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    Hey guys just posting this here there are very few people that canonically know the actual name of The Potius Cras Corporation In game — please unless your characters knowledge is confirmed as canon or you learned it from one of our members in game and not someone else try to refrain using the term Potius Cras ICly during the first wave we got meta games pretty bad actually and it kinda messed up our groups RP gameplay and how it’s supposed to feel this time around instead of sitting back and doing nothing I’m trying to be proactive about it our Potius Cras Logos do not have the corporations name on it just the logo
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    Rest in peace Luke Perry. I'm heartbroken.
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    @Wong @GMAK @Bounty RP yesterday.
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    ------------------------------- I - "Liliya." The tapping was all she could hear. That and, of course, her own breathing. He tapped against the table with that fucking spoon every night. Every dinner, if you could call that dinner. Hannah’s desperation and fear turned into apathy. If at first the stench made her stomach twirl, it now fueled a new feeling, stronger than anger. Stronger than hate, definitely. Tears no longer rolled down her cheeks, a ghostly trail instead permanently rested against the skin of her face. “Eat,” the man grunted, “daddy gets angry if children don’t eat.” The man’s russian accent was thick, but manageable. Though not much was thicker than the so-called soup the girl had been forced to eat for the last couple of weeks. Was it the soup that radiated the stench that haunted his cabin, or was it the others? “Liliya, deti ne yedyat,” he grunted, without raising his gaze from his plate. Liliya was probably his wife, Hannah thought. He grunted her name constantly, always grunting, always speaking through his gross, swollen lips. Regardless of who she was, her remains sat to the left of Hannah, destined to dine for eternity. To her right sat a smaller corpse, all dried up, of a child. It was hard to tell when they had died. The kid seemed to be dead for much longer and was probably buried at some point - his only remarkable features were a bite mark on his left leg and a hole in his forehead. The woman, Liliya, was much fresher, relatively speaking. A bullet wound marked her right temple, probably self-inflicted. Across the table, of course, sat the man. He was Russian, that’s for sure. Not much else could be gathered. His diaries, the scribbles on the walls, the table, they were all in Russian. Their only form of communication was his broken, grunted English, which consisted mostly of orders and calls. He couldn’t be any younger than 50, though his overgrown beard and hair hid most of his features. Scars were visible all over his hands and arms, going all the way up to his shoulders, where many more were probably covered by a dirty old vest. Something was missing, however; there was a fourth chair at the table, and a half empty bunk-bed. Photos of the family often depicted four people: a mother, a father, a son and… A daughter. There were no signs of this daughter anywhere. Before Hannah could think any further, the man slammed his hand on the table, disturbing the remains of his family and turning most of the silverware airborne for a very brief moment. “You will fucking eat,” he growled at the only other living guest. Her gaze remained fixed, even though her hands were shaking. Her soup had flown off the plate, but that was far from her focus. For the past twenty minutes or so, all her eyes could seem to be drawn to was the man’s knife, sitting tidily next to his plate. She could see it already, her mind played it all time and time again, her plan to finally end this torment: a swift movement up from her seat and towards the weapon, then towards his throat. Regardless, it was unfortunately too far from reality. It would take her took long to reach for it. “EAT,” he roared. If it were not for the rain that quickly followed, one would think his shout aloned summoned thunder. “You had to fucking leave. Run away. You will never run away again, no.” “Is that what she did?” Hannah asked, finally moving her gaze up to the man’s furious eyes. “Did she run away from you? Was that before or after your wife blew her brains out?” “ENOUGH.” The Russian slammed the table again, now with both of his fists, almost breaking it in half. This burst of anger disturbed the entire cabin. The corpses fell to their sides, the plates were thrown towards the ground and that precious knife fell to the floor, ever closer to Hannah. This was her chance. She swiftly got up from her chair and stood aside, taunting the man. “Or… Did your wife help her escape, and when she was left alone with you, her only hope was to take that revolver to her head?” He could not handle any more. The man stood up, seemingly doubling in size in a second. His sudden steps towards the small girl were wide and swift, each with a thud that rumbled her chest within - it was now or never. Once she was within arm’s reach, he swung for her head in an attempt to grab the girl by the hair. Her agility and size, however, allowed for a successful dodge, followed by a run for the hunting knife that had dropped to the floor. It was big, heavy and old, but sharp. “I will leave. Tonight,” she demanded, standing with her new weapon pointed to the brute in front of her. For the next few, long seconds, they remained in a stalemate, circling the room around the table. Each step closer to the door was a step closer to freedom for Hannah. Rain began to pour stronger than ever before, making its way through the roof in the form of tiny drops falling in between the adversaries. It was another lightning strike nearby that broke the stalemate once again: the flash convinced Hannah to run for the door, dodging her captor’s grasp once again. The wife’s corpse blocked the man’s step, tripping him onto the floor, almost as a last attempt to save another girl from the monster. Hannah’s freedom, however, was short lived: her escape was only a small head start. Being quickly chased by the brute, she found herself sprinting deep into the unknown forest, attempting to follow what was left of the trail once used to find the cabin. Regardless of how agile and small she was, her strides were still no match for the man following her steps. Hannah was no match for his speed or determination. Becoming aware of this, she stopped and turned towards the approaching threat, preparing for a harsh impact with her knife. Moments before the collision, she swung low, aiming towards his fat stomach. The man hit her like a truck, her body did nothing to stop his inertia. Their bodies, entangled, flew back another five feet before finally resting on a mount of mud. No movement could be seen on the aftermath, except for Hannah beneath a mount of flesh struggling to free herself, covered in mud and blood - his blood. Her blade had pierced deep into his belly, slicing many organs on its way and swiftly bleeding him out. It was as if nothing, not even nature, conspired for her escape. The heavy rain turned the forest ground into a stream of mud and rocks. Each time she felt stable footing, it was swiped away by mud and debris. After much struggle, Hannah escaped and walked South through the forest, finding herself by the coast. Her safest bet was to follow it, unknowingly heading towards the Green Sea peninsula and, eventually, Chernarus.
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    Imma be broke these upcoming months. So many films I have to watch. - Captain Marvel comes out - Avengers comes out - Game of thrones premiere - Fightinng with my family comes out
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    I'd like to shout out my boiis @Batok @Wong @Oiram @firelordjared @Hellish @Nightngale @Kaizer and a special shoutout to the one and only @Xehara for what could have been a crazy going away party, but sadly got cut way too short. Great RP as always guys and gals....keep it up!!
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    //Disclaimer: These entries aren't in any particular IC order, just as I feel like doing them. :: Somewhere hidden away in some derelict part of South Zagoria lies the ramblings of one lone Drifter :: DeMonte & Scarlet Jericho Ivan The Skin Collectors & The Purple People The Killers Shattered Forget and Sorrow
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    D7 Mercenaries are Mercenary group ran by Paddy Devlin former British Army. D7 was founded after Paddy realised that army life was no longer for him, he wanted to maximize profits, however doing this changed his mentality. D7 has no allegiance and will work for anyone pays the right price regardless of their Nationality, Religion or Ideology. They have worked in multiple different countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, Takistan, West Africa, and Chernarus. They offer a wide range of services: Assassination, Abduction, Enhanced Interrogation, Sponsored Attacks, and more. The group's objectives and mentality can change varying on the contract they have, and what is happening in-game. Failing to pay the price agreed before signing the contract can have a major impact on the persons who made the contract. We want to get paid, and if you do not pay, you will be hunted. Jiri Svobodov Zaahid el Noor @OxeN Frankie Begum @Biiddy Richard Thurman @General Rickets Ilya Zelenkov @Rutkiy Jackson van Berg @Jackfish Awimba Muncho Dimitri Konashenkov @OxeN Jerry Joyce @Jerry Patrick McAllister @SquidProQuo Dr Rajeet Chakravarthy @SquidProQuo Aleksandr Myshkov @Rutkiy Gerald Matthews @xthegermx Ling Wong @LifeLight Pasha Novak @Zman44 Rory O'Dowd @Redfox700 Jacob Makarov @Mak - Maximize Profits | [indefinite] - - Ensure the survival of the company | [indefinite] - - Contracts signed: [11] | [indefinite] - - Establish a base of operations | [Day 580] - failed - Find out information of the goals of the local groups | [Day 720] - - Find out information of the killers of Paddy and Sokol | [Day 730] - - Recruitment of an Intelligence Network [6/10] - Have a group that focuses on different types of RP and gives out a variety of RP - - Come up with unique and different RP to keep the group interesting - - (Try to) raise the bar on our RP by having actual reasoning behind the actions we are doing - - Having fun together - Media Thread Recruitment is currently OPEN Send a PM to @OxeN using the format below; Credits: @OxeN- The backstory @Banshee - Graphics and formatting @Ryan Shepherd and @GMAK - Being good people
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    From the album: Spyke's Phunky Photos

    Well I did say I think it needed them :P
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    Not till I take your AK from your cold dead hands!!!! miss you to bro
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    /Approved! Looks good to go. Get those group CP's out and have fun getting some "bitchboys"
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    Hey, this reminds me of when New Moon wasn't known in the lands but somehow... Either way GL on finding who said it first or putting someone to blame you'll never find them so the name is just out there sos.
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    Been really enjoying this group. One of the best experiences ive had on RP standalone since Chedaki. 7 days since the group was put up and just seen D7 approved, lets hope were next
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    We ToeZies again, fuck it.
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    New Profile Pic. Thought I join in on basing pics from current playing character
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    Old Profile Vibes.
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    Eh, screw sleep. Time for Siege I think.
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    I don't think DayZ SA has a customizable loading screen as such? I see the green picture for 1-2 seconds and then black screen countdown.
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    I want to say I've spent not long editing, tweaking and adding/removing stuff of Hunters character page...then I look at the time and see it is almost 12pm here in the UK and I started working on it around 9am....damn it
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    I love status updates. Also, remember when you used to get this screen if you fucked up your resolution? xD
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    From the album: A Wanderer's Pictures

    This place is huge and impressive. Most impressive.
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    Hahahahahahaha, I haven’t even had my morning brew yet and feel overly British because of this thread! Long live the queeeeeen
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    Bit of British Nationalism in Northern Ireland 1st Australian Imperial Force with British Troops Commonwealth of Australia in Vietnam God Save the Queen
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    The Greys quickly and unexpectedly passed through the infantry, moved forward the short distance between the lines, and broke through to the centre of the French infantry as it was forming into a defensive line. In the confusion that followed, the 45th was effectively broken as an organised unit, and the eagle it carried was quickly seized by Sergeant Ewart, in close fighting with a number of Frenchmen. "One made a thrust at my groin, I parried him off and cut him down through the head. A lancer came at me - I threw the lance off by my right side and cut him through the chin and upwards through the teeth. Next, a foot soldier fired at me and then charged me with his bayonet, which I also had the good luck to parry, and then I cut him down through the head". To prevent it being recaptured, he was ordered to take it to safety; he did, but paused for some time overlooking the battlefield before finally carrying the trophy to Brussels.
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    Carton de Wiart in Cairo, 1943. VC, KBE, CB, CMG, DSO Lieutenant General Sir Adrian Paul Ghislain Carton de Wiart (5 May 1880 – 5 June 1963) was a British Army officer born of Belgian and Irish parents. He was awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest military decoration awarded for valour "in the face of the enemy" in various Commonwealth countries. He served in the Boer War, First World War, and Second World War. He was shot in the face, head, stomach, ankle, leg, hip, and ear; survived two plane crashes; tunnelled out of a prisoner-of-war camp; and tore off his own fingers when a doctor refused to amputate them. Describing his experiences in the First World War, he wrote, "frankly I had enjoyed the war." "For dash and gallantry the bloodthirsty Scots, Australians and Canadians led the way, with the impetuous Irish close behind. The Australian to my mind were the most aggressive, and managed to keep their form in spite of their questionable discipline. Out of the line they were undoubtedly difficult to handle, but once in it they loved a fight. They were a curious mixture of toughness and sentimentality..." "On Anzac eve we dug in among friends. At last I felt like an Anzac, and I imagine there were 600 others like me," - Captain Reg Saunders. Reginald Walter "Reg" Saunders, (7 August 1920 – 2 March 1990) was the first Aboriginal Australian to be commissioned as an officer in the Australian Army. He came from a military family, his forebears having served in the Boer War and the First World War. Enlisting as a soldier in 1940, he saw action during the Second World War in North Africa, Greece and Crete, before being commissioned as a lieutenant and serving as a platoon commander in New Guinea during 1944–45.
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    Make the triangle great again!
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    I remember back in mod days. We had people start referring to “The Fallen” as the fallen even though literally none of us had ever used that name because we didn’t think of it as our “group name”. I agree, if you don’t know their name from a trustworthy source, don’t use it. However I’ll also say that, once it’s out there and in game, there’s not much you can do to ret-conn it. In mod we basically just had to deal with it
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    Ah. I know this isn’t a ‘targeted at specific people’ post, and I haven’t once used that name IC/IG. But I did hear about you lot on my current character through my travels. ’oh potius cras this potius cras that’, But my perspective on it; don’t use a groups name IC unless they tell you specifically(which /may/ be how we got your name the first time around... with guns aimed at some people ) but unless you state your groups name to my face or on a radio post, I try to avoid using it in game. tl;dr don’t call people by their group name if it’s a fishy source.
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    It depends what the demands are really. If you are talking about a demand like 'stop the car or die' and the driver keeps going, then no. By getting in a car with someone, you are putting faith in them to make decisions on behalf of the passengers. So if the driver decides to not comply and continues driving off, he has made the decision to not comply on behalf of the group. However lets say the driver dies, or the car gets disabled, and the passenger is attempting to comply (typically by saying 'don't shoot, don't shoot' or something of that sort, they then transition to a compliant hostage, and cannot simply be sprayed down, then yes if you kill the passenger you would be hit for invalid kill. So yeah, it's very situational, and basically comes down to whether or not you are dealing with a car in movement, as so long as the car is in movement the driver has the decision-making ability for the group.
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    Edit: Updated entries in OP.
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    Tuning up the banjer for some recording
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    ~The James Brother Gang~ "My name is John Henry James Jr and I am the oldest of the 6 James boys" "Originally we are from Seven Springs, North Carolina but these days that type of stuff doesn't matter" ~The Birth, The forgotten, The wronged~ The story of the James brothers starts back in North Carolina. Where Jenny Louise Smith met a charming young man by the name of John Henry James Snr. The two became close friends spending every waking minute they could together. They would sit in the fields over looking the Neuse river talking about there hopes and dreams and the life they could build together. Jenny had thought she had turned this mans life around from the town bad boy to a normal everyday man. Sadly things were not as Jenny had hoped. The night she went into labour with there first child. John Snr had found himself on the hood of a state troopers car. Rather then at his wife's side for there first child was born. John Snr had taken it upon himself to settle a score with the farm next door to there's by setting fire to one of there barn's over a dispute to do with land. After the birth of John Jr, Jenny made it clear John was to stay on the straight and narrow or there marriage would be over she couldn't go through another night like the night of the birth. She would never forgive John Snr for missing the birth of there first child and John would never forgive himself for it either. Ten years had past and John stayed true to his word. He had stayed out of trouble and managed to get there farm up and running with the help of his family. He had a steady job working for the Tennessee mining company in. John Snr would leave his family for months on end to work the mines and send whatever money he could back to his beloved wife and family. But sadly this wasn't enough, with bills piling up and more mouths to feed the money was being more stretched then ever before. The only thing that was going through John Snr's mind was how to make a quick buck to keep his family in there family home. John Snr had heard of a mining company that was offering high end money for people willing to move abroad and work on the mines in Europe and Asia. With the news broken to his wife and family and the tears wiped away and his bags packed. It was time for him to leave his family and move over sea's. He didn't know where he would end up but all that mattered was the money was going to be enough to keep him and the family a float. The moment the plane had touched down he was given a uniform and loaded on to the back of a truck and driven to North Gvozdno mine. Where he would be working. Years went past and the money was still going back to the states, but John Snr had gone back to his old ways. Drinking and getting himself into trouble with the locals. The same was happening back home. Jenny was losing control of her boys. They were more then a handful and always getting themselves in trouble with the law for petty crimes. At first it was only minor crime, stealing sweets from the local shop's, knocking over mail boxes. But gradually John Jr was to follow in his fathers footsteps. His passion was cars. He would go out late and night and steal any car he could with his brothers and joy ride and at the end of the night the car ended up in the river or on fire! ~Evil is lurking~ John Snr hadn't been heard from for some time now and the money had stopped coming back all together. The family had no money, the farm was a bottomless cash pit and the land wouldn't hold any crops they tried to grew. It wasn't for not trying the brothers saw the pain and anguish on there mothers face and knew of her struggles. She had turned to the bottle and had become a mess. John Jr remembered what his father had said to him about the farm next to there's and how he was sure that they had salted there land to stop anything growing after he had set fire to the barn. It was with this thought in his mind John Jr set out with his brothers to seek revenge, even tho there father hadn't been around for years his word was still gospel to them. Under the cover of darkness they walked across the pastures, dressed in there best suits and hat's with a bandana over there face's. They stood there looking at the farm house, the lights were off. John Jr looked at his brothers and pointed and nodded they knew what they had to do and rushed the house. Hank the second oldest of the brothers and closest to John Jr was the first in to house, kicking the door down and rushing up stairs and saw the man they thought responsible coming out of the bathroom. Quickly he knocked the man down with the back of his rifle and jumped on top of him while the rest of the gang searched the house and rounded up rest of the family. Two girls and his wife were bound and gagged and dragged into the living room. John Jr stood outside smoking listening to the muffled screams and shouting. He opened the door and walked in. The man sat there bound with his hands behind his back and hank had a his rifle round his neck choking him while his family watched. "Enough let the man breathe Hank" "I wanna know why ya'll think it was a good idea to salt my pap's land" "Ya'll think we are stupid don't you?" "Nothing grows but I look over the fields at yours and see nothing but the garden of Eden" "So I know you did something sir" "I......I.....did no such thing......I......" John looked at Hank and nodded, Hank knew what the nod meant and raised his rifle at the mans wife and fired his rifle hitting her in the chest. She slumped back in the chair she was tied too. John grabbed the man's head with both his hands and forced him to watch his wife's life drain away. "You did this to her not us, you're to blame for your wife dying, not us not fucking us!" "Your children go free, you and your wife don't" Hank looked over at his brothers guarding the doors and windows and then pointed at the girls and snapped his fingers. Two of them ran over to the girls and grabbed them and placed sacks over there heads and dragged them off to the cars. They were to not harm them but drive them to the next state over and leave them there. John stood over the man pouring petrol on him and around him. "You shouldn't of crossed my father, you shouldn't of crossed my path, you shouldn't of crossed the James brothers" The brothers left the house and stood on the porch looking at each other. John Jr nodded at his younger 4 brothers and pointed at the cars it was time to drive the girls away so they didn't have to see there fathers death, they had already seen there mothers. Hank looked to John Jr and pulled down his bandana "Are we really doing this John, he's learnt his lesson" "We started this, there is no going back now little brother, you think this man is really going to pack up and not call the police, don't go soft on me now little brother" John Jr turned to his brother and handed him his lighter after lighting up a cigarette. Hank was in two minds of what to do. He had thought the man had been through enough but he didn't want to let his brother down but he could hear the man crying and sobbing inside. "Together" John placed the lighter in Hanks hand and griped his hand, the flame still lit from John Jr's cigarette. He looked at Hank and tossed the lighter into the house. The pair walked off watching the flames engulf the house. They were both to blame now. John was in the mindset that if his family were wronged he was to search the earth until he found the people responsible and show no mercy. He just needed to get his brothers on the same page. ~Running from the righteous~ Some time had passed since the night they ruined the two girls lives. To the brothers they had done what they thought was right and put things to right in the eyes of their father and family. They were using the land they had taken and were growing crops and selling them to the local shops. But this was all just a front. After that night John Jr and Hank had seen what they were capable of. They had turned there hands to being guns for hire for the highest bidder and people smuggling. Their farm was the perfect front for it and the labour was free. They just wanted into America and they had the means of getting them there. During there boom and success there mother couldn't stop drinking and her health was become worse and worse every day. As she lay there on her death bed holding Hanks hand she cursed there father blaming him for everything that her boys had turned into. She saw them as monsters and saw John Jr as a spit of there father and cursed him for all he was doing. That night she passed they moved her body to her favourite part of there farm and buried her under her favourite tree. The brothers were at a loss now. No mother, no father. They only had each other. They had vowed to do there mother proud and to put the wrongs to right. The first thing was to find there father and to put him to right. ~ Days had passed and Hank had not shown up to the farm. The last time he was seen was leaving the farm in his car to do a drop off of the "crops" he was growing. The brothers were worried, it wasn't like Hank to not turn up or not phone to check in with them. John Jr sat on the porch smoking when the phone finally rang but it wasn't what he wanted to hear. It was Hank. John Jr knew the net was closing around him and the gang, the two girls must of told there story to the police and Hank was the first to be found. Hank had been out dropping off this crops to the dealers that worked for him when they had grabbed him at the back of Mae's restaurant. "Brother....Them two girls done told the feds.....They caught me bang to right's....They want to see me fry John....They are pushing for the hot seat....Them two girls done pointed me out John.....you need to sort this brother....Ya'll need to come get me....There moving me to Central tonight....Have my suit waiting" John Jr stood up and whistled at his brothers to come over "Boys Hank's in a spot of bother, you remember them 2 girls from the farm...well they've gone to the police and pointed Hank out, there moving Hank to central tonight, there going to send him to the hot seat, ya'll need to get the suits out, get the car ready, get Hank's suit and meet me back here in 1 hour boy's, times a wasting" The brother met back an hour later and listened to John Jr's plan and were ready. Under the cover of darkness they drove to the location they had set up. They had Jacob's girlfriend pretend she had crashed her car into a falling tree blocking the road. So as the transport truck drove down the road it would have to stop. Under the cover of darkness they put there plan in motion. The transport truck's head lights could be seen coming down and the brothers sat in the tree's and waited. Once the truck had come to a stop the brother's jumped to action, rushing the truck and pointing there guns at the windows and screaming to open the back where Hank would be. The men inside the transport throw open the door's and jumped out with there hands up, they knew what the brothers wanted and opened the back down to let Hank out. John Jr looked at the men and signalled for the keys and for them to get into the back of the transport car. As they did Hank stepped out and jumped into the car waiting for him. The gang slammed the doors on the transport truck and locked the door throwing the key's away. It was time for the brothers to flea, there plan hadn't finished yet, they needed to get to Mann's harbour where there was a charter ship transporting aid to Chernarus. It was time to escape, it was time to find there father in Chernarus. Find John Henry James Snr (Ongoing) Find out all information on all passive and neutral groups (Ongoing) Find a place to set up the farm (day 675) Make contact with nationalist group (done) Find a pub to turn into the family saloon (day 700) OOC GOALS Provide memorable RP moments from internal to external Create a memorable group to last within dayzrp lore and history Seek recruitment from IC events John Henry James Jr ~ @neom Hank James ~ @Biiddy Colt James ~ @WarMachine Jacob James ~ @jakem10001 Robert James ~ @Clammy Benedict Falk ~ @Falk Alexander Dukov ~ @Jewell Samuel Hale ~ @Hale Tom Watson ~ @Chappers William J Harvey ~ @Fozzy Duncan Kesla ~ @Duncan Visla All interest in joining The James Brother Gang is to be sent to myself @neomand @Biiddy ~Why do you wish to be apart of JBG?~ ~How will your character fit into JBG~ ~Your Character's back story~ ~IRL age~
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    Propaganda just sounds too German. Motivation, I think.
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    If you need to send a meaningful radio message, send it in a PM or do it in discord / TS. 80% of radio threads are just dig bicking
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