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    Suggestion, give people in the high ranks access to the item shop free of charge. Kinda like in the old days when you got skins with the tiers.
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    Because you failed in doing something, doesn’t mean it should be valued as NVFL. With this logic, the vast majority of players on the server would be banned: You try to melee two zombies but somehow die to them? You should’ve valued your life and not got attacked, banned! You try to climb down a ladder, but miss the climb ladder button and fall to your death? Sorry that’s NVFL. Banned. You try to jump from one platform to another, that you’ve seen is possible and make a mistake and fall to your death, banned. NVFL should only be used in consideration when players intentionally end their lives, with no value to their life or character development. Brandon made an unintentional mistake which ended in embarrassment and put him out of the firefight. If he had’ve jumped off the railing to kill himself for a meme, it’d be another story.
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    I plan to modify the Premium system with some changes in the next few days. Last time I modified the Premium system was in March last year and that brought some really good changes that I still like. However the naming of different ranks is still confusing - no newcomer understands right away what is better: Sponsor or Contributor, and calling someone who purchased a Premium rank "Hall of Famer" is misleading and suggests one has a special community achievement like MVP or VIPs do. There is also a lack of more exclusive "high end" rank which many have asked me about lately due to Tycoon becoming kind of mainstream with all discounts and sales. The "Premium market share" of HoF and Tycoon ranks has more than doubled since that last announcement. To fix these things, ranks would be renamed and an additional new top tier rank will be added. This will result in a system where we have a cheap entry rank at the bottom, 4 standard ranks in the middle with easy to understand 25€ upgrade intervals in between them, and then a high end exclusive rank at the top. Ranks will be renamed to precious metals and gems to be easier to understand and better reflect their status and position. Rank colors will change to reflect the color of that material. Ranks will be split into two tiers, only high "gem" tier will be available for subscriptions (so 5€/month Sponsor subscription would no longer be available). Perks would be moved around a little, however they will largely stay the same for existing ranks, I will try avoid any downgrades to the existing ranks. This change may take a few days to complete, as I modify the underlying code and upgrade your orders. There should be no action required from your side. See below for proposed new format - "Old rank -> New rank - new price". Colors are not accurate, just picked something similar from our text editor dropdown. Metal, low tier Donor -> Bronze - 5€ Contributor -> Silver - 25€ Sponsor -> Gold - 50€ Gem, high tier Hall of Famer -> Emerald - 75€ Tycoon -> Sapphire - 100€ New rank Diamond - 200€ Besides that, a few other changes that were requested or put on hold previously would be added: A new perk will be added to Bronzeranks that will give a priority for whitelist handling. People still with old deprecated ranks will be upgraded to new ones: Supporter (deprecated) -> Silver Patron (deprecated) -> Emerald Due to color conflict between Emerald and MVP rank, the MVPs will receive a new unique color, feel free to suggest color hex codes. This thread is to gather in your feedback and suggestions for Premium before these changes go live. Feel free to discuss these changes or ask questions, nothing is set in stone yet so there's plenty of room to modify things if you provide constructive criticism or good suggestions for improvement.
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    Pretty much what @Jamie said. Basebuilding persistence is unreliable and sometimes random bases around the map seem to vanish into thin air, nothing we can currently do about it besides wait for the DayZ developer to hopefully fix it one day. Same thing happened to me, server restarted and when I logged back in my entire base was gone. Base of our allies couple 100 meters further up was still there, but ours vanished. Sorry this happened to you.
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    As someone also afflicted: Yeah, it sucks, but hope dies last and I pray a (working) fix is on the horizon. One shouldn't be frustrated and quit because surely in "due time" it'll work. I do miss the old days tho where I could have a tent for weeks on end without it vanishing due to DayZ bugs.
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    Well, if other people made the jump, then I'll never support the NVFL. I think it's pretty obvious he didn't mean to jump over that side of the tower and to his death. If he did, then sure. However, the game kinda screwed him over, and I don't feel like a punishment should be handed for that. Poor dude. :C @Jamie @Sleepyhead @Zanaan Are there details that we are overlooking? Just a bit confused ?
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    I don't know man, taking a look at the report, and video and such. I can understand the NVFL. That's a pretty high fall to say "I could have made it". As for the excuse of "It was the games fault". I am not too sure on that one. Seems like if he was bugged and pushed off the side it would for sure NOT be considered NVFL. But he his intention was to jump wasn't it? I think that's where the line was drawn. tldr: I agree with you in a way, but I am not sure how this exact GM team viewed it in their discussions
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    This post is still a W.I.P Thank you for checking it out!
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    I like feedback and you guys are good for it gimme tips on new music plz :3
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    Any tips on something that may be wrong here? I'll wait in queue (Completely fine with this) then when the queue count comes to 1, I'll get a failure. Says something about steam authentication invalid or whatnot. Really loving this server and would hate to miss a day due to an issue on my part. Any suggestions folks? ?
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    Curious, does MVP / VIP / Legend still equate to what Tycoon was ranked at (i.e: now worth sapphire) or are they equal to diamond?
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    Personally I dont think the gem aesthetic fits with the DayZRP vibe you know? Also I think that Diamond Rank should get more spawn uses for the item shop
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    I subscribe. I spent literal hours, logging barrels and metal sheets to help construct this base. We had plans to make regular radio transmissions, to open up to our neighboors, give out free energy to people in need and enhance our RP over the random meet and greets. Now, I'm not sure if I have the confidence to rebuild everything and actually settle down with my character and move away from the nomadic life style. Please tell me it's a freak occurance. EDIT: So we got dayzed ?
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    From all the talk about getting technical with the rules and all the complaints recently, it seems like people are actually wanting the rules to be strict again.
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    The Sapphire colour feels kinda underwhelming, reminds of Patron. Nothing big though, it's ok
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    Tycoon will still have all the features Tycoon has had. None of that will be taken away I am sure. It's simply a new rank that adds more stuff for a little more cash. If anything the Tycoon rank might even get a few extra nuggets thrown in because of the overhaul. I really don't see a point in complaining, over time prices of products usually fall, on release games tend to cost around 60$ and over time they drop about 50% depending on title and other variables. Just don't buy Diamond if you don't want to, you shouldn't be donating to get things in the first place, you should be donating to support the community.
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    Yeah. as someone who payed the full amount for original Tycoon, and then some, it feels like a total ripoff that everyone else gets an even rank swap but not the highest ranked people.Why don't you just make diamond worth 200 so only people who have donated 200 plus get it instead of people who bought it for 100 after the price drop, or if you're gonna stick to the product/tax excuse then make diamond like 75-80% of for 200+ donors, then you're still selling the product, but for a price that's at least reasonable when compared to everyone else getting the ranks they've payed for/ deserve
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    There's kind of a difference between business and putting out a cash grab. If you put it into perspective from the 200euro tycoon club, they have to pay 300euro in total in order to get this new rank where as the 100euro club pays 200euro. People won't leave but they'll be pissed. If theres an easy way to transfer those that donated 200euro to the server and give them the rank, then do so I think. Everyone else gets transferred to the appropriate amount they payed so why not them?
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    well of course noone does, we live in a cold dark world mr roland. i see some homeless guy on the street i'll walk past him, i see my homie lose his job i'll give him a bed to sleep in? but me and you both know why this post is up, one questionable verdict, several bad decisions later, followed by another questionable verdict. -the jump was made before by a friend (G19) -It provides a great, great vantage point- pretty much worth the risk of falling -He knew it was possible to make, attempted, and failed its not no value for life, it was a mistake. no value for life is deliberately getting yourself killed, whether its hitting a fat f11 to get a better spawn, or running in 1v9 and not complying. but missing a jump you know is doable just reallllllly isn't on that list. in my eyes, the only think yungbrandon no valued was his forum account when he put RP at the end of his username tbh
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    Were you forced to donate 200 quid? They were 200. then 100 quid. The price fell over time. New product comes out for price for the original we paid, That is bound to happen its just business. I'm not sure who would leave a community over not getting a higher rank because they paid 200 quid years ago.
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    This touches on something I've held as an article of faith since I first joined DayZRP a couple of years ago and was roleplaying. In particular, roleplaying with those who I wouldn't consider to be particularly fantastic roleplayers. My verdict: much of the staff do not care about roleplay as much as they care about their precious rules. Multiple times I have been confronted by people saying things that are blatantly obvious to anyone who isn't severely autistic (not disparaging autistic people, I am a teacher in training and work with autistic kids, many are incapable of inference and therefore take everything literally) that it's a declaration of hostile attempt. An example, I was recently confronted by someone who said "The spirits are telling me I need to sacrifice you". Had I shot this person then and there, which was my first instinct, I'd have been done for RDM. Similarly, when his friends (who pretended unconvincingly not to know him) came over and faux-encouraged me to take retribution and repeatedly moved to surround me, had I mowed them down then I'd be done for RDM. Certain members of this community continue to hold onto this idiotic "well I don't think that's do-able so it's unrealistic" type of mindset which is frankly a reflection on them more than anything else. People do crazy things in the heat of the moment in an attempt to save themselves, including throwing themselves on grenades (potential death by explosion), hiding under corpses (potential death by disease), or fighting in an unwinnable situation (because a 1% chance is better odds than certain death). People do insane things when their fight or flight instinct kicks in. I've never been in some serious, life-threatening combat situation, but I've had dudes go for me in a bar and I can tell you, in the moment your reaction is automatic. You don't think, you act, and anecdotal evidence from real life proves that this is the case. James Franco's character from 127 Hours would easily get banned for NVFL by some staff members in this community. Just to put this out there, I'm saying this in the hopes at least some people (staff or otherwise) might decide to stop being such advocates of a mary sue persona, not as a personal attack on anyone (hence not naming names). Yes what the guy who got banned was dumb from a logical, detached standpoint, but by actually using your human empathy and imagining yourself in that position it becomes way easier to understand.
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    My curious question is, what would the Diamond rank have in perks? Since people paid for perks from typhoon
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    Yea, skins were the reason to get the ranks tbh.
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    New Year, New Me. Nothing like a family that hurt you, trying to guilt trip you, start off your day. New year resolution? Cut toxic people out of my life. ? Hoe boy, some people are really sad to try and bring me down. ?
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    Wasn't the price for Tycoon 200€ at some point? I remember getting mine at I believe a - 50% sale for 100€.
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    If you try jumping on the railing it flings you off it and glitches....
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    I mean IRL you would just rolls some grenades into the windows and call it a day or not worry about ghost bullets or not get 3rd person peeked by a dude full auto firing an ak with zero recoil, or have people magically spawn in behind you.....but yeah this is a game lol. Honestly I dont think its NVFL, he literally got flung off the ledge by the game itself, he did not want to go that way.
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    Its similar in concept to doing a 4v1. If you survive, then it's not NVFL since you didn't die, but if you die it is. Fact is they all tried jumping off a tower into the roof, with only 1 success, and 3 failures. Jumping from suicidal levels of height in the hopes of making it is not valuing your life.
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    lock this thread immediately please
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    Finish my rapping tracks im working on and publish 'em Call out every dutch Rapper I think is weak, and only focus on materialistic shit ( Basically almost erryone ) Continue Bboying, get all big battles. Continue my spoken-word once again and poetry Do more shiz with raps, I only do english rap, dutch rap ain't shit. Train hard in Bboying, train powermoves, work on my style more.
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    I kinda skimmed, but I think condensing it a little more might be nice. I would end a little more narration to the end to kinda ease into the end of the video overall not bad man, better than I could do
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    You're such a gem, bud. Miss you loads. Thanks for everything you did for this community.
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    +1 I'm tired of seeing everyone coughing and sneezing
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    Idk, the .55 update had good people robbing others just to survive, and it was pretty cool. That being said, people are acting like reducing the amount of readily available food right now will go from abundance to complete scarcity. It isn't one or the other. But I may have another suggestion for a mod; a change to the loot table to slowly diminish the amount of food and water items found around the map, forcing players to stop moving and farm/scavenge from trees, and hunt animals. Roleplay should respond to changes in the needs of the players and a fluid, dynamic way to modify the availability of food gradually is a better alternative than a sharp change that remains static until another update reverses it. A more drastic addition would the the possibility of wells drying up and streams/rivers becoming the only way to get more water, but this is imo insane and not a good idea. Just a thought however. Survival in this game isn't hard for us cause we've played literally thousands of hours of it, but it could be spiced up to meet roleplay with gradual changes in the loot economy, which could be extended to slow but sure diminishing amounts of ammunition (also not that good of an idea since ammo is not craftable). A short term solution to this would simply be to remove food spawns from zombie corpses. I personally notice about half or more of the food available to me is from infected corpses, and the rest is in houses and other areas. Remove the food from the corpses, you already make the food situation a bit more complex but not so hard that it impacts RP. TL;DR - Nerf zombie loot for a short term solution, Modify loot table to gradually diminish food availability for a long term solution.
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    Updated with some Photos ?
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