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    Disclaimer: I claim no ownership of the material used in the articles nor is this project monetized in any way. // This is a work in progress, some features currently missing (like the search engine) will be implemented later should this project garner the interest of the community. Greetings fellow roleplayers ! I come to you today with a project I have started working on in my spare time; and I would like to hear your opinion and advice on this small undertaking. I am one of the folks that like to have as much practical information as I can on pretty much everything, and wikis really are just that, small nuggets of pure information about things. Sounds good right ? Sadly, our good developers, for all the good work they are doing, are pulling a Bohemia Interactive on us and release no documentation on the fantastic new stuff they add months after months, hence my proposal. Let's create a wiki for the DayZRP Mod ! I have already made a few pages just to show you folks what it might look like ! Tactical Knife Courier Bag Cetirizine Tablets The layout should pretty much stay the same but am I open to suggestions ! (especially on the colour scheme) I know some of you out there are actual web developers and graphic artists so I look forward to hearing from you ! I have yet to bring this project to the attention of the owners, who might end up wanting to host the wiki on DayZRP instead of my old website; I am of course more than willing to become a curator, and, if other people are interested in participating, I have most of the templates already available. (although not user-friendly quite yet.) With a just a handful of people, and a bit of help from the staff/development team, we can catch up pretty quickly on all the items and mechanics ! Most mod items also have pretty bare-bone definitions, I believe this is a good opportunity to also add a few lore titbits here and there for an added subtle layer of worldbuilding ! (with the approval from the folks in charge of the lore.) Anyway, just let me know what you think ! Cheers !
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    Fucking hell this again. Why tho Bubblegum. Let's do what Rolle said and not touch this until the game is expanded. Rolle isn't gonna add back LMs or me to write a new one so you'll just get a wipe that reverts what we have or he will write a lore that'll consist of "and then there were zombies". Never changes anything and is a horrific idea. Lore factions would get bungholed and be understaffed and boring, and the game is still broken af. We can't keep a fucking base on the server without getting deleted. If you want to improve the ingame landscape then apply for Eventmaster and help me out. I can't get the activity I want with 2 jobs and taking Calculus. Just because we have tools won't change dick, you people seem to think everybody is just gonna act differently than they always have. Most people are lazy and won't volunteer for things they purport to care so much about. We have an entire group of people on the Lore faction Discord that are volunteers. Dozens. I @here everybody the other day and got one person. If you want big nice things I need manpower. Lore doesn't matter in either case. Go on the eventmaster thread and post if you want an invite. Hell to the fucking no. -1
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    No lorewipe has ever changed a thing ingame. Fresh start for characters, maybe even new ones, same old shit within days. I voted no.
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    The town of Dubky is one of three towns on the outskirts of Chernogorsk. Dubky is not notable for a whole lot other than a pair of Supermarkets on the western end and possible loot in the other buildings. Due to its proximity to Chernogorsk and the other two nearby towns, it should be considered just as dangerous as the main city and often spawns quite a few Infected. Directly to the south is the mountain of Vysota, which helps separate the town from the main city as well as from its neighbour Novoselky. It is also the home of the infamous Cerna Liska.
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    That song brought tears to my eyes ? up the ra
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    @Elmo @PatZ @Harry @neom @Ron @Para- Thank you guys for the get-together. Nice roleplay! @OxeN Thank you for being such a great hostage. I really hope you enjoyed it a little. Thank you @Challenger for being there and begging for your life. Great roleplay. Thanks to the @kozlov - great RP as always! @Mexi Thanks for the giggle!
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    @Ron @Para @Elmo @Stagsview @Terra @Harry @neom @district @kozlov Enjoyed logging in
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    Thanks to the great dynamic of @PatZ @Para @Elmo @Stagsview @Terra @Harry @neom who jumped in and initiated on district & the Taki guy ( @OxeN - nice hostage rp! Sry for almost killing you, last shot was an accident) together with me in Zeleno! Also thank you to the Kozlovs who joined in for the rp. Slava.
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    Rolle wants events not lore. I want exactly what you want but we have no Loremasters and Rolle turns into Demi Lovato without her drugs when the L-word gets mentioned. Pls no flame rolle Nobody will help me with shit now so i don't know why you think things will get better. With a new story whitenames have to read. I can think of ideas that would be cool and ground breaking all day long but that won't make em happen. It would be lit tho.
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    As a previous Zbor member I can attest, there is absolutely 0 chance this can go wrong. I still have shivers...
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    I think lower the range is definitely reasonable, considering in the video you're out from GM forest and can still hear it. That's several hundred meters through woods, there's no way handheld megaphone is that loud.
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    Mine is probably fucking over @Roman @ScarletRose at Prud lake, and getting them taken hostage by Free Territory, and then joining Free Territory as a result of that situation lmao.
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    @Banshee It is hard and after you spent years with someone you look back and think you wasted so much of your time but you didn't. The way you felt and changed by having her in your life is not all because of her, that was you. We better ourselves for the people we love and even though you may lose them you still grow and should keep going forward, not take steps back. Slipping back into that depressed mindset is going to feel real easy but you need to keep your head up. To the people who say "It gets easier", you know those people that you wanna punch in the face for saying that at the wrong time, are right. You will grow from this and be an even better person and find someone who appreciates you and everything you do for them.
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    Long post incoming, so If you can't be asked reading it I don't blame you. Here we go I guess, I've been feeling really bad the last week or 2, like absolute shit. The reason as to why is because a girl that I have been absolutely in love with, and have been together with for the past 5 years decided to break my heart by cheating on me. The only reason I even found out about it in the first place is that the person she cheated on me with told my best friend, who then told me as he felt that I should know. When I questioned her about it she kept lying to, claiming nothing happened and that she only went to his place to talk because the guy was having issues with his girlfriend, the same story she gave me 4 days prior when I asked her why she was home so late. It wasn't until I confronted her with it and told her that my friend told me everything that she decided to come clean and tell me the truth. To make matters worse, 2 days after I broke up with her she sent me a message that they are apparently dating now. I guess that's how longs it takes to get over a relationship of 5 years, 2 fucking days... Ever since I broke up with her for cheating on me, I've been feeling like absolute shit. I absolutely loved the shit out of this girl, she was everything for me for the past 5 years. Every day when I woke up next to her I felt blessed, she was my only motivation to get out of bed and actually do things. She came into my life when I was stuck in a terrible depression and helped me get through it, or at least suppress it with her presence. The past 5 years we have been through thick and thin together, I did everything for her and wanted nothing more than for her to be happy. I worked my ass off every day and spent every cent I earned on her to make her happy, supported her in every way I could and was there for her whenever she needed me. When her grandmother got sick I saved up 1200,- to buy 2 plane tickets so that we could visit her on Aruba, and did the same when her Uncle was getting married. For the past 5 years this girl has been my life, and now she's gone. I wake up in the morning and just lay there, no clue what I'm supposed to do anymore. I get up eventually, do shit at home that I have to do and crawl behind my computer to play some games. DayZRP and playing games with my friends helps me forget about it for a while, but that façade eventually fades away and reality kicks back in again. I'm in absolute shock, as I can still not believe that this has actually happened. 5 years I've been with the girl. Done nothing but support her, take care of her, spent every cent I had on her for what. Just for her to lie to me, cheat on me and start dating the fucking dude 2 days after we've broken up. This girl was the only reason I was happy and had the motivation to actually do stuff, and I'm afraid that now that she's gone, I'm gonna fall back into the depressed state that she met me in. I'm also fucking pissed that I apparently meant so little to her that it only took her 2 fucking days to get over me, whilst I'm here feeling like absolute shit for the past 2 weeks. I don't know, I just feel like absolute ass and I really hope that I don't fall back to the state that she met me in 5 years ago. TL;DR: Girlfriend cheated on me, I am sad.
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    @Viking: "When I throw this left hook, the human skull cannot take it."
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    So I've never been a particular fan of megaphones, but after last night I genuinely think it's time for them to go. They drown out all RP, and can be used to create headache inducing and nigh inescapable noise, case in point my clip below. (Ear rape warning, turn it down for your own sake). And before you complain that it's not that loud, keep in mind I stream game volume at 60%, so it's considerably louder than what's presented in the video.
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    @BrianM @AlanM @Sleepyhead It begins...
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    Didint know they did engine work ?
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    at this point our devs have done more in the span of 3 months than the dayz devs in 5 years. I'm sorry.
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    If we are going to have a wipe.... May I suggest that instead of going back in time and attempted to have lore controlling events from the get go and staff desperately trying to form a storyline( that they won't because if they are struggling to control reports, events will be even harder), we go ahead in time. Not back. Let players have more freedom lore wise and leave it out in the open, going ahead 80-100 years will allow more post-apocalyptic groups appear...rather the same old same old early survivor, government groups. A wipe from this one and a complete new world could be formed from this one I say... Let's not go back for once and go forward.
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    Yeah fuck everyone else's enjoyment and eardrums as long as you get to blast Irish hardbass and get a giggle amiright The songs you guys played peak constantly. It's not even that music is being played it's that its mad fucking annoying when it is played because either the song quality is trash, it's mixed bad, or it's being played through shitty phone speakers. Either way it's annoying and immediately makes anyone want to get as far away from that as possible. I don't see why you're taking such issue with this. It's annoying people so find a song that doesn't physically hurt peoples ears or just don't blast it through the megaphone and keep it in VOIP. Fairly easy solution. I voted to reduce the range and volume of megaphones to avoid having to evacuate an area when someone does this. Edit: just watched the VOD. C'mon. You literally cant sit there and tell me that isn't fucking grating. Literally a bunch of people ran away from the RP area because of that music. If people have to evacuate the area because the song is that annoying, maybe them being "roleplayers" isn't the issue.
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    So far this year would be the end of Eddie Malone, the reporter who fucked your wife. And the public street execution on those crusader guys, was a huge mob mentality with a rag tag jury but we got the job done. No way I don't add more to this later, lets hope some real big trials go down. Maybe a Nuremburg type trial for the losing group during this war...
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    Really enjoyed the RP i've had with you chaps during the cease fire especially whenever we've been interacting with biggsbe. Keep up the good work chaps
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    Always enjoy running into you guys. Absolute unit of a group.
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    @Challenger Great rp and nice of you to perm after this, I hope it is the sort of end you wanted for the character. @OxeN you managed to make me not want to execute a Takistani hostage for once, so very well done. Kamenici and the people with you, thanks for the help and so on was nice collaborating with you all. And my boys and girl of course, you all did great as always.
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    Everything happens for a reason, I'm really sorry to hear that @Banshee.
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    @Terra @Ron @Para @neom @PatZ @Harry you know I enjoyed the roleplay, gimme my beanz. For real though, it was a fun time. Hope we get to do it again ? Also @kozlovs, good fun.
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    @Ron, @Terra, @Stagsview, @Elmo, @Harry, @neom lit RP today, felt good being a chernarussian nationalist again, @OxeNif it was you i shot at the end I'm sorry, largely glad it didn't kill you, I whiffed and thought I was aiming higher, your RP was top notch though. @Kozlov you guys too, any of the Kamenici lot, just enjoyed RP all round today. Slava Chernarus ladies and gents
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    Later this year! Everyone's invited!
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    Once you go orange...
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    Title says it all. I don't wanna go from looking like I've spent 5 years cutting down trees to someone who doesn't know how a fucking razor works. I'm pretty certain fixing it shouldn't be too hard. Plus, maybe increase the time it takes for someone to get a beard. Now I feel like I can go AFK for 2 mins and return to my guy looking like Arthur Morgan after about 3 doses of hair tonic. Beard at stage 3: Beard at stage 4 for some weird reason:
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    Berezino [Березино] is a large industrialized city located on the eastern coast of South Zagoria, it is located south of the port city of Svetlojarsk. Berezino is a large residential area, whilst also containing one of South Zagoria's key lumber mills, and export ports. The name derives from "Birch" in Russian. Found on the most central eastern point of South Zagoria, lies the port town of Berezino. The town is most famous for the soviet song 'Birch' which was during Chernarus' soviet days. After Chernarus broke from the Soviet Union, the song was re-purposed into the 'Chernarussian Anthem' to which is recognized nationally. The town's name originates from the local Birch trees in the region, which are processed and shipped from the lumber mill and dock inside of the town itself. Despite being a fairly industrialized and having a busy port, the town is still heavily residential consisting of two large residential areas, the northern end containing a local school, and the southern end containing the local hospital. The town is also a partially famous stop-off point for local sailors and seamen as the town holds 10 pubs and bars within it's area. A few days prior to the infection, a cargo ship named Rify was brought aground north of the City due to a lighthouse malfunction. Since the infection a local military checkpoint was established near the local hospital, but has since been abandoned. The town was densely populated so large groups of infected are expected.
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    Looks like pledging your allegiance to Sleepy worked, congratz homie!
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    I, AlanM hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 4 in its current form.
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    Thanks for making this scenario possible @Onyx, one of my favorites from my time with Free Territory. Loved being in the trees and then hearing Kirov over the megaphone.
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    That was me with the megaphone. Everyone in green mountain was saluting and dancing as I was playing this on top of the radio tower, people were obviously enjoying it. There had just been a court case of 2 murderers hosted by District and it was topping off the entertainment. If it bothered you, you could of confronted me, like I do to others who do as I did. Megaphone's are doing their job. Maybe decrease the distance if it bothers people that much but otherwise I think it should be left alone. Also I was under the assumption it was only Pamyati and district left at the time, apologies for ruining your roleplay. Ps. It's a great song.
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    I agree with you on this. I can never go to Green Mountain and have a conversation because there is always that one guy that plays music from a megaphone. The most annoying thing is that the range on this is absolutely ridiculous. There is just no RP when you go to Green Mountain. The megaphone just ruins all RP in that hot spot and its a shame for the people trying to run it because they can't do anything about it.
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    Updates: Ranks have been changed up, congrats to @Nightngale @Pebbles and @firelordjared Added Région de Napoléon Added Crimes and IC stuff Updated Goals short and long term Updated to add completed goals into a spoiler to not clutter the thread. I nearly forgot Congratulations @Wong for becoming a Sous-Lieutenant
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    I'll be honest everyone was doubting New Moon to act civil and you all showed them. Turned out others wanted to act immature and cause problems. Thanks for proving me wrong and everyone else, yall did great
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    Met this guy in game on DayZRP in 2013. We've played DayZ together almost everyday since and he's one of my best friends. Finally met up and hung out for a weekend. We will have to get together again soon! @Griffin on the left. I'm on the right.
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    idk if this actually occured in 2019 or just before but this
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