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    I'd like to shout out my boiis @Batok @Wong @Oiram @firelordjared @Hellish @Nightngale @Kaizer and a special shoutout to the one and only @Xehara for what could have been a crazy going away party, but sadly got cut way too short. Great RP as always guys and gals....keep it up!!
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    D7 Mercenaries are Mercenary group ran by Paddy Devlin former British Army. D7 was founded after Paddy realised that army life was no longer for him, he wanted to maximize profits, however doing this changed his mentality. D7 has no allegiance and will work for anyone pays the right price regardless of their Nationality, Religion or Ideology. They have worked in multiple different countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, Takistan, West Africa, and Chernarus. They offer a wide range of services: Assassination, Abduction, Enhanced Interrogation, Sponsored Attacks, and more. The group's objectives and mentality can change varying on the contract they have, and what is happening in-game. Failing to pay the price agreed before signing the contract can have a major impact on the persons who made the contract. We want to get paid, and if you do not pay, you will be hunted. Jiri Svobodov Zaahid el Noor @OxeN Frankie Begum @Biiddy Richard Thurman @General Rickets Ilya Zelenkov @Rutkiy Jackson van Berg @Jackfish Awimba Muncho Dimitri Konashenkov @OxeN Jerry Joyce @Jerry Patrick McAllister @SquidProQuo Dr Rajeet Chakravarthy @SquidProQuo Aleksandr Myshkov @Rutkiy Gerald Matthews @xthegermx Ling Wong @LifeLight Pasha Novak @Zman44 Rory O'Dowd @Redfox700 Jacob Makarov @Mak - Maximize Profits | [indefinite] - - Ensure the survival of the company | [indefinite] - - Contracts signed: [11] | [indefinite] - - Establish a base of operations | [Day 580] - failed - Find out information of the goals of the local groups | [Day 720] - - Find out information of the killers of Paddy and Sokol | [Day 730] - - Recruitment of an Intelligence Network [6/10] - Have a group that focuses on different types of RP and gives out a variety of RP - - Come up with unique and different RP to keep the group interesting - - (Try to) raise the bar on our RP by having actual reasoning behind the actions we are doing - - Having fun together - Media Thread Recruitment is currently OPEN Send a PM to @OxeN using the format below; Credits: @OxeN- The backstory @Banshee - Graphics and formatting @Ryan Shepherd and @GMAK - Being good people
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    From the album: Spyke's Phunky Photos

    Well I did say I think it needed them :P
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    Not till I take your AK from your cold dead hands!!!! miss you to bro
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    Hey, this reminds me of when New Moon wasn't known in the lands but somehow... Either way GL on finding who said it first or putting someone to blame you'll never find them so the name is just out there sos.
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    Been really enjoying this group. One of the best experiences ive had on RP standalone since Chedaki. 7 days since the group was put up and just seen D7 approved, lets hope were next
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    We ToeZies again, fuck it.
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    New Profile Pic. Thought I join in on basing pics from current playing character
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    The Greys quickly and unexpectedly passed through the infantry, moved forward the short distance between the lines, and broke through to the centre of the French infantry as it was forming into a defensive line. In the confusion that followed, the 45th was effectively broken as an organised unit, and the eagle it carried was quickly seized by Sergeant Ewart, in close fighting with a number of Frenchmen. "One made a thrust at my groin, I parried him off and cut him down through the head. A lancer came at me - I threw the lance off by my right side and cut him through the chin and upwards through the teeth. Next, a foot soldier fired at me and then charged me with his bayonet, which I also had the good luck to parry, and then I cut him down through the head". To prevent it being recaptured, he was ordered to take it to safety; he did, but paused for some time overlooking the battlefield before finally carrying the trophy to Brussels.
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    Carton de Wiart in Cairo, 1943. VC, KBE, CB, CMG, DSO Lieutenant General Sir Adrian Paul Ghislain Carton de Wiart (5 May 1880 – 5 June 1963) was a British Army officer born of Belgian and Irish parents. He was awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest military decoration awarded for valour "in the face of the enemy" in various Commonwealth countries. He served in the Boer War, First World War, and Second World War. He was shot in the face, head, stomach, ankle, leg, hip, and ear; survived two plane crashes; tunnelled out of a prisoner-of-war camp; and tore off his own fingers when a doctor refused to amputate them. Describing his experiences in the First World War, he wrote, "frankly I had enjoyed the war." "For dash and gallantry the bloodthirsty Scots, Australians and Canadians led the way, with the impetuous Irish close behind. The Australian to my mind were the most aggressive, and managed to keep their form in spite of their questionable discipline. Out of the line they were undoubtedly difficult to handle, but once in it they loved a fight. They were a curious mixture of toughness and sentimentality..." "On Anzac eve we dug in among friends. At last I felt like an Anzac, and I imagine there were 600 others like me," - Captain Reg Saunders. Reginald Walter "Reg" Saunders, (7 August 1920 – 2 March 1990) was the first Aboriginal Australian to be commissioned as an officer in the Australian Army. He came from a military family, his forebears having served in the Boer War and the First World War. Enlisting as a soldier in 1940, he saw action during the Second World War in North Africa, Greece and Crete, before being commissioned as a lieutenant and serving as a platoon commander in New Guinea during 1944–45.
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    I remember back in mod days. We had people start referring to “The Fallen” as the fallen even though literally none of us had ever used that name because we didn’t think of it as our “group name”. I agree, if you don’t know their name from a trustworthy source, don’t use it. However I’ll also say that, once it’s out there and in game, there’s not much you can do to ret-conn it. In mod we basically just had to deal with it
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    Ah. I know this isn’t a ‘targeted at specific people’ post, and I haven’t once used that name IC/IG. But I did hear about you lot on my current character through my travels. ’oh potius cras this potius cras that’, But my perspective on it; don’t use a groups name IC unless they tell you specifically(which /may/ be how we got your name the first time around... with guns aimed at some people ) but unless you state your groups name to my face or on a radio post, I try to avoid using it in game. tl;dr don’t call people by their group name if it’s a fishy source.
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    Tuning up the banjer for some recording
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    Listen here, children.. For I have merry chooooones to share with you both.
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    ♪ i’m happy for you i’m smiling for you i’d do anything for you for you it’s always for you and never for me and i need it to stop so let me tell you please i’m always sad and i’m always lonely but i can’t tell you that i’m breaking slowly closed doors locked in, no keys keeping my feelings hidden there is no ease i need it to stop and i want to be able to open up but, my feelings are fatal (my feelings are fatal) how many times must i keep it inside i need to let go and i swear that i’ve tried but opening up means trusting others and that’s just too much, i don’t want to bother so i’ll keep it inside and bury it deep i know it’s not healthy but you won’t hear a peep though i’m always sad and i’m always lonely i could never tell you that i’m breaking slowly closed doors locked in, no keys keeping my feelings hidden there is no ease i need it to stop and i want to be able to open up but, my feelings are fatal (my feelings are fatal) ♪
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    Waheyehey congratulations guys, well deserved. *running highfives the whole roster*
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    This isn't a Chernarussian group? Calling in @neom for his POV.
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    Was meaning to do this yesterday but welcome to @Jewell and @Falk
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    If it was just custom artwork that would be cool but the rest is a no no from me. Seems like something a GMOD StarwarsRP server would have.
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    One can only hope I'm glad you're having a great time!
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    I remember when we had Vehm go as "The Court" in-game but people still referred to us as Vehm IC even though we never used that name
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    There is probably several posts like this but here's my take on some free to use templates for your character profiles to spice them up a little bit! Any and all of these on this post are free to use! any questions or requests is okay however i cant promise i will answer/fulfill ? Donator Template Requires Donator Rank on the website i believe. Basic Templates require nothing and are entirely text based! Donator Template Basic Template Basic Template 2 Might add more in the future! Enjoy and good luck with your character page! And do please link your character profile in the comments for me to check out, id love to see it!
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    Both @neom and @Biiddy were in my group up until now, both top lads, I really expect big things from both of you fuckers Best of luck lads, looking forward to running into your new characters!
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    I had the same issue when I ran The Heathens, We didn't go by that in game, but we went by Endeavour Westerns boys. I dislike i when It happens and I praise you for making a thread to make people aware about this issue we have on the server.
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    Had the exact same problem with my "underground" and "secret" group, The Silent Majourity. Even the fucking name suggests that it's one that's never spoken. Geez.
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    I don't think a single person in The Damned ever knew the Corporation by their actual name, despite the multiple run-in's and despite basically being Corporate enemy #1. We just called them the "Skin Collectors" or "The Corporation". The Lost Souls also got sort of metagamed this way. We were never actually called the Lost Souls in-game, and IC we hadn't so much as discussed the name. And yet there were people that would call us that. So yeah, goes to show that not everyone is going to follow the rules.
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    From the album: A Wanderer's Pictures

    After all, traveling all day, scavanging, killing infected and hiding from the living - it makes one very tired.
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    As a Scot under-cover in the States....how long before you think they notice?
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    Propaganda just sounds too German. Motivation, I think.
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    Glad to be here.
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    Finally finished that forum signature, and a bunch of the GMR graphics- it has been a very productive day!
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    FFL boys @Nightngale @Hellish @Lego @Apache @Kaizer @Kai @firelordjared
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    Another great sesh with the crew: @BrianM @AlanM @Watchman @Phoenix @Aisling @Grim @Osku @Oiram @Franny @Voodoo @Harvard @JimRP (for the few minutes you were on) @Wong @Kai @MrSaltyFish @Xero Big group, big thanks
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    As someone with a potato computer, fighting more than 1 zombie at a time is a death sentence and shooting them is impossible with my lag. That being said though, I'm not basing my vote off that. They've become rather tedious to kill, I've had zombies absorb up to 10+ hits with an axe and I wish I was exaggerating. Doesn't help that the new melee is kind of... Well... Shit imo. The fact that it's better to fight a zombie with a small knife because it stun locks them is kind of dumb but that's what we have to do because that's just the way it is right now. I've found it kind of fun though having to sneak around towns. I don't think they need huge nerf, just a small one.
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    Welp it was a good run, unfortunately it has been ruined. There will be no glorious end or a why or how. Just know it is over. //Archive see yall sometime later I am going away for a while
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    Not gonna lie, a lot of things done by Jim recently just seem malicious and vindictive. I don't know if there's something IRL making him feel like he has to take it out on someone but that's the way I see it. I think a step back and some introspection is greatly needed.
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    Well... when you expect to get off in like 1 hour and you get hold up for 40-50 minutes. Then you have a problem as a victim. Which is why I think victim should be allowed to just log off as long as nobody has kos-rights on them of course. But I guess Andrey is right... people don't report the hostage for logging off normally.
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    Would anyone be interested in possibly joining a future CDF themed group?
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    I got a few more started and one for Ivan. Gonna be some other types of entries to eventually.
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    yes but i dont go up to harry potter in game and go 'i like the fact u shit talked on radio thread //perms to pk or scar?' and '//no'
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    Some pics from my sophomore season
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