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    You know it’s a good day when Traveler is taking you to task. I’m on my phone so this will be a short response. Plenty of groups have had goals that are close to/actually impossible. I remember in a past life, there was a group who’s goals literally were “get nuke” and “blow up Chernarus” and they had plenty of good feedback on their roleplay despite this. I think one of Joffreys’s groups (the Kingdom? Maybe?) had a goal towards the end that revolved around impregnating all women in South Zagoria in order to restart society, and people didn’t complain... that much. It made for interesting RP scenarios. More recently, the Green Boys had a goal that revolves around getting a C130 and loading it up with a shit ton of guns that they could fly back to Ireland. Impossible to execute using the mechanics in game, and probably doesn’t make much sense from an IC standpoint, but it made for interesting scenarios. I will have to agree with Pado. RP is not about logical moves - if that were true, all you would see are random, survivor groups and military organizations or remnants of them, because those groups would make the most sense. RP is about creating interesting storylines, and I can’t think of many more interesting storylines than banning organized trade except for one location. Instantly that creates fear of trading outside of that location. Instead of saying “ya got any five-five-six?” In the middle of the road in Stary or Kab, perhaps people, knowing an embargo is in place, will drag people out into the woods in order to do their black-market bidding. Perhaps you will see resistance groups, opposed to our goal of controlling and taxing the population, start to spring up. On the flip side, those who heed our IC warning will surely receive some interesting RP from traders, guards, passersby, etc. The reason you see us going after this goal is not because it is easy, but because it is hard. It would be easy to throw up a few generic goals and then just do what we normally do, which I’m sure nobody wants any more of after the past month or so. Instead, we are giving ourselves a goal that seems impossible to accomplish in order to bring our roleplay to a higher standard. To raise the bar, so to speak. Hopefully this sheds a little light on our motives. Thanks for your feedback.
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    Welcome to me ? Super excited for all our RP adventures together! Ill gather the logs, sticks and rags, you get the matchbox and we'll sit round the campfire or 6 hours telling eachother our names, how we got here, and about our dead families, even though noone fucking asked. God Im fucking buzzing! I am fucking turtle heading mid seizure im so fucking excited to CTRL RP walk 18 fucking miles in awkward silence to a new area we can set up ANOTHER campfire! I know what youre thinking... "Onion? You for real? Two fucking campfires?! In one goddamn motherfucking day?!?!" And with a glistening in my eyes that are easy to confuse with tears of joy, i will *emote* turning to face you proclaiming, "Yes my Brother. For we are RP Bois. And RP is what we do best." As Einsteins theory of Roleplayativity states... RP=Campfire(squared). If only @G19RP hadnt have ruined my immersion and future RP opportunities as an irish gunrunner. ?
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    I was planning on refraining from commenting, but uuhm you refer to my baby, Falken. Yes, we wanted to blow up Chernarus to set it back to 0 and after the fallout settled rebuild it. It was much broader than that. Our main thing, however, was that we made abundantly clear that this goal would not be used to randomly declare war on everyone and initiate. I mean I like your idea getting everything under one hood, but you did, however, smack your hand on the table and said anyone that doesn't do what I want gets a rifle in their face. I love impossible goals, I find that they require more creativity, but I must say that I am slightly disappointed by the fact that you attempt to take it by force, this immediately affected a lot of peoples RP. You are a massive supergroup at this point and most traders are 1 or 2 people setting up shop. They have a lot of iconic locations with memories even using base-building to make iconic spots. They have no choice but to comply even if they don't want too. I get it, you are furthering roleplay and roleplaying sometimes means losing but, because of your group's size this is less a goal and more of an either do it or don't play cause you'll be initiated upon 24 7 issue. Maybe my only complaint about this is that there wasn't a long build up to it, the castle didn't get along build-up where it slowly grew in to a trading hub and then eventually you go, aight we are the new government of Chernarus trade is illegal outside of the recognized compound, I think that would've carried a different vibe for the people that are currently so unhappy. It would've allowed for an extensive amount of RP building it up, and it would make the sudden transition of leaving your store behind because the big boss man says so make more sense. (Yes I am aware you ran multiple settlements before and that could be viewed as a build up, but the castle itself is new and that is what I mean with my point) Regardless of what happens, I think there was a better way to handle the first step, it feels very OOC now to me, that however doesn't mean that I am not excited to see where this goes. It will further roleplay regardless and it'll most likely be a hell of a lot of fun. TLDR; its okay it makes sense, just think about the fact a big group doing these things can feel oocly intimidating. that's my feedback.
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    I forgot that this isnt about a game that takes place during an zombie apocalypse. I will act according to the laws of the land from now on and forget this is a video game and not have fun ...at all
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    RP isnt about winning or losing its about the story All this is, is just rp plain and simple
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    *Jason Karth would pick his radio up and press the talk button* It seems like there going to have to hide in the woods with there idiot friend Moody from now on what a shame. *Jason would put the radio down*
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    From the album: A Wanderer's Pictures

    As the news of Free Medics being disbanded hit me, I withdrew into my shack. A place of solitude that I've found in the foods. Before I moved elsewhere, I decided to leave a piece of my past behind.
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    That looks alright, +1. But until server crash / persistence problems are not solved we don't want to add more things and risk to break the server even more.
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    *Rourke flips through his notes. He grabs his radio and presses the PTT* This is Rourke. Reporting in with some latest news and happenings around South Zagoria. The Free State of Zagoria, which was once based in the town of Novaya Petrovka, has been officially dissolved. The coalition between The House and New Moon to create a new state for people to gather and be safe will be leaving many questions unanswered. With tensions rising, New Moon backed out to follow different endeavors and lead the two groups away from their initial idea of FSZ. The House have not taken kindly to this backing out and it seems now that hostilities have reignited once more. Communism in South Zagoria seems to be on the rise. Various radio chatter and word from local survivors all lead to the same diverging point. Communists have returned. Travelers coming from down south inlands have all said it. Whispers turn into talks and discussions and people are left wondering. Will this lead to yet another Civil War in Chernarus, with Communists on one end and Nationalists and foreign support fighting against each other? Time will tell. Operation Vanguard: Seemingly successful. As various military and civilian personal gathered on North West Airfield, the horde approached fron Vybor and the west. The coalition that gathered did quite well to stop the oncoming horde, but as with all things, not everything goes according to plan. As the horde closed around, some men fell in the confusion due to friendly fire mishaps. Some were seen shot in the back as they tried to get the attention of the infected and split a few infected form the main herd. Many injured and dead following the siege, with survivors scurrying off the airfield as infected swarmed buildings and climbed up walls and exploited doors left open by defenders unaware. With the loud rally of gunshots, even more infected were drawn in. Even scattered, this makeshift band of warriors fought and thinned the herd to much more manageable numbers. Thanks again to all who braved the oncoming storm and were able to walk out of there. And a small update on the state of the roads around South Zagoria, reports have seen increased bandit activity around Chernarus all throughout. Travelers are advised to stay well armed and wary and stick with friends on the roads. Until next time. *Rourke releases the PTT and kicks up his feet on the windowsill*
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    Cipher and his 40 buddies really bout to pull up on us. Lookin forward to it
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    *Roman is laying down and bench lifting his usual 250 kilos or pure metal when his training gets interrupted by some odd man talking about trading* All gathered at one spot you say? Thanks for the update... *Roman glances at his home made dirty bomb he made with duct tape, gun powder and nails that has a blast radius of 1000 meters
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    Ever since the outbreak, the world - South Zagoria, specifically speaking - has been host to a wildfire of hostilities. It has seen the rise and fall of militias, factions, and governments. Whenever the current king of the hill inevitably succumbs to the wildfire, another one takes its place. A few rough men, mostly indifferent to the topic of morality, have noticed this trend of perpetual chaos. These men come from all walks of lowlife - mercenaries, smugglers, arms dealers - you name it, they’ve either sold it or shot at it; and for the right price, and the right connections, you can become their client. But this story isn’t about just simple profit. These men, while despicable, aren’t stupid. They know that in a world like this, the real profit is control. Imagine selling the weapons used in the endless war that infests South Zagoria, or selling the drugs that pump through the veins of the soldiers, or perhaps selling the soldiers themselves. The men who control the war economy control the war, and the men who control the war control the outcome. This is the ultimate goal of those who meet at The House - and the only two things you can expect a House member to be loyal to are the goal, and each other. The House was born not out of some religious fascination or built on the basis of national identity, or any other myriad of reasons why a group of people who might otherwise despise each other come together to get something done. The House was born on one motive and one motive only; necessity. Harrison Foulke was a man of necessity. It was almost a requirement in the line of work he was in. Only carry what you need. Only call who's part of the job. Only make friends with those who wouldn't end up dead. Harry was a career criminal, apathetic about most everything besides getting what he figured he was owed. He's been in the business since he was nineteen - specifically the business of carjacking, and illegalls shipping those jacked cars across the pond to places that couldn't easily get their hands on them. Harry lived near the coast, at a harbor town named Norfolk, in Virgina; readily available to ensure the safe and timely delivery of shipments to Eastern Europe. Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Chernarus - he had quite an affinity for Chernarus, actually. It was his favorite port to frequent - he enjoyed the quiet atmosphere of South Zagoria, the serene beaches near "Berezino" or whatever the locals called it. Luckily for Harry, it'd become his new home when the infection broke out. After years of living by his old rules, travelling alone, he stumbled across a man named David Mack. David quickly picked up on Harrison's ability to adapt, and he soon brought him into the fold of the newly formed "Abyss Corporation". The Abyss Corporation represented Harry's motives almost entirely - truly business oriented. That soon began to change, with many of Abyss' members beginning to find other motives. Abyss soon turned its attention to creating a town, and soon after that the corp splintered. Harry saw this coming early, and he had other ideas himself - continue Abyss' legacy while hopefully sticking to what brought them together in the first place - profit. With these goals in mind, Harry found himself meeting with a few other trusted members of the old corp at a schoolhouse up north. They met there frequently to discuss strategies and share intelligence on the goings-on in South Zagoria. Over time, their member count grew, and Harry realized that it was time to make it official. Out of that schoolhouse, the House was born. The House is less a group and more a collective of individuals, each with their own specialties. Each member of the House has some level of autonomy in how the goals of the House are completed. Furthermore, the House uses more of an "ad-hoc" structure to chain-of-command. Some people, including himself at times, doesn't recognize Harry as a "leader", and more as an organizer - the guy who brought them all together. With this structure and their goals in mind, the House set out to sell weapons and armed services to the people of South Zagoria. Despite this, hey soon fell into an impasse - a group of Chernarussian nationalists that wished for nothing more than foreigners like Harrison and the majority of his associates to leave the country - either on foot or via body bag. Harrison, who disliked both choices, quickly called a meeting with other groups of men that included foreigners - namely, a militia of men going under the moniker "New Moon", and a group of men, mostly American, that called themselves "The Saviors". This meeting wasn't particularly productive, due to the fact that, unbeknownst to Harrison, some members of the House did not have great relations with the Saviors, namely a man named John Moody, their leader. Even with this issue, the meeting went on mostly without a hitch, and the three groups signed a 48 hour non-aggression pact. However, due to many House members being preoccupied with standing contracts in other parts of South Zagoria, matched with some very unfortunate timing, these nationalists, calling themselves the "Kamenici", ambushed the Saviors and New Moon without the help of the House. It was a very bloody engagement. Harrison would be taken to task for this in a major way, when New Moon and the Saviors initiated a surprise attack on Harrison and some of the members of the House, which quickly put the House in a tight spot, with enemies on all sides. After a few days, the New Moon and Saviors even allied with the nationalists, for reasons still not entirely clear to Harrison, even today. Harrison tried to meet multiple times with both organizations, but were met with either nonresponse or a firefight. The House, however, had a plan. After a few tense firefights, the House bolstered their numbers significantly in order to take on all three groups at once. They were able to hold their own, stringing together a few victories against the Nationalist/New Moon/Savior threat. This went on for a while, until Izzak Sirko of the New Moon cobbled together a neutral settlement dubbed "New Grishino". Harrison thought this would be a good way to attempt one more peace talk with Izzak and his men. The Kamenici, not eager to see their new ally provide room and board to the enemy, threatened to withdraw their support for the town unless the House were kicked out of the town. So, they were. Harrison noticed something a little.. off. Almost as if Izzak's hand was being forced. So, he called for a private meeting between the two organizations to figure out what exactly was the issue. Izzak agreed that Kamenici forced the New Moon's hand, and his strategy was to wait until they screwed themselves over. And, to his credit, they did - only hours after their meeting, the Kamenici, for whatever reason, decided to ally with a new nationalist organization and fight against the New Moon and their town of New Grishino. This only brought the House, New Moon, and, regrettably to some, the Saviors, back onto the side of the House, clearly drawing the lines in the sand. Fighting continued for a while with no notable events, until the House found a Kamenici informant taking refuge in New Grishino. The House apprehended, interrogated, and publicly executed the man, to little fanfare. The Saviors took major issue with the move, as it broke one of the town's rules, unbeknownst to Harrison at the time. The Saviors then engaged in a quick firefight with the House, which went in the favor of the latter, and once again soured relations with the Saviors and New Moon, who still closely protected Moody and his men. Not keen on continuing this protracted conflict, the House found itself readying for hopefully a final strike on the Kamenici, who were attending a summit in Chernogorsk spearheaded by the CPG (Chernarussian Provisional Government). Surprisingly, Kamenici and their ally, Cerna Liska, turned on the CPG and some other civilian groups attending the summit, just as House members were moving into position. Mid-firefight, the House moved in and cleaned up the remaining Cerna Liska and Kamenici soldiers, marking a strong victory and a huge morale boost. Soon after, Harrison attended the funeral of the old CPG leader, executed by Kamenici, and secondary summit, held by the remainder of the CPG and other civilian organizations, where the House vowed to continue the fight against the Kamenici and Cerna Liska, now dubbed the "Nationalist Front", until they end their war against the foreigners of South Zagoria. The war rages on to this day. However, with advances made in after-apocalypse electricity, the House might have other plans in the works. After the death of Harrison things died down and the members of the House went into hiding. A few months later Jebediah learned what happened to Harrison and also learned that Harrison had been running a organization called the House. After Jebediah had time to think about what he was going to do, he eventually decided he was going to try and find people to start up Harrison organization again and carry on the legacy that his cousin left behind. Jebediah has now found enough members to start the organization back up and he hopes to pick up where his cousin left off. | Find a new home to call "The House". (Day 700) | | Find a way to defuse the Kamenici. (Day 750) | | Find an area to set up a Free Trade Zone. (Day 800) | | Successfully prohibit organized trade outside of this Free Trade Zone. (Day 850 - Ongoing) | | PROTECT THE HOUSE (Ongoing) | ScarRP - Jebediah Foulke / Shawn Dorian G19RP - Declan OHare BorisRP - Boris Orlov JackZRP - Joe Law Kai - Rustin Jones SeversonRP - Ivan Petrenkov PerqeRP - Patrick Delaney Mak - Jacob Makarov General Rickets - Richard Thurman MrPanda - Hondo Hunt DallasRP - Vasco Fernandes Zorull - Jimmy Lorenzo Jean - Sally Cooper LumenRP - Manny Garcia Norway - Vitaliy Makarovich ThrashRP - Jakub Tureck Oiram - Mack Harty Hex - Oliver OBrien Zero - Richter Cain RebelRP - Eduardo Garcia SassyRP - Sassy Sullivan Forum recruitment is closed for now.
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    Not a question, more of an answer. In the menu of the most recent update, I was unable to bind or rebind any keys, so I went to figure out how to do that, since I don't like using Caps Lock for speaking. To edit your keybindings, you need to navigate to your Documents folder and find the DayZ folder, in there you'll find DayZ Preset and Core XML files, there you'll have all of your keybindings. I recommend opening them with Notepad++ for easier editing. In the Core file you'll find all of the key names so you can find whatever needs changing. It's pretty straight forward. To edit a keybinding, simply replace the key under the action with another key of your desire. For an example, if you want to bind moving forward to H (for some reason?), you go over to the top of the list to "UAMoveForward" Under it you'll see <btn name="kW" /> that represents the W key on your keyboard (which is why you have the lowercase k before it, and x for xbox controls). Replace the "kW" with "kH", save, and there, your key has been changed. This is a fairly straight forward workaround to the buggy UI of this latest update.
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    The development blog is an idea that me and the rest of the development team have been working on, to let you, the community know what the development has been working on as well as see your feedback about what we're working on, what in your opinion we should work on as well as answer questions that you might have for us. The past week we've been mainly focusing on the updates that Bohemia has been rolling out as well as trying to make minor adjustments to base buildings and other things on DayZRP (such as the item shop, introducing event masters etc). We have also been heavily focusing on the upcoming campfire mod collection release which requires a lot of work, considering modelling, texturing, getting it the right size and then getting the models put in-game. Along with that, a new modeler has been added to our development team @Misho, an extremely skillful individual and a great 3D modeler, whose work you'll be able to see below. Along with everything else, solving the night problem issue, trying to make / laying out the foundations for our own type of HUD, we've been extremely busy with internal stuff such as the admin tools and other stuff. Kerkkoh These past few weeks I've been really busy with college assignments that have been starting to pile up. It's not going to get any less busy in the next few weeks so I will need to focus more on passing my courses than working on DayZ. That being said, since the last development update, I've managed to squeeze out the time for completing the following things: Make vehicles spawn in working condition Base building logs and a better logging system Increasing the time it takes to destroy base building structures Complete the integration of some new models for some items (and some new textures for them) Admin tool improvements Making the chat font smaller HUD branding Next up for me is obviously studying for some exams and finishing a few large projects for my courses. That's why I'll be taking it a bit slower on the development of new features. I will be still obviously maintaining the current mod and trying to fix whatever happens to break after each DayZ update. On top of that, if I happen to have some free time, I'll be consulting with the community leads about what needs to be done, and of course looking into the changes that would be required to bring a winter vibe into DayZ like I mentioned in the last update. Aeryes Since the last dev blog was posted I have been busy working on textures for all the clothing items that are related to the “Campfire Collection”. Things have been going very well. I will show you guys some of the textures that I have been working on. Mountain Backpack Talon Backpack Cowboy Hat Working Gloves I am currently working on new designs for shirts, jackets and trousers. I think these extra textures will add variety into the game and allow people more options for how their characters and groups will look. Misho Hello, I'm Misho. I've been lurking on DayZRP for a few years, playing on the server on and off at times, mostly playing a neutral hunter gatherer type of character. I'm a 3D artist aimed towards prop building and animation and now that DayZ has opened up to modding you will be seeing some of my stuff on the DayZRP server. I'll be focusing on the camping collection for now and seeing all your suggestions is a good motivation, feel free to contact me directly in the discord if you have any questions about what I'm working on or if you need any help with your own models. Here's a peak at what I've done this weekend: Note: All colorschemes are interchangable. JimRP I've mainly been working on some 3D models which are not yet done and can't be shown except for a couple which will hopefully be in the upcoming collection. Keep in mind that I am still learning and love what I've done so far and can't wait to learn even more stuff. I want to soon work on more complex stuff such as clothing (which requires learning the sewing patterns etc) as well as weapons and bigger object/furniture. Expect to see some more stuff soon! As well as a pipe and a couple of other things. Feel free to post your feedback below and any other ideas which we should work on.
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    Pretty much @N-ToxRP said. You have to set your name under "Profile name" in the DayZ launcher, it can be found under the "Parameters" tab. Make sure it's the exact same as your characters name on the Character Page.
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    Honestly, I think a major Lore change would be good. Change it up, and people will start to have their characters act differently. A lot of people would not act as if the apocalypse had just started. That would be a major issue. Like the guy said ^^ above. A major jump into the future could help
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    Ngl I'd just like to know the decision. Right now with a possible lorewipe hovering over our heads it feels pointless to try and create a group. I don't mind, either way, I'd just like to know if we should wait for it or not.
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    As long as you guys keep @Castiel away from the prison island you are good in my books.
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    * Vadim listens to the transmission, clears his throat and presses the PTT * "This is Vadim from the I.F.F. , we will meet you there with a crate of canned food and water." * Voices can be heard arguing in the background, the transmission goes silent for a couple of seconds, then resumes * "We expect nothing in return, refugees will always receive help from us." "будь мужнім" * Vadim releases the PTT*
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    Will mankind ever cover from this? Even the skies aren't safe. Simple farm life still seems to find a way. Gathering for warmth as the prawns surrounds us. A little construction project.
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    Goals look good. Nice work my dude/s
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    Welcome my swedish friend!
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    real Game Of Thrones shit mhmhmhmhmmm
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    Hi, I'm back. Seems like a lot has happened. Why do we keep on recruiting ex-staff? Welcome @Terra.
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    It changes quite often. But if you are looking for people keep an eye on the radio chatter forums, and you might hear about some new places people are meeting up. But you can generally find people in the triangle area between stary - vybor - grishino.
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    I noticed with the most recent event just how laggy it got compared to the hoard event before that which ran much more smoothly. I'm not sure if it's just the DayZ devs doing what they do best or something has been tweaked on the server which shouldn't have. Has anyone noticed this issue on other servers?
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    We're all just masochists okay?
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    Having it be togglable for rp would be the best option. I dont want to limp around for literally half an hour
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    cheers boiz see you in there :^) you're fired
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    Hey sweedish neighbour! Gotta have the hopes up and patience about surpassing whitelist ?
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    You know I wouldn't do it to you like that.
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    I think we will need a bigger house
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    Im shitting myself in fear....... I need my mum. I havent seen this type of merge before since CRA got permabanned and then joined all of B-17.
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    Imagine having @Scar @YungBrandonRP @KermitSmith @Lewis and @BobbySullivan in one group
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    Aren't you talking about days sa?
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    Jesus man... the amount of people who clearly didn't read the post... Hes saying bring mod back for like a 24 hour stint and I'm all for it! Everyone could hop on and play for a bit and Mod players like me could relive the glory days and SA players could see what it was like.
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    - OTHER - Thank you to Joules and Major for their help with the Lore. Much appreciated. Thank you to all who helped and contributed in any form. Graphics all done by me, Connvexus. - IN-CHARACTER RECRUITMENT OPEN - - JOIN OUR TS FOR MORE DETAILS -
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