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    Had some stellar Rp tonight from the following people sorry If i forget ya but you'll know who you are. @Lyca Loved your calm manner and the utter confusion you had at the start of our chat was fantastic. Remember though a KILLER not a CANNIBAL @Tomu Believe you were one of the ones in the town that happily saw us out safely. Enjoyed the chat also to find out you were the one who worked on good ole Allaire very interesting. @JkpFrog Ace literally without knowing saved two very dangerous peoples lives this evening. Will probs be taking you up on your offer though to good ole "Ricky" @Taryn You scare me......like you had me on the tip of my toes that entire town situation. Damn natives and their commanding voices. @Mr. Blue MY MAN. You almost got us lit up but damn was it suspenseful as hell always enjoy rolling with you dude. Asher and Smiles back at it again. @Jono the giant This one's pretty much been every time I've role played with you my dude. You're spectacular at what you do it's very enjoyable to be around. To anyone I may have missed you know who you are when you were in the town during a little scene involving some face wear. Great RP all around really had a blast.
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    DayZRP Screenshot of the Month Contest! Theme: Humor To qualify for this month's contest, you must submit a funny screenshot! If there are enough entries and people show enough interest, the screenshot of the month contest will stay a regular thing. We ask community members to send in their best screenshot matching the theme. Community members are asked to submit their screenshots on this thread until the 8th of July, at which point submissions will be closed. You have 1 week to submit a screenshot. The voting thread will open on the 9th of July and will close on the 16th of July. Here community members can vote for their favorite screenshot, voting on yourself will not be counted of course. We ask that people only submit one entry. Only your first picture will count if you submit more than one. Snip the previous or edit your post to change your entry. If you have any suggestions for a theme or suggestions for improvement, please post it on the thread aswell as we are always looking to improve any future editions. Editing of screenshots isn’t allowed this month. We are looking forward to all of your submissions!
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    Vaporware, another Star Citizen.
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    @Wolfstorm & @Mr. Blue Great to run into you both! And an very interesting deal my friends. Tbh... that you run with Asher I just assume that you are "one of us". :D One of us... One of use... lmao. Was fun!
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    Here's an oldie from my collection featuring @-Chow- "Sorry ladies, Pavels taken."
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    This was Duke around 8 weeks Little guy just turned 6 months!!
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    A European V. A proper South American country in football? Omegalol
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    Having a stash to keep stuff safe inbetween open hours of a settlement is not hoarding. It is realistically protecting your goods. If you kept at the stash in definitely, that's a shitty. The guide itself is a lot more than just "oh yeah stash lol" it involves new RP opportunities , setting up stuff to do every day, setting up mini events to ensure stuff doesn't get stale *you know, like 95% of hot spots for the last 2 years after a month at best...* And as for "hasstle" ... back in the day we used to call that hassle "effort". And you have to put effort in to make any settlement work long term. Don't believe me? Look at the plethora of settlements that have died since lore wipe. All of them saying the same thing as you about "hasstle"... . Effort on this server has become hassle. That is why events don't happen often, that's why lore get's stale, that's why we keep getting threads about how to fix the community xD In this case yes, desync is an issue, but literally having everything stolen is equally as bad. Im not saying set up a tent city stash, Just a single tent with essentials (maybe 2-3 back up tents packed up). Put the effort in, make vysh a bloody good settlement and keep it going. ^_^
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    With the permission of @PCJames I am glad to announce Project South Zagoria, in an attempt to immerse players as far as we can into understanding the lore of South Zagoria, I have decided that we need to go on the micro level to really help out players understand the land they play on. Now, an obvious question is, what will be included in all of this? There will be a lot. I will be calling upon community members, anyone who specializes themselves with graphic art or writing lore in helping with this ambitious idea. It will include The history of each town present in South Zagoria. The modern purpose of every town present in South Zagoria. Statistics for each household. Stories that came from specific towns (i.e. murder cases, arson, battlefield, folklore, etc) It will give a name to every potential business that would be present in the towns of South Zagoria and give the backstories to each one. (Farms, industrial areas, quarries, markets, general stores, stores, garages, storage areas, warehouses and so much more). A detailed look into the prison island and giving it an official name. Many stories will be made surrounding the prison island. A look into all of the military bases that was posted prior to the outbreak and their purpose and who was stationed there. A detailed look into checkpoints and military bases posted after the outbreak, their purpose and who was stationed there. The average jobs that people took in certain houses. Influential members of each town. The Wealthy members of South Zagoria. The schools throughout South Zagoria, the names of it, staff, sports, mascots, relations with other schools, how people attended it, statistics from the schools, stories from the schools. The sports area of Chernarus and how it was. Expansion of Major's thread of folklore, breaching into new folklore that center around post-outbreak. The government structure in South Zagoria in detail. And many, many stories. This whole project is expected to take a very long time, which is why I call on anyone who is interested in this idea to either leave a comment in this thread or leave me a message on the forums with this format: What can you provide for the project: (Writing folklore/stories/business/making graphics) What is your timezone: (UTC specific) When are you mostly active: Do you have any pieces of work to back up on the work you can do: Do you understand that all of your work will be reviewed by the LM team before being added to the project: (Yes/No) Do you understand that this will be a time-consuming project: (Yes/No) Additionally, anyone who wishes to have their groups (Active or not) who claimed they were here before the outbreak, you can contact me with how you want them to be involved in this detailed project and what they did in certain areas of South Zagoria. Group name: Group page: (If none, story) Type of group they were/are: Where was the group mainly located: How do you want it to be introduced in the Project: Furthermore, if you have ever been curious about something that you've seen in game and wondered the story about it, leave me a detailed description of it so we can fully clarify it for you! If you have any questions, please either leave a comment or message me here on the forums.
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    I remember seeing a video about this game a few years ago, there was some hype building about it then things went quiet. I like the idea but not sure if what they were saying will actually come to fruition. Time will tell I suppose, which is something I have said for a lot of games recently. Lots of interesting concepts but nothing tangible.
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    They send updates to email if you pledged money but over all i think it looks cool :<
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    Guess we're sippin' Kirby Dew tonight nvm
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    Keep an ear out for me as well, maybe take time to stop and smell the roses while you do so? Maybe tiptoe around the tulips?
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    Shoutout to Alex/Doc who's keeping activity up in Vyshnoe. The bushmen and their drunken shenanigans. Scary Boris. Roth. And everyone else I crossed paths with.
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    Welcome back! Hope to run into you IG!
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    Welcome in these dark times
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    It's made out of the blood of the fallen Mountain Men. Which is literally no one because we're badasses
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    "stop killing mountain men to make mountain dew"
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    Thanks Whitename, that's sounds like a great idea! I have the Mentor Programme bookmarked and will check out sometime soon. I'm sure it'll make stepping into the RP world much easier.
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    @Elk I'll agree with Gary, Life's hit us like a bag of bricks. I'm working 5 days a week, training new people and doing the stuff new trainy's can't do because it would become a dumpster fire if they did. Hey man, I understand you want to see the groups be active, but life should take priority first, and then the rp. You can't enjoy it if your forcing yourself to play and stressing over "Oh, can I cram an hour into rp before work, or an hour before bed." Though, let me ask... seems that, um... a certain someone hasn't been on in.... about 5 months? Just point fun, all I'm saying is life is getting busy, but we'll be back in full force soon. ALSO @Oisin , welcome to the group, forgot to put it in here. (Always wanted to use that gif, huzzah)
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    My 3 Legged Lab She is too cute, but is missing her other 2 dogs R.I.P. Hopefully she will have a new playmate soon!