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    @Elmo Enjoyed our encounter today. Was much fun friendo <3 @GreenySmiley & @Malet Always fun too! @LouieRP Nice RP from you too. Thank you for that dank conversation. Sincerely your pistol master. @Tony & @Lori and everyone you brought with you. Always good when you guys visit me @Strawberry Make me proud my son. Everyone else in Lopatino. Was good.
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    It is offical, we r bringing the mod back!
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    So recently a friend of mine has been put on final for showing factual information to do with sexual orientation preference, it wasn't targeting anyone but non the less it's been deemed not allowed on the forums, due to it being labelled as 'offensive'. Once again, someone I know posted a Finnish song that is linked to the Nazi party, they were given 10 points.. Because again, it's not allowed. But someone is allowed to have a profile theme of someone who leads the Swedish Democrats, whom have 'formerly expressed strong support for the ideology of Nazism'. The party has also been linked to rather large amount of racism, but I'll let you indulge yourselves into that research because otherwise I might be here for a while. My question is, when it comes to the first two listed and the profile that someone has.. Where is the 'consistency' that the Staff team are always preaching about in appeals and in the forums in general?
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    I KOS'd the old Dusty once.
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    I got this. @Felix Corten here you go buddy, it's for free:
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    Enjoyed the RP with @Tony & @Lori today. It was nice having longer conversations with Marvin and seeing a darker side to Roxanne. Also enjoyed running into and catching up with @LouieRP, as well as the RP from @Mr.Panda & @Brodie (What rock did you crawl back from under?) and the rest of the Anarchy boys. Will be sure to come by Lopatino again with some merchandise. And of course the long list of other people in The Damned.
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    I shot puncture when he logged out and told him a zombie killed him (Sorry joey)
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    UNITY AND PEACE UNITED PEACEKEEPERS Assembly of Council Members The function of the council assembly is to discuss, debate, and make recommendations on peace and security, including development, disarmament, human rights and the peaceful arbitration of disputes between groups and organizations. *Recruit and train more volunteers* - (0/10) *Setup a ranking system in the peacekeeping organization* - Day 900 *Meet as many faction and organization leaders as possible* - Infinite *Form an Assembly of Council Members* - Day 930 *Hand out MPOs when necessary and make sure they are followed* *Evaluate the effects and outcomes of the peacekeeping organization* *Help survivors to build settlements and give a helping hand whenever possible* CODE OF CONDUCT MPO - Mandatory Peace Order, usually given out for 7 days to a month. Groups or organizations that find themselves in conflict with each other, will be handed a written notice or will be personally notified by the PO-s about signed MPO by the Assembly. During which time observation and investigation operations will be conducted by the PO-s. Hopefully peaceful arbitration of disputes will be reached to avoid further conflict. If the MPO is violated during said time frame, sanctions such as disarmament will be considered and enforced by the EO-s. The Circle of Truth Tact - Respect - Understanding - Trust - Honesty Personality traits used to evaluate if the council members or the peacekeepers are still considered trustworthy. “Poor communication is the source of misunderstandings and conflict. I’ve seen many teams broken beyond repair as they struggle to work together. The difficulty is that we all stay within our own model of the world, our own view of reality. From that, our behavior emanates.” ROSTER Kristen Klein Pavel Votypka Augustus Gaius OOC: ORIGIN STORY: If you wish to read/listen lore in full length, click on the image under origin story section. UNIFORM: All members must wear the uniform, slight variations allowed. Karma, Malet - Thank you both for helping me work on the badge and header... would have taken me ages to complete, but thanks to you two, it also looks more professional. Jarvis Seistt - Thank you for the effort of reviewing and editing my speech, also giving me feedback on recording, could have not done it without you.
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    Following the code and having fun doing it. Kenneth Carlsson was a gardner at a local cemetary in Kalmar, Sweden. From a young age he enjoyed the wild and was longing to travel the world. He stayed in Sweden until his wife and two sons died at young age in an unknown accident. Filled with greif Kenneth started to take drugs and ignore to go to work. Until one day he never went back to work but instead left his old life behind and started drifting around in Sweden. After some months off traveling alone Kenneth met a man by the name Luffar Leif (Hobo Leif) in the town Söderköping. They became friends over some canned tuna and homemade wine. Leif have been a hobo for decades and had traveled the world. Kenneth grew more and more interested in the life off a hobo. To be a traveling worker. He asked Leif if he can join him on his travel to the south. Leif said yes and they both started traveling trough europe using cargo trains or the help of truckers. As they travel on they become better and better friends. Leif starts to teach Kenneth about the ethical code of the hobos and the launguage they speak. At the beginning Kenneth did not think much about the code but as time went it grew on him. But Leif was worried about Kenneth heavy drug use. In Spain they worked at a Tapas resturant doing dishes and cleaning. They got free food and some minor cash for their worked. They lived with other hobos in an old construction site. One day Leif went home before Kenneth due to lack off work. As Kenneth came back to the camp he found all his belongings stolen and Leif laying under a carpet soaked in blood. Kenneth again filled with grief and anger over others greed started to head east and one stop at the time closer to end up in South Zogorgia. After spending his first couple off months of the outbreak in Berezino Kenneth heard rumors about a bar in Severograd. He followed the traintracks to Severograd from Berezino and eventually made it there. Here he first met other survivors and decided to stay. Spending every night at the bar or outside it he made a camp under a bridge nearby. And not long after he started to find other fellow hobos coming into town. First he met a strange man named Santa who thinks he’s acctually.. Santa? Obviosly insane but Kenneth don’t judge. Not long after during a firefight in town he meet two guys named Murphy and Nathan aka Doc. As they where all hiding. To avoid getting killed the decided to travel to a trainstation nearby to just get some shelter. On their way there they met another fellow hobo named Chilly Willie. At the trainstation they shared what little supplies they had for a poor mans feast and just talked to each other. Kenneth talked to them about the Hobo Code and the ethics around it. There and then they all decided to stick together. He told them the best ways to travel the area and how to spot if a place is safe or not. They made plans to sell what little supplies they had for a cheap price and try to level the gap between rich and poor groups. And that is how The Railroad started. Drug Dealing Since trading became a common thing in the country The Railroad slipped down into trading more specific items. Mostly drugs and alcohol and what comes with it. But will trade you whatever they get their hands on. Kenneth focused more on the cannabis sales then any other items. Spending months perfecting the strains and making his own. You will not find higher quality in the area. Using the far north for growing the best strains in the high altitude air to grow the best quality. Most hobos will sell the product but a few will not by their own choice. Willie’s Story: Jeff's Story: 1. Always honor the code above all, the code is what brings us together and bind us. 2. When you want something you claim it by the code. 3. When their is a dispute is is settled by a fight. 4. When you unaware or dead we will claim your thangs by the code. 5. Everything has a value. No matter what it is it is worth something. Everything is coin. 6. We protect all who abide by the code in our own hobo union. 7. Drugs, alchohol and anything that get you off is always welcome. 8. When someone takes something over a scrap you accept it, ya lost punk bitch. - Have a weekly "Hobo Flee Market" in the current HUB-town. (Ongoing) - Teach fellow hobo’s about the “Hobo Code” and “the Mumble” (Ongoing) - Redistribute wealth from rich to poor. (Ongoing) - Provide a network of safe houses and safe traveling routes. (Day: 800) - Follow the current HUB and set up a tent for trading, stolen goods and street meat. (Ongoing) - Mark others camps with the hobo sign-language (Ongoing) - Do heists on other settlements and then sell the stuff in our markets. - Find a doctor that can help us cook and grow drugs. - Reach out to old friends and make allies for trading and protection. (Day: 780) - Have a minimalist gameplay experience. Low tier gear and weapons. - Have an enjoyable time where were fun is the most important part for yourself and the people you RP with. - See if there is a need for a chain of command. (Day 7) - Give the people that prefer to play alone a group to belong to. You can choose to follow the code alone. - Set up some rules for members that are inline with the Hobo code and conduct. - Keep members off the group motivated by giving them freedom and support in their own story. Hobo Royal House (Exept we don't have a house) Kenneth Carlsson - Hobo King Willie Roads - Hobo Prince Jeff Banks - Turtle Prince Kirkov Gusev - Kenneth's Bodyguard Hobo Knigts Arthur Rawls - Head of Caravan Security Shecc Murphy - Store Clerk Fabi Kobevko - Caravan Guard Rectruitment to The Railroad can only be done in-game. You can message @Kenneth to set up a meet-up. We do not accept people in our group we have never met. We want to keep it generic as much as possible. We also wanna reach out for the people that play alone or in odd hours to have a group to belong to. We can leave supplies for each other or induviduals in deaddrops scatterd trough the area. We also want to stay clear of drama as much as possible and we allow member to leave the group at any given time without being hunted to be rest off the group. You are a free soul and can choose your own path. As stated in the "Hobo Code". If you want a fun roleplay experience and a more relaxed group dynamic The Railroad is for you.
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    As announced previously, here are the new major rule changes for 2018. The main goal with these changes is to create more balanced experience on the server, where the role play is not dominated by one side and other role play styles are being suppressed because of it. We hope that these changes will bring focus back to running large successful groups that affect the lore and all players on the server, allow a revitalization for new and old ways of role play, and restrict even further abusive and unfair hostile role play and PvP. We expect a large influx of new group ideas after this change, please be patient as we will not be accepting all of them at once - that would make the whole point of balancing the server through official groups pointless. This goes especially to openly hostile groups. We want to accept some groups and see where on the scale between good and bad they are, so that the next group added doesn't shift the scale too much in either direction. If we approved a bunch of groups at once, we could end up with an unbalanced mess that we have now and as we know, approving groups is much easier than unapproving them which usually causes a lot of drama and accusations of bias. Highlights of the new rule changes: Core values have been added to the rule page. These alone should give you an idea about what is or isn't desired in this community, both in game when role playing as well as when interacting with other members on TS or forums. Merging and move of some rules, to remove duplicates and better suit the rules nature with main category. Removal of dynamic groups and introduction of official groups and all benefits or restrictions that come with it. This change was significant enough to warrant a whole new section in the rules, see point 7. Also introduction of group wars, let the games begin. Added griefing rule, that should clarify for some that despawning an entire camp because "I don't like that guy on the forums" is a big no no Added event rules, all official events are now protected by rules unless specified otherwise by the event organizer, so that we can have nice things once in a while Minor rewording or clarifications that do not change spirit of the rules, but rather explain it in a way that is easier to understand. TL;DR for the impatient: You MAY NOT share kill rights with other players unless both of you are in the same official, approved group. If you are not in an official group - you are now on your own. You MAY NOT attack other players without a proper justification that comes from in game role play or radio chat forum. You may not use an excuse that your group or character is super evil bandit and their story justifies being hostile. It must be role played out and the role play lead to a hostile situation, not just written down somewhere on a nice character page or group thread! You MAY NOT destroy camps, vehicles, tents etc of other players for OOC reasons You MAY NOT sabotage, interrupt or attack any official events or its participants (official events are the ones that have a banner on the top of the website), unless the event organizer has said it's ok. You MUST be a nice community member, play fair when in game, focus on role play and be respectful towards other players on the forums and TS. You SHOULD help to make DayZRP a better and more interesting place to role play in, by contributing through creating interesting groups that forward the lore, organizing events or creating a player hotspot in game. Here is a full changelog: The rule changes have been highlighted with green color on the rule page. There will be without a doubt a lot of questions and clarifications needed with such a large change of how we are allowed to play, so feel free to ask questions and leave feedback. I am unsure myself how some of the new rules will work in game and play out, that remains to be seen if this change is for better or worse. The rule changes go live immediately. As always with the new rules, we shall try to be a little more lenient for the first week or so where the rule breaks were caused by accidental misunderstanding of the rules.
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    I dream all the time In real life, not sure how I would dream anywhere else but in RL.
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    My expectations (and @Josei you know damn well that there will be a sofa talking): new damage system stamina showcase showing off all the new animations some sort of infected redesign new weapons apologising for delays talking about how they dont give a fuck about vehicles in this update and on some 0.0001% chance, a release date
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    Classic Western taking every chance he can to ask to get staff haha nice interview
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    Apply for your hobo certificate of authenticity under a railroad bridge near you
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    Awww I’m humbled you’d mention me western. I was hanging up the pencil for awhile. I got all moody n shit but friends of mine encouraged me to persue some more. I just started this up. They are no where near professional and so I don’t ask for payment. I’m happy for the practice. Still... I have works I’m behind on haha @WesternRP well... most of my sketches are portraits from reference pictures - meaning I draw what I see. I can change/add things -it’ll take me longer though. I am planning to get more into drawing scenes now for the journal I’ve been writing so if that is an idea of yours I can do that too. Here’s a picture of the characters so far - I’ll draw a scene tonight and post it later.
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    Back on topic. I've gotta hand it to you man, you've presented this argument very well. Without trying to sound like a broken record, I'm going to make a few points on hostile roleplay and its role in character development. We all have the same goal as roleplayers - we want to transport ourselves a world unlike or own, becoming apart of a story. A variable. Unique and interesting characters are an extremely important part of making that happen. This goal, however, is often adulterated by two primary parties. Although both parties most likely feel like if anything they're adding to the community, atmosphere and roleplay storyline in general when you study their actions and the consequences of their actions of as a whole, you'll realise why. Idealized characters. These people are your 'Mary Sue' or 'Gary Stew' character. Usually, this kind of character comes from humble beginnings, are a hero type, manage to survive every hostile engagement with a scar or some kind of mark and usually have a small mental defect which is never really explored or extremely exaggerated. Sometimes, this is just the player playing themselves, which isn't always a bad thing - but when it's just 'you in a zombie apocalypse', things get a little detrimental. They don't want to lose this character - "oh, they're so developed!" "Realistically, they would've survived that shot!" "Oh it was because of *accusation or ad hominem*". Anything hostile happens to them, bam - straight to the gulag with you! They're too scared to lose their character. Stereotypical bad-guys. Villians are so important to create an interesting and unique story and without them, the story (in the server's case, timeline) falls flat. It's important to note that being stereotypical is not the same as being consistent. Your characters should behave in ways that are consistent with their backstory and how they've been developed over time, but it's just not the same thing as being stereotypical. Everyone's seen the psychopath that 'likes to collect testicles' as @Tony has put it. Everyone's seen the Adidas tracksuit wearing, PVPer Russian character before. You don't want people going - "oh so his character is just like such-and-such's?" If you're going for something that might be seen as stereotypical, switch it up! If you're a psychopath, have a softer side for example. Hell, even make it so you're seeking help. Anything to change it up. When people follow these toxic stereotypes, whether it be for PVP, torture roleplay or just plain ignorance, it makes hostile roleplay as a whole look unappealing and bland. It makes hostile roleplay look like its detrimental to the server's health. Let me finish with a statement: Attention and room needs to be given to the villain characters - for, without them, the story would not exist.
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    For your first post... if I could just give you all my beanz I would.
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    Yeah I finally got to RP with @LouieRP and all those running with him. Was a good time, I enjoyed it, and will absolutely be looking for more, see you guys do you first hand. @Lyca Always love RP'ing with you. I'd mention more, but... too damn many.
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    @Tony - My group might have been shot down but that doesn't mean I am intent on leaving you or anyone else without conflict. And yes I wish that people could look past my group and just see our amazing RP or the purpose that we were trying to create for everyone but the sad truth is that many already have pre-formed bias towards any sort of hostile RP. It's a shame since I have always been under the impression that good hostile RP is the best kind of RP. Here's hoping the demise of The Killers can be but a stepping stone and not a gravestone for the future development of this communities rules and expectations moving forward. P.S: Your voice is soothing to listen to, talk about some ASMR shit
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    Alright, allow me to break my silence just a moment here. I don't agree with many of these changes. Hostile RP feels like it's getting more of a hammer in the knees than a noose about the neck. You MAY NOT share kill rights with other players unless both of you are in the same official, approved group. If you are not in an official group - you are now on your own. Dynamic groups are a PIVOTAL part of DayZRP. We don't need this rule and in turn makes me not want to come back and play. You MAY NOT attack other players without a proper justification that comes from in game role play or radio chat forum. You may not use an excuse that your group or character is super evil bandit and their story justifies being hostile. It must be role played out and the role play lead to a hostile situation, not just written down somewhere on a nice character page or group thread! I can understand proper justification. But I'm gunna be honest it limits roleplay and I feel there will be a distinct lack of fear. You MAY NOT destroy camps, vehicles, tents etc of other players for OOC reasons Camps, Vehicles, Tents. All fair game. If I want it or I see it as a potential threat, I'll destroy it. It's unenforceable. Thus I find it useless. Wanna keep your things? Hide it better. You MAY NOT sabotage, interrupt or attack any official events or its participants (official events are the ones that have a banner on the top of the website), unless the event organizer has said it's ok. Okay this is one I can understand with, but I think it undermines any realism that could or would happen. You MUST be a nice community member, play fair when in game, focus on role play and be respectful towards other players on the forums and TS. You SHOULD help to make DayZRP a better and more interesting place to role play in, by contributing through creating interesting groups that forward the lore, organizing events or creating a player hotspot in game. -Redacting myself now to avoid being pointed up-
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    *Nedved examines his injuries in the mirror as the steam from his hot bath dissolves. The voices echoing throughout the bedroom as it emits from his radio. He walks over and picks up the radio. Clearing his throat and flinching as a slight pain pricks in from his wound.*-Pushes down on the PTT button-This is Sergeant Nedved from the Komarovo Precinct.[An faint chuckle can barely be made out]Mr Sokov?! Is that you? I haven't heard from you in ages. I thought you and your leading officer headed back to Miroslavl' for redeployed after things didn't turn out so good in Novaya Petrovka. Nevertheless it is good to hear from you again. We should try and regroup to share some notes and stories since our last meeting.[He pauses a moment]Now, onto you Mr Carter was it? I'm not entirely sure where you were station or deployed as it couldn't have been in South Zagoria before Day 0. The reason I'm saying this is because as of May 3rd 2017 South Zagoria was placed under Marshal Law. I don't want to sound rude or offend you, but we Chernarussian wouldn't assign Americans to deal with...politically sensitive situation such as what was taking place during that time. Regardless we have gotten passed that and it is rather moot to say the least.[He pauses a moment]Most of what Mr Sokov said is indeed true. South Zagoria in its current state has been deemed unobtainable due to lacking manpower and supplies to support an expanding foothold by the Government. [He pauses a moment] Please don't let this discourage you. South Zagoria is at the time of broadcasting this still a rather manageable environment to survive within. However should you seek the guidance and support of the Chernarussian Government I would recommend you travel West to the City of Miroslavl'. There you would undoubtedly still find brave men and women holding onto life in these unfortunate times. Among them would also be other Governmental bodies such as the CDF, CAF, CPF, CFD and CMD. I hope whatever path you choose harvest only the best intent for you Mr Carter. Safe Travels out there. Nedved Signing off. -Lets go of the PTT button-*Nedved places his radio in his pouch again as he falls with his back first onto the double bed and stairs up to the ceiling.*
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    *A Slavic sounding voice would come through the man would speak with a prideful and passionate voice* Pardon me but I have to have a identification card to walk through your shit hole camp now... Da...? Why the hell should I or any other slavic man have to a ID to walk through a town in our own lands...? You are the filthy men not from this land... You are the ones who have been known to tear what is left of my beautiful country apart... You are the ones who should have to tote around a fucking card not the natives of this land...! Whats next tovaresh...? Are going to start going after people for wearing the wrong kinda of cloths... Oh wait... I forgot that you already did that to and still do that... *There would be a short, staticy pause before the voice would continue* My fellow survivors... Look at what these men do... They claim to be a force for good but they are now profiling people for where they are from... Severograd is looking like a better and better place every day... at least there people like me wont have to get a fucking ID card to walk around... *The voice would fade away into static as the Russian sounding voice was cut off*
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    Welcome! For this week of Interview with a Community Member we have @WesternRP This interview is to get to know the members of our community, and hopefully bring the community together. Comment who you want to see being interviewed next week! Apologies for the lack of these, I am a busy person and the only person running these. These will continue as normal(every Wednesday). Thanks to WesternRP for participating! Tell us about yourself! How did you find out about DayZRP, and what made you want to join? If you could thank one person for helping you get started here who would it be? What could we do, as the staff team, to make this a better place? What is your most memorable experience(IC/OOC) here? Do you regret doing anything in your time here? If you had to live in a jail cell with four people from this community who would it be?
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    I had a dream last night that had something to do with Personas and @Tony was there trying to sell them to me or something. It was weird...
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    It's desync, I get it all the time. Running in circles, turning in circles, running into fences. It's frustrating as fuck. Especially when people RP it out and clearly know you're having said issues.
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    Mod, settlements, vehicles, lots o guns, ROLEPLAY. All though i doubt we'd get enough players in the server to play
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    Looks good hope it goes well
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    I see what you did there, nice bait I don't think rule breaks are something to joke about. They really affect our community and players within negatively and we don't need them to be lowered to a meme standard. And I want to avoid a situation when someone here will admit to something serious, we'll ban him and then he'll say it's just a joke. No, if you admit to a rule break, for all intents and purposes we are allowed to take it very seriously. I'll keep this locked.
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    I once RDM'd @CorbSlayer on accident as he logged out. I punched him in the face and he died. No reports were made but we had a good laugh about it.
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    That is not a cheesesteak.
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    I remember getting a random kill over the wall at Solace against SVR with a random RGO grenade. Those were some good times. Anyway back on topic.
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    Nice simple group thread guys! I really enjoyed the read. It is very to the point. As far as DayZRP groups go this is pretty unique. I'd like a bit more info on all the character and their motivations, and maybe one more good SMART goal with a measurable, set time for completion. Other than that you guys look great! Hope to run into you.
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    Interesting group. Hope you will be hitting me up for lots of tasty bits about ground zero and investigation you can do where the UN left off. In short, South Zagoria is not Zangoria, the thread needs some colour coordination, headers, and smaller text. Run it through a grammar generator of some sort too. I really like the goals and the mysterious air of the group and its purpose and background. Looking forward to seeing where it goes. Let me know if you need any help, just chat around for graphics help. Good luck folks!
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    Awesome new graphics by @Centurion Amezing dude! Free street meat for life!!
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    I'm excited about seeing you guys IG. Good luck!
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    If this actually turns it into official Eastern Europe Walking, Apple Picking, Humanoid Killing Simulator 2666 on speed super-slow I might actually commit seppuku once I finally reach my destination.
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    One thing I will say about the hostile RP I've had since returning to this community, it's been awesome. The group I had the hostile interaction with was the Killers. They properly lured me out to somewhere I couldnt get help and did some pretty fantastic RP with me. They gave my character proper development in an interesting and new avenue I wouldnt have had before. When we had this looming threat of hostility falling upon us, the RP became so much more enriching. There was a goal aside from "loot and survive". Roleplay is story telling with dozens of people. You know what a good story has? Conflict. Hostile RP provides this conflict. No good story has ever just been "And then Jim went out and found a can of beans and went home." Even stories without central plots that are just about the characters wandering about have some conflict or danger. Even Alice in Wonderland had the Red Queen for fucks sake. I'm of the mind set let people RP whatever the fuck they want to RP as long as they follow the lore setting and rules. Who gives a shit if they dont have the most original group idea? As long as it's done proper, it can be good fun. We all know what this is about. I'm not stupid, let's be real, the damage has been done. We should just focus on making sure this shit doesn't happen again.
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    10/10, I dig the hair. Fuck yeah, man. Congratulations. A wild Sylva found in a McDonalds at 22:39 after the WiFi goes out at his place. Gotta play DayZ somehow.
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    Noose seems to be getting tighter for hostile groups, it's a shame. Cheers for the update.
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