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    Thanks to ALL of the Staff Team for everything! You are a bunch of great people and I appreciate you all! But like they say ''All good things must come to an end".
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    -- Mind waves rolling through, carry me far into the tide Where all my thoughts are found Colored haze slowly looms, piercing through like sulfur fumes While I'm just contemplating sounds Distant looks from your face, take me to another place and time Where we were never found Night drains just to wake in the end, it's always fake And all your thoughts been left to drown --
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    Daily picture of Carl XVI Gustaf #52
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    Hello @Keione, Thought I would share what I do myself since I used to have this problem a lot I tried many ways, the most sufficient way was this: When in game SHIFT + TAB to get the Steam overlay in sight, then to ALT + TAB, since doing this I never once froze or use a full mag of rounds into my friend, so I recommend doing what me and @Svenne recommended and you will be grand.
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    Hello @Keione, what I would recommend you to do is as many other people suggest shift-tab before alt-tabbing. If you don't want to end up magdumping than I would recommend you open text channel or simply putting your gun on your back before tabbing out.
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    "Retardation doesnt make you more aerodynamic, Genji"
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    Well according to the DayZDevs, they are using different database servers, which is why the server maintenance took so long. They stated characters will be wiped, but map persistence shall remain just fine. However, this is not the case, clearly, at least not for DayZRP. It's pretty clear, that post-maintenance all characters, tents, vehicles, barrels, etc were wiped. I have witnessed two restarts today, and noticed for certain Barrels & Characters remain, however vehicles have not. I was standing there in Vybor too, there was all sorts of vehicles that suddenly disappeared, when an unscheduled server restart/crash happened just a few minutes ago. We know for certain character persistance and barrel persistance is okay, I am guessing tents and other storage containers are okay too. --- So what the hell is going on with vehicle persistance is what we're all wondering...
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    @ScarletRose Skye whenever she runs into Fae ? lowkey love running into you cause ur RP is 10/10 ?
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    "Fae, need a pick up?" "Naaaah, I found a sedan I'm good!" *Five minutes later* "...Can I get that pick up please" And some nice road trip stuff with the whole family. Mom, dad, walking cancer, grumpy Irish uncle, special child Grey, son and daughter, and sexy mexican housemaid lady We had a little archery tournament for Meikas birthday & Fae and Robbie had some quality mother/son dabbing time.
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    I’m actually really impressed, great job! ?
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    ''Broke up with my girlfriend...need a distraction'' sounds like you're looking for a call girl lmao
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    @Dirty Dan @Malthis @Mademoiselle
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    Pardon my 2c here, but I think this can be viewed in a better light. Normal Mode does not prevent people from being initiated on, and does not grant them a "safe place" from everything. You, as any mode from Normal to Hardcore, can initiate on someone who is in Normal Mode at any time so long as you've given the proper RP. For example, if someone has something you need (backpack/food/water/ammunition) and they're not willing to share with you, you can RP reasons to initiate. Obviously you cannot just run up and say hey give me some food, they say no, then you say hands up. This is, from what I've witnessed, more designed for players to engage with one another. For Exmaple: Now maybe staff won't entirely agree with it but if you're giving proper RP when you initiate, no one is really going to report you. If they do, and the only argument they have is that they're in Normal mode so you shouldn't be able to, it's going to look like Ruleplay. Take it how you like, but i've experienced it first hand in normal mode and I haven't ever had a problem unless someone wasn't giving the adequate roleplay.
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    So, basically.. Make a new layer. Use the text tool & write what you'd like on that layer. Delete the first layer, called Background. This will remove the white background and it'll be transparent!
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    It's just as Sleepyhead said above, what more clarification do you need? She explained it perfectly. Rules 6.1 and 6.2 are there for protection of characters from random hostilities. Some people don't want that protection for their characters so I made it so they can disable it on their own characters if they want to. As simple as that.
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    It's no problem. I understand the confusion. Maybe @Roland can give more clarification than I can.
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    I'm sorry you think that, and I might sound really annoying right now, but I'd suggest hopping in game and getting a feel for it yourself! Honestly, I only speak for myself and not the rest of the community here, but I don't see it as big of an issue as it's made out to be by those who don't play. When you choose to play a hostile mode character, you understand and accept the consequences of the rules. On top of that, I think a good portion of the community have their characters set to hostile mode. Even then, it's not hard to start hostilities with someone that's set to normal mode. Argue, make complications, start a story line with hostilities added in!
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    "These violent delights have violent ends." - William Shakespeare
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    One for Angela "If you judge people, you have no time to love them." - Mother Teresa
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    "...in Everest him self's words, 'we have something that can save the goddamn world' or something like that..." - Brandon Terrano (@EveryoneHatesRonin) when asked about Everest's whereabouts
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    "Its Ride or Die" - Kyle Williams
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    Press escape or shift-tab before alt-tabbing, itll stop the shooting/punching. Also just be careful where you are looking when alt-tabbing, make sure you're not looking into a crowd or something. Best to alt-tab whilst alone in a building etc.
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    Eye infections are the best! When else would you get to cosplay as Carl from the walking dead
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    Gave a ride to @UndeadRP after I found my Lada 4x4 (R.I.P) Picked up @Kriss Blade with @toomuchkvass (good luck with the radiation, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S) Also got to spend a great deal of time with @Douglas Carmine as well as getting to see @Jono the giant (sorry for lettin' you starve to death last time around) Got to spend a little less time with @Camokid95 but still, it was a lot of fun to meet 'cha.
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    Finally finishing the first metro game! and maybe starting the second tonight I'm not sure yet ?
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    Too bad our little militia didn't stand a chance in the siege ? All in all though, thanks to @JoffreyRP and his crew for the fight. Despite our failed counter attack, it was still fun. Tbh, I've been kinda itching for a little action.
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    "Thank you and everyone in Riptide for making me want to play this game again. You're a lot of really good people and you remind me of what it was like to play when there was a lot more focus and attention given to the RP aspect of things (From my perspective at least). And you're just awesome individually as well. Look forward to seeing you again soon after I've had a chance, IC and OOC to rest up a bit and get in a better headspace" - @Mace On behalf of riptide, we love you to mace. you may have never been an official member, but as I said to you, you're one of us. love ya friend, take care, we all hope to see you soon. -love. B & The Riptide Collective.
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    Good to see an interview from you Keira. One question I will ask is why the name change? Anywho feel free to drop by the cantina sometime. Hope to RP with you in the future
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    Well, that firefight at Vybor between Riptide, The Pack, The Mountain Men versus the Seamen was pretty damn entertaining; here's a video from Trent's perspective, confused farmer, just trying to relax and then suddenly, a gun fire breaks out and over a dozen people start dying... Feel free to tag anyone with a reply to the video on here! ? The building infiltration firefight begins around 3:20 time-marker, and shortly after, the surrender. Video (Don't forget to watch it in 1080p60fps!)
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    No Yes Orange / red mode mean you can be initiated on for fuck all reason. That does not mean you can initiate on others, specifically people with the usual rules, for fuck all reason. It simply changes your own experience /moved to Questions. @Chromocial I've moved quite a few of your topics to Questions / Troubleshooting, so please in the future use those forums for posting questions. General Discussion is for discussion on DayZRP.
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    When you play a character in hostile mode, you disable the rules 6.1 and 6.2 for yourself. Meaning people can initiate on you cause of whatever reason. So yes a normal character can hold you up. And no you can't initiate on a green person without any good reason.
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    While the sun is going up, John decides to play around his Radio and finally understands how it works. He starts shaking not in fear but in excitement. He pushes the PTT. " Hello does anyone read me ? I do not know if this is actually working. Anyway here goes nothing. " He pauses for a moment taking a deep breath ready to make his announcement. " Doris, this is John. I have been looking all over for you, but I still have not found you. I wandered through cities towns and villages. I survived the weather, the infected and any threats." His voice starts to break " In hope of finding you " He takes a moment to ready himself " I love you and I will always love you. Remember that. You are my cheese to my cheeseburger, that is what you always said to me " He stops and looks around enjoying the sun shining upon his face, the warmth comforts him " If you hear this try and contact me or try to go to a settlement I will find you even if I have to wander back and forth through hell." His voice breaks and tears start rolling down his cheeks " You are my baby and I will always love you " You can hear him crying while he lets go of the PTT
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