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    @Roland, I am pleading with you to reconsider your stance on Sexual RP and Rape RP in this community. It is the apocalypse and yes, if it were real, atrocious sexual acts would be committed against men and woman. But please, don’t make us subjected to them for the sake of realism. I fail to see how sexual harassment and rape is so necessary to RP that you would risk distressing members of the community to allow others to fulfil their twisted fantasies. The woman of this community (and some men) are not playthings to be humiliated, degraded, paraded around, called whores, made sex slaves and forced or pressured into RP of a sexual nature. I find it disturbing that there are people in this community who are so eager and willing to engage in this type of RP, exploiting the rules to take all control away from victims, leaving them no choice but to be subject of unwanted sexual behaviour. Below are some points I feel are worthy of consideration: Saying No: In real life, there are countless situations where girls have been brutally raped without saying no or fighting back. There are physical and psychological reasons for this. Many people in real life situations are left unable to react due to fear or shock. They may be in a coercive or controlling relationship with their rapist, or they may be too young to give consent. It is very easy to look at a situation in hindsight and say, well why didn’t you just go OOC and say stop. But in reality, it is far more complicated than that. There are plenty of occasions in game where I wish I had gone OOC to say stop. Not wanting to ruin immersion, not wanting to cause OOC conflict, or because I was caught off guard in the chaos of the situation and didn’t quite know how to react in the moment. Another thing to keep in mind is that while permission must still be asked to power game a character, the events leading up to the request and the request itself can still be distressing and of a sexual nature. The rules give people who want to indulge in rape and other sexual RP permission to attempt to seek out victims. Putting the burden on the victim of sexual abuse to end the situation is in my opinion, is a rather disgusting stance to have. To say following an event that its okay because she didn’t say no astounds me. I understand that it is a game, but the emotion and psychology of peoples actions is not all too dissimilar to real life in my opinion. Comparing rape and torture: While everyone may have triggers based on their real life experiences, this is not a valid argument in my opinion. Torture for most people is something so far out of the realms of what they have experienced that it’s almost impossible to truly imagine being subjected to it. However, rape and sexual assault is something that has most likely affected each one of us in some way. Most women here will have had to deal with unwanted sexual attention, and its not always as simple as saying no to make it stop. Unlike torture, its easy to imagine the feel of someone holding you down and forcing themselves upon you. It’s deeply distressing and not something that people should be subjected to in game. Age: As there is no way to verify age on this server, how can the rules possibly allow content of a sexual nature? Inciting minors to engage in sexual activity would violate laws in most of the world. Asking someone to ERP without making reasonable efforts to ensure that they are legally of age to consent risks violating criminal law. In addition, someone under age cannot legally consent to sexual activity, so even gaining //permission would not be valid. Allowing sexual RP in the rules may result in children either observing or participating is something that they should not be exposed to. Whether from a legal or moral standpoint, how can this be permitted on the server? Is allowing people to indulge in rape RP really such an essential part of role play that it should be allowed to continue, regardless of the distress and divide it causes in this community? Was the quality of RP any less when there were rules against sexual, racist and homophobic RP? Enough is enough. This is a game. We are here to have fun. Please change the rules to protect us.
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    God damnit. Can you people not solve problems nicely, instead of creating drama and bad rep for this community? BOTH OF YOU! @Sapperton if you have a problem with your friends ban then you ask your friend what happened. To us you are a random bystander asking about someone elses ban and we don't usually disclose ban reasonings or even proof to random people in the community, especially in a case like this where the evidence contains someone elses personal information. Also you don't create arrogant and dramatic posts about an admin being corrupt based on pure speculation and what "you've heard" with absolutely no proof whatsoever. Jim already told you, the entire admin team saw the evidence of doxxing and voted yes for permanent ban, as is the standard procedure for that type of harassment. You don't agree with it, that's fine, but leave that for your friend to solve and to not get mixed up with things that do not involve you. @JimRP you need to start solving problems like these diplomatically and not through your admin powers. Bans like these is exactly what gives bad rep to this community, and the reason why we see threads in other forums or communities about staff here being corrupt and members getting banned for voicing their opinions, when in fact there's no corruption involved and the ban could be avoided by explaining the situation calmly and to the point. There's no reason to ban someone every time just because they disagree with you or even show you attitude.
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    You know what. No. Just reread your last post to make sure im not crazy. You are researching members of the community's personal history without permission. You may think you are doing them a favor, and hell in a couple cases you might have, but in the process you've violated the trust of the community. @J1988Dizzle will be permanently removed from the community and the group archived. I apologize to anyone affected by this.
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    Some people aren't Soldiers. Some people didn't have specialist training when everything entered a rapid deterioration. We've had mercenaries; military, cannibals, Somali pirates and even Mexican gangsters. But everyone forgets about the civilians who once called the house you forage in... home. When the outbreak began the strong survived and the weak died out, you can see them roaming around every town and village in South Zagoria. When you put the infected down you see a monster or a threat, but we grieve, because every day we see a familiar face who once sold us oranges or served us in a bar, we see ourselves. However, the Local people haven’t all fallen from the face of the earth, they have just learned to avoid the super soldiers and psychopaths who are in abundance and instead prefer to hold onto whatever life we can salvage. Chernarussians have always been treated as if we never lived in this land, the families we had, the lives we made are swept aside by outsiders and agitators who claim it as their own with no regard to those whose struggles were significant even before the outbreak. Now it's just a matter of rebuilding and protecting those who remain, those of us who have banded together as Chernarussian people and taking back what was ours, our lives as they were, or as close as one can get. Zdejší is the result of the Chernarussian people's plight, the real people without a dream of a new state or a purge of all things foreign. A group of Settlers, Families and Defenders, all dedicated to salvaging a small piece of the land we had intended to spend a peaceful life in, after so many years of war. However this does not mean we will be rolled over, not again, the people will avoid conflict where it is possible but when called upon to defend even one Chernarussian life or those who have shown them kindness, expect conflict without mercy or hesitation. There are two branches of Zdejší, the Osadník (Settlers) and the Strážci (Rangers) both of these arms work separately but benefit each other in one way or another and their roles and work are the following: Osadník are the normal people and settlers within Zdejší, every man woman and child will be contributing to the Settlement or helping it to grow by either putting their skills to good use in a trade or field or by contributing in any way they can. Everyone must contribute as merit and dedication will earn you better rations and supplies. There are multiple roles you can fill: Specialist in a trade or craft, which includes any useful practical skill (Doctor, Builder, Education, Faith ect) Manual laborers, for those with limited skills (Collecting wood, apple picking, tending crops) Raising children, this is vital to our future and is considered a full time occupation Strážci are the defenders of the Settlers, they are at all times in 1 of 3 stages of activity, Defending, Scouting or Idle. Defending is the standard state for any Ranger who is not currently in the field, their job is to keep the area clear of infected, defend those going for water or supplies and aiding in supply and trade runs to other settlements. Scouting is the main aim for any Ranger, this includes scavenging for specialized loot, Infiltrating settlements to determine their worth, gathering information and searching for other Chernarussian survivors. Idle is the state when a Ranger is sleeping, spending time with family or otherwise not working in their trade. Strážci Stepan Hajek - @DeeBlack Silvestr Marecek - @Harlow Grigory Blazkov - @Bulgarian Bombshell Vladan Volf - @Stormyvill Klaus Pololanik - @Galland Luka Kratochvil - @Rifleman Bohdan Dubrovka - @Kiks Konvalinka Vlad - @Frostie Mikael Komarov - @Sgttater Pytor Kozlov - @Grimnir Radec Sokov - @Combine Emil Donal - @GodOfInternetLag Ruda Kasparek - @Chernon-chan Maxmilian Vitek Myska - @Ducky Radomir Vlasta - @DaRsnn Dima Petrovski - @Mike-Styles Osadník Miloz Kozlov - @cheeks Raina Valentová - @Vicarious Dr. Boris Krieger - @Grozo Gabriel Dolak - @Don Karel Polednik - @Doc Bonifác Dvořák - @Pontiff Pravoslav Urbánek - @APTerminator Viktor Bogdan - @Falk Jiri Judinek - @Grazo Dmitry Bozik - @NozzyRP Benedikt Kozlov - @Beni Milan Straka - @Ouromov Ignac Stana - @Autumn Borivoj Kopriva - @Major Dominik Dvorak - @ToeZOG Secure a safe haven for Chernarussians to live and feel safe [Ongoing] Take in any Chernarussian refugees [Ongoing] Infiltrate and secure contact and trade with settlement Chernarussian and otherwise [Ongoing] Recruit a Priest [Day 660] Recruit a Farmer [Day 660] Recruit a Weaponsmith [Day 685] Recruit a Doctor [Day 730] Recruit into a stable defense and scouting regiment and civilian branch [Day 730] Secure a larger town and set up a flourishing Chernarussian settlement [Day 1130] Deliver something really different in terms of Chernarussian RP and avoid the Militia/Military approach most take and instead opt into Chernarussian Civilian Roleplay Create a living Chernarussian settlement that realistically would be the most common post infection Provide a great RP experience to those we meet and interact with and leave a lasting impression Long-term stream-lining of Chernarussian RP as the main RP focus of the server, be it civilian or otherwise Chernarussian RP can be fun and should be the most common Have a great time RPing with this group YOU MUST BE CHERNARUSSIAN Send a PM to Either @DeeBlack, @Galland or @Harlow
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    “Afanasy Nikitin was a Russian merchant from Tver and the first European who traveled to India between 1466 and 1475 and left a journal of his notes known as The Journey beyond the Three Seas. His notes were found by N.M. Karamzin, an outstanding Russian historian of the beginning of the 19th century.” Portrait of Merchant Afanasy Nikitin “Afanasy Nikitin lived in the 15th century; however, the precise dates of his birth and death are unknown. On the grounds of the data containing in the journal and a short note which was usually placed in chronicles before Afanasy Nikitin`s writings experts concluded that in 1466 Afanasy started his trip to Shemakha with the Russian ambassador Vasily Papin and a trade expedition. They took the direction down the Volga River and reached the city of Astrakhan, where one of their ships was captured by robbers, and the other one wrecked in a storm near the Caspian Sea. Notwithstanding the loss of the ships and goods, Afanasy Nikitin continued the journey. He travelled by land to Derbent, got to Persia, and later reached India by sea. In India the traveler spent three years and in 1472 went back to Russia through the Turkish lands and the Black Sea, and died on his way to Smolensk. Some merchants delivered his notes to Moscow and later the writings were included to chronicles.” Derbent, Persia “The Persian lands were described rather briefly, which might mean that Russian merchants were well-aware of that country and it was of no interest to the traveller. The first impressions about India Afanasy Nikitin got in Chaul: half-naked people, women with their heads uncovered, odd hairstyles – many seemed unusual to the Russian traveller. He was incredibly shocked at the local tradition to commit dead people’s bodies to fire instead of committing them to earth. Nikitin had travelled across the whole India, including the sacred city of Parvat, and documented the local religious customs and traditions, peculiarities of the Indian market and trade. Although his narrations are simple and cannot boast the literary style that was appreciated in ancient Russia, the simplicity of his writings makes them enchanting.” The adventurous spirit of Merchant Nikitin has been an inspiration to many throughout the world and gave way for many others to travel, trade, and explore with little regard for a final destination in the same way he did. Such a pioneering spirit has always existed among humans, going back as far as recorded history. Names such as Vasco de Gama, Christopher Columbus, and Leif Eriksson fill books and detail their trials, tribulations, and exploits. Despite so many calamities throughout mankind’s rise from the Renaissance and onto the technological marvels of the 20th Century not once has the flame of exploration or curiosity ever been snuffed out, and as such it was no surprise that this flame would continue to flicker even long after such a catastrophe as the events that took place in the summer of 2017. Humans who had survived the first year away from large government safe zones or cities found themselves solidifying their positions. A granary inside a village on the outskirts of Primorsk, Chernarus 2019 Some even formed city-states with nearby towns and other groups from their own nations and began to trade and explore other areas to gain more information and seek out others who they could exchange goods with and improve their situation at home. Such expansion is bound to lead to conflict, but it is also a means for humanity to begin to pick up the pieces and access what the future holds. South Zagoria had always represented a little out of the way backwater to many of the other settlements and enclaves of Chernarus, even before the crisis struck. It was a rough province regarded as a haven for all manner of people, foreign, local and otherwise. A wild frontier full of prospects and opportunities for those able-bodied enough and willing to undertake the journey, but on the flip-side it represented somewhat of a place to avoid for those just trying to get by. Situation in Chernarus, Spring 2019 However, South Zagoria did lack the constant hordes, large scale warfare, and rampant military police actions experienced by others areas, which meant that many had grown used to the place and made a decent living for themselves as traders and hunters, keeping in mind the local players and power brokers and being sure to appease them or stay out of the way. The overall lack of hordes higher than category 2 made South Zagoria a good place for steady trade, and in the past 6 months there has been a steady uptick in outside parties moving in to trade with the locals. Within South Zagoria lay numerous untapped natural resources, alongside those which had been left by mankind. Lumber is easily procurable, and while many existing stocks have long since rotted away there are many mills at hand ready to return the production rate of pre-outbreak South Zagoria. Infected overrun a Georgian aid helicopter shortly after it crashed on mission in Chernarus, Winter 2019 Along with the natural resources exist previously abandoned resources that were left behind during the early days of the outbreak. Chernarus’ overall oil and fuel production occurs off the coast on the oil drilling platforms. However, South Zagoria’s early evacuations left vast stores of oil and other fuel products relatively untouched. With military rationing occurring, most fuel and oil resources are unavailable to the public. Thus, citizens and off-duty military personnel alike search for these resources in order to do everyday things such as fueling vehicles, powering generators, and cooking food. Aside from the large coastal safezones, many nomadic factions and other settlements outside of government control also have specific trade needs. While sources of freshwater in Chernarus are generally abundant throughout, food is a major concern for factions located in the area of Kirovograd and the central plains. Freshwater stream in the Black Mountains Extensive bombing over the course of the outbreak has reduced much of the arable farmland in that area to a sodden muddy mess, and much of the associated farm equipment and seed stores have been scattered or stolen. This makes growing food difficult, but the situation there is also not ideal for hunting as most animals have migrated to less turbulent areas out west or in the Black Mountains. South Zagoria on the other hand has a plethora of land suitable for farming and thriving animal populations, some leftover livestock from before the outbreak that have simply become free-range. The province is also ripe for trade due to the fact that a single entity or group does not have a large degree of sway over the populace, or the ability to regulate trade between the various parties that come and go. An underground prodejna in Russia Also important is the fact that due to the lack of government control in South Zagoria many parties such as civilian enterprises and military units that are loyal to the State and live within its protection are attracted to the promise of a regulation free environment, even being willing to trade outside of safe areas to do so. All of the above factors have made South Zagoria ripe for future business by outsiders, and are sure to affect the balance of trade in the upcoming months. Travelers cross a roadway entangled with overgrown vehicles, Central Chernarus One experimental formula has been used by a handful of factions with decent success. Factions who wish to trade will travel to cities or other zones, and establish a temporary compound. Inside of these compound walls, these factions will trade and give requests to locals. However, the factions don’t have all the time in the world, and after a few hours they have to begin their trek back. Thus, the local populace must make haste so that they don’t miss out on these occurrences to gather new information, trade for rare items, and aid other survivors of this worn-down world. However, these faction shops are easily recognizable. Consisting of gates and wood or sheet metal walls boxing an area in, they are also accompanied by a short-burst radio message provided by the factions of the shops to indicate that they are open for business. The Nikitin Prodejna is a weekly trade post event series that is planned to take place on Sundays, which allows other major events to take place on Saturdays. The "Prodejna" or Shop in Chernarussian, is simply a roaming trade post that contains various traders and characters from multiple factions. Each Sunday a new faction will set up a hub at a pre-announced fortified location and for 3-4 hours will trade, give quests, and talk to survivors from around South Zagoria. Over time you will be able to develop relations with these factions along an RPG-like reputation scale, which will be discussed in detail below. The area within the Prodejna will be rule protected, meaning no hostilities will be allowed there. Despite this, visitors are not permitted to loiter or gather there to abuse the rules. You go in, do your business, talk to the faction, receive/complete quests and leave. An area outside of the Prodejna will be provided for folks to gather, trade among themselves, fight, and generally do anything they won't. This area is not rule protected and normal rules apply. Currency: Roubles ('Cash') Currency is able to be traded for at the Event location. Simply bring what you'd like to sell and if the faction is interested they will purchase it from you. Each faction will buy and sell different things in a 'specialized' manner. However, there will be staples that are always traded or sold. Guaranteed to Purchase: Fuel (Filled Jerry Can) and Propane (Any Size) Guaranteed to Sell: Tier 1 Weapons (Civilian Weapons, AK, Pistols), Ammunition, and Canned Goods Reminder: You can keep Roubles from previous visits, Roubles you've found, or Roubles you've stolen, and still use them next event. Reputation Progression System - 60 Point Scale -30 | -20 | -10 | 0 | 10 | 20 | 30 -30 (Abysmal) -20 (Unfriendly) -10 (Poor) 0 (Indifferent) 10 (Known) 20 (Friendly) 30 (Very Reliable) Kratka Street: Kamenici | +15 - D7 Mercs | +10 Maskované Terory: Children of Mann | +10 - Ace Carter & Kallid Johnson | +10 - Windex & Co. | +10 - Robert Henderson | +5 Chrysopoeia Corporation: The House | +15 As you or your group complete quests on behalf of the various factions that travel through the area you will gain reputation with that group. Keep in mind your actions outside of the Prodejna affect this score too. For example if you hold a bunch of CDF soldiers hostage in one situation and a group of people within the same faction come to trade you may find yourself locked out. Each faction will have unique quests that you can complete over the course of each afternoon, and as you complete them you can improve your standing with the various factions. This can lead to improved exchange rates, preferential deals, and priority for specials. Every week this thread will be updated with details regarding each faction, including Lore, trade details, and their general background. The Chrysopoeia Corporation Originally founded in Sweden in 2005 by a former English Telecom exec, the Chrysopoeia Corporation operated on the periphery of several Visegrad Bloc nations and operated offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The Corporation's line of contracting work was focused in data storage, server hosting, and online services at least publicly. The underside of the Corporation was far darker, and often dealt with local mafia and executed contracts for bodyguard services and securing areas that were hubs of illegal drug shipping or human trafficking. These activities and contracts continued well into the 2010s, until 2015 when a warehouse in the Czech Republic was raided by the Útvar Rychlého Nasazení of the Interior Ministry. This led to the exposure of many illicit operations of the Chrysopoeia Corporation, leading to an EU legal probe and a complete audit of all the corporation's internal files and offices within the EU. The company was subsequently shuttered in 2016, and the legal proceedings regarding the status of it's activities in a court of law were settled with a rather stunning 1 billion euro settlement. Thereafter the leadership of the corporation went underground, rumored to have been absorbed by a larger corporation. It re-emerged in Turkey, nearly a year after the outbreak and has since expanded... Every Sunday from 1PM (EST/GMT-5) - 4 PM - this changes every week but will always be on the event server - No hostilities whatsoever are permitted within the restricted area. Normal rules apply outside and in the hangout. You can do whatever you like there. This event cannot be sabotaged or attacked in any way. Outside quests with event characters excluded. The maximum amount of allowed outsiders in the actual market is between 5-10 people to avoid people using it to hide in or wasting time. It is there for business. The one exception is an entire group may be allowed to enter and trade if needed, no allies though. Furthermore, unnecessarily toxic behavior, or big dicking is not allowed. This applies to those inside and outside of the event. Bantering and going back and forth with Guard personnel is fine. However intentionally gloating, threatening, or anything similar may result in your immediate detainment/death. Death as a result of the previously mentioned does not grant anyone defense or attack rights. When you visit this event, you acknowledge and agree to the rules posted here, and the event rules on the forums. If you wish to interact in a hostile way with a faction host (at the potential expense of your own personnel and negative reputation), please PM Phatal on discord or the forums. 3.9 Events can be organized by both staff and players. Events may either be dynamic or official. Dynamic events are spontaneous events organized entirely in game, often advertised through radio (RCON admin chat in game) without any special rules or preparations. Official events are the ones announced on the website, with a thread in the event forums. Official events may not be disrupted, sabotaged, attacked or interrupted without a consent from event organizer. Official events may sometimes have other special, temporary rules applied to them that last for the duration of the event. No teleport will be provided by the staff team in order to avoid creating a massive waiting line. You will have to either walk on the around server to the venue, or walk on the live server and log back in to the event server outside the compound. TBD
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    As accurately pointed out by our sharp community members (thank you @Ducky and @Mexi), there was a flaw in the NLR rule which allowed players to effectively break NLR rule by returning to the same firefight they died in, as long as 1 hour has passed. Kill rights from a single hostile action can last as long as two hours and the kill rights constantly renew timer during the fight itself which technically can last indefinitely as long as the fight goes on, therefore we needed an extra NLR condition to prevent this kind of situations. This has now been rectified by an addition to the NLR rule. In addition to the 1 hour timer, you cannot get involved in the same situation, no matter how much time has passed. Situation is considered the same as long as either side has active kill rights on one another. This is in effect even if 1 hour has already passed or the fight moved to a different location. Pretty simple to understand I think.
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    No offense, but most of the hostile groups only offer RP that consists of robbing, beating people up, then telling them to scram afterwards. People don't want to participate in that and I don't blame them. You can only do that so many times before that shit gets boring, people have said they were robbed three times within one play session. Strong-arm people, force them to do things for you, do highway tolls, protection rackets. People also don't like how much PvP has increased over the months. Not all hostile RP has to end in an intiation. Offer more interesting RP and the people will come. I don't mind being robbed, but if that's the only hostile RP you have to offer, I will decline to go to popular areas and instead will RP with my group instead. As for the poll, all the suggestions are needed imo.
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    @G19RP managed to stand-off four religious fanatics. Give me your beans you miscreants! Full Video - Roleplay Story Background (in-spoiler)
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    Awimba and his Mercenaries crawl up through the darkness to rescue GenZ. Morning comes and he sees his operative get shot up the hill, he aims in and sees the bastard with the chernarussian colours on his outfit, he breathes in slowly and recites something in Zulu before slowly putting pressure on the trigger of his M14. He gets a bullet in the back of the head and his life flashes before his eyes for a split second before his soul falls into the abyss. Awimba Muncho's life ended by a Chernarussian bullet to the back of the head, alas he shall never be forgotten for in Bantu religion kings and queens live on through the memories of others and so he shall live on forever. f to pay your respects
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    Our active playerbase continues to grow for some unexplainable reason, and we are reaching new records in queue length to the server during peak times. I opened server 2 yesterday to temporarily help this issue, however as we all know it comes with a long list of problems on its own, including using the second server for looting, loot storage and ghosting into bases. At the same time we cannot expect to grow as a community and server if we cannot add additional servers and have enough slots for everyone. I have coded a little addition to the server player check today. What it does is it locks the second server until server 1 is 80% full. This happens automatically and without requiring staff to start/stop servers or do anything in particular. This way both S1 and S2 can stay permanently online, but S2 will only be usable once S1 fills up. Once S1 dips below the player threshold, an announcement will be sent to players on S2 and they will be kicked some time after in order to move to S1. The locked/unlocked status of the servers is displayed on the front page using a lock icon. This status is updated every 5 minutes.
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    The long awaited DayZRP mod "February update" is here. We didn't quite make the release in February because of refactoring a lot of the code and organizing assets, so that features and items created by different developers follow the same format and standard. Now that it is done, hopefully all future work done by the devs will follow this format and we won't have to repeat this process again. Another important change is that we also modified versioning of the DayZRP mod, since version numbers like V9, V10 and V11 didn't really tell people much. We will therefore switch to an easy to understand "Year.month.version" format with this update, for example this first release in March will be "19.3.1" and if we release a bugfix update later this month, it will be "19.3.2" and so on. In this new version we have added the first external content mod - MoreGuns. It adds quite a few high quality and popular weapons to the game, which we hope you will enjoy responsibly We were able to add this mod to our server thanks to @Misho who is a co-author of the MoreGuns mod. Thank you Misho! In order to play on DayZRP server you will have to subscribe to the MoreGuns mod and enable it alongside the DayZRP mod! This new update has added a lot of new versions and colors for existing items, which have been added and are now available in the Item Shop. Please report directly to me through PM or Discord if any variants in the Item Shop are not spawning correctly. Because of the new content added and new item classnames we are forced to fully wipe the server. This means all characters, storage, bases and vehicles will be deleted. Sorry! Full change log for the new update can be found below: Known issues that are being worked on and will have fixes released Soon™: Although we have tested this update for close to two weeks now on a public server, it's highly possible that there are still some other bugs left. Please report those in the DayZRP mod forum.
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    Just as the title say, is it doable? Think it would be a really good option to have if you want to roleplay injured. @dev team
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    Several groups found their way to the beginnings of The Revenants. Through pure coincidence or through seeking them out, they all gradually made their way to become friends. These ties were often made through friends, or even friends of friends. They pulled together through necessity, in a world where there is little trust and little to no hope, they were forced to find to take the opportunity when it made itself obvious to them. The people that were close could see the obvious that was occurring, these people that had come together were slowly forming friendships and a form of brotherhood which was beginning to overtake other things. People were starting to prioritise the people around them, sometimes more than themselves. They could see that if these people were willing to risk their lives for others for the right reasons, then they were the people that could be counted on and Honorable enough to make the overall right decision when it came down to difficult decisions. They saw loyalty and honor in the people around them, all attractive traits and qualities when surrounded by death, deceit and danger. Moody was the Savior to his followers, his guidance and leadership forged a bond and relationship between many lost souls, bringing people back together to communities and pushing towards a united goal. His plan was always to rebuild society under his direction, and that he did in Novaya. He brought in survivors who had been cast out by others and warped their mindset into something productive. His band of outcasts soon gathered traders, farmers, mercenaries and more, all working together to rebuild what had been stripped away from them; society. This goal could only be achieved under Moody’s leadership, he changed the very foundation of people's beliefs and morals. Working together, the Saviors created a survivor sanctuary in Novaya Petrovka. This became a stronghold for those that held the right morals, the will and passion to survive and build a home, a community worth living for. The sanctuary became a place worth spilling blood and fighting for as it upheld the so many different virtues and values that the modern person respected and should deem righteous. Battles and downfalls plagued the path as the Saviors built themselves up from near nothing. People came and went, the best and the most respected stayed, it was only ever the low-lives and the traitors that left, all making up stories to cover themselves as to why they had left. These rumours brought pain and sorrow to the Saviors as they were left largely unchecked, not purposefully, but due to inaction, incorrect prioritisation. In the Aftermath of Moody’s death, his followers and fighters were left lost. Where once there was leadership, guidance and an understanding now only stood confusion, loss and very little hope. The people that followed him, followed him because they were lost, he brought salvation and guidance to their wandering souls. These people had learned from Moody, they had begun to understand his perspective and come to the realisation that there was always a goal for the further future, not just for the here and now. It was with this realisation that a group of the higher-ups of the Saviors came together one miserable grey evening, and began to formulate their plans for the future. They sat and spoke for several hours, working their way through everything. They remembered the good times and the bad. They laughed and they cried, reminded each other of the scars and wounds they’d picked up as they followed Moody countless times into near suicidal assaults. They came to an agreement; Moody had led people together to build a sanctuary for those that understand that there is no giving up and no surrender. Moody had taken it upon himself to declare for the people and to defend them until the end, providing them shelter, law and order and brotherhood. These people had only come together through these learned traits, qualities and benefits that Moody had once provided and wanted to continue to provide. They shook hands. They had been left in a situation hopeless, and the people had already begun to wander away looking for new opportunity or employment elsewhere, looking to make something of their lives which now seemed to be without purpose or goal. Those that remained found their ambition relying in the people that remained and stuck by their side through the thick and thin, those that had tried to stay together even after Moody’s death, whether because they had nowhere else to go, they were lost and sought protection from the fighters that remained or because they had the ready and the willing to support those that stood up to the plate to lead them into the future. When the remnants of the Saviors held the funeral of John Moody, in an undisclosed location to ensure the safety of their friends body, they began to pick up traction from civilians that had been friends with Moody in one way or another. All those that came to pay their respects were treated with respect and honesty. The once Saviors now had the chance to build a new life for themselves, though they weren’t looking to brand themselves as an active group, they knew that people would either be looking for them or hunting them and currently, they weren’t looking for any additional attention, if anything they were looking to get rid of the attention they already had. They took those that wanted to stay with them under their wing, allowing them to camp with them and to lay the foundations of the bond that they had all already built amongst one another. The people that were left, they came from all walks of life; soldiers, lawyers, doctors, farmers and office workers. They weren’t a force nor a company or platoon of remaining warriors ready to take on the world; they were regular people who had formed a community within the bounds of their relations. These people came together, night after night knowing that all they were doing was surviving, they knew that they had near nothing, and were living only day to day, going through daily struggles just to get themselves back to camp as the sun fell. They had no direction or lead. Hope and ambition was beginning to fade and those that remained had begun to once again feel somewhat lost. This was the night when everything was discussed, a large scale meeting for all that could attend that were currently surviving out in the woods,the mixture of old Saviors, old robbers, washed up bandits and the regular people who had learnt how to get by. The meeting was held in a central spot, still hidden away from any prying eyes or ears, and they discussed everything that they thought they were going to need to do and the way they felt they would need to do it in order to both keep themselves going and give them something to work towards. The meeting lasted hours, several of the more confident survivors taking a stand by the campfire to announce their points of view, trying to get a debate and decision made through the discussion of all of their peers. No one wanted to sit still, they knew that hiding in whatever they could produce would never really be a ‘secure’ compound and they would become a target once again, they would be painting the target on their backs and that was the main thing they were trying to get away from. They also knew that they had an affliction towards the innocent people of the land, they knew that they had keen warriors who had been left with a lot of fight and angst left within them, some who sat around the campfire were ready to fight. The meeting ended with the forming of a five man council, this way every major decision that came across the group could be discussed by those that understood the points of view of the majority of the group, the ones that had the confidence to make a hard decision when the survival of both friends and innocents relied upon it. These five people discussed any important issue that would arise, always concluding in a solid outcome as to what they would do about said issues, what action would they take as a people and as a community. These decisions are what formed and structured the community that they slowly grew to love and dedicate themselves to, they were the basis of their actions, the understanding that the camp was pushing for a certain outlook and opinion on something. This quickly lead to a lot of the members of the community of the camps raising the issue that they wanted to help defend some of the innocent people around the land if they could. They had to do something with the warriors that currently sat about cutting wood, preparing camp on a daily basis, these people needed to apply themselves and put their skills to work; the council made the call, they would discuss current conflicts regularly, whether they could help in any way, if they needed to or not, whether it would be worth even going to war to try and defend people that why may not yet be at war? Where leading that way. It was members of the community who had never run with such a large gathering before that questioned whether or not they could have a name or affiliation to relate themselves to. The people of the community had begun to feel an attachment to one another, they proudly announced themselves as friends and comrades and wanted to have a title and easy reference to refer to their camp, something they could all unite behind and build moral from. When this was brought to the council, many of them understood that a lot of what they did now-a-days where actions come around from the lessons they were taught by John Moody, the everyday actions they partook in, their attitudes and understandings of situations, seen through a new set of eyes provided by their past friend. They saw themselves as if a lot of them were trying to recreate some of his personality and views of the world, those that they could resonate the most with. They felt as if they were the Revenants of John Moody. They pushed the vote to the council and it was decided on a unanimous vote; they would declare themselves The Revenants. Long Term IC Goals: -Give survivors the confidence to roam freely around Chernarus without the fear of being captured by a bandit group (Day 660) - Establish ourselves as the “Peacekeepers of Chernarus” (Day 670) - Create peace between other groups. (Day 680) Short Term IC Goals: - Recruit an additional 10 survivors with the same goals as ours (3/10) (Day 620) (Day 660) -Seek out Good willed survivors and assist them in accomplishing their goals (Day 680) - Continue to build the Council up and make it a formidable use of Leadership (Day 615) -Complete- - Disrupt the hostilities in the “Triangle” and cause conflicts to occur away from the civilian populace (Day 630) -Complete- - Ensure that everyone is having a good time IG and out of game - Create group synergy that will help each one of us perform at our best - Upset the balance of good and evil when needed in order for there to be a need for our services - Be civil when talking about issues regarding other groups Council: Clayton Biggsbe Ash Petrov Militia: Ryan Sawyer Edward J Adams Leo Manarello Jay Manarello Tony Manarello Community: Cormac ORee Jason Moreno Scot Dawson Marcus Moreno Alan Dawson Ted Kaylo Malik Manarello Jane Panzer Hank Williams Credits to @Wesley Snow for the logo. @ToeZOG Thank you for all the hard work you put into this group, you have been a great friend and hopefully once things improve you will be back. Much love brotha!
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    Ok. I get that the title is a little high speed and you're already a little upset but hear me out. I play on average two to five hours a day depending on what I do and if it's spread out or not. I used to run into people pretty consistently obviously, I would do hostile RP, I would sit around and shoot the shit with people, I would get taken hostage, I'd do pretty much everything. Just try and cover all grounds in a day to keep things on a constant move and entertaining for myself. I would say if I had to put a number on it, about a month or two ago I would find nearly 40 unique players every day, sometimes more in hotspots. You know how many people I find a day in the past two weeks? Less than five. And that's on a good day. Two days ago I found a single person. One. And that's from running all along the northern highway, checking the triangle, running towards GM and checking everywhere in between. The server was about at 80 and was on about 50 when I got off after giving up after hours and hours of searching for literally any signs of life. I can understand some people want to hide every now and then because there are bandit groups out there and obviously it makes sense to want to breathe every now and then. But good fucking lord. People are hiding and it's killing the enjoyment of the server for myself and many others who don't even do hostile RP. I've even spoken to brand new players that have been here for around a month and they're considering quitting because they simply cannot find any RP at all anywhere. They do the same as me. They just look for hours and give up. People out there that are sitting in their own camps or towns that they know nobody will ever venture to - why? I can understand hiding there if you're actively being pursued by a group maybe and there's strong RP reasoning behind it but I really don't think most of you can justify it. The server is consistently full and almost always nearly full during normal US hours and yet it feels dead as fuck. I really just don't know right now. I have to be active to get off of final and yet I almost don't feel like it's worth it right now, because it's mind numbingly dull to try and find anyone. Whether i'm being hostile, friendly, trying to be a trader, start a fight club, some casual RP, literally anything I try and do feels impossible to enjoy because everyone is hiding. Those who are hiding can you please explain your point of view or stance on this? What do you think the server needs right now? Why is it that you choose to sit in corners of the map for hours in the day? What led to this? What do you think needs to change to make people want to actually go out, and yaknow, ROLEPLAY on a roleplay server? I liked playing and being very active a few weeks ago. Right now I absolutely hate it. And I know that people who are both new and old members, hostile and friendly players, bandits or hero characters all feel the same as me as us all talking together in my TeamSpeak about the subject that prompted this post. This isn't targeted at anyone specific. Mainly because Its not about some people or alot of people. It's about damn near everyone these past weeks I feel like. I'm adding a poll with some blanket statement options to pick and choose from. Please. Engage in the comments and keep it civil. As a community we all need to be able to voice our opinions on matters like this that actually mean something without being attacked for it. Let's all be chill and try and resolve this together because what's going on in game right now simply isn't working.
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    With > 75% votes in favor of adding new anti-rape rule, we will be taking suggestions and discussion ABOUT THE RULE in this thread. Discussion about whether or not the rule should be added, or your personal stance on the subject are not welcome here. Post only about the suggested rule and how it can be made better. I'll start with this: 3.10 You may not force a sexual action upon other characters. All other role play of consented sexual nature needs to be explicitly agreed upon OOC by all involved players. Your reply will be most helpful if you write your own rule suggestion like this.
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    After seeing Dusty's recent amnesty appeal being denied I have to wonder, what's someone's incentive to go through the final process? What's the point if they can just not accept it because...they don't like you I guess? It just seems a little odd to string someone along for three months, never telling them where and if they're slipping up at all, and not even using their one caution just to deny them after three months? He didn't get any posts removed or warned, he was active in game and on the forums, and didn't use a caution and yet he was still denied without being provided any evidence as to what his "bad attitude" on the forums was at all. Is the plan just to string him along for another three months? Is he going to wait six months and not do anything wrong, be active on forums and in game just to be denied again? That's half a year. I don't know. Maybe this verdict would feel less slimy if it had literally any evidence or examples or reasoning behind the denial beyond "Lol we don't like u" to it. But it didn't. Just feels like certain people that aren't liked by staff are just taken for their 50 euros, strung along for three months, and they just kind of hope you slip up and even if you don't, they'll just deny you regardless. To be honest even to this day I'm kind of nervous on the forums because, even if you manage to make it through all that, sometimes you'll just get permed anyways even after being off final. The whole amnesty process seems very flawed and run in a dishonest way to me. I'd love to hear the communities and staffs opinions and reasoning behind this decision though because from where i'm standing, it just seems like you said no because you didn't want to say yes, and not much else.
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    Referring to this thread. Bear in mind, I've never talked to Impostor nor do I know him, but I don't feel safe playing on the server knowing that this was basically just swept under the rug, with a caution? I don't understand the huge discrepancy between the expected punishment and the one actually given. EDIT: @SeversonRP "I think what that rule entails is more on the lines of proper aimboting, or ESP" People have literally got permabanned for duping items, which doesn't even involve third-party software. I have no ill will towards Impostor as I don't even know him or have even interacted with him if ever, but going from a permaban to a simple caution when third-party software is involved? It's been proven that he used it, how do you know he's not using it now?
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    Getting kicked out of staff for going against the popular opinion, yikes!
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    The Old Timers are a group of retirees stranded in Chernarus, who against all odds survived the end of the world. While on a trip to the country with the "Open Arms Retirement Home" the infection hit and they were stuck here. Their carers abandoned them and fled for themselves, leaving the "Old Timers" to fend for each other. This betrayal made them cautious of outsiders and all younger people. They had no one else to look out for them beside each other. Open Arms Retirement Home was a retirement village located in Austin, Texas. They cared for numerous elderly people while still allowing them to live as much of a normal life as possible. People from all around the world were apart of this community. Jim Pickett ,Douglas Montgomery, Jeremiah Woods and Burke Johnson quickly bonded due to their involvement in the Vietnam war. They shared war stories with the other members and were well respected within the Open Arms Retirement Home. One day another member shared his story of how spent 25 years in jail. Charleston King told them about how he lost custody of his kids and it led to him becoming an alcoholic who robbed a family one night while drunk. They felt bad for him and decided to look out for him in the retirement home. These five men began to be known as the "Old Timers" around the retirement home, due to them recalling the past any time they could. Every year during the summer the retirement home would organize a trip for the seniors. It was usually just a weekend journey to a neighboring city but this year they would be going on a trip across southern Europe. This was very exciting for all the old timers, most of them had never even been to outside of the United States. Jim and Douglas relished the chance to see some of the battlefields that their fathers fought in. The trip would take the group all across Europe, first stopping in France. Here they would see the beaches of Normandy before travelling to Paris for a couple of days. Next up they would venture to Italy, seeing the sights of Rome before making their way to Greece to visit the numerous ancient sites. From here they would visit the country of Chernarus before travelling to Russia where their trip would end. The gang at a castle in France The trip was going well and everyone was enjoying it, each of the countries were very interesting to visit. Next up on the list was Chernarus. Everyone was very excited to travel here. After the civil war they had heard great things about the country and were eager to learn more about its history. The Old Timers were particularity interested in the history of the civil war which happened in 2009. During trip to Chernarus they visited the capital city of Novigrad. Here they visited the popular tourist destinations and learned the history of the region. They enjoyed their time here but it was time to leave. Just before leaving however their plane was stopped on the Runway and they were all told to leave it and return to the airport. Their luggage was searched and they were all interviewed about who they were and why they were in the country. They didn't understand why this was happening to them and were not told anything other than they would not be allowed to leave today and had to return to their hotel until they were told they were permitted to depart. Days later martial law was declared in the country and they feared this meant that they were stuck here. A man at the hotel told them that he could arrange for them to fly from a small airfield in the North East of the country to Russia, where they would be able to fly back to the United States. They were weary of this but were desperate to get home before they country destabilized more and it would be unsafe to be there. They all agreed that this was the only way they could leave the country in the near future and all set off on a bus to the small town of Balota. They drove for hours and eventually arrived at the airfield. Here they saw no plane in sight and feared they were scammed. One of their carers exited the bus and went to a nearby building to ask if there would be any plane taking them to Russia. While he was inside the Old Timers were suspicious of how quite the airfield was. They agreed if anything happened they would stick together. A few moments later the carer who went in to the building ran out bleeding heavily. Behind him were two men dressed in military uniforms. The group feared that he was being apprehended by the military for trespassing on the Airfield, but to their horror the two soldiers began tearing the man apart with their mouths. There were numerous screams from the people on the bus and this attracted the attention of the lunatic soldiers. They rushed the bus. The remaining carers tried to get the group off the bus and away but when they were leap at they used the elderly people as human shields before retreating into the woods. The Old Timers stuck together defending each other from any attack before retreating into the woods as well. They ventured further north looking for any help before realizing this was happening all around them. They were disgusted what had happened and what the carers had done to them. They knew they had to stick together to survive and that they could only trust each other. @GMAK - Jim Pickett @Ryan Shepherd - Jeremiah Woods @Challenger - Douglas Montgomery @Cuchulainn - Charleston King @brk - Burke Johnson - Ensure the survival of the Old Timers [Indefinite] - - Find a suitable home for the Old Timers [Day 650] - - Establish good relations with groups [0/5] - - Explore the region [Day 670] - Graphics by @Banshee
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    "Hold me up, hold me down. Numb me high, twist my frown upside down. Clutch my heart, watch me go. You look sad….Here, clear your head take some Red." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Comfort” was a drug seen first in Novigrad a few months after the outbreak. It began at first as a small time drug for people who could not afford the stronger drugs seen on the streets at the time (such as heroin, crack or cocaine). As the drug trade began to weaken in Novigrad, people started investing into alternatives and comfort became one of the strongest used drugs by people in these areas. The exact origin of the drug in itself is unknown to most, however during its time there have been many forms and variants of the drug in itself. Others known as Red Mist, Bliss, Empty. However the more common and popular term and strain of the drug will always be known as “Comfort”. The drug in itself became a staple in the end of the underground movements in Novigrad, where the people that controlled the trade, basically controlled the districts. Gangs such as the “The Runners”, “Empty Heads” “Toy Troopers” and the “Peppermint Chaps” however after the fall of the military curfew the drug control fell mainly in District 7 under the control of “The Runners” and Bodgans men. The drug in itself is a very strong antidepressant, the drug after being consumed leaves the user with an extremely strong sense of emotional voidness, what they tend to call “Feeling nothing”. Users are more relaxed, less troubled but at the same time, they have little to no emotional response or ability until the high weakens. Once the drug begins to weaken, the user enters a “Comfort down” where the emotions start to pile in leaving the user emotionally crippled. This down could be extreme joy, happyness, hornyness, anger, fear or even sadness. The duration of the down depends on the user of the drug, some people have shorter downs than others but the elderly and young tend to suffer longer effects of the comfort down. The drug in itself in its most common for is seen as a small red pill, the size of an average thumbnail with small little white dots around the coating of the pill. The drug in itself is mainly seen to be taken via pill format however it can be snorted if grounded up and it is also commonly injected with other drugs (mainly heroine) to see a stronger high for the users. A picture of an early example of Comfort (In red) and its failed copy attempt (White). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While under the effects of "Comfort" the drug in itself provides little to no psychical effects seen on the users. However once they reach the high, there is a dilution of the eyes along with slower thought process time but with quicker natural reflexes. Users are hard to pick out in crowds as they seem just to be "mellow" until the "Comfort Down" comes in. This is when the user is at their most dangerous as users start to feel all of a sudden the sudden rush of hormones and emotions that have been suppressed for the last couple of hours (An actual comfort trip's length is dependent on many factors however the longest a trip would last in total would be 7 hours). Users tend to act irrational, conflicting and dangerous until the trip finally mellows out, as they finally come back to reality. As the drug is extremely addictive (on an emotionally level for weak minded individuals), it is said that it takes only a couple to start bringing a dependency onto the drug, a dependency to feel that joyful state of bliss, a feeling of nothingness. With this, comes heavy side-effects such as they tend to have flashbacks or visual and auditory hallucinations (Of negative experiences of emotions) or/and extreme mood swings. When this drug is taken on long periods, especially if mixed with heroine, it produces a side effect known as "Red Veins". Like Junkie veins produced by Heroine, Comfort due to its colouring inside the drug, produces bright red vain marks around areas of injection. This is only produced when injecting the drug and is the only "known" physical side effect seen on a user These Comfort trips become more and more dangerous to the user for longer periods of use of comfort. There are cases known in which comfort caused mental breakdowns behaviour , comparable to Bipolar disorder or Schizophrenia. The users tend to suffer extreme flashbacks to trauma or important factors of their life that shaped them. The users find it harder and harder to focus on daily tasks to the point they might have trouble identifying reality from a “Comfort trip”. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The exact ingredients of the drug in itself is unknown to a lot of the survivors of South Zagoria as only recently has the drug been showing itself in these lands. With few actual people able to recreate the drug in itself. The process and the method behind the drug is in its current state unknown to most of the public, however those that have gathered information on it, with its content have discovered these following ingredients: High levels of Prozac and Lexapro are found in the content of the drug. Depending on its level of purity the drug can also be seen mixed with other day to day items to attempt to “strengthen” the high. Some traces of petrol, washing powder however after attempts in recreating the drug, they can never fully pull off the classic shiny red with white dots look that "Comfort" is known for. These experiments of the drug are failed versions of "Comfort" and are far less potent to actual comfort, seen mainly as a failed attempts to recreate actual Comfort. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current distributors are within the "Dead Batteries in itself" however this shall expand in the future as this drug is just starting to show itself on the server.
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    Lmao Dusty got the YEEET cus the staff doesn't like him
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    But I solved the problem no? Your problem is with staff abuse, I took away the tools, staff abuse is no longer possible. I'd say that is a satisfactory outcome. Many other punishments were issued, but those are my own and staff internal matters that community does not necessarily need to know about. Obviously my opinion as the owner. Remember that I'm always here for you, every single one of you. I'm not a member of any groups, all my friends are dead, I don't even play the game. I'm as unbiased as it gets around here, even if I tend to lean towards campfire RP/Anti-PvP side of things. PM me if you believe any staff members are doing something shady, I take these things very seriously.
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    “Well aren’t you a pretty one?” Snickered the masked man as he opened other's man’s jaw, placing a spoon across his teeth, making a slight pinging sound as it traces by them. “Still got all your fucking spikey sharpies and hello!” He gasps in excitement. “All in place it seems! What a lucky one we have here gotta boi’s, your mama would be proud of you no?” Belittles the man with a grin behind his covered face, softly slapping the man’s face with the metal spoon. “So ya get a good meal out of everything, eat well and looks like ya ma’s taught you well bug” He continued ranting under his muffled mask, slowly getting to his feet, looking around what was a high tire apartment block. His footsteps crackling on the broken glass, side stepping towards the other masked men in the room, looking over the city view of Chernarus. “The cunt’s got more sharpies than the dogs back at home lads! We all know what that could mean don’t ya? Andrei’s been looking for a fiiiinee set of nashers ever since that fight back with Bogdan and you sir.” The man turns towards the sitting man on the chair with his mouth wide open, held by the same spoon sideways while the other masked men pointing an old broken pistol at his face. “Mmm, you sir are going to be a willing…”unwilling” contribution to our course one that well...is going to need some sort of “distraction” while my good friend here accepts your contributions towards us.”The man, now with a small little knife in his hand squats right in front of the tied up man, resting the knife on his leg leaning on him as they level eye contact. “But don’t worry, we got some music for you, and hell if you keep quiet enough...maybe a little story, see? Afterall, we are guests to your home and it would be soo ruuude of us if we” *Chuckles slightly* “Well, didn’t repay the host now, should we?” “Now!” He claps his hands suddenly at the man, rubbing both his palms together. “Let’s have another look at those fine snappers of yours, turn on the music, we neeed…. some...motivation!” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://my.mixtape.moe/vsrbej.mp3 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our home, back in Novigrad, bugs, pets and insects would band together like herds of animals. These cunts would form groups that focus on helping each other survive, scavenge together and protect each other from the ever growing threat of those brainless meatbags. At first it was communal (Like brav’s and sis’s and that shit right?,) parts of the cities would help out each other out. Neighbours supported neighbours, fam’s stuck with each other or friends bounding together for was to them a never ending nightmare. But all weren’t mindless bugs. Smart wankers, like minded curva would gang up to help each other the so called opportunists of the city who would prey on others for their own benefit. Many went by different names: Raiders,hooligans Bandits, thieves, zloději and criminals. Some of these other groups were killed off by the meatbags.-Little Bugs were killed by the ever growing presence of raiders. Survivors that turned to violence and intimidation tactics while others turned to internal fighting. But we remained strong. We survived the initial test that was imposed upon us enough to keep on going. There was not many of us probably around eleven or so all together from the beginning. We all bound together once the military took control of the streets, nearly everybody had a gun or weapon back where we lived but those Tinheads were not ready for such an infestation, they were more trained in scratching their ass’s than firing a weapon. That made weapons resourceful making us resourceful. We knew where to search for supplies and how to make the most out of what we had. Numbers don’t matter in these situations. Those fucking pricks that “survive” because of numbers need to take that stick out of their ass. We survived because we tested these idiots, we survived because we pushed the boundaries and thought outside the box that people safely locked themselves in. Even when it is at it’s worst, people always try and look for the positive in life, even when your uncle Nikola is abusing your little sister for his own sick pleasures. They kept telling each other “they will survive”. Grow up and let your balls drop. Nobody truly knows what life means until you have experienced the shit it gives to you. It just takes that one day to show you that nothing is fucking important and fucking going around being a carebear and praising yourself for being a white little skinny virgin looking for his first “date” is a complete waste of fucking time. All that matters is ourselves and even thieves amongst men, the strongest will always survive, he or she will guide us. He or she will lead our pack throughout these wastes, after all who gives a fuck when you have all the wacky in the world and more tits to suckle on than a pimp without business eh? This is what kept us going despite our “low” numbers our own needs and desires. Some learn it the hard way. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You would try and keep yourself under wraps with the tin-heads guarding your backs in the early days. Their job was simple: To keep the streets clean and to be that middle man, they would be our guards, postmen and supplies all in one tight nit package. The only way to know of the outside world was through them They did what they could but local bums would keep raiding them and their food supplies, arms, bullets hell I even remember witnessing one of the kids from “Empty Heads” try and steal a tank for an initial test, fucker got fried though. This just showed one thing to not only the raiders but to anybody who lived in the cities: the Tin-Heads won’t last. Charlie fucking called it though, soon some fucker in the tin-heads while their commander was on a on patrol gunned him down in our sector. Bastard didn’t stand a chance against three auto’s on his back. This is when The Tin’s changed their policy and didn’t care about the sectors anymore and just took what they wanted. They wanted food or water? Someone to work for them? Fuck even if one of the pricks was horny it was the same old drill: six men armed to the teeth would walk down the alleys demanding it. Most just went along with it cause if you didn’t they would just open the gates letting the brain dead in. That was the fate of some of our neighbours. “Flower Men of Peppermint” didn’t have guns or weapons and relied on either the Tin’s or the local gangs for protection against the meatbags so there wasn’t much for them when the gates were flooded. Each of us remember exactly what we were doing that night when the gates were opened, the screams and begging you could hear through the gunfire. Very few of them survived and those who did ended up as pet toys and puppets for the tin-heads. From that point on everybody started calling the Tin-Heads Runners. Because it was a name that their leader Bogdan had for them. He would chase you with their pet hounds if you were caught out at night or breaking Runner Rule, it was a manner of sport for them. You could call it a game in such a sense where they had what they needed, they controlled what they wanted and lived the way they decided. Safe to say that very few dared to touch them and after a few weeks of this continuous behavior from the The Runners and in an odd sense they were more fucking organized than when they were still the Tin-Heads. Can’t help it but you have to admire the leader type when you meet one and this prick ruled with an Iron fist and swinging his cock around enough times to blind out any virgin mary, plus he had the firepower behind him to back up his desires. Sure he had a Ego-wanking habit and spewed more shit from his mouth than his ass but the man got shit done and hell, he got what shit he wanted. There was more “protection” with him in charge and the “Empty Heads” were more like their little attack dogs, compared to the Pit Bulls that were the Runners. It didn’t take long until most raiders, clans or fucking insects joined up with the Runners. Whether or not it was voluntary or by force it really didn’t matter much, you don’t bite from the hand that feeds you as the old expression goes. After a few months there was nobody within a few square miles that would try and touch runners turf at least the main bulk inside runner territory. However on the outskirts it was a different story. They focused on internalising their space were on the outskirts they would have people like us, myself and other survivors that they regularly called Fodder. A sort of meat shield against the other Raiders and especially the “Toy Troopers”, a local group that took control of various gun and weapon stores on the outskirts of the city. If it wasn’t the hassle from the Runners one evening it was these cunts from the other side and on a lucky night it was the meatbags. They were more a pest than an actual threat and were good target practice for the most part but you would still have those rare nights when a huge city horde would pass by and even with all our target practice we always needed the Runners help. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is where it went too far for us, day in and day out we were fucked on each end by either the living or dead, our own or others. This is what life was for us and how far we were tested by it, a fucked up asshole stretched further than a hookers pussy. Afterall, it just took that one push, that slip of the tongue or stepping of the toe to finally make meat of us all. Can’t really tell in all honesty when this all happened but we all know how it went down when things turned to the worst.You tend to stop counting and caring about the days after a while and those who did normally ended up with a rope fetish. At first we would look and it was shocking, then the shock value would just turn into dread. Now? We do nothing else but laugh about it, can’t help but smirk thinking about one choking himself off both ends as his salute away to the Runners and the rest, a fucking fat big bird right at the cunts. But we needed them back then and they knew that when it happened. I remember well when Andrei returned from the usual “pick me up” downtown past former “Empty Head” turf with the blankest expression I ever saw on him in my life. A horde, the size of a football stadium six streets down south on Trooper and Silver Turf, little but nothing remained there, explaining the extensive noise over the last few nights of gunfire now ending with a chilling silence. We were left with little option, once again we had to ask for help from the Runners, once again we had to get on our knees and lick whatever they wanted so we could survive the following horde attack. But this was not the case this time. Bogdan knew we needed their help desperately this time, using this to his and the Runners advantage there was only one price for their protection. So the cunt looked at us, I remember his gaze and the presence of control he had over his men at their stronghold at the city center one that reeked of not only men that hadn’t showered for months but of gunpowder, gas and chemicals used for their drug line. We sat there like obedient pups only to be told one thing would save our lives: Our Women. This was a constant problem for them, within the original ranks of the Tin Head’s they had zero to no women so most of them would come from other turfs or were captured in their local night parties in their territory to boost their ever dying ranks of women. In those days as Bogdan would always say: if you wanted to live under runner reign, you run by runner rules, fucker always thought himself as the new Valle In-Clan with his forked tongue. This for us was our snapping point were we would take no more of his bullshit, we all knew what would happen if we gave up our families and friends to them and this is where enough was enough and left the camp all with the same thing on our minds, the same objective and same desires: Run the Runners out. We returned back one hand empty but the other with a gun in our hands loaded to the brim with bullets. We knew they would come if we didn’t reply to them within 24 hours, it was a rule that Bogdan likes to have to put a little bit of pressure on those inside Runner turf so we set up at our homes, preparing traps behind the walls, guard posts on the roofs and cars blocking all back and front entrances readying ourselves for the fuckers to walk right into, no longer would we sit back and let them take from us, no more shall we allow them to abuse us and use us we are in control and this what was said: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We know things are bad. Worse than bad. They're crazy. It's like everything everywhere is going crazy so we don't go out anymore. We sit in a house as slowly the world we're living in is getting smaller and all we say is, "Please, at least leave us alone in our living rooms. Let me have my toaster, and my TV, and my steel belted radials and I won't say anything. Well I'm not going to leave you alone. I want you to get mad! All I know is first you've got to get mad. You've got to say, "I'm a human being, God Dammit! My life has value!" So, I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window, open it, and stick your head out, and yell, "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!" _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Did you expect a hero’s story sweetheart? Where the princess finds her husband and we all find the Garden of Eden? It was a fucking slaughter,the fuckers gunned us down one by one quicker than a slaughterhouse killing of a herd of animals. Face the facts,we stood no chance at that moment against the former Tin-Heads but we did gain something from within their ranks: A respect. Very few actually challenged them at this point of their rule, they were always looking for people who would say no and prove their worth. This is what they looked for somebody to prove their worth just like how they said no back when Bogdan shot down his old boss. Those who survived were taken in, either as slaves, bags or as future fighters like myself. Our women were put into use as they desired and our children were either put into the care of the Runner Elite or put into cheap labour, children required less food and less to drink so why waste supplies on feeding full adults in labour work? It wasn’t a simple process though, we were chained up like animals, our mouths covered by a mask to silence us and dehumanize us, making us their Pups training us like wild animals to become a trained killer. Simple things of obedience, being told that you had to sit when they told you to sit, it was drilled into your head from the beginning and from the moment we entered the camp. The fact that we were allowed to live because of what we could bring to the pack. No matter how much you hated Bogdan for what he did to us, what he did to our families and women there was one thing that you always had for him, that was respect. He taught us what it truly meant to survive here in this world and what it took here in this shitfest. At first it was hard, shooting a man because you had to or robbing a family because you must but if you didn’t you would have been shot yourself and the more you think about it that's all that matters: Ourselves. We learnt that if we all strive together for our best trying to push each other it will push others with us. An Alpha chain and pack were the those strongest would climb, while the weaker would get shot or serve as a pet. We served under him, served under the Runners for months working with them gaining their trust and slowly becoming our own family not by choice but by necessity. What never kills us shall only make us stronger and we must be the strongest. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ @Stagsview- Vilem Sortec @AndreyQ - Kevin Nivek @Para - Radek Svarc @Castiel - Drazan Kovac @Craig Brutus North @Terra -Betka Komarek @Ron - Vadim Hora @Elmo -Sebastoam Sladek @Smixxa -Lenka Volek @neom -Franklin Miller @Majoo - Vanessa Volasek / Kristof Vrana @Tony - Felix Gilmore @Kordruga - Vlad Visus @Jannik -Benjamin Knudsen @Cals - Lev Dashenka @Charlie -Charles Richthofen @DrMax Havel Kominsky _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Former Alphas: Bodgan bulavar @Roman Killed 25th of March 2019 by @Stagsview in a cue for power. Was knifed and then shot by @Mademoiselle only to be finished by the rest of the cue members. His reign lasted for 1 year and was succeeded by Vilem "Buzzo" Sorted. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Current Alpha: Vilem Sortec Vilem Sortec (Buzzo) Current objectives: -Set up Bodgans Raider radio station and begin transmitting {Location found, objective extended, whould be done by day 730, Buzzo got lazy} -Fully integrate "Comfort" into households in south Zagoria {Ongoing and virtually completed. Expect integration: day 710} -Breeding program. Our men are hungry and need entertainment to keep moral up. {Completed, Charles is the new bike} -Slowly destroy Hope's little organisation by picking at her members one by one, end up finally hitting her with the pipe. (Completed) -Maintain control of the Raiders within their ranks {Completed} -Rykers boys are fun sport. Hunt them down, one by one and bring them under the foot of the horde. Discourage and break Ryker (Expect completion: day 675) - The Toymakers taunted us. Find the snake and bite the head off (Expected completion: day 680) -Find the beautiful man, Buzzo wants a word (Expected completion: day 690) -Execute the Doctors, easy sport..but meddling with our affairs. (Expected completion: day 730) -White Vader must be stopped. Purge the curse of the batteries from Chernarus (Expected completion: day 685) -Rape, pillage, plunder and control (Ongoing, it never ends) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our group in reality as it currently stands has no goals as they are basically “survivors”. There is nothing original about this group besides we are trying to bring a new flavor what it means in “Bandit RP”. The group is based off of hord/alpha mentality and our actions will be determined by the leader who leads the group. The name could change as the leader changes along with the playstyle of the group and the objectives. More information in regards to our objectives are found on our private documents that have been provided towards the Loremasters and will also be able for those who apply for the group itself. We hope to bring something special with this group. Here we also have a link to our private lore: Comfort _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Interested in joining? We are always looking for new members, regardless of age and experience. Just fill out this format and sent it to @Stagsview @Elmo @AndreyQ One thing i do have to do. Is Thank Both Valkerion and Fox for the help with design of the group. Both great lads and miss you both xx. And a last note. This is a huge thank you to all those involved in the project : @Para @Terra @Ron @Elmo @Craig @Smixxa @Castiel @AndreyQ @Tony @Majoo @Kordruga @neom Age: Country(Timezone): DayZRP Experience: Previous Clans: Experience with Russia/Russian culture: Explain to us what you understand from the lore: What is your favourite 80’s track? Why would you like to join us?: Your activity in a week: Brief backstory: Character skills: What role would suit you best?: Suggestions for the group: Extras:
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    Hey, massive scene maker here. I've got some feedback after a recent conversation with Jackfish: Currently, y'all do really enjoy those jeans and flecktarn jackets, and I don't blame ya, they do look good. But do you know who else enjoy them? Your mortal enemy. See there is a long history since the civil war of NAPA hunting down Russians and Ex-Chedaki, slaughtering them, torturing them and ultimately committing genocide. It's almost as if remnants of Chedaki would not dress like their mortal enemy Upon explaining this to Jackfish I was met with a comment about how great y'alls roleplay are, but I genuinely couldn't take you seriously as Communist Chedaki if you dressed like NAPA. Compare it to NAPA dressing up in all black with the ChDKZ beret on, and pretending nothing is wrong This deep underlying hatred for eachother should be a driving factor in despising everything about eachother. You already despise NAPA and CDF, and one of your goals it to eradicate them, so why dress like them? I hope you reconsider changing that uniform, cause to me personally, it's lorebreaking as fuck. /end of feedback
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    Question you’d like to ask: Why was the whitelist dumbed down so much? And do you think that the whitelist being as unbelievably easy as it is now has anything to do with some of the less than stellar RP showcased in recent reports?
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    //All of clyde's drawings and designs/blueprints. Hope you guys enjoy.
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    Hey so I recently asked on the staff Q and A topic about this but honestly i've seen cases of it personally at least two times a day every single day for the past month, and heard about it from plenty of others experiencing it too, so I thought i'd get an early community and staff opinion on the subject on the topic. So recently-ish the whitelist has been dumbed down quite a lot. Like an incredible amount. When I first took the whitelist again when I came back on Amnesty in January it was so easy I just assumed that it was a special kind of whitelist that was just a formality that amnesty players would have to take when they came back. This however proved not to be the case as I was later told that the whitelist was just super easy now. It consists of a handful of questions, no lore questions, and a small backstory. That's it. Now I had concerns over this but overall didn't care because the only way it effected me was letting me get back in faster and easier than before. I remember back when I first joined it was a near week long process to get in. I deadass probably studied some of the shit harder than I studied for a math test because after failing the whitelist my first two attempts back then, I didn't want to fail a third time. I cannot imagine anyone failing this iteration of the whitelist, more over, I cannot imagine anyone having to put anything even resembling effort into it. And that's where I think the problem is coming from. You see in game a lot of us can attest to this. We've been constantly running into people with zero concept of the rules of the community, the lore of the server, and what even counts as roleplay. I've run into two people a day on average that talk to me OOC in game. "Hey i'm going to relog i'll be back" or "Yeah my base is at the edge of the map" or "YOU'RE SO GETTING REPORTED FOR THIS KID GOOD LUCK" or the classic "This is a rulebreak what the fuck" or "I don't care if it's a bannable offense im going to shoot this guy next time I see him" and earlier today I ran into several people who claimed that not only had the infection just begun, but that they had crashed into their helicopter ON THEIR WAY BACK TO THE US FROM THEIR TOUR TO IRAQ FOR THE WAR THERE and that they had no clue how they "Awoke on this island of Chairnaroose". It's honestly baffling. I know I give some people shit for being RP boomers when they say shit like "Maaaaaan back in 2015 things were so much better" but I mean, I can definitely say that this shit happened almost never in '16 '17 and '18. This happens every single day now. And I think it's because the whitelist is so incredibly braindead right now. Sorry if that comes off rude but that's just how I feel about it. It's so unbelievably easy that almost zero effort has to go into it. And you know what the result of people that have to put zero effort into getting in is? Shit like this Just no concept of rules. @Elmo is lucky that he's a professional PVP'r or this man might've killed him for seemingly no reason. Or how about when @Strawberry was held up and forcefully going to be injected with blood by his captors yesterday where he said "//no OOC perms for that" and they reply in voip "WHAAAALE UR GUNNA GIVE ME PURMEEESHUN OR WE R GUNNA BLOW UR BRAINS OUT BUD" Honestly I could list countless things that have happened but I'm sure people that read this post will list their own experiences with it. The amount of reports and replies and POV's we've seen in recent reports and shit we've all seen in game speaks for itself. The new whitelist may not be the only issue but it certainly plays a role in this kind of stuff. If it requires almost zero vetting and no effort to get in this is what happens. So I guess my question is: Will the idea of reworking the whitelist even be entertained because of this? What will be changed about it? And have any of you experienced similar things in game, and if so, please tell me down below. It's to the point where if I'm running into people I don't know OOC the odds of them asking me OOC in voip or just not really understanding the rules rises astronomically. It can be funny to me sometimes but mostly just annoying to run into this constantly in game. Just feels like the standards are slipping really, really hard lately.
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    Oh MY oh my. I have no idea as to why this was marked as a false report. Or NVFL As an ex gamemaster myself but then again maybe times have changed and I'm just stupid. But never have I EVER considered a single punch to a man's face to be met with being sprayed down, NVFL. Guys in staff, I implore that you take a second look at this report carefully. I've never seen such an outcome for a situation like this before.
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    Whilst I understand the arguments made by players who don’t wish for their characters to be constrained by an imposed system of morality. However, I think it is naïve optimism to believe that a mere ‘//’ will protect players from all manner of unwanted predations. In these scenarios, consent is not often asked for but taken for granted. This makes new players particularly vulnerable, as many of them remain unaware that they have a right to refuse actions which make them feel uncomfortable. Experienced members of the community are not immune either, for there are those who may be pressured into giving consent for fear of being labeled a ‘snowflake RPer’, someone who isn’t willing to engage in the dark side of RP. Even actions which begin with consent, may become increasingly uncomfortable for the person playing the victim, to the point where they want it to stop, but feel unable to withdraw their consent in case they cause a fuss. Additionally, as mentioned by others, regardless of the rating of the game, we have minors on the server now, and to be honest, even as an adult I’m uncomfortable witnessing emotes of that nature. Consent cannot be extended to all players who enter the vicinity of such actions, and as such cannot be allowed to occur. And let’s be honest with ourselves. The vast majority of instances where this has occurred in the past, players have not taken the subject matter with the degree of sincerity that it is owed, and have instead used it perversely, to humiliate and brag.
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    Wait, am I reading in the comments people are doing RapeRP in detail while IG to get some sort of cheap "keklmao I totally raped her, look at my screenshots/recording" bragging rights? LMAOWHAT. Wtf. Holy cringe. Those people need to be snuffed out from the community, why are they even here? They're not here to actually Roleplay, they're here to swing their e-dicks around and try and get some sort of weird jerk off fantasy going. I can't believe what I'm reading right now. Now I see why some people are VERY upset about this topic.
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    you can whip me if I misbehave
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    I do apologise first for the format I'm typing this. However I am doing this on my phone. The idea that I have is that due to a lot of the silly campfire vs hostile discussion going on, the main block of all this are the people involved in heavy and large groups. What I'm suggesting is that we could make the first step in improving transparency and actually have communication between clan leaders in a dedicated channel in the dayzrp discord. This way it can be monitored by staff, easy to manage and doesn't have to be hosted constantly by an outside force (like if the host suddenly goes afk for donkeys years). The idea is to improve communication between the clans, a less isolated approach and even a compromise between parties if per say: a report might up and leaders can discuss first, exchange ideas for concepts, improve on communication between parties... Break the ice between lots of people. Most importantly try and make rp fun for everyone. The idea isn't fully fleshed out... However I would like to hear ur guys thoughts on the matter? I tried this in a one on 2 with @Ducky and @Stannis before... Why don't we try this in a larger level?
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    @JackZRP @perqe @Zorull
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    I was wondering about Amnesty recently as the idea came into my vacuous head. I know of a few people that have been denied amnesty, and that’s fine, but why are some people allowed to come back if they pay a bigger fee than normal amnesty and all is forgiven and all the caveats to amnesty are thrown out the window? The only things that still apply to amnesty is  Amnesty is only available to those who have not been banned for illegal activity, harassment or cheating. So how come it is that certain people who publicly harassed players post perma ban and during their perma ban very recently have been unbanned regardless just for paying more than the normal fee for amnesty? Does this apply to all? Can some of my friends pay 200 euro’s to be unbanned regardless of the amount of time spent banned, severity of the ban, what they did on their way out or anything like that? If so, you should add this to the amnesty page as it’s a little disconcerting to see some people who were only banned a few months ago and doing something far more severe than others who were banned YEARS ago in some cases and being outright denied regardless of the amount they offer.
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    *To the people that were at that party when this shit happened, like IRL I hope you enjoy reminiscing on that night(You know who you are). I've wrote this out so I can reference it easily. I always have issues referencing my own lore that I make up so I wrote this so I can reference it easily. Only thing that isn't 100% true is the name, we never gave ourselfs a name. We were just a group of mates. Obviously I've had to edit some stuff out to make it well, DayZRP lore friendly... Everything after the house party bit is 100% not real.* " It was a dark night in Manchester. The Collins Gang had just finished Secondary School and were on their way to a house party. Although none of them knew what they wanted to do with their life, they felt a sense of peace inside them, knowing that they're now free. Free to do whatever they like and follow their own path, They've left the steel bars that was their Secondary School and could finally live exactly how they wanted too. They never actually called themselves The Collins Gang, but everyone just looked to Benny, T, Carl, Elliot and Luke as the well, you know the group in your Secondary School that everyone liked and pretty much could get away with whatever the fuck they wanted? Yeah these lot were them. Although, whilst I'm telling this story I'll refer to them as The Collins Gang just to make stuff easy. There were so many members of the Collins Gang heading towards this house party. Noteable people were people such as Benny, T and Carl Smith. These three along about 15? 16? people all turned up at this really nice house's door. I'm talking really nice, like full on fucking posh house. I suppose it was a posh girls party, I mean fuck the only reason they were actually invited was because T was shagging one of the posh girls friends. As the host opened the door, you could only describe as shock hit her in the face. I mean there she was, having a nice classy end of year party, and a group of 15 all turn up, all standing there, mostly all dressed in black, apart from T, who had a beige tracksuit on. Thinking about it, some of them actually had face masks on, I mean it was cold after all. As the group headed into the house party, it all went silent. I swear to god I can't make this shit up, the music was turned off and all the posh girls and fucking over-privileged lads all looked in shock. Within minutes the house tunes were turned off and some heavy drum and bass tunes came on and nearly blew that fucking speaker. As the group all split off into their own little sub sections of the house, Benny and Carl both went into the kitchen and went into the kitchen to get a drink. Benny had a bottle of Grants Whiskey in his backpack whilst fucking Carl had a 24 back of Stella... What a lad. Benny and Carl began to start socialising with the girls around them, doing shots and then suddenly out of fucking nowhere one of the girls named Sophie whips out a bag of coke from her handbag. Like I shit you not at least 3 grams of the stuff. That's at least £90. Whilst Benny didn't touch anything other than weed, Carl went right in there and sniffed a line off the table they were sitting at. Pretty sure that Carl ended up shagging her. Anyway.. Now you've got to keep in mind... These were private school girls... Seeing this was fucking nuts. Benny went out for a cheeky cig and saw T smoking a vape and went over to him and had a chat with him. Benny and T had always been brothers, even before the end of school. They met in Year 7 and had been tight ever since. Even though Benny was a white lad and T was black, his family treated them as one of their own. Even though they weren't the same colour, they were brothers regardless. It takes a lot more than blood to become family. As the pair were standing there, laughing and joking away, they heard something. Something that sends shivers down every single underage house party in the UK. That one word that everyone stops what they're doing and dips." Feds " Before they could even react, all the people they came to the party with all began to start hopping the fence and full on fucking sprinting down the road. See, here's the thing with that though. Benny and T wern't really assed. Like, they both had nothing on them apart from about what 8 fags and a couple of MLS of E-Liquid. That and Ben and T were the only ones out of their group wearing something other than Black. However, Ben wanted to bolt it with the rest of The Collins Gang. But T grabbed him by the arm and said " act cool, we'll be fine ". Surprisingly, the girl that T was meant to be shagging said that it wasn't them that were causing the issues to the police when the came over and attempted to talk with them. The police searched both of them and found nothing and then yeah, the usual police shit that they do and left. You know the funniest fucking thing about all that? As the police left the house, T and Benny thought they were the two of the only few people left at the party who they came with... It fucking turns out right, fucking Carl comes fucking sliding down the stairs out of his mind, like literally sliding down the banister and starts chatting shit about Manchester City Football Club. Swear to god he fucking pulled it off as well... But yeah, Carl was out of his fucking nut after sliding down a large set of stairs. He looked at both Benny and T and says " What the fuck happened boys? Where's the lads? ". Benny burst out laughing whilst T stared in disbelief. I honestly don't know how Carl didn't hear all the commotion. Everything quieted down and surprisingly it turned out to be a decent night for the lads that stayed. It surprised Benny and T the most, as these were two like, well people who weren't posh and the females and males around were posher than a fucking bowl of caviar. They were actually pretty cool with them. Later on in the early hours of the morning, a few of the lads came back and joined up with Benny and T. The lads that came back were actually very good mates with Benny and T and only came back because they were there... So as time went on and people disconnected with each other... You know, that's the thing that happens once you leave school. Benny, T and the rest of the lads that came back after the police came decided to stay very close with each other. I guess that's what you can call them now, if you want to... The Collins Gang. The name comes from Benny's second name, Collins. T has a madness of a second name so that idea went out the window. The Collins Gang decided they wanted to leave Manchester, and start up their own little business. Granted it wasn't always 100% legal, but that's just life. Benny was the quick and stealthy one. He usually dealt with all the robbing of things, but he was always really quiet about it. He wasn't the robbing people at knife point type and chose his targets wisely. He robbed people that he felt like needed to be robbed and taught a lesson. He just swiped things without people knowing, hence the quick and stealthy approach. T was the dealer type, counterfeit goods, drugs and anything worth something... He was the one that sold it. The others of the group all did their own little things, car jacking, intimation, blackmail stuff like that. Eventually they all had enough money to fuck off somewhere else. They thought about going to spain, but fuck that... Benny can't stand heat. T wanted to go to fucking Russia for some reason, but Benny didn't like that, he thought he would get killed by a communist. In the end, they all agreed on a place.. Chernarus. They liked this palce because they felt like they could easily capitalise on the poor over there, with T's negotiation skills and Benny's well, skills...So they fucked off from Manchester Airport, cash in suitcases and started their adventures there from there... They had a home right in middle Chernagorsk. Nice fucking house too... Had enough rooms for everyone, and had every single extra thing you could think of. A Gym; swimming area, pool rooms all that stuff. They were living good and the sky was their limits. As the group of lads grew and matured... They remind me a lot of the Las Vegas Lifestyle. All dressing smart, drinking the finest alcohol... They had it all. But, they couldn't enjoy it... They were always looking over their shoulder... They took the easy route. Illegally climbing their way to the top. That's pretty much it, that's how that crew came together. Last I heard they were in Russia fucking around with The Cartels and stuff, but god knows if that's true... But to be honest, I miss those guys. They were pretty fucking relaxed. But don't ever get to close to them, Benny could rob you blind or T could sell you some spice that'll paralyse you. Fuck knows if they're alive. Granted, I was one of them.... But I couldn't live the way they were living, fast and free.... So here I am, sitting around in this shithole that we moved too. Then Benny met a guy called Willy and he helped a bit. 1) Never give out the location of The Hideout. 2) Never steal from a member of The Collins Gang. 3) Never use violence unless it's 100% necessary. 4) Respect your elders, and mentor the younger's. 5) Never reveal your true intentions to anyone outside The Gang. 6) Inform everyone in The Gang of hostility's you've encounter. 7) Every encounter you go into, you plan to befriend, not make an enemy. .8) Everyone has potential, it's up to them to find it. 9) Silence is our skill, not our weakness. 10) If you kill, make it clean. 11) Destroy any and all evidence. 12) Don't get fucking caught. 13) Don't make a move to early. 14) Change your outfit and accent regularly if possible. 15) Target items that will sell at a high price. 16) Stop when you're ahead. 17) Diplomatic approach and living is better than the big balls approach and dying. 18) Every action you take must benefit all of us and not just your personal gain. 19) When in doubt, a bullet isn't the way out. No cowardice. 20) Betrayal of the group means death. " The C " - Member of The Collins Gang " The Club " - Stolen something and made a profit " The Diamond " - Stolen something and made a profit whilst keeping the item. " The Heart " - Risked your life for a member of The Gang " The Spade " - Cleaned up after yourself. " The Roulette Table " - Took a risk and it paid off. " Roses " - Avenged a member of The Gang. Chapter I Goals - " Welcome Back, Collins Gang " " Make a house, a home " - Find a suitable home [Day 640] - Find a power source. - Find furniture. - Find a dog. " Fucking Hell, I'm starving cunt " - Find a decent source of food and water [Day 645] - Find a way to purify water - Find a way to keep food preserved - Learn to hunt/track " Hide and seek " - Find the rest of The Collins Gang " Green Fingers " - Learn how to properly tend to a garden [Day 660] - Find fruit/veg seeds to plant. " School Trips Used To Be Fun... " - Find the quickest routes around the country [Day 665] " Let's make some dough " - Find out what the most valuable stuff is in the country - Find people to befriend and rob as quietly as possible. - Collect casino chips and playing cards to use as markings. - Make enough money to buy a crew. " Alright, let's rebuild " - Find and join a settlement. - Plant audio recorders around said settlement - Blackmail people around the camp to give us information - Find someone who can be our inside man " Seriously now, let's rebuild " - Slowly start to put up legitimate businesses. - Clear out towns of infected. - Give people jobs in order to earn valuables. " Alright, let's kill... Well we won't be pulling the trigger " - Put crews against each other - Make sure we're the neutral ones - Move in and make money out of it. " For fuck sake lads, you got robbed? Again?! " - Find out who the bandito's are - Place beware signs around the country " Meet The Faces " - Meet all the crews that're roaming the county and determine who's a somebody and a nobody. [On Going] [Met] [Not Met] Chapter II Goals - " So... Let's get this country liveable again " Chapter III Goals - " How the fuck are we alive? " Chapter IV - " So, since when were we the bad guys? " Chapter V - " End Game " Please note, our goals will be written based on what happens IG obviously the only ones that're written currently is chapter I and II. However, our/my main goal in this group is to make serious money whilst the infection is going on in order too have a very good life when the infection eventually gets wiped out. So we're pretty much... Looking after our future, now. Kinda like a pension scheme. Pretty fucking lonely in this group lads not gonna lie... @Beni - Ben Collins @Dan - Francis " Dom " Collins PM me the template bellow and we'll have a chat. Why'd you want to join?: Character Page Link: Hours On DayZRP: Previous Groups: Discord Name: Ban History:
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    I don't think the issue is with people being afraid of Hostile RP. The issue is that people are BORED of the hostile RP being provided by many groups. (Honestly, I don't really care if it seems that I'm pointing fingers.) Most of the hostile groups provide very 'samey' kinds of RP, regardless of their group goals or backstories. In all honesty, if it weren't for the armbands, I'd find it difficult to tell them apart. And these groups DOMINATE the server. They're always on in high numbers, at almost all hours, and it's always the same: Initiate, take gear, "give me information", beat if the information isn't good enough, and let go. And hey, I could deal with that on the off occasion, but when it's EVERY day for some people, when its THREE times a day.... trust me, it kills motivation to get on and play. Some of these groups claim to be "progressing peoples story-lines." But when you're trying to insert yourselves as the antagonists to EVERYONE'S story-lines..... again trust me, it gets stale. People are in fact able to have their own stories with other groups, have their own development with other people, rather than everyone dealing with the same 3-4 massive bandit groups that want information and guns. Now onto the "They just don't want to have their M4 taken" argument. Fair enough, it's true for some people. Especially those that run solo, those that never have any back up. For some, getting robbed for their rifle every single time they run into a large group gets tedious and boring. And c'mon.... you can't seriously be accusing them of GearRP for wanting to keep their weapon, without also being accused of GearRP for wanting to take their weapon in the first place. "But it's for my own protection." - I know of at LEAST two hostile groups that will either send people on their way with full kit, weapon and ammo included. I know some people that will set their gear on the ground, tell them to run across a field or something and THEN come back for their shit (giving the aggressors plenty of time to get away.) "But then they could hunt us down and kill us." - So what? That's part of the thrill. That feeling of never being 100% safe, even if you have a massive group of mates around you. Honestly? Grow a pair. Potius Cras for instance, are at a CONSTANT disadvantage as their whole group is KOSable at ALL times. My fucking hat off to them, by the way. TLRD; People are bored of the same Hostile RP style day in and out. Spice things up, don't be all about robbing people and demanding information. You don't even need to initiate to be hostile. Don't try to insert your group into every single persons storyline. Be willing to put yourself at a disadvantage by letting people go WITH their weapon sometimes. Not all the time, but sometimes. Acknowledge that everyone is trying to have a good time, and that NOT everyone is part of a group that can help them out if they're always being robbed.
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    I don't know what you're all getting worked up about? He is basically Googling your usernames and using publicly available information to check whether you are a scammer, cheater or something else that he doesn't want to have in his group. It's all public information based on your username and whatever else you provide yourself to the guy when applying. It's not doxxing if the information he finds does not get posted publicly, which it hasn't. He has no access to IP, SteamID or email that you use on DayZRP. We won't be banning people on the site because they Googled your username and found stuff you're not very proud of. Neither do you need someones permission to Google their name. I did ask OP to add to the thread a disclaimer what the personal information (if any) you provide during recruitment will be used for though, that should be a given. However if you give out your personal information to a stranger on the Internet, that's only your fault.
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    Bloody hell lads instead of putting very passive clearly aimed posts on your threads, why not leave feedback or talk to the group leader?
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    Hello. So I've been wondering for a long while, about a situation that happened several months ago between @Cipher and @Aeryes. Due some flaming situation between the two, @Aeryes decided to report him and get him banned. I know Cipher should've been thinking about it, but it is what it is. But I think Cipher should be let back in the community, he's a good guy, provided great roleplay, knows how to do the game, a lot of experience and exchange with this guy. I know a lot of people who wish him back because of this, I know he had a lot of good Roleplay connections with others who he didn't even know, he's a person he gave you the type of roleplay that would make you ask for more of it. Cipher is also a good guy to hang out with, he might had an attitude back then, I mean I'm pretty sure all of us do. I've also took word, that @Aeryes had forgiven Cipher for doing this, and regrets for Ciphers ban and hopefully he can vouch for @Cipher's come back as well, and I'm sure Cipher tried to pay amnesty for his come back as well, I'd please ask for you to give @Cipher a chance in the community, we miss him and want him back, we enjoy him being with us and roleplaying with us. If anyone else could vouch for the boy, please do so, I also forgot to mention that Cipher's appeal should be in the spam box, he never got a respond on it. Also requesting to duplicate this post to put it on general for public opinions if posible @Roland #GiveCipherAChance Edit: Oop, i got told back then Aeryes reported him mustve misunderstood it then sorrrryyy
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    From the album: Lindse's stuff!

    Made using Wallpaper engine Here's the full 1440p version in all its glory https://gfycat.com/GoodEagerDaddylonglegs
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    You're right he did not bring a knife. He brought role play to a gun fight. __________________________________________________________________________ I am not a fan of the situation shown in the report, nor about the fact that the verdict basically states kill rights > role play. Dusty counted on the wrong people and noticed too late that he fell for the story he was given to by scars allies. He looks around and values his life by trying to get away in the darkness. Here the back and forth starts and ... I don't mean to insult anyone here really ... I think that it was pretty sad. You see big dicking by the individuals involved and both sides don't initiate. As a GM I would've asked myself: Why wasn't there an initiation being dropped to lead the way to a hostage situation? Any interpretation would end up sounding like an accusation, so I leave it for you to think about it yourself. Dusty tried to leave which shows value for his life. He did not spray his gun into the group of individuals "trying to take some people down with him, accepting his characters death". The punch in the end was a risky decision. It is a hostile act. Not a life threat but a hostile act , just like stealing someones belongings for example. But what I find annoying in this whole situation is ... there is two experienced members who should have been focused on furthering the role play ... but the discussion is all about nvfl, rule playing, kill rights, attacker rights , defender rights, bla bla bla. I get tired of it, sorry. Stop being picky about the "but in real life someone with a gun...reeeee!". Think twice about the role play impulse given to you. Yes, Dusty could have chosen to do something else. Maybe even emote "*pushes him back*" or whatsoever. If you have back up right behind you, you can take a single punch even if you get knocked out. Further the role play instead of insisting on your damn kill rights. This is not how hostile role play works. At all. The situation abruptly ended, because "kill rights" and the person making the first hostile move/ the punch was irritated by it and used his right to call in staff as a neutral third party. Learn how to role play with each other in such situations, then you don't need staff to get involved. my two cents.
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    I will post both my roleplay and real roleplay here. To start
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    After meeting a large amount of people within South Zagoria, it was valid that knowledge of medical professionals whereabouts seemed dim. Rumours had spread that bumping into anyone medically trained was a rare commodity. Due to this, Dr. Hope Pisces formed a radio transmission requesting for any medical personnel to come forth in order to gain a small group to operate more efficiently. In order to save their own energy and people's lives. She wanted to see if the rumours she continued to hear were true. Fortunately, they were not. Multiple professionals and people with medical experience responded and offered their assistance. Each one arranged small personal meetings to develop a networked system in order to create an adequate team. Others joined the establishment by simply knowing the doctors or medics. As planned, some doctors such as Dr. River and Dr. Jelinek would set up a clinic for patients who had already been treated or wanted to retreat to safety whilst healing, would operate. Dr. Hope and the rest would plan on being a first-response unit depending on the situation and location of those who where either injured and needed mental health services. Even though the team knew neutrality was close to impossible, they all settled it would be best to avoid political conflicts but step in to control a situation into a more peaceful debate. At the end of the day, the goal from the radio transmission was to create a medical team to prove that there are doctors still out there willing to help and to bring some sort of hope back to Chernarus. Find a camp to set up at [By day 625] - Achieved Set up perimeter around base to protect medical supplies [By day 640] - Achieved Attempt to find a security team or group to assist in protection [By day 650] - Achieving [4 out of 15] Find a team of scavengers to raid abandoned areas for equipment - Achieving [3 out of 10] Set up a working surgical room for surgery [By day 675] - Achieving Attempt to create a network of trust with other groups within South Zagoria [By day 690] Locate a Chemist to help create medicine [By day 700] Collect Medical resources and use them efficiently [Ongoing] - Achieving Provide medical care to patients who need it [Ongoing] Teach individuals different pathways of medical knowledge [Ongoing] Keep notes of patients as documentation of proof [Ongoing] Medical personnel will recite the Hippocratic oath in order to remember why they became doctors or medical professionals [Ongoing] Provide free medical services (however donations accepted) [Ongoing] ~ Follow the golden rule, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” ~ ~ IC is IC. OOC is OOC ~ ~ Provide the best standard roleplay you can give but most importantly have fun (after all this is a game) ~ ~ We do not associate our forum name in-game ~ Living MIA Deceased Send @DrMax and @Mademoiselle a PM explaining why you would like to be in the group and a link to the character page of the character you wish to join on. If you do get accepted, please send us a GIF of your character as well as your character page. If you cannot find a GIF, we can just snag the image you use in your character page. (Click me to join our 99.9Hz Discord)
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    No one can find assault rifles, meanwhile somewhere in Chernarus...
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    The only thing typed in game from our end was Brandon saying //permission for that sloppy?. That was it, neither me, Brandon or Scar emoted anything else, NOR WERE NOISES MADE AT ALL IN ANYWAY. The entire day all I have been told is that I raped someone IG, it did not happen that way at all. The person agreed and volunteered IC'ly and gave OOC permission. There were NO NOISES AND NO EMOTES from us at all. The only emotes were from her IC BF who kept emoting about Brandon's "small" dick. I am NOT going to have people go around and say that we are rapists at an OOC level. Its fucking stupid and no one knows the real story. If anyone wants to complain then maybe they should bring up the event that happened yesterday IN GAME where someone was tied to a bed and literally raped. That was RapeRP, not the 3 minute long, no emote, no sound situation we had. Id be happy to explain this to anyone who wants to know but everyone loves jumping to fucking conclusions and claiming were rapists, get your facts before making claims and there wont be any drama.
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    Top 10 anime plot twists tbh
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    I've actually reported @J1988Dizzle to the Agents at SI:7, because this is illegal as fuck.
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