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    If Jim is down, I'm down.
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    @Bobandy And some screenshots of some recent adventures, and some not so recent adventures
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    Yep...im pretty sure thats a universal saying btw.
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    writing in English is not usually very good, but here, where I live, there is a saying that, with spit and patience, the elephant fucks the ant, so I will try not to have many faults but very thx
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    "Although I know nothing about X, I think X is shit" - The Internet ? No flaming intended, pls no pointerino
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    Not sure how you guys can still buy into early access survival games after years of dayz and clones. Looks to me like another game that makes big promises with lots of potential that fails to fulfill most of what it wanted to do but still makes plenty of money despite being an unfinished product.
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    so sorry to hear about that. Money can be a pain sometimes. Hope everything turns out well for you, You'll be alright! Yikes dude, that sucks. Hope whoever did that got caught on a camera or something. Best of luck dude!
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    I agree with Exotic
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    This is the closest thing we'll get to DayZ (and better), I'm down for it.
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    Quinn had looked around at the few people she was with, she grabbed the radio and pressed down on the PTT. "Hello, it's Quinn, any good faces around? Pretty lonely and need to see some good people." Quinn released the PTT.
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    Wish we could turn back time.
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    I could probably end all wars in the Middle East just by merely flexing my guns ?
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    *David would pick up his radio and hit the transmit button* Well shittttttt.... I'm sad to see you're alive Quinn. I'll see you at dawn. Gonna tombstone this bitch bet. ... Also Hi *David while holding down his transmit button would trip over a rock and curse at himself and then let go of the button*
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    Tristan picks up his radio out of his bag and holds down the PTT. "There's still some people around." He releases the PTT.
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    DayZ Beta has been around the corner for what 4 months now or something? Scum is better for passing the time then sit on a 5/60 server.
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    [Ryan holds down the PTT] "I'm still kickin', see you 'round." [Ryan releases the PTT]
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    Quinn listened in then she decided to hold down on the PTT. "Paul!? What happened? Are you alright? Stay safe, please!" Quinn released the PTT and continued talking with the others.
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    Severograd! ? @Cobe @dimitri @DerrickStorm
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    *Paul hears his walkie talkie bark alive and he startles and brushes his PTT* *Sound of tons of clattering can be heard* God damnit I just organized that. I don’t think I’m a good face to see anyways Quinn. *The sound of guns clattering and muttering can be heard and the radio goes to static*
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    Welcome new roleplayer I hope you enjoy your time on this website
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    Looking forward with seeing more content here, looks good.
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    Oh I guess you're saying on behalf of the 3 people on the server rn
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    Thank you @tydvs for the new profile quote!
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    That would make RP very awkward without female player model. :C
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    It has great emotes, here's an example:
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    From the album: Aleks' Trails

    Just like the classic album cover of Oasis' "Be Here Now".
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    So strange being in game and actually have to open doors...
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    How is it? You getting in game?
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    We all know that DayZ Standalone just isn't working out anymore, and we have to be realistic. It's time to swap to a different game, and we all know that there is only ONE game that is realistic, mechanically rich and content-full enough to satisfy all of our roleplaying needs. So when are we making the switch to...
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    When you realise you cant even be paid good money to get in game...
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    Bring back Ken when LW happens? >.> @Mr. Blue
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    [Ryan holds down the PTT] "Just like the so-called military and government helped us before? By ditching us in this god forsaken country and locking down the borders? I don't need no government asshole to baby-sit me." [Ryan releases the PTT]
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    Lets just be Positive everyone Im Spreading love
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    *Proceeds to shove head into deep fryer*
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    Yeah... I think I'll be back for .63 (Everything is boring currently in-game and its sad to admit but I have zero drive to play right now)
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    Looks cool and all, but what really determines whether we open a RP server is due to many things such as; Server Control. We need to be able to have moderate control over the Server, access to logging, accessing to settings, ability to inject certain things and setup, etc etc. Secondly, popularity. How popular will the game be? How many people will play it? Average daily player count and peak players? Will it stay consistent? Etc. Launch interest does NOT dictate continued interest. Many fad games launch strong then die out rather quickly. Often times games will get only so far before petering out, or they'll release in a alpha or "Early Access" phase with limited to no control which this game is, and we cannot monitor or access reporting information on the Server we rent or house with. I love seeing new games, with updated graphics and tons of customization but sadly any game that goes that far seems to get stuck in Early Access without ever really moving forward and either interest dies out before it gets released or it gets left behind. It's all out of Roland's pocket the money comes to rent the Server, get the setup, maintain it, work on it, learn it's tools, etc. The pros have to outway the cons, and right now I do not believe we have enough info on how well it will do in order to suddenly invest in a Private Server if they even offer those to the public. Maybe we can revisit this game when we have more information on it and we can see how well it does. But for now, I can tell you it's more than likely going to be a no. But like I said, it's all on Roland's wallet so he has the final say.
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    Mostly because of attitudes like that. I honestly don't see why you're so opposed to trying new things, I think a Scum server would be great and surely more enjoyable than SA in its current state or any state for that matter.
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    Discord sucks.. like.. no.. Stick with ts like
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