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    So, not sure why this was not made by someone else as I was an onlooker of the situation. This is the problem with DayZRP right now. Basically that there is this trash rp that is accepted by many members of the community, and even some staff. Though the staff members may not of approved, some of them were not leading by example and instead enjoying the stupidity, but as it stands none of the staff has made a post or brought it up. So I guess I will. Understand, this is going to be nit picky. I will do my best to not name names. This went on for at least 1 - 2 hours that we were present for. Not sure how much longer after that. The situation started later in the day for the server about 20 minutes before night. I onlooked at about 15 people standing around near the entrance to the barn. Some were running around while others were gathering logs. Though this isn't bad RP, the people carrying logs did seem to enjoy walking to a non existent beat, swaying back and forth. Others around the entrance however seemed to keep holding each other up, aiming guns at one another and hands up, prone-ing and climbing over one another. After a short time of watching this, a few of our friends approached. They looked on and saw Emma, started having a normal talk with her which was decent rp. Then a group of men approached and started saying "We won't leave her with Chedekie." After a bit, my friend announced he was Chedaki, and they started saying "Is that some kind of cheese?" So they stopped the conversation and walked away a bit. They continued to scream, jump around, do 360's. Some time later they approached a man with a blue arm band. The man said that Chedaki hurt his mother, and it was not in a trolly rp way. However as the conversation continued others approached and continued to interrupt over and over, not letting either party continue the rp and continued to call both people retarded. This continued for a while, insult after insult, my friend asked "Why are you interrupting us?" His reply "Because you are retarded." After this our friends decided to walk away. It was growing darker so he walked into the darkness with the blue arm band. They walked into the dark, some random player grabbed a flare and lit up where they were going. They then were surrounded again and not allowed to continue roleplay. They were consistently interrupted and insulted. One thing I will add that I noticed, was a flare put down and several people running circles around the group with a flair, for no reason. So they walked away again, and were pursued and continued to be interrupted and insulted not allowing any roleplay to continue. They decided to tell the man that they would continue the conversation later. The words of others were "Yea retard, shut up and move on." Eventually it started to rain, and they went inside. As soon as they pushed open the door they saw at least 10 people crawling over each other, going into the corner, screaming to scream. "AH LETS GO LETS GO". They then went into the corner, jumping on each others heads and trying to fly or walk on top of each others shoulders. My friends took one look, said "What the heck?" And turned around to leave the barn. Basically that is the jist and continued throughout the evening on the server, and into the morning. However at one point, there was some gunfire and someone got on a megaphone saying "The Chedekie are shooting, everyone inside to hide from the chedekie." They continued to scream this over the megaphone for several minutes. The problems and troll rp continued throughout the time we were present there. Eventually we decided to leave because of the stupidity. However, I can't lie that one of our members did go up there and added to the stupidity by using a stupid accent. This thread is not to get people in trouble. That is not the goal. People are upset by the lack of RP, and I can see why. To many people don't care about the value of rp, and Don't care to keep their friends in check. Then you have those people who were doing decent rp, then decide to add to the troll rp, and after they get mad because the rp sucks. It really goes to show that people care so little about the rp of this community and its members that they would intentionally ruin others attempt to rp as well, laughing about it as they go. The worst part, is that there was at least four members, or X members of staff there present for the entire situation. I am not saying they were trolling, but they were letting it happen. And by the fact that I have to make this thread, goes to show how little they care about the betterment of the community over their friendships. Not sure why they are even in staff. Yesterday was a shit show. It was the worst rp I have ever seen on the server, and it was near to half of the server pop. You would think people would value actual rp, and would try to lead by example, but it dosn't seem to be the case. We are on a slippery slope now. How long will it be before staff completely disregards what happens ingame to the point where all rp is trolled away and the server is filled with stupidity and idiocy. Dark days ahead of us. I'm sure plenty of people will say "Boo hoo, you wern't there, we had great rp." If you think that was great rp then you have little to no standards and you clearly feel that trolling and ruining others experience is fun. I have been intentionally vague on who the problem is. We have video footage and many screen shots of the situation but this is not an attempt to get people banned. This is an attempt to wake people up so this server becomes better. Those of you, who were staff and are staff... You should be ashamed of yourselves.
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    Our active playerbase continues to grow for some unexplainable reason, and we are reaching new records in queue length to the server during peak times. I opened server 2 yesterday to temporarily help this issue, however as we all know it comes with a long list of problems on its own, including using the second server for looting, loot storage and ghosting into bases. At the same time we cannot expect to grow as a community and server if we cannot add additional servers and have enough slots for everyone. I have coded a little addition to the server player check today. What it does is it locks the second server until server 1 is 80% full. This happens automatically and without requiring staff to start/stop servers or do anything in particular. This way both S1 and S2 can stay permanently online, but S2 will only be usable once S1 fills up. Once S1 dips below the player threshold, an announcement will be sent to players on S2 and they will be kicked some time after in order to move to S1. The locked/unlocked status of the servers is displayed on the front page using a lock icon. This status is updated every 5 minutes.
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    In the light of ladies night, the boys have decided to host a boys night. This is a peaceful event so ALL the boys from EVERY group can meet up and have a good time, please bring meat and drinks, we will have a cookout and listen to some music, all around a good time. Also, no girls allowed . Lets have it gents!
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    Černaruská Televize is a government funded TV station. It is maintained with taxpayers' money, and was funded to report objective, undistorted facts. Similiar to it's Czech counterpart, it's considered the fourth cornerstone of Chernarussian democracy. On 3rd of May it aired it's news reportage about the Chernarussian group of survivors and soldiers in the South Zagorian region - Kameníci. Thanks @Xehara and @Ducky for the voice overs.
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    Tbh if Sonic the Hedgehog initiated on me, told me to suck dick and then gassed me after 47 seconds of shit talking, I'd probably throw up a report too. Say what you want about the validity of the kills but there was so much more to that report than just the hostages dying, which seems to have just been glossed over like nothing else matters.
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    Buuuuut you're also anti vax... So nobody takes you seriously anyway. I mean, I'm not reporting it. I wouldn't want him to have a bad experience the first time he interacts with women, afterall.
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    A group of people connected by a twisted obsession. Control. Each with their own disturbing fascinations, they seek out victims to play with. Pulling the strings to make the puppets dance for their own amusement. "Pull the strings, and I'll sing you a song, Make me do right, or make me do wrong, I'm your puppet." Masked by the anonymity of the dark web on which they met, a group of individuals explored disturbing acts that they could only fantasise about in the confines of a civilised world. Each person derived pleasure through different means… torture, cannibalism, blood play, murder. Some led seemingly normal lives, while others had endured unimaginable hardships. It may have been hidden, but the darkness within them was always present, the desire to control and hurt driving them to take risks to satisfy their twisted minds. With Chernarus in turmoil following the declaration of Martial Law in 2017, the group plotted hideous crimes that would go unnoticed under the chaos of the political unrest. They gathered in Chernarus from around the world, working together to execute their sinister plans. They preyed on the weak and vulnerable, taking them as ‘toys’ to keep in their playhouse. Through coercion, manipulation, threats and torture, the group experimented with various ways to force the toys to play along with their evil games. Eventually the broken toys were discarded, never to be seen or heard from again. The outbreak provided the perfect playground for their atrocities and the group thrived amidst the devastation and destruction. A world free of the chains of society. One on the brink of collapse. Finally, they were no longer bound by law and morality, free to expand their reach over the lands. They recruited those willing to participate and preyed on those who were not. Whispers began to spread of their evil ways, earning them the name the Toy Makers. The group concept is to have a collection of disturbed individuals who view Chernarus as their playhouse, and the people in it as toys for their twisted games. Each toy is marked with an X on their wrist and becomes a subject for further hostilities. Depending on the reason for their capture, tasks may involve anything from gathering information, providing medical care, farming and hunting to assisting with kidnappings, torture and murder (OOC cooperation will be sought where appropriate). Good toys remain mostly unharmed but bad toys will of course be punished accordingly should they elect to break the rules. Alliances with other groups as well as the hire of private security and other contractors is undertaken when deemed necessary. The idea is to create a network of likeminded people and promote interesting and engaging interactions between us. Those wishing to participate in the RP will be invited to join our Playhouse discord for communications aimed at furthering the storyline, arranging meetings and setting tasks. We are now looking to expand the idea to include a travelling camp to provide a place for people to RP when not actively engaged in hostilities. "Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly." • Maintain a collection of toys to play with: (13/20) • Recruit associates for various outsourced tasks including security and bounty hunters: (3/15) • Establish a mobile settlement of traders, doctors, farmers, hunters and security run by toys and associates, open to all. (Day 680) • Maintain neutral or good relations with large groups and those who may pose a threat to us. (Ongoing) • Gather a network of informants to be our eyes and ears. (1/10) • Maintain a friendly façade while travelling and visiting settlements, building good relations with groups and lone survivors. • Invite individuals to roam with us, creating a mobile RP hub promoting farming, trade, and ‘campfire’ RP as we move from town to town. • Reveal our sinister side cautiously and selectively, generally targeting lone wolves unaffiliated with official groups. • Use PvP only as a last resort. • Promote interactive and engaging hostile RP with or without initiation, with clear goals and motivations to warrant our actions. • Continue to develop extended storylines following on from hostile encounters. • Prioritise the enjoyment of the players we take hostage, leaving them with guns and belongings and reaching out OOC wherever possible. Alyssa Black - ScarletRose Derek Crow - Yuthee Gabriel Valentin - Roman Nikolai Chaletsky - ComradeBandit Scott Anderson - Onyx Martin Berglund - Hanro William Goldings - Jackfish Craig Silver - Imation11 @Jadeboat- Mallory Shibley @Xehara - Constance DeVoe @JkpFrog - Lupe "Ace" Sepulveda @Zilly - Chase 'Rex' Quinton @Kase - Kase "Ryker" Mcilwrath @kazzu10 - Sergei Sokolov @zsmith1111 - Sunny Smith @JohnCrown - Alkis Rouber @Walnuts - Samuel Hobbs @PandaOG - Marcus Moreno (Toys are given the option of being added to the CP. It is not our requirement. Some toys will remain unlisted and some may be part of other groups.) What we are looking for: New recruits may start off as toys, security or various other roles as required following on from an IC interaction. There will be the option to rise the ranks if so desired. We are happy to create and maintain storylines with other dynamics and groups. We sometimes create alts to serve as killable victims for our games. If you are interested in perming an existing character or creating a new one to participate in a storyline that involves your ultimate demise, we would love to hear from you. We want this group to be as interactive and dynamic as possible, where people can involve themselves as much or as little as they choose in the RP. No one will be forced to participate in anything without consent. OOC, you are free to leave at any time and no one will come after you. We ask that you agree to abide by a high standard of RP etiquette while playing with us, which involves putting RP above PvP at all times. We do not generally target people who are part of hostile groups and actively avoid engaging in hostilities with people who do not share our RP mindset. We do not execute people or use kill rights unless essential. We do not steal gear. We risk our safety to providing enjoyable RP, such as leaving people with loaded weapons after initiations and generally complying to hostilities initiated against us. Please consider the welfare of the group when making decisions on who to tell about us and how you use the information provided. We do not want to hide in the corners of the map and only internal RP for fear of snaking and constant attacks. Instead, we are choosing to welcome people to join in, relying on goodwill to continue to operate this way. If you are interesting in RPing with us, PM @ScarletRose, @yuthee, @Roman, @ComradeBandit or @Onyxon discord or forums. "I'm not your toy. If you want a game, I'll show you how to play." We welcome feedback, suggestions, and ideas for the group. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We are happy to provide clarification on IC and OOC rumours. Have fun and we look forward to playing with you. x
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    Helmet cam footage of Officer Elmo linked below: Also that was a wild 30 mins my dude, making arrests on that server was funny as fuck
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    Hey so I recently asked on the staff Q and A topic about this but honestly i've seen cases of it personally at least two times a day every single day for the past month, and heard about it from plenty of others experiencing it too, so I thought i'd get an early community and staff opinion on the subject on the topic. So recently-ish the whitelist has been dumbed down quite a lot. Like an incredible amount. When I first took the whitelist again when I came back on Amnesty in January it was so easy I just assumed that it was a special kind of whitelist that was just a formality that amnesty players would have to take when they came back. This however proved not to be the case as I was later told that the whitelist was just super easy now. It consists of a handful of questions, no lore questions, and a small backstory. That's it. Now I had concerns over this but overall didn't care because the only way it effected me was letting me get back in faster and easier than before. I remember back when I first joined it was a near week long process to get in. I deadass probably studied some of the shit harder than I studied for a math test because after failing the whitelist my first two attempts back then, I didn't want to fail a third time. I cannot imagine anyone failing this iteration of the whitelist, more over, I cannot imagine anyone having to put anything even resembling effort into it. And that's where I think the problem is coming from. You see in game a lot of us can attest to this. We've been constantly running into people with zero concept of the rules of the community, the lore of the server, and what even counts as roleplay. I've run into two people a day on average that talk to me OOC in game. "Hey i'm going to relog i'll be back" or "Yeah my base is at the edge of the map" or "YOU'RE SO GETTING REPORTED FOR THIS KID GOOD LUCK" or the classic "This is a rulebreak what the fuck" or "I don't care if it's a bannable offense im going to shoot this guy next time I see him" and earlier today I ran into several people who claimed that not only had the infection just begun, but that they had crashed into their helicopter ON THEIR WAY BACK TO THE US FROM THEIR TOUR TO IRAQ FOR THE WAR THERE and that they had no clue how they "Awoke on this island of Chairnaroose". It's honestly baffling. I know I give some people shit for being RP boomers when they say shit like "Maaaaaan back in 2015 things were so much better" but I mean, I can definitely say that this shit happened almost never in '16 '17 and '18. This happens every single day now. And I think it's because the whitelist is so incredibly braindead right now. Sorry if that comes off rude but that's just how I feel about it. It's so unbelievably easy that almost zero effort has to go into it. And you know what the result of people that have to put zero effort into getting in is? Shit like this Just no concept of rules. @Elmo is lucky that he's a professional PVP'r or this man might've killed him for seemingly no reason. Or how about when @Strawberry was held up and forcefully going to be injected with blood by his captors yesterday where he said "//no OOC perms for that" and they reply in voip "WHAAAALE UR GUNNA GIVE ME PURMEEESHUN OR WE R GUNNA BLOW UR BRAINS OUT BUD" Honestly I could list countless things that have happened but I'm sure people that read this post will list their own experiences with it. The amount of reports and replies and POV's we've seen in recent reports and shit we've all seen in game speaks for itself. The new whitelist may not be the only issue but it certainly plays a role in this kind of stuff. If it requires almost zero vetting and no effort to get in this is what happens. So I guess my question is: Will the idea of reworking the whitelist even be entertained because of this? What will be changed about it? And have any of you experienced similar things in game, and if so, please tell me down below. It's to the point where if I'm running into people I don't know OOC the odds of them asking me OOC in voip or just not really understanding the rules rises astronomically. It can be funny to me sometimes but mostly just annoying to run into this constantly in game. Just feels like the standards are slipping really, really hard lately.
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    Hey, massive scene maker here. I've got some feedback after a recent conversation with Jackfish: Currently, y'all do really enjoy those jeans and flecktarn jackets, and I don't blame ya, they do look good. But do you know who else enjoy them? Your mortal enemy. See there is a long history since the civil war of NAPA hunting down Russians and Ex-Chedaki, slaughtering them, torturing them and ultimately committing genocide. It's almost as if remnants of Chedaki would not dress like their mortal enemy Upon explaining this to Jackfish I was met with a comment about how great y'alls roleplay are, but I genuinely couldn't take you seriously as Communist Chedaki if you dressed like NAPA. Compare it to NAPA dressing up in all black with the ChDKZ beret on, and pretending nothing is wrong This deep underlying hatred for eachother should be a driving factor in despising everything about eachother. You already despise NAPA and CDF, and one of your goals it to eradicate them, so why dress like them? I hope you reconsider changing that uniform, cause to me personally, it's lorebreaking as fuck. /end of feedback
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    Lmao Dusty got the YEEET cus the staff doesn't like him
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    But I solved the problem no? Your problem is with staff abuse, I took away the tools, staff abuse is no longer possible. I'd say that is a satisfactory outcome. Many other punishments were issued, but those are my own and staff internal matters that community does not necessarily need to know about. Obviously my opinion as the owner. Remember that I'm always here for you, every single one of you. I'm not a member of any groups, all my friends are dead, I don't even play the game. I'm as unbiased as it gets around here, even if I tend to lean towards campfire RP/Anti-PvP side of things. PM me if you believe any staff members are doing something shady, I take these things very seriously.
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    May - June Update It's that time again !!! This update is going to be ridiculously huge. We have had an influx of capable Developers on the team in recent months which has increased productivity on the team. This thread will be going over the fixes, removals and changes in the next DayZRP Mod update which should be out within the next week or two. As always the features listed here need to go through the test server before they get to the final release. Due to the huge size of this update all of these new changes will first be tested on our test server before reaching the live branch. Additions: Base Building: - DayZRP Wooden Crate (Fixed and re-added) - Weapon Rack - Ladders - Locked Safe - Civilian Tents - Sleeping Bags - Wooden Cross Items: - Laptop - USB Drive - Books Clothing: - Shemagh - Ballistic Mask Guns: - 1911 - AK74 - AKS 74U - M249 PARA - SAIGA 12 Textures: - Colorful Clothing - General and Military Clothing - Food Items - 5 New ssh68 Helmet Variants - 2 UK Assault Vest Variants - 5 New Armbands - 2 New Press Vests - 6 New Backpacks Admin Tools: - Admin Tool Improvements: Improvements to the freecam (bringing the old freecam back over from the old aTool to the new one properly) Possibly logging all container/vehicle locations - Text Chat Improvements: Fix the custom text chat that has been disabled temporarily Removals: Base Building: - Barricading Changes: - Removed the ability to store Rifle_Base weapons in Sea Chests, Barrels and Locked Safes. (Loot hoarding) - Lots of loot economy changes to make the game feel more balanced. Weapons / military NATO fixed and decreased (NATO now MAINLY spawns around Airfield/Tisy and is rare) AWM made super rare Eastern bloc firearms (bolt actions and AK's) should be more common and more spread out. Should spawn all around map instead of only in the high intensity areas. Bolt Action increased heavily Ammo spawns lowered for ammo that floods the server Clothing & other fixes Added camonet to hunting so it doesnt clutter military bases and so it spreads more around the map. Less skirts, capri pants, wool coats, skate helmets, motohelmets. More cargo pants, dirtbike helmets etc. Reimplementation of Aeryes civilian airfield loot Adds military loot at civilian airfields General fixes & other stuff Roubles (Cash) fixed and ready to be the IC currency Some unique items made more rare - Build Anywhere Mod (Removes building placement restrictions) - Raiding Re-balance Framework for everything is done it just needs fine-tuning and a decision of what we want. Constants for simple maintenance added to (M_ActionConstants.c) Walls (parts) indestructible from outside (99999 seconds to destroy) Locks take 300 seconds to break Barbed wire takes 120 seconds to remove Dismantling from the inside takes 60 seconds
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    Question you’d like to ask: Why was the whitelist dumbed down so much? And do you think that the whitelist being as unbelievably easy as it is now has anything to do with some of the less than stellar RP showcased in recent reports?
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    The whole "keep your fucking mouth shut" argument to kill someone is fucking weak. It's called roleplay. Deal with it in roleplay. After multiple instances of snarky behaviour? Yeah sure, I'll give you that one. After a few seconds? Fuck no. I know that multiple staff members are involved in verdicts, but having a friend write the actual thing is a big fucking no. If I had ANY reason to be called biased in a report (even if I wasn't involved in a group with the individuals) you bet your ass I wouldn't be touching it with a ten foot poll. There are lots of ways to be biased and they're not always as simple as being in an approved group with one another. There are more than enough reports to get your activity up somewhere else, than handling ones with friends in them. False report? That one is getting thrown around a lot more than it used to. Used to mean when someone put up a report for the sole purpose of being petty and when it's clear no rule break was done. I don't see that here. There were multiple instances in which there were potential rule breaks, and reporting someone on such potential rule breaks should not be punishable. I mean... Isn't the staff slang still "if you feel there was a rule break, put up a report"?
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    Oh MY oh my. I have no idea as to why this was marked as a false report. Or NVFL As an ex gamemaster myself but then again maybe times have changed and I'm just stupid. But never have I EVER considered a single punch to a man's face to be met with being sprayed down, NVFL. Guys in staff, I implore that you take a second look at this report carefully. I've never seen such an outcome for a situation like this before.
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    With these simple steps, you can fix the annoying statistic bug and server list bug that happens when you try to log into the server. 1. Open the launcher. 2. Put the server IP port and the password into the parameters. 3. Enjoy not having to spam relog, close the game once every crash and relog. Thanks to @Real Vegas for pointing this out to me.
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    Thank you DayZRP for having me amongst you in the past few years, but I will now be taking my leave, hopefully indefinitely. Below will be a name dump of truly amazing people and important people to me and that I hope I will get to meet one day for a pint and to whom I wish the very best. (in no particular order) @darczon69, @The Ford, @Cowboy, @Ezra, @DaRsnn, @Xehara, @RandyRP, @Phatal, @Major, @Falk, @Crim, @Raptor, @ToeZiesOG, @Onyx and all the others that I forgot about and will take offence to not being listed. May we meet again on a better game. It's been real. ~Pontiff, the last preacher~
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    Alright let me start off by saying, in no way am I claiming to be an expert on Hostile RP, but I'd like to get people talking about what makes it work and what doesn't. What follows are simply my opinions/observations. Recently I've run into a few situations that left a bit of a sour taste when it came to the hostile aspects/the robbery aspects. Not to say they were brutal encounters, but ones that bordered on troll/bad rp. Situations where I laughed and cringed out of character and IC. i'd prefer this thread to not be a back and forth of dick swinging, instead, I'm hoping replies can simply come in the form of "What makes Hostile RP work for you?" Here are a few thoughts: Slow Shit Down There is nothing more immersion breaking than trollish movement. Stop it. Just stop. If you hold someone up, and they comply, you are in power. You do not need to dodge and weave between your captives for any reason. I get it... "your character is a psycho!" so make it work with what you say and not by jumping on the shoulders of your pal next to you. Robberies should be intense, they should make your heart race. But if you look like jack rabbit on speed while doing so, you'll ruin the entire thing. Shut the Fuck Up This one applies especially for large groups. If you hold someone up, make sure people aren't talking over each other. Organise yourselves. Have someone lead the initiation, let your captives speak without being constantly interrupted (And make sure to LET them speak. If you are consistently telling those you are RPing with to "shut up or die" you are not providing adequate roleplay, you are just doing it for your own accord) and just chill the fuck out. Be methodical about it, THINK about what your character would do. I didn't want to put anyone on blast in this thread but I will praise the Toy Maker group that is currently rolling around for doing this well. If every line of dialouge can be heard, the tension will be slice-able. So please stay calm and RP on. Know Your God Damn Audience We get it, your group likes to have fun with one another, but your inside jokes, your behaviours that they may find funny, may not always translate to good rp elsewhere. So next time you want to crack a zucchini joke in front of people you just held up, think twice. There is a fine line between having fun and being trolly, if you don't know what that line is, maybe take the time to consider who is involved and if they are having fun. Have a Mother Fuckin' Reason The current set of rules allows us a lot of freedom when it comes to robberies. It didn't used to. That being said, if you are going to get hostile with someone, make sure it makes sense to everyone involved. Tell them what's happening, give them a reason behind it so they can RRRRRRRRp with you. Please, I beg of you, drop weapons 10 secs is not a valid reason, and just because you see someone with an M4 doesn't necessarily mean that does either. There are an incredible amount of reasons for being hostile in Chernarus. Make sure you come to the plate with one, every single time. Emotes Can Be Your Friend Want to stab someone, want to punch them in the face while they are on the ground with their hands tied? Want to shoot someone in the knee cap? Text it out. Sounds simple, but you can do a whole lot with text chat that the game mechanics don't let you do. Within...reason. Don't Be Afraid to Lose This is, in my opinion the heart of a lot of hostile RP issues. People are not willing to let their character be shown up for the sake of RP. You are surrounded, but maybe could take most if not all of them out...cool. But what RP do you get out of that? Zero. PVP can be fun, and at the right times, makes absolute in character sense. But if your character is a NEVER SURRENDER NEVER SAY DIe mother fucker, you're failing yourself and the community. Put your hands up every now and then, and appreciate the people who do the same when you are on the other side of the gun. Anyways....I have no idea if that rant will mean much to anyone or if it'll be a fart in a wind storm but I would like to see some other observations, once again under the heading of "What makes Hostile RP work for you?" in the posts below. My intention is that if someone reads this and decides to take it seriously, and maybe overcomes some previous trollish behaviour? Cool. Likely I'm just preaching to the choir, but please post away, let's talk about it. Side Bar For Hostile RP to work it needs to be a two way street, nothing worse than someone who fails the RP the other way, so in no way am I blaming bad situations on the aggressors, these are just ways I think the aggressors can do better. For those being held up, you sure as shit better hold up your side of the RP!
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    @Real Vegas my partner in crime
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    Hello. So I've been wondering for a long while, about a situation that happened several months ago between @Cipher and @Aeryes. Due some flaming situation between the two, @Aeryes decided to report him and get him banned. I know Cipher should've been thinking about it, but it is what it is. But I think Cipher should be let back in the community, he's a good guy, provided great roleplay, knows how to do the game, a lot of experience and exchange with this guy. I know a lot of people who wish him back because of this, I know he had a lot of good Roleplay connections with others who he didn't even know, he's a person he gave you the type of roleplay that would make you ask for more of it. Cipher is also a good guy to hang out with, he might had an attitude back then, I mean I'm pretty sure all of us do. I've also took word, that @Aeryes had forgiven Cipher for doing this, and regrets for Ciphers ban and hopefully he can vouch for @Cipher's come back as well, and I'm sure Cipher tried to pay amnesty for his come back as well, I'd please ask for you to give @Cipher a chance in the community, we miss him and want him back, we enjoy him being with us and roleplaying with us. If anyone else could vouch for the boy, please do so, I also forgot to mention that Cipher's appeal should be in the spam box, he never got a respond on it. Also requesting to duplicate this post to put it on general for public opinions if posible @Roland #GiveCipherAChance Edit: Oop, i got told back then Aeryes reported him mustve misunderstood it then sorrrryyy
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    you can whip me if I misbehave
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    I’d rather increasingly punitive action be taken against staff members that repeatedly cock up verdicts.
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    Just dropping some dank feedback This video kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. Just standing around awkwardly after chasing someone down for a period of time and then instantly hitting mach speed like sonic the hedgehog and circling them going "HANDSUPORYERDEADHANDSUPORYERDEAD OKOKOK GUNSONTHEGROUNDORYERDEADGUNSONTHEGROUNDORYERDEAD QUICKLY BITCH QUICKLY BITCH" I dunno man. Doesn't really scream quality to me. I would work on making initiations more...something. I don't know. Entertaining, intense, more full of emotion and less deadpan or like anything but what is displayed in that video above. I understand this is an active report so you can't quite comment on exactly this situation nor how it ended and the validity of those executions but It's not the first I've heard of something very similar happening/being done. By no means are all of my initiations flawless mind you, but i'll be honest, as someone that does a decent amount of hostile RP and initiates on people a lot I just think that stuff like this is what increases the stigma against hostile RP as a whole. I would really recommend working on the initiation dropping side of things just from seeing this video and, as I said, hearing of other carbon copy situations that involved circling someone and repeating yourselves rapidly. Also I mean, from what I understand from the video, you've chased these boys for a while and finally catch up, and all you have to say is "Why are you running" like five times, and then "Suck dick bitch suck dick bitch" like...what? He then asks why he's being chased and all he's given is "Yeah...yeah." like....what? Again, what? This may just be one person doing this, and I'm not really sure who it is to be honest, but it does reflect the group as a whole. Other than that I think I've only run into you guys like one or two other times but it was alright. @-CML-NorWayy was pretty funny to run into near the airfield last night. Other than the initiations and the manner some of the hostile RP has been conducted, I've heard a few decently positive things about the group though, so keep it up in those areas and just work on the initiations and some of the hostile RP side of things I suppose.
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    You're right he did not bring a knife. He brought role play to a gun fight. __________________________________________________________________________ I am not a fan of the situation shown in the report, nor about the fact that the verdict basically states kill rights > role play. Dusty counted on the wrong people and noticed too late that he fell for the story he was given to by scars allies. He looks around and values his life by trying to get away in the darkness. Here the back and forth starts and ... I don't mean to insult anyone here really ... I think that it was pretty sad. You see big dicking by the individuals involved and both sides don't initiate. As a GM I would've asked myself: Why wasn't there an initiation being dropped to lead the way to a hostage situation? Any interpretation would end up sounding like an accusation, so I leave it for you to think about it yourself. Dusty tried to leave which shows value for his life. He did not spray his gun into the group of individuals "trying to take some people down with him, accepting his characters death". The punch in the end was a risky decision. It is a hostile act. Not a life threat but a hostile act , just like stealing someones belongings for example. But what I find annoying in this whole situation is ... there is two experienced members who should have been focused on furthering the role play ... but the discussion is all about nvfl, rule playing, kill rights, attacker rights , defender rights, bla bla bla. I get tired of it, sorry. Stop being picky about the "but in real life someone with a gun...reeeee!". Think twice about the role play impulse given to you. Yes, Dusty could have chosen to do something else. Maybe even emote "*pushes him back*" or whatsoever. If you have back up right behind you, you can take a single punch even if you get knocked out. Further the role play instead of insisting on your damn kill rights. This is not how hostile role play works. At all. The situation abruptly ended, because "kill rights" and the person making the first hostile move/ the punch was irritated by it and used his right to call in staff as a neutral third party. Learn how to role play with each other in such situations, then you don't need staff to get involved. my two cents.
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    >Looting up in Severograd >Some whitename pulls up in a brand new Olga, telling me to get in >says he stole it from some chernarussian fucks >Screw it, need to head north to debug to get to my stash >Driving is glitchy af >Almost to Stary Yar and we see a roadblock with a bunch of guys in green standing around it >some guys in weird blue outfits with no guns have their hands up >ohfuckkameniciholdup.wav >Chernarussian guys tells me to get out of the car and put my hands up >whitename gets out of the car and makes a run for it says something like "You're not gonna kill me!!" >he gets shot in the back >I get out of the car and accidentally flip them off because of the shitty radial menu >They shoot my leg >I pass out >I slowly wake up and my hands are tied behind my back >One of the guys in blue starts talking to me >"Hey you, you're finally awake. You were caught trying to cross the border, right? Same as us, and that thief over there."
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    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya “One man with a gun can control hundred without one.” ~ V. I. Lenin The Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ) is a political movement that existed in Chernarus prior to the Zombie outbreak, it was also the main belligerent group during the Civil war in Chernarus. Their Communist ideology is linked to the nostalgia of Chernarus's former state of being apart of the Soviet Union (USSR). This group is a bunch of remnants of different platoons within ChDKZ that linked up in the black mountains after the civil war and after the outbreak, essentially a bunch of guerrilla freedom fighters that believe in communism and that want to take back the province and turn it into a state apart of the (USSR). OOC GOALS: Provide a guerilla style roleplay, with a high standard on hostile roleplay. Provide a more realistic type of roleplay, and of course a very lore-accurate type of roleplay (Try to) raise the bar for Hostile RP by having actual reasoning behind hostile actions Come up with unique RP ideas to keep the server and the group interesting Have fun together IC GOALS: Eradicate all NAPA and CDF presence in the region (infinite) Survive at all cost (infinite) Fight for the South Zagorian Independence (infinite) Convert settlements into communist safehavens 2/5 (day 700) Rebuild Chernarus into a soviet state (day 780) Spread communism to 25/25 people (day 715) (Completed) Recruit like minded communist and chernarussians to fight for our cause (2/5) (day 690) Create a spy network (5/10) (day 700) Demilitarize the region (confiscate all military grade weapons from the civilians around the province) (infinite) Civil War Remnants of the 67th 'Lopotev' Platoon Dimitri Konashenkov Mikhail Zakharov Andrei Balenski Aleksandr Korotkevich Fionnski Nikolaev Timur Priyodok Vilem Cerny Viktor Petrov Oleg Kazimir Gvido Nazarov Kalum Burketski Kamil Zima Boris Novikov Assets Ryan Shepherd Callum Burke Vrach Sikorski Chong Li Recruitment is currently OPEN, (keep in mind you character must be suited for the group and fit the context) Send a PM to @Rutkiy or @OxeN using the format below;
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    HereWeGo. Feedback: I won't upload a handful of videos i have of your group running before i can roleplay with you, but it is getting annoying now. There has now been over 5 occasions where i have begun to walk over and attempt to start role playing with one of the members of your group to have them run away before i am even in VOIP range. I do not think your in game role play at all correlates with your group idea. It is almost impossible to role play with anybody in your group as you run away every time anybody gets remotely near you that isn't a completely passive role player. It seems as if i need to ambush your group to actually role play with you. Which i had to. What i have found is that you only tend to really interact with one or two people rather than groups and when it is groups it is passive groups. If you are meant to be role playing these big bad Chedaki characters, why are you running away constantly from any type of threat? Nobody actually fears you at the moment because they know you will not do anything to a group with any type of security. Don't claim its guerrilla warfare either, Because Kamenici play the same style but don't run constantly. My simple advice is start playing like a Chedaki group. Be fearless. You currently seem to fear everyone that is possibly able to protect themselves.
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    Surely you're the one getting pretentious by trying to make out that he's doing something IC because he's said it OOC , clearly y'all got beef but trying to state that he's done something when he's labelled his view on things only leads to further back and forth?
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    From what I've seen on this thread now, people showing a lot of support for the unban of @Cipher. From the way I see it as do a lot of community members, @Cipher provided a lot of great role play to the server, and examples of this are all over the server in game even after after he was removed, his legacy lived on in server events, his characters name still living on in game. For example, his involvement with the kidnapping of Scarlet Rose and Cerna Liska. Cipher's role play was posted on the forums in a video by Liska themselves, and the way this story evolved on the forums via radio posts from both parties was extremely interesting to watch from my perspective. Cipher's role play in this situation is clear to see in the video mentioned above, even going as far as to perma death Harrison for the role play, not forgetting how important this character was in the servers state, I.e running The House, which was an extremely important group at the time. Also, the ongoing story line with the Saviors war, all the role play that was strung from that was actually started with Ciphers role play. None of that would have been possible without his influence on the situation. Another is the time when The House owned the Lopatino Castle, stringing together many many RP scenarios which also lead to the creation of the IFF back then, and they ran this trading post while still providing role play around the map and in the settlement as well. These examples were only from around the time where I played the server, as I only joined in November, but I'm sure the examples of what Cipher has done for the server and people who play go on. Thanks to whoever gives this a read, but I just decided to post this as watching Ciphers role play in my early days of me playing was actually inspiring as the confidence and charisma his characters commanded was iconic to me who was just a white name with sub 100 hours at the time. But hey, this is just my opinion and if anyone wants to add to this feel free. #FreeCipher If anyone asks how this is relevant, it's pretty much become the discussed topic, and was mentioned in the OP, just my 2 cents on people commenting that he should be unbanned.
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    From the album: Lindse's stuff!

    Made using Wallpaper engine Here's the full 1440p version in all its glory https://gfycat.com/GoodEagerDaddylonglegs
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    "Pixies - Where is my mind?" "The tales of Fifty Two, the backstory and information. A separate thread is being made for a continuous write-up of the group." Group Overview The Fifty Two is made up from a bunch of nobodies, and that's how it's meant to be. The group doesn't aim to become a famous nor infamous faction known by either banditry or heroism, whose name is passed throughout Chernarus. Fifty Two are simply just irrelevant survivors, but the fact they acknowledge it and strive to be themselves and nothing different is what makes the group work. Hopefully, in the future, those who are aware of our group can look at us as real down-to-earth personal individuals, each with our own behaviour, skills and interests working together as Fifty Two. We aim to provide thorough, enjoyable encounters with those we meet in-game, and develop our own group lore and stories as time passes. Fifty Two takes a neutral standing to politics in Chernarus. As well as developing each other's characters, the group also provides support outside of the game for its members and other community members to ensure everyone is ok in real life. - Formation The aces of Fifty Two first met after an incident Clancy experienced in Gorka (Горка) where he was held up by a masked man. The man was soon shot by Clancy, and he remained in the Police Station whilst surrounded by infected. Figuring it was his only way out, he began unloading slug rounds on the sea of infected surrounding the door. These gunshots intrigued a recent passer-by, a man by the name Kaine Wilson. With the new-found help of Kaine, the two cleared a safe exit out of the station and engaged in conversation about the whole ordeal. Sharing mutual feelings about the fate of the man, the two continued talking on a trip to Altar, where they hoped to meet an old friend of Kaine, Markus Lawson, an ex-group friend. The meet up was amazing, and whilst checking out a fortified radio station, the trio spoke of working together in an effort to survive more efficiently. Soon being joined by Liam Carter, Clancy's long-time friend throughout the epidemic, who was finishing his last bit of business in the North. When the four came together in Markus' old camp, they found themselves playing a game of poker, sharing their tales from their past. The four agreed to form a supposed group amongst themselves and that was when Markus came up with the genius group structure idea based off of the set of cards they were playing with. This structuring can be seen further down the thread. After sharing the idea with the others, all were in support and quickly sorted their strongest characteristics and skills into the four suits. Deciding each had their own responsibilities and oversight of the groups different tasks, they set about fixing up their old soccer field camp. They decided once camp had been set up, they could truly start working efficiently. During a supply run being made by Clancy, he came across a stranger using the wooden planks from the neighbouring city's construction site to fuel a campfire, the perfect stuff to supply the Spades with for the on-going camp construction. After introducing himself, and joining newly met Theodore Woodley Jr for some freshly cooked steak, the two made use of some nearby large-capacity bags to bring back double the supplies for Markus. Once arriving back at camp, Theodore was introduced to the Fifty Two family and their structure, loved what he saw and offered to be a part of its early growth. The boys welcomed him with open arms, and the five individuals continued to improve on the camp sharing the few bottles of vodka and cannabis Theodore and Clancy had picked up on the way back to the camp. "The goals of the group are split between the four suits, however, there is an overall group notebook, which is separated into chapters. This group notebook displays the past objectives set out by the group, as well as their current tasks and goals. Once a note is completed, it will change to the past tense and be struck through, however current notes will be readable and present tense." "The suit goals will follow through with the development of the current group notebook." CHAPTER I: Setting Up Camp, completed. Situation: Now we're together, we need to have a place to stay. A camp needs to be set up, a home. Spades have made improvements on and have also expanded Camp Fifty Two so that the main camp is secure. Hearts assisting Spades by finding and bringing back the necessary tools, materials and equipment to make the improvements. Diamonds assisted the finding of materials, as well as covered ground far to the West such as Zelenegorsk, to understand the other nearby groups and factions, as well as the terrain and towns. Clubs put their focus on protecting the Spades until completion of the current improvements being made at the time to the camp. They too received some inventory and weaponry for the suit. CHAPTER II: Stacking The Deck, completed. Situation: Now Camp 52 is established, we're making use of the nearby towns and villages for necessary supplies such as food, clothing and more-so storage. We're also looking for potential card-holders. During the time spent changing locations, the group managed to pick up more people. The new boys are hard workers... They're already making a difference, it might be worth holding off on more people for now. CHAPTER III: Relocation, completed. Situation: Camp 52 is getting tampered with too often. It is the job of every group member to try and assist the relocation process, be it physically or through ideas and proposals. All the suits made an effort to transport most of the inventory to a new location. Once set-up, the group decided as a whole to dedicate extra time to further improving the quality of the newly found Camp Fifty Two. During this time, the group came across more survivors than ever before and as a result dealt some more cards, stacking the deck. This meant the group could kill two birds with one stone, by increasing in size, more effort is going into the improvement. The suits are now working efficiently. Clear progress is being made in respect to each suit's purpose and as a group this has made all of us very hopeful for the future of our group. CHAPTER IV: Howdy Neighbour, postponed. Situation: It seems we're already receiving a lot of traffic, most of it positive. The Diamonds should begin to make connections or improve if made, with other groups and factions in South Zagoria, planning deals that could make use of other suits if applicable. Further improvements to our home are already taking place and will continue to till Spades are content with the state of Camp. With an on-going thieving problem, Hearts will be needing to keep inventory stocked as much as they can, as well as assessing the local area. Clubs have already started work with Spades on a security project and will see it through, giving any assistance needed. Protection assignments will also be given to assist Diamonds and other groups they're working with. Clubs IV: Oversee and support on-going security project, assist Spades where necessary | Achieved! Work alongside Diamonds till sufficient progress is made in relations | See Diamonds Routinely clear the local town of Vyshnoye of infected | Continous [Optional] Expand the armoury to fit current Clubs with heavier weaponry | 0/2 Automatic Assault Rifles | Day 685 - Diamonds IV: Make contact with other groups and factions in South Zagoria | 6/n/a | Day 685 Establish a friendly connection between Fifty Two and approximately three other groups | 1/3 Groups | Day 685 Negotiate deals with neighbourly groups and factions that'll provide mutual benefit and improve trust | 1/2 Deals | Day 685 - Hearts IV: Keep inventory updated to combat the on-going thievery | Day 685 Support the Spades by gathering and transporting relevant materials required for their on-going improvements | See Spades Scout the local towns and establishments for potential scavenging spots | Achieved! Scout the Camp's surrounding nature and area for potential vantage points and areas to keep eyes on | Day 680 - Spades IV: Finish the gate security project at Camp | Achieved! Repair the fault at Camp | Day 685 Set-up safe spots for those away from Camp to rest and resupply, to be maintained by Hearts | Day 695 "The group is structured into four suits, Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades. When a member joins, he or she will choose which suit they would like to take responsibility in. The suit doesn't restrict what an individual can do, as work is open to all, however being in a suit means you take responsibility for the suit's main focus. If you are a Club, you should make protection still your priority, but you may assist Hearts in supply runs, as protection for example." In each suit, there is an ace. The ace holds the responsibility of overseeing their respective suits' development, progress, work etc... As the face cards lower to Jack, the amount of suit-specific responsibility lowers respectively. A King will be spending more time on suit-specific work, whilst a Jack may be assisting other suits more freely, and from 2-10 are for those that feel they fall under a suit but don't wish to be in a more management role. A face will not boss around a number card, this isn't like a sergeant - lieutenant style system... This must be clear. FIfty Two is a group that is structured by the efficiency of the four suits working together, there is no need for military styled rankings. Every member is as important as the other, face card positions simply need to dedicate more time to the group specifically, something some might not want, or might not need... As there may be unique roles given to certains survivors that require them to be detatched from the group, whilst being beneficial to the group's survival, if you catch my drift. Current Members: 6 The Clubs represent the group's security, and enforcers. A Club will take responsibility for the group's protection and security, thus are more often armed heavily compared to other suits. Clubs will handle most of the group's dirtier work if necessary including encounters of a more hostile nature. The suit of Clubs would suit the following characteristics: security workers; soldiers; gun enthusiasts, mercenaries etc... The complete active suit possession is as follows: Ace of Clubs: @Luke 8 of Clubs: @Whiskayy The Diamonds represent the group's communicators and business organisers. A Diamond takes responsibility in maintaining communication and trade with other factions and groups, finding prospective members, organising work for the Clubs as well as Full Housework (Entire group work). Diamonds will often be sharing stories, making regular radio communications and so on... The suit of Diamonds would suit the following characteristics: public speakers, friendly people, deep thinkers, management, businessmen/women etc... The complete suit possession is as follows: Ace of Diamonds: TBD 7 of Diamonds: @DieselTheSnowMan The Hearts maintain the group's survival and wellbeing. They vary their skills between scavenging, medical practice, even just keeping morale high amongst the group. Hearts will organise supply runs, manage necessary farms and food management. Scouting, as well as mapping, can often be expected within the suit of Hearts. The suit of Hearts would suit the following characteristics: doctors, farmers, looters, survivalists, scouts & hikers etc... The complete suit possession is as follows: Ace of Hearts: @Saunders The Spades represent the group's tradesmen and construction specialists. Spades will likely have experience in practical tasks, with a passion for building. Spades take responsibility for base-building, the maintenance of camps and other areas, as well as the expansion of it. Making use of Hearts' supply runs, supplies should often be sufficient, allowing creative minds to improve camp. The suit of Spades would suit the following characteristics: tradesmen, builders, architects, building-management enthusiasts etc... The complete suit possession is as follows: Ace of Spades: @Realize 10 of Spades: @AlecM "The current official affiliates and hostilities of fifty-two. Note: denoted IC by being dealt a Joker from an ace." "4 Jokers are held, a single card designed respective of their suit. In the event that a Joker is dealt use by a suit, the person, group, or dynamic group that receives the suit becomes marked as friendly, ally, affiliated etc to Fifty Two." Clubs: N/A Diamonds: N/A Hearts: N/A Spades: N/A - Fifty Two members have noted down those they have come into contact with. Mac Tíre - Neutral The Order - Hated Funeral Parlor - Familiar Kameníci - Familiar United Nations - Somewhat Familiar Mafia Mercenaries - Somewhat Familiar Dead Batteries - Distrustful The Playhouse - Cautious "A map of the group's active area. Blue represents active areas." "The current group standing on recruitment, joining, affiliation and other relations" Fifty Two is currently open to IC interest in joining. Fifty Two is currently open to IC interests in group relations. If you are interested in joining the dandy bunch of fellas that make up Fifty Two, then please don't hesitate to message me expressing interest, with whatever information you want to share, the more the merrier, you're all cool individuals! Credit: @LewOS For the initial group idea. Credit: @LewOS, @Welshie and @Peril For helping finalise the group info. Credit: @Luke Graphics and Story (Haha yes that's me)
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    Welp, it’s official... I’m a nationally registered EMT
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    You gotta uphold the core values of the community somehow. It wouldn't be DayZRP without someone screenshotting a private conversation and sending it to the staff in order to get you banned.
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    So I do really (crap) graphics that I thought I'd show case. I'm not really a photoshop pro (cause I don't use photoshop). I can admit some of them are pretty meh, but I use Paint 3D so ombre effects or making actual artwork is not a thing I can do. If you want some quick graphics made, just post this template: I charge one bean I will let this be known, I do work and play games so I may not do them immediately. The Name's Eddie Malone and I Fucked Your Wife! Riviaira Dellouise (Flowers) Minnie 'Mouse' McKaine (Tarot Card) Jimmy 'Pogo' White (Clown / Psycho) Jeranie Parisot (Fashion Designer / Autumn Theme) A firefighter character @FireDude wanted to make... Dr. Hope Pisces (Medical Character) Noah McKaine (Lawyer Character) Galapagos (Group thread) Yelena Kostol (Character Page)
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    God damn ChernoRussians.
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    We are more than pvpers we are human beings with families what the heck That being said I look forward to providing good roleplay while also being a UN that can hold it's own in hostile situations, but will not really be going far out of our way to get into fights often, as that wouldn't make much sense. We still want to uphold the quality of roleplay that previous iterations have always had, the only difference is that we also don't want to turn tail or just get decimated at the sign of conflict. I've always maintained that that's the main reason I think the UN got dog brained into non-existence before. And that's not a dig at the old UN, that's just my opinion.
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    What the hell does it matter what uniform a group wears 2 years into the Apocalypse... Like really? Like the group, liking the videos on media thread, good luck peoples.
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    I have not long returned myself and honestly this is just the latest in my trip into the twilight zone. Honestly, I don't recognise the place. Not a friend of Dusty and I will openly admit I've disagreed with a lot of his RP in the past as I usually do when I see someone prioritising PVP over RP. But this isn't 2017, he has indeed been prioritising RP and he absolutely did not deserve that. It's just the latest in a long line of confusing bullshit that's hurting this community. When you have this many ex staff members and known RP'ers showing complete lack of faith in the staff, then that's a -BAD THING- The community isn't ignorant and it's not blind. The impression we're getting is that this is now a RP-PVP community, where what was once considered taboo is now believed to be protected by staff. It has always had these elements to it, but not to this severity. Late last year a lot of great RP'ers started to recognise this change and they left. Straight up packed their shit and went looking for greener pastures where they wouldn't be subjected to it, because quite bluntly they didn't feel protected from bullshit. I was one of them... but I came back, feeling nostalgic, I left a lot of friends behind and missed RP'ing with them and.... then I see what the place has become. I go in game and I am almost guaranteed to hear 'niggahgayfagniggah' like I am in a highschool detention room. The sheer amount of cringe is like an advertisement for Durex. I get the whole anti censorship thing and to a degree support it, but some people really took that to embarrassing levels. What I've learned is that everything and everyone is gay now if you disagree with it/them. 'Fag' is the worst thing you could be and 'niggah' is a term of praise that young white males tend to call each other. I am all for free speech, but this shit is embarrassingly cringe... but the thing is it's socially accepted, it's the precedent and it paints a clear picture of the communities standards now. Other such fine observations include a massive thread on the fundamentals of RapeRP, PvP being glorified as a precedent, folk terrified to speak their minds...I mean I don't give a damn at this point so I'll just speak for them and say that literally anyone with RP at the end of their name is now considered the worst this community has to offer in terms of quality, understanding of universal RP standards, memeRP and of course staff abuse/corruption/game mechanic rule violations. It's the butt of literally every joke... This outlook has existed long before I said it, this is just what I've picked up and from a lot of what I've seen lately and after watching it fill report after report, abuse accusation after abuse accusation and straight up bias...I completely agree. I'd be embarrassed to even brand myself with that tag... because even if that ain't personally me, that is now what it symbolises... But folk are afraid to speak the truth. Oh they'll happily speak it among themselves, but they won't speak it here... I wonder why? Nah... Dusty's latest perm is just another layer of icing on this massive fail-cake.
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