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    Hello, shit-tier roleplayer and ex-rp boy cali here. Y'all really catching a shit ton of flack recently, and quite honestly, it's been warranted. We all here know I love scrapping on fools but this isn't really on my personal behalf, but rather a group collection and census of most people living next to our group in Berezino. It's come to my attention that these daily attacks for the last few weeks has really put a damper on some people in the community. Now I'm sure you're getting your kicks off it, but here's just a few of these clips I've compiled simply from last night alone after the 3rd co-op attack in the last 3 days. I think offline-attacking is cool as much as the next guy, but when it comes to such an issue as just slaughtering sole-rp groups and then hiding under the excuse of 'comply you won't die', it gets pretty sad. See, the CDF hasn't been on this page bitching about the fact that there are firefights amongst our groups, infact I'm personally loving it. But the issue of it is, you hide behind an excuse of 'oh we're in stage 1' but then pick and choose stage 3 targets. How you and @Diamond's group, a group of hardcore muslim jihadists who are attacking these groups for 'not being haram' initially, is now working with SVR operatives because of 'enemy of my enemy' type deal. Like I get you boys need the help but at least try to feign something more proper than that as an excuse to be choosing to go for this goal: But on the same token just ignore this goal: I'm hardly one to bitch about these type of things, I was in the same boots last summer of the 'ty for feedback' and 'comply and don't die' and 'hostilerp is rp'. Like sure, yes, RP is good when there is RP. But the daily fights lads, needs to chill. I've seen too many people on streams complaining about quitting the community and moving on simply because of you blokes. Like the ONLY reason they are not having fun here is because of you lot. Something to take into consideration is the simple fact of 'will the person I am initiating on have fun?'. Because simply but, at the end of the day, everyone here is trying to have fun. Hope it's taken into consideration, Cheers boys.
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    Group archived until leadership and gentlemen above write and send me a short essay about how important feedback is for groups on DayZRP and how one should positively approach and listen to concerns of people posting feedback in your group thread.
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    After a nice discussion in this suggestion thread and positive poll outcome, we've moved forward with adding the following rules as a trial run. What? Metagaming rule was expanded and now includes restrictions on when you can use OOC communication like Discord. Why? In order to help players prioritize and focus more on in game communications. There are frequent situations where players are communicating with others through OOC communications, while standing silently in game. It breaks immersion and is unfair to other players around who are losing on RP by not being able to hear group conversations in game. To add more fair-play to hostile situations, and prevent groups exchanging information telepathically without any indication in game for other players of the information being exchanged. To add a tangible, easy and verifiable way for radio communication to be controlled by using the in game radio item that everyone already spawns in with. Plan The rule has been added to the rule page and will take effect immediately. All players must confirm that they have read the new rule by clicking a button on the rule page. Not doing so will prevent you from joining the server starting next week. The rule has been added as a time limited trial. This means that at the end of the current month we will create a community poll about whether to keep or get remove the rule and also ask for your feedback if anything should be changed. Spawn rate of radios on the server has been tripled. Radios will now also spawn in regular town buildings and not just police, military, medic and firefighter buildings. Rules 3.5 Metagaming is transferring information between Out of Character (OOC) and In Character (IC), despite there being no realistic way of characters or players gaining this information. This includes, but is not limited to: Your character knowing someones name because you saw it in the game chat or met them before on a different character Using player live streams to find out where people are in game or gaining other information that is found in the stream Using forum OOC content like media threads to gain information about groups or bases Sharing or gaining information through OOC communications when not permitted as per rule 3.6 below 3.6 Using OOC communications like Discord, TeamSpeak or others to transmit or receive information related to in game situations is only allowed when you have a personal radio item in your inventory. As soon as your character loses the ability to speak or use the radio - for example has died, is unconscious, has been gagged, is surrendering (F1 or F2 animation), is handcuffed or had your radio item or clothing containing it removed from your inventory - you may not receive or transmit any in game information through OOC communications. While in presence of other players all such communication should also be transmitted in game using "double mic" mechanic. This means transmitting both through in game VOIP and external software simultaneously. What does this mean for you? If you are using Discord, TeamSpeak or similar software to communicate with your friends while playing you need to keep in mind these things: When other players are nearby, things that are related to what's happening in the game must now also be said using in game voice. Simple way to do it is using the same Push-To-Talk key both in game and in your communication software When you lose your radio item or it is taken away from you, you should no longer use the OOC application and deafen/mute yourself and focus solely on RP in game FAQ Does the radio item actually need to be in working condition (have a battery, pristine condition) in order to use OOC comms? No, as long as you have the radio item in your inventory, the communication is allowed So I can't talk or use Discord at all when I don't have a radio on me? No, the rule only prevents you from sharing or gaining information related to in game events. You can still talk with your friends about other random things or engage with your livestream audience. How do text RPers handle this new requirement? They should chat emote talking through radio along with a brief summary of what was said through the radio Does the OOC communication now have a range limit like the in game radio has? No, you can use OOC communication at any range, the in game radio item acts merely as a permission to use the OOC communication. Why was this rule added despite almost half of the community voting no? Because it is our belief that these changes add significant quality of RP and fair play improvements that will be positively received once actually experienced in game and may sway over those who voted negatively, thus gaining a positive majority vote at the end of the month. We are however trying to be very careful when that many people are against a change, hence why this is a time limited trial of the rule to see how it actually will play out and work in practice. With these changes does it mean that saying "I'm dead" is now considered metagaming and is punishable? Technically yes, however we usually focus on the kind of metagaming where shared information gives players or groups an unfair advantage in game. A simple "I'm dead" callout is harmless most of the time and the staff won't be pursuing punishments for its use unless there are some special circumstances where it could be treated otherwise.
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    Please watch the video then discuss
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    Hello DayZRP staff team and community. I would like to apply for a position on the DayZRP staff team. And I thought a video would be the best way to show my thoughts about how I could contribute.
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    Thread closed permanently, just like the OP for shit attitude.
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    Hello it's me, your friendly neighborhood game mechanic Kerkkoh again resuscitating another suggestion topic after months of radio silence about it. Granted, I didn't even promise to work on this exact solution, but I did promise to do something about this issue here. Regardless, injured states (limping) is now added to the emote/gesture wheel and waiting for a merge to the next DayZRP patch. It works just about how you'd expect: you can fake to be more injured than you are, but if you are injured, you can't fake to be less injured you are. You can of course return to the default animation as well. I tried to show it here: ~ With , Kerkkoh
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    Based on the popular request, I present you my idea of group settlements: What I'm unsure about: Are these requirements reasonable? Is the evolution idea good, considering increased workload? And if so... Is the evolution timer long enough, perhaps it should be monthly? Maybe we should require scrap and wooden logs to be "offered" to a GM (who then deletes them) as a requirement for upgrades? Maybe we should just get a developer who will be dedicated to handling these things? Anything else that I should think about that I've forgotten?
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    So, not sure why this was not made by someone else as I was an onlooker of the situation. This is the problem with DayZRP right now. Basically that there is this trash rp that is accepted by many members of the community, and even some staff. Though the staff members may not of approved, some of them were not leading by example and instead enjoying the stupidity, but as it stands none of the staff has made a post or brought it up. So I guess I will. Understand, this is going to be nit picky. I will do my best to not name names. This went on for at least 1 - 2 hours that we were present for. Not sure how much longer after that. The situation started later in the day for the server about 20 minutes before night. I onlooked at about 15 people standing around near the entrance to the barn. Some were running around while others were gathering logs. Though this isn't bad RP, the people carrying logs did seem to enjoy walking to a non existent beat, swaying back and forth. Others around the entrance however seemed to keep holding each other up, aiming guns at one another and hands up, prone-ing and climbing over one another. After a short time of watching this, a few of our friends approached. They looked on and saw Emma, started having a normal talk with her which was decent rp. Then a group of men approached and started saying "We won't leave her with Chedekie." After a bit, my friend announced he was Chedaki, and they started saying "Is that some kind of cheese?" So they stopped the conversation and walked away a bit. They continued to scream, jump around, do 360's. Some time later they approached a man with a blue arm band. The man said that Chedaki hurt his mother, and it was not in a trolly rp way. However as the conversation continued others approached and continued to interrupt over and over, not letting either party continue the rp and continued to call both people retarded. This continued for a while, insult after insult, my friend asked "Why are you interrupting us?" His reply "Because you are retarded." After this our friends decided to walk away. It was growing darker so he walked into the darkness with the blue arm band. They walked into the dark, some random player grabbed a flare and lit up where they were going. They then were surrounded again and not allowed to continue roleplay. They were consistently interrupted and insulted. One thing I will add that I noticed, was a flare put down and several people running circles around the group with a flair, for no reason. So they walked away again, and were pursued and continued to be interrupted and insulted not allowing any roleplay to continue. They decided to tell the man that they would continue the conversation later. The words of others were "Yea retard, shut up and move on." Eventually it started to rain, and they went inside. As soon as they pushed open the door they saw at least 10 people crawling over each other, going into the corner, screaming to scream. "AH LETS GO LETS GO". They then went into the corner, jumping on each others heads and trying to fly or walk on top of each others shoulders. My friends took one look, said "What the heck?" And turned around to leave the barn. Basically that is the jist and continued throughout the evening on the server, and into the morning. However at one point, there was some gunfire and someone got on a megaphone saying "The Chedekie are shooting, everyone inside to hide from the chedekie." They continued to scream this over the megaphone for several minutes. The problems and troll rp continued throughout the time we were present there. Eventually we decided to leave because of the stupidity. However, I can't lie that one of our members did go up there and added to the stupidity by using a stupid accent. This thread is not to get people in trouble. That is not the goal. People are upset by the lack of RP, and I can see why. To many people don't care about the value of rp, and Don't care to keep their friends in check. Then you have those people who were doing decent rp, then decide to add to the troll rp, and after they get mad because the rp sucks. It really goes to show that people care so little about the rp of this community and its members that they would intentionally ruin others attempt to rp as well, laughing about it as they go. The worst part, is that there was at least four members, or X members of staff there present for the entire situation. I am not saying they were trolling, but they were letting it happen. And by the fact that I have to make this thread, goes to show how little they care about the betterment of the community over their friendships. Not sure why they are even in staff. Yesterday was a shit show. It was the worst rp I have ever seen on the server, and it was near to half of the server pop. You would think people would value actual rp, and would try to lead by example, but it dosn't seem to be the case. We are on a slippery slope now. How long will it be before staff completely disregards what happens ingame to the point where all rp is trolled away and the server is filled with stupidity and idiocy. Dark days ahead of us. I'm sure plenty of people will say "Boo hoo, you wern't there, we had great rp." If you think that was great rp then you have little to no standards and you clearly feel that trolling and ruining others experience is fun. I have been intentionally vague on who the problem is. We have video footage and many screen shots of the situation but this is not an attempt to get people banned. This is an attempt to wake people up so this server becomes better. Those of you, who were staff and are staff... You should be ashamed of yourselves.
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    Yea, yea this originates with this abomination of a decision but it's also a problem I've seen quite a bit lately. Disregarding the points situation, which is honestly a lame excuse since among the 24 members it equates to 4.42 points each, it seems that staff are taking criticism of groups too seriously if you actually look at things in perspective. For every person that complains about a group like this there's a lot that were either pleased with their RP or didn't give a shit. These guys had to wait 3 weeks without staff giving them any kind of guidance (at least based on the thread) only to have everything they've been doing in game end abruptly, while @Cowboy's group gets accepted in a week. I'm not saying it shouldn't have been, I just wish that's how the group approval process worked for everyone, as being strict with some groups and lenient to others is a really bad look for the community. In the week after they got unarchived Pamyati had not one piece of bad feedback on their thread, only people complaining about 2.3 to Rolle because they can't be adults and approach the group about their problems unless the admin of the community tells them to. Also, on 2.3. If a group's being hunted by another group I can understand if some kind of OOC arrangement needs to be made if no matter what the defending group does they get dominated. HOWEVER, when a group is actively being hunted, knows they're being hunted, and simply moves to make another mega hub on the other side of the map I'm gonna say they didn't put in enough effort IC to get out of the situation. A good example of this would be @Chief's group pre-lore wipe. They kept getting attacked, but instead of going to Rolle and trying to essentially ruin the group/groups attacking them they moved around to isolated places and eventually ended up on Skalisty where people were rarely willing to go for a massive firefight. It seems that people want to play one way and one way only and if anyone dares to make them change then they go to the forums instead of actually role playing out a group conflict. I know that no matter how I say this I'm gonna sound like PVP scum but if groups took shit on the chin and changed up their tactics a bit instead of getting upset they lost in a video game I think everyone would have a lot more fun overall. I've been on both side of the situation, I understand it's frustrating sometimes when things don't go your way but when people don't want to start conflict with a group because they know they'll take it OOC then it's pretty bad. TLDR: A lot of you need to make a better effort to deal with issues in game instead of on the forums
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    After speaking with @Charlie from the Mafia, I have decided to make update posts every few days on the thread to reflect on our viewing of feedback which will be listed here: Following feedback from @ScarletRose 's group about certain comments made IC about rumors and such, and rather vulgar comments a few members were disciplined in a number of ways either A. Removal from the Group, or B. Reprimanded internally and placed in "RP final warning" of course I will not be listing the members as I do not want to out them publicly however, if you were effected by their actions personally PM me. After receiving complaints from the Wolfpack about hostage situations I spoke to @Kase @Phoenyxxand @Hunter for around 2 or so hours to resolve any complaints they had about feeling pressured into complying with demands. After walking them through a few routes they had to either actually comply with demands or pretend to do so it seems like the complaints were resolved and issues dealt with. After receiving complaints from CDF about some lore validity questions, my 2nd G19 reached out to Cali we are waiting on a response. After complaints from The Wolfpack members, and leaders about us being around their camp to much I have decided to relegate the duties of my men to only enter the camp for the purpose of spying. Without big dicking or otherwise. After receiving complaints that our goals weren't the focus of the group (Which in my opinion is difficult to claim without being in the group) I will be posting updates about our goals when I can. Along with this @WongRP is in the process of finding new allies one of which has already been located, and two others are old groups that I contacted IC yesterday. After receiving some complements, and some questions regarding the structure of our goals list I have decided to rename, restructure and relabel some things to make them easier to follow understand and envision. Along with these, after looking back and viewing the statements by various groups saying that they were enjoying the firefights and that they felt they were intense and exciting, I will be continuing to get in contact with these groups to ensure that at no point to they feel overwhelmed. Although with that being said, I am worried that a lot of the feedback we have received about firefights only comes when these groups win, and considering that at this point its 6/7 groups against ourselves and the Muslims, we are heavily out numbered, and outgunned. Making this a difficult thing for us IC and OOC. Expect updates on this soon. So that should some up this weekly feedback post. Thanks to all who provided valuable feedback. Along with this I will be keeping a log of firefights that is color coded to show who the aggressor is. Red for us initiating on Mafia/Allies Blue for us Initiating on CDF, Purple for Mafia initiating on us, Yellow for CDF initiating on us June 21st Mafia initiates on Wong in Krasnostav, James kills two and the lads escape. June 21st we initiated on the Watch for radio'ing Dean Lockwood about assistance in capturing and turning over Vlad Viscus who was one of our members at the time. We initiated and subsequently lost the fight. Kordruga survived and pulled back. June 23rd we initiated on the CDF who were on a patrol close to the border regions, we did so to ensure that Russian Military Buildup along the border would not be discovered. June 23rd we attempted to capture the Watch again, however this time Mafia spies were located within the base and put up stiff resistance. We were however able to interrogate the Watch's 3rd in command gaining the information that proved that Ryan the groups leader was acting without informing his group, this made it so that The Watch was no longer the main target, Ryan was. Halfway through the fight, Kase and the Mafia arrived and are killed. June 24th, Zorull is initiated on and executed by some UN members at Kamensk town. Myself and Rickets kill all involved. June 24th, Dean Lockwood is located at Chernorgorsk whilst speaking to the Contractors who gave us his position. We attempt to ambush them but due to offensive dynamic rights being awful it goes terribly. The initial fight was a wash however, the lads are able to locate them as they attempt to retreat and the rest are killed or captured. June 25th, The lads locate the men from the night before, and initiate. All comply, and 3 men were let go, save for the person who shot Zorull who was promptly interrogated and executed for a propaganda video. June 25th, Some cannibals run into my self Zorull and Oiram and start talking shit. We initate and I am shot and killed, all 4 cannibals are killed. June 26th, some CTF members initiated on Zorull he kills one and the others say the don't want any issues and leave. June 26th, the Muslims take all the Wolfpack hostage, and Ravenous spots one of the men who robbed him, and shot him who also said to us he was on the way to go JFK the Muslims. Ravenous asks us for help in taking the man hostage so we help. After taking him up to the Muslims to see if they needed anything from him. Severson executes him and we leave once the situation is sorted. As we are leaving we run into a Mafia member who was speaking on the radio about locating the hostage and that Russians had been spotted in the area and that he was prepared to follow/fight. We initiated on him and he NVFL'd vs 14 of us. Following this once we had left the Muslims stayed with the hostages. CDF arrived and initiated on the Muslims and began firing at us as well forcing us to get involved and cementing the Alliance between the two groups. The Mafia also initiates on us. June 26th Mafia and their allies locate some Muslims/Russians re-gearing after the fight at Myskhino Summer and initiate on even an hour later resulting in another fight. Zorull is able to track them down and assassinate Phoenyxx. June 27th The Quarantined and the Mafia Initiate on us at Prison Island after we were told to go there to recon possible CDF SAM Sites and other installations being installed. The Mafia calls in the Black Roses to assist dragging them into the conflict. June 28th we assault Berenzino in response to the New Coalition and 2 days of consistent initiations by Mafia/CDF coalition. June 29th we move into Berenzino and find 2 UN doctors . We take the UN doctors captive and have around 30-45 minutes of intriguing RP and end up killing Jugs. Liquidators and Wolfpack ambush us while leaving town realizing we were gonna get pinned we disengage. Later on Muslims relocate the Wolfpack and initate they are able to escape, resulting in CDF initiating on the Muslims and killing them in the Trees above Berenzino. Following this, the Wolfpack and the Watch initiate on me, Oiram, Gatorr, and Zorull and the CDF begins shooting at us resulting in a hour long skirmish. June 30th After moving into Berenzino to capture HVTs Ryan from the Watch is captured and used for propaganda, thinking that he was gone and logged off we assaulted the Wolfpack base, unfortunately he was there we initiated on him as well unintentionally since he was hiding in the compound. All those who non complied were killed including Mafia, Watch and Wolfpack, with Phoenyxx, Hunter, and Willow complying resulting in a ceasefire between our groups hopefully, we still aren't sure where this RP is going. July 1st After around 15 men in Vybor attempted to sell Pork to our allies clearly as an insult, or friends Jayshalla requested a small force consisting of one team from our group of four men to assist in dealing with the situation. After a few choice words from the offending party hostilities arise between the Muslims and the CTF, my men does not engage instead directs civilians out of town and secure's a perimeter around the firefight. In total 14 CTF are killed along with three Muslims.
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    Founded in 1985 by a Rhodesian ex-pat named Jackson Clarke, Legion Corp. was established as a “gun-for-hire” private military company. With laws and restrictions rapidly spreading, the company was moved to the United States. Placing its feet firmly in the private military business, Legion Corp. set up operations out of Fayetteville, North Carolina, close to Fort Bragg, home of JSOC and US Army Special Forces. With a large investment from an unnamed oil corporation, Legion Corp. had the capital to arm and produce a small, private army. All that was left was to wait for war. The first large scale operation conducted by legion Corp. was in late 1990, when the US D.O.D contracted the company to secure, transport and guard oil assets during the invasion of Iraq. Although a simple and seemingly harmless operation, the fighting proved difficult for the new company. Attempting to secure oil assets that had not been sabotaged was not an easy task, in fact a large percentage of the operation was attempting to prevent the sabotage from happening. After testing the waters, the unnamed oil company decided to double its investment, propelling Legion Corp. into a global competitor for firms such as Blackwater. With a substantially larger budget, Legion Corp. spread its control across almost every armed theater of combat in the world. With this came the research and development department, specializing in the creation of various pieces of equipment and tools that could be used by its men, or sold for profit. From anti-piracy operations, to African civil wars, the seizure of Crimea, the Donbass revolution, the Syrian civil war, Asian land wars, Takistani conflicts, you name it, Legion Corp. had either its troops, or products present. These operations varied in size and impact, with the largest of both respectively, being the fighting in the Donetsk region. In January of 2015 one of Legion Corporation’s men was spotted and filmed in Mariupol, in what is now an infamous clip of Western operations in Eastern Europe. The now tried and true contractors of Legion Corp. had a solid reputation on the international scene, earning more and more contracts by the day. The start of the outbreak caused the arguably largest mobilization of military and government resources known to man. With that being said, the Governments of the west were no stranger to biological and viral weapons. Under a direct contract from a Private Sector weapons developer, Legion Corp. set out to Chernarus. The goal was simple, to establish a base level contracting firm to review, assess and conduct “for-hire” operations. On a larger and much more clandestine level, to research the potential of weaponization of the Virus and its various assets. With the recent Manchester Gas Bombings, concern of WOMD’s being present have also arisen, leading to a secondary goal: to find and secure any remaining WOMD in South Zagoria. Establish an Office for contracts - Day 765 Investigate Local Rumors about WOMD - Day 800 Research potential weaponization of the virus for commercial resale - Day 850 Open business and carry out 15 contracts - 0/15 Complete Acquire any WOMD left in the region - Ongoing Remain truly neutral, operating only for valuables - Ongoing @G19RP - Jericho Carmichael @Eagle - TBA @WongRP - TBA @NorwayRP - TBA @Real VegasRP - Vyacheslav Jaska @RavenousRP - TBA @JamesRP - Jamie Bumlock @ZorullRP - TBA @ThrashRP - Jaren Karev @NikoteenRP - Niko Stratos @Hex - Lucian LaChance @Helix - TBA @Oiram - Mikael Belanger @BorisRP - TBA @General Rickets - TBA @SeversonRP - Blake Anderson @SassyRP - TBA @LumenRP - Joaquin Alexander @NozzyRP - TBA @Dr Brandon - TBA @LorcanRP - Logan White @DallasRP - TBA @OnionRP - TBA The goal with this group is to offer truly neutral Mercenary roleplay, we will only act in self-defense unless otherwise contracted. If any of our members are captured and executed with proper roleplay and proper rights then they will be PK’d. Any situations where this is broken should be reported to me directly and I will take care of them and punish those who refuse to follow the group goal. Recruitment is currently closed. Below is what the business cards given in game would look like. Front Back Huge thanks to @Cipher the one and only for the graphics, with more headers and the like coming soon. Update: They are here and the wonderful Cipher has done it again.
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    In the light of ladies night, the boys have decided to host a boys night. This is a peaceful event so ALL the boys from EVERY group can meet up and have a good time, please bring meat and drinks, we will have a cookout and listen to some music, all around a good time. Also, no girls allowed . Lets have it gents!
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    Our active playerbase continues to grow for some unexplainable reason, and we are reaching new records in queue length to the server during peak times. I opened server 2 yesterday to temporarily help this issue, however as we all know it comes with a long list of problems on its own, including using the second server for looting, loot storage and ghosting into bases. At the same time we cannot expect to grow as a community and server if we cannot add additional servers and have enough slots for everyone. I have coded a little addition to the server player check today. What it does is it locks the second server until server 1 is 80% full. This happens automatically and without requiring staff to start/stop servers or do anything in particular. This way both S1 and S2 can stay permanently online, but S2 will only be usable once S1 fills up. Once S1 dips below the player threshold, an announcement will be sent to players on S2 and they will be kicked some time after in order to move to S1. The locked/unlocked status of the servers is displayed on the front page using a lock icon. This status is updated every 5 minutes.
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    “Corruption renders the entire system basically inept, but creates a desire for deep tribalism and commanders who will fight for their interests, thus upholding our glorious nation-state.” - Aleksander Novák. While originally an element of the Kozlov regime’s efforts to restore control in the South Zagoria region, the 31NBCP has essentially become a maverick warband under Maj. Gusev, swearing fealty to the Kozlov regime due to a shared sense of nationalism and State loyalty. Formed early 2018, the 31NBCP has been, and still is involved with the State’s current scientific and medical apparatus and thus has several extremely secretive elements. As of early 2019, the 31NBCP was considered one of the worst postings for a conscript due to a lack of clarity in orders and information. The true goals of the 31NBCP are masked in secrecy, protected by strong nepotism. Almost every leader and official, even on the field, has a personal or past connection with Maj. Gusev, who himself has connections with the 93rd Brigade commander. In fact, in late March, a secretary responsible for one of Maj. Gusev’s personal advisor blew the whistle to the foreign press. The secretary revealed that Maj. Gusev personally blackmailed that advisor and suggested that other advisors may be under the same pressure. In the same interview, however, the secretary also remarked as Gusev as a cool, collected person and never seemed malicious or unkind. Although the interview was anonymous, the secretary vanished a few days later and the advisor was sentenced to death for revealing State secrets a week later. Gusev’s great uncle took his place. Due to the secretive and dangerous nature of the 31NBCP’s tasks, and proclivity to undergo massive losses during operations, the 31NBCP finds the majority of its manpower is relatively untrained conscripts. Each conscript serves a tour of three months and the conscript detachment has a mortality rate of 65%. The average age of a conscript is 19. The suicide rate for conscripts is 5%. Political commentators and thinkers have theorized that the conscript detachment is a sociological experiment. Others, including State-approved outlets, regard the detachment as a necessary sacrifice in restoring Chernarus. Actual dedicated and professional soldiers also reside in the 31NBCP, known as “the regulars” or simply “the NBCP troops.”. These men are often in leadership roles and often received contradictory or extremely secretive orders. There have been cases of men receiving orders that contradict each other’s, too. Nothing is known or recorded about the NBCP troops. Files kept are not publicly available and every death seems to be a closely kept secret. However, it’s believed that the NBCP troops maintain a detachment psychiatrist and has a greater average mental health. Due to the fact that the 31st NBCP exists outside of the 93rd Brigade’s order of battle, it is able to take liberties and participate in operations that would be considered taboo or might need higher approval from the Defense Ministry. The unit is also essentially self-funded, utilizing captured or scavenged gear and the spoils of war to improve the readiness level of detachments at the squad level. Conscripts, despite their lowly status, are allowed to retain equipment captured in the field and are paid a slightly higher salary and provision allotment to their families due to the fact that an incentive is needed to prevent defection amongst such units. All conscripts’ families are relocated under the protection of Major Gusev’s area of patronage and control, which gives them the peace of mind to know that their loved ones are safe while they do their duty. Order set #1 (Complete 26/06/19) Establish an FOB/Hospital in the region. Gain a better understanding of the region, and of other groups. Meet up with and or recruit remaining CDF elements within South Zagoria. Acclimatize new conscripts to military life. Establish the regiment as a viable force. Investigate the Radioactive issue. Order set #2 (Complete 10/07/19) Protect and maintain the FOB/Hospital. Research further into the Radioactive issue. Re-direct injured civilians towards the FOB/Hospital for aid. Spread information about the radioactive issue. Repair/enable the East and West radio towers. Order set #3 Complete file 3913. Interact with supposed ultra-nationalists. Send reconnaissance parties to the South and East. Link Altar radio with E&W radio towers. Avoid becoming a policing force. Continuous Orders Maintain a steady income of medical supplies to FOB/Hospital. Provide aid to all. Leadership Lt. Oskar Novotny @groovy stannis Lt. Vojtech Krat @groovy cali NBCP Sgt. Radovan Janousek @Ducky (Dr) Lt. Gustav Polacek @Dr Willsky Dr. Marek Kozar @Charles Cpl. Mykyta Petrenko @groovy nate RN. Katerina Novotny @Franny Pvt. Taras Polek @groovy ming Conscripts Sgt. Patrick Doubek @Mexi Sgt. Benedikt Horak @groovy PatZ Cpl. Immanuel Cerny @Xavier Cpl. Aleksander Vasiliev @CrusaderCJ Cons. Bronislav Capek @groovy tander Cons. Marcel Marek @Groovy ToeZies Cons. Oliver Vaclav @groovy clarence Cons. Leopold Kolinski @groovy vnp Cons. Quiza Udutai @Vulf Cons. Danya Blazek @groovy chernon Cons. Krystof Zdenek @Harlow Cons. Dusan Kovalyuk @Major Cons. Grigory Blazkov @Bulgarian Bombshell Cons. Vasili Belinksy @Groovy Grimm Cons. Radek Radomir @groovy chow Cons. Felix Sevcik @Stormyvill Cons. Anton Lesnitsky @Flea Cons. Alexej Tomasek @Greener161 Cons. Miro Krylov @cheeks Cons. -tba- @Randy Other: Cpl. Radec Sokov @Combine Recruitment is done both in and out of character. To join in character, approach us in-game and express interest. We can take it from there. To join out of character, send the following application to @groovy stannis @groovy cali
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    A few pics from Greece vacation that Presidente & family went on last month.
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    Černaruská Televize is a government funded TV station. It is maintained with taxpayers' money, and was funded to report objective, undistorted facts. Similiar to it's Czech counterpart, it's considered the fourth cornerstone of Chernarussian democracy. On 3rd of May it aired it's news reportage about the Chernarussian group of survivors and soldiers in the South Zagorian region - Kameníci. Thanks @Xehara and @Ducky for the voice overs.
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    A group of people connected by a twisted obsession. Control. Each with their own disturbing fascinations, they seek out victims to play with. Pulling the strings to make the puppets dance for their own amusement. "Pull the strings, and I'll sing you a song, Make me do right, or make me do wrong, I'm your puppet." Masked by the anonymity of the dark web on which they met, a group of individuals explored disturbing acts that they could only fantasise about in the confines of a civilised world. Each person derived pleasure through different means… torture, cannibalism, blood play, murder. Some led seemingly normal lives, while others had endured unimaginable hardships. It may have been hidden, but the darkness within them was always present, the desire to control and hurt driving them to take risks to satisfy their twisted minds. With Chernarus in turmoil following the declaration of Martial Law in 2017, the group plotted hideous crimes that would go unnoticed under the chaos of the political unrest. They gathered in Chernarus from around the world, working together to execute their sinister plans. They preyed on the weak and vulnerable, taking them as ‘toys’ to keep in their playhouse. Through coercion, manipulation, threats and torture, the group experimented with various ways to force the toys to play along with their evil games. Eventually the broken toys were discarded, never to be seen or heard from again. The outbreak provided the perfect playground for their atrocities and the group thrived amidst the devastation and destruction. A world free of the chains of society. One on the brink of collapse. Finally, they were no longer bound by law and morality, free to expand their reach over the lands. They recruited those willing to participate and preyed on those who were not. Whispers began to spread of their evil ways, earning them the name the Toy Makers. The group concept is to have a collection of disturbed individuals who view Chernarus as their playhouse, and the people in it as toys for their twisted games. Each toy is marked with an X on their wrist and becomes a subject for further hostilities. Depending on the reason for their capture, tasks may involve anything from gathering information, providing medical care, farming and hunting to assisting with kidnappings, torture and murder (OOC cooperation will be sought where appropriate). Good toys remain mostly unharmed but bad toys will of course be punished accordingly should they elect to break the rules. Alliances with other groups as well as the hire of private security and other contractors is undertaken when deemed necessary. The idea is to create a network of likeminded people and promote interesting and engaging interactions between us. Those wishing to participate in the RP will be invited to join our Playhouse discord for communications aimed at furthering the storyline, arranging meetings and setting tasks. We are now looking to expand the idea to include a travelling camp to provide a place for people to RP when not actively engaged in hostilities. "Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly." • Maintain a collection of toys to play with: (18/20) • Recruit associates for various outsourced tasks including security and bounty hunters: (3/15) • Establish a settlement of traders, doctors, farmers, hunters and security run by toys and associates, open to all. (COMPLETE) • Find like minded individuals to rise the ranks. (5/10) +2 • Maintain neutral or good relations with large groups and those who may pose a threat to us. (Ongoing) • Gather a network of informants to be our eyes and ears. (2/10) • Maintain a friendly façade while travelling and visiting settlements, building good relations with groups and lone survivors. • Invite individuals to roam with us, creating a mobile RP hub promoting farming, trade, and ‘campfire’ RP as we move from town to town. • Reveal our sinister side cautiously and selectively, generally targeting lone wolves unaffiliated with official groups. • Use PvP only as a last resort. • Promote interactive and engaging hostile RP with or without initiation, with clear goals and motivations to warrant our actions. • Continue to develop extended storylines following on from hostile encounters. • Prioritise the enjoyment of the players we take hostage, leaving them with guns and belongings and reaching out OOC wherever possible. Alyssa Black - ScarletRose Andrew Murdoch - Yuthee Drago Savic - Roman Nikolai Chaletsky - ComradeBandit Scott Anderson - Onyx Martin Berglund - Hanro Julian Jacobs - Dutch Sunny Smith - zsmith1111 Lupe "Ace" Sepulveda - JkpFrog @Jadeboat- Mallory Shibley @Zilly - Chase 'Rex' Quinton @kazzu10 - Sergei Sokolov @JohnCrown - Alkis Rouber @Walnuts - TBD @Flynt - Flynt Caverly @MR Pussywhipped - Jude Miller @MRS Bradtica - Ivona Vulpe @Shepard - Ronan Moore @Paco_ - Parker Hunt @AVeryBritishGael - Neil Murray @alexro - Vlad Borcea @Ade - Ade "Fridge" Castus @flybandito - Jon Blackstone @Taleinara - Taleinara ORourke @Zeltig - Cid Hartley @Peg4YourBackpack - Agnes Starr @ItsMaverick - Maven Pierce @Method - "Father" Alfred Josiah @achmed - Joel Jacobs @Malthis - Robbie Jackson @yiska - Millicent Bailey (Toys are given the option of being added to the CP. It is not our requirement. Some toys will remain unlisted and some may be part of other groups.) @MichTheMedic - "Ripper" Owens @Opticillunitic - McKenzie Mathis What we are looking for: New recruits may start off as toys, security or various other roles as required following on from an IC interaction. There will be the option to rise the ranks if so desired. We are happy to create and maintain storylines with other dynamics and groups. We sometimes create alts to serve as killable victims for our games. If you are interested in perming an existing character or creating a new one to participate in a storyline that involves your ultimate demise, we would love to hear from you. We want this group to be as interactive and dynamic as possible, where people can involve themselves as much or as little as they choose in the RP. No one will be forced to participate in anything without consent. OOC, you are free to leave at any time and no one will come after you. We ask that you agree to abide by a high standard of RP etiquette while playing with us, which involves putting RP above PvP at all times. We do not generally target people who are part of hostile groups and actively avoid engaging in hostilities with people who do not share our RP mindset. We do not execute people or use kill rights unless essential. We do not steal gear. We risk our safety to providing enjoyable RP, such as leaving people with loaded weapons after initiations and generally complying to hostilities initiated against us. Please consider the welfare of the group when making decisions on who to tell about us and how you use the information provided. We do not want to hide in the corners of the map and only internal RP for fear of snaking and constant attacks. Instead, we are choosing to welcome people to join in, relying on goodwill to continue to operate this way. If you are interesting in RPing with us, PM @ScarletRose, @yuthee, @Roman, @ComradeBandit or @Onyxon discord or forums. "I'm not your toy. If you want a game, I'll show you how to play." We welcome feedback, suggestions, and ideas for the group. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We are happy to provide clarification on IC and OOC rumours. Have fun and we look forward to playing with you. x
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    I'll start here, and work around the rest. There are no PvP groups, there are Hostile groups, Semi-Hostile Groups, and Defensive groups. Obviously, your hostile groups will be made up of either Religious Radicals, Political Radicals, Ethno-nationalist Radicals, and bandits. Your semi-hostile groups are your groups like the Corporation, CDF, and Liquidators. Where as these groups are hostile to groups that go against their group goals and or ideals but only to a certain extent. Whilst Hostile groups represent the presence of either Post-Infection or Pre-Infection hostilities and ideologies brought and shaped by the apocalypse, take Pamyati, Jayshalla, Dead Batteries and Kamenici for example. All these groups were forged by the reality of the situation of South Zagoria in the lore. Whether it be a regional conflict, Pamyati, or a provincial conflict Kamenici, and Jayshalla. Along with the Dead Batteries a group of raiders bandits and profiteers. These four groups listed previously encompass the four biggest dangers in current society and post-infection society. In a way they are the RP personifications of the evils of extremism. Kamenici was the fore-front of Ethno-Nationalism, Jayshalla represents religious extremism, Pamyati represents the unlawful expansionism of foreign actors and paramilitaries, and Dead Batteries represented Nihilism, Anarchy, and the complete lack of a "Social Contract". These four groups are a perfect representation of what makes the server so unique, is that real world issues are brought to the fore-front of the RP via a outbreak scenario. Although it is true not all people get to experience it, the RP is there. Most people who are initiated on by those groups who aren't backing talking or attempting to escape witnessed the radical views of each group. Of course, based on those radical views they are inherently hostile to those who go against their views, and this usually results in IC Coalitions forming. Which is a beautiful thing for the RP as it brings otherwise unaligned groups together to show every player involved the full spectrum of what is at stake. Either the country and it's people fall to random banditry, and radical views. Or people band together to attempt to rebuild civilization, which is the core focus of every apocalypse narrative. With that being said this is where most people find the issue, by going against one faction and allying with others you become a target. This is something that is difficulty avoided but masterfully done by some like @ScarletRose's Playhouse, which actively goes against these extremist views. But the diplomatic and deceiving nature of the ScarletRoses group keeps them free from harm and often in almost everyone's good graces both OOC and IC. The flip side of that of course is groups who don't have that keen mind for strategy and keeping things close to the chest. Often people talk about their views on situations IC, make radio calls IC, and divulge sensitive information IC in front of people who mean them harm. Which, often leads to confrontation in the future and sometimes all out war. War being the case brought up today. Many people in this thread most likely were not present for the Savior Coalition war, but as someone who lead a group during this time where fighting occured almost every 6 hours I can say with 1000% certainty. That the FEAR RP that was generated by this map wide conflict was some of the best gaming experiences of my life. The espionage, medical RP, post firefight debriefs with allied groups, pre firefight prayers, and diplomatic negotiations between allied groups was phenomenal. And all of it occurred because of PvP. In my honest opinion, the people who claim they were dragged into massive coalition wars, and that their groups should be completely un-involved aren't being honest. As the leader of one of the largest hostile groups, who came from a Campfire RP Settlement group ResPublika where all we did was sit in our base and RP with Free Territory. Everyone that is attacked under almost every circumstance made a choice in character that resulted in that action. Whether it be allowing spies from enemy groups into their camps, accidentally saying they wanted to kidnap someone in front of someone they shouldn't have. Initiating on someone they didn't know, or aiding in an initiation against a large hostile group. All these groups made choices, and all these groups were given ultimatums in order to give reparations for these "Mistakes" yet most groups that claim they are being unfairly attacked will never honor this reparations and will make the same choices again, resulting in conflict. For the groups that chose to Campfire RP instead of fight, I would implore them to understand the consequences of IC actions and sue for peace although obviously as the people capitulating to that peace it won't be favorable but that's fine its RP, just because you don't "Win" doesn't mean it isn't fair. And to finally directly respond to the center bullet point, most of hostile groups RP comes from car rides with the boys, hostage negotiations/interrogations, sitting down and doing some medical RP, having ideological debates with those you disagree with, or having friendly chats with groups you are neutral or aligned to. For example, me and my boi @YNW Lawwho is in Jayshalla had a pretty amazing encounter before we were allied about how he and his men view the Ottoman system of religious acceptance in captured Christian territories like Bulgaria and Greece, along with the religious importance and difference between Orthodox Christianity, Judaism and Islam and the problems these religions have caused throughout history. All in all PvP and hostile RP isn't a bad thing, and for the people who geniunely feel like they are being attacked way to often there is always the option for them to sue for peace and surrender. As a result they can either A, actually accept the terms of surrender, B pretend to accept the terms and risk attacks in the future or C enlist the aid of different groups to aid them.
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    Tbh if Sonic the Hedgehog initiated on me, told me to suck dick and then gassed me after 47 seconds of shit talking, I'd probably throw up a report too. Say what you want about the validity of the kills but there was so much more to that report than just the hostages dying, which seems to have just been glossed over like nothing else matters.
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    Can we put in a rule to remove all rape RP etc? people can take it to discord if they wish to do stuff like that.
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    Hello! This is ex-admin Aiko here. I know this might come up to be an appeal so I don't mind waiting till that is dealt with. But I would like to know what is considered baiting? With this recent verdict it seems almost any kind of denial of leaving an area can be seen as baiting. As I am talking about this report here: I am confused how this at all is baiting? So if a staff member could please tell me what baiting is? Because I don't believe it should be just because someone failed to leave an area after being told once from what the first video shows. I just would like some clarification on this thank you! I will add a bit more to this, because he is asked three times from what I can see. But to me baiting isn't this, he is role playing out the situation. They were given another out besides what they did. Which was initiating. They could have apologized, and this wouldn't have happened. But they picked the hostile action over the alternative. Baiting should be, when the person gives them no other choice but to initiate. There were many other alternatives to this, they just picked the hostile avenue. But again, I shall wait my answer if the OP does end up appealing.
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    When the feedback spam finally stops @NozzyRP @ThanosRP @NikoteenRP @FalkRP @ThrashRP @Real VegasRP @Oiram @G19RP @WongRP @KordrugaRP @Hex @SeversonRP @RavenousRP @ZorullRP @HoboRP @DallasRP @Mak @JamesRP @SleepyRP @Kricket @LumenRP @RedRP @Eagle @MajorRP @Finn RP
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    People moved to S2 to avoid hostilities. So I moved to S2 to do hostilities.
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    Firstly, I would like to say that I think it’s a great idea for us as leaders to communicate more with each other to address issues and work to improve RP for our groups and others in the community. I personally disagree that everything should be handled IC. Why do we have rules, forum discussions and reports? Because we RP as characters, as people who may act and think very differently from the person behind the screen. Ultimately, we are all here to have fun and if the roleplay you are being subjected to is not enjoyable, then people should be able to reach out to the other party to constructively communicate their concerns. If we do not talk to each other OOC, it is very hard to determine if someone genuinely enjoys the RP and make adjustments accordingly to ensure that both sides are content. I think it is a very selfish attitude for a person or group to subject people to the RP they find entertaining with no consideration for the other side and I see a lot of this happening in the community sadly. Telling someone to deal with it IC when the solution may be detrimental to their RP is equally as harmful. In my opinion, poor quality hostile RP is forcing a fight or flight response, leading to constant unwanted PvP or people moving bases and hiding in the woods. While this may be characteristic of the apocalypse, this is a game we play to have fun. This same fight or flight response can be seen OOC, with constant arguments on the forums or people leaving the community. The issues will not be solved IC! With that being said, I have spoken to my group regarding feedback for this thread. What things do they enjoy/would like to see more of? We enjoy interacting with random people on our travels or at our base which constitute more than a hi/bye or a quick trade. We’d like to see different people/groups meet up to RP and build stories. We enjoy maintaining good relations with other groups, setting up trade and security deals which are of mutual benefit. For example, having a trader convoy actually travel between bases to exchange requested items. We enjoy negotiating arrangements to ensure our safety from hostile groups. We enjoy the threat of good hostile RP that does not involve constant initiations and raids. For example, our camp has been tormented for weeks by a dynamic group who broadcast creepy coded radio messages and pick us off one by one. This has been some of the best story forming, tense RP I’ve had and OOC we eagerly await their arrival because its just so terrifying and well done. We would like to see more movement across the map. With people remaining inside bases, it seems that you can run for hours without meeting anyone. Our group concept revolved around picking off the lone wanderer but lately, we struggle to find good RP. This leads to more internal RP, which as much as I love it, doesn’t contribute positively to the community as a whole. Since we have such a large group, we aim to split people up so that while the base is still manned, others wander the map and interact more with other groups. What is it they are displeased with and how can we correct this? We work incredibly hard IC and OOC to maintain good relations with the hostile groups to mitigate their reasons to attack us but it is still a daily struggle for us to avoid and deal with poor quality hostile RP and unenjoyable trolling/memeing. We do not fight back against groups as a rule for fear of endless hostilities and we do not appreciate people taking advantage of this. We do not enjoy unprovoked constant attacks on our home or our people. We do not enjoy ‘shut up, stare at the wall’ hostilities, nor do we enjoy being constantly raided and big dicked. We do not enjoy people coming to our camp and baiting initiations or attempting to create reasons to justify initiations. We do not enjoy sexual and racial comments made towards our members. We do not enjoy people accusing us of being a BDSM group. We do not enjoy people loitering outside our camp for no apparent reason. We do not enjoy excessive banter and memeing. We don’t enjoy people walking in and stealing right in front of us because they know we can’t/won’t stop them. We do not enjoy having to flee from our own camp to avoid poor RP. Yet sadly, we are encountering the above way more frequently than we would like. It’s getting to the point where I have to deal with unhappy members daily, which I think is incredibly sad considering the numbers, talent and experience we have. Numerous members are thinking of moving servers and its becoming more common for people to run away and log rather than experience the poor RP from certain groups/individuals. I am struggling to keep everyone positive and focus on the good RP we do have because the negative encounters taint the RP and moods of everyone involved. This will not be corrected by IC means. Sadly, there are those in the community who simply do not care for the enjoyment of others. This needs OOC intervention because as much as I love this community, it’s getting too much even for me. I wish I had a magic solution for this. I personally think that the community is way too lenient when it comes to poor quality RP. The standards are too low in my opinion. The stance appears to be that if it’s not a rule break, its okay. It’s not. This allows people to provide RP that is just acceptable for them not to get banned, but is not pleasant either. The shift of people to other servers has already begun and while the new players may make up the numbers, they do not make up for the skill and experience of the quality RPers that may leave. What style of gameplay/roleplay are they most interested in? We are a group who enjoy both giving and receiving good hostile RP. Our reasons when taking hostages are always IC motivated and we do not steal gear or look to execute. Our purpose is to create long term storylines. We initiate daily but PvP a few times a month only when we have little alternative. We aim to provide quality RP with enough build up to initiations that we very, very rarely have uncompliant hostages. We welcome and enjoy hostilities against us when there is a storyline behind it with goals that don’t involve constant raids, initiations, executions and big dicking. We respect and follow reasonable demands. We do have a substantial amount of internal RP, both hostile and campfire, but we are welcoming to outsiders where appropriate and actively seek external RP daily.
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    DayZRP 19.7.1 Released 2019-07-03 IMPORTANT! Due to temporary issues with our Steam Workshop mod, we are forced to distribute this update manually. To update, follow these steps: Uncheck existing "DayZRP Mod" in your DayZ Launcher mod tab so it is no longer loaded Download new DayZRP mod version here: DayZRP-19.7.1.zip Extract the "@DayZRP" folder wherever you want Go to DayZ Launcher, click "Local mod" at the top, find the @DayZRP folder that you just extracted and select it Check the newly added "DayZRP" mod so that it is loaded Make sure the "DayZRP" mod is loaded last in the list General fixes Added grenade, trap and mine server logs @Kerkkoh Fixed beltbag and plate carrier pouch spawns @Ducky Balancing It's summer, world temperature has been significantly increased @Kerkkoh Build anywhere (re-)enabled for fences and watchtowers @Roland Building timers reduced to 1 minute (deploying, building) and 10 minutes (destroying) @Roland Shoe damage threshold increased from 3000 to 10000 steps @Ducky 5.56 ammo spawns reduced, AK ammo spawns increased (again) @Watchman Items Added new item - Radio player @Watchman Added new item - military mountain backpack @Misho Added crafting recipes for raincoat bags (rope + green/black raincoat) @Watchman Weapons Saiga firerate increased to make the weapon more viable. Saiga now should spawn with buttstock. Added missing Saiga 20 round drum mag @Watchman AKS74U should spawn with proper buttstock (foldable) @Watchman Added engraved 1911 to loot table @Watchman New item - meat cleaver @Watchman Grenades, traps and mines added to the loot table @Roland AK and M4 bayonetes can now be used with knife sheath @Watchman Clothing Fixes for 6B5 model. Added a grenade slot @Misho Added grenade slot for belt bag @Watchman Added new variant for beret - blue @Ducky Added new item - eye patch (crafted with a rag to a left/right variant) Footnote Mines and traps have been re-added back to the game as we now have logs of the person deploying these objects. Considering these can be used in many different ways - both defensively and offensively - here is how we decided to treat them based on their location, covered in new rule 4.10: 4.10 Deployable weapons such as land mines, bear traps and similar items work in two different ways: When deployed by the base owners inside a walled off and closed base, these weapons will be treated as defensive measures and thus any kills done by them will be considered valid even without any kill rights When deployed anywhere or by anyone else they will be treated the same as any other weapon, so for example: If someone gets injured or killed by your mine or trap which you placed in the middle of a town or a forest, it will be treated the same way as if you shot/killed them on sight with a gun If an enemy you have valid kill rights on steps on your mine, the kill will be considered valid Make sure to accept this new rule on the rule page by tomorrow, otherwise you will not be able to continue playing.
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    Buuuuut you're also anti vax... So nobody takes you seriously anyway. I mean, I'm not reporting it. I wouldn't want him to have a bad experience the first time he interacts with women, afterall.
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    THE ISLAND The Island of Storozh, and the Prison Complex housed upon it (often referred to locally as Stará stráž, or ‘Old Warden’) has played many an interesting role during its many years of service, both as a political symbol and geographical advantage. While the islands history as a whole is unclear prior to Soviet control, it is understood that the Island played a typical role as the home of a lighthouse, at least until other plans were drawn up for it. During the late 1940s, the Soviet Occupied Government built the main prison complex on the island to house those guilty to the most serious crimes, and perhaps more importantly individuals who threatened the very fabric of the political systems in institutions throughout the Union, including infamous political dissidents, rebellious leaders and figureheads, as well as various Nazi Officers at least directly after the war. Many of these people were also on death row. Whilst the Prison was not perhaps as valuable as many of the undisclosed gulags throughout the Union, there was a reason why such people were held there; being tucked away in a rather small and insignificant part of the world meant those in power could theoretically throw these people away and simply forget about them. Whilst that might be so for those in the ivory tower, In Chernarus, the island was big news, there had always been rumors regarding its use was, who it was holding and just why it was held to such high esteem by local authorities. The Island was strictly off limits during this time, It was reported to have often held a small garrison of military personnel, and it had a secondary use of housing coastal Patrol Boats. Whilst you could assume this was all for guarding the prison, it was understood that the Island was not only a prison but also a military outpost, for obvious reasons it would be a viable location to hold in the event of naval attack, but despite this, the island had no permanent weaponized defenses. THE OUTBREAK The island continued its service as a high security prison up until the Outbreak, although after the Collapse of the Union it ceased to contain political prisoners. During the 2009 Civil War it is understood that the CDF held a garrison there, although it never came under attack. Over time however, the Island became less relevant and less useful as a prison, where more modern institutions were eventually built in the capital city. As a result it was no longer maintained and ended up being used to house those awaiting transfer, as well as more local criminals. Despite this it still held a lesser military presence and was always off limits. The Island was found to be relatively safe at the turn of the outbreak, where no sign of infection was found at first. The garrison remained on duty for a good few weeks before the situation in South Zagoria completely deteriorated, whereas what was left of the prison staff had eventually left to either be of find their families, eventually the garrison was moved along with all classified information and the island was deserted. The prisoners were simply abandoned, most left the island, others stayed to fend for themselves, however the infection quickly spread, and this, combined with infighting left the island completely empty. Since then it has remained abandoned, often picked at by the occasional scavenger and sometimes settled on, but never permanently. THE GROUP The Quarantined can trace their roots back to Rogovo, where a man by the name of Murdock had began building a settlement with a goal of becoming a safe zone of sorts, propped up by trade, he hired another man named Jack to run security, however the setup did not last long, for the town faced a large amount of harassment from passing aggressors. Upon search of another location, the pair, along with a growing amount of support soon realised that the Prison island was currently abandoned, and with safety in mind chose to settle on it. Finding passage through the ruins and shallow rock formations that line the coast around it, they cleared it of infected and officially moved in It didn't take them long to begin reinforcing the island and soon considering its use. The small group began work to make the island sustainable, such as growing crops, using various construction methods to make the large imposing building somewhat livable and beginning to scavenge supply materials. It soon came to discussion, at first merely as a gentlemen's agreement, what exactly to do with the many empty cells that circled the prison complex. It seemed logical at first to use them either to shelter people who need help or perhaps lock up evil-doers. However, as time passed and faces changed, the moral questioning behind this ‘option’ began to shrivel away, and the current president is not so clear, and methods could be deemed questionable. Despite all this, the group remains somewhat clear in their goal of helping those who need help and locking up those who intend to harm. @Lemons - Jack Lemons (Leader) @Crim - Murdock McClane (Leader) @Harvey - Oswald Vingradov (Head Doctor) @Chef_Viro - Martin Thompson @isaac lineheart Alexis Merko (Undecided) @Garrett - William Buckner (Guard) @Padlock - Daniel Graves (Guard) @Crimson_Tiger - James Tigre @lunathecat - Grace BellaDonna (Interrogator) @Joey Parker - Joey Parker (Guard) @Craig - George Adebowale @MrsunnyRP - Seung Hyun @andysuter - David Abrahams (Priest/Father) @Methias - Harry Wells (Teaboy) @Q-ChilliDivision - Sergey Cerny Control The Island at all costs (Indefinite) Maintain fortification of The Island (Indefinite) Remain self-sufficient on the Island (Indefinite) Hide our true intentions what goes on inside the prison (Indefinite) Gather intel and capture Dangerous people (3/25)/(1/10) Assist those in need (Indefinite) Keep ample supply of prescription drugs (200/200) Make alliances with nearby groups (760) Maintain a sufficient Moral Standard (Failing) Set up a system for ranking in the group (Completed) Hire survivors to keep the prison fully staffed (765) Obtain a Medical Team that could either treat the wounded or help the prisoners (750) Hunted Jona Smekhov (Undecided Punishment) Radan Perov (Marked for Death Row) OOC Goals Provide Unique, creative and memorable Hostage / Prisoner RP Avoid starting hostilities except if necessary when conducting rescue operations Try to avoid OOC Drama Prioritise RP over PVP To apply, please send a PM to @Lemons, @Crim and @Harvey using the following template: Credits for @Harvey with the Lore and @Tayto with the help of graphics! If you Join this group you agree that If your character fucks up or betray us you agree that we have Permakill rights on you.
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    Yesterday I got the idea to showcase and stream my typical "server check" just for some laughs. During the "hall monitor pass" as I call it, I use my admin tools to fly around the map, check on player bases for AoGM, any objects that need to be deleted, visit the largest hotspots of players and sometimes even do a mini-event by spawning in hordes of zombies for players to have fun with. It kind of turned out to be popular as during the first stream I peaked at around 60+ viewers and I received multiple requests to keep it going. Might as well get that Twitch affiliate status and a cool Presidente emote Even Presidente can be a famous streamer! I have linked my Twitch below, make sure to follow me to get a notification when I stream, as the streams may be quite irregular and unscheduled. Since I am very new to streaming, I thank everyone watching who keep up with my technical and mental difficulties when I attempt to navigate the map.
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    This has to be one of the wildest things that happened to me bro.
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    DayZRP 19.6.1 Released 2019-06-02 Mods New mod added - Summer Chernarus - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1644467354 General fixes Civilian tent now correctly takes 6x4 in inventory @Roland Updates to civilian tent model and handling actions (pack/unpack, close/open) @Aeryes Various crafting recipes fixed @Aeryes Large wooden crate now properly separated from small wooden crate @Aeryes Adjusted loot table for multitude items, including weapons, ammo and bags @Gremlinco Updated model for scrap item @Misho Fireplace fuel burning speed reduced 5x, fireplaces will now persist 2x as long @Gremlinco RP items New laptop and USB models @Aeryes Clothing New item reversed baseball cap @Misho New item fedora hat @Misho New shemagh model (including ground model) that looks a lot better and should not clip and can be picked up more easily @Misho New shemagh textures @Misho Updated model for full face mask @Misho New item variant for plate carrier - UN @Watchman New item variant for chest holster - black and gold @Watchman New item variant for paramedic jacket and pants - black @Watchman New item variant for hoodie - tool and vanz @Watchman New item variant for denim jacket - collar @Watchman New item variant for surgical mask - white @Watchman New item variant for ballistic helmet - UN @Watchman Fixed canvas bag texture (again) @Watchman
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    Give me all the love lol
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    “Do you want redemption?” Redemption took the form of a knife to flesh, the etching of a sin into already damaged skin in the trees outside of Eden. The word was worn as both a badge of honor and a reminder not to repeat past mistakes. Neither Constance nor Kase had any idea the symbolism the moment held, or how those symbols would lead them out of a self-inflicted hell. "Set her in the back seat of the car and I'll drive us out. It's not safe here." Sosnovka was the beginning and the end for Marcus, Kase, and Constance. All three had signed their souls to the proverbial devil in order to gain protection from the outside world, but it was at the cost of their own sense of morality. The catalyst came at the loss of a loved one and the callousness with which the death was handled. Constance broke down, unable to comprehend her failure to protect someone she called family. Kase was steadfast in serving to protect Constance and Marcus, while Marcus took charge in leading the three of them out of Sosnovka to safety. They drove to Northwest Checkpoint hoping to start a new life at the gas station, out of the way. Lost souls wandered upon them, people were invited, and not three days in death had been invited to their doorstep from someone they had welcomed in. It was a breaking point for them all. All ties needed to be broken and rebuilt. Those outside of the immediate family were to not be trusted. With the aid of the Mafia; Marcus, Kase, Constance and a young kid named Luke all packed up and disappeared to a new life. They were tired of running, tired of letting everyone else determine their lot in life. They wanted to return to normality, to morals and peace. Each had their role to play in helping the family and once the family was back on its feet, they could begin aiding others in finding their way back to peace. We aren't religious, but we can't deny the moral teachings represented by the Capital Vices. Morality and humanity are grossly absent, replaced by hedonism and self-service. How can we expect the world to heal without purpose or direction? We are here to offer guidance and purpose to those who seek redemption and self-improvement. We aim to own our flaws and sins so we can work towards overcoming them, or using them to our advantage so we might help heal both ourselves and others Set up a food drive event to further the group's humanitarian efforts. (735) Set up a blood drive event to further the group's humanitarian efforts. (745) Empower a resident of the sanctuary to continue the organization of said sanctuary moving forward. (750) Reach out to the Liquidators to identify their goals and motives to determine if we wish to aid them. (755) Work with major trade alliance to establish trade routes through Chernarus. (770) Begin working on establishing a secondary sanctuary for those who wish to better themselves. (780) Identify the needs of those living in and around the secondary sanctuary. (785) Develop humanitarian events around the needs of those at the second sanctuary. (790) Work with nearby political or militant forces to aid in the protection of the residents of the sanctuary. (795) Console those guilty of the Deadly Sins to their proper virtue. (Indefinite) On Hold: Establish contact with Prison Island and begin setting up a rehabilitation program for detainees. (740) (HOLD - Pending Research of Operations) Completed Goals: Build a sanctuary for those who wish to better themselves. (720) (Complete) Set up a shoe exchange event to further the group's humanitarian efforts. (725) (Failed) Find more people guilty of falling to Deadly Sins. (7/7) (750) (Complete) Establish a working relationship with a major trade group, and aid in boosting their flow of revenue. (760) (Complete) Provide quality and hopefully memorable roleplay towards any and all encounters we may have whether long or small. Expand the ideals of Roleplay by helping progress storylines that may be currently happening on the server. Aid in empowering the growth of trade groups through meaningful storylines. Offer meaningful character development by exploring other characters' Capital Vices. If you are interested in joining please reach out to @PandaOG, @Kase, or @Xehara. Alternatively, you can also just meet us in game organically. Credit to @Lindse and @Kase for the graphics.
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    Helmet cam footage of Officer Elmo linked below: Also that was a wild 30 mins my dude, making arrests on that server was funny as fuck
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    Hope you all enjoy! Also can i get my payment in BeanZ please o7 Incredible work from everyone on the team and @Roland!
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    Group Song A New Dawn. A new life. Something someone always dreamed of in their life. Since the outbreak, we all got a new life. Everything changed when the infection spread, but not everyone changed. Some, stayed who they were and continued to do what they did best. Dr. Dylan River was one of the many who did. After the outbreak started, Dylan was already in Chernarus with his close friend Andela. The two of them set up a small camp near the coast. The camp was a medical camp, a place where people could be seen too by trained medical staff and would be welcomed into a safe place. It lasted for a while, until they ran into a fellow doctor Dr. Hope Pisces. Hope was creating a camp in the North. The idea was that Hope would go out and treat and maintain the injuries and bring them back to the camp where the other doctors like Dr. River would treat them or do surgery. The camp ran for a while up in the North, until River and Andela had some issues with how things were being ran. The two of them decided to create another small camp in the South, still working with the people in the North. They ran this camp for two or three weeks until, the 'White Vader' situation happened. After this incident, the camp split up and went their own ways. Dylan and Andela stayed with each other for a small while after until they had a falling out and they too, went their own ways. The situation, known to some people as the 'White Vader Incident' caused a lot of pain and even death. Many people parted ways because of what happened from it. Several people even died because of this. While in surgery treating the man who died, Dylan was shot doing his work because of the actions of the man he was treating. After this, River was taken to an island near the coast to recover on from his injury. A month after, now in May, Dr. River returned to the mainland and ran back into some familiar faces. Nikolai, Ellie and Jaro. They reunited and continued to travel together, treating and helping people on the way. Even though some of the company that Dylan was traveling with was not the best, he stuck with them. As they travelled around they ran into other familiar faces, such as Marie and Alyssa. With the people around him, River wanted to do again what he did the best. His treatments. Dr. River wanted to do what he did before with the camp in the North, but better. Not so much as public to the common eye, but their presence would be known. He wanted to create a working hospital, a place where he and his team could treat patients, do lengthy surgery and have a place where people can recover from their injuries. The group would travel around, treating patients and teaching people the knowledge they have of medicine. He wanted to give back to the people who needed. The others agreed and were willing to help out. So they worked together and found more people to help out. Dylan met groups which could benefit the help of his. The hope was rising. Things were going to change. Dr. River and his group were not trying to be hero's, but just doing what they all did best. Helping people. @DrMax - Dr. Dylan River Paediatrician & General Surgeon @Brayces - Ellie Hoste Trainee First Aider @Dino - Nikolai Hagelund Former Soldier with advanced first aid training @Scarlett - Marie White Combat Medic @Ouromov - Jaromir "Jaro" Lucic Former Soldier with first aid training @DeagleERP - Collin Rose Good Question? @Kerkkoh - Dr. Alexander Ellis Psychiatrist @Hofer - Dr. Dimitri Stepanov Orthopaedic & General Surgeon @Aleksi-Baraszkov - Dr. Nathan De Wildt Anaesthesiologist @vivallion - Dr. Arkadij Ruban Emergency Doctor The council are group of people who are trusted by Dr. River and know that when he is not around can be trusted to make decisions. The council will have a member with different specialities and traits that will help benefit the group and progress the story. Council members will do some other things too behind the scenes. Nikolai - A former solider who shows strength in protection and security. Nikolai has military training and is a trusted friend of Dr. River. If anything goes wrong or Dylan needs some assistance in figuring out what to do for safety and security, he knows Nikolai will have the answers. Ellie - A young lady with many talents. Even though she is young, Ellie knows a lot about the lands of Chernarus already. Ellie, being young has a positive mindset and does not always see the wrong in people. That is good. She is a good judge of character. Plus, she's a kid. Everyone likes kids ,right? Short Term Find a main base location to call home [Day 715] Completed Find out 3/5 local camps that we can work out of [Day 740] Find a supply team to help with scavenging [Day 750] Find out more information on 'Camp Dracula' [Day 740] Find a Chemist [730] Completed Long Term Recruit more doctors in the following fields; Day [760] - Emergency Doctor - Cardiologist - Orthopaedic - Oncologist - Psychiatrists Anaesthesiologic Create a working hospital [Day 760] Treat 11/25 people and document each one [By Day 760] Train 3/10 people with medical knowledge [Day 770] Continue to treat patients across Chernarus [Ongoing] OOC Goals Provide quality roleplay from medical and campfire roleplay Teach people basic or advance knowledge on MedicalRP As a group, engage in each characters own personal story lines If you wish to join New Dawn, please PM @DrMax using the following template bellow. This will then be sent and reviewed by myself and the council. After we have decided if your character will fit in, we will set up an IC meeting to get to know your character more before being a full member. Please keep in mind, we do a lot of medical roleplay so you may be either treating people or sitting around a lot while we do medical things. Tell us about you OOC!: Character Page: IRL Age: Timezone: Why do you want to join the group?: What can your character contribute to the group?: How active can you be in a week?: What groups have you been apart of on DayZRP? Any questions for us?: If you need to contact us OOC, you can PM @DrMax. If you wish to contact us IC you can either create a radio broadcast directing it towards us, answer to our call here, or join our discord server where we have an IC radio chat for roleplay. You can join our discord by clicking on the icon below. Special thanks to @MajooRB who made these amazing graphics! Big thanks to everyone in the group that helped create and form this group!
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    Here's my issue on the stance. Do the groups that get on the stick-end of getting shit on deserve it? Absolutely. Nothing I can't stand more than people who enter situations with hands already in the air talking shit like they're big dog. CDF literally stopped providing aid to anyone because people just can't be appreciative and respect the situation with the cards they have been dealt. Playing in the CDF has really made me come to a realization- hero groups absolutely fucking suck. I cannot stand being the nice guy, and turning the other cheek to half-assed cheeky comments from the people we spent hours protecting. When they aren't afraid that you will initiate, they speak their minds. Back in Kamenici, we roll into a camp and people got damn quiet. Being a wild card of 'will they initiate?' was the shit because everyone licked your ass and did what was told- until they didn't. These people complaining of 2.3 are the same one's causing sheer frustration with me and pretty much my entire group. I've lost all drive to play the good guy, because we just get handed shit after shit everytime we try and roleplay with people. Regardless, on the other side of the coin, Pamyati aren't cookies and cream either. We're all here to have fun, and roleplay. It's hard to do either with an attack once every 24 hours. The CDF have only ever initiated ONCE in the entirety of the conflict with the Muslims and Pamyati. ONCE. Out of what? 5+ firefights that broke out? The literal first interactions with BOTH of the groups was either a dick measuring contest lead to a firefight, or a casual discussion about some cows in the distance followed by an attempt of being ran up on. Now because of that, we're at war and you're forcing RP away from my group because of it? That's horse shit and you know it. End of the day, let people roleplay. It's not that hard to put a simple thought of 'will the other side have fun?' when going into situations, then what's the point? There's a reason that my group page of the Kamenici has ~7 pages of shit feedback from the time span of September -> February, then the MOMENT I get my group page back it's nothing but positive feedback. Yes, there needs to be an understanding between both sides, and both sides need to acknowledge that they are BOTH contributing to the problem at hand, stop pulling the victim card, and fix yourselves first. "Be the change you want to see in the world"-Ghandi
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    Apparently the rule 3.5 is not clear enough in regards to what constitutes metagaming and what does not. Also it seems that casual use of metagaming through OOC comms is widely accepted at this point so I think we might as well add back the double mic rule. Here's my draft: 3.5 Metagaming is transferring information between Out of Character (OOC) and In Character (IC), despite there being no realistic way of characters or players gaining this information. This includes, but is not limited to: Your character knowing someones name because you saw their it in the game chat or met them before on a different character Using player live streams to find out where people are in game or gaining other information that is found in the stream Using forum OOC content like media threads to gain information about groups or bases NEW! 3.6 Seemingly telepathic transfer of information between characters using external OOC communication like Discord, TeamSpeak or others is not allowed. All communication relevant to the situation in game must be transmitted in game using "double mic" mechanic. That means transmitting both through in game VOIP and external software simultaneously. Using OOC communication is only allowed when you have personal radio item equipped on your character. As soon as your character loses the ability to speak or use the radio, for example has died, is unconscious, has been gagged, is surrendering (F2 animation), is handcuffed or had your radio item or clothing containing it removed from your inventory you may not transmit any information through OOC and should mute yourself in these applications. Let me know what you think
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    Hey so I recently asked on the staff Q and A topic about this but honestly i've seen cases of it personally at least two times a day every single day for the past month, and heard about it from plenty of others experiencing it too, so I thought i'd get an early community and staff opinion on the subject on the topic. So recently-ish the whitelist has been dumbed down quite a lot. Like an incredible amount. When I first took the whitelist again when I came back on Amnesty in January it was so easy I just assumed that it was a special kind of whitelist that was just a formality that amnesty players would have to take when they came back. This however proved not to be the case as I was later told that the whitelist was just super easy now. It consists of a handful of questions, no lore questions, and a small backstory. That's it. Now I had concerns over this but overall didn't care because the only way it effected me was letting me get back in faster and easier than before. I remember back when I first joined it was a near week long process to get in. I deadass probably studied some of the shit harder than I studied for a math test because after failing the whitelist my first two attempts back then, I didn't want to fail a third time. I cannot imagine anyone failing this iteration of the whitelist, more over, I cannot imagine anyone having to put anything even resembling effort into it. And that's where I think the problem is coming from. You see in game a lot of us can attest to this. We've been constantly running into people with zero concept of the rules of the community, the lore of the server, and what even counts as roleplay. I've run into two people a day on average that talk to me OOC in game. "Hey i'm going to relog i'll be back" or "Yeah my base is at the edge of the map" or "YOU'RE SO GETTING REPORTED FOR THIS KID GOOD LUCK" or the classic "This is a rulebreak what the fuck" or "I don't care if it's a bannable offense im going to shoot this guy next time I see him" and earlier today I ran into several people who claimed that not only had the infection just begun, but that they had crashed into their helicopter ON THEIR WAY BACK TO THE US FROM THEIR TOUR TO IRAQ FOR THE WAR THERE and that they had no clue how they "Awoke on this island of Chairnaroose". It's honestly baffling. I know I give some people shit for being RP boomers when they say shit like "Maaaaaan back in 2015 things were so much better" but I mean, I can definitely say that this shit happened almost never in '16 '17 and '18. This happens every single day now. And I think it's because the whitelist is so incredibly braindead right now. Sorry if that comes off rude but that's just how I feel about it. It's so unbelievably easy that almost zero effort has to go into it. And you know what the result of people that have to put zero effort into getting in is? Shit like this Just no concept of rules. @Elmo is lucky that he's a professional PVP'r or this man might've killed him for seemingly no reason. Or how about when @Strawberry was held up and forcefully going to be injected with blood by his captors yesterday where he said "//no OOC perms for that" and they reply in voip "WHAAAALE UR GUNNA GIVE ME PURMEEESHUN OR WE R GUNNA BLOW UR BRAINS OUT BUD" Honestly I could list countless things that have happened but I'm sure people that read this post will list their own experiences with it. The amount of reports and replies and POV's we've seen in recent reports and shit we've all seen in game speaks for itself. The new whitelist may not be the only issue but it certainly plays a role in this kind of stuff. If it requires almost zero vetting and no effort to get in this is what happens. So I guess my question is: Will the idea of reworking the whitelist even be entertained because of this? What will be changed about it? And have any of you experienced similar things in game, and if so, please tell me down below. It's to the point where if I'm running into people I don't know OOC the odds of them asking me OOC in voip or just not really understanding the rules rises astronomically. It can be funny to me sometimes but mostly just annoying to run into this constantly in game. Just feels like the standards are slipping really, really hard lately.
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    @Joah I'm curious, you are claiming that you cannot complete your goals however. Your goals that you claim that can't be complete can be listed here https://gyazo.com/45063b6284071ba0673c8d579b439a76 I don't think it's fair to claim that your group cannot complete it's goals when the goals that cannot be complete require you to FORCE your groups sphere of influence onto other groups. This action is inherently hostile, along with this you claim that you wish to start up a drug trade and we have in no way have we impeded this. In zero ways have we even learned about this IC or OOC in fact this would be the best time for you to do so. I will list here screenshots of you saying that you enjoyed the PvP, and every date we have fought. May 28th We initiate on you guys in your compound firefight ensues (The Time) May 30th You initiate on Zorull and G19 firefight ensues (The Time) June 1st We attack your compound as a result of your group raiding our allies group the corporation you agreed OOC to the attack. After which an OOC agreement is formed about the times in which attack can happen to which you state that you are fine with the PvP in fact you messaged this to the lads. The Time June 3rd We initiate on yourself and the Muslims with a few of your members present. (The Time) June 14th We initiated on District, CTF and yourself. I wasn't present for the attack however you and Hex had a good ol time recollecting the firefights. (The Time) June 20th We initiate on The Watch for contacting you IC using the double mic function on their radio's to kidnap Zac Biggems. We initiate and one of your spies are present and they survive (Not intentional). (Pamyati) June 22nd We initiate on The Watch for contacting you IC using the double mic function on their radio's to kidnap Vlad Viscus, and with Chris's shit talking on myself and Vlad. After a hour long siege your men and Kase roll up and a firefight ensues, Kase RDMs JamesRP and your men use their rights from one of your spies who we initiated on without knowing. (Pamyati) June 23rd After Kordruga fights you, G19 leads a squad to attack your Northern base, is unable to locate you finds CDF instead. (Pamyati) June 24th We are given information from our Homies Dongle and Kirby that you were meeting with them so we decided to attempt to capture you and end the war, we initiate on your men with support of the Contractors but everyones game freezes cause rip the server, big ol fight. (Pamyati) That's 9 times total, 4 times as Pamyati 3 of which were unintentional. OBVIOUSLY BASED ON THE FACT YOUR SPIES IN PEOPLES BASES GAVE YOU KILL RIGHTS ON US YOU CAN STILL DO YOUR GOALS. NOTHING WE HAVE DONE/DOING IS STOPPING YOU FROM DOING YOUR SPY STUFF/DRUG STUFF. In fact, you have been going around to multiple different parties telling people that a 2.3 report was going up with the soul intention to get us perm'd and claimed that it was the Wolfpack, the Watch and the CTF to myself and members of my group. In fact I went through tonight and the nights previous to make sure they were all enjoying their roleplay, each group responded to me saying that it was not them who wanted to throw up these reports, but they had heard rumors from you that there was a report going up and they were going to be called in. However, you sent me this: The Wolfpack sent this: And I spoke to the second in command of the Watch about the conflict and he said he had no clue of the 2.3 Report. However she then sends you this for some reason? Not only all of this, but you told me and a few other people that you were attempting to get @Kordruga-kun perm'd and then proceeded to send me this. In my opinion, your conduct through this response to legitimate RP. Your blatant OOC threatening, lying to people blatantly to split up groups of friends and openly admitting to wanting to get people perm'd for what people say about you OOC with absolutely 0 proof. We've spoken in the past about people pretending to be us to get people to 2.3 us, seeing as you know how damning a 2.3 report is for us since you were there to back us up when Roland posted the warning, it is very clear to me that you have decided that it would be better to get 25+ people Perm'd including Kordruga as you have previously stated. In fact after being in a call with you in which you and Hunter stated, "The reason we would throw up a 2.3 report against you is because your group is around to often." to which I responded with "So what should I tell my guys to do, avoid RP and hide in the woods. When was the last time we initiated on you guys, because as of recently all we have done to the Wolfpack is Campfire RP and defend you from Raiders." Hunter then replied, "Well you are a hostile group aren't you, why are you around us." It is this kind of thinking that makes for these situations to break out, people want us to RP more and stop hostilities, so we do. In fact we farm nails and give the Wolfpack 9 AKs and 3 Cars in one night, along with saving Hutch from bandits and giving them 2,500 nails in one go. Yet people are coming to you to help them 2.3 us?????? In every situation that my group has been involved with your group Dean, other than one. You have come in to be a relieving force, you made the choice to come in and fight. Not the other way around, you can't claim that we attack YOU too much when you are the one choosing to get involved in fights. Hopefully this clears things up for people who read the above messages.
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    With these simple steps, you can fix the annoying statistic bug and server list bug that happens when you try to log into the server. 1. Open the launcher. 2. Put the server IP port and the password into the parameters. 3. Enjoy not having to spam relog, close the game once every crash and relog. Thanks to @Real Vegas for pointing this out to me.
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    Hey, massive scene maker here. I've got some feedback after a recent conversation with Jackfish: Currently, y'all do really enjoy those jeans and flecktarn jackets, and I don't blame ya, they do look good. But do you know who else enjoy them? Your mortal enemy. See there is a long history since the civil war of NAPA hunting down Russians and Ex-Chedaki, slaughtering them, torturing them and ultimately committing genocide. It's almost as if remnants of Chedaki would not dress like their mortal enemy Upon explaining this to Jackfish I was met with a comment about how great y'alls roleplay are, but I genuinely couldn't take you seriously as Communist Chedaki if you dressed like NAPA. Compare it to NAPA dressing up in all black with the ChDKZ beret on, and pretending nothing is wrong This deep underlying hatred for eachother should be a driving factor in despising everything about eachother. You already despise NAPA and CDF, and one of your goals it to eradicate them, so why dress like them? I hope you reconsider changing that uniform, cause to me personally, it's lorebreaking as fuck. /end of feedback
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