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    Quinn listened in and giggled to herself, she pressed down on the PTT. "I'm not paying anyone a single thing to stay in Severograd. I have been here, in this city for over a year now doing plenty to earn my stay, just because yet again, another, "bad-ass" group has decided to come along, out of the blue demanding this and that, trying to rub their territory on the city doesn't mean anything to anyone. People have been here in Severograd looking after the city, all on their own, for a long time, earning their right to stay, which shows that alone, means a lot." "Everyone is equal, no one is "paying rent" to anyone." After Quinn had rolled her eyes, she spoke again with a soft, genuine smile. "I do want to say thank you to one of your members for the AKM and everything else, it was very sweet, nice guy. Most had gotten donated to those who don't have much." Quinn released the PTT.
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    Awesome RP today in Severograd! Harold is special... @KyleRP You better not shut down that bar, it's bringing a lot of people on the server! @Puck You better give your son hugs and skittles ?? @Ghost Of Pado You're my new brother ??? PS you better watch out in your sleep... @Cobe You will become my second stepfather! @JakeRP @ReaperRP ? @dimitri Ranch @Zanaan Forgot about you sorry ?
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    Enjoyed the RP today, was nice just chatting at the bar. The radio chatter was interesting also. Sorry if I missed anyone out. ? @EdgyNova, @Cobe, @ReaperRP, @JakeRP, @Svenne, @Ghost Of Pado, @KyleRP, @Farmer-BorisRP, @Zanaan, @RebelRP, @N-Tox, Wanna thank @Marsden MRB and @Snip3rific for the RP yesterday with the radio chatter and meeting in Severograd, was also nice seeing @Tiviyl! ? Here is my dedicated song towards the RP I had received tonight.
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    Thanks to those in the Radio Chatter and also those In the game tonight! @Puck, @Svenne, @JakeRP, @ReaperRP @KyleRP, @EdgyNova , @Marsden MRB , @Snip3rific @Zanaan @N-Tox
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    so my daughters test results came back negative, so she good y'all!!! But they still want to send her to physical therapy and a pediatric Rheumatologist just to make sure they cover all bases....with those results though I am so relieved ?
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    *Spike sits in his families camp, he picks up his radio and presses the PTT* This is a message for those red fucks that have claimed they own Severograd. *He pauses for moment* My family has officially claimed all rights to the land of Chernarus, My da has taken the title of King, First we demand you turn over all your lands immediately, Secondly we demand that you kneel before us and kiss our boots. Failure to do so within 24 hours will result in your death. *He releases the PTT and goes back to drinking* *He quickly grabs the radio again and presses the PTT* Almost forgot, we would like to grant the lady known as Quinn the title Queen of Chernarus if she chooses to accept. Have a nice day. *He puts the radio down and continues listening to da's fiddle playing*
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    @Puck @Ghost Of Pado @KyleRP @Svenne @Cobe Was glad to run into y'all. Great RP all around. And don't worry Pado, you'll get her next time. Also Puck, don't think I didn't hear you try and disguise (Cobe?) as you discreetly.
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    Det finns bara en man som kan leda Sverige in i ljuset! SD2018
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    When people are starting to claim to be King and Queen of Chernarus.
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    Paul groggily awakens and hits the PTT Quite frankly no one owns Severograd instead everyone who lives in Severograd own it and are all equals. No one person is more of a higher status then the other. People look up to the Queen because she tries her best to help people out and is clearly caring about everyone who lives in Severograd providing assistance where she can and pointing people towards the right direction when she can't. The Queen title is something that was inherited since the infection started. As for the King well.... I haven't seen him in months. Paul releases the PTT and gets up
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    [Ryan holds down the PTT] "Please stop with the stupid queen bullshit, it ain't a thing, makes me wanna blow my damn head off." [Ryan releases the PTT]
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    *Paul heard his radio burp to life and unclipped it from his belt and hits the PTT* My name is Officer Nguyen Badge Number 2432 with the LAPD and Elektro PD part of Charlie 28 Patrol Section for Severograd. If you so please to request a meeting with the Queen then I can arrange this request. *Takes a swig out of his water bottle* Also I must ask how have you heard of the Queen. She's been in hiding for quite some time. *Paul sets the radio down in his tent and awaits a response*
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    I think people are far too easily upset by things and we should remove status updates all together. This is a gaming forum not somewhere to document your life.
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    I wish I didn't have to make this thread, but it's come to that point where there's no real good reason to stay here anymore. I had some extremely great and memorable experiences back in mid to late 2017, and early 2018. But sadly, those days are long gone, and I honestly do not see this community as something I want to be a part of anymore. It's honestly mostly toxic, and the RP just isn't there to compensate for it now. I met a lot of great people who I still talk to today, and just gave me great RP in general. I don't want to make this too sappy so I'll just state most of if not all the names of the people who made this community great for me here: @Wolfstorm, @N-Tox, @Puck, @SnipZ, @Franklin Ranner, @Alexis, @Anouk, @Anoymouse, @KSGamingTTM, @Ansolari, @Carg0cult, @Blake Quinn, @Brett, @Buddy, @Canon360, @Chief, @Dakotaen, @DallasRP, @Dank Mems, @Dirty Dan, @Dvlinhb, @Eddie, @EndeavourRP, @EveryoneHatesRonin, @Fil Vandren, @GenjiRP, @Psycho, @jangoskull, @Jman14102, @Jono the giant, @LCKY, @Lyca, @Madkilla67, @MotocrossGuy13, @RedSky, @SameOldRalle, @SgtSmithy, @SlimmDusty, @SoalXtractor, @SofiaL, @Wulf_jon, @Titan_, @trent_rouls, @turtlemilk, @Coreena, @UncleB, @Liberty Berntson, @Lori, @Tony, @Para, @Clumsy Sorry if I missed anyone. Things are looking really nice in my life right now outside of this community, a lot better than they have in the past year. I have a much more positive outlook on things, and I'm just enjoying everything that's going on around me. Sorry to say, but I'm not going to let this community's negativity intrude on what I got going on. I'll still be on games from time to time, so feel free to hop on in Discord to drop me a message. Good bye, DayZRP.
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    *Claudia leans against a tree to catch her breath and fights to keep the nod from taking her, she gently squeezes the PTT, and speaks with a light slur to her words* The surviving members of the 3rd MEU forces who were attached to the NATO Forces last year seek an audience with the Queen. We are hoping to offer trade and our services for a time. If you are receiving this transmission, we ask that you please respond. *As she releases the PTT and stumbles back to her feet and works the numbness from her limbs*
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    Alright ladies and gentlemen... and psychotic others. I'm now live once again at
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    Quinn listened in as she was sipping on her tea, as she pressed down on the PTT, you may or may not hear slurping noises being taken politely. "Are you... My stepson?" Quinn released the PTT, as she went into thought. "Well, at least someone is against the reds taking ownership and demanding rent and what not..." "Many I don't even know or had met call me the Queen anyway so why not sure. I get to have a royal wedding, right?" Quinn released the PTT while finishing her tea, giggling.
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    Gotta love it when a fly kamikazes into your coffee without you noticing?
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    Ahmahgawd! I last won on August 28th! WH000000t! My first win!
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    Only a few months he said. It will be worth it he said. @G19RP @Otto @Chief
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    flaming points are silly and should be reserved for actual flaming like arson and whatnot
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    Wolves almost ruined my RP today! @Storm Screenshots of todays adventures. A real pillar of the community and some barfun!
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    Can we all just remember that this community is about rping and playing games with your buddies? This isn't facebook or something like that, if there is someone you don't like avoid or block them and be done with it. This is just life, sometimes you just got to take people shit talk you or if it is bothering you that much do something about it. So no to the even stricter policing of posts. Maybe add a poll as well.
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    Goodbye Wish you luck anywhere else you go!
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    Sad to see another good one go, but I don't blame you. My only regret was us not being able to has out the Bauer story together more, but that was out of our control. o7 my dude
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    Cheers mate, your RP was always top notch. Sorry you got pushed out by others' toxicity.
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    Honestly, no character from the old lore should be allowed since a lw should be starting completely fresh.
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    My computer can't run SCUM lmao
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    If I disappear today its been a good run
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    Having looked at some gameplay it seems like it does a lot of things DayZ does, and much it doesn't, but better. Also no evidence of being stuck in development hell, and things have improved fast the past few months. Meanwhile DayZ breaks my expectations of them being slow, even though I lower them with every patch. It's a beta and we get less than one patch a year.. Unheard of anywhere else in the industry. They Valve Time on almost everything they say and do. 0 faith in the DayZ dev team nowadays. I'm hoping Scum will pull the carpet out from underneath DayZ. Competition is never a bad thing.
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    Been around the "corner" for a lot longer than that.
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    If Jim is down, I'm down.
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    This is the closest thing we'll get to DayZ (and better), I'm down for it.
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