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    You know what. No. Just reread your last post to make sure im not crazy. You are researching members of the community's personal history without permission. You may think you are doing them a favor, and hell in a couple cases you might have, but in the process you've violated the trust of the community. @J1988Dizzle will be permanently removed from the community and the group archived. I apologize to anyone affected by this.
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    Bloody hell lads instead of putting very passive clearly aimed posts on your threads, why not leave feedback or talk to the group leader?
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    I've actually reported @J1988Dizzle to the Agents at SI:7, because this is illegal as fuck.
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    So... just to clarify. You are running background checks including logging the ips of members of the community without their consent?
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    I have seen a lot of things in my time here and seen a lot of people take their group ideas way way too seriously, but I have never seen a group leader doxing people that wanted to join the group and hiring a team of IT guys to do IP checks on them. This was definitely a first.
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    Name names, name groups, stop making "hostile RP sucks" threads and actually point out what people are doing wrong.
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    Was an interesting stalker
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    Well that was... a thing. I'm still honestly just mind fucked right now.
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    @RebelRP @ScarRP @YungBrandonRP
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    @Watchman @Phoenix @Voodoo @AlanM @Franny Amazing time with you fellas tonight. Can't wait to see where this goes for Victor. Thanks for 'kidnapping' me and taking me with you. Absolute legends. @Fontaineaux and @allanman123, as per usual, amazing to RP with. Fuckin stoners. Freedom at last, right?
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    You're fr doxxing people? At least tell me it's consensual? We're playing games, you don't need to dig into their police records and learn everything about them, that's just super creepy. It's just straight up an invasion of privacy and for what? Also whoever your "technical staff" guys are, they can probably get into a lot of trouble doing that. There's really no excuse for this, even if it's how your group ran in other communities that deffo won't fly here.
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    Had a good time RPing with people at the trade event, both people attending and fellow Kratka street. Also enjoyed the RP and talks I had with @Eagle ,@Wong, and @Aisling later this evening. And of course the Damned reunion with @Hellspawn, @Bigtoe, @Wolfen, and @Mugin. @Enigma @Zero Y'know I don't really need to mention you two as well.
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    Forgot to say this yesterday and RP I've had over the weekend. @strider Your RP during the beating season made it funny and serious at the same time. @Jean Was not expecting you to allow the PK good RP during that situation. @Wong RP you provide is good, thank you for sticking around. @Aisling Fun to RP with you hope things go smooth with you and the Mr. @Watchman Was expecting you to initiate on me for telling you the intel I did. @OxeN Solid RPer mate.
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    The Red Festival is a roleplay driven event hosted by Gen Z & Friends. The festival will consist of a ongoing fleamarket on the outside perimeters around the location. The main events will be the fightclub, followed by the talentshow later on in the evening. The red festival will not be a safezone event, however we do respectfully ask of groups to wait with their hostilities until the event is over. Time & Date Sunday, 7th of April 2019 - 15:00 - 23:00 Server Time Location TBD Line Up 18:00 - 20:00 - Fight Club 15:00 onwards - Trading Stands / Fleamarket 20:00 - 22:00 - Talent Show The Fightclub will consist of bets being placed by the contestants. The winner will receive the other contestant's item of choice. The crowd is also able to add more items onto the pile for each contestant they want to bet on. We do not want to make the fight club purely about gear. This is a roleplay event and the main focus is entertainment and fun. If you wish to participate in the event, put your name down for it and you will be added to the fighting line up. If you can not make the event, please update us on this thread at least 12h before the event starts. Line Up (6-10 Fights Maximum) @BrianM - Joseph Green vs. @Onyx - Alex Macintyre @ToeZOG - Liam OCasey vs - @Jasper - Jayne Hobbs @Kam Kjallakbrok - Kam Asbjornson vs. @GalloWB - Brandon Terrano @Mak - Jacob Makarov vs. TBD The fleamarket will consist of small trader stalls outside of the fight club / talent show location, starting at 15:00 server time and allowing people to come and go as they please until the main event at 18:00 takes place. Each person may trade anything they wish. They must bring their own tents or storage containers if they wish to participate. Post in the comments if you want to attend as a trader and secure a flea market position for yourself at the event Line Up (7-8 Traders Max) @Red - Kazuhiro Maeda @Aisling - Kyna Wong The talent show is the last event on the line-up for the festival and will be held in the same location of the fight club. Anyone wishing to share a talent will be able to come forward. Whether it's singing, juggling apples, doing comedy or having a talent nobody else seems to have (like whistling like a bird) The crowd can add any items onto a big prize pile. The winner takes it all. The winner of the talent show will be determined by the judges. Talent Show Line Up (10 Participants Max.) @montym - Monty Emmerich @SkippeeDee - Skip Deacon Any group or other people wishing to run security for the event put your name in the comments and you will be added to the list. Security must bring their own guns of choice. They will not be provided by Gen Z. Security D7
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    https://forums.dayz.com/topic/243677-experimental-update-102150928/ They added and changed alot! - New guns - You can 1 hit infected from behind - New night view - Slowwalking while viewing your inventory And much more! Edit: @Aeryes some new modding things too
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    So after looking over the verdict of this report; I have to ask, because what I’m gathering from this is baffling. Say I set down some gear to take a sip. Like I’m double carrying a rifle, or a bag, and set it down for a few seconds to say- open a can of food. And someone runs up and yoinks my bag/ gun and runs off. Youre meaning to tell me, if I were to kill them, that’s bannable? Like in the situation, someone yoinks the gear, then avoids rp by running off without saying anything, you’re chasing him down, etc. you can’t just pop the cunt or?
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    My understanding from that report is that nothing was actually stolen. While yes he grabbed the protector case, he then put it back without taking anything from it. That is why the kill was invalid as nothing was stolen. Now had Jack actually taken the case and attempted to run off with it, yes he would have granted kill rights to the accused in the report. From the rules: Hostile actions are player interactions where you or your group members lives are threatened by other players, you are forced to do something against your will under threat of violence, someone is stealing from you, etc.
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    I love roleplay.
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    3.1 You are required to role play your character at all times while in game. No OOC events or communication may take priority over your role play. You are not allowed to ignore other players attempts to role play with you. I mean that pretty much sums it up. If you are attempting to roleplay with them, and they are ignoring you, then they are violating the rules. Saying you are attempting to do a secret raid or whatever is kinda moot if they see you and are attempting to roleplay with you. They could have deflected, bought time, even attempted to distract you with the roleplay while others proceeded to flank or break in from a different area. They cannot just sit silently and ignore you while you are standing next to them trying to RP with them.
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    Shit that makes me cry, exhibit A.
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    Hey there dudes and dudettes, I was wondering if you guys think the crosshair should be reimplemented. I aint going to throw anyone under the bus here BUT, we all know a lot of people here use a crosshair to gain an advantage. Personally, I don't see why it was removed in the first place. I've seen the argument that it "clutters the UI" used a lot, but that's just not true. It doesn't clutter it any worse than all the cues on the screen to open doors or pick things up do. Also, you can toggle the UI off at the press of a button anyways. I think to allow people to gain an unfair advantage via putting a glob of duct tape in the center of their screen or, god forbid, using third party software to gain an unfair advantage on someone is dumb, it should be reimplemented to keep a level playing field. @Roland also said himself that there's basically no way to detect if someone's using third party software for a crosshair unless they sell themselves out in a screenshot or something...bring it back.
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    I've been here just a week or so, and was caught in the "Everyone just pvp's" hype. While that opinion has changed and I've been introduced to some people who actually give a damn about the RP side of things deeper than simple gear robbery. I personally feel that there should be more of a balance in terms of styles of roleplay factions. But like I said in my settlement thread, it would have to become a trend among the players, not a rule enforced thing. And I feel like the current lore only strengthens any argument against anything neutral from a IC point of view end all sentence of: "eet ez post-apocalypsis cheeki breeki, everyone is mean." Pvp is a part of the game that is a fact everyone should drill into their heads, but so is RP on this server. I am also talking to the victims like someone already mentioned here. IF you want things to be better, you don't stand up to four guys trying to rob you, you drop your gun unless you're a lunatic with no sense of self-preservation. Maybe don't run in the middle of the road and use a forest instead if you don't want to get robbed. Don't expect to be safe in major areas especially in the triangle. Points: - Victims need to learn how to give up and robbers and hostile rp needs to be done tactfully in return - Any misdemeanors should be reported 100% so we can get rid of the wrong kind of players, report all KoS, bad roleplay, bad executions, griefing etc. Be ready to lose your stuff. Report calmly and carry on. - More neutral communities come from people actually putting in an effort in game, it needs to be a community push keeping in mind that balance needs to be had for people who want to be more hostile. It needs to be give and take, taking into consideration the power balance. You can't stand up to a militia with a settlement of 5 people vs 10 unless you want to duke it out and get wiped out. You need diplomacy. - The lore itself at the moment does not really support more neutral approaches as it is a politically unstable time with many war implications, maybe if a new lore was introduced more neutral approaches could be had more easier. Any that are introduced should be: A) Truly neutral, not giving any of the groups trouble so they dont have a reason to retaliate. B) Big enough to defend against everyday lol raiders (Those happen.) C) Ready to be diplomatic and lose their shit. D) If they lose their shit, just report any griefing and scratch off any other variant as a "We need more people to guard our shit." Oh and people whose RP is limited to. "Hands up and drop your stuff" should be permadeleted from the server. Gearplay is retarded, go on a normal server where you spawn in with loadups and guns if you are looking for just gear and pvp. The pvp is better there anyway. Peace and love~ And sorry for going a bit off the subject there.
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    Don't worry you wont get banned for that, 10 seconds is enough time. If you or your friends are getting KOSed just report it, seems pretty simple to me.
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    Just gonna leave this here.
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    I'm just sitting here, hoping for a key to toggle between walking and jogging o.O
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    Well Its not hard pvp without a crossair most people know were on the screen you shoot at but it makes it alot easier to pvp with a crossair and alot of people use 3rd party programs to have a dot or somdthing or just use a pen or tape. Bring it back and make it fair for everyone
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    Crosshair needed for campfire RP? No Crosshair needed for Hostile RP? No Crosshair needed for any other kind of RP? No Crosshair needed for PVP? No (It will only make it easier) If you care so much about winning firefights, join a PVP server. Maybe people wouldnt get in PVP situations that often if they actually cared to perma their character and make progress in the lore. But alot of people rather PVP then surrender and RP. And if they die they just respawn. Big -1, its a RP server and not a PVP server.
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    This ain't Rust chief, report them.
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    I just hit the switch FLIP FLIP
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    I will call the FBI on that. (And if you dont think they can go international you're wrong)
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    Hello @Zanaan Could you please give @OxeN ownership of the group & the CP at your earliest convenience. Oxen will now be in charge of the group, as he is the most active Command in the group, and I haven't been giving 110% to the group. Goodluck pal.
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    Since we have started to work with you guys more and more I will say RP from you guys is great, keep it up.
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    Feels good to be here. Can't wait for a change of roleplay style with you guys.
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    thanks for the M on the chest boys xoxo
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    I mean... From what I've heard about the situation, you lot got initiated on? You know how to get RP from an initiation? Comply. Simple as that. You can't complain about getting jumped IG and then dying. Of course you're not going to get RP from an initiation if you don't comply. Like, what you expect the other crew just to be like " Oh they're shooting guns lads, let's attempt to RP " no. Bullets will fly. If there was no RP prior to the initiation, it's probably because they wanted the element of surprise. You wouldn't reveal your position away in a realistically situation would you? In my opinion, it's your own fault you didn't get RP. Comply and you shall receive, I guess.
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    Emily writes a few things down again in her note book. After she is finished, she holds onto the shirt of the figure next to her, this time making sure he wouldn't disappear without her noticing, before leaning her head carefully against his shoulder.
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    It was time that its returns, give body armor no chance
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    So today I experienced something odd. While building up our new compound a group came by attempting to break in during the middle of night. Not the issue. The issue was this said group was spotted and refused to RP. 30 minutes of just me and a couple others attempting to RP with said group. Not once did they attempt to RP. Even typed in ooc asking if they are going to RP. They later find a way in and rush and the bullets start flying. We got smoked. Not the issue. The issue and the question lies with the response we were given about scenario. The enemy group said their actions were justified because they were doing a raid and were being tactical and not blowing their cover (even tho they were all spotted coming towards said location before the sun set and were seen around the compound in the middle of the night, within 3 feet of us in the light of torches and flares). In my opinion this is a Roleplay server where roleplay is the priority, not some milsim server. My question is this: If you are attempting to raid a compound full of people, are you able to neglect the RP aspect of the server so you can have a successful "operation"?
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    I had a lot of fun yesterday too! I was tempted to get more involved at Zeleno, but I was having a blast just watching everyone else. @strider Youre a little gremlin @Eagle I dont know how much I directly interacted with you, but as I said above it was awesome to see what yall could do and I enjoyed it very much. @Wong Its always nice seeing you around, dude. Your shoes still suck though.
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    I set out today with a goal, help Clyde find a place he feels safe. We ran all over and finally, he settled on a place he could feel at ease. He was excited, in his own way. It's going to be a lot of running between here and where Elliot and I meet up, but it's worth it. Clyde has my back, and I plan to have his. It'll be good to have something to work on, a project of my own. I can't be following Elliot everywhere, especially when he gets so much flack about it. I'll keep practicing and I'll become more useful but until then I need to have something that's mine. I was thinking today about those around me, friends and ones I call family. Who of those people actually has my back? Trust is such a hard thing to offer. I expressed my emotions towards Elliot the other day without prompting and he mentioned it being the first time I had done so. I had to take a step back to consider because I was sure I had said it before, but he was right. It's all be echoes up until that point. He'd say it and I'd throw it back at him. It's a scary thing to confess much less to feel. Last time I gave my heart to someone and put my all into the relationship, they tore me down. I know he's not the same man, I get that, but the mindset is still there. Only one I can depend on is me. Gotta handle my own shit. Does that make me weak or strong?
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