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    No one can find assault rifles, meanwhile somewhere in Chernarus...
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    VNP is right. Next time instead of making a thread itemizing your list of 2 year old complaints just to drop a mention of the guy you are trying to help at the beginning have him contact one of us over discord. The FSB is still in control of the northern border with Chernarus, but that's not to say he couldn't have been smuggled past, bribed, or gone through a conflict area. Not sure why he was denied in the first place, strikes me as a bit silly. If Loremasters did whitelists this type of stuff wouldn't happen, that's not a jab at the admins, that's simply me saying that Loremasters are generally more understanding in certain departments. The border with Takistan is as wide open as a thai hooker's thighs right now, so not sure why anybody couldn't get through there.
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    @DrMax - That was @Revie Was a pleasure to meet and annoy the hell out of you. @Dino & @Brayces - FINALLY!!! God, I missed you so much. @Ouromov - Wario, my chernarussian brother. Loved your RP, my dude. Hope to see you again IG @Lyca & @GreenySmiley - Long time no see. Shame you had to leave so early. @Isaiah Cortez - I hope you like your nickname, "White Death". Didnt thought I would ever see you again.
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    Had a great time meeting y'all a few days ago. I've gotta say, I haven't seen a group inspire so much fear from people traveling in Stary since Moody died. Keep up the great work!
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    @Aiko the grape sisters and everyone who else was at the campfire. I enjoyed your RP and hope next time we will have more stories to tell about our weird time in the world. see you all again soon.
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    Heya, you don´t know me but I wanted to make myself known with a statement/question( Whoah, dude... That´s risky. Yeah, I know) so here we go.. How about we make rule or something about groups so that there can´t be too many bandit group, not too many friendly groups etc. Because right now the bandit groups are soooo many and many of them are ganging up on the smaller friendly communities and I mean how much fun can it be always destroying these smaller factions/groups? I mean in the end you do not have anyone to face off against. I do not want to limit anyones roleplay but this is ridiculous, I usually get robbed on an average 2 times a day. That might not be that much.. But it should be. Most times hostile/robbery rp isn´t enjoyable for anyone but the bandits. You get shot over talking back and stuff and you might say "That is just realism hurr durr.." Well how realistic is it that all these bandit groups cooperate with each other if one looks at the lore? Not very, so could we please chill on the "Get ur fucking hands in air or we shoot ur head off." You already have all the weapons on the map, just take one day and chill so we other people can have enjoyable roleplay. (I know some hostile/robbery rp is enjoyable but as I said most times it isn´t.) Thanks for reading and hearing this idiot out. Have a good night/day Please respond if you feel I am either a retard or the smartest man you´ve met:) I want your opinions. Hey maybe you can change my mind Your bestest pal, Hanro
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    Just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for the RP yesterday. @yuthee and I were held up by some of your men who provided consistently good and engaging RP from initiation to our release. It’s a pleasure to run into a hostile group with such interesting motivations for their actions.
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    i hope thats because everyone would say yes, otherwise i dont appreciate the flame
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    cosplaying as a wAr cRiMiNaL
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    @Gowbe Good RP at the checkpoint, appreciate how that went. Nice firefight as well for the rest of your boys.
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    Rough Translation - Nomads of the Forest The story of Reika Skògur starts with a lone nomad by the name of Aiden Walsh. Aiden was always the quiet solitary type, he generally kept to himself. Once the infection stuck and Aiden found himself trapped in the South Zagoria region, Aiden was quick to adopt a life in the forests and mountains. Avoiding town and cities and only venturing away from his camp to hunt animals for food and to gather water. One day after months alone in the wilderness, Aidens camp was discovered by a group of locals who weren't interested in being friends. Aiden had heard them coming from a distance and took off running through the trees. Unfortunately for Aiden, the bandits had already spotted him and began chasing him. After about a hundred meters of running one of the bandits fired a shot from his rifle which hit Aiden in the leg. Tumbling to a halt Aiden clutched the bleeding wound and slid into a burrow formed by a fallen tree. Hiding and trying to be a quiet as he could Aiden ripped the sleeve off his shirt and tried to dress his wound. By a sheer stroke of luck, the bandits would end up running right past Aiden’s hiding spot and begin searching the nearby woods. Eventually, the group decided they weren’t going to find Aiden and left the area. Crawling out of the burrow and unable to hold weight on his left leg. Aiden used his knife to cut down a nearby sapling to fashion a makeshift crutch. Stumbling back to his camp to find it completely looted and razed. Wounded, defeated and hopeless Aiden sat in the dirt of his destroyed camp not knowing what to do. Eventually, Aiden was getting delirious from blood loss and he accepted his death. Aiden wrote a short message on some scrap paper in his native language (Icelandic) it read “Frá náttúrunni, í náttúrunni kemur ég aftur.” As Aiden signed the note he fell unconscious. “Hey brother, hey we gotta move” Aiden was awoken by the voice of a man wearing U.S Military fatigues. “They’re coming back, I think they saw me coming up here”. Still dazed and shaky, Aiden mumbled incoherently and tried to stand but fell over from the pain. “Alright, buddy I guess we’re holding here then” the man pulled his sidearm from its holster and handed it to Aiden. “I’m going to go keep them busy. Don’t shoot me, I just saved your life”. Aiden nodded and stared at the pistol as the man picked up his rifle and disappeared into the woods. Aiden sat in silence for a moment before automatic gunfire broke out in the woods nearby. The chaos snapped Aiden back into reality and he cocked the pistol and began scanning the nearby forest. After a few minutes of gunfire, the wilderness settled in silence once again. Aiden through his cloudy vision saw a man climbing up the nearby bank and aimed the pistol. Shaking and terrified Aiden fired a shot at the figure, which hit the tree beside. “Woah Jesus fuck buddy, I said don’t shoot me”. Aiden let out a long sigh of relief as the voice was the same one that he awoke to. “I'm Sean by the way” Sean says as he sits down beside Aiden. “Aiden” Aiden mumbles in a raspy dry voice. “Well, Aiden, you sound like shit. Here have some water” Sean reaches into his rucksack and slides out a canteen, unscrews the lid and hands it to Aiden. Aiden grabs the canteen and starts chugging down the water. “Easy there buddy, you were basically dead just a few minutes ago” Sean explained. Aiden choked down one more mouthful and handed the canteen back to Sean. “Wait a second did you?… I mean back there” Aiden shakily asked. “Of course they shot you and would have shot me, but they’re God's problem now” Sean answered and continued “We gotta move though, there are bound to be more on the way. How’s the leg?”. Aiden was quiet for a moment then replied “I- Uh, yea just need a crutch I can move” The two then packed up what they could, took the rifles off the dead bandits and headed North. Along the way, while passing through a town Aiden and Sean heard yelling and gunfire coming from the other side of the town. Moving closer to investigate, taking a position in a 2 story building they could see 2 men trapped in a shop down the street fighting off infected. “We gotta help them” whispered Aiden. “Yeah, well there’s a lot of freaks out there” replied Sean. “I’ll cover from this window, and you watch the door downstairs” he continued. Aiden nodded and limped to a position by the front door. Upstairs Sean began opening fire on the infected down the road. Aiden shattered the window on the main floor with his pistol and began firing as well. After all the infected were dead the town sat in silence for about an hour. Finally, the two that were trapped originally came out of the shop and were yelling “Hello!?” “Anyone out here, thanks for the help!”. Sean replied from the second-floor window “Yea who are you two!?, get in here!” The two outside came running over to the house and introduced themselves. “I’m Eddie” said the first. “Slavoj, uuuh thanks again” continued the other. The four eventually made it to the hills and dense forests of the North along with some scavengers they picked up along the way. The group decided to set up camp near a small settlement they discovered. One night around the campfire Aiden decided the group needed a name and he decided to go with Reika Skògur which means Nomads of the Forest in Icelandic. The group started a healthy farm of vegetables and spices and began trading with the nearby settlement. Keeping to themselves, Rekia Skògur strongly defends their territory, trades their food stock for what they need and is always looking for more survivors needing sanctuary and purpose. 1. Set up a strong and hidden base in the woodland of the North (Day 680) 2. Set up a publicly known trade hub in the North (Day 725) 3. Set up stashes around the general area of our base in case of raids (Day 725) 4. Establish a foothold in the North through presence and group ally attempts (0/5 Day 725) 5. Recruit more people to assist in defending the group and the group home (Indefinite) 6. Train and send scavengers on scavenging missions across the map (Indefinite) 7. Maintain a well-stocked food and weapons supply (Indefinite) The Bosses: Aiden Walsh Sean McCallahan Security Sergeant: Vacant Scavenger: Andrew Kyle Walden Eddie Jameson Security: Corey Nines Slavoj Milosevic Commoner: Kennedy Anderson Traveler: Mack Gruber
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    -1 from me. I don’t really understand how putting items in a small box, which you then put into your backpack, would allow you to carry more items. If anything (and not advocating for this), boxes would just take up even more space in a backpack than the individual items you put inside it. Carry-containers should just protect items from damage/disrepair.
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    andrey, you've changed please buff loot and nerf zombies the shit is so fucking annoying no guns to kill zombies with and the zombies actually fucking destroy you please do something I beg
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    Okay...that, that right there... is hilarious... Also, I will say that almost every damn pair of Assault Boots, I found in those green mini-watchtowers along the border of military bases. If they were smaller, i'd carry more than just one pair.
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    @Watchman Ahh, okay ty! still getting used to the newer building changes
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    This took longer to edit than I thought, managed to cut 2 hour video into less than 20 minutes. Here's the public Roleplay Story video of Trent's endeavors yesterday.
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    Real 2015 vibes... might make him kill his wife again
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    OwO @Major posted a thing OwO As much as I enjoy reading this, it is rather entertaining. But allow me to state very plainly that there was likely other reasons your friends white-list was denied. Also it is Border, for one, these typos and lack of ability to use the google spell-check does... It bugs me, but onward. If there is an issue with the backstory, he can reapply, there are PLENTY of other ways to say one got into the country besides. "Yo I just hopped the fence at the Russian Border, fuck the police yo." Could be an immigrant, tourist, could've sailed on a dingy across the sea, doesn't really matter. But if it's really that big of a deal, your friend can discuss his application with STAFF or these lovely LOREMASTERS. @Major is of course my biased favorite UwU. The lore doesn't need to be 'fixed', it's fine.
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    Obviously, I haven't read your buddy's backstory, so I can't necessarily comment on its denial with any accuracy. On the point of nations going to shit. I refer you to this thread: tl;dr most major nations still have a semi-functioning government and military force. Also, the Russian border, in particular, went into lockdown during the outbreak so if he says he crossed there it might be why he was denied. Here is what Chernarus looks like today. Courtesy of @Major As you can see, the Chernarussian government is still in control of several major settlements. Best of luck on your buds application. If he's dead set on crossing the border he might want to take a look at the thread I linked, might be able to justify it if he incorporates more of the lore into it.
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    1. Watchman answered and pretty much that is the reason. 2. There are things we can and can’t do. It depends on what that is, really. The reason we can’t add new shirts, pants, and shoes is because we have no way of really knowing how it is done. Yes, we know how, but we don’t “have an example of how to implement them (and its probably not worth the time to figure it out)”. Generally, if we can’t do it we will try our best to tell you that. To put it simply, if we see something we can do, we will more than likely attempt to put it in. If we see something we can't do at the current moment, we will put it aside and wait for the day that we can do it. (I've been annoying people at BI for animations and samples)
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    Honestly, I enjoy the fact that automatic weapons are a rarity. They actually have some value now compared to before.
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    Thank you to @Puncture and the rest of the grape gang, or whatever you were for the robbery. It was a fun bit of random hostile RP made entertaining by the back and forth between your characters. I can honestly say it was hostile done right from a comedy aspect. And thanks to @Elmo and @Aiko for being fun travelling companions for the day. Was a fun little dynamic we ended up having.
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    Well if we would be in jail they would not need any high fences... @Cookie
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    Should add an option for leaving it as it is.
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    What do you mean? Isn't it normal to drink 50 water bottles a day?
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    I am the CEO of The Potius Cras Corporation
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    Good luck Batok it will be cool seeing FP around again!
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    There will always be hostileRP'ers and PvP'ers. There's a difference. HostileRP'ers are here to have HostileRP and provide it to you, regardless of gear or location. PvP'ers probably still have the PUB mentality, will run around the triangle, or down south and attack any settlement, group or player(s) on end ad nauseam until that group/player(s) moves or stops playing for a bit. In my experiences this is what I've come to learn; - Decent HostileRP'ers will RP out their injuries, will perma when it makes IC sense, will have internal and external development and will want to talk to you OOC after a encounter to ensure you had a good time or to get feed back. - PvPers will not RP out injuries, will not perma, will shit post on the forums about how you're "salty" over your lost gear, provide lackluster RP(All that silence while they rifle through your jacket and pants...), will brag about their elite PvP skills and complain about how people always hide in debug because they don't want to be attacked all day long by them. Sadly, you can't always avoid the PvPers, even if the HostileRP'ers make it worth it. Just don't lump all Hostile Players into the same grouping, because they're not the same types of people. Also, we likely won't see any rules about capping groups or preventing people from playing Hostile characters or being in Hostile Groups. You set a Group Cap everyone will band under one Group Name and do the same thing there but under one name. I do prefer when the Hostile Groups aren't all getting along, simply because they have friends in each group. It makes more sense IMO when people (specially Hostile people) are fighting one another as that would be the biggest threat to their operation/IC Goals. The fallout from these conflicts affects the non-hostile players as well, and helps to cultivate a interesting and engaging server environment. Here are some tips you can try and employ to make your experiences a bit more bearable. Brayces QUIK TIPZ(mostly for new players): - Don't run around in fully kitted M4s and Ghillies and ALICE packs with vests, etc. You know the look. ^ Looking like a SNACC will get the ATTACC. - Avoid major HUBs or RP Settlements. They are often targets of initiations or fire fights. ^ Dis da Triangle, don't go here unless you wanna FITE and get robbed, 'cause 9/10 times that is what is gonna happen. - When getting robbed by a group or person(s), but be cool, man. Be cool. Don't shit talk, try and value your life. Act like you're scared and attempt some RP. ^ I find that people tend to give more RP when you act realistically than when you sit there like a grump because someone's taking your shiny SVD and Assault Vest. - And lastly, don't get attached to gear. ^ With the Item Shop we have now, any gear that gets taken I'm likely to just spawn it back in once the timer is up. Does this mean my canteen, scope, pack and rifle come along too? No, but you can use that as a RP reason to go looting again. \o/ After all at it's core DayZ is just "run and loot simulator." Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk.
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    Us old timers are gon' show all you young fella's how its done.
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    Threads like these pop up every now and then and they are rarely productive. Im going to quickly summarize some of the responses you can expect (other than the ones going, "hell yeah i hate being robbed, all bandits are just filthy pvpers who cant roleplay"): There are hostage guides, try read one or twwo and see if that helps with points below. Getting robbed all the time? Are you walking around with an automatic weapon and a massive backpack? If so you have higly increased your chances of being robbed, so make yourself less of a target. The "top end" weapons are hard to find so just having one makes you a target. Are you talking shit to people or trying to "act tough" IC with no backup? If so it probably won't end well. Are you as a hostage trying to progress the RP or are you just sitting there pissed cause you are losing gear? RP is a two way street, if you think the hostile party isn't putting much effort ino the RP, then why don't you try and lead the RP somewhere, just not in the "I'm gonna kill you all cause im a supersoldier" sense. There are things you can do despite not being in the "dominant" position. You shouldn't be getting shot for talkign back once or twice, but If you are constantly shit talking the hostile party then expect a bullet or 30. Use what happens to you IG to afffect your character and their behaviour, become more untrusting/cautious etc. Try striking some kind of deal with the bandits (although admittedly some can't be reasoned with). If worst comes to worst, throw up a report, and make sure to have some video evidence. Try talking to the group talking you by DM with their leader or leavign some constructive feedback on their group thread if they have one. Not all bandits on the server are co-operating, there are times that it seems like 2 or 3 groups may be co-operating but it isn't always the case. People can always band together, you can always try and lead the charge or talk to like minded people IG. I agree though that more "hero" groups are needed from what i have seen lately.
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    This little indie title from 2013 it had a really cool concept but development kinda fell through and the game was pretty bad. Hopefully some competent dev company can take a look at it and remake it and make it much better.
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    savages without lads is only tribals
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    Soldier in the U.S Army (IT Specialst and Contracted Officer Cadet)
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    obviously this is a joke, but I spent about $75 on it because I have no life. Its for your enjoyment so enjoy ? *Cough* possible dayZRP welcome video? *Cough*
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