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    What/Where Two teams. Team House versus Team IFF. Both of the teams will meet up at a predetermined start location. After the initial team meet up, the two warring parties will gather at the front gates of the Castle, where Harrison(House) and Vasily(IFF) will parley for peace terms. (Roleplay) If these talks fail.. (They will) then the two parties will depart from the bridge. The House will go into the castle, and the IFF will go into the surrounding woods. A signal will fire off, and the fight to the death will begin. The winner, will claim the castle! Here are the meetup points. Team House: The Castle -35 Team IFF: Pustoshka-29 When Sunday December 2nd 2pm Central Time 14:00 Server Time. Please put your character name below, and the team you will be fighting for. Ammo might be provided at the event... maybe.. don't count on it. The House Won, Congrats!
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    Why are the IFF and the House enemies, IC'ly they want to help people right? So why fight for the castle when the both can live there. Kuba Kovac - Team Chernarus (Shooting all foreigners)
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    Yeah, so I switched to my doctor character recently, and I had recently entered the camp prior to the video. When I was there the first time it was just three guys, and they said it was okay for me to be around and they have been needing a doctor/medic in their settlement for a while. So, I went off scavenging and came back. Now, what I didn't think to realize was that I had different clothes on, as I had changed it due to it had been raining. Okay, now I went ahead and walked back into camp, which appeared empty, and went to go drop off items and sort through the car tent. Well not much later, suddenly over a dozen armed guys wearing armbands surround me. I honestly thought the place was empty, and... ...I was just like... "Uh...wtf?"... ? Yeah... I shat my drawers a little. ?
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    An unknown group of individuals have been calling for help on the radio. Calling themselves the "Stranniki", they ask for help gathering supplies for the winter. Not much is known about the nature of these people.. so if you choose to help, keep a wary eye on them. In the radio broadcast, they mention of migrating through Russia, and into the South Zagorian region.. going from the north, to finally settle around what locals call "The Lonely House" near Stary Sobor. There is not much time before the winter cold sets in heavily, and they are desperate for food, and firewood. They want to use this house for warmth and shelter, and will move on once the spring comes.. not wanting to stay in one place for too long. They went on the radio asking for help.. assistance in cutting firewood, and trading ammunition for non-perishable food. Where: Stary Sobor: Lonely House. Details: The Stanniki have said, they have a fair amount of ammunition for trade in exchange for manual labor for chopping wood.. and also for trading for non-perishable food (canned food.) The hosts will provide the fire axes needed for the wood chopping.. the trade exchange details are below. 10 cans of food = 1 AK drum mag w/ 75 Rounds 8 cans of food = 1 coupled STANAG mag w/ 60 rounds 2 cans of food = 20 rounds of STANAG or AKM ammo. Manual Labor: The Stanniki will pay you 60 rounds of either M4 or AKM ammo for 30 minutes of collecting firewood. When: Thursday November 29th at 6:00pm CST.
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    1. @Hebee 2. @Hebee 3. @Hebee 4. @Hebee 5. @Hebee
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    Remember the days when pvp was nutty and gunplay was more than just sprinting around spraying
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    imagine pvp'ing on a RP server big fucking yikes
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    Wait, is this a way for me to join the house? Why can anyone fight for the house? This really doesn't make sense. I'm glad to see events take place, especially including groups, but I strongly feel only members in house should fight with them.
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    Because that's not how irl works. Jim can hate Bob because Bob is a piece of crap. Even tho they both voted for trump. This ain't rocket science.. it's a fun ic event people.. sheesh.
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    10. All 9. PVPers 8. Are. 7. Great 6. In 5. Their 4. Very 3. Own 2. Ways 1. @Hebee
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    Cerna Liska Top 5 PVPers: 1. @RonPVP 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    I'm gonna be 100 with you bro, it makes no sense for a group of unknowns with no influence or pull to have the same resources as people that have put time and effort into their name, relationships and history. That's the issue. It's artificial and out of character. I don't like forced ooc events like this one.
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    Why though? Like it makes no sense IC at all. The House is the biggest group on the server with a current roster of 44 people. The IFF is a new group with barely any people, 7 as of writing this. Why would this have to be balanced? This is not even going to be Team House vs Team IFF, it will just end up being The House vs Random people. The event would have been good if it actually had some RP behind it. Like if the IFF would have reached out IC to groups that are against The House currently like Saviors, Bank or New Moon and created a coalition to attack the House, then this would make much more sense. As it currently stands, a group of 7 people is trying to attack a group of 44 people and somehow the fight will end up balanced due to OOC event rules that would make people join the IFF for no reason other than balance.
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    *Jimmy presses the PTT* "Yeah I remember the Abyss too, specifically when you took and did things to a 14 year old girl" *Jimmy chuckles, releasing the PTT*
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    Severograd 6:38 A.M. July 11th. Alexander awoke to his pager buzzing rapidly he groggily picked it up and read the message. It was from the Senior sergeant of the neighbouring town of Severograd "All units, multiple riots in Severograd. Back-up requested." Alex was not shocked by this message. With the ethnic tensions high a riot would spill in the streets but in his mind, he felt as if this would be different. He put on his uniform and jogged down to the station, the streets were dead no a soul in sight quite unusual for the morning at least someone should be out and about. Alex shook off these thoughts and made his way to the station, he walked through the door greeted by his partner Tanya. "Took you long enough we need to get going the others already left. They should just be getting into the town." Alex nodded, went upstairs and grabbed his gear. "Makarov, Baton, Radio, Handcuffs." Alex checked off his list and ran downstairs and out the door to the waiting police car. The ride over was quiet, he stared out the window looking at the farmhouses and industrial zones between Novaya Petrovka and Severograd. Quiet. Nothing, no lights, no parked cars, no people. As they approached Severograd, cars flew past them at alarming speeds clearly trying to get very, very far from Severograd. "Should we stop them?" Tanya questioned. "No, if a riot broke out that is the top priority for the moment being we are understaffed as it is." 7:15 A.M. Alex and Tanya finally got into the city the roads were filled with people they continued through the pandemonium and moved to the city centre. As they drove down the main road they were stopped by a person in the road, it was a child, a little girl no more than ten still in her sleeping clothes crying for someone to help her parents. "Alex, what should we do?" Alex pondered a moment then responded. "Look, let's get out you cover me. And we get this girl off the streets. We'll bring her to the station here. That sound good?" Tanya nodded and they both got out. People ran past them screaming of monsters, but Alex paid no mind to them. "Get the girl and go," he said to himself, he walked up to the child and spoke in a soft voice. "Hey, hey. No need to cry. This isn't a place for a little girl. Where are your parents?" The girl could barely speak through her sobs, "Th-the s-s-soldiers got them. They saw me so I ran, I-I-I-I didn't want them to hurt me. Mister! Please h-help my parents they are hurt!" "We will get to your parents but you need to be safe...." He looked past the girl to the building behind her, to see a CDF soldier stumbling toward him, arm missing, chared, growling like an animal. "What the hell..." Alex said under his breath looking a the man, the little girl saw his look and turn to face the soldier. She screamed, pointing at the man "It-it-it-it's one of the soldiers that hurt my parents!" The soldier noticed them and aggressively growled, stumbling to a slow jog. "G-get behind me," commanded Alex, he pulled his gun, pulled the slide to chamber a round, and commanded "Police! Get down on the ground now!" This did nothing and only served to excite the man, he screeched and started a full run toward Alex. 7:28 A.M. Alex fired two rounds into the man's chest with his Makarov, the force of the two rounds knocked the man down. Alex breathed a sigh of relief as the man looked dead. Alex's eyes almost bulged from his head as he saw the man get up from the ground. An arm missing and two bullets and he was not dead, this was unbelievable. "Oh my god..." Tanya said from the back. Alex did not hesitate to fire three more shots into the man's chest, and one into his head. This seemed to finally kill him, Alex gasped, "What the fuck is going on! We need to get out of here now, get back to the car." Alex took the girl by the hand and moved her to the vehicle. Tanya moved to the driver side. "Alex look out!" Tanya pointed behind him, Alex turned weapon drawn three more soldiers sprinted out of the house are chared with limbs missing growling like animals. He fired six more rounds into the group of soldiers, two fell and did not get up. The last charged screeching, Alex lined up the shot. *Click* *Click*. "Gah. Fuck me!" The soldier drew closer, Alex swung his pistol at the soldier's head making contact. The soldier stumbled but did not fall. He leapt upon Alex forcing him to his back, Alex wrestled with the man but the man's strength greatly out weighted Alex's. Alex could only keep the man from biting him. Suddenly a baton hit the soldier in the side of the head knocking him down and he laid lifeless. Alex looked up to see Tanya with the baton, she saved his life and was greatly thankful. Alex grabbed his weapon and reloaded another magazine. "Let's get out of here, we are dead meat if we stay." Tanya agreed they got in the police car and turned out of town. 3:38 P.M. The radio was alive in the patrol car from stations all around the region, the riots and pandemonium were all over the northeast region. Nobody seemed to stop them, one by one police stations across the northeast region went silent. The small girl was in the back of the car shivering cold and coughing terribly Alex wanted to go to Zelenagorsk to regroup with government forces and have the girl looked at. It was going to be a long trip. Alex could not help but feel guilty he left his comrades in Severograd to die or to a worse fate. Survivors guilt? If he had been there an hour earlier he'd have been cut off and surrounded like the others. Maybe god or some greater being intended it this way, maybe just dumb luck. At least he and his partner were safe for now. Zelenogorsk 7:43 P.M. The police car came upon the city of Zelenogorsk, the city of Alex's birth a place of profound sadness. Alex lost his parents here. His father in 2009 to a Chedaki sniper and his mother to lung cancer in 2016, but he couldn't feel a little happy that neither of his parents had to experience this nightmare but he couldn't help but feel sad of their passing. Alex washed away those thoughts and looked back to the girl, she was almost completely unresponsive she would only find herself in another coughing fit then go back to sleep. The current situation was currently very grim, but nonetheless, he was an officer "To protect and serve" and he must do what he can. After about five minutes of traffic, they finally approached the clinic. It was crowded beyond comprehension mass groups of people demanding to know what was going on up north. Most of the people crowded were not even sick, only to pester the police and medical staff. The crowd was too thick they bumped into Alex paying no mind to him or the child he had in his arms, this flew him into a rage. He withdrew his service pistol and fire in the air, the crowd either ran or looked upon Alex "Police business make way for the injured!" 10:31 P.M. Alex had handed over the child to medical professionals in hopes of them somehow fixing her plight, but Alex was not hopeful he was terrified to think if she would turn into a beast like the soldiers he couldn't help but sob an hour. Tanya had tried to comfort Alex, he found solace in her voice like a child to a mother. A doctor walked into the waiting room with a grim expression, after speaking with the receptionist he turned to Alex and Tanya "The child's condition is not improving, and any drug we could give her will do nothing. From the estimates we have from the government she has only an hour before she becomes crazed like the rest of the infected individuals." Alex responded with his voice almost giving out. "What is there to do, we have to be able to do something!" "I'm afraid not everything we have already given her has done nothing. The only thing that can be used to prevent her from becoming crazed is euthanasia." Alex slumped back into the bench his expression hard he has now lost complete hope for the situation. In a moment of clarity, he weighed the options and looked to the doctor "Do as you must, but I will be there to comfort her." This shook Tanya and she pleaded "A-Alex you can't be serious, there has to be another way! Let us wait, somebody will make a cure for this plague you can't kill a little girl!" Alex looked to her, "You heard the man, she will become like the beast in Severograd if we do not kill her now. I don't like it but it is for the greater good for our nation and her soul." Alex and marching out of the clinic. He knew he deserved that, but he knew what must be done. The doctor lead Alex to the room, the nurse handed a mask and gloves to Alex. He promptly put them on and walked into the room. 10:37 P.M. There she was she was a husk of a person by this point, pale almost translucent, she was barely conscious. Alex sat next to her, he stroked her hair. Her eyes fluttered but she could not open them. She spoke in a hushed and horse tone "Papa, is that you?" Alex was shocked she could speak, he responded "Yes, papa is here now. No need to worry." She faintly smiled and after a second it dropped. "When can we go home? I want to see mama and my friends." Alex tried to keep his composure but kept choking up. "S-soon the doctor has m-m-medicine that will fix you up." He grabbed the hand of the child his hand shaking profusely "Papa, I love you." Alex could do nothing but sob. "I-I love y-you too." The doctor walked over and positioned the needle in her arm and pushed the plunger. She held on to Alex's hand, after a minute she went limp. It was done. July 19th. The last seven days flew by, the situation grew only dire. The CDF was pushed down to Zelenogorsk and Chernogorsk, the last two places of civilization in the whole region. But this would seem to not last long, Nadezhdino, Kozlovka, and the Pavlovo Military base all went dark. Completely cut off from the rest of the government forces meant less ammunition to the soldiers on the front line and ammunition was being used as fast as they got it. But with no support, the CDF commander decided it was time to move west, abandon the vehicles and march into the countryside and wait out the storm. They have packed up and have already left, leaving the sick and the elderly people too stubborn to leave their homes. Alex could respect that they would stay, but it was time for him to leave, he grabbed his equipment and moved north. He was going to stay in South Zagoria, it was his home, after all, there were still people that need help and maybe he could help somebody rebuild some semblance of civilization or to battle this plague that has destroyed his nation. (I hope you enjoyed this little short story. Sorry if the grammar is terribly wrong, I was never good at writing. So I'll look back at this later and fix it up. I do plan on continuing this about his time wandering after the societal collapse and meeting his close friends as of now. Sorry if I screwed up the lore somewhere give me a shout and I'll fix it.)
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    Im actually loving these events. It gives me something to do and great role-play experiences. It is also helping me meet more ppl that I don't know. So keep 'em coming.
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    All the members of the original SDS.
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    @Jadeboat definitely top 5 tho she's never died in a firefight in 4 years
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    @MoodyOG I don't think this one happened on a PVP server but maybe your boys would know.
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    This is what every single Chernarussian character experiences, when somebody creates a new true Chernarussian character! #noedit #dayzperfectsunrays
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    1. @HenningRP 2. @Prince 3. @Centurion 4. Doesn't play here anymore 5. Is Perma banned.
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    #1 Shiro Obviously. *drops mic*
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    For sure 1. @Cipher 2. @Gatorr 3. @Sleepyhead 4. @Roland 5. @Leon_Idas
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    The top 10 are all banned unfortunately ?
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    1. The game itself, killed more players than all of House combined
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    1. Frank from B-17. That's all.
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    Give me 5 minutes. I'll get the new whitename army. Currently on phone add me to the side with Moody
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    when my final gets accepted in 3 months from less than a month of activity and yours gets denied about 18 months and 2 months of activity
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    There are no tanks or close air support aircraft in game yet.
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    Then you should join in and help balance it
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    No, he said THIS for the post being against balancing teams. Don't want to be a jerk but learn to read with understanding next time.
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    Absolutely loved the RP yesterday, I am sad our struggle to decide what to do in the Barn got cut short... ... looking at you rolle's cat. Anyway loved it.
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    Played a nice game of chess with @Redfox700 while the servers were down. 10/10 RP
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    YES. Edelweiss shall hold the pub to the last man. @Sylva - Andres Szechenyi @keibancz - Julia Labbancz @Combine - Radec Sokov @TIMELAPSE - Alexj Szechenyi @Mike-Styles - Dima Petrovski @Rutkiy - Matiss Jakovlevs #TeamHouse for everyone above.
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    Mark Schutt will be up and ready to fight for The House!
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    There are already colored indicators in game for health/hunger/thirst/etc., however I feel that they are lacking. There are already mods out there that tackle this issue, so here is a quick suggestion on what it could look like in-game. What do you guys think? I hate it when I don't know how full or hydrated I am. The basic white for healthy should be updated in my opinion. The photo just shows health, but this would translate into the rest of the indicators.
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    Now that we have 2 great lore event-masters (@Major & @JoffreyRP) dedicated to working on and creating events for the community it is going to be absolutely amazing!
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    thanks for letting my memory live on x
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    *John laughs, since all the enemy has to say is pedo this pedo that, John decides to use it, hitting the PTT* "It'd be a shame if a certain reporter ended up with the same fate as that little girl." "Have a nice day. Hopefully you can keep her safe." *John releases the PTT*
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    "You talk of tyranny and oppression. The House gave me and my family a roof to live under and met us with nothing but kind hospitality. This war of yours isn't fought for liberty or freedom - its fought for your own damn pride. Your too damn proud to just accept that you can't be on top. Life's not fair, buddy. As I'm sure House will show you."
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    From the album: A Wanderer's Pictures

    The title sugests it all - I honestly think this sight would be perfect for official postcard picture back in a day.
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    Hypothermia isn't yet implemented, correct me if I'm wrong. True the cold status and temperatures are but you don't die from it. Yet. I've been running in the rain for an hour or two yesterday and I didn't die.
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