do you think that the whitelist being as unbelievably easy as it is now has anything to do with some of the less than stellar RP showcased in recent reports?
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    Time to Role Play IRL, how do I look ? being a zombie at a event in the shopping mall in my local city. Wish me luck
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    For a start don't start of with "You Are" please, as it was a minority who did it. The group itself is cobbled together or Chernarussians of many different backgrounds, meaning that while a majority would follow as you say the group goals others do things outside of the group knowledge and are oocly aware of the IC consequences if it brings discredit upon the group. So if a member who pretends ICly to be following the group goals goes off and does merc work then that's his business and is responsible for any action taken ICly if they are caught.
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    mfw i try to yoink drugs but cant escape @ToeZOG Thanks for throwing me off the tower, and beating the shit out of me. It was great fun haha! @MrPanda @Strawberry Selling out a poor drug addict smh. It was fun running with you guys, especially when you yoinked my ammo. @FireDude Haven't seen you in a bit IC but it was great to run into you. Your RP is great as always. I was really happy to see that Noah remembers what he did for Brody! @ScarletRose and the rest of the plebs. Thanks for taking me hostage just as I gain my freedom, and the hunt that ensued shortly after, really enjoyed RPing with you guys, it's been a while. Thanks to everybody else I met today!
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    I have returned.
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    Life is Feudal server when
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    @ToeZOG from your piggyback ride, to you body slamming that dude off of the tower, you always make me laugh. Your boys didn't seem to like us, but that's okay with your big ass in my corner. Keep it up and see you soon. @duxpredator you left me to fist fight the fruit loop and then witnessed him laying on the ground with me. Then you puked on him. Great work. Always a pleasure and we always get each other rolling. @Kase Sorry that Hutch got a little out of hand with his liquor today. I didn't mean to look like a fool in front of the group and our allies, but I had a damn good time doing it. Thanks for bringing me into this group. @TheMrGasMask you are the greatest chef to ever live. I'm glad you got your own restaurant at the inn. You know you can count on me at any time. I hope you and I get out of those walls a little more often and can get to know each other more. To the many others in Tisy Summer Camp today, had an amazing time. Can't wait to do it again.
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    When a hostile situation starts, the sides of the conflict are determined and set. Those sides do not change, no matter what happens afterwards and you cannot have both attacker and defender rights for the same situation. Example: A hostile situation starts, usually because A initiates on B At this very moment, the sides of the conflict are determined and set. Since it was A who initiated, A gain attacker rights, while B gain defender rights Even if members of A get shot at by members of B as part of self-defense, A does not gain defender rights! They already have attacker rights and that's what they keep until the end of the conflict. To answer your second question, kills from invalid initiations are punished because of two reasons: It increases the "quality" of hostile situations and initiations - it makes people much more careful about delivering clear and unambiguous demands, since they know that if they mess that part up, kills will be declared invalid and harsh bans will follow Without the punishment, one could technically KoS freely by sacrificing one member who would just get an invalid initiation 2 day ban. For example, have one of your member with relatively clean warning record drop an invalid initiation on the entire town on purpose, have the rest of the group gun down everyone in sight, only the initiator gets punished and rest gets away with free KoS.
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    Any pals still alive around here?
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    I'd like to see a sort of firm that is comprised of private noir style detectives that hunt people and get info about various goings on on the behalf of others.
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    I would close this thread now to be honest, I think someone needs to step away from the computer for a while...
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    Alright lads, that's enough. The rule is not up for discussion. If you know your internet is about to shut down and you still engage in hostile actions then it's on you. If you cannot abide by the rule, you will not stand for a long time around here. You'll be kind enough to cut back on the attitude as well.
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    Hello, thanks to popular demand we have decided to host a Twitch staff Q&A, please use the format below to post a question you'd like answered on stream, note that said question(s) should not be about any particular situation(s), report(s) and so on. Any posts not following the format will be hidden. Question you'd like to ask:
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    Forget that, just make food and drink less common so it's actually a survival game and not a glorified battle royale with hiking added in.
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    @Elmo @Para @Craig
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    Just wanted to say huge thanks to the people who checked in on my stream last night, regardless if you wrote on chat or not And thanks to @DallasRP and @Roland for the Donations!
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    @ToeZOG We finally got the rematch and you won back the guitar. It was a fair fight since i could actually reach your head and didnt have to "accidentally" hit somewhere else... I got to hear your anthem and everything. Damn what a fun day. Thanks for the laughs and I lost it when you destroyed your friend Demitri. @TheMrGasMask Good talking and RP'ing with you again. Always a pleasure. Also to whoever was in Tisy Camp when the loud mouth, gum flapper, fruit loop boy died by standing on his on fire....Just thank you. Also i was the one that puked on his dead corpse.
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    I think the idea, I believe @Roland had, of a designated raid time would be beneficial to stop offline raids. You can argue "realism" being that you'd be asleep in your base when you're being raided. But overall I think it'd be a step in the right direction. Overall I definitely think offline raiding needs to be looked over, because it's an incessant issue if you want to have a base, but not have someone online 24/7, because nobody has time for that. Like you've said it really puts a damper on whatever you're trying to accomplish with the base RP wise. It's all about quality of life and should be improved to benefit the defender/owner. If you put about a month worth of time into a base, as we have, you shouldn't be punished for hard and diligent work, because someone can break in within 5min.
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    "worried half to death when im awake, fall asleep and let my demons take me to the grave"
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    The Kozlov's after a day of RP on the " Who's RP did you enjoy today "
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    I got banned because my internet cut off 17 minutes after I killed someone, I was long gone by then. It was never my intention to rob him but he ran up to me and my friend while I tried to take the best out of my last minutes of internet and I had to rob him before he would get hostile. Why would I still need to wait 30 minutes after executing someone, I wasn't even close to the location when my internet cut off. 3 days ban is way too harsh for this because it was never my intention. I can understand that after you're getting chased and you're still on the run you should stay ingame for 30 minutes because it would be Combatlogging if you did, but this is getting ridiculous.
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    Thanks for the like, I really appreciate it.
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    I message people that they are in a report and need to log out
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    "What's the 27 Club? We ain't making it past 21 I been going through paranoia Ain't nothing like the feeling of uncertainty, the eeriness of silence This time, it was so unexpected Last time, it was the drugs he was lacing All legends fall in the making Sorry truth, dying young, demon youth"
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    '' Next best future Rapper ''
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    @Eagle lagging out at 1:30 has me dead.
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    I must agree with @Xehara I run around a lot, and I am needing a snack or a drink a lot of the time.
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    Fuck I miss the Life is Feudal server
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    Shit becomes awkward when it's a server that makes money and uses other people's mods. I'd love loads of mods, but between instability and some arm chair coder suing roland for using his "Beard growth improvement mod" or something equally mundane would be too risky for my blood.
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    Explore the world! Ask people! Trust me, way more fun to actually find out yourself. Small tip. Some camp up north.
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    Today - and especially lately I've really enjoyed the RP and interactions I've had. @Peril Helluva good time talking and RPing with ya mang, can't wait to see what'll happen in the future with Fletcher and Theodore. Still a shame the car we were in two days ago decided to go complete SpaceX on us. @TheMrGasMask Was pretty good finally RPing and interacting with ya. @Scarlett Definitely was nice talking and meeting with you IC. @Mademoiselle Been a long while since I've RP'd with you, definitely has been nice RPing and interactin' with your characters lately.
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    you betrayed your "gaiy" family, we took you in and cared for you
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    You hoser. I mean maybe make a group to combat against @GaryCash's group I am sure you could get some great RP from him and his group. Conflict breeds good stories so. Me personally though I am not a fan of military RP, though I haven't seen it on the server too much as of this patch. Atm the servers a bit oversaturated w/ bandits. I'd like to see something original brought to the table, there are some groups doing that atm which is nice to see. Though a lot of it is the same generic types to ordeals, whether it be bandits or heroes. I personally love anti-heroes, who come across as evil in nature but do good for those they know.
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    Not really military style but...I would be interested to see a group rp as a former soccer(football?)/Rugby/Hockey team. The interesting comradery that comes with it and how they survive afterwards with TEAMWORK! That or a bunch of professional wrestlers who were putting on a show and got trapped there. "Finaaaallly the Rock, has come back....to Chernarus!" Something like that.
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    Storozh member: We are officially a group now! Me: GREAT! *Shoots guy who was initiated on* Storozh member: Yeh! We posted it under Group Ideas. Me: *BANNED*
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    Hey, there are rules on this server that all have to abide by. If they don't then there are consequences. You might think it's a stupid rule but they are there for a reason. Anyway your friend is banned due to the report below...BadRP/Trolling. If he thinks the verdict is unfair then he can post an appeal. EDIT: Ooops my bad he got banned for combat logging as well. I really think instead of being disrespectful to staff your friend needs to re-read the rules. If he needs help then I'm sure the staff will offer support.
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    Can we get Supreme stickers in game?
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    He knows due his mom shutting his internet off everyday at the same time lmao. Tho what are the chances of finding someone is such a big world what if they had a car and drove off?. 5-15 minutes is understandable but what do you mean 30minutes.
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    Streaming Siege now for a bit, come by!
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    Streaming now, come by! feel free to ask Dev Questions too!
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    made another character page, because i like to make them https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-12105/
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    And another shameless copy of my banner ia found ♡
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    No offense, but most of the hostile groups only offer RP that consists of robbing, beating people up, then telling them to scram afterwards. People don't want to participate in that and I don't blame them. You can only do that so many times before that shit gets boring, people have said they were robbed three times within one play session. Strong-arm people, force them to do things for you, do highway tolls, protection rackets. People also don't like how much PvP has increased over the months. Not all hostile RP has to end in an intiation. Offer more interesting RP and the people will come. I don't mind being robbed, but if that's the only hostile RP you have to offer, I will decline to go to popular areas and instead will RP with my group instead. As for the poll, all the suggestions are needed imo.
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    Never forget. ❤ Hope is our most valueable ally.
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