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    The server cannot handle 100 players concurrent or even 90. Here is your proof. Make it like how it used to be with two servers, 1 EU and 1 US, 70 slots, instead of the shit we've got now.
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    Working on outlining the comic I've been wanting to do for a bit based on Lo's adventures in ChernORUSSIA!! Slava Chernarus! For the sake of ... everything, if I ever RP'd with you and you DON'T WANT YOUR CHARACTER'S LIKENESS used in mah terrible bad comic (and it will be terrible trust me). Please let me know, I will have to replace ya with a OC or something which is fine and I won't be offended! Also, I am cutting out a lot of minor characters and merging a few into a singular character. ? Sorry... if ya don't appear as you recall or if things are changed around. Just working on character sheets atm, so ya. Lemme know before I put the effort in! o/
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    Once we get access to the DayZ official launcher, I hope we are going to be able to use that. For now, I believe the launcher works just fine for those that don't want to update the mods manually. I do really get the sentiment of "why do we need more launchers" but the main problem with the old one was that it wasn't working for a lot of people. It caused a lot of headaches for me when people assumed that I could fix anything with it (Spoiler alert: I couldn't do anything about any of its issues). It's developed by a community author and I think it will be updated in the future and if it becomes more stable, I think it's worth looking at again. I don't have the statistics but I feel that there have been less problems with the new launcher (for people that are running the latest version of Windows and some proper hardware). Now individual responses way too late because I'm too lazy and unstable: The old launcher was causing all sorts of problems, here are just a few: Server list didn't load up for some people unless they went into the files and removed the list and executed it as administrator DayZ wouldn't launch at all Mods wouldn't be downloaded at all "Hard" setup White screening (Ads, if you consider them a problem, I don't like my programs advertising me anything) Blue screening (yes, it did happen for a few people, I have no idea tbh...) None, is the correct answer. I'd like to release it as an open source project, personally. It's a rather simple bunch of bad javascript and node modules thrown together and mostly based on this project. Done in the new update. --- Now to the actual reason why I thought I would post once again here... New update for the launcher that actually makes it work the way it's supposed to. There was a bug with how the launcher checked the mod version and this is why the old version doesn't actually update the mods when a new update comes. This new 1.0.3 update will fix this issue and add automatic updating so if I break something, you don't have to worry about updating it manually once again. Here's the changelog: Automatically detect DayZ installation directory that should work for most people Option to insert DayZ path manually if the launcher can't find it Made the UI simpler Automatic updates just in case Handle errors better to avoid crashes Logging for possible errors and troubleshooting The system requirements for the launcher are as follows as of right now: Windows 10 or newer (older versions might work, but aren't guaranteed to work) Update to 1.0.3 (For the launcher to work in the future with mod updates, you need to update to 1.0.3 or just manually update your mods) If you have any problems with the launcher, run it as administrator. Windows doesn't always like to give it enough permissions to function correctly. And here's the virustotal for the new update. I don't think crypto mining is even that profitable anymore, though.
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    I’m tagging a great pal of mine @KennethRP
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    You're all under arrest for disturbing a grave. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
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    My fiancee and I last month on our First year anniversary ? I really love that picture of us!
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    With all the MILF porn I watch, I should have expected this. Thanks DayZRP.
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    A US server is planned, soon. However, private servers have separate HIVEs, so your characters or items won't transfer between two servers.
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    Was some fun RP. Usually we would get shot trying to pull a stunt like that. Nice edits too. get in here and give paul here some beans @SABERMCDADDY @Reckless @KennethRP @Voh
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    Man I fucking remember that one too, that was mental. I got sniped from 1400 meters near the end of the firefight by Thor. Easily 60+ dead, Winslow and Paddy went on a spree and bagged nearly 25 kills between them they were surrounded on the hill cut off from the rest of us. Fucking Osaka picking people up from the coast that were FM allies in his huey and dropping them into the firefight, the next day the NLR rule was added ?. The Brotherhood and RSM were the OGs when I ran IRA. Brotherhood always put up a great firefight and it made sense RP wise for us to be at each others throats. Ill never forget when you guys initiated on us when we were going up hill in a fucking bus, probably the darkest hour of IRA ahaha. RSM were badass, easily the best RP was with Morgan Riggs, god dammit it was so badass I still remember when our characters met for the first time. Then we made arms deals that actually made a difference and plotted against other clans, I really do miss those days ?. ALSO wheres all the love for The Enclave? those guys were legit! A clan dedicated to eradicating the zombies the only official alliance of my clan, was great when you could share kill rights to allies I always had a force of 15 men ready to be called in as backup whenever I needed. I remember a hilarious firefight against Brotherhood, I called in the enclave and a Brotherhood member wiped them out with a winchester, was the funniest shit ever just hearing the winchester pop off and all the enclave screaming on TS.
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    We are Chernarussian, We are foreign, We are everyone, We are the Unity Nation While walking through Stary Sobor one day a few weeks ago, Anna Kovar accidentally bumped into a courteous foreign Doctor near the Stary Medical Clinic. The two stopped and chatted for a bit about the usual things like the weather and the current state of affairs in South Zagoria. When they realized they were both headed to the same place, the Vybor clinic, they decided to continue the journey together. As they walked past the Stary Church, they heard a man call out. Not wanting to seem rude, the two paused, turned to face the church and watched as the man slowly walked up to them. The man met Anna's greeting with one gruffly uttered question: Are you Chernarussian? Anna, recognizing the man as a Chernarussian Nationalist, replied she was. The Doctor, however, could not do the same because his accent would have immediately given him away as a foreigner. So, the Doctor responded that while he was not Chernarussian, he was a Doctor who helped Chernarussians. The Nationalist took the Doctor at his word and warned him against providing help to anyone who was not Chernarussian. He told the Doctor that as long as he treated only Chernarussians, he was welcome in South Zagoria. And then he lowered his voice as he warned the Doctor, "If we catch you treating foreigners, we will kill you." When the Nationalist finished with the Doctor, he turned his attention back to Anna and cautioned her against socializing with foreigners. He then let Anna and the Doctor resume their journey. Later that evening, after the Doctor and Anna parted ways, Anna reflected on what happened in Stary earlier in the day. And the more Anna thought about the encounter, the more she realized didn’t agree with the Chernarussian Nationalist Movement. Anna decided she had two choices: She could do nothing or she could do something. She chose something. And that’s when the idea that would become the Unity Nation, a nation where everyone is welcome and accepted, was born. When she woke the next morning, Anna contacted her cousin-in-law Melina Kovar over the radio to arrange a meeting. As Anna spoke, Melina, who was usually very energetic and chatty, quietly listened to all that Anna had to say. When Anna finished, Melina soberly shared she had already had a run-in with the Nationalists in which they robbed her, held her hostage, and beat her. So, when Anna asked Melina if she wanted to help create this new nation, without hesitation Melina responded emphatically, “Hell, yes, sister.” The morning after the radio conversation, Melina and Anna met to discuss and establish the Unity Nation’s guiding principles: All people have the right to life, freedom, justice, and an equal chance to survive and prosper. When the meeting ended, Melina and Anna agreed to meet again in two weeks’ time to discuss next steps. The cousins hugged and kissed each other’s cheeks before parting and going separate ways. During the walk home, Anna encountered five foreign men who blocked her passage, harassed her, and repeatedly called her a bitch and a dirty Chernarussian woman. Anna feared for her life, but, the men soon grew bored and let her go shaken, but, physically unharmed. As Anna continued her journey home, the fire that had smoldered in Anna's soul ever since her daughter Olive was murdered shortly after the outbreak, started to burn. And instead of wanting revenge, Anna became more determined than ever that something had to change. And it had to change now. The next day, Anna contacted Melina over the radio and told her what happened after she left the meeting. And then Anna said, “The time of the Unity Nation is upon us. It’s on, sister. Hell, yes, it’s on.” Anna Kovar was born in Kamensk to Chernarussian parents – a military father and a homemaker mother. Anna, her husband, and her husband’s family ran a successful market in Kabanino until the infection forced them to eventually close the business. Anna is Chernarussian born and bred. She is proud of her country but doesn't let it get in the way of the bigger picture. Melina Kovar was born in the United States to a Chernarussian father and an American mother. Even though Melina saw herself as Chernarussian, to the Nationalists, she was nothing more than a half-breed foreign dog who didn’t belong in South Zagoria. Despite her treatment by the Nationalists, Melina is proud of her Chernarussian heritage. Most people don't experience much of life outside their own families and community. Because of this, we often see the differences and not the similarities we all share. While it's true no human is genetically identical, all humans share over 99.4% of our genes. We are genetically similar. It's also true that most human cultures around the world share fundamental values and beliefs that help dictate behavior and determine the difference between right and wrong. When we take a step back and look at each other as human beings and not as Chernarussians, Americans, Brits, Russians, etc., our differences are very small compared to our similarities. The Unity Nation is built on our similarities and not our differences. We set apart no skin color, no gender, no religion, and no national origin. We welcome all survivors as equal members and citizens when it comes to status, rights, and opportunities. WHITE represents the color of human bones and our commitment to embrace all who would join our nation. RED represents the color of human blood and our commitment to defend our nation against aggressors. The white Celtic knot reminds us of the inter-connectivity of all humans. The red ribbon reminds us of our commitment to freedom and equality. We do not seek conflict, however, we will defend and protect our people, resources, and territory. Our purpose is to ensure the survival of the Unity Nation and, ultimately, the human race. We are a society governed by elected council members who preside over: Trade (Commerce) War (Defense Forces) Justice (Internal Group Affairs) Ceremonies (Events) Anna Kovar @Mia Melina Kovar @Alexis Kaya LaCroix @Bounty Aurelien du Beauvoir @Ozymandias Karina Khachatryan @Aisling Maximilian Kaspar @Vulfgang Jeremy Petras @DatTurtle Madison Magalhaes @XieAngel IG: Any member of the Unity Nation caught betraying the nation will be put on trial and may be publicly executed if found guilty of treason by the council and a jury of peers. OOC: If you join the Unity Nation, you agree to PERMA-KILL your character if your character is executed for treason. In development 1. Spread the Unity Nation philosophy across South Zagoria (day 505) 2. Recruit people with shared beliefs and aspirations (day 505) 3. Elect council members (day 525) 4. Establish laws and rules of conduct (day 525) 5. Secure a capital for our nation (day 525) 1. Create a strong sense of loyalty to the Unity Nation (ongoing) Help new citizens integrate into the Unity Nation Provide assistance when needed (food, supplies, etc.) Provide moral support 2. Strive to maintain a positive reputation with non-member peoples and groups (ongoing) 3. Forge alliances with other groups (ongoing) 4. Establish trade routes and trade posts (ongoing) 5. Hold Unity Nation sponsored events (ongoing) 6. Defend the Unity Nation and its people when there is no other option (ongoing) IG Maintain your character at all times; use OOC chat only when something cannot be role-played in-game. Emergencies are always exempt. Avoid role-play that could be considered asinine or extreme. Do not rob other players. (The only exception is if you are starving and someone with food refuses to help). Be smart when met with hostilities. Defend yourself when appropriate, but, always value your character’s life. Do not tarnish the reputation of the Unity Nation. Spread the Unity Nation philosophy of equality and freedom when appropriate and in keeping with your character’s story. Uniform - Unity Nation members are expected to wear white armbands at all official gatherings or during emergencies (i.e., the nation is under attack). At all other times, the white armband is optional. OOC First and foremost, have fun. The Unity Nation is RP oriented; any character is welcome that can push the in-game limits of good. Respect each other. Friendly banter is welcome, but, don't let it cross the line. Do not personally insult or ridicule any DayZRP member. If you have a problem with anyone, contact @Mia or a member of the DayZRP staff for assistance. Leave all salt in-game where it belongs. Before posting a report on the forums, try to work it out via PMs, TS, or Discord. Group Ownership If at any time I’m unable to lead the group, the group as a whole will chose a new leader/owner. Recruitment If you are interested in joining or learning more about the Unity Nation, please contact either @Mia or @Alexis to join our TS or arrange an IG meeting. A mention goes out to the Stary Militia, the Kamenici, and the long forgotten man who poisoned Olive last year in Chernogorsk. Without all of you and our in-game interactions, there would be no Unity Nation. Graphics by @XieAngel
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    * after thinking of what one of the Moody brothers said, the free medics and many others have said about him and the stuff he hears, Merko walk to the airfield and climbs the factory building there and looks over the to how far the fall is. he then its the PPT as wind can be heard* Hello all, I am Doctor Isaac Dmerko, I am from Chernus, but more precise Gorka. some of you may know me as a Doctor who worked with doctor fisher, some may have heard stuff about me that seems fucked up. *takes a deep breath * all of these are lies. These lies ranging from me doing experiments on people, to a slave trade, and what other crazy stuff people have said. I'll tell you all this now, NONE of it is true. i will say ahead of time this brought cast will be a little long. *Lets go of the PPT and take a longer break and comes back * there is only one place to start and that is when I first meat David Mack the man who forced my hand. i meat a man by jack fisher who was a doctor in stary, and he was running the clinic. I came on to help him with running it. over time the clinic was well known and fisher was too. However, that was short-lived, David mack came when Fisher was away and took me and about six to maybe five people at gunpoint. from there many things happen, but for the cost of all that was there, I made a lie that allowed everyone there to live. later Fisher would be shot by one of those people i saved that day, so with no doctors close and many people already hating me, i ran to him to save him, but David was there waiting. *takes a drink for a second and breaths after that long line * I was able to save him, but Daived took me and a young girl about fourteen, would cut my eye out. from there on I worked for David. as much as I should have died that day, but I didn't, and soon we would move the clinic many times until we stopped into the town of Vyshnoye. Now if you haven't turn your radio off, here is the part you need to know, and I hope this clears up some stuff. After moving there David started making big moves and recruiting people, one being Emily, and Raddick. david forced their hand into being faces of the town but never being in control. david would also hurt the Bank of Chernarus when they started, and have a kid name Dail inject unknown stuff into them to test. Now my roll in this all was to keep people alive. I tried my best to ensure the girl's Emily's life when David took them. I gave a fake about of doses . to keep people alive from dangerous injections, but at it all, I watched as Men got stabbed, shot, beaten, thrown off a building, but I never broke my code on helping them. I had times I questioned this all. if I should have shot David when he was in front of me if I should of shot Dail for the stuff he did if I should just save my own skin back in Stary that day and never told a lie, but i can't now. I see my faults and my wrongs doing, now will saying this get me killed or change people minds? i am sure it won't and i am sure David will be waiting at my doorstep to kill me. But the Moody brother, Cassy, Fisher, Emily, and all I have wrong I hope you can forgive the wrongs i did. * start crying over the radio than radio goes to static as the window goes through the mic, then a crash of something breaking on the ground, and the radio cuts out*
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    My baby, she's finished ;D (I am talking about the group art)
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    Nah. You're alright. It'd be fun but nah. After two weeks the same RP Will happen. I don't see the point. I'd rather have a lore progression (For example, 20 years ahead) rather than a reset.
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    Hey boys! I haven't been on as my Dallas character because of good friend of mine came back and we are going to play as the hobos. @MoodyOG o7 thank you for allowing me to be part of this group. I had a really good time playing with you all but I must ask to be removed off the rooster for now. @Nightwing , @Jarvis , @Syoto and @MrPanda thanks for providing some good times as well.
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    can I report myself? I feel guilty for KOSing that chicken
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    Second best album of 2018 don't @ me.
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    This is a complicated scenario due to it having multiple people involved. Someone stealing from you is a hostile act imo, but you would then have to identify the person that robbed you, be 100% sure that it is him and then think if the others are even in his group (dynamic/official) to even shoot at them. Even in the case of you being with only one other person, it would still be risky as reading the ruleplay verdict in regards to Sasha's actions, it seems to me that ruleplay has moved a bit from what it was originally supposed to be. What I think would be the best approach would be to tell him to get your stuff back and if he declines, I'd say shooting him is fair. Although keep in mind that staff can still pull a ruleplay verdict. As to what you should do, I'd say don't shoot. Not because you would be in the wrong, but more because it's quite the risk especially thinking of the shekels you have spent. Personally, I don't even shoot at people that I am 99.9% sure I have KoS rights on, let alone in cases where it's debateable.
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    Yeah man it was you at the Sanctuary I remember the video it was bloody hilarious!
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    Regardless, this issue seems magnified by more players. I've never had an issue with it when there are 60/70 people on.
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    People should say what they want IG if in character. People take things to personally nowadays.
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    still laughing at your profile pic
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    Great work with the thread my dude, looks amazing. Hoping to get accepted soon, once we tend to the SMART goals.
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    Oh, I remember that meme. Funny times.
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    Easy. You check your inventory for anything missing. If something specific is missing (such as your weapon) and you see someone who, previously did not have that weapon, it's pretty safe to say they stole it from you. Or, they'll brag they stole it. Example:
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    send me bitcoin My address 3B3LvHCsYD2Sp5iMMBDFTBri8mcgYnwVvS
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    Multiple circumstances such as hits to the head, extreme blood loss and so on. However for some reason it is not always certain and is just a random chance.
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    Getting interrogated by a Mexican group and not trying to blow my cover. To them I was just an ordinary Loot Runner.
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    I would bean it but I'm all out sorry man, nice video though
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    Julia. I am a gender queer person. I get no hate ooc. You get hate because of your behavior and the way you react to hate. For example, mentioning the fact that you get hate ooc in half the posts you post. As for OOC rules against hate, obviously I think there needs to be something in place to protect people from getting harassed OOC. I just don't want dayzrp to become a progressive wasteland where we are forced to use pronouns for the 700 genders that people want to identify as :'D. On the real, I think that we need a good balance between what is meme, and what is real. I think that creating that balance will help people be less sensitive and just make the community have some laughter. As for IG racism/sexism/whatever other isms, I think that there should be no regulation on that. Its IC, and if someone can't separate OOC and IC then they shouldn't be in roleplay.
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