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    Wait a second, does this mean logs aren't working atm?
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    *As you walk through Stary you would see a poster hung up on the Church, looking like it was put there recently. There would be a few dead infected scattered around* //Image is 5072x5072, zoom in if need be. Will update as time goes on. All of these locations are places I've actually been IC or have been told about IC.
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    Almost done building the walls of Tombstone (aka Kabanino) !!!
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    @Veryniceperson @Ducky @Mexi and any of the other boys I didn't mention, great RP from you guys, gonna love shooting with my middle finger also @Cocomii was a funny half an hour
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    "I got a feeling that im not gonna be here for next year So lets laugh a little before im gone I've been dreaming of this shit for awhile now She dont love me but shes singing my song Oh no I dont feel much pain Got a knife in my back and a bullet in my brain"
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    Some people have too much time but this is great
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    Okay! As always, gotta do a little shoutout for the brief encounter I had with the lovely Gen Z people. They're always an absolute joy to roleplay with! Guess I should also mention the 5 minute conversation I had with a shitload of green dragons. During which like 10 guys surrounded my character and acted fucking thirsty. :'D Big, big shoutout to @Roman, @ScarletRose, @Direwolff, and @ComradeBandit for the little torture RP session. Seriously creepy, you guys! OOC I had so much fun, IC... My poor, poor Poppy is so scared. I love that her naive and friendly attitude bit her in the butt today. I look forward to all the possible roleplay with you guys... If she behaves, that is! Who knows! She doesn't quite think she's "toy" material. But I guess that's what they all say, huh?
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    its been a minute since ive verbally said 'goddamn get fucked' watching a kill montage https://gyazo.com/e052420776da4a54a9f29881a47c3991
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    From a juicy little initiation the other day, GG Green Dragons Also This
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    Graphic made by @Melody “It’s been a long way.” We had all thought. “It won’t ever return.” We all said. “It won’t be the same.” We all muttered. Little did we know, it was all wrong. The World itself is ran by men of incalculable wealth and power, men who put morality to the winds of time and greed stains their hands. Just as we put mortality to the past and blood stains ours. What is the point of living? If all we’re here to do is just senselessly murder each other over the smallest thing? If we’re here to just fall down into a pit of misery and disparity? Or to choose to become the very monster that we all try to survive from? It’s pointless.. If you can’t live for others, then why live for yourself? Establish contact and ally with the various factions within and around Chernogorsk [Completed Day 617] Fully fortify the Citadel [Completed Day 623] Find a practical and functioning uniform for the Sentinels to wear [Completed Day 626] Set up a fully functioning democratic election system for a Presidency [Completed Day 645] Spread reputation and word of the Sentinels [Completed Day 673] Re-establish a foot hold in South Zagoria from which the group can operate from [Compeleted Day 656] Hold Democratic Elections [Day 665] Provide shelter, aid and equipment to the South Zagorian survivor population [Ongoing] Take revenge on those that have wrecked havoc upon us [Ongoing] Restore Order to the surrounding Vystovian area [Ongoing] Hold trials, and public executions, for the accused [Ongoing] Reclaim our Citadel [Day 720] Create several stash locations for our equipment offsite [Failed Day 630] Establish an Embassy in Albion [Failed Day 645] Significantly expand our borders [Failed Day 645] Utilize the Chenarus Note as our currency [Failed Day 645] [LEGEND: Purple = Main priority, Blue = New Objective, Grey = Objective-to-be-completed, Green = Completed, Red = Failed] Commissioner Mikael Hansson - @Aron73 Commander Inspector Jonas Steed - @Melody Warden Sentinel Michael Levin - @SeVeN Pills Sentinel Jiri Polednak - @Slammer Recruit Michael Declan Parker - @Arktosftw Recruit Oleg Dunaychikov - @pre5ident Recruit Clive Winderlin - @Sapperton Recruit John Ledet - @John Ledet Recruit Griffin Johnson - @HennyLover69 Recruit Caleb Castillo - @calebc0106 MIA or KIA Commissioner Alexander Garrett - @SullyDat Commander Mark Wolff - @Nonplayer Inspector Jonas Steed - @Melody Inspector Jordan Moss - @ShuffleMoose Warden Hugh Ryan - @FatherCoon Sentinel Michael Levin - @SeVeN Pills Sentinel Jiri Polednak - @Slammer Sentinel Ricky Bobby - @Zombiedude Sentinel Henry Dow @Matthew Lees Recruit Perry Brittle - @perry Recruit Michael Harris - @ShepBlue Recruit Jayden Petersen - @jaydenater102 Contact @Aron73 on the forums or on discord if wanting to join with a DM that has the following information:
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    “Afanasy Nikitin was a Russian merchant from Tver and the first European who traveled to India between 1466 and 1475 and left a journal of his notes known as The Journey beyond the Three Seas. His notes were found by N.M. Karamzin, an outstanding Russian historian of the beginning of the 19th century.” Portrait of Merchant Afanasy Nikitin “Afanasy Nikitin lived in the 15th century; however, the precise dates of his birth and death are unknown. On the grounds of the data containing in the journal and a short note which was usually placed in chronicles before Afanasy Nikitin`s writings experts concluded that in 1466 Afanasy started his trip to Shemakha with the Russian ambassador Vasily Papin and a trade expedition. They took the direction down the Volga River and reached the city of Astrakhan, where one of their ships was captured by robbers, and the other one wrecked in a storm near the Caspian Sea. Notwithstanding the loss of the ships and goods, Afanasy Nikitin continued the journey. He travelled by land to Derbent, got to Persia, and later reached India by sea. In India the traveler spent three years and in 1472 went back to Russia through the Turkish lands and the Black Sea, and died on his way to Smolensk. Some merchants delivered his notes to Moscow and later the writings were included to chronicles.” Derbent, Persia “The Persian lands were described rather briefly, which might mean that Russian merchants were well-aware of that country and it was of no interest to the traveller. The first impressions about India Afanasy Nikitin got in Chaul: half-naked people, women with their heads uncovered, odd hairstyles – many seemed unusual to the Russian traveller. He was incredibly shocked at the local tradition to commit dead people’s bodies to fire instead of committing them to earth. Nikitin had travelled across the whole India, including the sacred city of Parvat, and documented the local religious customs and traditions, peculiarities of the Indian market and trade. Although his narrations are simple and cannot boast the literary style that was appreciated in ancient Russia, the simplicity of his writings makes them enchanting.” The adventurous spirit of Merchant Nikitin has been an inspiration to many throughout the world and gave way for many others to travel, trade, and explore with little regard for a final destination in the same way he did. Such a pioneering spirit has always existed among humans, going back as far as recorded history. Names such as Vasco de Gama, Christopher Columbus, and Leif Eriksson fill books and detail their trials, tribulations, and exploits. Despite so many calamities throughout mankind’s rise from the Renaissance and onto the technological marvels of the 20th Century not once has the flame of exploration or curiosity ever been snuffed out, and as such it was no surprise that this flame would continue to flicker even long after such a catastrophe as the events that took place in the summer of 2017. Humans who had survived the first year away from large government safe zones or cities found themselves solidifying their positions. A granary inside a village on the outskirts of Primorsk, Chernarus 2019 Some even formed city-states with nearby towns and other groups from their own nations and began to trade and explore other areas to gain more information and seek out others who they could exchange goods with and improve their situation at home. Such expansion is bound to lead to conflict, but it is also a means for humanity to begin to pick up the pieces and access what the future holds. South Zagoria had always represented a little out of the way backwater to many of the other settlements and enclaves of Chernarus, even before the crisis struck. It was a rough province regarded as a haven for all manner of people, foreign, local and otherwise. A wild frontier full of prospects and opportunities for those able-bodied enough and willing to undertake the journey, but on the flip-side it represented somewhat of a place to avoid for those just trying to get by. Situation in Chernarus, Spring 2019 However, South Zagoria did lack the constant hordes, large scale warfare, and rampant military police actions experienced by others areas, which meant that many had grown used to the place and made a decent living for themselves as traders and hunters, keeping in mind the local players and power brokers and being sure to appease them or stay out of the way. The overall lack of hordes higher than category 2 made South Zagoria a good place for steady trade, and in the past 6 months there has been a steady uptick in outside parties moving in to trade with the locals. Within South Zagoria lay numerous untapped natural resources, alongside those which had been left by mankind. Lumber is easily procurable, and while many existing stocks have long since rotted away there are many mills at hand ready to return the production rate of pre-outbreak South Zagoria. Infected overrun a Georgian aid helicopter shortly after it crashed on mission in Chernarus, Winter 2019 Along with the natural resources exist previously abandoned resources that were left behind during the early days of the outbreak. Chernarus’ overall oil and fuel production occurs off the coast on the oil drilling platforms. However, South Zagoria’s early evacuations left vast stores of oil and other fuel products relatively untouched. With military rationing occurring, most fuel and oil resources are unavailable to the public. Thus, citizens and off-duty military personnel alike search for these resources in order to do everyday things such as fueling vehicles, powering generators, and cooking food. Aside from the large coastal safezones, many nomadic factions and other settlements outside of government control also have specific trade needs. While sources of freshwater in Chernarus are generally abundant throughout, food is a major concern for factions located in the area of Kirovograd and the central plains. Freshwater stream in the Black Mountains Extensive bombing over the course of the outbreak has reduced much of the arable farmland in that area to a sodden muddy mess, and much of the associated farm equipment and seed stores have been scattered or stolen. This makes growing food difficult, but the situation there is also not ideal for hunting as most animals have migrated to less turbulent areas out west or in the Black Mountains. South Zagoria on the other hand has a plethora of land suitable for farming and thriving animal populations, some leftover livestock from before the outbreak that have simply become free-range. The province is also ripe for trade due to the fact that a single entity or group does not have a large degree of sway over the populace, or the ability to regulate trade between the various parties that come and go. An underground prodejna in Russia Also important is the fact that due to the lack of government control in South Zagoria many parties such as civilian enterprises and military units that are loyal to the State and live within its protection are attracted to the promise of a regulation free environment, even being willing to trade outside of safe areas to do so. All of the above factors have made South Zagoria ripe for future business by outsiders, and are sure to affect the balance of trade in the upcoming months. Travelers cross a roadway entangled with overgrown vehicles, Central Chernarus One experimental formula has been used by a handful of factions with decent success. Factions who wish to trade will travel to cities or other zones, and establish a temporary compound. Inside of these compound walls, these factions will trade and give requests to locals. However, the factions don’t have all the time in the world, and after a few hours they have to begin their trek back. Thus, the local populace must make haste so that they don’t miss out on these occurrences to gather new information, trade for rare items, and aid other survivors of this worn-down world. However, these faction shops are easily recognizable. Consisting of gates and wood or sheet metal walls boxing an area in, they are also accompanied by a short-burst radio message provided by the factions of the shops to indicate that they are open for business. The Nikitin Prodejna is a weekly trade post event series that is planned to take place on Sundays, which allows other major events to take place on Saturdays. The "Prodejna" or Shop in Chernarussian, is simply a roaming trade post that contains various traders and characters from multiple factions. Each Sunday a new faction will set up a hub at a pre-announced fortified location and for 3-4 hours will trade, give quests, and talk to survivors from around South Zagoria. Over time you will be able to develop relations with these factions along an RPG-like reputation scale, which will be discussed in detail below. The area within the Prodejna will be rule protected, meaning no hostilities will be allowed there. Despite this, visitors are not permitted to loiter or gather there to abuse the rules. You go in, do your business, talk to the faction, receive/complete quests and leave. An area outside of the Prodejna will be provided for folks to gather, trade among themselves, fight, and generally do anything they won't. This area is not rule protected and normal rules apply. Currency: Roubles ('Cash') Currency is able to be traded for at the Event location. Simply bring what you'd like to sell and if the faction is interested they will purchase it from you. Each faction will buy and sell different things in a 'specialized' manner. However, there will be staples that are always traded or sold. Guaranteed to Purchase: Fuel (Filled Jerry Can) and Propane (Any Size) Guaranteed to Sell: Tier 1 Weapons (Civilian Weapons, AK, Pistols), Ammunition, and Canned Goods Reminder: You can keep Roubles from previous visits, Roubles you've found, or Roubles you've stolen, and still use them next event. Reputation Progression System - 60 Point Scale -30 | -20 | -10 | 0 | 10 | 20 | 30 -30 (Abysmal) -20 (Unfriendly) -10 (Poor) 0 (Indifferent) 10 (Known) 20 (Friendly) 30 (Very Reliable) Kratka Street: Kamenici | +15 - D7 Mercs | +10 Maskované Terory: Children of Mann | +10 - Ace Carter & Kallid Johnson | +10 - Windex & Co. | +10 - Robert Henderson | +5 Chrysopoeia Corporation: The House | +15 As you or your group complete quests on behalf of the various factions that travel through the area you will gain reputation with that group. Keep in mind your actions outside of the Prodejna affect this score too. For example if you hold a bunch of CDF soldiers hostage in one situation and a group of people within the same faction come to trade you may find yourself locked out. Each faction will have unique quests that you can complete over the course of each afternoon, and as you complete them you can improve your standing with the various factions. This can lead to improved exchange rates, preferential deals, and priority for specials. Every week this thread will be updated with details regarding each faction, including Lore, trade details, and their general background. Maskovane Terory Conglomeration of social outcasts, ex-CDF, ex-PMC, and other various remnants of organized crime. They’ve spent the last year and 8 months terrorizing the Chernarussian countryside. They all joined together to maintain the darker aspect of their lives, while enjoying the relative freedom the apocalypse allows. Indulging themselves in whatever they wish, they’ve partaken in morally questionable acts all across the country. However they always continue moving, avoiding cities and the CDF or any other faction controlled areas to prevent being captured or executed. This Sunday, they will be making an exploratory venture into South Zagoria to determine whether or not establishing a sort of trade with the local populace would be beneficial. They are also interested in finding out information on the citizen group from Miroslavl, as well as other neutral groups in the South Zagoria area. Every Sunday from 1PM (EST/GMT-5) - 4 PM - this changes every week but will always be on the event server - No hostilities whatsoever are permitted within the restricted area. Normal rules apply outside and in the hangout. You can do whatever you like there. This event cannot be sabotaged or attacked in any way. Outside quests with event characters excluded. The maximum amount of allowed outsiders in the actual market is between 5-10 people to avoid people using it to hide in or wasting time. It is there for business. The one exception is an entire group may be allowed to enter and trade if needed, no allies though. Furthermore, unnecessarily toxic behavior, or big dicking is not allowed. This applies to those inside and outside of the event. Bantering and going back and forth with Guard personnel is fine. However intentionally gloating, threatening, or anything similar may result in your immediate detainment/death. Death as a result of the previously mentioned does not grant anyone defense or attack rights. When you visit this event, you acknowledge and agree to the rules posted here, and the event rules on the forums. If you wish to interact in a hostile way with a faction host (at the potential expense of your own personnel and negative reputation), please PM Phatal on discord or the forums. 3.9 Events can be organized by both staff and players. Events may either be dynamic or official. Dynamic events are spontaneous events organized entirely in game, often advertised through radio (RCON admin chat in game) without any special rules or preparations. Official events are the ones announced on the website, with a thread in the event forums. Official events may not be disrupted, sabotaged, attacked or interrupted without a consent from event organizer. Official events may sometimes have other special, temporary rules applied to them that last for the duration of the event. No teleport will be provided by the staff team in order to avoid creating a massive waiting line. You will have to either walk on the around server to the venue, or walk on the live server and log back in to the event server outside the compound.
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    Maybe it's just me being a nosey bastard but I always find it interesting as to what people here do for work in real life or even what they would like to do. I will start: Im a Tower crane electrician/erector, basically, I work for a company that rents out Tower cranes to building sites to do the heavy lifting, all over Ireland. I arrive on site and I erect the Tower Crane with 3 other colleagues, when the crane is up and running if it ever breaks down (Which they always fucking do), I have the job of fixing it and when the building site is almost complete (usually after a year or so) I then come back and dismantle the Tower crane. We have around 40 of them so it can be very hectic. The heights and dangers of the job give me a buzz so I really enjoy it. What does everyone else do?
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    Big day for us. Thanks to @Jean and Rick for the wonderful hostage RP. To the older gentleman who observed, welcome to Chernarus. @SullyDat thanks to Mr. President and the sentinels for the lovely discussion we had. Though I don't know your names, thanks to the Chernarussians & co we met at the settlement for the interesting RP. Finally, big thanks to @Kai for the RP on that beautiful hill. Cheers to anyone I missed.
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    Looks like he knows his way around already
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    "These lads can scream very well" ~ @Chernon Good time with you boys tonight, shame I had to log early.
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    @Kai Is a superior lad and RPer
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    Hell yeah bois The Triple Threat
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    Building should be less glitchy and more to do, also with building becoming bigger, more barrel spawns and different things to store loot in
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    i'm gettin me mallet
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    when you drink the whole bottle of Jack
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    DENMARK APPRECIATION THREAD Der er et yndigt land There is a beautiful country - Danish National Anthem Dronning Margrethe II af Danmark Queen Margrethe II of Denmark Legoland Billund No translation needed, it's fucking Legoland Stegt flæsk og persillesovs Roasted porkbelly with parsley sauce (We leave the rinds on, they are super salty and crispy ) Himmelbjerget Tallest mountain in Denmark at 147m above sea level. (We're not flat, shut up.) Hans Christian Andersen Danish Author and Prolific Writer most well known for his fairy tales. Niels Bohr Danish Physicist, one of the main contributors to the Atomic Structure and Quantum Theory (where would we be in todays world without people like him? )
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    #PearlOfDenmark #FuckSeaSheperds #FaroesePride #WhalesTasteGood
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    Think I need to use an xxxtentacion for my profile music. Suddenly became popular again.
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    Thomas Krüger "Wörk" 2k19
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    On the contrary to the feedback given by the Saviors I thoroughly enjoyed yesterdays encounters both on and off the battle field as usual. Shame they had silly demands and silly reasons but other than that I enjoyed the hostage situation too. +1
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    Love thy neighbor or I will beat you till you do.
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    I think you got yourself wrong who’s that sexy one in the middle...
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    @Phoenix @Banshee @Voodoo @Franny @Derek Steel @Red Love yalll Great rp what i caught of it
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    @DaRsnn Loved having you today man, hope you enjoyed our little encounter, and I'm happy you were a good sport and followed through with it. I know I enjoyed it. Perhaps we'll meet again
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    For all yall who wonder if i still use my dayzrp hats i either wear them or have them on my dashboard
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    I just watched the Mosque massacre video and read the manifesto, I'm usually not phased by such content but this truly shocked me. I find it interesting how he planned out this attack to be deliberately politicized to spread division between muslims and non-musims to incite conflict, eventually leading to a race war. As well as issues such as gun control. Obviously, the media plays into his hands, spreading his face around, aiming the blame on the 'far-right', Trump, PewDiePie and saying that such actions 'legitimize islamophobia' and so on. You get the picture. This gives some people a finger to point and pisses of everyone else. I'm not gonna spout that don't look back in anger crap, but at least remember him for what he is, a self-proclaimed ecofacist.
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    What a fucking horrible act. 49 dead. Got no words for how fucked up that is.
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    the boys are back in town brother
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    Getting kicked out of staff for going against the popular opinion, yikes!
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    I starting to look real good
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    World Lore Entry No. 4 - Wind of Change - September 30th, 2017 (hit play, adjust PC volume and read) "The future's in the air, I can feel it everywhere, blowing with the wind of change..." *as you cycle through the frequencies on your radio you come across one that contains a woman going on in Chernarussian and then in English about events outside South Zagoria. You stop to take a listen as the broadcast continues...* .....---sshhhhhhhhhh-----.....destroying several government tanks on the edge of the protective barrier, and executing 32 CDF soldi----ssshhhhhh---before advancing on the "Workshop" on the outskirts of Kirovo-----sshhhhh----*transmission seems to clear*----this comes as President Kozlov announced the clearing of new plots of land for livestock just outside of the perimeter. Infected numbers in the area have been significantly thinned by the air force and the final variant of the chemical agent "RR" produced by government scientists and the UN. NATO forces have begun an investigation into the nuclear blast that took place in late July. Divers have managed to discover the epi-----ssshhhhh-------ast. Government supply drops to stranded forces near the Takistani border were seized by military forces of the newly declared Belozersk Federative Republic. A warplane from the besieged airbase was shot down by the militants, capturing and executing the pilot. This only served to escalate the conflict as Su-25s from Primorsk were spotted in the area shortly following the downing of the Mig-21. A local Right Sektor militia has vowed to drive the militants and the Takistani raiders back along with the infected in order to avenge the pilot. A category 2 horde has been moving west of South Zagoria towards Novigrad, but it is thought that it could head east, towards So----*the transmission is drowned in static* *as you sit and eat lukewarm food out of a can you overhear a friend playing with a long-range receiver and listen in as he picks up some strange transmissions* “Anyway is the same way, the rule of all is one, the power of the free is a chain, the God of ligh---*the transmissions is cut out as your friend changes the frequency, "Fucking cult" he mutters as you both listen to a new frequency. He begins to cycle through many different ones, some punctuated by static and interference, some with warped voices and fairly audible noises.* Mysterious Broadcast *days later you pick up a TV broadcast from the United States* "And now we go to our north Atlanta affiliate where the National Guard is pushing down I-85 from midtown in an attempt to secure the international airport: This is correspondant Kelley Pace for local station Fox 24 in Zone 17 of the East-Coast safezone. In recent days the National Guard has solidified recent gains in midtown, and has begun mobilizing for the push south down I-85 to secure the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, aswell as the Grady Memorial Hospital and several pockets of survivors and military forces. Taking the hospital and the pockets of survivors will be crucial to establish in-depth defense before moving on the airport, which was lost earlier this month during Hurricane Irma." "The army units holding the airport alongside many relief workers, Red Cross staff, and refugees lost contact during the storm, creating chaos and driving the infected into the northern section of the airport, resulting in the complete loss of all the UH-60 and CH-47 helicopters that have been heavily involved with relief and cleansing efforts in recent weeks. The remaining survivors have been forced into the commercial aircraft terminals to attempt to hold off the infected and prevent the complete fall of the strategic airport. The army hopes to re-take the airport to use as a springboard for future operations aimed at restoring the area west of Atlanta to civilization. Many people living inside the city were evacuated or fled to the countryside as urban areas and suburbs devolved into chaos, some staying behind and forming neighborhood watch programs which have held the line in many areas without power or proper army safezones." "In a disastrous turn of events an Army CH-47 Chinook helicopter went down over Dobbins Air Reserve base, resulting in the destruction of a number of other helicopters and an Air Force C-5 Super Galaxy, killing some 23 personnel in the conflagration. This event combined with the loss of Jackson-Hartsfield has significantly lessened the amount aircraft available that can be used to drop relief pallets and to transport troops and volunteers. Despite this many survivors continue to press on even outside the declared government zones, doing their best to keep them and their families safe. Large swathes of land lost to the infection have become fighting grounds for the living and the infected, many citizens establishing militias in rural areas to keep order given the absence of a functioning society. For Fox 24 this is correspondent Kelley Pace signing off---" *you tune your radio to a frequency you found in an old Chernarussian radio station, and play around until you hear something in Russian. It seems to be a man speaking about something odd he witnessed* "Вчера вечером на небе раздался взрыв и яркая вспышка. Он разбудил меня и мою бабушку и предупредил даже комендантский час армии. Это выглядело как ракета, направлявшаяся на юг к Чернарусу или Такистану. Кто-нибудь еще видел это? Они ничего нам не сказали." *Another broadcast can be heard, this one comes across as much more official than the last ones you have heard over the previous days. The voice of a man with a British accent making the broadcast sounds as if he is reading from a manuscript, but he sounds hurried and nervous.* "NATO command has been moved from Mons, Belgium to Warsaw, Poland following the fall of the city. The UN general assembly has been moved to Switzerland, operations are being coordinated from there. No further assets are available for France or Belgium. Outbreaks in Spain have rendered the border porous, and following the----sshhhhhh----shhhhhh---zzzzttttt---efforts are being turned inward as the ability to send reinforcements to outside nations has been diminished. Only the Balkan and Eastern states along with the US and Russia are capable of sending any extra resources or troops at this present time. The situation in the Baltic and Scandinavian states is unclear, they focused efforts inward but as far as we know Estonian is the only nation in the Baltic that has stood to this point. Latvia and Lithuania have been decimated, and Russia has not sent any help and has maintained its extensive quarantine running from Finland to the Georgian border. Internal outbreaks have made this difficult, but the Russian Armed Forces have substituted for the spread out nature of their troops by deploying tactical ballistic missiles and FOABs against concentrations of infected on their borders." "Ukrainian forces have made an unexpected comeback against the infection and have re-grouped around Lyiv, pushing east towards the capital. Units of the New Takistani Army have advanced towards Takmyr in an apparent declaration of war against the remaining forces of the US left in Takistan and in the nearby Green Sea. NATO and US forces are in the process of withdrawing from the country in order to establish a new stronghold elsewhere in the region. This attack has caught US forces off guard at a time when they are scattered and desperate to re-group. Russia holds all the cards in the Green Sea region, but their grip is slipping as they are forced to send more of their forces away from the borders to assist with unrest near Krasnodar. Despite this Russian forces have been observed massing assets at airfields, bases, and cities in the theater." "NATO forces have occupied and secured the Bosphorus Strait and the outskirts of Istanbul, indicating a desire to retain access to the Green and Black Sea. The Russian Black Sea fleet has been rotated back and forth between Chernarus and Crimea in order to keep readiness high and crews alert and prepared. Crimea on the other hand has been turned into a fortress, avoiding the fate that many areas in Ukraine suffered. All transmissions emanating from Chernarus have suggested------sssshhhhhh------------zzzzzztttttttttt----" *transmission cuts out* Those from all walks of life have been forced to choose a new and uncertain path
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