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    When you're writing a dank lore for your character and you look at memes in another tab. You see a notification for a status update and you click it, it exits your character page and ruins all your progress on your backstory. F
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    Hey everyone, short information: Like last year due to the anniversary of the release - Company of Heroes 2 (World War 2 RTS) is currently for free on steam. Go claim it so you can install and play it whenever you want. ?
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    Thanks man I appreciate it, was so refreshing to have some fun hostile RP for once. Really made for a good experience for everyone involved I thought. Really hope to cross paths in game again soon!
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    @Onyx Also had fun time RPing with you and your gang. Don't worry, things got even more hectic later. @Challenger @OxeN(can't find the rest of your group) Thanks for one of the best hostileRPs i've ever experienced. @Collin1398 Thanks for saving me! I hope it wasn't too hard to hear me. This has got to be my best night on this server (i wanted to go to sleep 2 hours ago but got so hooked i couldn't).
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    I see your hypothetical picture and I raise you a hypothetical response. I'm assuming this is sort of similar to the Psi report. 1. Well, that's a great question. What should the middleman do? They are stuck between a rock & a hard spot, mostly due to the fault of the person (in this case, N-Tox) who sent them inside knowing full well that there was a hostile inside. In this situation, for the middleman, it's either be killed or be killed. That's a situation you should never place someone in. 2. Everyone hates hearing it but obviously these situations are case by case, so it could change depending on the situation. In this case, N-Tox sends Puncture inside to face Reckless. Reckless initiates again and tells Puncture to leave. Puncture leaves, and is then killed by N-Tox. N-Tox receives punishment for giving his hostage unreasonable demands/perhaps invalid kill. In another instance, if N-Tox initiates on Puncture and sends him inside to face Reckless, Reckless initiates & Puncture refuses to leave claiming he will be killed, N-Tox would most likely still receive punishment for unreasonable hostage demands. Why would Reckless face punishment, when he initiated & Puncture did not comply to his demands? 4.7 If you successfully capture a player through a hostile action and then take him into your custody, he is now considered your hostage. You must do everything in your power to keep your hostages alive and in a relatively good health. That includes protecting them from external threats like zombies and leaving them with a realistic chance of survival when they are released. "You must do everything in your power to keep your hostages alive" meaning, you know, don't send them into a death or death situation. 3. Here's a link to the Standard Report Punishment guide. As I stated above, you would receive a punishment for Unreasonable Hostage demands, which is a 3 day ban & 10 warning points. You may or may not also receive an Invalid Kill punishment, which varies and may or may not be aggravated. I tried to explain the best I could, so I hope this helps. Also, this is simply my opinion as one Gamemaster. If any other Gamemasters or Admins would like to correct me or express their own opinion, they of course can feel free!
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    You really do have the worst sense of humor
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    Where was our boy @Nihoolious Smh
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    Another YouTube rewind without Pewdiepie smh
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    You are one of the best roleplayers i've met man such a realistic scenario. So fun. ❤❤
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    Yes. In fact, it happened not that long time ago. The guy (who said "What's up roleplayers", not the shooter) was permabanned.
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    So with the recent complaints about Hostile RP and the general super soldier immortal warrior radio chatter bullshit this idea came to my head. I used to roleplay on MTA: San Andreas (Multiplayer mod for GTA San Andreas) Back in 2012-2016 and they had this hidden forum which only staff could see. Players that have had bad experiences with certain characters such as multiple robberies, harassment, and general hostilities could put in a 'Character Kill Application' which the staff could then vote on, if their reason was deemed valid the application would then be accepted. The player could then make a IG Report to have an admin recon them and they could Roleplay out killing the target's character. If the Roleplay was deemed good enough the character would then be perma-killed. Since we don't really have the ability to spectate people IG right now we could make it so they have to record it and send it to the staff team for validation. This in my opinion solves alot of the immortal 'You can't touch me because I'll just respawn and continue being a dickhead to you 24/7 RP.' And make people actually fear being hostile towards everyone because it could mean their character gets killed without them having any influence on it. If the player fails their attempt to kill the person and gets killed instead, they get perma-killed aswell so it's a high risk, high reward situation. Pro's: - No more immortal warrior bullshit - Actual fear from the agressors towards the people they hurt. - More realistic scenario's. Con's: - OOC Salt because the perma-killed person is salty for losing his character.
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    Haven't watched it and ain't gonna watch it but I'll give my honest opinion on it. It was shit and I hate all kids around the world for making human garbage famous and rich. Makes me wanna become more garbage so I also can become rich.
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    I'm sorry but I need them, mine were removed when I was... Forced into Vacation...
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    send this to bohemia, they can learn from you.
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    Better than the actual trailer, nice job lad.
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    I mean I've always disliked the Rewind because its a total misrepresentation of what people ACTUALLY watch youtube for. But at least years past were High budget and well shot, this one was... I'm pretty sure every creator IN the video could have made a better video. Just look at 2017:
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    Alles Liebe und ein schönes Wochenende!
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    The Northern Aliance / The Alliance. Literally the biggest group this server had ever seen. Bar none.
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    Personally Dead Matter looks interesting and promising, but it’s not available and I’m not putting down money on another early access zombie game. Miscreated is really fun from what I’ve played but it’s playedbase is only 800 or so people and you can’t mod it yet. Personally I don’t see why everyone dislikes Miscreated as it’s come a very long way recently, I would say look into that game again. It’s base building isn’t trash and works, the environment is extremely interesting, and it has a lot of gameplay features. I tried looking for an RP community on it as well and most have shut down, so the market is there for the taking. I would support an Arma 3 mod if it was something like the Arma 3 HAARP series and heavily modded to something similar to Frankie’s modded server that he makes videos on.
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    Welcome man can't wait to meet you ig!
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    I completely agree with this statement ^ Just because you may have had more important life matters in the past few months that didn't allow you much time to play video games, doesn't mean that you shouldn't be able to voice your opinion on very important matters that will affect you once you return. Sorry but this whole mindset seems very thin. Why should people get extra treatment for playing more than others? I used to play 24/7 for months and months straight when I was unemployed and I am now working 2 jobs and barely get time to play games, and when I do I want to be able to voice my opinion and not be put down as "Phoenix doesnt play enough, she shouldn't be able to vote on game changing matters" That's very hurtful. Because I'm very jealous of people who can play more than me and I wish I could go back to the days where I ran Outrun or Viridian and played 24/7 but I can't because I have to work to pay bills. It's just how it is and excluding people from being part of changes in the community because they're trying to juggle work, life and spare time is really quite drastic.
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    We do emote making signs outside houses or people.
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    Nice group idea and plans. I don't think I have met you guys IC so I'm looking forward to the RP that comes out of this. Good luck ?
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    Hey @keibancz, If everything else are up to the group idea standards; having less than 5 members would not be considered WiP. However, you would be required to have at least 5 members on your roster in exactly 1 week from the date of creation of the group idea thread. Failure to achieve that would result in the archival of your thread.
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    The game will never be finished, only reason we are getting "1.0" is because valve are on them to get it out of early access. This game was garbage up until a few updates after the new engine, fair play to you guys for putting up with it before that.
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    From the original creators of fallout
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    Ikr? Legit so hype as fuck! 2 extra images ? First: Look at that dialogue screen, take note bethesda Also look at that shit "Intimidate" means there is gonna be more social skills than just "Speech"!!!!! Secondly, The fucking Flex!
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    Thanks man. Yea I gotta do work feelsbadman. Yea "promotion" yikes... Thanks!
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    The best Roleplay progression / storylines I have seen since coming back have always been instigated by HostileRP groups. Don't mean to be that pretentious prick (who am I kidding, of course I bloody mean to!) but that should be the end of the fucking conversation right? HostileRP brings progression, and the hatred towards it is almost as much of a staleRP factor as banning it completely (let's not forget the great Hostile RP, and in turn normalRP, famine of... erm... earlier this frigging year?). Tl;dr: Hating HostileRP is dumb, plain and simple, it does nothing but encourage interesting RP scenarios, even if the hostileRP itself isn't great.
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    This game is just a fucking meme at this point
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    They didn't want to spoil it in the trailer, that's something for us to find out ourselves.
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    I like how the video doesn't show more then 1 zombie at a time and makes it appear that vehicles are working when in reality...
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    I mean, it works both ways for people who RP super soldiers/ do radio warrior shit.. There's also the people that have died 20+ times in pvp, don't RP out their wounds and act as if nothing happened, ever. Don't really see the need for something like this.
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    I have. Allow me to reference a few When I first started playing, one of my now group members' character was getting fucked with by Anarchy a lot. They took her hostage, put her on top of vyshnoye castle and fucked with her for a bit. The situation was about to be defused but I spiced it up and started on Louie, and kept it going for a bit till I perma'd. Another one of note was when @Cipher took me and a friend hostage. They proceeded to interrogate us for information, and gave us all around great hostile RP, even in spite of my character being quite the cheeky cunt at the time, until they threatened his friend. I could go on, but those are the ones that stand out vividly for me. I don't believe for a single second that people get constantly shit hostileRP. I think people are just far too attached to their gear, or their ego is so inflated that they can't stand being taken hostage. If they're not a fan of it, that's fine, I guess, but I personally think this whole "all hostileRP is shit" fad is more myth than fact.
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    From the album: A Wanderer's Pictures

    Well... the title says it's all really. P.S. Although when I think about it now - it kind of looks like a Batman sign.
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    @Falk 100% soft voice. xD it's why every single time he gets super scary in game I'm astonished.. 'How can a man with such a gentle voice, be so fucking evil.'
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    @uSx @AndreyQ Having a drink before the big day.
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    S-GRU were pretty overwhelming back in the day.
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    SDS & SVR back in the days and french foreign legion
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    Have to set up an ingame meeting, try and come to some arrangement.
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