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    I’m going to have to say other then getting allowed back my fav part has been: @uSx @Stagsview @Ron @AndreyQ @PatZ @Craig @Roman @TerraAnd everyone else in Liska. Was meeting and joining Liska, I have made some truely great friends and had some of the best RP I have ever had, it has been like watching a tv drama and being a part of it has been awesome. Also shout outs to @Cipher and @ScarletRose for the whole kidnapping stuff was mad dope and was a great time. @ASqueakyCleanPado and @Dew for the times I had in abyss truely was a great group to join as soon as I got allowed back. 3 months back in 2018 were dope
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    If we implement this, can we keep it until spring plz? (next 2/3 months)
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    United Front This group was formed naturally from in-game encounters, With similar character beliefs we banded together to remove people with conflicting views. The embers of light shadowed Cahir’s eyes, as he stares into the campfire surrounded by his trusted allies. He notices one of his fellow fighters is scared and Cahir makes eye contact with him “What the fuck is wrong with you?”, as Cahir loudly spoke Robert’s eyes shifted away quickly staring into the fire “Nothing... Just my nerves I guess!”. Cahir thinks for a second before asking ”Do you know what a humans worst enemy is?”Robert glanced up as he subtly responded, ”No, I don’t.” Cahir chuckles and whispers; “How strange is that? You couldn’t be more afraid than you are right now and you still have no idea…. Death...” Cahir strongly stands and removes his dirty jacket, “What are we going to do when the enemy is at our front door? Who are we going to call when we have the barrel of a gun pointed at our face? Where do we run when our home is burnt down to the ground and all that’s left are the ashes of what we once built with our sweat and blood? I see it in all of you… You’re scared!, frightened! And you should be, all you want is to be happy and safe again. Well let me tell you something, we’re all afraid and the only way to free ourselves from that fear is to cast it aside and fight back, I’m willing to bet my top dollar that everyone here is afraid and tired, sick of being treated like shit because they have their guns and their numbers.” He pauses. “Honestly, I don’t know if anyone could ever take them down, or get rid of them but someone, somewhere has to take a stand, someone needs to stop this cruelty.“ Cahir shouts ”We are not the only ones who have suffered this unforgiving life that we all live today!” The room comes to a sudden pause. “So, all of you. Do you wish to be in fear and keep crying tears of blood and dirt? Or are you going to stand with me and fight for the righteous cause?” The room stays quiet, gazing at Cahir’s face. Jack suddenly stands by his side and exclaims, “I will stand with you Cahir! Until either I’m dead or we’re free!”, Jack looks at his fellow men and announces, “If you’re with us, call out!” One by one each man stands at attention calling their names. As the embers of the fire slowly begin to die out every last man at that camp agreed to pledge their life to fight for the cause. The night was calm for the men of evil. They’re last calm night. Three weeks later... It’s a pitch black, cloudy night and it is perfect for a bit of hunting. The semi-covered light of the moon casting shadows across the land, but our eyes see through the night. On the prowl we walk, silent as the night, as we get into position. A low whistle is heard as the first member of our squad takes in the sight of a group of bandits walking down the trail. Dead center of them we hear the low whimpers of suffering, a group of innocents men and women, tortured, We prepare ourselves, as the bandits unknowingly walk straight into our sights. A crack of a branch and in a flash they’re on their knees, swiftly and silently the bandits are knocked out. The innocents are released and the bandits are tied back to back. Slowly one by one they come too, and find themselves in the middle of our regiment. As their eyes adjust all they see are faces concealed by black balaclavas. We intimidate them as we stand over them. Stripped of all weapons and valuables we pass most of it over the innocents, keeping a few items and trophies for ourselves. Our righteous leader Cahir, steps up and looks down at the pathetic men of evil. Terrified the bandits begin to panic between themselves. “Enough!” Cahir growls. Silence ensues as my comrades, Robert, Jack and Dennis step out of the darkness and into the view the bandits. Beaten and afraid one of the pathetic men whimpers out, “Who are you?” A chuckle is heard among the group and Cahir looks around with a slight grin. Raising his arms indicating his men, he boasts, “This! We are the ones who get rid of the putrid, disgusting savages and greedy. The liars, the torturers and the thieves. We are the righteous hands of this land here to cast out the cruel, We are the ones who go bump in the night! We are all bandits worst nightmare! We are the United Front!”  Fight inequality and injustice that strives throughout Chernarus - Constant Gather knowledge about what's happening around the region, to act upon - Constant Form alliances with groups and survivors - Constant Make a name for ourselves - Constant Keep our own people safe, from harm's way - Constant Build our group for a forceful movement - Day 580 Establish a radio channel for communication between alliances - Day 590 Establish a safe zone to rebuild communities - Day 650 Tayto - Cahir McLeary Crim - Robert Moore Nick Wilde - Dennis Colson Lemons - Jack Lemons Zsmith1111 - Sunny Smith Mudge54 - Frederick Mudge JohnCrown - Alkis Rouber Robert Faltin - Robert Faltin MrsunnyRP Majoo - Erik Soucek Vader - Mark Davis Recruitment Status: Active Recruitment is accomplished In-Game. Private message Me and @Tayto if you're interested in joining. For inquires, Privately message the Thread holder.
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    Looks dope, I will test it in a second.
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    I ADORED the RP with you guys today! Thanks for the great evening today, and uuhm not killing me!
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    *a female Chernarussian woman speaking English with an accent would come over the radio* "This Počasí broadcasting on all open frequencies. High winds and intermittent snow and sleet are expected to continue for the coming week and beyond out of the west and north. Temperatures will continue to drop as we get closer to Christmas, so make sure you bundle up. Further updates will continue to be prov----" *the transmission cuts out rapidly and the airwaves are once again bathed in eerie frantic occasional chatter*
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    Well, I was playing a 14 year old and got the shit kicked out of me & my finger cut off. Some people play rapists or pedophiles.. As long as you RP maturely and ask for permission in some aspects, it can get pretty dark.
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    Can confirm. Weather changes every time the server freezes up a bit. Consistent across all clients.
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    Today was my first day meeting you guys properly, and it was fantastic! Jiri is a great bloody laugh but is also kind and wants to keep his friends safe. You manage to express the latter in a way which doesn't come off as forced, which I really dig. I enjoyed meeting the rest of the gang that had jumped on, you all have very interesting characters and I can't wait to get to know everybody's characters better. I loved how everybody looked past Brody's addiction and focused on how he was trying to help you guys. You're all excellent RPers, and I'm excited to see where things go from here! shoutout to vlad who hooked brody up with ketamine laced mdma lmao.
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    @Jean Thank you for the amazing hostile RP. Loved it! (sorry for cutting your finger off ) EVENT Thank you to everyone who didnt troll or screamed without a good reason. @Max I just loved our little interaction together. Was heartbreaking to hear you getting stabbed to death. Wish you would of survived and played that character more. Thanks to the guards who rped with me after I ate that man on the field. Hopefully more events will come!
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    The Embassy It didn’t take long for the higher ups back in D.C. to contact us. Special Purpose Group, 24th in line, out of 27 others. “High value embassies”, that’s what they called us, the sons of bitches. Who knows if any of those other high value embassies were even evacuated. I doubt it. You start doubting things when you’re this deep in bullshit. They contacted us too quickly, were too calm and collected. The worst part is being proven right. Few months in, we’re still waiting. The few messages we get from the radio are generic, pre-recorded strings of bullshit. They get rarer and rarer each day, almost as if they were slowly pulling the plug, but didn’t quite have the decency to just fucking do it. Turns out we were right, and they did eventually pull the plug, all of our calls for help were met with static, just pure and raw nothingness. Didn’t take much longer for everyone to freak the fuck out, and for Baku to be completely overrun. If you weren’t infected, dead or about to die, you we were either a bandit or hiding from them. The Azerbaijani military tried their best, but anywhere on the other side of the Embassy’s walls was worse than any warzone you could ever imagine prior to the outbreak. It couldn’t get any worse, we thought. Until it did. One day, we woke up and what was once our only line of defense, the great military force of the U. S. of fucking A., was just gone. They took their shit and booked it, leaving behind helpless civilians, some Marine Guards and the PMC previously in charge with some security jobs. Valk Solutions, they were called. Some international security organization we hired to help us keep things at bay. They decided to take over about 10 months in, after the military left us for dead. Couple months later, they managed to get a hold of most bandit groups, as well as what was left of the Azerbaijani military to take control back of certain parts of Baku. They managed to clean up a few blocks around the Embassy, and set up perimeter walls for protection. But what happens when a bunch of mercenaries and PMCs get in charge of something that big? A borderline dictatorship, that’s what happens. People were dragged out and shot on the streets if they even came close to any infected, or were seen as a threat to the new leadership. We didn’t know what to do, all we knew was that we had to get out of there, fast. About a year in of pure fuckery, we heard broadcasts coming from what was apparently a US-controlled embassy in Takmyr, they had managed to set up a perimeter around what was once the capitol of Takistan. At the time we weren’t many, just some like-minded individuals from all paths in life who wanted to survive, but not under some psychotic pseudo-government. For the next month or two, we gathered as many willing participants as possible. Diplomats, Security Staff, even some members of Valk itself, who were unhappy with the way their leadership was handling the situation. Supplies such as food and water to last us a couple of weeks, as well as firearms were easy enough to get with our contacts within Valk Solutions itself. All we needed was a window to escape, and we felt it getting closer each day. Civilians and other members of Staff gathered to plan major riots against the groups in charge. All we had to do was wait until those riots peaked, and all hell broke loose. That would give us the distraction we needed to pack military jeeps and escape that shit-hole, and it worked like a fucking charm. One night, a horde of civilians, former staff of the embassy and some left-over soldiers took on Valk, the bandits and the Azerbaijani military forces in charge. Saying it was a bloodbath is an understatement. The gunfire attracted infected from miles away, that pushed on the unprotected walls of the compound. That, combined with the rioting groups and the bloodshed, I think they didn’t even care we were escaping. We packed a few jeeps and busted out through the main gates, a group of around 15 people or more, maybe even 20. Not all of us made it here, as you can probably tell. Some died on the escape, some died quickly afterwards due to the infected, some died on the journey here. It took us less than a week to reach the northern Chernarussian border, and we already lost 5 people. One of them tried to fucking kill me, the fucking coward. So we all agreed on a basic hierarchy. We can’t survive if we keep trying to kill each other. We’re the only ones we know we can trust, and if any of us proves me wrong, I’ll kill them myself. Valk Solutions Valk Solutions is, of course, an international organization; however, everything must have an origin. In the wake of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, two brothers (a former CIA case officer and a former member of the 24th STS) and their mutual friend, a lawyer, saw a growing need in the market for a fighting force that could move more freely and more deniably than any government force possibly could. With this idea in mind, the three reached out to their contacts and friends (most of whom were ex-military and law enforcement), and Valk Solutions began operations in 2005. Over the years, our leadership and status within the industry may have changed, but our principles and core values stay the same: Honor, Valor, and Efficiency. We do not shirk in the face of danger. We do not quit on our contracts. We get the job done, and we get it done right. 'Sword' Team Part of the Armed branch of VS, Sword team was assigned to Baku to take the place of an existing Valk presence at the Embassy. Made up of mostly western military veterans, the team was coordinated by Operations Manager Edward Carrigan and consisted of around 15 contractors with various support staff mixed in. Over a period of years working together, a close brotherhood had formed between members of the team; a responsibility to look out for the man next to you, through thick and thin. Regardless of the preparations made at the Embassy, the chaos that followed the initial outbreak claimed the lives of a majority of Sword until only a few determined individuals remained in the company of the embassy staff as they began the evacuation westwards. Motivated by the prospect of eventually escaping the nightmare in the east, Edward committed himself to leading the surviving Valk employees back home to safety. Out-of-Character: The Embassy is a true survivor group - while many in South Zagoria are nonchalant and friendly upon meeting strangers, the people from the Embassy have a much different experience with those that they don’t know. They have known only suffering since the outbreak began, and even those that they trusted have betrayed them and left them in the dark. As such, the Embassy is extremely distrusting of strangers, up to the point of being overtly hostile of those they suspect of masking their true intentions. The group will focus a lot on internal character development as well as character development with those that come in contact with the group, as people either slowly gain the trust of the group or devolve relations to the point of open war. All of the survivors from the Embassy are, obviously, from the US Embassy in Baku. As such, all characters in the group must be created using the group’s backstory. In-Character: Find enough working vehicles to make it through the wastes of Takistan without issue. (Day 550) Gather enough resources (food, water, fuel, medicine, etc.) to make it through the desert. (Day 560) Make way across South Zagoria, towards the US Embassy in Takmyr, Takistan. (Day 580) Gather Intelligence on any remaining Eastern European Government Officials, U.S Government Officials and U.S. Staff/civilians for further evacuation. (Ongoing) Keep every member of the expedition alive. (Ongoing) The Documents: "The Documents" are a gathering of confidential Intelligence by and for the U.S. Government. They include the "Football", a heavily protected suitcase given to every Middle Eastern embassy with the goal to protect worst-case-scenario protocols. Along with these protocols, a new wave of information was added to this suitcase in response to the International chaos following the outbreak, which included confidential status reports on other Embassies across the world, including the United States of America itself. Anything else included in The Documents is intelligence gathered by the Embassy itself, as requested by D.C. shortly before the cut in communications. It is part of the SPG-24's mission to gather information on Government remnants, any living U.S. Government Officials as well as remaining civilians in the area, and look for immediate extraction of said entities. Allies US Department of State Officers Suspicious All unregistered individuals Enemies None as of yet
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    Over the course of maybe 4-5 maybe 6 hours, I had an amazing RP experience on the server. Started out at the Kamenka military base, left for Zelenogorsk and met a guy named Rusty, Rusty and I teamed up and headed for Vybor. Met two guys with gear 100x better than ours, got in their car, and got dumped in Vybor. Met up with Rusty and his friends Decklin, Johnny, and Finn. searched the ACT. Robbed a guy in the ACT and watched Johnny threaten to find the guy and eat him if he tries to come after us. left for another town, got to the town, Robbed another guy for his gun and watched Decklin passive aggressively insinuate he was going to cut his legs off. Found a car and drove it to the Petrovka military base. Flipped the car. went to the military base where I watched Rusty get violently mauled by zombies and saved his life by a thread. freezing to death and starving, we ran back to town to meet Decklin and Johnny, got there, and almost robbed the saviors for their car, but decided not to. Met a guy running a market in the town, and then left to meet the saviors. Met the saviors, they were alright, I'm pretty indifferent towards them though. We went to the top of an apartment and discussed setting up a base, and where we should go next. in the midst of the discussion, I pressed the wrong key and fell off the apartment building. Was mad I lost my gear, but overall very happy with the experience I had. Hope I get to meet them again soon it was a lot of fun getting to meet them and RP together, and it really surpassed my expectations. If you guys see this I hope Decklin made Rusty go with you to Novo. and I hope you are enjoying my loot.? wish I knew how to keep in touch OOC but who knows maybe our paths will cross again. I'll keep an eye out for yellow armbands ?
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    These are items I think would personally fit the setting of Dayzrp. AN94 - Rounds - 5.45, 30rnd Mag Desc- Would fit in a Post Soviet country, Would also be able to use most AK attachments, Highly Accurate and has a built in recoil control AEK-971 - Rounds- 5.45, 30rnd Mag Desc- Would fit in a post Soviet country, Would be able to use most AK attachments, High fire rate. AK 12 - Rounds - 5.45, 30rnd Desc - One of the newest AK's I think it would fit if it was a Russian helicopter exclusive M16A4 - Rounds - 5.56, 30rnd STANAG or CMAG Desc - Should be a NATO Helicopter Exclusive, also should be semi auto only PPSH 41 - Rounds - 380 Auto, 50rnd or 30rnd mag Desc - Think it would be fun to have it in but should have hard recoil PKP pecheneg - Rounds - 7.62x54, 100rnd Box Mag Desc - Would be a nice alternative to the M249 when ever that comes FN Scar - Rounds - 5.56 30rnd STANAG Desc - NATO Heli Crash only Bizon SMG - Rounds - 9mm, 30rnd Mag Desc - Would fit perfectly into Chernarus Tec-9 - Rounds - 9mm, 15rnd Mag Desc - Nice Pistol almost and SMG could be Semi or Full auto ??? - Desc - Don't know the exact name but my god its beautiful Russian Assault Pack? - Desc - looks nice New Vest ? - I will be updating this with more ideas
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    After I fell off and died any sadness I had about it was flushed away by laughter I figured u guys probably laughed pretty good about it yourselves that was hilarious hope to see u again soon!
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    So recordings make it much easier for GM team to solve reports. Reports are usually created for hostile situations. I suggest that we require at least 1 person from the official group that initiates hostilities against other players to be recording the situation. That way there's always at least one video PoV of the situation from attacker side (the side that is usually the accused) that can be provided in a report and we don't get Word vs Word stalemates. Failure to provide said recording would put report in favor of the defending party. With current hardware and software technologies this should be no difficult task. I realize that many people still play on potatoes, but I think out of 5 people (minimum size for a group) at least one can be expected to have a decent enough PC to record. TL;DR: Official groups that initiate on others should have at least 1 person recording the situation and be able to provide said recording in a report created within 24h. Let me know what you think?
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    No one wants it as permanent tho. Only for 3 months and then back to normal or a spring map.
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    If not, should it be? Just to clarify, "offlining" is when you break into somebody's base/settlement/etc while the owners are asleep. This tactic allows you to essentially have no opposition during a forced entry. This would be an effective anti-settlement tool for people on the server looking to sabotage enemies and steal weapons and supplies. However, this could also be seen as "abuse of game mechanics" and a hindrance to RP. I have my own personal opinion about this matter but I want to hear what other people think; maybe I'm missing something?
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    Server with the map is up on S2 EU, see front page. It is separate HIVE, your characters do not transfer. Please join it and test the map and let me know if we should get it, it's 40$.
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    *After John finishes a coughing fit, he pulls out his radio* I would be happy to exchange wears with your group, so we can both get supplies that we are better at selling. But I rather stay independent, I have a great market as I operate at times when most other traders are resting, just like you are now. *John quickly finishes off he message as he feels a sneeze come along*
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    I'd rather see the removel of the cold/virus/infection/coughingsneezingfits tbh, the cars seem to have different bugs depending on what car you get in. Like a roulette wheel, which bug is he gonna get this time?
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    *He would press the PTT* "This is the Goose responding" "Copy that ten four" "See you soon" "It has also left the microwave" *IT would cut to static*
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    The Saviors Driver- Clayton Biggsbe Navigator- Jimmy White (Pogo)
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    Gonna stream some overdawatch then some dayazee. Come holla:
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    I wish I could donate so much to where I get treated like a fuckin god.
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    From the album: DayZRP

    Which one of you fuckers is coming with me
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    Food is way too easy to find. Every time I come across a random Survivor and ask for food, I get dropped more than I wanted. Food doesn't have any value. In a survival game, food should be your main concern. There is no need to hunt, you don't have to gather mushrooms or do any farming. Some people in this thread argue that they rather like to roleplay, than searching for food. However, in my opinion, the abundance of food somehow restricts your roleplay. The need to scavenge a town for food in a group, visiting a settlement where you can find a farmer, trader or hunter are only some examples for missed RP opportunities. On the other side, there is no need to play a farmer or hunter. But of course, this is only my opinion.
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    Couple stanky legs from the other night. @OxeN playing a blinder.
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    I'd rather spend my time RPing than finding food.
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    as much as I usually argue against the point I'm about to make RP over game mechanics like this should be focused on. I think that adding more things that make the GAME interesting would be nice. But things that can interfere with RP scenarios like hunger or thirst. Id rather not begin to die every five minutes of hunger because my characters metabolic rate speeds at the pace of a intercontinental missile
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    I just think that's ignorance, not everyone is privileged and I don't remember it saying I needed a wacko PC to join the community and play on the sever. It benefits people with beefy PC's but goes against those that don't have beefy PC's. I would rather discuss a report and use evidence provided by other parties than play the game at 10 FPS.
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    But rolle? If I have to record everytime I initiate how will I be able to hide the fact I don't want to RP and just REALLY liked the guy's beanie hat!?! ? THIS IS OPPRESSION SIR! But seriously, the phrase "Innocent until proven guilty" comes to mind with this suggestion. Should you SUGGEST people record when doing hositle RP, just for their own self security... sure... But forcing em to record seems very odd to me, orwellian even... ?
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    obviously this is a joke, but I spent about $75 on it because I have no life. Its for your enjoyment so enjoy ? *Cough* possible dayZRP welcome video? *Cough*
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    I'm glad you guys are all enjoying the video ?
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    i think my "hands up" was a pretty good line.
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    I always said when I was in the position, I'll always listen to an appeal, no matter what. That's all this is, listening to appeals, being a bit more open minded about them rather than a straight up "no". I always tried to listen, except for that guy who made a post about me on reddit, I got tired of listening to him.
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    His head got blown to bits, just as curie vaporized his ass. I wasn't prepared. This was he best I got of it.
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