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    Indeed, individuals in this and other groups brought a lot of attention and a lot of complaints and through those complaints I created a bunch of restrictive rules to prevent these things from happening again and then what happened? People who complained and got those rules in stopped playing anyway and bailed on the community even when they had protection of the rules and I was left with an empty server with shitty rules that nobody wanted to play on. So I think complaining about how this group doesn't do "anything worth while for story, role play, or the server in general" is very hypocritical when just a while back all rules were catered to give people like you an advantage against groups like Anarchy and some people who complained like you just turned your backs on the community when it needed them the most. That being said, I don't support the way Jim expressed himself to you.
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    I don't care what you gotta say anymore all you do is post negative shit. I have not seen you create any events or make a hotspot that was active. You are not dropping feedback you are just throwing shit in our direction because you hate us. If you got anything productive to say about the group as a whole feel free to say it other than that refrain from throwing shit at us thank you.
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    Met anarchy today at NWAF they asked me and my friends if we took anything from there and some of us did yeah... they informed us that it was there territory and not to come back i had a mouth on me and they ended up holding us up (VERY well RP'D) we saw that some things were not working like 6.3 wasn't allowing them to tie us up and everything was worked out ooc chat and continued to be great rp they didn't take all our shit they just got the message through gave us a warning made us leave our weapons and sent us on our way one of them stating "if you come back ill cut your fucking legs off and put a leash on you and watch while i walk you down the airfield" or something along those lines ? overall it was a really great hostile RP session and im somewhat looking forward to our next encounter haha..
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    New Joji song for anyone who hasn't heard it yet ?
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    "Look ma! I can be on the YouTubes now!" Played new Experimental for 30 minutes and can say I'm quite surprised and pleased at the progress being made.
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    I am just going to point this out. If I want to go ahead and play as Anarchy I will group page or not. You can sit there and bitch all you want It does not mean shit will change. I am here to play the game and have fun with my mates, not get involved in bullshit politics If you bump into me in game and have an issue use this here https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/forum/54-reports/
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    This was the group that kept the server alive. Apparently this was the group that got your panties in a knot too. Just because you happen to have a negative (in your mind) experience with it, it does not mean you have to treat it negatively on each encounter. If that was the case then maybe my group members should treat you negatively every time they encounter you considering you were talking about getting a hitman on them IRL. I'm asking you to open your damn mind, approach things positively and to get out of your bubble.
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    In my honest opinion these are things you should be pissed off about ICly and not OOCly. Its an apocolypse man not a theme park for you to run around traveling with your friends. If you're having a hard time IC then do something about it and create some kind of group to oppose them. You cant always have what you want. Being robbed and opressed by bigger badder groups is part of the RP and always has been.
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    *Havel was listening through his handheld receiver. He raised an eyebrow, holding down his transmit button* "The fuck.... lady why you tell whole of my country that you're going to touch self, is cringe..." *He released his transmit button*
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    Just gonna hop in here after ghosting from the community for a bit. No one really likes to talk about the real reason most of the people left. Yes the game is shit....like dog shit, and .063 is suppose to make it all so much better. Well most of the people decided to poof away due to the over and constant BULLSHIT OOC hate that came from some specific peeps. Now I'm not going to name peeps cause in all honesty It'll do no good. Just realize this game being shit is not the hugest reason peeps left just saying.
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    * An unknown voice can be heard over the radio broadcasting on every frequency * Anyone who seeks a safe place come to the church in Stary Sobor All is welcome * Static *
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    From the album: Adventures journal~

    It's gonna be pretty trippy with mushrooms tonight!
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    I thought you were sniping people but it turns out just members ;(
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    They weren't a problem at all. IC they were, but that's a good thing. They genuinely tried to set up shit as Louie said, but just got shit on. Instead of fighting a war on the forums, get IC, organize, and try to fight them. "But we can't win" tough luck then, this is RP, there isn't a script. Like, people in my groups scripted certain moments and it always left a sour taste in my mouth. Anyways i don't even get IC, best of luck to the boys to revive this.
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    With the new changes made to the game in exp. its a new adventure for all of us. I hope everybody is willing to treat it that way. Good luck with the group ?
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    Great Thanks to @DK_Major @RebelRP @Baghdaddy @Rayland276 for the rp and experiencing 0.63
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    You are claiming that you werent saying that "Anarchy wont do anything worth while" but just because you put a question mark after every sentence doesnt mean it was meant as an actual question. Lets be honest here, your list of rhetorical questions werent really meant to be actual questions about the group you were wanting to get answered. Im not sure how did you expect members of anarchy would reply to these "questions" but saying that no group should shrug off concerns and questions after posting something like that is not fair whatsoever and the opposite of constructive criticism. You and I have talked quite a bit and you have voiced your concerns to me about anarchy on many occasions and during those conversations you jave posed a few questions and concerns that in my opinion would actually be constructive criticism so why didnt you write those but instead posted this hastily written jab at anarchy and then complain about how your "questions" werent being answered?
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    Hey, this group is great. I'll def play with you guys. See you ig soon!
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    Note to all: You’re all beautiful people!! Motivational ?
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    I think we should get rid of the A2 server and focus on SA and A3. My opinion is we should have the SA server, and 2 A3 servers, one that's just a solid copy of what we had back on A2DayZRP to keep us oldies happy and another which I think the community should vote on the setting and map. We need to let A2 die pretty pointless bringing back a game that came out in 2009 that runs, looks and feels like ass when we can just port all the content to a3 and have a fresher experience with it all. Just my thoughts!
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    Exile is indeed the better alternative. I think Desolation was chosen simply because it already offers revised content that is inherently suitable for DayZRP standards (custom locations with post-apocalyptic atmosphere, buildings that can be used for RP without any extra work done on them, reasonable loot spawn from the get-go in terms of not being too OP, and a basic crafting system, etc.). In vanilla Exile, even the smallest houses are like gunshops, the buildings look too 'new' and so on. But Exile's platform offers much better experiences if the contents are carefully revised with developers getting deep into it. I am not sure if @Roland would like to put in that kind of time for such an endeavor these days, but I would personally be truly extatic to play on a DayZRP Exile server. Standalone hype is a fleeting thing, nobody is going to stick around after a week or two when they realize that they may have to wait even longer for a new patch than the waiting period between 0.62-0.63 for new contents so it is 'appealing' to RP on Standalone again. Meanwhile, a highly modular Arma 3-based server (Exile or Desolation) will always constitute a really well-made and rather 'complete' stage in broad comparison.
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    Don't forget the ones that purposely got themselves perma'd after being fed up with how they were being treated. I think part of the issue is that the community has always had sort of an ego about it: There was always a sentiment that if people didn't want to conform exactly to how some in the community (staff) wanted, that they could just leave, and not many shed a tear if they got banned over minor infractions that added up. The community could afford to act that way when it had 3 servers full at peak time every day, but when the player volume dropped, the sentiment didn't evolve. When some of the most active players kept being banned over silly reasons, the community was really asking for stagnation. At this point, doubt that having a ban wipe would do much. Most people I know at least have either moved on, or probably wouldn't want to come back anyways. Even I'm just checking in out of curiosity, kind of hard to find motivation when all you're friends were banned and told they're not wanted. Think the community's seeing the result of that behavior, which doesn't help when compounded by DayZ not having aged well. Community's always bounded back before, and I was always one of the first to defend its longevity.... but I'm not sure about this one. Before, there was always something around the corner to look to. When mod was dying, it was standalone. When Standalone could become dry, there was always a major update that would peak people's interest again. When things became a little stale after updates, the community brought in a few decently popular streamers / youtubers to recruit more members. I've been out of the loop for a while now, but it doesn't seem like there's anything in the future that will bring back the numbers. Considering how long DayZ's been out, I doubt this new update will have the same effect as previous ones when the game was just released . The meme might have come true.
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    Currently evacuated. Everyone stay safe in the storm!
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    Same, just got robbed with Sam but left with a smile
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    I've had nothing but good encounters with you guys almost every time, and the very rare occasion where I felt unsatisfied, it was always worked out through PM's. I specifically remember Louie jumping into our TS channel when I perma'd my first character to check if I was okay with how he went out, and if his and Panda's and everybody else's RP was satisfactory. I don't know the full story of some stuff, but I'm personally happy to have Anarchy back.
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    Sure thing! ? I am so happy my simple solution solved the issue <3. /Closed as per request.
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    -User was warned for this post-
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    Survival, man... It can be rough out there sometimes. ?7
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    Indeed, something is broken. I had to modify the script so it works with SA experimental and "Survivor X" names, but now it seems it stopped working for mod and deso. Working on it.
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    I am excited to see this and saw that slowly we are getting our pop back up hopefully we can experience good rp with a variety of different characters
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    * An unknown voice can be heard * I can give these Items when the sun sets down I will light up a flare upon my arrival * static *
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    Honestly the Arma 2 Mod needs to stay dead. It's 5 years outdated and everything you could want from that game can and has been ported to Arm3 which is already started to show its own age.
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    Hanging with my son Panda brought back loads of memories. Thanks @BleachRP for answering the call and jumping back into DayZRP with me tonight!
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    Two days late and two dollars short . . . Happy two year anniversary to me!
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    Why make a new group when we play the same characters and have the same playstyle?
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    I wasn't either l o l. I was talking about in general people who still don't play and haven't played for a long time. Stop trying to find a reason to be offended. We brought back the same group rather than making a new one because that is what we wanted, why else? We're doing SA dad.
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    *an unknown voice can be heard on the radio* We should get in contact soon, we could help each other out. *static*
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    How about we give things a go and see what happens. Those who say it's too late have the power to make things better by getting on one of the servers. You're still here so hop in game... Trying to improve things is better than just giving up.
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    probably, not everyone is playing scum ... and there is the wipe tomorrow/today
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    My first ever character in RP
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