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    Good luck! Hope to run into you in game, well actually knowing Keira you guys will probably be in some trees somewhere north of Severograd.
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    Make medics great again. Make automatic supersoldier healing go away, no more magic, no more superhuman powers. You break your leg, you're fucked until you get proper medical care. That's what I like to see actually.
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    Welcome to me ? Super excited for all our RP adventures together! Ill gather the logs, sticks and rags, you get the matchbox and we'll sit round the campfire or 6 hours telling eachother our names, how we got here, and about our dead families, even though noone fucking asked. God Im fucking buzzing! I am fucking turtle heading mid seizure im so fucking excited to CTRL RP walk 18 fucking miles in awkward silence to a new area we can set up ANOTHER campfire! I know what youre thinking... "Onion? You for real? Two fucking campfires?! In one goddamn motherfucking day?!?!" And with a glistening in my eyes that are easy to confuse with tears of joy, i will *emote* turning to face you proclaiming, "Yes my Brother. For we are RP Bois. And RP is what we do best." As Einsteins theory of Roleplayativity states... RP=Campfire(squared). If only @G19RP hadnt have ruined my immersion and future RP opportunities as an irish gunrunner. ?
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    I forgot that this isnt about a game that takes place during an zombie apocalypse. I will act according to the laws of the land from now on and forget this is a video game and not have fun ...at all
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    Had a blast Roleping with the boys @OxeN, @Ryan Shepherd, @Redfox700, @Jerry, @GMAK, @Zman44, @Azimo, @Challenger, @bigmac, @mattberridge and @brk.
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    People are known for change. Things happen in their lives that mold and shape their attitudes, beliefs, and who they strive to become. Anyone you dreamed to be was within the grasp of your fingertips before all of this happened. You could’ve been a doctor, a mechanic, a lawyer, or a bus driver. Sadly none of it matters now. Now all you need to be is clever and a step ahead of everyone else, because when it comes to surviving in a post-apocalyptic shit hole, the lawyer is no better than the busboy. All of these people, these survivors, came from different places. They were from all different parts of the world. Most of them were there for different reasons. Some were there for business, some survived from post war operations, and some were even tourists. All of them minding their own business, living their lives as if everything was okay inside their little settlement in Novigrad. This camp wasn’t meant for long term usage though. It was clear to see. The makeshift barracks and tents were falling apart. Food was running low along with patience. Day after day incidents became more common. The kind of incident where a man goes insane and shoots himself in the armory after losing his child and wife to the infection. The kind of incident where a woman, beaten and raped in her own tent, doesn’t wake up the next morning. Her child watches her body burn in the pit outside the fence. Afterwards everyone who gave a damn and attended her funeral goes back into the fence, locks the gate, and acts like nothing happened. This is the new normal. The leaders of the camp had their own agenda though. If they keep all the guns, you can’t run and you can’t defend yourself. Keep everyone together and if anything happens, the weak will save us. The leaders knew it was difficult to survive with such low rations and supplies and the odds were against them. They were running low on food, supplies, and needed to figure out a plan. They had a boat and a little extra fuel. Thus Operation Clandestine was born. They would pack the boat with people from the camp. Strong ones, weak ones. Men and women and children alike. It didn’t matter. They would give them food and water for two days. This group of people was instructed to take the boat down the coast to the East. Use the fuel until it runs out, and then dock the boat. That is where they will make camp and scout the area. If the camp survives, then they can use a long range radio to signal back to the main camp to let them know what they had found and how resources were in the new area. They would send more people if it was a viable solution. But if these survivors did not make it, then the operation would be kept a secret completely from the rest of the settlement. Only a success would be worth announcing. So they left, in the middle of the night. They rounded up their select group of survivors, put them on the boat, and sent them away into the darkness of the open water. Their story starts here. A story that would involve both happiness and tragedy. This is the story of Operation Clandestine. ☑ Find out where we are. (Day 525) ☑ Find a new-new homestead. (Day 550) ☑ Secure communication and contact with the Novigrad Compound. (Day 550) ☑ Scout the area to report back to base. (Day 575) ☐ Make our new found home safe for when the rest of our group arrives. (Day 600) ☐ Create a self-sustaining environment for our homestead. (Day 650) ☐ Get the others from Novigrad to the new camp. (Day 700) ☐ Strengthen our individual weaknesses and learn new skills. (Infinite) ☐ Do not put trust into outsiders. (Infinite) ☐ Help each other with our personal goals. (Infinite) • Encourage immersion by limiting the use of OOC comms. • Focus on internal role play and using character flaws and permadeath system. • Provide ourselves and others with enjoyable realistic role play. • Allow role play to flow away from the usual places on the map. • Respect each other and the rules. • Have fun. @Aisling - Aaryn Chadwick @STAN - Elias Mitchell @Castiel - Christian Vaughn @Jadeboat - Theodore Jenny @Ragnar - Aliaksandr Voztok @Harvard - Maxmilian Kaspar @Rabbit - August Simple @TheLegend - Jason Leighmore Each character submitted for the group is required to have a minimum of 3 flaws. These flaws can vary from anything i.e. you are unable to use an automatic rifle, you are unable to do anything medical to yourself and/or others. The flaws you submit with your character will be reviewed by the current members before we discuss the possibility of you joining the group. This group is an intensive, serious, character development-driven role play group. You will be required to make a new character that follows the group lore and upon your character's death you will have to make a new character following the character system if you wish to continue playing with the group. When you die in-game to anything but a glitch, your character is dead. Permanently. That is part of the terms you agree to when you join this group. Recruitment for this group is done strictly through role play. If you are interested in joining and creating a character, PM any of these people: @STAN @Castiel @Jadeboat @Aisling: Thank you to @STAN @Castiel @Jadeboat for helping put this group together. You guys are awesome ♥
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    74 notifications, yikes hello everywun.
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    I say we just archive and join the House. Just my opinion on the matter.
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    This is a photo of Cipher, who will grow comfortable if we succeed. We've made attempts to succeed with this goal, while being nice and kind. With same repercussions as if we are to do it in a little less kind way. Either way - Hopefully something comes out of it. It's a gamble but we hope it'll pay out.
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    I was planning on refraining from commenting, but uuhm you refer to my baby, Falken. Yes, we wanted to blow up Chernarus to set it back to 0 and after the fallout settled rebuild it. It was much broader than that. Our main thing, however, was that we made abundantly clear that this goal would not be used to randomly declare war on everyone and initiate. I mean I like your idea getting everything under one hood, but you did, however, smack your hand on the table and said anyone that doesn't do what I want gets a rifle in their face. I love impossible goals, I find that they require more creativity, but I must say that I am slightly disappointed by the fact that you attempt to take it by force, this immediately affected a lot of peoples RP. You are a massive supergroup at this point and most traders are 1 or 2 people setting up shop. They have a lot of iconic locations with memories even using base-building to make iconic spots. They have no choice but to comply even if they don't want too. I get it, you are furthering roleplay and roleplaying sometimes means losing but, because of your group's size this is less a goal and more of an either do it or don't play cause you'll be initiated upon 24 7 issue. Maybe my only complaint about this is that there wasn't a long build up to it, the castle didn't get along build-up where it slowly grew in to a trading hub and then eventually you go, aight we are the new government of Chernarus trade is illegal outside of the recognized compound, I think that would've carried a different vibe for the people that are currently so unhappy. It would've allowed for an extensive amount of RP building it up, and it would make the sudden transition of leaving your store behind because the big boss man says so make more sense. (Yes I am aware you ran multiple settlements before and that could be viewed as a build up, but the castle itself is new and that is what I mean with my point) Regardless of what happens, I think there was a better way to handle the first step, it feels very OOC now to me, that however doesn't mean that I am not excited to see where this goes. It will further roleplay regardless and it'll most likely be a hell of a lot of fun. TLDR; its okay it makes sense, just think about the fact a big group doing these things can feel oocly intimidating. that's my feedback.
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    RP isnt about winning or losing its about the story All this is, is just rp plain and simple
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    *Joey picks up the radio and presses down on the PTT* "Oh you sons of bitches are really going to make me come back to south zagoria" *Joey would cough* "I heard you fella's have been putting a damper on my friends business" *Joey would look to his left and watch as Tracy and Leo play a board game* "Harrison you are to cancel these plans or I shall make my way back to South Zagoria, and you will not like the outcome of that"
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    From the album: A Wanderer's Pictures

    As the news of Free Medics being disbanded hit me, I withdrew into my shack. A place of solitude that I've found in the foods. Before I moved elsewhere, I decided to leave a piece of my past behind.
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    That looks alright, +1. But until server crash / persistence problems are not solved we don't want to add more things and risk to break the server even more.
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    It's an official procedure the community was notified about months ago. It will not be changed. Since I knew amnesty people haven't been around for a long time and probably didn't know about these, the new final warning limitations (including permanent removal of status updates) were also included on amnesty page as a limitation. I think everyone has been appropriately informed about these limitations and restrictions.
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    Object's name: Wheelchair Reference picture: Reason for it to be added/usage: Add more chances for medical rp, playing out injuries or having elderly characters.
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    Had an amazing encounter with one of my loves @Stagsview . No matter the context of RP this man has always had the ability to make me smile and laugh while also making me literally shake with fear of the unknown.... Will I end up as a hostage or make it out of this? No matter the outcome the RP is always Amazing!!!
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    A Wanderer's Journal was updated with Entry #3.
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    *Rourke flips through his notes. He grabs his radio and presses the PTT* This is Rourke. Reporting in with some latest news and happenings around South Zagoria. The Free State of Zagoria, which was once based in the town of Novaya Petrovka, has been officially dissolved. The coalition between The House and New Moon to create a new state for people to gather and be safe will be leaving many questions unanswered. With tensions rising, New Moon backed out to follow different endeavors and lead the two groups away from their initial idea of FSZ. The House have not taken kindly to this backing out and it seems now that hostilities have reignited once more. Communism in South Zagoria seems to be on the rise. Various radio chatter and word from local survivors all lead to the same diverging point. Communists have returned. Travelers coming from down south inlands have all said it. Whispers turn into talks and discussions and people are left wondering. Will this lead to yet another Civil War in Chernarus, with Communists on one end and Nationalists and foreign support fighting against each other? Time will tell. Operation Vanguard: Seemingly successful. As various military and civilian personal gathered on North West Airfield, the horde approached fron Vybor and the west. The coalition that gathered did quite well to stop the oncoming horde, but as with all things, not everything goes according to plan. As the horde closed around, some men fell in the confusion due to friendly fire mishaps. Some were seen shot in the back as they tried to get the attention of the infected and split a few infected form the main herd. Many injured and dead following the siege, with survivors scurrying off the airfield as infected swarmed buildings and climbed up walls and exploited doors left open by defenders unaware. With the loud rally of gunshots, even more infected were drawn in. Even scattered, this makeshift band of warriors fought and thinned the herd to much more manageable numbers. Thanks again to all who braved the oncoming storm and were able to walk out of there. And a small update on the state of the roads around South Zagoria, reports have seen increased bandit activity around Chernarus all throughout. Travelers are advised to stay well armed and wary and stick with friends on the roads. Until next time. *Rourke releases the PTT and kicks up his feet on the windowsill*
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    So the lag and dysync is unplayable, and everyone I have asked(all american) have said that it is unplayable as is. Some speculate it is the vehicles causing issues? I am unfamiliar with what has recently changed but I was wondering, is staff aware of/currently trying to fix the problem?
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    Good to see a group use the fear of Perma-death. I look forward to throwing you out of my country bumping into you guys.
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    *A transmission would go through* We aren't rats, we are roaches. We dont die and we survive even the most inhospitable scenarios. You're people are worms. Only this time the hole you've buried yourself in smells of potatoes and alcohol. I'll wait for the eventual radio message to come talk diplomacy with us. Shut the fuck up traitorous faggot. *The transmission would end*
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    *Jason Karth would pick his radio up and press the talk button* It seems like there going to have to hide in the woods with there idiot friend Moody from now on what a shame. *Jason would put the radio down*
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    Cipher and his 40 buddies really bout to pull up on us. Lookin forward to it
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    I had the drop on them... Yet, I decided to make friends. This has turned out to be a phenomenal decision. These men are well trained and capable of advanced discourse. I am enjoying their company immensely and being with them brings some semblance of peace to my rugged lifestyle. DISTRICT has given me a chance and they haven't asked for a damn thing in return. God's speed to them and those they care about. -Rez
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    To start, I don’t want to see this become a thread full of memes that get it closed. Please respond with serious criticism or praise to keep the discussion as serious and civil as possible. The way it is now Currently, anyone that has been placed on final warning will never be able to post status updates again, despite paying for the right to do so. My suggestion Allow members that have successfully appealed their final warning, and are not back on amnesty, to appeal their right to post/reply to status updates. But why N-ToxRP? I believe that the overall OOC happiness of the community will be increased, as members are able to communicate with their fellow community members in a way similar to Facebook. This might also raise the sales of premium ranks, seeing as status updates are a paid feature and many community members that have been placed on final have ceased to pay for premium. An alternative, that might be an easy fix for the staff, but not very satisfying for the community, would be to add a line in the premium terms stating that status updates can be removed by staff along with punishments. we could also do nothing, as it isn’t an urgent matter that troubles the community to great extents. To keep things in check to keep appealed status updates under control, I also suggest that a permanent “status update final warning” be placed on anyone to successfully appeal their status updates. Essentially, if you flame someone or acquire points from a status update, they are then removed permanently, no questions asked.
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    So I get put on final warning and leave the community for 1.5 years, 1 year into my hiatus the rules are changed regarding final warnings. I come back and can post status updates and everything is fine, then Amnesty is announced and because their status updates are disabled mine are automatically disabled too? I don't see how that's fair at all. I was already on final warning and if I had appealed it before this rule change I would be able to post them right now just like others can, so why can't I???
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    *Finley sits on a chair while smoking a cigar. When he hears the message he grins and presses his PTT* Harry, I hope you know who I am. I owe you and im willing to either contact you if I see a trader outside of your castle or get rid of the trader myself. I hope we can get the air cleared between us two. Lets keep my name off the radar so I could run around for you without people knowing me. *He releases the PTT and looks trough the window next to him*
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    I’d love to get a group together to play the mod for a few hours!
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    Hey RuIX, dont let yourself get dragged down by a few shit moments ig. Trust me all of us had encounters where the rp mood was killed, people logged out, bitched at each other, reported things and so on. People still log in because there is good role play out there to be found and/or created and in 99% of the time it is worth it. If you question someones actions ig, like the situation you explained: talk to staff on discord. They will help you and tell you what to do. Threads like this put focus on bad mood and whining, nothing more. If you look for people to play with check the group section, check their recruitment , see where your character would fit in and simply apply for a group or ask them to tag along. There is also this thread which you might want to look at: A week in this community is literally nothing. Give yourself more time to figure how rules work and what kind of role play you are looking for.
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    The only viable answer to your question is that most settlement-related things and known hangout spots are dynamic - it changes from time to time. Mainly, the "Triangle" area around Stary is quite active but it depends on the time of the day. I would suggest you to keep an eye on the DayZ Radio subsection of the forums as it usually offers some decent IC information as to areas where individual people and groups gather around.
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    Hopefully next time the devs don't send me to the moon before the action starts.
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    Hey sweedish neighbour! Gotta have the hopes up and patience about surpassing whitelist ?
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    If we can Photoshop this in the background I'll be eternally grateful. -Just kidding, though I'll hop in PS and see if I can alter some DayZ stuff for a background with a Christmas theme. Maybe form some frost or something? Wish we had a snow mod in Chernarus though that would be LIT.
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    - OTHER - Thank you to Joules and Major for their help with the Lore. Much appreciated. Thank you to all who helped and contributed in any form. Graphics all done by me, Connvexus. - IN-CHARACTER RECRUITMENT OPEN - - JOIN OUR TS FOR MORE DETAILS -
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