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    Seems like me in a nutshell...
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    P L E A S E - S T O P - F L A M I N G - Y O U R - F R I E N D S - P L E A S E - I N - T H I S - S A F E S P A C E
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    Let's Clown around shall we my brothers of the laugh @Mr. Blue @Despacito2
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    Hmmm is it hunting day?
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    Let's see if this try, is any better otherwise I'll be on final for almost a year
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    I will pray for you both
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    @Roland what ARE you doing???? But then.... So basically... Y U DO DIS?????
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    *A loud song would play over the radio, before the distinct voice of Viktor Padella would overtake the frequency* "Hello citizens of South Zagoria, it is my pleasure to announce the return of the People's Collective of Chernarus. We are the acting provisional government of the entire region of South Zagoria. With this self proclaimed authority, we bring with us a set of laws, laws that we ask every citizen to follow to their utmost ability. The laws are as follows. 1. Any hoarding, or greedy behavior that results in the oppression of the proletariat will result in the confiscation and redistribution of said wealth. 2. Private property no longer exists, the land is to be collectivized and put under government control, which in turn places the power in the people. 3. All people should, and ought to recognize the People's Collective as their government, consequences will follow for those who choose otherwise. 4. Any action that brings about harm to the proletariat dictatorship will be met with matching, or overwhelming violence, by and for the people. 5. We expect those who do not directly work for the PCC, to contribute to the society in one way or another, i.e food, medical supplies, ammunition, etc. These are not so much laws, but a set of standards. More specific laws will be rolled out in the following weeks. If you are found guilty to any of the above listed crimes, you will be detained and are subject to a government re-education program. Viva my people! Viva!" *Viktor puffs his cigar and releases the PTT*
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    -snip to protect graphics-
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    Here's another Arma 3 Chernarus map. Albeit it doesn't exactly follow our geographical lore it is neat as it adds both Utes and another island in the South, and a whole new section of the map to the East along with a really cool nuclear power plant. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1113631358
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    When you have tomorrow off then realise you have to work for saturday and sunday next week... And you realise none of your cosplays are ready for comic con...
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    You have surgical precision.
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    I miss the real harvey this hellboy is a fake!
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    When dayzrp was really fun :(.
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    Welp.. apparently context dont matter. Oh well.
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    @KennethRP, @Dallas Fun seeing you two as always, hope you will enjoy your stay @Genji Thanks for the bat and for stopping by Severograd @Svenne, @Mrsunny, @Shanoby, @SebbePwnYou, @JackZ Great job today bois, let's do our best with the experiment Special thanks to everyone else, who i didnt catch the names of, that passed through severograd 2night. Hope to see many of you again.
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    GOOD LORD I AM SO JEALOUS I want a dinosaur outfit.
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    "I miss jade, Jade is a good shit"- @Oliv
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    Can i use bitconnect to send you my bitcoins? Also why no doge coins? Thirdly we need our own rollerino coins.
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    Congrats! Had fun seeing ya guys the other day at vybor
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