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    I want to thank everyone for the amazingly kind messages. They are very much appreciated. I know it might be a bit of a shock to most of you, my stepping down, but I needed to do it for my own mental health. I have too much on my plate right now, and I can't do it anymore. It's too hard to do all the things I want to do, and more importantly need to do. My time in staff started with trying to give back to this place, donating my time. It then turned into a distraction for me in the time leading up to my mothers death. Since then, more on then off, I've been supporting my wife as she deals with mental health issues. I've got nothing left in me right now that I can give to this place and need to step down before I break. I'd like to thank the staff team, both past and present. The past staff team, @Roland @Terra @Ron @Conor @Mamba @Hebee @Stagsview @bunny @Storm @Rory and honestly just too many more to name gave me the tools and leadership to hopefully help lead this place as best I could. If I've not mentioned you above, it's not because you didn't deserve it, it's because I've not yet had enough coffee . The current staff team is a solid bunch. I hope I have been able to shape you all as much as the past staff team did to me, and in a positive way. That's the true mark you leave on staff and the community. Remember the stories of the old staff team I told you, a great staff team can argue and gouge eachother's eyes out on a subject and then hug it out at the end and show eachother the love and respect you all deserve. That's a lesson the rest of the community can benefit from too, because as someone who has had to handle it, I can tell you all that you guys hang on to too much petty shit. Don't take offence to this comment, it's the insights of someone not involved in your drama, and you will all live happier lives when you don't hang on to things that will drag you down and hurt your own lives. Argue, gouge eyes, put it aside and let it go. Live by the old adage of getting into a bar fight and then sharing a beer. I have things I never got to do here, that I wanted to accomplish, but right now I just need sometime to myself. Sometime to look after my wife and even myself, because I'm beat the fuck down. I love you all and I thank you for letting me work along side you and for you. ~ Oliv
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    Don't worry, you'll have something to fear again real soon.
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    I didn't expect so many congratulations on my profile but thank you all for your kind words ill do you proud eh Love you all lets do this!
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    New profile pic.
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    Sad to see you not in staff anymore. i was rooting for ya to go far kid. Either way you did a good job.
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    Don't do it.
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    Automated whitelist coming right up
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    In other news, my sugar gliders are cute AF!
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    Dear Oliv It was a blast working with you. You did a great job from day one. You know, I told you from the very beginning that I think you are always too nice, but today I think this is one of your biggest strengths. You are kind, you care and you always hear both sides of whatever the problem was or is. Stay that way. I am glad I was able to work with, get to know you, argue, laugh, play und have serious conversations. And I am even more glad that we war still in contact. I had loads of awesome situations with you in and outside of Staff and I hope there will be more to come! You have been an awesome Staff member a great Admin and you are a one of my favorite people I got to know on DayZRP. Much love for you!
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    For those who know what I'm talking SAVAGE
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    Taryn, Taryn, Taryn, I enjoyed my time in staff with you, I know there were times we didn't get along, had our disagreements but we had our agreements also! The last couple of months, same as WN, I have grown to adore you and I wish you the best, I believe you would make an excellent GM, take good care now.
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    @LouieRP Thank you for your time in staff Louie You did good you werent bais to eny one. You gave everyone a change you did great in staff o7
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    Content count 666....
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    Blue is greener than purple for sure
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    You did well
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    You know... looking back at old videos and everything people said about the past and the quality of RP I've come to a conclusion. We are so darned rose tinted in our hindsight. Sure the servers were full and there was always banditry going on, and everything felt more risky, but there was also green mountain and the rp was always kind of meh. In truth the roleplay in particular was not better, just more diverse. What made it feel better though was the lack of expectation. You never knew who you'd run into, the game felt fresh and exciting, and you were always looking over your shoulder for anyone following you. At some point though that changed. You find someone and you know exactly what to expect. If they are a bandit, whether you've met them or not, you start to see signs of repeatable behavior. Or if they are RPers, regardless of whom, the conversations seem to follow similar paths. A lot of people seem to think what they do is deep or meaningful, be it in ragular roleplay or in bandit, but it's really just a checklist that everyone goes through with little deviation. If we really want to fix DayZRP then we need to find some way to mix that up Some way to return the mystique of anticipation. Some way to make things fresh again.
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    http://plays.tv/video/5b568dd638b5725dfa/sniff-sniff-freedom-is-here @groovy tonyRP @HenningRP @BorisRP @ErebodyH8esBanksRP dont fuck with the reich
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    I just don't understand what the big deal is. If you label everyone who didn't get to participate in the wedding as a "victim", then lots of us would be victims and lots of us don't care because they didn't bring it back to DayZRP, and with that means it cannot affect anyone so it's null.. You can't assume someone's going to bring it back over when they haven't. Then you've got people saying they avoided RP.. but if they had it as an actual event, no one could've interrupted that either because consent has to be given by the organizer. Again, no one could've participated anyway so that doesn't make sense. tbh it just seems like salt because the guy wouldn't have been involved either way.
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    Gotta admit I agree with the report. If you go off server to RP its void. This is a dynamic RP community, initiations and firefights will happen. If you don't like it then either leave the community, plan events out properly in order to keep the truth hidden (and report metagaming should info be leaked that wasn't on the server) or suck it up buttercup and give back as much as you got. Servers got to soft if people don't realise that just because someone initiates doesn't mean to have to follow instruction. Use that supersoldier M4 and wreck people.