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    Had some stellar Rp tonight from the following people sorry If i forget ya but you'll know who you are. @Lyca Loved your calm manner and the utter confusion you had at the start of our chat was fantastic. Remember though a KILLER not a CANNIBAL @Tomu Believe you were one of the ones in the town that happily saw us out safely. Enjoyed the chat also to find out you were the one who worked on good ole Allaire very interesting. @JkpFrog Ace literally without knowing saved two very dangerous peoples lives this evening. Will probs be taking you up on your offer though to good ole "Ricky" @Taryn You scare me......like you had me on the tip of my toes that entire town situation. Damn natives and their commanding voices. @Mr. Blue MY MAN. You almost got us lit up but damn was it suspenseful as hell always enjoy rolling with you dude. Asher and Smiles back at it again. @Jono the giant This one's pretty much been every time I've role played with you my dude. You're spectacular at what you do it's very enjoyable to be around. To anyone I may have missed you know who you are when you were in the town during a little scene involving some face wear. Great RP all around really had a blast.
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    I am a bad girl ... and forgot to mention @Para & @Clumsy in "Who's RP did you enjoy today?". I am sorry :C I LOVE YOU GUYS THOUGH.
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    How it feels trying to learn how to play HoI4...
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    This place has become a giant meme.
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    Yo this shit is cool love u all.
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    “The weather is lovely! Let’s go to the beach” they said ..
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    We hit affiliate on twitch! Hypeeee And we are live with a new webcam come see my ugly mug www.twitch.tv/apegang_tv
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    @Wolfstorm & @Mr. Blue Great to run into you both! And an very interesting deal my friends. Tbh... that you run with Asher I just assume that you are "one of us". :D One of us... One of use... lmao. Was fun!
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    This poem though... Pretty Ugly I'm very ugly So don't try to convince me that I am a very beautiful person Because at the end of the day I hate myself in every single way And I'm not going to lie to myself by saying There is beauty inside of me that matters So rest assured I will remind myself That I am a worthless, terrible person And nothing you say will make me believe I still deserve love Because no matter what I am not good enough to be loved And I am in no position to believe that Beauty does exist within me Because whenever I look in the mirror I always think Am I as ugly as people say? (now read bottom up). By Abdullah Shoaib
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    new profile photo, quote, and background per request
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    Keep an ear out for me as well, maybe take time to stop and smell the roses while you do so? Maybe tiptoe around the tulips?
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    Shoutout to Alex/Doc who's keeping activity up in Vyshnoe. The bushmen and their drunken shenanigans. Scary Boris. Roth. And everyone else I crossed paths with.
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    What to do...what to do.
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    When you gotta take the girl out for a nice dinner but don't know if your breath smells good or not?
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    It's made out of the blood of the fallen Mountain Men. Which is literally no one because we're badasses
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    holy shit what did I miss
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    Ok ok, this one is good, I promise.
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    Thanks Whitename, that's sounds like a great idea! I have the Mentor Programme bookmarked and will check out sometime soon. I'm sure it'll make stepping into the RP world much easier.