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    I've played some good old GTA's during Christmas, enjoyed some '70 and '80 music. One led to another. Messed around with simple project while video editing. Decided to use DayZ footage as base... and here we are... with this... I'm sorry?
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    Can we just start editing the map and letting big groups make map edits? This shit is fucking ridiculous. The Saviors were making a huge town, had a compound, town center, and were going to begin walling it off and now all their shit is gone. What's the fucking point?
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    The Nationalists have deployed so-called "roleplay compilations," in the ongoing propaganda war. As such, wielding the might of the proletariat, the Free Territory Ministry of Culture has responded with weapons of their own...
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    I held a girl at gun point and she complied so i took her and stuff and enslaved her but she didn't mind, after an hour of being with Anna she and i became very attached so we agreed for her to become my wife. I was planning on shooting her or selling her off but i couldn't ;(. After a couple hours we went to NWAF and we was shot at as i held a guy at gun point and bang she dropped from a guy who ran behind us. I almost cried. Thats the life though we live i shot the guy with my mosin and he dropped and i made sure by shooting him again. I tried to rev her. she was dead. 15 minutes later i held a guy at gunpoint to rob/ kidnap him and then i found a teddy. The teddy was talking to me like before when i was a kid and when i used to make them before them THINGS came. It told me to shoot as he was struggling a bit when he thought i wasn't looking, but i saw. Teddy told me to do it i swear, he started to cry as i screamed before pulling the trigger. He survived the apocalypse in heaven i hope. RIP, its driving me mad the teddy but its my best friend. I need a new wife it says as i look to find the one.
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    I wasn't online for this encounter but I heard the basic idea of what happened. I think some of the members who were a part of this situation are ones that are no longer in the group. That being said I shall make sure my guys give better hostage RP as its usually me that does it and when others do it its not always as organized or planned out. Thanks for the feedback.
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    I figured it would be a great idea to start tracking the changes coming this January to the mod. Here we go !!!! Fixed: - Textures from the last update. - Sickness version 2. - Issue with not been able to repair modded clothing. Added: - Barricading - Craftable Wooden Storage Crate - Venetian Mask - Human Flesh Mask with recipe - Recipe to cut jeans into short jeans - Black camo hunting bag - Digital Gorka camo pants and jacket (Mike styles) - Tan and brown Gorka pants and jacket (Mike styles) - Hiking jacket textures - TTSKO medic texture - Bomberjacket medic texture - Balaclava black camo texture - Press vest black texture - Press vest brown texture - Press vest green camo texture - Press vest grey camo texture - Barbed bat recipe (no longer spawns naturally) - Scrap metal and scrap metal recipes (Future base building item) - Cassete player - Guitar - Scissors (Used to craft short jeans) - 2 new backpacks - Harmonica - Camera - Surgical tools - Ecstasy tablets Added the following items back to the loot tables: - Frying pan - Cannabis - Cannabis seeds - Reflex vests - Hunting vests - Ammo Box - Black Pen Removed: - Neon colored textures replaced with duller ones Hope you all are looking forward to this update !!! It will arrive around Mid-Jan, this list may be changed or updated before then but these are the goals for this months release. Happy New Year !!!
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    Feels bad that you've donated 444 but don't get the highest rank am I right
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    See you guys and gals in a week, I gotta figure some shit out.
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    *This letter would have a copy for Thomas, Aiden, Andy and Eddie in case of the personality switch from any of the three (Oriel, Kinsley or Rosalind) to Preston (the Host)* , First of all, on behalf of all three of us, I’m sorry. You are probably reading this wondering what has happened and what on earth this is you picked up in your hands. This is a letter from Oriel, I hope you remember me well. If not I will recap you, even though I know you’re a smart girl. Preston, you have multiple personality disorder, formally known as dissociative identity disorder. There is: Oriel (myself), the advanced nurse that aided you in times of trauma of your mother’s death. Kinsley, who is the one who allowed to sleep at night and help you keep toned from the exercise. And then there is Rosalind, the women who keeps you protected to the… best of her ability. Those dreams you think you have with the voices, they are us. But all those conversations, I doubt you can keep up. The last thing you probably remember is kneeling over a pond with bloody hands. And I want to say this, I am sorry I took over the light. It was never met to be for so long but Rosalind did something no person could take back. Your father, starting of the outbreak became more abusive than he normally was. Rosalind needed to protect you, and us. So she did what she thought best at the time. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but he’s gone, and he won’t be coming back. After the incident, when you woke up confused, I couldn’t bare it. I took over and kept you safe. I only started running into recent trouble which may explain why your arm may have sharp pains every so often. I never meant to fail you Preston. I tried keeping your status at a neutral standpoint, to the best of my ability, but eventually it wore me down. I needed to keep you safe. I should list a few things before you begin to freak out…You do have friends, ones that know about your MPD/DID. I will list them just in case you freak out. There is: Awimba, he is an african warlord of sorts infatuated with you… Or me. Whichever one. He wants to keep you safe, but he doesn’t understand the multiple personalities. Thomas, as crazy as the guy sounds (and as much as Rosalind hates him) he has helped on so many occasions. Andy, deep voice. We, well I, Oriel, got into a bit of a… thing with him. Don’t worry, that’s over and done with. But everything he has explained to me, he wants to keep you safe. He wants to heal you. And his heart is in the right place. Aidan, he is a friend who you can rely on, like Thomas. Eddie, he worked for the New York times. He may have a lot of questions about this disorder… or us. You can decide if you want to tell him. He’s stubborn, but has a heart of gold. He is easily led into thinking people are good when they’re not. He knows of us, don’t be afraid to talk about this. For now, these are the only people I can think of that truly care about you Preston. The ones who sat by and watched us, the personalities, fight for spotlight. I must admit, I feel ashamed of myself. Of my behaviour and actions. To break my promise of no relationships and developing feelings. But it got so lonely without you. Preston, I know you’re scared, but you don’t have to be. At all. However there are also a few more issues I need to bring up: I put all your food in resealable airtight bags so you don’t struggle on how to open a can of food. People are going to rob you, it is now your choice what you wish to do. That explains the gun on your back, that is an AK with a drum magazine. Don’t worry I put it on safety mode. I know you’re not used to this and this is all a learning curb. But with the friends I listed, you should be able to learn in no time. There is a canteen of water to help you along your travels. One last thing… There are zombies. As silly as it sounds, I promise you, you need to be careful. There are ill people who will attack you and bite into you at any point. Stick with people who can handle that, and show you the way. And I know this will make you panic more… Please don’t… But in order to rid of the problem you will need to shoot the infected / zombies. I don’t know if you may be angry or more upset with this, but we as a whole, did not participate in any alcohol, drugs, smoking or anything that may concern you, like tattoos I suppose. This is your body, you are our shell. We respect you with all our hearts and love you deeply. The decisions you made grant us allowance on what we are and are not restricted too. Last and not least, you’re a year and a half older. That makes your twenty years old. I know this may come to you as a shock. But I advise you to look on your body. I made sure, as well as the others, that you were avoided from harm at all costs. No bullets. No scratches. No bites. Only the scar on your forehead from the car crash. I will allow you to note this in your mind. If you feel like you cannot handle this, relax, to the best of your ability. Like you are tired and drained though you may feel energised. That will allow me… or Rosalind to seek and guide your shell and you to a better life or safety until this whole thing blows over. Or as this idea evolved, leave us a note so we can communicate better. I know dreams are hard to remember, so I believe this would be the best way. It was recommended by Andy and his friends a few weeks back. I hope you find someone that truly takes care of you, and not take over you. We love you,
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    Either push the fucking update please or remove the sickness immediately, this shit is too much at this point. I was at a meeting earlier and could hardly hear the people I was meeting with because every one was coughing and sneezing. It's loud as shit, spreads too easily and fast, and makes gameplay worse.
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    it was fun while it lasted, thanks for having us.
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    “Get up sport. You gotta go. It’s time. I know it’s gonna be rough but you can make it.” The leaves crunched underneath the girl’s feet as she stepped out of the tent. She gave the man a saddening look and nodded subtly. “Don’t look back now. You knew this time would come. Now be strong and show me you’ll live up to my expectations, kid.” A tear rolled down the girl’s face. She quickly wiped it away and walked forward steadily, continuously looking back over her shoulder. She picked up her pace and tightened her backpack straps, clenching her fists to stop the tears from pouring out. The ground began shaking as a loud bang hit the surroundings and as the girl looked back over her shoulder one last time, she could see the smoke. The damage. The horde of biters getting attracted to the small tent in the woods that her and the man had been living in for the past six months or more. She ran, knowing that they said their last goodbyes and that there was no going back now. She remembered what he had told her the night before. They talked about life before the outbreak. They talked about music and video games and laughed together. It seemed so surreal knowing that she would never see him again or laugh with him again. The man that raised her since she was a baby. This was it. Approaching a clearing, hayden finally sat down for a minute to get some water and gather her thoughts. Her dad sent her on a mission to find a new family. It was important to him. The most important thing he cared about. After he got sick, hayden’s dad had been preparing her to say goodbye and grow up faster than she could’ve ever imagined. But she did her very best to make her father proud and set in stones the ideas he had for his daughter and the people that would soon be surrounding her. As if it was all set in stone already. As if it was destiny. “We found family. Every one of us is different and every one of us has flaws. That’s what makes us and keeps us going. I don’t know how this all happened. We sort of all ran into eachother as if it was meant to be. Somehow I feel like this all was meant to be. Hayden’s been telling us about her dad’s thoughts on the outbreak, and hell… it all makes sense if you really think about it. She calls it The Cleanse. Kinda like Noah’s Ark. Rid the world of those unworthy of being part of it. That’s the most simple way to describe it anyways. This wasn’t god’s doing. This was the opposite of god. The opposite of Noah’s Ark. The one who got punished for standing up to god. The one who got abandoned by his own father. I’m sure by now you know who I’m talking about. We believe that our mission is to keep the survivors of the cleanse alive. Best way to do that? Pick up some doc’s on the way and make sure we get payment for medical treatment and get the word out. That’s a vital part of what our purpose is at the moment anyways. I’m not sure what our future holds yet, but I know we’ll figure it out and pick up stragglers along the way like we always do. It could go either way for us. Who knows what might happen. Every day is a shit show here in this country anyways. We just gotta make the most of it.” "We've been here a while now. The most bullshit situations were thrown at us. Honestly, we started off with a good mindset. Wanting to make a change. Wanting to help those that we deemed worthy of receiving it. Don't get me wrong, we still want that... but after the last few weeks, we're super selective about who we help and who we "acquire" supplies from. It's just how it is and how it's going to be around here. The constant fighting in the north. The saviors threatening everyone that isn't themselves and their bitch boys. The other groups standing up to them, fighting day in and day out up at their compound. Losing friends, loved ones and anything they care about to the constant nuisance that is being pushed down from the north. I get it. I do. I get why the fighting is necessary, but it doesn't seem to come to a stop. It's just a constant hassle and it's starting to get annoying. We found home now, though. We also recruited some more friends into our ranks. We made allies. We made a couple enemies. We're trying to keep our head above the water and understanding the people and world surrounding us. We want to understand how their minds work, what keeps the going, what they lack and what they need to survive. If we gather enough intel on all this shit, it'll definitely help us in the long run. After all, survival of our family is what matters most. Yes, we rob people sometimes. We also had to put some people down in the past few weeks. The times we live and the shit we're put through defines how we change. And trust me, we have. We will keep changing throughout the next while. But it's an exciting journey and I'm glad to watch it unfold" The Darkest hours / 13.02.2019 Entry "And the darkest hour is just before the dawn" they say. That's what my dad always told me growing up. I'm not going to lie, it seems harder now than ever. We have changed as times have gone on. We have met new friends, lost old friends and found new family. We have watched as groups continued fighting eachother, we have found lone survivors that we took on and gave a place to call home, and a group of people to call family. We reached an important step in life where we knew this group and the bonds we have matter the most now. The memories we shared with eachother, the love we had for one another. The friendships, the arguments, the ups and downs. Together we could do anything. This group is a legacy. And this legacy must be kept alive no matter what. Recently we had to say goodbye to two of our most valued friends. Two brothers. It was tought, but they went down fighting and they wanted us to keep going. So that's exactly what we'll do. And if that wasnt enough, we lost another. All this sorrow, all this pain. It couldn't have been all for nothing. Vox had to live on. The following objectives are subject to change as IC events progress. We want our group to be able to change and modify it's ideals through the interactions and events that occur ingame as time goes on, which will allow us to open our minds to new styles of rp depending on our progression. Our group is very neutral towards anyone they come across. It obviously depends on their relation to us and / or if we see a threat or nuisance in them. TLDR; We're keeping a healthy mix between friendly, hostile & internal roleplay that's enjoyable for us and anyone we meet along the way. "If they fucked you over once, they'll fuck you over again" Hunt count: 3 Currently hunting: Classified OOC Group Rules 1) When you die IC from a hostile action or firefight, you must RP out any injuries your character suffered. No exceptions. 2) Any members that betray the group IC or leave for no good reason will be hunted down. 3) Guns are not the solution to all problems. Try to negotiate before shooting. 4) No Gear RP. When providing hostile RP, the RP must be enjoyable and story driven rather than gear driven. 5) Promote the RP we want to see on the servers instead of searching for it in other groups. 6) Always keep an even balance between hostile RP and internal group RP.
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    Good RP yesterday from @Ronan , @Scarlett , @ASqueakyCleanPado and his peeps, @Mademoiselle @FireDude and whoever was that kid and the dude who tried to feed him fuckin human meat.... and @Cocomii and the guys at the red barn at Stary.
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    We are dying out here hurryy!!
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    Hey, go listen to my band or something...
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    It was fun rolling with you boys while it lasted remind me of 2013 times nihoo good vibes and good times
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    We have spoken on this matter. Although a tough decision, the matter is decided. No
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    Umm fk that was not what I wanted..
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    I were just wondering why i werent highest rank, as it looked like it were a 100€ rank, which i knew i were before. System changes have been made, which i get. Not gonna spend another 100, and i dont really care about those ranks. Thanks for answers ?
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    The press vests and all look sick my dude, keep it up!
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    People are saying that it's "too much of a risk" to allow amnesty players into staff, this has my head spinning. Just because you'd be allowing people who have comeback using amnesty to apply for staff, doesn't mean any of them would automatically get accepted. It's still a case-by-case basis just like it is for anyone applying for staff???? Where exactly is the harm in allowing people to apply just like anyone else???? If someone from amnesty happens to get accepted, that proves that they have been vetted enough.
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    I think anyone should be able to apply for staff. People change. #banksforstaff
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    But how does coming back on amnesty equal "You are gonna leak stuff."? Every staff member can leak such things you described regardless of their past warnings. I just don't understand why people are denied on the basis of "you were on final once" or "you were permabanned once". No one is saying that such things shouldn't be looked at, but when people get denied solely based on these factors without people even looking to see why that final/permaban came in the first place, then you are doing yourselves more bad than good. If people wish to help and extended their hand, just look at their past, see what they did, when that happened and make a decision based on these factors instead.
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    Why would anyone waste 200 euros for tycoon and 3 years of activity to tendie?
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    Hello there good lookin Ryzen 3x00
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    Oh shit, try @fletcho1 then. Just send him a PM
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    i know you aint kink shaming my boy for his toe love ? gang
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    Lasted 6 seconds before I had to turn it off. Good job.
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    Okay where do i send an application? You guys have power of anime on your side.
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    Some show I did back in the days for some kids and shit.
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    *The crackling of a fire could be heard in the background as Nathaniel would once again speak into his radio.* "This is Nathaniel Rowe. Some folk have taken to calling me Boonie though, ye smartarses. Feckin' storm seems to have levelled nearly all the trading posts in Novaya while I was out westward." *He would inhale deeply. His words spoken between deep breaths as if he'd been running.* "Anyhow, I've set up another campfire in the middle of the town square, along with a cooking pot so some of ye buggas can cook yeselves some dinneh. I've been gathering some supplies for the locals as well to assist ye with rebuildin' ye shops. More than glad to help out around 'ere, as ye've all been mighty kind. Just let me know what ye need and I'll do what I can for ye, mates. Be safe out there." *He'd take his finger off the radio's button and slip it into his pack.*
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    I would post these on my status updates, but ya. Here are some of Freeport. Glad to be playing JW again.
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    I'm starting a construction company and safety is my number one priority. Please add these.
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    Only @Lyca gets my Sadism ?
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    Life has a funny way to throw you a curve ball, thought Harrison as he hunkered down in the cold undergrowth as he looked out over the small village before him. “Chernarus, how in the hell did I end up here?” Said the man as he rubbed his hands together. The village ahead of him looked mostly empty, outside of the shambling forms of the infected, things he had grown accustomed to avoiding since he had started heading west. He was cold and damp, the scavenged clothing and pack he had found on his journey doing little to hold back the ever present cold. His old Nike's, were torn, and there was a hole in the sole of the shoe, and he could feel the heat from his body leaching into the cold ground beneath him. Harrison had grown up in the damp and cold on the Oregon coast, and despite the fact he was from a very rural area, he still had access to a heater or at least a fireplace. Here, in the wasteland that had become Eastern Europe and Russia, he had spent most of his nights in the lee of trees or the occasional abandoned shack. He had been on vacation, the first time he had ever really left the area of Oregon he was from. His brother had sworn to him that taking a trip across Europe would do him good. To take that backpacking tour the high school kids did before heading off to college. It was about 20 years to late of course, but Harrison had always enjoyed hiking, and the outdoors and decided to spend what little money he had saved up to listen to his brother. He was 37 years old, but still hale and hardy. Hardened by a lifetime of working in the outdoors, as a handyman, logger, firefighter... basically any job he could find in the rural part of Oregon he was from. It had never occurred to him to leave, to move away like his brother had. He loved the woods, the smell coming in off the coast. His ex wife did not agree. He learned a powerful lesson. Marrying your high school sweetheart doesn't work when she is pretty and ambitious, and did not want to grow old in a town of 400 people. That lesson still took him like 15 years to learn after that, but he had. A new beginning, a fresh start while he closed in on the big four oh, a grand adventure to start it off. The apocalypse had other ideas. He was in Germany when the outbreak started. He did not speak the language, did not know anyone. So he got away from the civilization as fast as he could as things broke down. He could hunt, could fish and find fresh water, all things he had learned as a kid on the Oregon Coast. So he did what he could do to avoid people, as many were looking out for themselves and had no time for a foreigner. So he struck East, into less populated areas. How he had gotten to Chernarus he had no idea. He had no map, only a compass. He could not read anything but English, so the signs all looked almost the same to him. Which brought him to here, looking at a small village and an actual house he may be able to stay in for a little while. He would have to avoid or handle some of the infected, but the trusty hatchet he had picked up could help with that, and if things got really hard, he had a shotgun he could turn to, even if he knew that if he did so he would draw attention from miles around. Harrison Dane stood slowly, almost feeling his knees pop in the cold he started off towards the village ahead of him. He just had to survive long enough for a port somewhere to open up … maybe then he could get home.
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    she came in and sniped your admin spot, rekt
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    The council has been discussing this in length the past few sessions. Our decision on this was made recently, but not publicly shared, we will share it now. No
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    The council has spoken, We have decided that we are you.
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    The council has spoken on this matter, We have decided that your next forum name shall be, SomeWeirdGenericGuy We have spoken, Yes
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    Case-by-case seems logical. If someone got banned just for doing something dumb in game and just exceeded the 30 points, sure. Those of us who got banned for tendies, idk... Yeah, plenty of us changed for the better and that's great. But I don't really know if throwing in €25 is enough to erase that. Maybe with time that'll change, but right now I don't blame them for saying no.
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    -Red scrapes his voice and coughs a few times while holding down the PTT his voice sounds formal- Good afternoon gentlemen. It seems we are having another miscommunication. The men and women of Liska are trying to communicate to you Mr, John Moody that they were not involved in any form of attack on your compound. as quote, they much rather have a good time down South with some Vodka. As for the confusion is most likely being caused by them stating that you would know if it was Liska. Liska is loud and noisy you'd know it's Liska not because of armbands but because of them telling you before shooting. Conclusion It was some imposters with black armbands. They would like to excuse themselves for any inconvenience caused and would prefer it if you didn't didly doo any more children. That also means keeping your hands off my fucking Sister: Ellie. who is 13 years old, which you abducted in your blue car a few weeks back. Sincerely, The Translator. -Red releases the PTT-
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    From the album: Wolfic Family Photo Album

    Marty fears this car will levitate to the moon!
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