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    I'm so glad that as a community filled mostly with legal adults, we can all come together and act like absolute fucking children. *Cheeky and sarcastic thumbs up.*
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    *Grieves would be standing on the top of a mountain looking down at the countryside trying to decide what to say. He would take Westerly’s blood encrusted radio from his pocket and press the PTT.* Homebase U this is Lead 2. Mission status is as follows. Lead 1 is KIA. Samples of the compound have been destroyed. Myself and the rest of the team are going dark. Do not attempt to contact me further Homebase. You can consider this broadcast to be my resignation. I’m resigning from my post due to moral objections to the mission. After what I’m about to say next I wouldn’t advise sending anyone to retrieve me or silence me. I don’t think they’ll receive a warm welcome here. *He pauses to chose his next words carefully. Several moments of silence pass before Eric sighs into the radio and continues on. The tone of his voice would from a personal broadcast to that of a public address.* To anyone listening to this frequency, I think you deserve to know the truth about the VDC and our mission. I’ve told many of the people that I’ve met in South Zagoria over the past few months that the VDC is here to discover a vaccine. This is not true. Our real mission is to research whether or not there was something that could trigger the virus in carriers -- those who host the dormant virus in their blood -- making the virus reactivate itself and take over the subject. That’s right, you heard me correctly people. I did not misspeak when I used the word carrier. I know there are many who consider themselves immune to the virus, but this is not the case. Studies done on quote-unquote immune people have show that they are not, in fact, truly immune. What we’ve discovered is that these people are actually carrying trace amounts of the virus within their bloodstream. The remaining governments of the world were terrified by this discovery. The part that scared them the most was also the part that scares me: We did not know whether the virus could reactivate itself within these carriers. If this were to happen in, say, a refugee camp, the results would be catastrophic. Think about it, even a kiss from carrier to a loved one could spread the virus. The United Nations’ response to this information and the failure of the UN/WHO First Response Team was to form a new team with primary objective of learning everything they could about carriers. They asked my former colleague, Dr. Calliope Westerly, to lead this team. They told her to get the job done by any means necessary. I can only assume they told her this because they were getting desperate. *He stops to light a cigarette. As he exhales his first drag on the cigarette he continues on.* All of this was done off the books, so to speak. I personally believe this was to make it easier for the UN to disavow any knowledge of the team’s existence in case something went wrong. Or in case we succeeded but the means by which we succeeded were too extreme. After all, Westerly was told to get the job done by any means necessary. Let me make it clear and inform anyone listening that the surviving members of the UN/WHO First Response team and the UN members stationed in Miroslavl and any others members left in South Zagoria were not involved in the making of this decision or in our research. Hell, they weren’t even told we were coming to South Zagoria. As far as they know the UN abandoned them. I will not lie about my part in all this. When Westerly came to me to ask for help, I jumped at the chance. I had no way of knowing how monstrous Westerly would become. The moment I heard Westerly suggest that we begin taking people to experiment on them that I knew had to resign, and I did so shortly before Westerly died. I could not in good conscience continue to aid her in the mission and follow down the dark path she was going on. I know that I will be hunted, both for sharing this information and for playing the part I did in all this, but I don’t care. People need to know the truth. The only thing I ask is that the people of South Zagoria forgive me for failing them and for lying to them. I aim to make this right by beginning my own mission. I will be working as hard as I can to try and develop a vaccine for the virus. I will not give up on trying to stop this plague. Homebase U, I’m not going home, but I think you should. The mission was a failure and there’s nothing left for you here. *He would release the PTT and drop the radio on the ground. He would take one last look down at the countryside before turning around leaving the location to go into hiding.*
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    Long gone are the days where anyone could post on a report so I guess I'll leave this here. "The ONLY times I went OOC was to question your wounds, as I didn't understand what was happening to you. And when you went into OOC, so I could answer you. I don't see how I was excessively going into OOC." I'd say that there is excessive/unnecessary OOC... but what do I know?
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    VDC has Archived and left you all with some dank lore. Enjoy.
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    Enjoyed the RP from the event! Everyone in it, thank you! @dimitri and @Heathen - Love the RP from you both as always. @Spanners - Can't believe Jonny came! @Sophie - Quinn was happy to see you again! @Gallo - I love how they meet like that again! @Jean and @Eddie - Loved the ceremony! Congratulations! Anyone else I missed sorry, it was crowded! VERY! But had an amazing time.
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    The Journal of Jaxon Valentine Chapter II God, its been ages since i wrote in this little book. When i used to write, it wasnt covered in blood and soaking wet. It wasnt worn out by the actions of a single man, a single man trying to protect his family. Its funny how this book might symoblize me, covered in blood and wet of the tears. Almost broken down, but still functional, weird how we compare ourselves to things like this. The first time i wrote i just lost you brother, i was still procesecing it and to my knowledge i would have been feeling a hell of a lot better nowadays. But i dont. The fire that used to burn in us Valentines is starting to burn through the outside, and its starting to take me down in those flames. Im lost little brother, im fucking lost. I think you still dont know how much i cared about you Luca, i didnt tell you a lot and my way of showing it was rather funny. But come on man, nobody deserved this. Everything is falling appart, the Valentines are slowly disapearing into the void of the country and my new family is giving up on me too. Right now all i have left is Calander, Rain and Colt. Funny how we started with so much, and ended with so little. Back in Poveglia it was all sunflowers and sunshine, things were pretty for a short amount of time, people were happy and you have no idea how much i miss that, how badly i want to go back. Me and Elizabeth had a big fallout, and a big ignorant man tried teaching me a ''Lesson''. He tried using his small knowledge to break me down, tried, he tried being smart. It was rather sad. But it caused me to lose Elizabeth, and i know exactly what you would tell me right now Luca. You would hit me over the head and force me to go and talk to Elizabeth, but i dont know if i can anymore. The pain and fears of losing a family are getting so damn close now, and i dont know how to cope with it. Im trying so hard to keep it all together but i simply dont know if i still can. I dont know if its completly over between me and her, i think ill find out in time. At least i have Calander with me now, and her wanna be ''Boyfriend''. Its actually really cute, one of the things helping me to get my head away from things. His name is Erich or something, with a fucking H at the end, i know its weird. I can sense he really likes Calander though, i took him on a long run, one of those testing runs i used to do to see what hes made of. And he did pretty good, proved to me that this isnt some short term thing hes going for, proving to me hes got balls and he knows damn well where to keep them. Im just afraid. I know Cal is still terified of men after William, the rapist, the murderer. The man I murdered, i tortured. A thought that hasnt left my mind a single fucking day, its always there and its tearing me appart. At least i know i did what i had to do. You would be scared of the curent me Luca, i have changed so fucking much. In some good ways and some bad ones, but i wont turn it around. Ill kill to protect my family, ill kill to protect my loved ones. I know you would be ashamed of me Luca, and im sorry little brother. My choices were limited, just please dont look at me any different. Im still Jaxon Valentine, the charming asshole brother you used to love, you STILL love. God.. I love you Luca, ill never stop fighting for you little brother. (The drawing is something he Scribles on every entry of the journal, it describes how he feels)
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    had loads of fun on Friday night with: @Grimnir Women love me, you will see soontm. @Terra jeez, you were hammered. @Oisin fucking crack head. @PatZ I loved how the russian just said: yeah those are all my friends to the @Solo coke cop. @Beni I feel like Jiri and Benny could have a lot of fun, causing trouble. @Doc Holiday nice how you just sneaked your char in! @Elmo Jiri will smack Disk someday (hopefully before Jakub shows up.) @Jadeboat Kangaroo Jane, I hope we did not scare you too much @Sparky Frank needs to calm down and stop being nervous: "I'll scout ahead!"
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    Thank you everyone for coming yesterday to the wedding and to those that couldn't make it. It was fun, you made me happy.
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    Thanks to Everyone who showed up tonight, it was a great turnout as seen below!
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    Had a fun time running into you guys the other day <3 but all I can think of while looking at the group goals is this:
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    Had a great time in RP today with these lot: @Refacture - The tranq dart didn't go over well. Duly noted. RIP Jupiter/Orion-12/Lucas Karter. May he (they) hunt all the damn, dirty, synths in hell. @Tony - Good extraction. Quick n' clean. And as always, leaving a damn fine mess behind. @Kriss Blade - 11/10 Medical RP. Appreciate the med and heals you gave. Much thanks. @xdproslim11 & @RandyBiscuit - Welp. Let us see how this works out. I already live in Las Vegas, can't wait to experience the IG version... @Levi Ackerman - What base? + All the other folk I met today (mainly The Damned) - Thanks for all the fun!
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    @Lady In Blue Great rp as allways <3 @Heathen AnGeRy at dimitri <3 @Eddie & @Jean MAZEL TOV, best wishes
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    *a new, unfamiliar female voice would come over the radio* "Oh you shouldn't worry yourself, the prevailing solution to this crisis is going to be fire hence forth, and those caught in the blaze will be the foundation for the future we are going to build." *the frequency would cut out*
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    Meanwhile on the DayZRP forums
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    im just going to leave you all with a thought PUBGRP
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    This is a journal consisting of loose papers kept in the Bible Roxanne carries in her black teddy bear. They appear to be written on the back of bullet trade information from ammo boxes. First Bundle of Papers: Second Bundle of Papers:
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    Hello @prcy Welcome to DayZRP! Beautiful @Honeybee has your back! Also, want to point out a couple of things. You can't create a character or play on our servers until you get accepted with your whitelist. You also go here to create your character once you have been accepted: Create Character To check if you have been accepted, you need to check here: Whitelist Once you are accepted you can create your character, picking a name, creating backstory, choosing pictures! Playing on our servers with that characters name also! You don't get an email or a notification if you do get accepted, you can check back every few hours or so, or keep an eye on the front page of the forums! As it says: "Welcome to new role players:" It usually takes 24/48 hours, but It can take as long as a week, depending on how busy the admins are, I waited four days for example! Good luck with your whitelist!
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    No need to be afraid love. Terrano had to much respect for Ken to kill his daughter now that he's gone, but whoever was the snake who revealed his location @Levi Ackerman has somethin comin.
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    We're back bitches! Actual footage of a Bratva meeting.
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    Sorry for not being with you guys these past few days, IRL stuff happening so when I was in game I was just alone with @dimitri ect. Hope we can play!
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    I have no idea what I'm doing anymore
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    I thought you handled your medical RP quite well in that report, at least from what the logs showed. Good job
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    I mean, I would leave feedback.. But will it change anything? Nopeeee.
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    I hope you all have a nice evening.
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    Wedding pictures during and after ceremony between Eddie and Alexa.
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    Haha!! I was actually saying last night to a mate I used to play with it is strange going in game and not being initiated on But I enjoyed getting to know the characters more. Shout out to @Oisin and @Terra I loved the random little breaks you guys were taking to uhmm powder your noses? Haha!
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    > Opens forums > Sees the drama > Closing forums > Goes to play Overwatch and watch YouTube videos
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    @Honeybee, @Coda852, @GaryCash, and @Otto HOT DAMN THAT HOSTILE RP TODAY......Props to you guys...I really enjoyed that, and that goes for both sides!
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    These past few days have been crazy for RP Character Development. Super stoked to see what comes next.
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    *Nikolai sitting on the roof of the car begins to go through his backpack to find a beat up radio, he grabs the radio and presses down the PTT. You can hear a shaky but stern thick Russian Accent* 'Good evening, I would assume if you are listening to this... You have heard the news of Virus Defense Corporation.' *You can hear the slight crack in his voice as he is trying to find the words to say* 'I can not begin to say how sad I am by this... All I knew I was getting into was to protect a few doctors to find cure. I had no idea this was like the way it is. None of us did, - except the ones who were keeping it from us. Not all of us are bad people... The ones out there! The Government who fucked us all over. THEY ARE THE BAD PEOPLE. I don't want to go back to Russia - I stay here. Try to fix lose ends. Try is all I can do. *You can hear the birds chirping as he slowly releases the PTT, and sets the beaten up radio back into his backpack*
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    No mention of free medics?!?! Yes there has been and they were great
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    Great turnout for @Eddie's wedding ! Thanks y'all. Hoped I managed to do this lovely couple justice ! Cheers !
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    @xdproslim11 & @RandyBiscuit, great RP with you lot today. Let's see where this road take @Dvlinhb and I. It should be interesting.
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    No problem at all, if you need any help I am always lurking in the DayZRP TS at all times! Even though you aren't whitelisted, you can still join and talk with us, you can start getting to know people in the community! If I am not around don't hesitate to contact another member of staff or even @Honeybee since he is offering to help you out!
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    Goddamnit that was funnier than it should have been
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    *Hearing her words, Lo nods slightly more to herself that the voice sounding from her device. Waiting to let her finish, she presses the PTT and responds in kind. Her voice gentle, but stern.* I ... I understand what you mean, I really do. But ... Ella never freaks out at anyone though. Maybe Mr. Peanut Butter is a kind dude, for real. But, from what Ella told me about what he did, what happened... He still went along with it. He still did that stuff to Ella, still pointed a gun at her head and forced her to watch people get hurt, in really bad ways. Still made her listen to them scream, and watch people hurt them. Forced her to watch people die. Him being a nice guy now, or him having bad brothers who do worse ...That doesn't make it okay ... Doesn't excuse it all. He could be lying, he could be saying all that stuff. He ... He could also be telling the truth, but I have to stick with Ella. She's been my best friend for a long time, and she wouldn't ever lie to me... Also, I heard Ms. Faith helped you out. I'm sorry your leg got hurt! F... Feel better, okay? *She releases the PTT, and huffs a sigh. Her fingers anxiously picking at the rubber knobs on her radio face, chewing her lip with worry. Hoping that in some way her words would make sense to the other girl out there.*
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    @Brett I have roleplayed a Red Cross volunteer since lore wipe but there were so few humanitarian volunteer characters being played a group didn't seem viable, but then again who knows, one might pop up in the future!
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    Thank you Ex-Community Helper Connor
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    Wishing you all a happy day friends
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    Awwwww thaaaaaankyou! And yes it’s very freaking hard I just wanna let my Kimmy out when someone says shit to polly!
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    Hey dude, I think you actually have to change the background on your character page, not the one that's on your whitelist. Click on the DayZ Tab > Characters > Manage your characters > Edit. Hope that works, I could be wrong tho so wait till for a Staff answer maybe.
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    Teach Roxanne how to properly help people so she doesnt end up poking poor random people (again).
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    Yo, Gary. Tell me how you like this (Could use a professional's touch, just threw it together)
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    IGN: James Redrick Age: 28 in game, 22 in real life Country: Chernarian Roots, grew up in USA English skills: I only speak two languages, good English, and bad English. DayZ Experience: I've been playing DayZ since the original mod was first released. After playing the mod for some time, I grew tired of what it had become: Shoot on sight nonsense. After taking a vacation from the mod, I discovered DayZRP. I've never played the stand alone. What kind of role best describes you: My favorite roleplay is that of a nomadic existence, living day to day, setting up a campfire in the middle of nowhere and playing my guitar over my microphone hoping that somebody stops nearby to listen and chat. Some of the best roleplay sessions I've ever had is doing a supply run with other random survivors, setting up strategies in the event we are robbed, watching each others backs, and then hauling back to camp with a load of loot on our backs. I'm game to be molded into whatever role the group needs to be filled. I've never robbed someone before, so I suppose I could learn, but I'd prefer a group that doesn't rob unless absolutely necessary. Basically, any hostile actions against other survivors should be out of necessity, not for sport. I also love a military like hierarchy, complete with training's, designated roles, and an all around center objective. Really, it just boils down to wanting to have a bunch of guys I can jump on, talk to, and have a few laughs and good times with some sort of direction. Have you been in any clan/group previously: inJected- Disbanded Gray Fangs- Left because time difference Backstory: (I don't have a solid backstory, but I figure I can at least copy and paste some of my roleplay material so whoever reads this can get a feel for how I write) I sit here with this BIC pen in between my fingers, struggling to write on this piece of paper that's since shriveled and swollen since it's initial birth date. Everything shakes and shutters, the wind offers itself as a constant companion to my rolling knuckles. The most prominent feature about these lands, I believe is the unutterable thick layer of mist that surrounds and engulfs it. By and by the land, it is clear, but to look to the ocean one can see a wall of fog seemingly as hard as brick. An arguably natural phenomenon, the fog has yet to be seen to leave. This was made noticeable to me after taking shelter in a small shack along the coast. I had since retired to my rucksack when a thunderstorm had brought itself to my doorstep. Like many others, I slept with a firearm. The cracking of thunder gave the impression of an intruder kicking in, naturally, I discharged a round into the door. Creating a small hole, from it, the mist leaked in like an ooze. It moved as if it was blessed with sentience. Snaking it's way around the shack it appeared to move in and out at it's own free will. The night was growing brighter at the time of the incident, I didn't dare step outside however while the night was still precedent (for obvious reasons) . And so I waited, half past 8 I packed my things and vacated the residence. The sun was bright, a welcomed companion but, like a unmissable monument, the mist had brought itself out onto the ocean stretching as high and taller then the great skyscrapers of New York. As mentioned before, the mist formed a wall. It was flat, it didn't dare leave the confides of it's “sun stroked prison”. This struck me odd, and so, I watched. My trip was to take me up the coast, and well past the two primary estates of the land. I had time to think and observe the mist: what it would do and how it acted. Checking my watch, at roughly 14:00, the mist had yet to change. There it sat, the stray dog at the chef's back door scratching to be let inside. It was at this point I realized that I hadn't seen the mist go past this point since I had arrived in Chernarus six months prior. To the few men that I met down the coast, they noted the fact with the same look I imagine I had when I first realized it. One man in particular had a “unique” reaction, to say the least, in fact he is probably the only real reason for this testimony, to whomever decides to read it. Wearing a vest of denim, it covered in what appeared to be moss from a tree. His pack was worn to the point of the straps being duck-tape. An oiled head of hair, and a dirtied black beard was this man's trademark. The laws of Chernarus can call for blood at any moment and most times, one can deal with the stress, but what happened next brought everything I know to the brink of madness. This man stopped dead in his track when I had mentioned the prior. He looked at me with what appeared to be a strange look of relief, and then, he looked out into the mist. It was now 18:00. The mist had progressively had gotten closer throughout the day as the sun came down, it sat now at maybe 150 yards from the shoreline. The water came in and out, it seemed to echo against the dunes. His eyes squinted out into the water, appearing to look far beyond what I could see. And all at once his head jerked with his eyes to the right, and then to the left! “It comes! It comes!” The man said grabbing and jerking me away toward the land. “RUN RUN RUN!” He screamed. Taking this for a possible elaborate attempt to rob me of my valuables, I remained where I had been jerked, in a defensive stance, I looked from him, and to the water. Something was moving, 50 yards from the shoreline, what appeared to be a tube twisting with the tide. Referencing the fear of snake like creatures all the way back to the story of Adam and Eve, at this sight, I stepped back several feet more. It moved with a smoothness and speed of a creature neither I or anyone I have come across knows, much faster then the natural wave movements could provide. 25 yards from the shoreline, I made a dash into the darkness. A village was ahead. Before being lost into the night, I turned back to see what became of the man. I cannot be for certain, but I believe what I hope is false, to be the silhouette of a heightened tentacle rising from the ocean, grasping the man, and dragging him in. His last words that I could make out over the salt water sounded off as “THE HOUSE THE HOUSE!” If you are reading this, then you probably know of the locals that bore witness to this whole catastrophic incident, for better or worse. They muster around, dragging, crawling, and hopping alone like frogs. They arguably don't see one another, paying themselves no mind as they bump heads or fall off a ledge. However, if seen, it is known that they move into a frenzy state where they sprint off as fast as their arguably decomposed muscles can take them. Easy to lose in an urban environment, but caught in an open field and one better hope he can run several miles without having the luxury of oxygen.
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