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    Holy. Fucking. Shit...
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    "Waiting somebody out" is basically what you're referring to. A person trapped up there, realistically, would be trapped up there until they came down in 99% of the cases. That could be days. You'd either come down guns blazing or surrender. Sitting up there shit talking is simply BadRP in my eyes, as it is not what somebody would do long term. We are supposed to behave realistically in the circumstances (or as close to reasonably possible). About the rule though, there's really no need for one in my eyes. I'd just report the BadRP, the rule is there already to try and counter poor displays of RP in game.
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    Thanks for the great day to all these great people who made it happen @Watchman @Eddie @Voodoo @Franny @DaRsnn @Xero @Oiram @Roman @ScarletRose @Drake @sh4wzy @Mexi & co @Dew @Shroud @Puncture @Zombru
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    Good news everyone! As seen in the event thread, we will be posting the thread for the 'Nikitin Prodejna' event series tomorrow! Make sure to check it out to stay up to date with the ongoing in game events and how you can become involved! On behalf of the LM team we hope you enjoy it. We also have a lot of other projects (One in game event, and a lot of RP events that will affect dynamic events and the other upcoming events) so look forward to those as well!
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    How I felt handing @GMAK a gun today.
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    Enjoyed the firefight with @Phoenix and co. to then RP @DaRsnn and @Voodoo. Very much looking forward to seeing where this arc goes.
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    The Darkness cant save you...
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    Cheers bud, much appreciated addition to the conversation!
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    From the album: Spyke's Phunky Photos

    Well I did say I think it needed them :P
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    When you get knocked uncon three times in a firefight and the first words someone in your group says IC is "How the fuck did you survive?"
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    After the fight today with you guys had a nice chat with @Voodoo and I think @DaRsnn? I hope that we can get some good RP out of the situation that took place, even after what happened. Fingers crossed the message got to whoever it needed to and that the two we had enjoyed the encounter.
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    Gonna give this a try again. Come say hi
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    Here is my latest track, give me some feedback Ciao!
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    Welcome to the group @Eddie very happy to have you with us! Recruitment is now semi open / strict recruitment. Send a PM to @Watchman & me if you're interested.
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    Hello everyone just wanted to ask a quick question on thoughts for an idea I had. My friend and I are planning on playing as couriers of sort, we would deliver mostly RP messages and sometimes actual packages and equipment to people. Wanted to get what everyone thought OOC before we ventured in and everybody yelled at us to go away.
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    Love your group and the story arcs that come with it! You're definitely providing out group some damn good character development and you definitely know how to take hostages and how to firefight. Need more groups like this one keep it up boys!!
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    Still nothing more satisfying that smashing 3 people using a wingman each ezpz
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    Thank you all for having me, this is going to be a lot of fun!
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    Just landed in Vancouver for the week. Man that place is pretty
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    Glad to be here and excited to see where the RP leads!
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    It is a huge issue. We all nearly died during an RP situation because we couldn't find any food. Animal spawns might be upped, but not enough to cope with my character shitting out whatever I eat in 30 seconds.
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    Phew...done. The Carmine Brothers are all done. Will do tweaking for the only two left alive but finally got it out of the way. I've enjoyed making their stories and what they want to do. Shame I couldn't add and edit Aiden Carmine but him being my first character gave me the ideas of his brothers alongside Artyom Tarkov and Hunter Moroz. If anyone has feedback they wish to give me for Jerome, Josh or even Hunter right now please feel free to let me know as I always enjoy tweaking the characters. Big thanks go to guys and gals like @Mademoiselle @FireDude @Xehara @OhThatGuy27 @RogueSolace and @ToeZies for giving me ideas, helping me with tough shit and for being kick-ass people.
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    No. As valued community friendo @N-ToxRP said, if it's shit RP then report it, but let's not throw up even more unnecessary yellow tape. That feels like RP would be more rule based then sense based in these situations. "Guys I know we have every advantage here and can wait it out....but some little voice in the back of my head is making me say lets surrender anyways" like that's just a big no from me.
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    I dig that new avatar.
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    Favorite version of this by far
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    Praying to the lady of the lake like
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    I got banned for that exact thing in 2015 and they said it was 'Excessive BadRP.' Good ole 7 days and 15 points. I've never been chill with people hiding in the tower for hours, especially when they just start logging people in to fight since there's no ghosting rule. It quickly goes from a stalemate to getting shot in the back by someone who's been on the server for 10 minutes. GM will always be a cheap place to hold and talk shit from. But nah, don't force them to surrender. But I'm down to see it as badrp because most of the time it is.
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    What para said sums it up pretty good of what I think. Enforcing this would just create more problems for the players. Roleplay it out instead than just forcing someone to surrender. Yeah, they might shittalk you and such but that's part of the experience. I don't see how this could be a problem for too many.
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    Passive aggressive? I'm giving my view on a thread where I disagree. Just because it doesn't align with what you want doesn't mean I'm being aggressive, at all. Multiple situations where feedback could have been given to said groups. After being told what happened over the megaphones, I'm surprised you didn't give them feedback on the situations to help improve stalemates in the future as that's all this is. I have a problem with people doing the same thing on the radio, and it works exactly the same. I have to find them in game and deal with them accordingly, through RP. As suggested before, walk away, set up an ambush in the area and wait for them to come down. Or enlist someone to go and be nice to them until they come down and then rush the compound once again to capture them. There are plenty of ways to go about solving the issue you seem to have and making a rule is just prohibiting all possible paths there are to take.
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    I agree with both of @Squillium's comments. 1) We don't need more restricting rules that force RP to take a particular path during specific RP situations. 2) If you attack a highly fortified location and the defenders rush to the most defensive spot and stay there, then yeah, you kinda just gotta deal with it IC. That tower, is next to impossible to breach as you can't rush up the ladder, and if they're inside, you can't shoot them from outside. The only options is to outlast either their patience or food/drink supply, try to trick them into thinking you've left.... or just give up and leave. If the Megaphone RP they provide is trolly, then report them for BadRP. If they're mocking you in a decent RP manner.... well then it's kinda your own fault for trying to attack them in a position that has them at the clear advantage. I mean.... I guess you could. But they could just open the door at the top of the tower and let the smoke go out, while just laying on the ground to avoid suffocation.
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    I’m getting a “how dare they not surrender to us” kind of vibe. They were literally camping out one of the most popular places on the map, what happens when literally anyone else comes along and intervenes? If you can’t actually kill someone they are under no obligation to comply, and if you’re too impatient to wait it out then leave. Edit: Poll speaks for itself
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    Love these threads. >”Should X restricting rule be put in place for very specific issue Y” No, no it shouldn’t...
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    As down the glen one Easter morn To a city fair rode I There armed lines of marching men In squadrons passed me by No flute did hum, no battle drum Did sound its loud tattoo But the Angelus bells o'er the Liffey's swell Rang out through the foggy dew....
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    zombie heard the notification
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    @Jackfish Our very own Chris Kyle @Jared
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    Zombies are fine. It's almost as if the game WANTS you to take the safe route in town and try to remain hidden instead of sprinting around. I'd recommend crouching around and keeping at a safe distance so you don't get fucked up as a fresh spawn.
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    I looted airfield without even shooting them. I just sneaked. I really don't think its a problem. Not even as fresh spawn.
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    Tuning up the banjer for some recording
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    First feedback in a while, thanks lads!
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    This thread is so funny, have some of my beanz! XD! Recently I learned in game a song about Hercules and the British grenadiers, sung by lord Ashford himself (@Aristocrat). Now the song is stuck in my brain and I cannot forget it. You are good at expanding your culture! XD!
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    When someone gonna be real and admit that the only reason most folk want to nerf zombies is that it's making firefights much more difficult?
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    As a half Italian, half English man, I've got to say I've really got in touch with our culture. I mean... Look at this fucking art. Quality.
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    ♪ i’m happy for you i’m smiling for you i’d do anything for you for you it’s always for you and never for me and i need it to stop so let me tell you please i’m always sad and i’m always lonely but i can’t tell you that i’m breaking slowly closed doors locked in, no keys keeping my feelings hidden there is no ease i need it to stop and i want to be able to open up but, my feelings are fatal (my feelings are fatal) how many times must i keep it inside i need to let go and i swear that i’ve tried but opening up means trusting others and that’s just too much, i don’t want to bother so i’ll keep it inside and bury it deep i know it’s not healthy but you won’t hear a peep though i’m always sad and i’m always lonely i could never tell you that i’m breaking slowly closed doors locked in, no keys keeping my feelings hidden there is no ease i need it to stop and i want to be able to open up but, my feelings are fatal (my feelings are fatal) ♪
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    Gonna be a hard no, don’t mess with the game unless cool mods are being added.
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    If it was just custom artwork that would be cool but the rest is a no no from me. Seems like something a GMOD StarwarsRP server would have.
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    It depends what the demands are really. If you are talking about a demand like 'stop the car or die' and the driver keeps going, then no. By getting in a car with someone, you are putting faith in them to make decisions on behalf of the passengers. So if the driver decides to not comply and continues driving off, he has made the decision to not comply on behalf of the group. However lets say the driver dies, or the car gets disabled, and the passenger is attempting to comply (typically by saying 'don't shoot, don't shoot' or something of that sort, they then transition to a compliant hostage, and cannot simply be sprayed down, then yes if you kill the passenger you would be hit for invalid kill. So yeah, it's very situational, and basically comes down to whether or not you are dealing with a car in movement, as so long as the car is in movement the driver has the decision-making ability for the group.
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    Fucking hell this again. Why tho Bubblegum. Let's do what Rolle said and not touch this until the game is expanded. Rolle isn't gonna add back LMs or me to write a new one so you'll just get a wipe that reverts what we have or he will write a lore that'll consist of "and then there were zombies". Never changes anything and is a horrific idea. Lore factions would get bungholed and be understaffed and boring, and the game is still broken af. We can't keep a fucking base on the server without getting deleted. If you want to improve the ingame landscape then apply for Eventmaster and help me out. I can't get the activity I want with 2 jobs and taking Calculus. Just because we have tools won't change dick, you people seem to think everybody is just gonna act differently than they always have. Most people are lazy and won't volunteer for things they purport to care so much about. We have an entire group of people on the Lore faction Discord that are volunteers. Dozens. I @here everybody the other day and got one person. If you want big nice things I need manpower. Lore doesn't matter in either case. Go on the eventmaster thread and post if you want an invite. Hell to the fucking no. -1
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