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    @Metawarrior Meeting George and Paul at the airfield was fun, I hope you all enjoyed my pranks. Id like to give a shout out to the NBG, especially those who stayed on late last night. @Keione @jacob67121 @Svenne Overall the rp has been good with you all. @Reaper badass. @JackZ We're not here to take part we're here to take over, i enjoys u @xdproslim11 the sandman ❤ thank you for bringing joy in the most tense moments "This is the Sandman" @UndergroundLV thank you for all your knowledge
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    If we switch now and suddenly all those that were hyped for it come back to play a buggy, unfinished version of .63 they'll fuck off again because it's shit in it's current state. Stick with .62 until it's fully released, then make the switch to maximise the chance of people actually sticking around.
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    Whether you despise 0.63 or not, I think anyone who wishes for DayZRP to stay on .62 for the foreseeable future is a nutter. The current state of the player-base is completely off putting. No new interactions because everybody's done to death with DayZ. 0.63 is going to bring a shit ton of old and new players to the community. Rolle confirmed earlier that he would be having a .63 server ASAP, thankfully.
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    You already where
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    Have to say, I enjoyed the RP I had received today from you guys! Not sure who I was with exactly, but I hope to see you all again ICLY!
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    Jordan C. Locke bought, and ran a large fishing boat called "The Charlotte" He ran mostly tuna out of the black sea, and when the naval blockades went out around the coast of South Zagoria, he kept well clear. However, as time passed and the infection spread, Captain Locke saw less and less business. His boat went from being his place of merchant.. to a place of living. The docks became less and less safe, thieves, and corrupt dock officials trying to either steal cargo, or the ship itself. The Captain had a loyal crew, that didn't have much in the way of strong family ties.. so he had a well stocked crew throughout these times. He fed them, and paid them mostly in food and munitions. But soon it became harder.. and harder to find fuel, and other basic resources in which to survive on a fishing boat. They refused to go to land for any long period of time. To stay afloat, they had to take fuel, and resources from other people, weaker boats.. and weaker coastal villages. They resorted to banditry. During the dark times on the ocean, many bad things happened during raids. Men would die, people would go missing.. storms would toss men overboard. This made the captain and the crew very superstitious. On one of the earlier raids.. they captured a nigerian woman named Rashazguhl. She was a witch doctor who shared the mens superstitions around the sea, and the gods who may or may not govern them. "Raz" told them the name of the god of the sea, and it wasn't Posiden it was a fish woman named "Nah Mai". Regular prayer and offerings would satiate the Gods blood thirsty behavior to those whom sailed her oceans. So the men would regularly dump 1/3 of their takings into the ocean. Raz taught them rituals, and ceremonies needed that Nah Mai required. Some of them were ritual sacrifice. Better to sacrifice those who were not his crew.. to satisfy Nah Mais' thirst for blood. Locke did all he could he keep the sea happy, and safe for him and his crew. After a few months of stealing from whom they ran across.. it became apparent that Locke and crew needed a more organized way of raiding. He made a map of the area, and drew out the makeshift settlements along the black sea that he could periodically raid, as to keep a more constant stream of supplies.. and while he was able to keep his crew well fed, and stocked with ammo.. the docks, and villages quickly ran out of fuel. In late June 2018, his luck ran out, he ran out of fuel in a small squall storm just outside of South Zagorias shores.. and he went adrift. It took the better part of two weeks for Charlotte drift ashore, and she hit the rocks hard. Beaching her steadily. Locke went over the damage, and his low remaining supplies and scoffed. He didn't have much left, and he certainly never visited this area before. It would be a tricky business gathering the supplies he needed. He spoke to his first mate, and together they came up with a list of goals and things needed to once again set sail. Recon the area, and find out where supplies are. (day 375) Find, and collect 10 tons of scrap steel to repair the boat with 3/10 tons (day 385) Find and collect 3,000 gallons of fuel 800/3,000 (day 385) Find and collect an emergency ration of food from the local settlements. .5/2 tons of food (day 395) Find and collect ammunition for the boats defense, and for future raids. 3/10 crates of ammunition. (day 395) Make allies with settlements willing to give up supplies without a fight. (day 385) Recruit more crewman for the Charlotte. The sea is a dangerous place. (on going) Sacrifice supplies and people to Nah Mai, the sea god, to pacify the ocean, and allowing them safe travel back home.(on going) Return to the sea, and sail south. (TBD) @JoffreyRP Jordan Locke @UndeadRP Joseph Condent @BorisRP Olaf Jenkins @ExoticRP Henry Tew @OskuRP Oscar Crawford @KpopKilla Toby Dookiez @Puncture Joey Williams
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    Hi everyone guys, I'm Kranio from Italy and I'm and old school DayZ survivor. I managed a RP server for the Italian community some time ago and now I would like to start this journey with you since I can't find a proper good RP server to play in lately. Hope I can get soon with you running in the fields of chernarus! Cheers Z!
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    As long as the 0.63 issues don't outweigh the ones in 0.62, then I'm all for it.
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    @John Castelle Thank you for the great rp! you were the first players I met on DayZRP!
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    I believe that plan fell through because of funding, IIRC, and the plan now is when .63 reaches stable and leaves experimental we would completely convert on a single server. Otherwise we're stuck with the current system.
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    Once 0.63 is released and we're able to use it, the plan was to have one server dedicated to 0.62 and one dedicated to 0.63!
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    Change plox, would rather play on that buggy patch than this one.
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    I'd rather we stayed on .62 until .63 is released on stable branch. .63 has too many issues with the stamina system, food and water as well as the broken infected.
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    "hello everyone. the party is still a go. i'm expecting all my little helpers to have everything ready in 10 hours. spread the word. we going to get fucked up!!!!!"
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    *a ecstatic chernrussian voice comes over the waves obviously sounding drunk and or high* "HELLOOO every body! it is me. your favorite local super gopnic! Sorry i have been away. I got into a situation involving too much heroine and my arm. I ALMOST DIED!!! anyway. the party you have been hearing about is still on. it is now this coming Tuesday night. every one is welcome. the first ten people get track suits and their own bottle of my famous home made vodka. so come to pulkovo tuesday night and have some fun." *some obvious chugging can be heard* "I ask of you only two things. Don't start the bullshit and have some fun. this party is to bring happiness back in your lives!!!! so come on to pulkovo and lets show the whole world we are alive with best party ever!!!" *more chugging can be heard, then a fair bit of coughing before the radio goes silent*
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    okay no worries, trying to find the most active groups to join and saw you guys had a lot of ppl on.
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    Yeah we'll host a boat leaving event, where we'll give folks the oppertunity to sink the boat, and kill us. If they fail, we sail off ne'r to be seen again. I dont think we can take anymore folks in. Anymore and we'll become a super group. No one would be able to reasonably fight us. Right now we have 5-6 people on, and I think thats about right for even fights, and organic RP.
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    to create something that could be a threat to the life of the people in chernarus , is good thinking imo. We need people taking ideas further and bring it into the server. Old ideas done in a fresh way or even come up with new ones (?). I think that the gathering of like-minded could be a valueable good for survivors, you could threaten their life by recruiting/taking away their people/friends with something only you have control of. Then again all these ideas of drug-empires , slaves, contractors, cults, nationalists - they have been there. Sometimes done well , sometimes done questionable. It is on you to create something enjoyable for both sides, your group and potential victims. I think the fact that you are trying and put this discussion up to reach a nice result is great. Also I agree with @Eagle. I doubt he meant to say "yeah you need to have some massive gun fights to be a villain" but make sure that you back up your role of a bad guy. PVP means von individual vs. another. That also comes down to torture scenarios or potential situations in which you might have defend your point of view with fire arms. It is simply a procress of gaining a reputation. Doesn't have to be "uh, they just pvp - *cries*" but maybe putting guns into people's faces to drag away a victim to interact with on a different stage ... maybe put down a few who try to defend their people and show them not to fuck with your group. It is about how it's done to keep hostilities alive and enjoyable for both sides and create role play, my 2 cents.
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    Was just shared that in TS
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    Group music suggestion:
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    Since DayZ is glitched right now and you cant see the character models when choosing them, here is a list of the models so you can see how your model will look when you choose it. I found these images and just decided to compile this list and put it together to be helpful. Hope some people find use from it. Female Models Male Models