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    Idk what was wrong with the old launcher this new launcher sucks bring the old one back. This consumes too much memory, I mean who the fuck would actually make a launcher based on Chrome? CHROME? Doesn't DayZ have enough memory management issues as it is?? Like is this your launcher developer some BETA javascript coder? Fucking javascript? Why does nobody realize that the only language for making working apps is c++ and for that matter, assembly or machine language. Tell him to go back to making websites or some shit like that. And regardless this is just one more software filling up my hard desk and I'm still gonna connect to other servers via DayZSALauncher so why do I need this? Also good job on the new mod update Kerkkoh. You really bring us all joy by removing all of our weapons.
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    Just a tiny suggestion. I was looking through some old screenshots and came across the one below. Basically a small suggestion to set up the old layout how we used to have it before. Before, you could have 5-10 unique ranks in your group and it'd show up on people's posts, like below: I honestly thought it was cool and would like to see it back. I also enjoyed having the little Polaroid below, another potential thing to chuck back in. Just an idea.
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    Hey! It's been a really long time, but after running into some good rp I've decided to stay and try things out again. I tend to keep to myself, but if you run into Kaya in RP ? Good to meet ya.
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    You would see a few fliers placed around the homestead. The unmistakable sigil of the Lawkeepers, along with that of the free medics, the bold letters stand out to you as you inspect the smaller text: Big Props to @JesterInPeril for making this. And so everyone who it concerns sees it: @Sheep @unforgiven389 @DeadKiller
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    If someone openly comes out as 12, not to sound like a cunt but, is it ok to just, ban them? Sending a message maybe to explain why prior. Clearly, a community like this is not meant for that age.
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    The rules kinda prevent them from actually killing all foreigners (unless they decide not to comply or have execution rights) so the best they can do now is rob them of all their supplies and tell them to fuck off from Chernarus, and with the rules kinda preventing them to do what they really want to do they still do a pretty good job. They're a force to be reckoned with and a group to be afraid of in-game if you're a foreigner. EDIT; There are a bunch of videos of them actually executing foreign pig-dogs, so when they've got the rights to do so they do make use of it by actually executing them in a quite creative way.
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    this but we all know that's never going to happen again
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    "Put your hands up and surrender!" "..." "Put your goddamn hands up!" "I.. really really want to but I can't". "Why the hell not?!" "The surrender animation is not in yet... How about I wave my arms instead?"
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    This used to be a thing, people would circumvent it anyway. And plenty of solid, well-founded community members did circumvent it and were perfectly mature. Its really a person-by-person case. And who are we to deny good RPers at least a chance? Honestly just banning them after they misbehave is far better than banning them for the possibility of them misbehaving, tbf.
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    @RebelRP @G19RP @The Traveler @unforgiven389 @Kolya Vorona and @Angima. Great RP meeting today. Had a lot of fun... and stress LOL
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    Never knew I could just shoot someone then tell him ''I'm leaving mate don't shoot''.
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    @Dan beanz or get off my thread
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    Brought back NLR because people were tired of the constant bullshittery that was happening in regards to hostilities. Nothing was being progressed, people refused to PK and would just initiate over and over for fuck all. Better this way imo, even if it has some drawbacks.
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    The age restriction was recently revoked due to legal reasons involving our verification process. As it currently stands as long as they don’t squeak like a chew toy, are mature and don’t cause problems they are welcome.
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    Enjoyed the great roleplay from the boys today as well as the Firefight with the house in Zelenogorsk, great RP from both sides. @G19RP @ExoticRP @OskuRP @RebelRP @Zombru @Viking @Brodie @Eagle @SylvaRP @N-ToxRP @Brandonyoung @HenningRP
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    Back with some more sketches! Today I had the pleasure of making this little sketch of the Myshkino Dam. Think it turned out quite good.
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    Loving the graphics and the story! Perhaps be a little more S.M.A.R.T with your goals, wink ?
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    Got in game realized this is still fun.
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    Not a very fair response man. He's got a point, the total domination of a faction on the server, which I assume is supposed to be guerrilla/militia faction which focuses on disarming/killing/wounding people who don't play a certain ethnicity of character doesn't assist on the servers growth or other players roleplay. We have a large influx of whitenames that have joined the server recently, who I doubt really have the roleplay experience to fully understand geopolitical groups and their motives who are rather confused as to why any attempt to gear up is met with a quick stick'em'up. From my experiences so far in-game Kamenici seems to roam the Novy/Stary/VMC area robbing and disarming anybody that has a weapon, regardless of if they are Chernarussian or not. Roleplay isn't about total domination of a server, you and the group that you are apart of have the ability to make everyone on the server hide away - but why have them hide when you can enrich their roleplay in another form?
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    "Aaahhhh... Visitors..." Thanks to @Sophie and @JesterInPeril for the encounter. I always like to get the news about what's going on from people who pass through the town I live in. And I really like when the conversation doesn't seem to be forced with ackward silence. It was a pleasure RPing with both of you!
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    When my tattoo artist says I can get my POTF tattoo on Thursday and her artwork is sick as fuck: Example of her work:
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    Thanks for this awesome Guide, @RandyRP!! You know some people will need to refer to it and it'll be nice to link them to a concise Guide like yours to help speed along the process.
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    From my limited experience so far, the group has a good idea to it (Chernarussian Nationalism), but I personally feel the execution left a bad taste in my mouth. I'll admit, it was partially on my point for the lack of reaction. Not saying it was an excuse, but I haven't been on roleplay in about 2 months so I was admittedly, very rusty. However, that's besides the point, I can't say too much, but I do believe that the whole ethnic cleansing situation is so sudden and comes up empty. If you do go around saying you'll kill all foreigners and remove them, why is it you never do that? I've yet to meet many other characters, but I'd hope that there'd be some differences in there rather than just if you're foreigner that all of your stuff belongs to us etc. I'll always point back towards Cerna Liska who, in my personal opinion, nailed a Chernarussian nationalist group. While, hesitant, they were willing to get help and listen to other people. Controversially, look back at the 3rd Reich and the Crna Ruka. They both had a common goal, which was to bring unity to their people and would take violent means to do so, but they didn't reject the help of other countries/organizations which weren't 100% what they were. That's the end of my exhausted rant regarding that. All I'm saying is have some diversity with it and don't let it boil down to you wanting a player's gear. I hope you guys can take my criticism and try to have some improvements. I hope that my next experiences are uneasy as fuck. Always remember, subtly works better than being direct in some cases.
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    Welcome back Bounty!
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    I got 6 points for you! Congrats fuck face xxx
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    M y s o n. A m p r o u d. H a v e m e e m.
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    This is intentional, dead characters should be left for future reference purposes.
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    Upon getting held up on my way home from the bar: "Dude, you can't leave me here without a weapon or way to defend myself. At least walk me home."
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    Welcome back, Bounty!
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    Huge props to @RebelRP @G19RP All the Kamenici boys, @unforgiven389 @Kolya Vorona @Angima and of course all of the House boys (will put their leader @Cipher) for managing to get FM wrapped into such a diplomatic cluster fuck it nearly caused all out war and the burning of Homestead! (Jokes aside your diplomacy and chats today cause amazing tense and stresfull negotiations that have done nothing but progress the server lore in the best possible way, this has been without a doubt one of the most interesting wars I have seen in years!) Thank you all for the amazing opportunities for stellar RP! ?
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    Working for the Army would be so different if the bad guys had to initiate.
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    Welcome back, hope you have a good time sticking around ?
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    Had a blast with @BlindingGMAK @OxeN @brk and @Sophie, no clue who the dude was who took the picture but if you're reading this I need you to hit me up with it!
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    I'm looking to join a group someone hit me up
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    Server and location: S1 Not sure where Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): sometime late at night, not many people on Your in game name: Rico Hernandez Names of allies involved: Juan Joseph Name of suspect/s: not sure, some bald idiot Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): sedan Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: me and Juan are chillin in the middle of town when this random guy comes up acting really suspicious. we assume he has kill right on us or something so we start doing the usual "pull out guns slowly" to scare him. he keeps coming when all of a sudden his friend blatantly RDM's both of us with a car, killing Juan immediantly and executing me after injuring me.
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    Dog I got epilepsy I can’t watch this shit??
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    It was hella fun, even more so with all the stuff we talked about, and Frank trying to show of his muscles. Loved it all, would do it again!
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    Finally got my Life of Boris Hoodie. Needless to say I’m a happy boi.
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    Last month, I had the privilege of visiting the Irish Republican Museum in Belfast, NI. It was there that I first learned of the Black and Tans. Later, as I roamed around Ireland, I learned of the Gaelic football massacre in Dublin, the sacking of Irish towns and villages, and the retaliations against civilian populations (a favorite target). The Black and Tans were involved in all that and more. I was in a taxi, I believe in Dublin, when the very friendly driver entertained me with some of the local history. What stuck in my mind most was his unsolicited comment at the end that tourists don’t realize how offensive it is when they order a Black and Tan (a mixture of light and dark beer). You have to understand that to the Irish, this is not ancient history. This is seven hundred plus years of occupation, discrimination, genocide, and whatever else I can’t even begin to comprehend. And the Black and Tans were at the very end of all that. So , in my mind, only an IC Protestant from NI would name his group the Black and Tans and I’m not even sure about that. But, yes, I understand this is just a video game. I’m not trying to roast anyone; I’m just adding an outsider’s perspective. By the way, the Belfast Christmas Market was awesome!
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