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    The Moretti Famiglia is an organization based off of the old world Mafia principals. However, with these new times come new ways and methods to ensure the survival and safety of The Famiglia. It all started in August 2017 with but a few members and quickly grew as Tony had a knack to gain followers. The group never declared themselves a mafia until roughly December of 2017 when the idea came to Tony as he looked at his massive following. At this point, they had gained a lot of associates and allies but also started to gain enemies. After a break and recruitment up north to accommodate Tony's bigger plans, the Famiglia had returned and tried to settle as a business in Sinistok and called it Sin City. Many deals had been completed and the Famiglia gained trust within many allies. The Famiglia tried to form a Vegas type town but never had the time to complete that goal. In early 2018, they were forced to lay low due to a massive betrayal that left them wondering who they could trust. It was thought to be the fall of The Moretti Famiglia. In May 2018, almost 4 months later, Tony reappeared out of nowhere and alone. Thankfully, he was quickly found by some original members and they helped him remember his past as Tony suffered from Amnesia. Once his memory returned, they decided to go at it for the 3rd time and this time would achieve their goal of running a Vegas-like organization along with their usual underground work. They don’t go out of their way to tax other people or groups but rather tend to their own business with allies, associates, and civilians. They are what many would consider a neutral group simply trying to operate in this new world. The Famiglia is known to run a town filled with activities such as Gambling, Fight Nights and Entertainment. But they can also be known by close associates to deal drugs and weapons as well as being hired to perform captures, interrogations, hits/killings and much more. Although they act respectful towards most if not all people, they will quickly turn on those who lack the respect in return. The last thing anyone wants is to receive a fish from The Moretti Famiglia. This symbolizes one’s end. Do a favor or show good faith to them, and they will always be on your side. Shortly after their first little town up in Stary Yar, the group chose to move south to Lopatino, setting a new more accessible location. This brought with it a whole heap of great things. More people, more trade etc. We were able to finally get our currency starting to lift off. Fight nights were resuming, though being more accessible new problems starting to emerge. A group of nationalists were hunting the family for being associated with another group: Anarchy. The tireless conflict resulted in many members becoming injured, making mistakes that cost the family their lives. This was the first true test to see who and who did not know what they were doing, and Anarchy were soon on their heels telling them exactly who isn’t pulling their weight. And then the unthinkable happened. Don Moretti and the Consigliere Caterina De Luca were kidnapped by the local nationalists, angry and wanting to cause havoc. Calvin rounded up those he could and engaged them in a fight that lasted hours. Though victorious, they suffered many losses and the biggest blow was dealt to them: The Don was feared dead. Nobody knows where the Don is today if he was taken away and hung up, eaten by wolves or just lying dead in a ditch. It was a saddening blow dealt to the famiglia, striking hopelessness into them all, some of which crumbled under the pressure. Jimmy stepped up, and with it came more promotions to fill the place. The family was designed to be able to keep going after a Don passes, and it did for a while. Conflict after conflict, some stood strong, others began to crumble. Some saw themselves as fighting a war that was not their own, others were loyal to Anarchy for all they had done. Battles ensued for the following weeks before they eventually were given orders to move further south to Green Mountain, a proposition none of them liked. The group’s hope hit rock bottom, resulting in the collapse of the famiglia. They separated into their separate little groups, spending a few weeks apart to try and lay low for a while, hoping the conflict would end. After a few weeks, Don Jimmy Fixer started rounding up their numbers once again, starting with Eden Ripley and Kyle Williams. With word spreading of the family returning, soon enough Calvin, Caterina, Kyle Nelson and a few more started showing up. They managed to reunite and form a decent force, able to stand strong as their own group. They were the remnants of a past era, and they would start to do things their way. Find Tony Moretti (Ongoing) Find a town to call our home/just for us. This will be a ‘home’ to conduct business from and nothing more. (Day 375) Connect with outside groups in order to continuously provide us business (Ongoing) Recruit more Soldatos for when the family fully returns (Ongoing) Gather any and all major information that could advantage us (Ongoing) Find and deal with Asher Stephen (Ongoing) Find and settle debts with Ian and Everest (Ongoing) Train the current Soldatos to be useful (Day 380) Make deals and arrangements with other groups (Day 390) Get generators for our town and get electricity for the group (Day 400) Provide realistic and immersive Mafia type Roleplay with new world tweaks. Provide excellent hostile, friendly but mostly neutral Roleplay. Socialise with as many other groups and people as possible in order to further RP. Provide veterans/newcomers a large group to RP with (yes, newcomers are welcome). Keep the Don safe at all cost. Remain respectful. Always look for new recruits. Don’t disgrace the Moretti Famiglia name. You represent us now! Follow the chain of command Never retaliate right away, remain respectful. Consult high ranks to prepare a plan. Always be truthful to the Moretti Famiglia. NEVER SNITCH! Rats get exterminated. (Golden Rule) Don’t be a Chooch! Breaking the OOC or IC rules may/can result in your removal from the group. No OOC drama/salt whatsoever. It’s a game so keep it in game. You must be active at least 2 days a week with the group. Roleplay is priority. You must do your best at providing realistic RP. You must RP your injuries accordingly (we are not super soldiers). Respect the DayZRP rules and guidelines. Remain in character at all times in the IC TS channels. Do not cause drama on the forums. Only group leaders reply to the group thread. FIND US. WORK YOUR WAY IN, IN CHARACTER.
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    *Caelo turns on his radio, speaking into it, with a calm voice* "As I bury my friend, I am recalling advice given to me from people throughout my life... The men and women who shaped who I am," *Caelo clears his throat before pressing down the PTT on his radio again, speaking clearly* "The weak bow before the strong, the strong bow before the wise. That is something an older soldier once told me, no matter how strong you are, or how strong your army, you will be forced to kneel before someone smarter than you." *He dumps the last shovel full of dirt onto the grave for his comrade* "Hell hath no fury like a woman who says all is fine. Advice given to me by a woman who worked in the brothel near where I grew up..." *He drops the shovel and clicks off his radio to give a prayer before clicking it back on* "Never trust your life in the hands of a man with bears no scars, for he's never risked it all to save someone in a truly dangerous situation. While not entirely accurate, the man who told me this was the man I would trust with the world if I needed to," *He dusts off his boots as he speaks, the radio constantly transmitting* "And lastly, to any group, gang, corporation, unit, cult, or anything akin to that, I provide this simple Italian... saying: He who has land, has war. If you can't quite grasp it's meaning, it's simple really... Firstly, you're stupid and I'm surprised you've survived. Secondly, if you wish to establish yourself and make a home for yourself, prepare to fight for it. This is not the normal world, there are people more depraved, more violent, stronger and smarter than you who will want it from you. Or, if you're one of those depraved, violent lunatics, then there will be people who wish to see you dead and help the surviving people by doing so," *He stops his transmission before turning back south, looking over the country and heading back into the forest surrounding the hill*
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    Having RP in your name @OskuRP @ExoticRP
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    *Joseph would be busy packing his belongings into a hiking backpack, when he would remember to take out his radio. He sighs, looking in a mirror at his man made smile stretching from ear to ear. He looks anything but happy, and a sense of being lost is about him. He holds down the PTT.* "Hey, Doctor Nolan, and everyone else back at camp. It's Joseph. This might sound...well...all of a sudden... I hope none of you view me as weaker or selfish for doing this. But ever since the incident with Smiley, my mental state has been in the gutter. As you all know, he carved a smile into my face. But what some of you might not know..." *Joseph would take a long pause, fighting back his emotions.* "He destroyed something far more valuable to me than my face. He broke my violin into a thousand little pieces. That instrument was my pride and joy, everything I based my whole life of. It was like a part of me. But now that it's been taken away from me, I see now that it made up far too much of who I was. I feel like an empty shell, yearning to be filled. I need to make a trip, to go out into the world and find something else that I can identify with. I don't know what it is that I am really looking for, but I know that it's imperative that I find it. I will keep contact with anyone who cares to speak, you know my private frequency." *Joseph pauses yet again, and sighs.* "I'm sorry, but I need this to happen." *Joseph would release the PTT, finish packing, and set off into the world, hoping to find whatever it is that he is looking for. Unusually, he is not listening to any music as he often did before on travels.*
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    I have this whole cat aesthetic going on, so clearly I'm into beastiality.
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    I found somethin at my local surplus store
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    Hello Chromocial, and congrats on the Tycoon! So to set a YouTube video as a background you need to copy the video code. For example if I was to use this video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVXauWq9Hwg the code for the video for the background would be jVXauWq9Hwg. So basically past the = sign. After you get the code, go to your profile and click edit profile. Then scroll down to the bottom and paste it in the area which is labeled YouTube video. Click Here for a gif of what to do. Created by the one and only @Jamie For the music video, I'm guessing you're talking about on character pages and profile background. For that I suggest using kiwi6 to upload your music and then copy the direct link from kiwi6 and then paste into the profile. I can help you with this more if needed as I do it quite a lot! Hope this helps and have fun editing and making your profile even better! ?
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    New group.. Soon™.. @Agent Banks
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    "You see Ivan, if hold glorious AKM rifle to ear like seashell, can hear sound of communism from motherland."
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    i'm just going to drop this here *tips fedora*
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    Brief reminder that the only reason we have such great music to go with our alcohol infused fireworks is because of our tyrannical overlords. So thanks for that!
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    Since then, there are now hostility modes. Green means that people need a valid IC reason to initiate, meaning that they cannot just do it for any reason. Orange means that rules 6.1 and 6.2 no longer apply towards your character, meaning that they can be much more easily initiated on. Red means that not only can people easily initiate on you without breaking rules, but if you die, it's perma. Includes firefights. I recommend orange, I believe it gives you more of that sort of experience that I think you may have used to have regarding hostilities.
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    He did it all by himself too Anouk! Our Jimmy is growing up so fast!
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    Lets go boyos, Dw @BorisRP I got you, i'll make you proud.
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    As @Genji said it's very easy to regear. Your focus should be RP not what your character is wearing. I understand the frustration with not looking the part, but it's simple: go to military bases and get what you need.
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    > When you log on and see that Sweetjoe has been banned.
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    As always you have SFOR's backing.
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    Why do I grasp the feeling of people being salty about me being kid character... ? Aren't we all here to enjoy ourselves? If my enjoyment makes you so miserable, my word... Especially when they haven't played for 1 (and continued) months. And I seem to be an active member of the community (especially in-game).
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    Can you explain how the Mountain Men will be different this time? Most of your goals are very similar to your last iteration but from my experience in game no trade routes were set up and there was no visible effort to teach classes of any kind. In fact I just heard of the last Mountain Men being involved in never ending wars. What will be done differently this time to prevent that?
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    When she finds out you did ERP with someone else..
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    Hello and welcome to the Community! Also, congrats on your Whitelist being accepted!
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    Welcome, Jack! Let us know if you need anything, you can find staff in the Help desk, or poke us any time.
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    When a petty argument about weeb shit gets someone banned ?
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    Exactly, just remember that this is an improve game. Someone throws out some bullshit----just roll with it and make it work. And remember not to shout at potential enemies if you cant stop them from killing everyone.
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    It's back up for, been working with the hosting service to get it fixed
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    @Shazzzam All I'm getting from the first line of your last post is that you want people to outright "show off" their characteristics, ideology, etc. to make it blatantly obvious that they suffer with or have a disease, mental disorder, characteristic, skill, etc. That, to me, sounds like unrealistic roleplay that's forced on by the player to please others. All of our characters are meant to have incorporated some sort of survivalist mindset and instinct from living amongst a post-apocalyptic world for so long. So, for example, if my character has anxiety or depression, he's not going to show it blatantly as it's a sign of weakness and he knows that. He knows that he's got to keep certain things suppressed in order to survive - it's a case of survival of the fittest. The same applies for other characteristics, too. Some characteristics & traits are only going to be abundantly obvious to your character if you've spent a prolonged amount of time with somebody and have established enough rapport to learn more about them as a person. In closing, if you were to explain yourself a little better, rather than showcasing a "I know better than everyone" attitude, you wouldn't get "jumped on".
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    Jesus Christ how can this thread have got taken off topic so much I agree that some characters are pretty edgy n some lack unque characteristics but that shouldn't matter, we live in a world where many people are very similar, if at least only from the outside, the point is the get to know the person and then they open up and you learn about there quirks n shit. I believe the hotspot point @Reaper brought up is more important than edgy characters who are insane. Groups who force others to change there hotspot with no "valid" reason I believe are honestly selfish and I believe that is a large issue, however it might be true it's a much more important issue when the Playerbase actually allows for a full server. if we are being petty n talking about what type of characters are the bane of our lives. I think we can all come together and agree that the true evil of dayzrp is CHILD ROLEPLAYERS, the player model, the roleplay style, everything just please, stop ?
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    For some reason @Dino and @Ender showed up, fought, then ate my plants. Went to a park and found a local @gElmo just ya know, having a picnic by himself... @Lyca also showed up outside, as a zombie?? And ate my plants ... What is going over in the house I moved you all into??
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    I say this a lot, but it still bears repeating: Thank you to everyone I've roleplayed with over the past several weeks. You've made Douglas' journey into Chernarus an absolutely memorable one, and I hope I've given you all memorable experiences as well. Whether it's getting shot trying to save Taryn, goofing around in camp with Angela, Mason, and Calandra, working with Gilbert to get the radio station up and running, kicking Alister out of my truck, getting beat up by Avery, having heartfelt speeches with Reznov, or putting it all on the line for Skye and Ethan, it's never a dull moment when I play. Thank you, again, to everyone. I can't wait to see what lies ahead for Douglas, and everyone else in the little country of Chernarus. ?
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    I would also like to make an announcement. @Lucius and I would like to only see FPP clips none of that TPP shit.
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    me and @Shane Is Dead are gods, bring us shroud and doc
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