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    I lost 20 Kilos … I am so happy. ?
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    Hello! New rules as discussed in this thread are now in effect. You can find the new rules page here. In order to continue playing, you must accept the new rules. Head over to the rules page, read the new rules and click the button at the bottom to restore your whitelist. Also, old whitelist system has been retired and replaced with one that is much more user friendly and streamlined. It's still the same basic info that is required from the users, like passphrase, example character story, answer multiple rule questions, etc. This system is still being actively developed, but since we did a major overhaul of the rules I didn't want to spend time updating the old system when it was about to be replaced soon anyway. The major differences with the new system are: No cooldown on wrong rule answers Only 1 application per member Other staff ranks can handle whitelists (for example GMs) Comment field that can be used for communication with staff, for example if staff believes something needs to be fixed or the person wants to let staff know about something or update their application. If you find any issues with the whitelist, please contact me as it is very much in beta stage ? I hope to see you on the server soon!
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    Now I'm not dismissing the fact that God doesn't exist, but whoms to say that God isn't a fat diabetic cat staring at a bowl of fruit loops?
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    Think I'll be giving ol Vlad a rest till .63 ?
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    Really enjoyed the RP at the NWAF and Bash with @SheepyMcSheepface and @Ghost Of Pado
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    The opinion of many people I've spoken to about this, is that this changing of the rules, while it is all well and good, is simply too little, too late. Many have moved on to other communities, or left entirely. Measures like this should've been taken when the server population was declining, not when the server is already dead. Maybe people will come back, but with the summer ending, and people going back to school etc, I don't see it happening.
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    As a two time permaban champion I'm upset that I'm not on the wall of shame.
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    Thing is, as far as I can tell, most haven't left specifically because of the rules, but instead because other new communities offer a fresh experience. The bad rules simply added on to people's existing desire to leave. I doubt people are going to come back because of rule changes when these current rules exist on other communities. I still personally prefer DayzRP, but I have absolutely no intention of playing on a server with 4 other people when my free time is about to become extremely limited with education and work.
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    Honestly -1 why would we promote such reckless behavior dont want to give any of these boys a chance to be the only one still thuggin'
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    >Imagine being proud about breaking rules on an online game. Honestly no need for the Hall of Shame, all it did was create competition about who could get the most points. It's also not a pretty sight for a forum to have, showing-off which of your members broke the most rules.
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    Considering I've had quite the break from DayZRP I'm not going to comment specifically on the current state of RP. But when I decided to take my break there were plenty of issues with the overall quality of roleplay and certain individuals in the community, at least from my perspective. That being said, most of said individuals have been phased out and I kind of find the idea of a lorewipe enticing. And I mean hey, if it gets me to crawl out of my hiding hole maybe others who are taking a break might come back too, just some food for thought.
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    By the looks of it, not much will change.
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    After almost shooting @EdgyNova with quickk hip-fire shot at a charging zombie, my character decided to get some basic instrucions about handling weapons. Paul explains basic rules of handling a weapon. (That was the second time in my DayZ career that any of my characters held an M4 and first time that I've actually took some shots with.) Graveyard shift Trying to get better with the hunting rifle, added some blur. (Raybans of Accuracy +10) Found it while travelling alone. Don't know why but I sense Pauls or Logans driving skills all over it.
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    I guess I'm back now, saw those new rules and that's pretty cool. A majority of my time away has been dedicated to furnishing my new home, working and playing FiveM, but I'm bored of that now so I think it's time to come back here. I Hope to see you all in game soon and hope this community starts becoming active as it once was.
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    Nothing will bring back DayZRP, I have so so wanted this to come back but if the DayZ MOD or anything other they the shite game DayZSA can't do it, I think it will just die out like DayZSA is and will. But DayZRP MOD was the best time I have ever had playing PC games.
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    The weekend has always been a DayZRP "online day", although lately even that hasn't helped. I hope to reignite interest with a scheduled weekly events and streams in the upcoming weeks, if my free time allows. I think something like Saturday being a trading night and Sunday having a salvage hunt would be a good start. But setting a certain day and time to get online, I'm not sure. Just getting online and standing there without anything to do will not help, there has to be an incentive or objective and that's where my plan for events that do not require massive effort comes in.
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    Okay, good answer! // locked upon request
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    The only reason I went on this trip was to take pictures of rocks I found plenty
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    Theres an error. I accepted the rule changes but as you can see, I'm not whitelisted and I lost all my hours played time.
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    Honestly....this goes against a few of my principals but fuck it I say: A far more liberal approach to the lore and concepts. If people want to RP out a character and can make sense in the world. Allow the concept. A jump into the far future. I say 50-100 years into the future. People born and breed in the outbreak. Leaving few to no real "former survivors". Let's push this away from the mil-sim and more towards real post-apoc raider/fallout/mad Max movements. Less secret governments from fallen countries to new and evolved countries and groups being formed. Push the focus away from the past and more towards the unknown. The past does not matter as nobody can remember it anymore. Push towards that style of game and "lore" will be so much easier to maintain....will explain a lack of everything and how things are dying down. Bring me a true apoc game.
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    Gonna give it another go soontm: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-6858/ Come pray with me.
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