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    *The airwaves begin clear as a strange broadcast takes over, making itself heard all over South Zagoria and beyond* (You may need to adjust your volume throughout the broadcast)
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    Borris @UncleB needs an army to grow crops now apparently Pretty scary when you see @Chow Pavel running at you full sprint climbing an imaginary ladder
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    Dream like you will live forever, Live like you will die today. -James Dean- Feels pretty fitting for a 14 year old that does nothing but dream of a better future for the people he cares about, while running around like a chicken with his head cut off trying to protect those people, having to scold them for the stupid things they do
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    Heres my smalf Shes a tiny version of me. Its fucking great.
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    Following the code and having fun doing it. Kenneth Carlsson was a gardner at a local cemetary in Kalmar, Sweden. From a young age he enjoyed the wild and was longing to travel the world. He stayed in Sweden until his wife and two sons died at young age in an unknown accident. Filled with greif Kenneth started to take drugs and ignore to go to work. Until one day he never went back to work but instead left his old life behind and started drifting around in Sweden. After some months off traveling alone Kenneth met a man by the name Luffar Leif (Hobo Leif) in the town Söderköping. They became friends over some canned tuna and homemade wine. Leif have been a hobo for decades and had traveled the world. Kenneth grew more and more interested in the life off a hobo. To be a traveling worker. He asked Leif if he can join him on his travel to the south. Leif said yes and they both started traveling trough europe using cargo trains or the help of truckers. As they travel on they become better and better friends. Leif starts to teach Kenneth about the ethical code of the hobos and the launguage they speak. At the beginning Kenneth did not think much about the code but as time went it grew on him. But Leif was worried about Kenneth heavy drug use. In Spain they worked at a Tapas resturant doing dishes and cleaning. They got free food and some minor cash for their worked. They lived with other hobos in an old construction site. One day Leif went home before Kenneth due to lack off work. As Kenneth came back to the camp he found all his belongings stolen and Leif laying under a carpet soaked in blood. Kenneth again filled with grief and anger over others greed started to head east and one stop at the time closer to end up in South Zogorgia. After spending his first couple off months of the outbreak in Berezino Kenneth heard rumors about a bar in Severograd. He followed the traintracks to Severograd from Berezino and eventually made it there. Here he first met other survivors and decided to stay. Spending every night at the bar or outside it he made a camp under a bridge nearby. And not long after he started to find other fellow hobos coming into town. First he met a strange man named Santa who thinks he’s acctually.. Santa? Obviosly insane but Kenneth don’t judge. Not long after during a firefight in town he meet two guys named Murphy and Nathan aka Doc. As they where all hiding. To avoid getting killed the decided to travel to a trainstation nearby to just get some shelter. On their way there they met another fellow hobo named Chilly Willie. At the trainstation they shared what little supplies they had for a poor mans feast and just talked to each other. Kenneth talked to them about the Hobo Code and the ethics around it. There and then they all decided to stick together. He told them the best ways to travel the area and how to spot if a place is safe or not. They made plans to sell what little supplies they had for a cheap price and try to level the gap between rich and poor groups. And that is how The Railroad started. Willie’s Story: Jeff's Story: 1. Always honor the code above all, the code is what brings us together and bind us. 2. When you want something you claim it by the code. 3. When their is a dispute is is settled by a fight. 4. When you unaware or dead we will claim your thangs by the code. 5. Everything has a value. No matter what it is it is worth something. Everything is coin. 6. We protect all who abide by the code in our own hobo union. 7. Drugs, alchohol and anything that get you off is always welcome. 8. When someone takes something over a scrap you accept it, ya lost punk bitch. - Have a weekly "Hobo Flee Market" in the current HUB-town. (Ongoing) - Teach fellow hobo’s about the “Hobo Code” and “the Mumble” (Ongoing) - Redistribute wealth from rich to poor. (Ongoing) - Provide a network of safe houses and safe traveling routes. (Day: 375) - Follow the current HUB and set up a tent for trading, stolen goods and street meat. (Ongoing) - Mark others camps with the hobo sign-language (Ongoing) - Do heists on other settlements and then sell the stuff in our markets. - Find a doctor that can help us cook and grow drugs. - Reach out to old friends and make allies for trading and protection. (Day: 375) - Have a minimalist gameplay experience. Low tier gear and weapons. - Have an enjoyable time where were fun is the most important part for yourself and the people you RP with. - See if there is a need for a chain of command. (Day 7) - Give the people that prefer to play alone a group to belong to. You can choose to follow the code alone. - Set up some rules for members that are inline with the Hobo code and conduct. - Keep members off the group motivated by giving them freedom and support in their own story. Hobo Royal House (Exept we don't have a house) @Niccolicious - Kenneth Carlsson - Hobo King @DallasRP - Willie Roads - Hobo Prince Hobo Knights @BoneMan666 - Bernie Lipschitz - Vietnam Vet/Meat seller @RomcakeRP - Jeff Banks - Turtle enthusiast @MrPanda - Bob Forester - Okie doky mt dude! @Bounty - TBD - Wookie friend Mercs Around The Oval Table @Cipher - Andriy Nikolich - Head Insurance Adjuster @Eagle - Magnus Helgarson - Insurance Adjuster @Zorull - Jahmeir Jackson - Insurance Adjuster @Blitz - Grisha Petrov - Insurance Adjuster @Wong - Jamal Moore - Insurance Adjuster @Banks - Nail Uspensky - Insurance Adjuster @Oiram - Peter McConnor - Insurance Adjuster @Melvin - Edward Chang - The Asian @Sassy - Sassy Sullivan - Insurance Adjuster @OskuRP - Oskar Pushkin - Insurance Adjuster @Dr Brandon - Bogdan Vadik - Insurance Adjuster @Lumen - Gustav Sevcik - Insurance Adjuster @Hex - Liam Sinclair - Insurance Adjuster @Severson - Ivan Petrenkov - Insurance Adjuster @YungBrandonRP - Brandon Young - Insurance Adjuster Rectruitment to The Railroad can only be done in-game. You can message @KennethRP to set up a meet-up. We do not accept people in our group we have never met. We want to keep it generic as much as possible. We also wanna reach out for the people that play alone or in odd hours to have a group to belong to. We can leave supplies for each other or induviduals in deaddrops scatterd trough the area. We also want to stay clear of drama as much as possible and we allow member to leave the group at any given time without being hunted to be rest off the group. You are a free soul and can choose your own path. As stated in the "Hobo Code". If you want a fun roleplay experience and a more relaxed group dynamic The Railroad is for you.
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    -snip to protect graphics-
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    The community is ALREADY TOXIC ENOUGH a wonderful place where there is no drama so I see no point in adding it in
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    melancholic is straight fuckin fire
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    Congrats! Have fun!
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    heres a pic from last month of my now one year old max.
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    My kids are 20 and 17, fuck I'm old...
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    I am now back and will be on extremely actively. It was a good trip but now the Mountain Men have very large things in store.
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    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one is worth a million.
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    What a sweetie! I want that dinosaur costume though omg
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    @KennethRP, @Dallas Fun seeing you two as always, hope you will enjoy your stay @Genji Thanks for the bat and for stopping by Severograd @Svenne, @Mrsunny, @Shanoby, @SebbePwnYou, @JackZ Great job today bois, let's do our best with the experiment Special thanks to everyone else, who i didnt catch the names of, that passed through severograd 2night. Hope to see many of you again.
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    GOOD LORD I AM SO JEALOUS I want a dinosaur outfit.
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    Hard day today. My daughter was teamed up on by a wasp and a bee, and both of them stung her. She was so upset that her great grandparents (on her dad's side) decided to spoil her. This was the image i was sent, explainingwhat she got, along with ice cream:
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    Which revolution? You're gonna have to be a bit more specific. If only there were a very specific staff rank that you could have spoken to that would have given a very good, in depth answer in a snap.
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    Can i use bitconnect to send you my bitcoins? Also why no doge coins? Thirdly we need our own rollerino coins.
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    It's a shame to see you go Fella. o7.
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    Or in clearer words, its free.
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    Good to see an interview from you Keira. One question I will ask is why the name change? Anywho feel free to drop by the cantina sometime. Hope to RP with you in the future
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    Congrats! Had fun seeing ya guys the other day at vybor
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    Nice! Can't wait to meet some mountain men ig!