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    No reason to be hostile or immature about the situation. I'm asking if I'm wrong that you can correct me. This is a very immature example of how to take criticism and people have been down this road which just causes unnecessary events. I'm being respectful to you, so all I can ask is that you respect me back. We are both adults here, yes?
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    Interesting meeting you today, little friendly chat. Manners and all that fancy stuff. And thanks for the invite and all but being in one gang is more than enough for me. Should be fun if you fellas figure that one out IC ?
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    Idk what was wrong with the old launcher this new launcher sucks bring the old one back. This consumes too much memory, I mean who the fuck would actually make a launcher based on Chrome? CHROME? Doesn't DayZ have enough memory management issues as it is?? Like is this your launcher developer some BETA javascript coder? Fucking javascript? Why does nobody realize that the only language for making working apps is c++ and for that matter, assembly or machine language. Tell him to go back to making websites or some shit like that. And regardless this is just one more software filling up my hard desk and I'm still gonna connect to other servers via DayZSALauncher so why do I need this? Also good job on the new mod update Kerkkoh. You really bring us all joy by removing all of our weapons.
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    Patch day! We have just deployed a new patch for the Standalone server. A few things are special with this release. This is the first official build of our custom mod - Version 1. Yeah, we want to keep the versioning simple so it's just going to be a number. You can read the changelog on the newly created changelog page, available under Information menu above. Besides the new patch and changes included @Kerkkoh has coded us a small launcher. This small app will download and update DayZRP Standalone for you as well as let you join the server with just one click. The launcher is a small JavaScript application packaged with ElectronJS. With release of this launcher we are dropping support for DayZSA Launcher that we've recommended to use up until now. The DayZSA Launcher will continue to work for another few days until we remove support for it server side, at which point it will no longer be possible to join the server or update the mod through it. The recommended way to join now is to use our launcher, or manually set up your game and launch parameters. Speaking of manual installation, we realize that not everyone wants to run 3rd party applications on their PC and that's why we've also made the mod available as a standalone download for manual installation. All of this is available on the new shiny download page under Information menu.
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    Just a tiny suggestion. I was looking through some old screenshots and came across the one below. Basically a small suggestion to set up the old layout how we used to have it before. Before, you could have 5-10 unique ranks in your group and it'd show up on people's posts, like below: I honestly thought it was cool and would like to see it back. I also enjoyed having the little Polaroid below, another potential thing to chuck back in. Just an idea.
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    OP, you have just registered, haven't played a single hour on our server and then based on what you saw on some "streams" you demand to remove 10 of our members whom you don't like because they may be underage and add some rules to prevent them from joining on top of that? Nice try. If you have a problem with someones immature RP in game, report them.
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    Hey! It's been a really long time, but after running into some good rp I've decided to stay and try things out again. I tend to keep to myself, but if you run into Kaya in RP ? Good to meet ya.
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    You would see a few fliers placed around the homestead. The unmistakable sigil of the Lawkeepers, along with that of the free medics, the bold letters stand out to you as you inspect the smaller text: Big Props to @JesterInPeril for making this. And so everyone who it concerns sees it: @Sheep @unforgiven389 @DeadKiller
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    If someone openly comes out as 12, not to sound like a cunt but, is it ok to just, ban them? Sending a message maybe to explain why prior. Clearly, a community like this is not meant for that age.
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    The rules kinda prevent them from actually killing all foreigners (unless they decide not to comply or have execution rights) so the best they can do now is rob them of all their supplies and tell them to fuck off from Chernarus, and with the rules kinda preventing them to do what they really want to do they still do a pretty good job. They're a force to be reckoned with and a group to be afraid of in-game if you're a foreigner. EDIT; There are a bunch of videos of them actually executing foreign pig-dogs, so when they've got the rights to do so they do make use of it by actually executing them in a quite creative way.
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    this but we all know that's never going to happen again
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    "Put your hands up and surrender!" "..." "Put your goddamn hands up!" "I.. really really want to but I can't". "Why the hell not?!" "The surrender animation is not in yet... How about I wave my arms instead?"
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    LMFAO RP was awesome today.. I mean, regardless of how centralized it was? I laughed so hard it hurt xD @WhiskeyFoxtrot - I'm not sure who was in your group... But John was funny as shit too.. xD O.o Admittedly he sounded like Squillium... :x Wait yeah, nevermind... @Quill + @Kordruga Thanks guys, was good. Brief 'hello' from @Albert Bazek and @Finn - @Zorull + Frankie + @JayJayBombay, @Rob Bloc etc etc.. ( Sorry if I missed you, -.- I suck at everything ) ALSO, We're not married.. I just saw his.... thing... by accident.. -.- <.< Kibuka is too much Man for me! Also I heard @Eagle In that group of horrid men that held us up in the church.. ( Kamenichi ) xD Thanks for uhm.. Not killing me! and.. stuff.....
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    Wow! What a day! Had some great RP from @Nihoolious @Shroud and @Brandonyoung! Hope to do it again some time! Congratulations on your marriage @Bounty and @WhiskeyFoxtrot ?
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    This used to be a thing, people would circumvent it anyway. And plenty of solid, well-founded community members did circumvent it and were perfectly mature. Its really a person-by-person case. And who are we to deny good RPers at least a chance? Honestly just banning them after they misbehave is far better than banning them for the possibility of them misbehaving, tbf.
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    @RebelRP @G19RP @The Traveler @unforgiven389 @Kolya Vorona and @Angima. Great RP meeting today. Had a lot of fun... and stress LOL
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    Not sure if this has been shared already... if so, you may delete thread.
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    Great RP From the following: @Solo - SCOOOOOOOOOOOOTLAND @Grimnir - Brother's in arms @cheeks - I'll force marry you to a couch @ScarletRose - Glad to have you on the team. @JesterInPeril - Theo is Carlo's new bestmate in the medics. @Jackfish - Carlo's trying to keep the peace, trying being the keyword. @MoodyOG - Decent RP From you lad, cheers for the glasses. Sorry If I've missed anyone out, it's been a long RP session and I've met so many fucking people today.
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    Never knew I could just shoot someone then tell him ''I'm leaving mate don't shoot''.
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    Here's a last warning for anyone involved. Please keep the thread on topic and civil. Feedback is meant to be constructive and not a back & forth argument. @Stannis, I would like to remind you specifically that you have returned to the community just a day ago and it looks like problems are already being started based upon mostly rumours. I think the members of Kamenici have read your criticism and are taking it into account. I also think it's time to stop the back & forth arguing as you have said your piece and I trust that Kamenici will take it into consideration. Enough is enough.
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    Only available for those with reading skills ?
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    When you stop god damn asking about it! NOW RAISE'EM! The useless remarks quartet
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    I’m ready to rebuild civilization
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    amazing picture my Kordruga friend and don't worry unlike @Dan I give beanz to great media
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    @Dan beanz or get off my thread
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    @Kordruga Quality RP all day, glad you were on since nobody else was lmao. and @Bounty for becoming Kibuka's first wife, here's to a fruitful marriage.
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    Brought back NLR because people were tired of the constant bullshittery that was happening in regards to hostilities. Nothing was being progressed, people refused to PK and would just initiate over and over for fuck all. Better this way imo, even if it has some drawbacks.
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    The age restriction was recently revoked due to legal reasons involving our verification process. As it currently stands as long as they don’t squeak like a chew toy, are mature and don’t cause problems they are welcome.
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    Enjoyed the great roleplay from the boys today as well as the Firefight with the house in Zelenogorsk, great RP from both sides. @G19RP @ExoticRP @OskuRP @RebelRP @Zombru @Viking @Brodie @Eagle @SylvaRP @N-ToxRP @Brandonyoung @HenningRP
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    CAN I GET A BIG THANK YOU FOR THESE AMAZING BOIS?! The house gave some amazing rp today! Thanks to @Cipher, @Blitz, @Diamond, @Sasha! [Also thanks to @JoffreyRP for that small bit of rp afterwards!] AND OF COURSE! BIG HANDESOME HIMSELF @ASqueakyCleanPado! Look forward to seeing more of you guys. You all were such sweet hearts!
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    Back with some more sketches! Today I had the pleasure of making this little sketch of the Myshkino Dam. Think it turned out quite good.
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    Loving the graphics and the story! Perhaps be a little more S.M.A.R.T with your goals, wink ?
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    Information > Download I think there was a missed opportunity to put it in the store.
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    Hello there welcome back.
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    Haha you got your CH! On the way to admin now. Thanks for the kind words.
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    It was hella fun, even more so with all the stuff we talked about, and Frank trying to show of his muscles. Loved it all, would do it again!
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