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    @Roland, I am pleading with you to reconsider your stance on Sexual RP and Rape RP in this community. It is the apocalypse and yes, if it were real, atrocious sexual acts would be committed against men and woman. But please, don’t make us subjected to them for the sake of realism. I fail to see how sexual harassment and rape is so necessary to RP that you would risk distressing members of the community to allow others to fulfil their twisted fantasies. The woman of this community (and some men) are not playthings to be humiliated, degraded, paraded around, called whores, made sex slaves and forced or pressured into RP of a sexual nature. I find it disturbing that there are people in this community who are so eager and willing to engage in this type of RP, exploiting the rules to take all control away from victims, leaving them no choice but to be subject of unwanted sexual behaviour. Below are some points I feel are worthy of consideration: Saying No: In real life, there are countless situations where girls have been brutally raped without saying no or fighting back. There are physical and psychological reasons for this. Many people in real life situations are left unable to react due to fear or shock. They may be in a coercive or controlling relationship with their rapist, or they may be too young to give consent. It is very easy to look at a situation in hindsight and say, well why didn’t you just go OOC and say stop. But in reality, it is far more complicated than that. There are plenty of occasions in game where I wish I had gone OOC to say stop. Not wanting to ruin immersion, not wanting to cause OOC conflict, or because I was caught off guard in the chaos of the situation and didn’t quite know how to react in the moment. Another thing to keep in mind is that while permission must still be asked to power game a character, the events leading up to the request and the request itself can still be distressing and of a sexual nature. The rules give people who want to indulge in rape and other sexual RP permission to attempt to seek out victims. Putting the burden on the victim of sexual abuse to end the situation is in my opinion, is a rather disgusting stance to have. To say following an event that its okay because she didn’t say no astounds me. I understand that it is a game, but the emotion and psychology of peoples actions is not all too dissimilar to real life in my opinion. Comparing rape and torture: While everyone may have triggers based on their real life experiences, this is not a valid argument in my opinion. Torture for most people is something so far out of the realms of what they have experienced that it’s almost impossible to truly imagine being subjected to it. However, rape and sexual assault is something that has most likely affected each one of us in some way. Most women here will have had to deal with unwanted sexual attention, and its not always as simple as saying no to make it stop. Unlike torture, its easy to imagine the feel of someone holding you down and forcing themselves upon you. It’s deeply distressing and not something that people should be subjected to in game. Age: As there is no way to verify age on this server, how can the rules possibly allow content of a sexual nature? Inciting minors to engage in sexual activity would violate laws in most of the world. Asking someone to ERP without making reasonable efforts to ensure that they are legally of age to consent risks violating criminal law. In addition, someone under age cannot legally consent to sexual activity, so even gaining //permission would not be valid. Allowing sexual RP in the rules may result in children either observing or participating is something that they should not be exposed to. Whether from a legal or moral standpoint, how can this be permitted on the server? Is allowing people to indulge in rape RP really such an essential part of role play that it should be allowed to continue, regardless of the distress and divide it causes in this community? Was the quality of RP any less when there were rules against sexual, racist and homophobic RP? Enough is enough. This is a game. We are here to have fun. Please change the rules to protect us.
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    Hello, shit-tier roleplayer and ex-rp boy cali here. Y'all really catching a shit ton of flack recently, and quite honestly, it's been warranted. We all here know I love scrapping on fools but this isn't really on my personal behalf, but rather a group collection and census of most people living next to our group in Berezino. It's come to my attention that these daily attacks for the last few weeks has really put a damper on some people in the community. Now I'm sure you're getting your kicks off it, but here's just a few of these clips I've compiled simply from last night alone after the 3rd co-op attack in the last 3 days. I think offline-attacking is cool as much as the next guy, but when it comes to such an issue as just slaughtering sole-rp groups and then hiding under the excuse of 'comply you won't die', it gets pretty sad. See, the CDF hasn't been on this page bitching about the fact that there are firefights amongst our groups, infact I'm personally loving it. But the issue of it is, you hide behind an excuse of 'oh we're in stage 1' but then pick and choose stage 3 targets. How you and @Diamond's group, a group of hardcore muslim jihadists who are attacking these groups for 'not being haram' initially, is now working with SVR operatives because of 'enemy of my enemy' type deal. Like I get you boys need the help but at least try to feign something more proper than that as an excuse to be choosing to go for this goal: But on the same token just ignore this goal: I'm hardly one to bitch about these type of things, I was in the same boots last summer of the 'ty for feedback' and 'comply and don't die' and 'hostilerp is rp'. Like sure, yes, RP is good when there is RP. But the daily fights lads, needs to chill. I've seen too many people on streams complaining about quitting the community and moving on simply because of you blokes. Like the ONLY reason they are not having fun here is because of you lot. Something to take into consideration is the simple fact of 'will the person I am initiating on have fun?'. Because simply but, at the end of the day, everyone here is trying to have fun. Hope it's taken into consideration, Cheers boys.
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    Group archived until leadership and gentlemen above write and send me a short essay about how important feedback is for groups on DayZRP and how one should positively approach and listen to concerns of people posting feedback in your group thread.
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    God damnit. Can you people not solve problems nicely, instead of creating drama and bad rep for this community? BOTH OF YOU! @Sapperton if you have a problem with your friends ban then you ask your friend what happened. To us you are a random bystander asking about someone elses ban and we don't usually disclose ban reasonings or even proof to random people in the community, especially in a case like this where the evidence contains someone elses personal information. Also you don't create arrogant and dramatic posts about an admin being corrupt based on pure speculation and what "you've heard" with absolutely no proof whatsoever. Jim already told you, the entire admin team saw the evidence of doxxing and voted yes for permanent ban, as is the standard procedure for that type of harassment. You don't agree with it, that's fine, but leave that for your friend to solve and to not get mixed up with things that do not involve you. @JimRP you need to start solving problems like these diplomatically and not through your admin powers. Bans like these is exactly what gives bad rep to this community, and the reason why we see threads in other forums or communities about staff here being corrupt and members getting banned for voicing their opinions, when in fact there's no corruption involved and the ban could be avoided by explaining the situation calmly and to the point. There's no reason to ban someone every time just because they disagree with you or even show you attitude.
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    After a nice discussion in this suggestion thread and positive poll outcome, we've moved forward with adding the following rules as a trial run. What? Metagaming rule was expanded and now includes restrictions on when you can use OOC communication like Discord. Why? In order to help players prioritize and focus more on in game communications. There are frequent situations where players are communicating with others through OOC communications, while standing silently in game. It breaks immersion and is unfair to other players around who are losing on RP by not being able to hear group conversations in game. To add more fair-play to hostile situations, and prevent groups exchanging information telepathically without any indication in game for other players of the information being exchanged. To add a tangible, easy and verifiable way for radio communication to be controlled by using the in game radio item that everyone already spawns in with. Plan The rule has been added to the rule page and will take effect immediately. All players must confirm that they have read the new rule by clicking a button on the rule page. Not doing so will prevent you from joining the server starting next week. The rule has been added as a time limited trial. This means that at the end of the current month we will create a community poll about whether to keep or get remove the rule and also ask for your feedback if anything should be changed. Spawn rate of radios on the server has been tripled. Radios will now also spawn in regular town buildings and not just police, military, medic and firefighter buildings. Rules 3.5 Metagaming is transferring information between Out of Character (OOC) and In Character (IC), despite there being no realistic way of characters or players gaining this information. This includes, but is not limited to: Your character knowing someones name because you saw it in the game chat or met them before on a different character Using player live streams to find out where people are in game or gaining other information that is found in the stream Using forum OOC content like media threads to gain information about groups or bases Sharing or gaining information through OOC communications when not permitted as per rule 3.6 below 3.6 Using OOC communications like Discord, TeamSpeak or others to transmit or receive information related to in game situations is only allowed when you have a personal radio item in your inventory. As soon as your character loses the ability to speak or use the radio - for example has died, is unconscious, has been gagged, is surrendering (F1 or F2 animation), is handcuffed or had your radio item or clothing containing it removed from your inventory - you may not receive or transmit any in game information through OOC communications. While in presence of other players all such communication should also be transmitted in game using "double mic" mechanic. This means transmitting both through in game VOIP and external software simultaneously. What does this mean for you? If you are using Discord, TeamSpeak or similar software to communicate with your friends while playing you need to keep in mind these things: When other players are nearby, things that are related to what's happening in the game must now also be said using in game voice. Simple way to do it is using the same Push-To-Talk key both in game and in your communication software When you lose your radio item or it is taken away from you, you should no longer use the OOC application and deafen/mute yourself and focus solely on RP in game FAQ Does the radio item actually need to be in working condition (have a battery, pristine condition) in order to use OOC comms? No, as long as you have the radio item in your inventory, the communication is allowed So I can't talk or use Discord at all when I don't have a radio on me? No, the rule only prevents you from sharing or gaining information related to in game events. You can still talk with your friends about other random things or engage with your livestream audience. How do text RPers handle this new requirement? They should chat emote talking through radio along with a brief summary of what was said through the radio Does the OOC communication now have a range limit like the in game radio has? No, you can use OOC communication at any range, the in game radio item acts merely as a permission to use the OOC communication. Why was this rule added despite almost half of the community voting no? Because it is our belief that these changes add significant quality of RP and fair play improvements that will be positively received once actually experienced in game and may sway over those who voted negatively, thus gaining a positive majority vote at the end of the month. We are however trying to be very careful when that many people are against a change, hence why this is a time limited trial of the rule to see how it actually will play out and work in practice. With these changes does it mean that saying "I'm dead" is now considered metagaming and is punishable? Technically yes, however we usually focus on the kind of metagaming where shared information gives players or groups an unfair advantage in game. A simple "I'm dead" callout is harmless most of the time and the staff won't be pursuing punishments for its use unless there are some special circumstances where it could be treated otherwise.
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    Some people aren't Soldiers. Some people didn't have specialist training when everything entered a rapid deterioration. We've had mercenaries; military, cannibals, Somali pirates and even Mexican gangsters. But everyone forgets about the civilians who once called the house you forage in... home. When the outbreak began the strong survived and the weak died out, you can see them roaming around every town and village in South Zagoria. When you put the infected down you see a monster or a threat, but we grieve, because every day we see a familiar face who once sold us oranges or served us in a bar, we see ourselves. However, the Local people haven’t all fallen from the face of the earth, they have just learned to avoid the super soldiers and psychopaths who are in abundance and instead prefer to hold onto whatever life we can salvage. Chernarussians have always been treated as if we never lived in this land, the families we had, the lives we made are swept aside by outsiders and agitators who claim it as their own with no regard to those whose struggles were significant even before the outbreak. Now it's just a matter of rebuilding and protecting those who remain, those of us who have banded together as Chernarussian people and taking back what was ours, our lives as they were, or as close as one can get. Zdejší is the result of the Chernarussian people's plight, the real people without a dream of a new state or a purge of all things foreign. A group of Settlers, Families and Defenders, all dedicated to salvaging a small piece of the land we had intended to spend a peaceful life in, after so many years of war. However this does not mean we will be rolled over, not again, the people will avoid conflict where it is possible but when called upon to defend even one Chernarussian life or those who have shown them kindness, expect conflict without mercy or hesitation. There are two branches of Zdejší, the Osadník (Settlers) and the Strážci (Rangers) both of these arms work separately but benefit each other in one way or another and their roles and work are the following: Osadník are the normal people and settlers within Zdejší, every man woman and child will be contributing to the Settlement or helping it to grow by either putting their skills to good use in a trade or field or by contributing in any way they can. Everyone must contribute as merit and dedication will earn you better rations and supplies. There are multiple roles you can fill: Specialist in a trade or craft, which includes any useful practical skill (Doctor, Builder, Education, Faith ect) Manual laborers, for those with limited skills (Collecting wood, apple picking, tending crops) Raising children, this is vital to our future and is considered a full time occupation Strážci are the defenders of the Settlers, they are at all times in 1 of 3 stages of activity, Defending, Scouting or Idle. Defending is the standard state for any Ranger who is not currently in the field, their job is to keep the area clear of infected, defend those going for water or supplies and aiding in supply and trade runs to other settlements. Scouting is the main aim for any Ranger, this includes scavenging for specialized loot, Infiltrating settlements to determine their worth, gathering information and searching for other Chernarussian survivors. Idle is the state when a Ranger is sleeping, spending time with family or otherwise not working in their trade. Strážci Maxmilian Vitek Myska - @Ducky Stepan Hajek - @DeeBlack Silvestr Marecek - @Harlow Grigory Blazkov - @Bulgarian Bombshell Vladan Volf - @Stormyvill Klaus Pololanik - @Galland Luka Kratochvil - @Rifleman Konvalinka Vlad - @Frostie Mikael Komarov - @Sgttater Radec Sokov - @Combine Emil Donal - @GodOfInternetLag Dima Petrovski - @Mike-Styles Osadník Miloz Kozlov - @cheeks Raina Valentová - @Vicarious Dr. Boris Krieger - @Grozo Gabriel Dolak - @Don Pravoslav Urbánek - @APTerminator Viktor Bogdan - @Falk Jiri Judinek - @Grazo Dmitry Bozik - @NozzyRP Milan Straka - @Ouromov Borivoj Kopriva - @Major Dominik Dvorak - @ToeZOG Konstantin Dudnyk - @Gremlinco Secure a safe haven for Chernarussians to live and feel safe [Ongoing] Take in any Chernarussian refugees [Ongoing] Infiltrate and secure contact and trade with settlement Chernarussian and otherwise [Ongoing] Recruit a Priest [Day 660] Recruit a Farmer [Day 660] Recruit a Weaponsmith [Day 685] Recruit a Doctor [Day 730] Recruit into a stable defense and scouting regiment and civilian branch [Day 730] Secure a larger town and set up a flourishing Chernarussian settlement [Day 1130] Establish a trade route with another local settlement [Day 1200] Deliver something really different in terms of Chernarussian RP and avoid the Militia/Military approach most take and instead opt into Chernarussian Civilian Roleplay Create a living Chernarussian settlement that realistically would be the most common post infection Provide a great RP experience to those we meet and interact with and leave a lasting impression Long-term stream-lining of Chernarussian RP as the main RP focus of the server, be it civilian or otherwise Chernarussian RP can be fun and should be the most common Have a great time RPing with this group YOU MUST BE CHERNARUSSIAN Send a PM to Either @Ducky, @DeeBlack, @Galland or @Harlow
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    You know what. No. Just reread your last post to make sure im not crazy. You are researching members of the community's personal history without permission. You may think you are doing them a favor, and hell in a couple cases you might have, but in the process you've violated the trust of the community. @J1988Dizzle will be permanently removed from the community and the group archived. I apologize to anyone affected by this.
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    Founded in 1985 by a Rhodesian ex-pat named Jackson Clarke, Legion Corp. was established as a “gun-for-hire” private military company. With laws and restrictions rapidly spreading, the company was moved to the United States. Placing its feet firmly in the private military business, Legion Corp. set up operations out of Fayetteville, North Carolina, close to Fort Bragg, home of JSOC and US Army Special Forces. With a large investment from an unnamed oil corporation, Legion Corp. had the capital to arm and produce a small, private army. All that was left was to wait for war. The first large scale operation conducted by legion Corp. was in late 1990, when the US D.O.D contracted the company to secure, transport and guard oil assets during the invasion of Iraq. Although a simple and seemingly harmless operation, the fighting proved difficult for the new company. Attempting to secure oil assets that had not been sabotaged was not an easy task, in fact a large percentage of the operation was attempting to prevent the sabotage from happening. After testing the waters, the unnamed oil company decided to double its investment, propelling Legion Corp. into a global competitor for firms such as Blackwater. With a substantially larger budget, Legion Corp. spread its control across almost every armed theater of combat in the world. With this came the research and development department, specializing in the creation of various pieces of equipment and tools that could be used by its men, or sold for profit. From anti-piracy operations, to African civil wars, the seizure of Crimea, the Donbass revolution, the Syrian civil war, Asian land wars, Takistani conflicts, you name it, Legion Corp. had either its troops, or products present. These operations varied in size and impact, with the largest of both respectively, being the fighting in the Donetsk region. In January of 2015 one of Legion Corporation’s men was spotted and filmed in Mariupol, in what is now an infamous clip of Western operations in Eastern Europe. The now tried and true contractors of Legion Corp. had a solid reputation on the international scene, earning more and more contracts by the day. The start of the outbreak caused the arguably largest mobilization of military and government resources known to man. With that being said, the Governments of the west were no stranger to biological and viral weapons. Under a direct contract from a Private Sector weapons developer, Legion Corp. set out to Chernarus. The goal was simple, to establish a base level contracting firm to review, assess and conduct “for-hire” operations. On a larger and much more clandestine level, to research the potential of weaponization of the Virus and its various assets. With the recent Manchester Gas Bombings, concern of WOMD’s being present have also arisen, leading to a secondary goal: to find and secure any remaining WOMD in South Zagoria. Temporary Goal - Look into possible alliance formed by "Custodia" and Mafia/Black Roses - Day 750 - Complete Short Term - Establish an Office for contracts - Day 765 - Completed Early Short Term - Recruit and establish 10 local contacts to keep our interests secure - Day 770 - 10/10 Complete Short Term -Create an armory to supply our contractors and stock it - Day 785 - Completed Early Short Term - Investigate Local Rumors about WOMD - Day 800 - Complete Short Term - Establish Contact with groups regionally - 7/X groups contacted and informed - Day 800 Long Term - Research potential weaponization of the virus for commercial resale - Day 850 Long Term - Make weekly deliveries of valuables to Corporate - Ongoing Long Term - Open business and carry out 15 contracts - 21/15 Complete, 8 Ongoing, +6 on Quota Long Term - Acquire any WOMD left in the region - Ongoing Long Term - Remain truly neutral outside of contracts, operating only for valuables - Ongoing Legatus @G19RP - Jericho Carmichael Military Tribunes @WongRP - Artyom Wongov @General Rickets - Anders Du Plessis @NorwayRP - Arri Graham Primus Pilis @Hex - Liam Sinclair Centurion @Real VegasRP - Vyacheslav Jaska @Eagle - John Marshall @Helix - Kino Asamura @Oiram - Mikael Belanger Milites @RebelRP - Artyom Solokov @ThrashRP - Jaren Karev @JamesRP - Jamie Bumlock @ZorullRP - John Blackburn @NikoteenRP - Niko Stratos @BorisRP - Sven Gustavsson @SeversonRP - Blake Anderson @SassyRP - Sassy Sullivan Jr. @LumenRP - Joaquin Alexander @NozzyRP - Jeff Jackson @Frito Tito - Billy McKenna @Dr Brandon - Zach Thompson @DallasRP - Marcos Fernandes @Kai - Lenny Lurker @Undead - Ermak Aleksandrov @CalRP - Jordan Namarez Whilst Milites can receive contracts, only centurions and above can sign them, putting them into place. The goal with this group is to offer truly neutral Mercenary roleplay, we will only act in self-defense unless otherwise contracted. If any of our members are captured and executed with proper roleplay and proper rights then they will be PK’d. Any situations where this is broken should be reported to me directly and I will take care of them and punish those who refuse to follow the group goal. Recruitment is currently closed. Below is what the business cards given in game would look like. Front Back Huge thanks to @Cipher the one and only for the graphics, with more headers and the like coming soon. Update: They are here and the wonderful Cipher has done it again. Contracts
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    Good evening everyone! I would like to welcome you all to another black market community interviews for the community by the community of reputable members of the community. We missed an interview yesterday, reason being, the man being interviewed was sadly removed from the community, now I can not even mention his name for quite legal reasons, so out of respect I left that Wednesday slot open, a minute silence please.... Anyway. Today we have one of a very misunderstood man, the leader of the oppressed PAMYATI and of course RP boy lawyer... @NorwayRP! Keep it PG now lad. Tell Us About Yourself lad? How did you find out about DayZRP, and what made you want to join lad? What could we do, as the staff team, to make this a better place lad?  What is your most memorable experience(IC/OOC) here lad? Do you regret doing anything in your time here lad? If you had to live in a jail cell with four people from this community who would it be lad? What is your favourite relatable community meme lad? What has been your favourite character you have played on the server and why lad? What do you feel is missing from the community lad? Do you have any hidden talents lad? If you could successfully frame someone for a rule breaking punishment, who would it be and why lad? If you woke up as a swedish man named Rolle, what would your first act be on dayzrp.com lad? What a very nice underappreciated man, thank you @NorwayRP. Before I go back to anti media prison, don't forget my 2.3 shirt is on sale. See you all next week, comment who you would like to see next, remember... reputable members. *A few moments later... Ryan Shepherd is being apprehended by @DrMax to cut out this bullshit*
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    Please watch the video then discuss
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    Based on the popular request, I present you my idea of group settlements: What I'm unsure about: Are these requirements reasonable? Is the evolution idea good, considering increased workload? And if so... Is the evolution timer long enough, perhaps it should be monthly? Maybe we should require scrap and wooden logs to be "offered" to a GM (who then deletes them) as a requirement for upgrades? Maybe we should just get a developer who will be dedicated to handling these things? Anything else that I should think about that I've forgotten?
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    Hello DayZRP staff team and community. I would like to apply for a position on the DayZRP staff team. And I thought a video would be the best way to show my thoughts about how I could contribute.
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    Thread closed permanently, just like the OP for shit attitude.
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    Hello it's me, your friendly neighborhood game mechanic Kerkkoh again resuscitating another suggestion topic after months of radio silence about it. Granted, I didn't even promise to work on this exact solution, but I did promise to do something about this issue here. Regardless, injured states (limping) is now added to the emote/gesture wheel and waiting for a merge to the next DayZRP patch. It works just about how you'd expect: you can fake to be more injured than you are, but if you are injured, you can't fake to be less injured you are. You can of course return to the default animation as well. I tried to show it here: ~ With , Kerkkoh
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    So, not sure why this was not made by someone else as I was an onlooker of the situation. This is the problem with DayZRP right now. Basically that there is this trash rp that is accepted by many members of the community, and even some staff. Though the staff members may not of approved, some of them were not leading by example and instead enjoying the stupidity, but as it stands none of the staff has made a post or brought it up. So I guess I will. Understand, this is going to be nit picky. I will do my best to not name names. This went on for at least 1 - 2 hours that we were present for. Not sure how much longer after that. The situation started later in the day for the server about 20 minutes before night. I onlooked at about 15 people standing around near the entrance to the barn. Some were running around while others were gathering logs. Though this isn't bad RP, the people carrying logs did seem to enjoy walking to a non existent beat, swaying back and forth. Others around the entrance however seemed to keep holding each other up, aiming guns at one another and hands up, prone-ing and climbing over one another. After a short time of watching this, a few of our friends approached. They looked on and saw Emma, started having a normal talk with her which was decent rp. Then a group of men approached and started saying "We won't leave her with Chedekie." After a bit, my friend announced he was Chedaki, and they started saying "Is that some kind of cheese?" So they stopped the conversation and walked away a bit. They continued to scream, jump around, do 360's. Some time later they approached a man with a blue arm band. The man said that Chedaki hurt his mother, and it was not in a trolly rp way. However as the conversation continued others approached and continued to interrupt over and over, not letting either party continue the rp and continued to call both people retarded. This continued for a while, insult after insult, my friend asked "Why are you interrupting us?" His reply "Because you are retarded." After this our friends decided to walk away. It was growing darker so he walked into the darkness with the blue arm band. They walked into the dark, some random player grabbed a flare and lit up where they were going. They then were surrounded again and not allowed to continue roleplay. They were consistently interrupted and insulted. One thing I will add that I noticed, was a flare put down and several people running circles around the group with a flair, for no reason. So they walked away again, and were pursued and continued to be interrupted and insulted not allowing any roleplay to continue. They decided to tell the man that they would continue the conversation later. The words of others were "Yea retard, shut up and move on." Eventually it started to rain, and they went inside. As soon as they pushed open the door they saw at least 10 people crawling over each other, going into the corner, screaming to scream. "AH LETS GO LETS GO". They then went into the corner, jumping on each others heads and trying to fly or walk on top of each others shoulders. My friends took one look, said "What the heck?" And turned around to leave the barn. Basically that is the jist and continued throughout the evening on the server, and into the morning. However at one point, there was some gunfire and someone got on a megaphone saying "The Chedekie are shooting, everyone inside to hide from the chedekie." They continued to scream this over the megaphone for several minutes. The problems and troll rp continued throughout the time we were present there. Eventually we decided to leave because of the stupidity. However, I can't lie that one of our members did go up there and added to the stupidity by using a stupid accent. This thread is not to get people in trouble. That is not the goal. People are upset by the lack of RP, and I can see why. To many people don't care about the value of rp, and Don't care to keep their friends in check. Then you have those people who were doing decent rp, then decide to add to the troll rp, and after they get mad because the rp sucks. It really goes to show that people care so little about the rp of this community and its members that they would intentionally ruin others attempt to rp as well, laughing about it as they go. The worst part, is that there was at least four members, or X members of staff there present for the entire situation. I am not saying they were trolling, but they were letting it happen. And by the fact that I have to make this thread, goes to show how little they care about the betterment of the community over their friendships. Not sure why they are even in staff. Yesterday was a shit show. It was the worst rp I have ever seen on the server, and it was near to half of the server pop. You would think people would value actual rp, and would try to lead by example, but it dosn't seem to be the case. We are on a slippery slope now. How long will it be before staff completely disregards what happens ingame to the point where all rp is trolled away and the server is filled with stupidity and idiocy. Dark days ahead of us. I'm sure plenty of people will say "Boo hoo, you wern't there, we had great rp." If you think that was great rp then you have little to no standards and you clearly feel that trolling and ruining others experience is fun. I have been intentionally vague on who the problem is. We have video footage and many screen shots of the situation but this is not an attempt to get people banned. This is an attempt to wake people up so this server becomes better. Those of you, who were staff and are staff... You should be ashamed of yourselves.
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    As accurately pointed out by our sharp community members (thank you @Ducky and @Mexi), there was a flaw in the NLR rule which allowed players to effectively break NLR rule by returning to the same firefight they died in, as long as 1 hour has passed. Kill rights from a single hostile action can last as long as two hours and the kill rights constantly renew timer during the fight itself which technically can last indefinitely as long as the fight goes on, therefore we needed an extra NLR condition to prevent this kind of situations. This has now been rectified by an addition to the NLR rule. In addition to the 1 hour timer, you cannot get involved in the same situation, no matter how much time has passed. Situation is considered the same as long as either side has active kill rights on one another. This is in effect even if 1 hour has already passed or the fight moved to a different location. Pretty simple to understand I think.
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    Yea, yea this originates with this abomination of a decision but it's also a problem I've seen quite a bit lately. Disregarding the points situation, which is honestly a lame excuse since among the 24 members it equates to 4.42 points each, it seems that staff are taking criticism of groups too seriously if you actually look at things in perspective. For every person that complains about a group like this there's a lot that were either pleased with their RP or didn't give a shit. These guys had to wait 3 weeks without staff giving them any kind of guidance (at least based on the thread) only to have everything they've been doing in game end abruptly, while @Cowboy's group gets accepted in a week. I'm not saying it shouldn't have been, I just wish that's how the group approval process worked for everyone, as being strict with some groups and lenient to others is a really bad look for the community. In the week after they got unarchived Pamyati had not one piece of bad feedback on their thread, only people complaining about 2.3 to Rolle because they can't be adults and approach the group about their problems unless the admin of the community tells them to. Also, on 2.3. If a group's being hunted by another group I can understand if some kind of OOC arrangement needs to be made if no matter what the defending group does they get dominated. HOWEVER, when a group is actively being hunted, knows they're being hunted, and simply moves to make another mega hub on the other side of the map I'm gonna say they didn't put in enough effort IC to get out of the situation. A good example of this would be @Chief's group pre-lore wipe. They kept getting attacked, but instead of going to Rolle and trying to essentially ruin the group/groups attacking them they moved around to isolated places and eventually ended up on Skalisty where people were rarely willing to go for a massive firefight. It seems that people want to play one way and one way only and if anyone dares to make them change then they go to the forums instead of actually role playing out a group conflict. I know that no matter how I say this I'm gonna sound like PVP scum but if groups took shit on the chin and changed up their tactics a bit instead of getting upset they lost in a video game I think everyone would have a lot more fun overall. I've been on both side of the situation, I understand it's frustrating sometimes when things don't go your way but when people don't want to start conflict with a group because they know they'll take it OOC then it's pretty bad. TLDR: A lot of you need to make a better effort to deal with issues in game instead of on the forums
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    After speaking with @Charlie from the Mafia, I have decided to make update posts every few days on the thread to reflect on our viewing of feedback which will be listed here: Following feedback from @ScarletRose 's group about certain comments made IC about rumors and such, and rather vulgar comments a few members were disciplined in a number of ways either A. Removal from the Group, or B. Reprimanded internally and placed in "RP final warning" of course I will not be listing the members as I do not want to out them publicly however, if you were effected by their actions personally PM me. After receiving complaints from the Wolfpack about hostage situations I spoke to @Kase @Phoenyxxand @Hunter for around 2 or so hours to resolve any complaints they had about feeling pressured into complying with demands. After walking them through a few routes they had to either actually comply with demands or pretend to do so it seems like the complaints were resolved and issues dealt with. After receiving complaints from CDF about some lore validity questions, my 2nd G19 reached out to Cali we are waiting on a response. After complaints from The Wolfpack members, and leaders about us being around their camp to much I have decided to relegate the duties of my men to only enter the camp for the purpose of spying. Without big dicking or otherwise. After receiving complaints that our goals weren't the focus of the group (Which in my opinion is difficult to claim without being in the group) I will be posting updates about our goals when I can. Along with this @WongRP is in the process of finding new allies one of which has already been located, and two others are old groups that I contacted IC yesterday. After receiving some complements, and some questions regarding the structure of our goals list I have decided to rename, restructure and relabel some things to make them easier to follow understand and envision. Along with these, after looking back and viewing the statements by various groups saying that they were enjoying the firefights and that they felt they were intense and exciting, I will be continuing to get in contact with these groups to ensure that at no point to they feel overwhelmed. Although with that being said, I am worried that a lot of the feedback we have received about firefights only comes when these groups win, and considering that at this point its 6/7 groups against ourselves and the Muslims, we are heavily out numbered, and outgunned. Making this a difficult thing for us IC and OOC. Expect updates on this soon. So that should some up this weekly feedback post. Thanks to all who provided valuable feedback. Along with this I will be keeping a log of firefights that is color coded to show who the aggressor is. Red for us initiating on Mafia/Allies Blue for us Initiating on CDF, Purple for Mafia initiating on us, Yellow for CDF initiating on us June 21st Mafia initiates on Wong in Krasnostav, James kills two and the lads escape. June 21st we initiated on the Watch for radio'ing Dean Lockwood about assistance in capturing and turning over Vlad Viscus who was one of our members at the time. We initiated and subsequently lost the fight. Kordruga survived and pulled back. June 23rd we initiated on the CDF who were on a patrol close to the border regions, we did so to ensure that Russian Military Buildup along the border would not be discovered. June 23rd we attempted to capture the Watch again, however this time Mafia spies were located within the base and put up stiff resistance. We were however able to interrogate the Watch's 3rd in command gaining the information that proved that Ryan the groups leader was acting without informing his group, this made it so that The Watch was no longer the main target, Ryan was. Halfway through the fight, Kase and the Mafia arrived and are killed. June 24th, Zorull is initiated on and executed by some UN members at Kamensk town. Myself and Rickets kill all involved. June 24th, Dean Lockwood is located at Chernorgorsk whilst speaking to the Contractors who gave us his position. We attempt to ambush them but due to offensive dynamic rights being awful it goes terribly. The initial fight was a wash however, the lads are able to locate them as they attempt to retreat and the rest are killed or captured. June 25th, The lads locate the men from the night before, and initiate. All comply, and 3 men were let go, save for the person who shot Zorull who was promptly interrogated and executed for a propaganda video. June 25th, Some cannibals run into my self Zorull and Oiram and start talking shit. We initate and I am shot and killed, all 4 cannibals are killed. June 26th, some CTF members initiated on Zorull he kills one and the others say the don't want any issues and leave. June 26th, the Muslims take all the Wolfpack hostage, and Ravenous spots one of the men who robbed him, and shot him who also said to us he was on the way to go JFK the Muslims. Ravenous asks us for help in taking the man hostage so we help. After taking him up to the Muslims to see if they needed anything from him. Severson executes him and we leave once the situation is sorted. As we are leaving we run into a Mafia member who was speaking on the radio about locating the hostage and that Russians had been spotted in the area and that he was prepared to follow/fight. We initiated on him and he NVFL'd vs 14 of us. Following this once we had left the Muslims stayed with the hostages. CDF arrived and initiated on the Muslims and began firing at us as well forcing us to get involved and cementing the Alliance between the two groups. The Mafia also initiates on us. June 26th Mafia and their allies locate some Muslims/Russians re-gearing after the fight at Myskhino Summer and initiate on even an hour later resulting in another fight. Zorull is able to track them down and assassinate Phoenyxx. June 27th The Quarantined and the Mafia Initiate on us at Prison Island after we were told to go there to recon possible CDF SAM Sites and other installations being installed. The Mafia calls in the Black Roses to assist dragging them into the conflict. June 28th we assault Berenzino in response to the New Coalition and 2 days of consistent initiations by Mafia/CDF coalition. June 29th we move into Berenzino and find 2 UN doctors . We take the UN doctors captive and have around 30-45 minutes of intriguing RP and end up killing Jugs. Liquidators and Wolfpack ambush us while leaving town realizing we were gonna get pinned we disengage. Later on Muslims relocate the Wolfpack and initate they are able to escape, resulting in CDF initiating on the Muslims and killing them in the Trees above Berenzino. Following this, the Wolfpack and the Watch initiate on me, Oiram, Gatorr, and Zorull and the CDF begins shooting at us resulting in a hour long skirmish. June 30th After moving into Berenzino to capture HVTs Ryan from the Watch is captured and used for propaganda, thinking that he was gone and logged off we assaulted the Wolfpack base, unfortunately he was there we initiated on him as well unintentionally since he was hiding in the compound. All those who non complied were killed including Mafia, Watch and Wolfpack, with Phoenyxx, Hunter, and Willow complying resulting in a ceasefire between our groups hopefully, we still aren't sure where this RP is going. July 1st After around 15 men in Vybor attempted to sell Pork to our allies clearly as an insult, or friends Jayshalla requested a small force consisting of one team from our group of four men to assist in dealing with the situation. After a few choice words from the offending party hostilities arise between the Muslims and the CTF, my men does not engage instead directs civilians out of town and secure's a perimeter around the firefight. In total 14 CTF are killed along with three Muslims.
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    Hello, G19 here. Now, I am never one to give feedback, I tend to stay away from it as it just causes unnecessary drama that I don't want to deal with, so take that into account as I have finally decided to speak up about what I’ve seen go down. Mouse, I’m being sincere, please take this into account. Recently, as almost everyone in this community knows, a group I was in, PAMYATI was force archived because of accumulating 105 warning points in 4 weeks. Just from a quick glance, I can see 75 warning points since July 12th, and that's without being able to see any other points/forum points. You guys are dangerously approaching that line, and if we were to report everything we’ve seen you guys would have easily crossed it. But I don't wish such things upon anyone and would not like to see anyone's pride and joy archived like mine have been, and possibly kill player pop even more. Let me start with initiations. Twice now we have been initiated on via megaphone, and like Rolle has said recently, it is almost impossible to do a megaphone initiation validly. With that being said, in the first Polana fight the initiations were one invalidly, resulting in three of our deaths, a report would lead to another 30 warning points bringing the rough estimate to 105, the same line that got our group force archived. Then, at the last fight, this was your initiation This was not valid in the slightest, nor can you initiate for other groups. The amount of points you would have accumulated from this could be all the way up to how many you killed, 10, meaning at worst 100 warning points. Do you see what I mean here? A series of large scale mistakes like this could easily result in bans and a force archive, you need to be careful. On to last night. We had a small firefight at GM, nothing ridiculous here or crazy, until we watched one of your members VOD’s who was streaming it. Here's the highlights. Ill paste the timestamps below, they speak for themselves. 6:59 - Black Rose killed gives location and how many there was 8:08 - The BR just killed gives details on what they were wearing upon him being killed 7:32 - Another black roses say he traded then gives more information at 01:45:35 "I see two more in the woods" 8:23 - Black Rose thinks he died after getting kicked still gives information on who the Legion Member is. 8:28 - Again a BR talks about killing me (G19) and another (after he was killed) Could be seen as Meta 8:41 - The BR from the previous TS(or maybe a different one) then gives information where he saw the guy before being kicked and possibly killed 10:15 - Server goes down he gets in at 14:43 runs away before others had loaded in which is AOGM. 12:33 - Multiple shit talk "It's Legion they don't negotiate, they don't even RP" They've never tried "Look at the PEOPLE in Legion have they ever negotiated" On top of all of this and however many more points would have been dealt out, the guy deleted his VOD. Luckily we downloaded it so everyone can see. All in all, my friends and I have been through two force archives now, on top of that number of us have been on final for almost 6 months now. We can't afford to take warning points or break rules, so in order to get approved we had to follow the rules to a T and basically play a hero group. It frustrates me to know that this many rulebreaks occurred while you guys were on stream, meaning only God knows how many are broken in the solidarity of your comms. Don't get me wrong here, I love the hostilities and fighting you guys have provided, but it’s not fair for us to be held at this high standard that we have been, only to have our enemies fighting us with major advantages via rulebreaks. Really Mouse, you guys need to be careful. I don't want to see your group force archived so I am leaving you guys this feedback, if you take the time to respond and take into account what I’ve said, you will be showing staff you are taking feedback, because we all know what happens with a “ty for the feedback” response and a pat on the back, it leads to nothing. So please, take this into account and please don't get force archived, I’ve seen it happen to much and I know how bad it feels to work so hard on something and get it shutdown, it's not fun. - G19
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    No offense, but most of the hostile groups only offer RP that consists of robbing, beating people up, then telling them to scram afterwards. People don't want to participate in that and I don't blame them. You can only do that so many times before that shit gets boring, people have said they were robbed three times within one play session. Strong-arm people, force them to do things for you, do highway tolls, protection rackets. People also don't like how much PvP has increased over the months. Not all hostile RP has to end in an intiation. Offer more interesting RP and the people will come. I don't mind being robbed, but if that's the only hostile RP you have to offer, I will decline to go to popular areas and instead will RP with my group instead. As for the poll, all the suggestions are needed imo.
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    Since our active player numbers have dropped recently and we can't fill two servers anymore I was thinking about locking S2 once again like we used to before, where you couldn't join S2 until S1 was above 60 players or so. This would increase population density on S1 where majority of RP would happen, with S2 being an overflow server. This however degrades S2 to a temporary server of sorts and not many people want to play there, since they can't access their bases when S1 is not full. So I got a different idea - instead of locking S2 and reducing it to a shadow of former self, we can run S2 on a different map. Then the two servers don't have to "compete" with each other for population, since they are completely separated from each other. And we might even get more players interested in playing again. The map chosen is Deer Isle - this is the only good quality map which is being actively worked on and updated on regular basis for DayZ right now. Only the southern part of the island is finished as of now, but that should be plenty for the population expected to play there. Check the map of the island here (switch to satellite view) We have to still decide on the lore aspect of it, where the island should be located - I am thinking this map should replace Utes - it's part of Chernarus and close enough to south zagoria shore to make it realistically possible for your characters to travel between the two maps. We would have to rename the villages and towns to Czech though, since the original map is based on a location in US and town names are English. Once we decide on the outcome, a lore update will follow together with official launch of the server on the new map.
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    @G19RP managed to stand-off four religious fanatics. Give me your beans you miscreants! Full Video - Roleplay Story Background (in-spoiler)
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    Hey @Fae, I know this is kind of out of the blue but I just want to say that I noticed some of your posts in the Real Life Thread and I think you are really pretty. I've met you a few times in game and your voice is just as pretty. Maybe we could roleplay together sometime, when we met in game I was super shy and didn't talk to you and really regret it hahaha. I followed you on the forums so when you see this maybe we could dm if you'd like that. Byyee.
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    Good evening everyone: (Quickly checks to see if @DrMax is looking) Alright we should be good. We are all aware of the staff community member interviews. That extremely exclusive club where users such as 'skaters4lyfe' get an interview to share their story (except for @APositiveElmo) I would like to welcome you to community interviews for the community by the community of reputable members of the community. For this week of Interview with a Community Member we have the one and only @Kordruga. Tell Us About Yourself lad? How did you find out about DayZRP, and what made you want to join lad? What could we do, as the staff team, to make this a better place lad? What is your most memorable experience(IC/OOC) here lad? Do you regret doing anything in your time here lad? If you had to live in a jail cell with four people from this community who would it be lad? What is your favourite relatable community meme lad? What has been your favourite character you have played on the server and why lad? What do you feel is missing from the community lad? Do you have any hidden talents lad? If you could successfully frame someone for a rule breaking punishment, who would it be and why lad? If you woke up as a swedish man named Rolle, what would your first act be on dayzrp.com lad? What a nice guy! Thank you @Kordruga. Tune in next week or possibly tomorrow if you are good for the next relevant community member interview!
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    Our active playerbase continues to grow for some unexplainable reason, and we are reaching new records in queue length to the server during peak times. I opened server 2 yesterday to temporarily help this issue, however as we all know it comes with a long list of problems on its own, including using the second server for looting, loot storage and ghosting into bases. At the same time we cannot expect to grow as a community and server if we cannot add additional servers and have enough slots for everyone. I have coded a little addition to the server player check today. What it does is it locks the second server until server 1 is 80% full. This happens automatically and without requiring staff to start/stop servers or do anything in particular. This way both S1 and S2 can stay permanently online, but S2 will only be usable once S1 fills up. Once S1 dips below the player threshold, an announcement will be sent to players on S2 and they will be kicked some time after in order to move to S1. The locked/unlocked status of the servers is displayed on the front page using a lock icon. This status is updated every 5 minutes.
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    Awimba and his Mercenaries crawl up through the darkness to rescue GenZ. Morning comes and he sees his operative get shot up the hill, he aims in and sees the bastard with the chernarussian colours on his outfit, he breathes in slowly and recites something in Zulu before slowly putting pressure on the trigger of his M14. He gets a bullet in the back of the head and his life flashes before his eyes for a split second before his soul falls into the abyss. Awimba Muncho's life ended by a Chernarussian bullet to the back of the head, alas he shall never be forgotten for in Bantu religion kings and queens live on through the memories of others and so he shall live on forever. f to pay your respects
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    OREL Unit - "Kanec" OREL (Eagle) officers are called up for robberies, riots, and some limited anti-terrorist operations. They wear black high capacity vests, green Chernarussian berets, black Gorka helmets, OREL blue kamysh (tiger stripe) uniforms, and black military or combat boots. Occasionally some units will don military camouflage like Rastr, Reed, and green kamysh. OREL officers can be found at the bigger stations within cities in Chernarus. They are exceptionally well trained in hand-to-hand combat and close quarters combat. OREL officers are armed with the same armament that CPD officers are, but can carry AK-74s, SVDs, and other weapons that are more powerful. Many OREL officers are ex-CDF soldiers who sought careers outside of the military. (A member of the Kanec unit from Severograd during a losing firefight with Chedaki at the start of the Chernarussian civil war, 2009) Each unit adopts an animal or emblem as their mascot, often reflecting local wildlife or for historical reasons. OREL, like their OMON and Berkut brethren in Russia and Ukraine are typically depicted as brutal riot police by journalists and human rights organizations, but the reality of the situation is far more nuanced. They are trained for deployment into a variety of environments including mountains, artic tundra, and even NBC situations. These OREL units form the backbone of the Chernarussian Interior Ministry’s (MVD) spetsnaz units that work in close concert with the less numerous but nonetheless deadly COBR Spetsgruppas. Many OREL officers go on to join COBR and the level of cooperation between the two organizations is renowned. (they often target low-level street crime and more serious criminal activity) OREL units vary in size based on their home city and will frequently train alongside other units and even be called on to deploy to cities like Novigrad or Belozersk to contain riots or demonstrations that strain the capacity of local forces. 29th of July 2019, North-west wall, Silná Stránka-8, Miroslavl, Chernarus https://puu.sh/E2Bhl/a3eb4a1889.mp3 “Oheň své zbraně!” yelled Sergeant Dvorak as masked figures appeared along the perimeter fence in the distance. As the officers exposed themselves and began to open fire the radio that they had been using to listen to the enemy’s movements blared with frenzied Russian chatter. Sergeant Dvorak, whose arms were as big around as tree limbs and could bench press a log clenched his cigar in between his teeth, rapidly lifted his PKM into the firing port in the concrete wall and let loose a hail of lead into the enemy that illuminated the shadows cast by the setting sun. The enemy fighters began to fan out and rush to defensive positions, but not before the men had cut down 4 of them in open, and 2 more with the machine gun as they frantically ran back around the ruins of several burnt-out cars. (Colonel Martinek during a training exercise, 2018) Colonel Havel Martinek, the commander of the detachment stepped down from his perch and rested his binoculars back around his neck. “Good work Sergeant keep killing these Chedaki sons-of-bitches and I’ll have drinks sent up for you lads,” Colonel Martinek said. The sergeant nodded and took his PKM out of the stoop and set it aside on a table, removing the box magazine from the weapon and replacing it with a fresh one from a nearby crate. The Colonel disappeared around the concrete revetment and down a flight of stairs back to the command post below. Silná Stránka-8 was the last position on the massive almost palatial wall that separated Miroslavl from the rest of the wasteland. Colossal concrete pylons had been set up along the edge of a former Soviet concrete factory to provide a fantastic deterrent to anyone looking to attack the city. (one of the many outlying industrial areas around Miroslavl that has been fortified) Despite all the industrial implements and military fortifications civilians lived and worked less than half a kilometer from the area. It was not that dissimilar from the forts that had guarded Hadrian’s wall in England so many hundreds of years ago. Each Stránka had previously been occupied by armored CDF forces who had leveled broken concrete scraps into heaps some 50 feet high into gaps in the walls. Once that was complete they deposited more crushed rocks and concrete into a ramp so that T-72s and other vehicles could pull up to fire out at attacking forces, infected, or whatever posed a threat. (OREL officers desperately attempt to stop a riot during July 2017) The system had been completed in late 2017 when it became apparent that the city’s hastily thrown together barricades would not be enough. Since then there had been many conflicts and other calamities that had befallen the coast, and the system of concrete and steel had held through it all. But more important was the brave men that guarded the ramparts night and day, ensuring that the thousands of citizens within the city could sleep peacefully. (peaceful streets of Miroslavl, August 2019) As spring turned to summer, more and more CDF units were pulled back and deployed to the west to face the hordes of Islamists that threatened the country. This meant that positions formerly occupied by the CDF were handed over to local OREL units. OREL was a spetsnaz unit that specialized in dealing with riots and handling heavily armed criminals that proved too difficult for regular beat cops. They had a fearsome reputation and were known for the brutality that they often inflicted upon protesters and political dissidents. But that was before the world went to hell. (Members of the Kanec unit during the first months of conflict with the Belozersk People's Republic, 2017) Following the initial chaos of the riots and infected they were re-structured and militarized even beyond pre-outbreak levels. They were given BTRs, RPGs, and grenade launchers, even access to Mi-17 helicopters in some cases. Each major city in Chernarus typically has an OREL unit, and eventually the units from South Zagoria, northern Miroslavl, and Kirovograd trickled into the coastal areas. This maximized the number of officers clustered together along a thin expanse of ground, but also meant that they could make up for gaps left by the CDF when the military deployed or went on the offensive. (OREL officers line up during the sectarian unrest during May of 2017 just prior to the outbreak) OREL enjoyed a greater share of power as even those within its ranks were called upon to sally forth outside of the safezones and destroy wandering hordes or groups of bandits. They also began to take over positions in Miroslavl that were historically CDF points. Tanks, BMPs, and all manner of trucks and other equipment were often left behind by the CDF and were re-fitted and used by OREL to keep fire control over the distant wastes when the air force could not be called on. This left the remaining CDF forces in the city as a fire brigade, running from point to point when the OREL could not contain a situation. However, this was soon to change. No longer would OREL serve as mere watchers on the wall for civilization, they would in fact be deployed farther than they had ever gone to fulfill a mission from the highest authorities. Colonel @Dew - Havel Martinek Major @Apollo - Miloslav Cernik Captain @Blake - Jannik Bruzek Lieutenant @Nik - Nikolai Dvorak @Dusty - Max Tolstoy Sergeant @Diamond - Ilya Kovac @BobbySullivan - Ivan Petrov @YNW Viking - Ivan Kraus Corporal @Shroud - Yegor Krasnov @Gatorr - Sasha Bozik Private @Hollows - Andrej Novak @ShanePVP - Komarov Stalinisky @Dustup - Andrej Dusek @Jason b - Dubinin Dmitrievich @YNW Pep - Evgeni Malekhov @Lost - Lazlo Strogolev @Squillium - Artem Makarov @Major - Borivoj Kopriva @SassyRP - Sassy Pavlov @Wendigo - Alexei Ivanov @YungBrandonRP - Branski Yungski ALLIES CDF. Any other Chernarussian Government organization. FRIENDLY Chernarussians. Those who comply. NEUTRAL Everyone else Hostile Those who don't comply. Rude westerners. Communists/Russian infiltrators. Those who are Anti-Kozlov. Probably you. WAR N/A Locate and repair a police station to be used as a BOA. [Day 775] Gain intel on the settlements/groups of South Zagoria. [Day 785] Establish what those groups aim/goals/relations are. [Day 786] Issue contacted groups once intel has been gained with letters from the Interior Ministry regarding settlement status and local politics. [Indefinite] Make contact with any remaining CDF in South Zagoria. [Indefinite] Begin making and distributing ID Cards. [Day 799] Bring some form of Law back into South Zagoria. [Indefinite] If you feel as though you would be a good fit in this group feel free to send a PM to @Dew and @Apollo. Please be sure to include your timezone and previous groups you have been apart of. Shout out to @Major for making this group possible! Also big shout out to @MajooRB for the headers!
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    In the light of ladies night, the boys have decided to host a boys night. This is a peaceful event so ALL the boys from EVERY group can meet up and have a good time, please bring meat and drinks, we will have a cookout and listen to some music, all around a good time. Also, no girls allowed . Lets have it gents!
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    “Corruption renders the entire system basically inept, but creates a desire for deep tribalism and commanders who will fight for their interests, thus upholding our glorious nation-state.” - Aleksander Novák. While originally an element of the Kozlov regime’s efforts to restore control in the South Zagoria region, the 31NBCP has essentially become a maverick warband under Maj. Gusev, swearing fealty to the Kozlov regime due to a shared sense of nationalism and State loyalty. Formed early 2018, the 31NBCP has been, and still is involved with the State’s current scientific and medical apparatus and thus has several extremely secretive elements. As of early 2019, the 31NBCP was considered one of the worst postings for a conscript due to a lack of clarity in orders and information. The true goals of the 31NBCP are masked in secrecy, protected by strong nepotism. Almost every leader and official, even on the field, has a personal or past connection with Maj. Gusev, who himself has connections with the 93rd Brigade commander. In fact, in late March, a secretary responsible for one of Maj. Gusev’s personal advisor blew the whistle to the foreign press. The secretary revealed that Maj. Gusev personally blackmailed that advisor and suggested that other advisors may be under the same pressure. In the same interview, however, the secretary also remarked as Gusev as a cool, collected person and never seemed malicious or unkind. Although the interview was anonymous, the secretary vanished a few days later and the advisor was sentenced to death for revealing State secrets a week later. Gusev’s great uncle took his place. Due to the secretive and dangerous nature of the 31NBCP’s tasks, and proclivity to undergo massive losses during operations, the 31NBCP finds the majority of its manpower is relatively untrained conscripts. Each conscript serves a tour of three months and the conscript detachment has a mortality rate of 65%. The average age of a conscript is 19. The suicide rate for conscripts is 5%. Political commentators and thinkers have theorized that the conscript detachment is a sociological experiment. Others, including State-approved outlets, regard the detachment as a necessary sacrifice in restoring Chernarus. Actual dedicated and professional soldiers also reside in the 31NBCP, known as “the regulars” or simply “the NBCP troops.”. These men are often in leadership roles and often received contradictory or extremely secretive orders. There have been cases of men receiving orders that contradict each other’s, too. Nothing is known or recorded about the NBCP troops. Files kept are not publicly available and every death seems to be a closely kept secret. However, it’s believed that the NBCP troops maintain a detachment psychiatrist and has a greater average mental health. Due to the fact that the 31st NBCP exists outside of the 93rd Brigade’s order of battle, it is able to take liberties and participate in operations that would be considered taboo or might need higher approval from the Defense Ministry. The unit is also essentially self-funded, utilizing captured or scavenged gear and the spoils of war to improve the readiness level of detachments at the squad level. Conscripts, despite their lowly status, are allowed to retain equipment captured in the field and are paid a slightly higher salary and provision allotment to their families due to the fact that an incentive is needed to prevent defection amongst such units. All conscripts’ families are relocated under the protection of Major Gusev’s area of patronage and control, which gives them the peace of mind to know that their loved ones are safe while they do their duty. Order set #1 (Complete 26/06/19) Establish an FOB/Hospital in the region. Gain a better understanding of the region, and of other groups. Meet up with and or recruit remaining CDF elements within South Zagoria. Acclimatize new conscripts to military life. Establish the regiment as a viable force. Investigate the Radioactive issue. Order set #2 (Complete 10/07/19) Protect and maintain the FOB/Hospital. Research further into the Radioactive issue. Re-direct injured civilians towards the FOB/Hospital for aid. Spread information about the radioactive issue. Repair/enable the East and West radio towers. Order set #3 Complete file 3913. Interact with supposed ultra-nationalists. Send reconnaissance parties to the South and East. Link Altar radio with E&W radio towers. Avoid becoming a policing force. Continuous Orders Maintain a steady income of medical supplies to FOB/Hospital. Provide aid to all. Leadership Lt. Oskar Novotny @groovy stannis Lt. Vojtech Krat @groovy cali NBCP Sgt. Radovan Janousek @Ducky (Dr) Lt. Gustav Polacek @Dr Willsky Dr. Marek Kozar @Charles Cpl. Mykyta Petrenko @groovy nate RN. Katerina Novotny @Franny Pvt. Taras Polek @groovy ming Conscripts Sgt. Patrick Doubek @Mexi Sgt. Benedikt Horak @groovy PatZ Cpl. Immanuel Cerny @Xavier Cpl. Aleksander Vasiliev @CrusaderCJ Cons. Bronislav Capek @groovy tander Cons. Marcel Marek @Groovy ToeZies Cons. Oliver Vaclav @groovy clarence Cons. Leopold Kolinski @groovy vnp Cons. Quiza Udutai @Vulf Cons. Danya Blazek @groovy chernon Cons. Krystof Zdenek @Harlow Cons. Dusan Kovalyuk @Major Cons. Grigory Blazkov @Bulgarian Bombshell Cons. Vasili Belinksy @Groovy Grimm Cons. Radek Radomir @groovy chow Cons. Felix Sevcik @Stormyvill Cons. Anton Lesnitsky @Flea Cons. Alexej Tomasek @Greener161 Cons. Miro Krylov @cheeks Cons. -tba- @Randy Other: Cpl. Radec Sokov @Combine Recruitment is done both in and out of character. To join in character, approach us in-game and express interest. We can take it from there. To join out of character, send the following application to @groovy stannis @groovy cali
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    A group of people connected by a twisted obsession. Control. Each with their own disturbing fascinations, they seek out victims to play with. Pulling the strings to make the puppets dance for their own amusement. "Pull the strings, and I'll sing you a song, Make me do right, or make me do wrong, I'm your puppet." Masked by the anonymity of the dark web on which they met, a group of individuals explored disturbing acts that they could only fantasise about in the confines of a civilised world. Each person derived pleasure through different means… torture, cannibalism, blood play, murder. Some led seemingly normal lives, while others had endured unimaginable hardships. It may have been hidden, but the darkness within them was always present, the desire to control and hurt driving them to take risks to satisfy their twisted minds. With Chernarus in turmoil following the declaration of Martial Law in 2017, the group plotted hideous crimes that would go unnoticed under the chaos of the political unrest. They gathered in Chernarus from around the world, working together to execute their sinister plans. They preyed on the weak and vulnerable, taking them as ‘toys’ to keep in their playhouse. Through coercion, manipulation, threats and torture, the group experimented with various ways to force the toys to play along with their evil games. Eventually the broken toys were discarded, never to be seen or heard from again. The outbreak provided the perfect playground for their atrocities and the group thrived amidst the devastation and destruction. A world free of the chains of society. One on the brink of collapse. Finally, they were no longer bound by law and morality, free to expand their reach over the lands. They recruited those willing to participate and preyed on those who were not. Whispers began to spread of their evil ways, earning them the name the Toy Makers. The group concept is to have a collection of disturbed individuals who view Chernarus as their playhouse, and the people in it as toys for their twisted games. Each toy is marked with an X on their wrist and becomes a subject for further hostilities. Depending on the reason for their capture, tasks may involve anything from gathering information, providing medical care, farming and hunting to assisting with kidnappings, torture and murder (OOC cooperation will be sought where appropriate). Good toys remain mostly unharmed but bad toys will of course be punished accordingly should they elect to break the rules. Alliances with other groups as well as the hire of private security and other contractors is undertaken when deemed necessary. The idea is to create a network of likeminded people and promote interesting and engaging interactions between us. Those wishing to participate in the RP will be invited to join our Playhouse discord for communications aimed at furthering the storyline, arranging meetings and setting tasks. We are now looking to expand the idea to include a travelling camp to provide a place for people to RP when not actively engaged in hostilities. "Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly." • Maintain a collection of toys to play with: (18/20) • Recruit associates for various outsourced tasks including security and bounty hunters: (3/15) • Establish a settlement of traders, doctors, farmers, hunters and security run by toys and associates, open to all. (COMPLETE) • Find like minded individuals to rise the ranks. (5/10) +2 • Maintain neutral or good relations with large groups and those who may pose a threat to us. (Ongoing) • Gather a network of informants to be our eyes and ears. (2/10) • Maintain a friendly façade while travelling and visiting settlements, building good relations with groups and lone survivors. • Invite individuals to roam with us, creating a mobile RP hub promoting farming, trade, and ‘campfire’ RP as we move from town to town. • Reveal our sinister side cautiously and selectively, generally targeting lone wolves unaffiliated with official groups. • Use PvP only as a last resort. • Promote interactive and engaging hostile RP with or without initiation, with clear goals and motivations to warrant our actions. • Continue to develop extended storylines following on from hostile encounters. • Prioritise the enjoyment of the players we take hostage, leaving them with guns and belongings and reaching out OOC wherever possible. Alyssa Black - ScarletRose Andrew Murdoch - Yuthee Drago Savic - Roman Nikolai Chaletsky - ComradeBandit Scott Anderson - Onyx Martin Berglund - Hanro Julian Jacobs - Dutch Sunny Smith - zsmith1111 Lupe "Ace" Sepulveda - JkpFrog @Jadeboat- Mallory Shibley @Zilly - Chase 'Rex' Quinton @kazzu10 - Sergei Sokolov @JohnCrown - Alkis Rouber @Walnuts - TBD @Flynt - Flynt Caverly @MR Pussywhipped - Jude Miller @MRS Bradtica - Ivona Vulpe @Shepard - Ronan Moore @Paco_ - Parker Hunt @AVeryBritishGael - Neil Murray @alexro - Vlad Borcea @Ade - Ade "Fridge" Castus @flybandito - Jon Blackstone @Taleinara - Taleinara ORourke @Zeltig - Cid Hartley @Peg4YourBackpack - Agnes Starr @ItsMaverick - Maven Pierce @Method - "Father" Alfred Josiah @achmed - Joel Jacobs @Malthis - Robbie Jackson @yiska - Millicent Bailey (Toys are given the option of being added to the CP. It is not our requirement. Some toys will remain unlisted and some may be part of other groups.) @MichTheMedic - "Ripper" Owens @Opticillunitic - McKenzie Mathis What we are looking for: New recruits may start off as toys, security or various other roles as required following on from an IC interaction. There will be the option to rise the ranks if so desired. We are happy to create and maintain storylines with other dynamics and groups. We sometimes create alts to serve as killable victims for our games. If you are interested in perming an existing character or creating a new one to participate in a storyline that involves your ultimate demise, we would love to hear from you. We want this group to be as interactive and dynamic as possible, where people can involve themselves as much or as little as they choose in the RP. No one will be forced to participate in anything without consent. OOC, you are free to leave at any time and no one will come after you. We ask that you agree to abide by a high standard of RP etiquette while playing with us, which involves putting RP above PvP at all times. We do not generally target people who are part of hostile groups and actively avoid engaging in hostilities with people who do not share our RP mindset. We do not execute people or use kill rights unless essential. We do not steal gear. We risk our safety to providing enjoyable RP, such as leaving people with loaded weapons after initiations and generally complying to hostilities initiated against us. Please consider the welfare of the group when making decisions on who to tell about us and how you use the information provided. We do not want to hide in the corners of the map and only internal RP for fear of snaking and constant attacks. Instead, we are choosing to welcome people to join in, relying on goodwill to continue to operate this way. If you are interesting in RPing with us, PM @ScarletRose, @yuthee, @Roman, @ComradeBandit or @Onyxon discord or forums. "I'm not your toy. If you want a game, I'll show you how to play." We welcome feedback, suggestions, and ideas for the group. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We are happy to provide clarification on IC and OOC rumours. Have fun and we look forward to playing with you. x
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    Firstly, I would like to say that I think it’s a great idea for us as leaders to communicate more with each other to address issues and work to improve RP for our groups and others in the community. I personally disagree that everything should be handled IC. Why do we have rules, forum discussions and reports? Because we RP as characters, as people who may act and think very differently from the person behind the screen. Ultimately, we are all here to have fun and if the roleplay you are being subjected to is not enjoyable, then people should be able to reach out to the other party to constructively communicate their concerns. If we do not talk to each other OOC, it is very hard to determine if someone genuinely enjoys the RP and make adjustments accordingly to ensure that both sides are content. I think it is a very selfish attitude for a person or group to subject people to the RP they find entertaining with no consideration for the other side and I see a lot of this happening in the community sadly. Telling someone to deal with it IC when the solution may be detrimental to their RP is equally as harmful. In my opinion, poor quality hostile RP is forcing a fight or flight response, leading to constant unwanted PvP or people moving bases and hiding in the woods. While this may be characteristic of the apocalypse, this is a game we play to have fun. This same fight or flight response can be seen OOC, with constant arguments on the forums or people leaving the community. The issues will not be solved IC! With that being said, I have spoken to my group regarding feedback for this thread. What things do they enjoy/would like to see more of? We enjoy interacting with random people on our travels or at our base which constitute more than a hi/bye or a quick trade. We’d like to see different people/groups meet up to RP and build stories. We enjoy maintaining good relations with other groups, setting up trade and security deals which are of mutual benefit. For example, having a trader convoy actually travel between bases to exchange requested items. We enjoy negotiating arrangements to ensure our safety from hostile groups. We enjoy the threat of good hostile RP that does not involve constant initiations and raids. For example, our camp has been tormented for weeks by a dynamic group who broadcast creepy coded radio messages and pick us off one by one. This has been some of the best story forming, tense RP I’ve had and OOC we eagerly await their arrival because its just so terrifying and well done. We would like to see more movement across the map. With people remaining inside bases, it seems that you can run for hours without meeting anyone. Our group concept revolved around picking off the lone wanderer but lately, we struggle to find good RP. This leads to more internal RP, which as much as I love it, doesn’t contribute positively to the community as a whole. Since we have such a large group, we aim to split people up so that while the base is still manned, others wander the map and interact more with other groups. What is it they are displeased with and how can we correct this? We work incredibly hard IC and OOC to maintain good relations with the hostile groups to mitigate their reasons to attack us but it is still a daily struggle for us to avoid and deal with poor quality hostile RP and unenjoyable trolling/memeing. We do not fight back against groups as a rule for fear of endless hostilities and we do not appreciate people taking advantage of this. We do not enjoy unprovoked constant attacks on our home or our people. We do not enjoy ‘shut up, stare at the wall’ hostilities, nor do we enjoy being constantly raided and big dicked. We do not enjoy people coming to our camp and baiting initiations or attempting to create reasons to justify initiations. We do not enjoy sexual and racial comments made towards our members. We do not enjoy people accusing us of being a BDSM group. We do not enjoy people loitering outside our camp for no apparent reason. We do not enjoy excessive banter and memeing. We don’t enjoy people walking in and stealing right in front of us because they know we can’t/won’t stop them. We do not enjoy having to flee from our own camp to avoid poor RP. Yet sadly, we are encountering the above way more frequently than we would like. It’s getting to the point where I have to deal with unhappy members daily, which I think is incredibly sad considering the numbers, talent and experience we have. Numerous members are thinking of moving servers and its becoming more common for people to run away and log rather than experience the poor RP from certain groups/individuals. I am struggling to keep everyone positive and focus on the good RP we do have because the negative encounters taint the RP and moods of everyone involved. This will not be corrected by IC means. Sadly, there are those in the community who simply do not care for the enjoyment of others. This needs OOC intervention because as much as I love this community, it’s getting too much even for me. I wish I had a magic solution for this. I personally think that the community is way too lenient when it comes to poor quality RP. The standards are too low in my opinion. The stance appears to be that if it’s not a rule break, its okay. It’s not. This allows people to provide RP that is just acceptable for them not to get banned, but is not pleasant either. The shift of people to other servers has already begun and while the new players may make up the numbers, they do not make up for the skill and experience of the quality RPers that may leave. What style of gameplay/roleplay are they most interested in? We are a group who enjoy both giving and receiving good hostile RP. Our reasons when taking hostages are always IC motivated and we do not steal gear or look to execute. Our purpose is to create long term storylines. We initiate daily but PvP a few times a month only when we have little alternative. We aim to provide quality RP with enough build up to initiations that we very, very rarely have uncompliant hostages. We welcome and enjoy hostilities against us when there is a storyline behind it with goals that don’t involve constant raids, initiations, executions and big dicking. We respect and follow reasonable demands. We do have a substantial amount of internal RP, both hostile and campfire, but we are welcoming to outsiders where appropriate and actively seek external RP daily.
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    A few pics from Greece vacation that Presidente & family went on last month.
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    Černaruská Televize is a government funded TV station. It is maintained with taxpayers' money, and was funded to report objective, undistorted facts. Similiar to it's Czech counterpart, it's considered the fourth cornerstone of Chernarussian democracy. On 3rd of May it aired it's news reportage about the Chernarussian group of survivors and soldiers in the South Zagorian region - Kameníci. Thanks @Xehara and @Ducky for the voice overs.
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    @G19RP @WombatLover69 @RebelRP @CalRP @BandsRP @DallasRP @DexAgonRP @FalkRP @General Rickets @Eagle @MrPanda @Hex @JamesRP @JimRP @JackZRP @Kai @KennethRP @Kricket @LorcanRP @Infamous @LumenRP @NorwayRP @OiramRP @OnionRP @perqeRP @Randy @RavenousRP @RedRP @Real VegasRP @SassyRP @ScarRP @SeversonRP @Sleepyhead(should be SleepyRP) @ThrashRP @WongRP @YungBrandonRP @ZeroRP @ZorullRP @Cipher @KyleRP @ExoticRP @HenningRP @JoffreyRP @MurasakibaraRP @NikoteenRP @N-Tox @VictusRP - RP league never fails to deliver some good friends. If i ever feel down or sad i can just come into teamspeak and i'll quickly feel better talking to any of you boys. RP for life boys, don't forget that. Our brotherhood trumps any challenge that we may face. love you boys @groovy clarence @groovy stannis @groovy tander @groovy ming @groovy xavier @Combine @Charles - Chernarussian Nationalist Gang best group of roleplayers on the server. It's great to have met you boys and i hope we'll play together soon enough. Been missing the good old days for a while, Slava Svoboda. @Dr Brandon - The greatest appreciator of memes on the entire website @Ducky - #SkåneTillDanmark2019 @YNW Jasper @YNW Law @dawsonpark @Dusty @Abu Muhammad - One of the funnies group of friends that i've ever met on the internet, lucky me that managed to 4D chess my way into your teamspeak @StagsviewRB - The best legend and a person i'm very glad to have as a friend, 10/10 memes @Kordruga - Sexiest guy from the UK that i know @OxeN - Mashallah brother soon..... @groovy chernon - cutest weeb here @Aiko - One of few that are actually active in discord, even though it's caused my profile to be weebified 2 times @Grizzz - A fellow avoider of drama @RedVC - Greatest community owner @Diamond - only ever talked for like 3 min but i think we're friends? @NightlyVC @OpticVC @Powerjake @dany1 @AidanVC @Nozza @achmed- VC gang for life boys never forget where we came from @JippaSWE - A fellow man of culture @Gatorr - Has great taste in music @ne_om - A very nice man even though we've barely talked @Alkis - Twink King of DayZRP :pepe_tip: @bunny - My wife Mashallah @Ryan Shepherd @GMAK @Cuchulainn @Challenger - the greatest squad of Irish people on DayZRP, we coo right? @Major - Even though he leaked our DM's we're still friends i think @YNW Pep - Highly regarded defender of the holy land a very nice and honorable man. @AndreyQ - the elitistRP'er that isn't an elitist If i have forgotten anyone it's because there is too many
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    As a token of our friendship i hereby bring forth this meme to improve the relations between both our people ft. @Ryan Shepherd @OxeN
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    Just as the title say, is it doable? Think it would be a really good option to have if you want to roleplay injured. @dev team
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    I'll start here, and work around the rest. There are no PvP groups, there are Hostile groups, Semi-Hostile Groups, and Defensive groups. Obviously, your hostile groups will be made up of either Religious Radicals, Political Radicals, Ethno-nationalist Radicals, and bandits. Your semi-hostile groups are your groups like the Corporation, CDF, and Liquidators. Where as these groups are hostile to groups that go against their group goals and or ideals but only to a certain extent. Whilst Hostile groups represent the presence of either Post-Infection or Pre-Infection hostilities and ideologies brought and shaped by the apocalypse, take Pamyati, Jayshalla, Dead Batteries and Kamenici for example. All these groups were forged by the reality of the situation of South Zagoria in the lore. Whether it be a regional conflict, Pamyati, or a provincial conflict Kamenici, and Jayshalla. Along with the Dead Batteries a group of raiders bandits and profiteers. These four groups listed previously encompass the four biggest dangers in current society and post-infection society. In a way they are the RP personifications of the evils of extremism. Kamenici was the fore-front of Ethno-Nationalism, Jayshalla represents religious extremism, Pamyati represents the unlawful expansionism of foreign actors and paramilitaries, and Dead Batteries represented Nihilism, Anarchy, and the complete lack of a "Social Contract". These four groups are a perfect representation of what makes the server so unique, is that real world issues are brought to the fore-front of the RP via a outbreak scenario. Although it is true not all people get to experience it, the RP is there. Most people who are initiated on by those groups who aren't backing talking or attempting to escape witnessed the radical views of each group. Of course, based on those radical views they are inherently hostile to those who go against their views, and this usually results in IC Coalitions forming. Which is a beautiful thing for the RP as it brings otherwise unaligned groups together to show every player involved the full spectrum of what is at stake. Either the country and it's people fall to random banditry, and radical views. Or people band together to attempt to rebuild civilization, which is the core focus of every apocalypse narrative. With that being said this is where most people find the issue, by going against one faction and allying with others you become a target. This is something that is difficulty avoided but masterfully done by some like @ScarletRose's Playhouse, which actively goes against these extremist views. But the diplomatic and deceiving nature of the ScarletRoses group keeps them free from harm and often in almost everyone's good graces both OOC and IC. The flip side of that of course is groups who don't have that keen mind for strategy and keeping things close to the chest. Often people talk about their views on situations IC, make radio calls IC, and divulge sensitive information IC in front of people who mean them harm. Which, often leads to confrontation in the future and sometimes all out war. War being the case brought up today. Many people in this thread most likely were not present for the Savior Coalition war, but as someone who lead a group during this time where fighting occured almost every 6 hours I can say with 1000% certainty. That the FEAR RP that was generated by this map wide conflict was some of the best gaming experiences of my life. The espionage, medical RP, post firefight debriefs with allied groups, pre firefight prayers, and diplomatic negotiations between allied groups was phenomenal. And all of it occurred because of PvP. In my honest opinion, the people who claim they were dragged into massive coalition wars, and that their groups should be completely un-involved aren't being honest. As the leader of one of the largest hostile groups, who came from a Campfire RP Settlement group ResPublika where all we did was sit in our base and RP with Free Territory. Everyone that is attacked under almost every circumstance made a choice in character that resulted in that action. Whether it be allowing spies from enemy groups into their camps, accidentally saying they wanted to kidnap someone in front of someone they shouldn't have. Initiating on someone they didn't know, or aiding in an initiation against a large hostile group. All these groups made choices, and all these groups were given ultimatums in order to give reparations for these "Mistakes" yet most groups that claim they are being unfairly attacked will never honor this reparations and will make the same choices again, resulting in conflict. For the groups that chose to Campfire RP instead of fight, I would implore them to understand the consequences of IC actions and sue for peace although obviously as the people capitulating to that peace it won't be favorable but that's fine its RP, just because you don't "Win" doesn't mean it isn't fair. And to finally directly respond to the center bullet point, most of hostile groups RP comes from car rides with the boys, hostage negotiations/interrogations, sitting down and doing some medical RP, having ideological debates with those you disagree with, or having friendly chats with groups you are neutral or aligned to. For example, me and my boi @YNW Lawwho is in Jayshalla had a pretty amazing encounter before we were allied about how he and his men view the Ottoman system of religious acceptance in captured Christian territories like Bulgaria and Greece, along with the religious importance and difference between Orthodox Christianity, Judaism and Islam and the problems these religions have caused throughout history. All in all PvP and hostile RP isn't a bad thing, and for the people who geniunely feel like they are being attacked way to often there is always the option for them to sue for peace and surrender. As a result they can either A, actually accept the terms of surrender, B pretend to accept the terms and risk attacks in the future or C enlist the aid of different groups to aid them.
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    Tbh if Sonic the Hedgehog initiated on me, told me to suck dick and then gassed me after 47 seconds of shit talking, I'd probably throw up a report too. Say what you want about the validity of the kills but there was so much more to that report than just the hostages dying, which seems to have just been glossed over like nothing else matters.
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    "Hold me up, hold me down. Numb me high, twist my frown upside down. Clutch my heart, watch me go. You look sad….Here, clear your head take some Red." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Comfort” was a drug seen first in Novigrad a few months after the outbreak. It began at first as a small time drug for people who could not afford the stronger drugs seen on the streets at the time (such as heroin, crack or cocaine). As the drug trade began to weaken in Novigrad, people started investing into alternatives and comfort became one of the strongest used drugs by people in these areas. The exact origin of the drug in itself is unknown to most, however during its time there have been many forms and variants of the drug in itself. Others known as Red Mist, Bliss, Empty. However the more common and popular term and strain of the drug will always be known as “Comfort”. The drug in itself became a staple in the end of the underground movements in Novigrad, where the people that controlled the trade, basically controlled the districts. Gangs such as the “The Runners”, “Empty Heads” “Toy Troopers” and the “Peppermint Chaps” however after the fall of the military curfew the drug control fell mainly in District 7 under the control of “The Runners” and Bodgans men. The drug in itself is a very strong antidepressant, the drug after being consumed leaves the user with an extremely strong sense of emotional voidness, what they tend to call “Feeling nothing”. Users are more relaxed, less troubled but at the same time, they have little to no emotional response or ability until the high weakens. Once the drug begins to weaken, the user enters a “Comfort down” where the emotions start to pile in leaving the user emotionally crippled. This down could be extreme joy, happyness, hornyness, anger, fear or even sadness. The duration of the down depends on the user of the drug, some people have shorter downs than others but the elderly and young tend to suffer longer effects of the comfort down. The drug in itself in its most common for is seen as a small red pill, the size of an average thumbnail with small little white dots around the coating of the pill. The drug in itself is mainly seen to be taken via pill format however it can be snorted if grounded up and it is also commonly injected with other drugs (mainly heroine) to see a stronger high for the users. A picture of an early example of Comfort (In red) and its failed copy attempt (White). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While under the effects of "Comfort" the drug in itself provides little to no psychical effects seen on the users. However once they reach the high, there is a dilution of the eyes along with slower thought process time but with quicker natural reflexes. Users are hard to pick out in crowds as they seem just to be "mellow" until the "Comfort Down" comes in. This is when the user is at their most dangerous as users start to feel all of a sudden the sudden rush of hormones and emotions that have been suppressed for the last couple of hours (An actual comfort trip's length is dependent on many factors however the longest a trip would last in total would be 7 hours). Users tend to act irrational, conflicting and dangerous until the trip finally mellows out, as they finally come back to reality. As the drug is extremely addictive (on an emotionally level for weak minded individuals), it is said that it takes only a couple to start bringing a dependency onto the drug, a dependency to feel that joyful state of bliss, a feeling of nothingness. With this, comes heavy side-effects such as they tend to have flashbacks or visual and auditory hallucinations (Of negative experiences of emotions) or/and extreme mood swings. When this drug is taken on long periods, especially if mixed with heroine, it produces a side effect known as "Red Veins". Like Junkie veins produced by Heroine, Comfort due to its colouring inside the drug, produces bright red vain marks around areas of injection. This is only produced when injecting the drug and is the only "known" physical side effect seen on a user These Comfort trips become more and more dangerous to the user for longer periods of use of comfort. There are cases known in which comfort caused mental breakdowns behaviour , comparable to Bipolar disorder or Schizophrenia. The users tend to suffer extreme flashbacks to trauma or important factors of their life that shaped them. The users find it harder and harder to focus on daily tasks to the point they might have trouble identifying reality from a “Comfort trip”. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The exact ingredients of the drug in itself is unknown to a lot of the survivors of South Zagoria as only recently has the drug been showing itself in these lands. With few actual people able to recreate the drug in itself. The process and the method behind the drug is in its current state unknown to most of the public, however those that have gathered information on it, with its content have discovered these following ingredients: High levels of Prozac and Lexapro are found in the content of the drug. Depending on its level of purity the drug can also be seen mixed with other day to day items to attempt to “strengthen” the high. Some traces of petrol, washing powder however after attempts in recreating the drug, they can never fully pull off the classic shiny red with white dots look that "Comfort" is known for. These experiments of the drug are failed versions of "Comfort" and are far less potent to actual comfort, seen mainly as a failed attempts to recreate actual Comfort. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current distributors are within the "Dead Batteries in itself" however this shall expand in the future as this drug is just starting to show itself on the server.
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    Today is DayZRPs 7th birthday! Happy birthday DayZRP!
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    Can we put in a rule to remove all rape RP etc? people can take it to discord if they wish to do stuff like that.
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    Hello! This is ex-admin Aiko here. I know this might come up to be an appeal so I don't mind waiting till that is dealt with. But I would like to know what is considered baiting? With this recent verdict it seems almost any kind of denial of leaving an area can be seen as baiting. As I am talking about this report here: I am confused how this at all is baiting? So if a staff member could please tell me what baiting is? Because I don't believe it should be just because someone failed to leave an area after being told once from what the first video shows. I just would like some clarification on this thank you! I will add a bit more to this, because he is asked three times from what I can see. But to me baiting isn't this, he is role playing out the situation. They were given another out besides what they did. Which was initiating. They could have apologized, and this wouldn't have happened. But they picked the hostile action over the alternative. Baiting should be, when the person gives them no other choice but to initiate. There were many other alternatives to this, they just picked the hostile avenue. But again, I shall wait my answer if the OP does end up appealing.
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    When the feedback spam finally stops @NozzyRP @ThanosRP @NikoteenRP @FalkRP @ThrashRP @Real VegasRP @Oiram @G19RP @WongRP @KordrugaRP @Hex @SeversonRP @RavenousRP @ZorullRP @HoboRP @DallasRP @Mak @JamesRP @SleepyRP @Kricket @LumenRP @RedRP @Eagle @MajorRP @Finn RP
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    People moved to S2 to avoid hostilities. So I moved to S2 to do hostilities.
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    (listen to the song or I'll eat you) 1 - Background 2 - Lore 3 - Battle Plan 4 - Phase I 5 - Phase II 6 - Phase III 7 - Phase IV 8 - Consequences 9 - Event Details 10 - Rules 11 - Whitelist 12 - Roster "All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal..." Operation Molotok is a massive 2-day force-on-force RP-PvP Lore event that will take place between the Chernarussian Military and a bandit faction called the Terrors which have featured in the Prodejna series and will occur in the south-western portion of South Zagoria. The event is divided in to 4 different phases that will take place on a Saturday and Sunday. Each prior mission will effect what occurs in the subsequent one and will allow for potentially hundreds of participants to whitelist and take place over the two days it is held. It is designed to maximize the number of players but also limit the impact on server performance so that those who sign up can RP and fight with a hopefully minimal frames drop. Players can either make CDF or Terrors character and play as event staff, or make them just so they don't have to use their normal character. Alternatively, your live character can pick sides and fight for whoever they realistically would. The event will be on the same shard/hive as the live servers which will allow you to loot bodies clean and personally benefit from the conflict, therefore adding motivation to participate beyond anything ideological. This event was heavily inspired in form and formatting Operation Goliath in mod which was the largest event ever conducted in DayZRP history, it will also serve as a rather large appetizer for the next two mega-events that are scheduled for the next two months. We chose to format it in a similar fashion that @Tomeran did back in the day as it's very clear and easy to read. We hope it'll go smoothly. (An SV party official car's following a successful assassination attempt in a residential district of Miroslavl) The Terrors. For 2 years now, they have been a massive thorn in the CDF’s side. From raping and pillaging the countryside, to attacking survivors or ambushing military convoys. They’ve been there to take what they want and kill anyone who gets in their way. Miroslavl and nearby safezones have been flooded with survivors fleeing the zombie-infested bandit-ridden countryside as the Terrors solidified their control. The CDF has been unable to divide and conquer them due to how elusive they are, but they are now jumping at the chance to destroy their assets and kill or capture their leadership. The Terrors are comprised mainly of CDF deserters, ex-Chedaki, skilled Mercenaries out for loot, and former members of nationalist brigades in Chernarus and Ukraine. Aside from their devious activities in the wasteland they have also conducted car bombing, terror attacks, and biological warfare on Miroslavl. They are a generally a menace to anyone who isn't them and have managed to unite even neutral parties in opposition to them. Operation Molotok (Hammer) is intended to quickly annihilate the organization so that survivors can resume surviving and the CDF can get back to repelling the Islamist onslaught in the west and brace for the horde approaching slowly from Asia. (Terrors clearing an abandoned safezone after the CDF and BPR was wiped out) After 6 months of thorough State Security investigation and tracking, they’ve located what they believe to be a narrow forest path that the Terrors use to get in and out of South Zagoria. While they are doubtful the directors of the Terrors go to the East, they’re confident that Luka ‘Boss’ Reznov (A Terrors ‘Lieutenant’) and his enforcer, a Sub Lt. known by ‘Church’ use this path for travel back and forth. After weeks of staking out the suspected pass, Miroslavl COBR agents reported confirmed sightings of them moving into the South Zagoria area en masse, likely for another ‘tradepost’. (COBR agents patrolling the forest pass) Jumping at this chance, the CDF dispatch the reserve 84th Light Motorized Battalion in two detachments from Miroslavl, one to the north of the city with the bulk of the unit’s vehicles to eliminate the Terrors’ main base of operations, and a smaller one to South Zagoria to capture or kill the South Zagoria group’s leadership. If this CDF unit can quickly deal with both the Terrors’ superiors and destroy their main base, they can effectively end the organization’s ability to pose a threat to anything more than a small convoy. However, there is a slight downside for the CDF that could affect the balance of power in the area. The 84th Battalion is one of Miroslavl’s reserve units that is currently on standby to be deployed westwards to stem the tide of the invading army of Islamists from Takistan numbering nearly 200,000. If they are unable to eliminate the Terrors’, they will leave Cernaruska Republika’s eastern flank open to attack as a much larger enemy bear down on them. Their initial plan is to establish a headquarters at Balota Airbase and use it as a springboard to conduct operations against the Terrors from there. (84th Light Motorized Battalion en route from Miroslavl) However, unbeknownst to COBR and CDF Command, the Terrors have a mole inside the government. Upon hearing the orders for this move, the mole passed the information along to the higher ups of the Terrors. In response, the Terrors who had already brought provisions and man power, decided to position themselves and dig-in against the CDF forces. They hope to defend against the assault and then launch a counterattack to encircle and destroy the CDF forces, or to at least route them to Miroslavl. This would provide the Terrors and their supporters with a trove of weapons and ammunition needed to continue the war and drive back the CDF that so that no future threat can be posed and they can carve out an existence. (A militant lines up the spoils of the previous day's battle) Every conflict in the history of mankind between two opposing groups of people has always drawn in those less motivated by ideology and more for the benefits of the spoils of war. They take sides and fight for whoever can win and give them the greatest share of the resulting spoils. Perhaps they’d like to curry favour with an official or entity on one side of the conflict to elevate their position. The outbreak didn’t change any of this. It didn’t matter that dead people were consuming the living and wandering the earth wreaking havoc upon the nation states that remained. (Innocents remain caught in the crossfire as large factions make war on one another) Once the basic needs of survival were met you found a tribe or group of like-minded people, then you threw your lot in with whatever the local power was be it a remnant government, military, or even a well-equipped group of bandits or looters. It didn’t matter. Power is power. Some were better positioned geographically to take advantage of natural resources that gave them the means to field large numbers of men with guns that could defend their piece of land. In the end it all comes down to the same things, land, wealth, and power. Such conflicts have only added to the torment of the apocalypse, converting the wasteland into a graveyard for human ignorance, strife, and ambition. (humanity continues to destroy itself even after the world has ended) The CDF despite its decidedly mixed reputation among South Zagorians can count on a modest level of support from locals. Many are Chernarussians eager to assist the State and others are those who have historically sided with the CDF in local disputes. It helps keep the ever-increasing hordes at bay and allows those living in eastern Chernarus a generally idyllic life compared to the abject hell that many others outside of civilization abroad experience. This support will mean the difference between success and failure for the CDF forces deployed. If the CDF loses this fight it will prove in the minds of locals that they are only powerful where they concentrated to the west, and it will degrade Miroslavl’s ability to project force outside of the coast. At the end of the day, it is innocent civilians just trying to feed their families and survive that are ultimately caught in the crossfire between the government and belligerents outside it's gates. (A woman in Chernarus mourns upon hearing of the death of her son) The Terrors are in a very different situation. They have used maskirovka tactics to make up for the vast difference in the number of men and machines they can field. While they do not have the full weight of a military machine behind them, they have benefited from the Takistanis sealing off the border and making war on the CDF. This has closed off the main avenue whereby hordes of infected have previously entered, roaming the wasteland that is the interior of Chernarus. Survivors all over Chernarus kill infected and over time if the situation remains static as it has the number goes down. Given the chaos of the world such a position is not expected to last. (Terrors on patrol) The Terrors have used this turn of fate to expand on their recent gains, solidifying their position and growing something of a settlement north west of Miroslavl. They have picked their battles wisely and steered clear of situations that they were not favoured to win. Outside of the Chedaki no other faction has terrorized the countryside like they have, and this domination has allowed them to drop the stick and pick up the carrot. They violently did away with local competition and created a secure and discreet area for trading that allowed them to quietly build up strength in the shadow of the distracted CDF. If they win here, they will be a fixture in local politics from here forward, but if they stumble and fall they stand to lose everything they have built. And yet in the end the fate of events will be left not to the generals, warlords, or soldiers but to the individual survivor, as they are the ones who will ultimately determine the outcome of events and tip the scales one way or another. (a convoy of army trucks on route to a trade post in north-western Chernarus) However, the reason why either side is interested in making South Zagoria is purely pragmatic. They may despise each other and the CDF may be launching this offensive to destroy a faction that has conducted attacked on it's citizens, but the underlying cause for the conflict is much more basic. South Zagoria, like many other areas throughout the wasteland of Chernarus is full of unaffiliated settlements and many different groups of people. The Terrors may have built what they have now through conquest, but they didn't grow nearly as much through that as they have with their trading enterprises. On the other hand, the Chernarussian government cannot trade for much needed supplies in South Zagoria if it is controlled by terrorists and militants hostile to it. Aside from the major benefits of trade, South Zagoria is also full of timber, coal, oil, other natural resources that make a prime piece of real estate for anyone to have influence in. Both the Terrors and the CDF are offering so much more than just good relations in this case as more is needed to make victory certain. Lucrative trade deals are on the table for any groups that are able to aid the winning faction, and in either case they will win favour they can cash in during future trade caravans. The Terrors are under threat of annihilation, but if they can get close to a draw with the CDF and escape destruction they will still need these newfound allies. The Terrors grand strategy is to bait the CDF into sending out detachments that can be destroyed in detail, away from the strength of the government's coastal defenses. They only have around 500 fighters in all, but the ones they do have are to be considered elite, adept, battle-hardened troops, just as used to dispatching military forces as supply convoys. They are renowned at attacking quickly and with devastating effect before disappearing into the forest to avoid retaliation. (members of the Terrors scout the western frontier of South Zagoria during the winter of 2018) They will move into South Zagoria quickly and establish a foothold so close to CDF positions that airpower would only hinder the government's troops as they advance along the coastal road. The entire basis of the CDF's offensive is the Balota airbase, if it is threatened it will effectively cut off the prospect of aerial re-supply overnight between clashes during the course of the weekend. Reducing the amount of supplies the CDF has access to will severely reduce their combat potential. The CAF's Mi-17s are vulnerable to ground fire and are extremely valuable to the government, and they will not risk them if there is a serious threat they could lose even one. From there they will react to the government's advances organically and will funnel the CDF and their allies through pre-planned kill zones by mining their flanks. When they are on the offensive, they will focus their fighters at strong-points to take the CDF off-guard as they spread out in several directions to cover the Balota Airbase. If the Terrors are forced on the defensive they will rely on the terrain to make their stand. Most of the ground north of the CDF's positions is uphill, marked with hills, rocks, and sweeping valleys. If the Terrors can effectively seal off their flanks and slowly drain the government's strength it will make victory much easier for them. To the west, the 84th Battalions armor and mechanized infantry will savagely assault the Terrors main base with overwhelming attacks from the land and the air. (the other half of the 84th will launch a sweeping offensive to destroy the Terrors main base) Miroslavl Airbase has been preparing aircraft and crews for months in anticipation of conflict and will bring the full brunt of the 54th Fighter Squadron's Mig-23MLDs to bear against the Terrors. Detachments of Mi-17s and Mi-24s flying at low altitudes will hunt down and vanquish any Terrors that flee their base of operations. (a pair of Mig-23s taxi before a mission) The CDF will be on the offensive in South Zagoria from the start of the day. They have to gain defense-in-depth to avoid being overrun by the Terrors early. They will be well-supplied and manned, but if they spread out their troops to assault all of the Terrors positions they may find themselves struggling to make a breakthrough. If the Terrors can be kept off balance for long enough the CDF can establish supply depots along the coast and bring in the necessary provisions for a short conquest of the Zelenogorsk countryside. Furthermore, if the government and it's allies can push the Terrors out of Kozlovka and send them running, they can bring in more weapons and ammunition from Miroslavl to the airbase without threat of anti-aircraft fire. If the city of Zelenogorsk and the 93rd Brigade base is seized by the CDF it will serve as a major morale boost given the significance of the city to locals. The Terrors will likely be forced to give ground gradually whatever the success of the CDF, but if they can limit their losses they can draw the advancing loyalists out and make the capture of the city a pyrrhic victory at best for the State. The Terrors will then likely reform their lines and launch a counterattack against points north of the city. If they can hold these points they can choke the CDF off from their HQ and drive them back down into the city. If enough CDF troops and allies are killed then the Terrors will move back north and re-take lost positions and force the government to expend even more manpower to re-take lost ground. Such an action will degrade the government's offensive severely and must be avoided at all cost. In either case, the Terrors will move north, securing several points along the ridges and hills that command the ground. Once again the CDF will advance and in a final confrontation the course of the previous 2 days of fighting will be determined. (This is not the first time the CDF has had to fight for Zelenogorsk - a map from the 2009 Civil War detailing CDF and CHedaki positions and movements) Each objective has a listed point value, and whichever side controls it the longest or takes it and holds it until the end will reap the points. This makes it easy for us to determine who gains the upper hand in engagements. The final tally among other considerations will mark the conclusion of the conflict and the victor. If the Terrors win, there’ll be consequences in upcoming events. The CDF will show a decreased presence and will be less willing to supply air drops and care packages to locals. The Terrors will have more dynamic and regular events focused around them. The Terrors will interact at various times in game with groups, be it extorting them or making acquaintances. Lastly, if the Terrors win, they will successfully retreat from South Zagoria with their supplies and manpower and continue to build their trading empire. If the CDF win, they will be a larger presence in South Zagoria for the coming months. The CDF will increase activity and CDF dynamics (such as care packages, reconnaissance ventures, etc.) The CDF will receive a boost of reaction time for Nightcrawler which is the upcoming horde event. Lastly, if the CDF win a decisive victory they drive the Terrors out of South Zagoria and crush their main base north of Miroslavl and the COBR will track the stragglers back to safe houses and mop up the remains. Disclaimer: Please note, for either side to win they must meet the conditions listed above. The severity of the loss is determined by which condition is met. For the CDF their most important resource is the supply HQ at Balota, if it is lost the consequences will be the most drastic. For the Terrors, capturing or killing ‘Boss’ and ‘Church’ are the worst-case scenario, their capture is the worst possible outcome. As discussed in the Lore of this event, the side that wins will grant the groups that participated in the victory reputation points and contracts and trade deals in the form of negotiations that will be finalized following the event. (Building supplies, guns, ammo, etc) This event will use the same hive as live servers, so your character can gain loot from the event and not go into the event as a newspawn. Each side will be balanced as needed, we aren't going to put people who hate the CDF on the their side, but we do have to ensure that it isn't one sided. The ultimate goal is to have the playing field level enough for each phase for it to go either way. We may leave the event server up between Saturday and Sunday and open up the server to anybody who has whitelisted for the event in any stage primary or reserve to RP the interlude out, and if enough people want to do that we can pursue some secondary objectives that will carry with them point values that will add to the tally. Medical RP and supply missions can also be carried out during this time. August 10th 12:00PM (EST) - Staff Prep and Pregame Briefing 1:00PM - 3:00PM (EST) - Phase 1 3:00PM - 4:00PM (EST) - Break 4:00PM - 6:00PM - Phase 2 Interlude - Possible secondary objectives between days August 11th 12:00PM (EST) - Staff Prep and Pregame Briefing 1:00 PM - 3:00PM - Phase 3 3:00PM - 4:00PM - Break 4:00PM - 6:00PM - Phase 4 1. Do not attempt to sabotage the event in any way shape or form. Those who have caused trouble at previous events have basically been given a pass. You will not get a warning of any sort, you will simply be banned from the event server and if the offense is serious enough you will not be allowed to participate in future events. Don't purposefully interrupt or cause a serious disruption during briefings, attack allies, or troll in any way, shape, or form. It will not be tolerated and we have too many people that put too much time into the event to have it ruined, much less to have the experience of other participants degraded because of your actions. You only have KoS rights on the other side. 2. Normal server rules apply, with the basic exception that unless stated there is no need to initiate unless called for which isn't to be expected. There may be some prisoner RP and so it goes without saying that in some cases it might be better to send a captured enemy back to your respective HQ if the situation permits. Generally I'd advise to shoot first ask questions later. 3. Play the scenario. It will be balanced to give each side a decent amount of chance of overcoming the other so as to not be scripted. Don't run off or wander outside of the AO, we will just kick you and revoke your whitelist so that somebody else can hop in and play. Note that I'm not saying we will kick you for flanking your enemy or outmaneuvering them, but if you are in Chernogorsk you aren't where you need to be. Roleplay the event as your character would and in the same way you would on the live server. 4. Treat your fellow community members with respect and decency. Use common sense. Whitelisting will open on Friday, August the 2nd at 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, which should allow for Europeans to register before bed, and Australians to wake up and get a chance to register. I'd recommend for the latter to register for phases 2 and 4 respectively, as those should be more manageable than attending phases 1 and 3 at 3AM in the morning. I will post on this thread at that exact time announcing the opening of the whitelist and from there just follow the format and post on the thread. First-come, first-serve basis only. Each person is allowed to register for one phase and then a reserve phase. In other words, one phase you'll essentially be guaranteed a spot in if you register early enough, and another that you can attend if others don't show up. Don't register yourself as a reserve for a phase you've already chosen as your primary one. If people who registered don't show up then reserves will be whitelisted for that phase. Follow the format below when you post. I'd recommend bunching groups into phases, so for example if District fancy the prospect of a trade deal with the Terrors try and get into the same phase together. Likewise if Legion Corp wants future contracts and deals with the CDF they can get all their guys into one phase or several. In a case such as Legion Corp or any other PMC/Merc groups you could fight on both sides and potentially make two friends instead of tossing your lot in with one and burning a bridge. If balancer forces are needed we will reach out. IMPORTANT: Each phase will grant 20 players to the Terrors and the CDF, making a total of 40. On top of that number each faction requires 10 lore faction characters. @Major and @Phatal will account for one of these on each side as the commanders. That leaves 9 other slots that people can either use existing government characters (CDF, CAF, OREL, COBR, CPD, etc) or can create their own Terrors foot soldiers if they would prefer to do that. If enough people don't want to use their regular live server characters then we will allow them to create more lore faction characters to make up the difference. Example: Terrors: 20 players + 10 Lore Faction characters CDF: 20 players + 10 Lore Faction characters Phase 1: 40 player slots, 20 Lore Faction slots, and 40 in reserve. The CDF will be led by two commanders on an IC-level. So if anybody wants to be the other commander and be command staff for the duration let me know. The character details can be discussed. Character Name: Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): Which Lore Faction?: Lore Faction staff?: Group Name: Primary Phase: Reserve Phase: Černaruská Republika: Colonel Borivoj "Straz" Kopriva - @Major The Terrors: "Boss" - @Phatal "Church" - @Ducky
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    Group concepts and goals change as they go on as I'm sure you're aware. The reason we got a lot of good feedback in the beginning was because a lot of our characters were/are relatable to those that are already here. They're conscripts, forced to return to a war torn, foreigner ridden part of South Zagoria and they fucking hate it for the most part. Once NCO's aren't around, each of the conscripts do as they please, even some of the NCO's are more relaxed when it comes to such things as uniforms or how Conscripts conduct themselves, this in turn breeds internal conflict which gives US something to RP over other than our goals and worrying about which group has done what (tl;dr once we're done dealing with the high-school level drama that occurs IC and is brought to us, we have something to do). Refer to the above statement. You're giving bad feedback relating to the way characters personalities have developed after we've been treated? Lemme give you a quick step by step of what's happened in relation to us attempting to help people IC. We create the group and instantly within the first two days of searching high and low, create our FOB for RP to be centred around for ourselves and others as and when they need assistance. 3 days go by, we get a few visitors and things are going great, internal is great, those that required aid got it and were given food and were allowed to remain in the compound for a while until their wounds had been seen to. 1 day after we get attacked unprovoked outside of our FOB North, while this is fine it doesn't settle well with conscripts who are there to just do a job and go home asap. Next day we assist a camp with some issues that had arisen with a group of Taki's attempting to enforce sharia laws and are successful in another attack/ defence of someone elses camp Day or so after that we go and help the same groups with the same issues and end up making friends and potential allies along the way 2 groups move to Berezino The entire server flocks to Berezino because the two groups that moved had around 6-7 Streamers between them, so of course the entire server comes. High-School level drama begins to unfold, which we then have to deal with.. Over and over giving US little time to RP amongst ourselves and having to put ALL our efforts into dealing with other peoples issues (Which is fine, I guess). We suddenly get attacked for like 4-5 days straight, night after night. 4/5 of the days we fought alone while the people that agreed to move with us decided to sit in buildings and comply instead of assisting to protect their newly founded homes. After about a week or so, the two groups decide to say WE are the problem, talk a whole lotta shit IC and bail on us, pretty much leaving us as chum in Shark infested waters. We stay for another day, log back in to find that 2-3 of our walls had been stripped (even though there was a walk way at the front gate) and ALL of our supplies which we were using to GIVE to people including their containers had been ransacked for an explanation which was provided in a report as 'IC reasoning'. We move to Krasnostav barracks the next day and begin construction. Myself @CrusaderCJ and the rest of our members begin construction on a new place where only those who required emergency medical aid and ourselves were allowed in (it was beautiful o7) takes a few days to complete. People break and ghost into the compound and attempt to steal all of our shit, and got caught for it. (report up on that) We are then attacked based on a rumour to which of course, only one side was listened to. (Could've made for some good RP but alas, it turned into a blood bath) The next day, we return to our base.. 10 walls have despawned and near enough all our supplies which were still continuing to be handed out had been stolen from again so we pack up our shit and return to our own RP and play somewhat nomadic while interacting with people as we go. The entire time this group has been up, we've had to deal with every inch of the rules being bent, pushed against or broken.. Rumours being taken as gospel and people insulting us attacking us. At what point does a group of people that were sent here to do one job just snap and help who they damn well want? ICly we've been conversing on a regular basis with people in Miroslavl (@Major) on updates as to what we should do with the situation, as a group along side him we agreed to get our work done and help those we deem fit and tbh the RP hasn't been anything less than fantastic from the members within this group and I'm sure it'll continue to be just that. Indeed it was a fresh start, as are all groups that pop up. We tried to be nice to everyone and as usual people shoot a good opportunity to 'recreate a government' or 'progress lore' out of the sky and laugh while they do it. Formations still happen, clearly you've not been watching enough to fully see that but as you mentioned, it's only been a couple of days off and on. Worried for us returning to our Kamenici routes? You mean the 4-5+ pages of GOOD feedback we got when @groovy cali had the group rightfully returned to him? I damn well hope we're maintaining the level of feedback and potential that group had/has because we did a great job with it. The vast majority of this community unfortunately doesn't care for lore progression etc. as much as people seem to say they do, we're here to have fun and we'll continue to act as we have been because it breeds good RP for us and those we meet. I hope this reply is sufficient enough for your feedback which we all indeed thank you for taking the time to give. I can't stress this enough.. KAMENICI pls Voodoo Edit: We also look forward to reading the feedback for these other groups you've been 'watching', seems to be only us so far!
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    DayZRP 19.7.1 Released 2019-07-03 IMPORTANT! Due to temporary issues with our Steam Workshop mod, we are forced to distribute this update manually. To update, follow these steps: Uncheck existing "DayZRP Mod" in your DayZ Launcher mod tab so it is no longer loaded Download new DayZRP mod version here: DayZRP-19.7.1.zip Extract the "@DayZRP" folder wherever you want Go to DayZ Launcher, click "Local mod" at the top, find the @DayZRP folder that you just extracted and select it Check the newly added "DayZRP" mod so that it is loaded Make sure the "DayZRP" mod is loaded last in the list General fixes Added grenade, trap and mine server logs @Kerkkoh Fixed beltbag and plate carrier pouch spawns @Ducky Balancing It's summer, world temperature has been significantly increased @Kerkkoh Build anywhere (re-)enabled for fences and watchtowers @Roland Building timers reduced to 1 minute (deploying, building) and 10 minutes (destroying) @Roland Shoe damage threshold increased from 3000 to 10000 steps @Ducky 5.56 ammo spawns reduced, AK ammo spawns increased (again) @Watchman Items Added new item - Radio player @Watchman Added new item - military mountain backpack @Misho Added crafting recipes for raincoat bags (rope + green/black raincoat) @Watchman Weapons Saiga firerate increased to make the weapon more viable. Saiga now should spawn with buttstock. Added missing Saiga 20 round drum mag @Watchman AKS74U should spawn with proper buttstock (foldable) @Watchman Added engraved 1911 to loot table @Watchman New item - meat cleaver @Watchman Grenades, traps and mines added to the loot table @Roland AK and M4 bayonetes can now be used with knife sheath @Watchman Clothing Fixes for 6B5 model. Added a grenade slot @Misho Added grenade slot for belt bag @Watchman Added new variant for beret - blue @Ducky Added new item - eye patch (crafted with a rag to a left/right variant) Footnote Mines and traps have been re-added back to the game as we now have logs of the person deploying these objects. Considering these can be used in many different ways - both defensively and offensively - here is how we decided to treat them based on their location, covered in new rule 4.10: 4.10 Deployable weapons such as land mines, bear traps and similar items work in two different ways: When deployed by the base owners inside a walled off and closed base, these weapons will be treated as defensive measures and thus any kills done by them will be considered valid even without any kill rights When deployed anywhere or by anyone else they will be treated the same as any other weapon, so for example: If someone gets injured or killed by your mine or trap which you placed in the middle of a town or a forest, it will be treated the same way as if you shot/killed them on sight with a gun If an enemy you have valid kill rights on steps on your mine, the kill will be considered valid Make sure to accept this new rule on the rule page by tomorrow, otherwise you will not be able to continue playing.
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    With > 75% votes in favor of adding new anti-rape rule, we will be taking suggestions and discussion ABOUT THE RULE in this thread. Discussion about whether or not the rule should be added, or your personal stance on the subject are not welcome here. Post only about the suggested rule and how it can be made better. I'll start with this: 3.10 You may not force a sexual action upon other characters. All other role play of consented sexual nature needs to be explicitly agreed upon OOC by all involved players. Your reply will be most helpful if you write your own rule suggestion like this.
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