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    I think I and many others have noticed a change in attitude from Rolle and I guess now the admin team in recent months. A shift towards a less forgiving and more "my way or the highway" approach. I cite the lore wipe as marking the beginning of this change and the way groups, specifically hostile groups were threatened with removal and punish from Rolle, something that is continuing. Other important events are Dusty's perma ban and, from personal experience, my removal from staff. But I'd say one of the most drastic and uncalled for displays of admin authority was tonight with the banning of 4 individuals from a report by the same administrator who reported them. Something Rolle approved of. The exercise of Rule 4 in a way that only paints a picture of the admin team and Rolle simply not giving a fuck what anyone else thinks because they run the server and they will do as they please. The first instance of this was JimRP giving me warning points for a status I put on his profile and then denying my ban appeal himself. Now we have Aiko making a report against a group of people without video evidence, waiting for a PoV and then banning all of them minutes after it was posted. This "Deal with it" attitude in my opinion is extremely detrimental to the community. I don't play on the servers because I am not satisfied with DayZ right now, something most people agree on illustrated by the decline in players, but seeing this type of behavior dissuades me from ever playing again. I can only imagine how current players must feel knowing now that if they slip up the admins will not hesitate to permanently remove them at a moment's notice with Rolle's blessing. I can only imagine how new players might perceive the casual removal of players by administrators in a report they made. I can only imagine how the rest of staff must feel about this whole thing, especially Gamemasters who have been basically cast aside for a liberal use of Rule 4. I made a poll to gauge these opinions exactly. I didn't want to get sucked into some drama in this community again, I prefer being a lurker who beanz posts or banters in status updates. I don't like having to call out Rolle or the admin team, since the other two haven't given their opinion and because I considered Aiko one of my best mentors in staff. But I firmly believe this attitude will kill the community and there are no viable alternatives. This is the only DayZ roleplaying community that isn't a pile of shit, so let's not turn it into one.
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    "Back in my days" as an Admin I hat to rule4 from time to time WITHOUT discussing it, simply because of the fact that no one was around and this does not mean that the other admins did not discuss my decision afterwards, reversed it or agreed. I did this because I felt the community will get harmed or has been harmed. That's how rule4 can be used by Admins - like Rolle already explained. If it was a good move from Aiko to use rule4 in her own report is another question. Was she allowed, aside the normal protocol to use rule4 (in her own report)? - Yes. Was it a good decision? - In my opinion No. = these are two different topics.
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    Ease up there, people are upset and have the right to voice their opinions. Knock off the hardbody attitude, mkay?
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    It is a response to the behavior and abuse we are exposed to from some of the community members. People constantly break rules, prioritize PvP above RP, abuse rule loop holes, behave badly, start drama, flame each other, start rumors. It's a constant work and uphill battle for staff to make this community a nice place to be and there's only that much we can take before we lose patience, stop being nice with 3 point warnings and cautions. We tried to be lenient, we introduced 0 point cautions and verbal warnings in threads, a lot of people who would have been permabanned just a year or two ago have been put on final warnings instead. But when a time comes when people push things too far we snap and we will not let things slide anymore. I guess more people are feeling this way, seeing Aikos decision to use rule 4 today. That's the reason I am in the "I am the law", "this is my house", "deal with it" attitude. Remember that administrators are leaders of this community, they set rules that you must follow, they allow you to play here in the first place by accepting your whitelist, they are the law. They have rule 4 to their disposal to remove anyone, at any time, for any reason they see fit should they see the behavior harmful to the community and no staff procedure, sticky thread, rule on the rule page or popular opinion can stop them. The only thing that can is majority vote from the rest of the admin team (the only democracy in this community) or my personal veto. Rule 4 has always allowed administrators to remove people from the community and bypass any and all restrictions. Yes, all admins follow the procedure to not get involved in own groups reports or appeals to prevent conflict of interest. However use of rule 4 is a special circumstance that does not require following that procedure. So you are severely misinformed saying that "back in X an admin would get in trouble", when rule 4 goes into effect everything else is disregarded. That's the whole point with rule 4 - to bypass unnecessary bureaucracy and allow a few trusted people to remove troublemakers from the community swiftly and efficiently. So no, what Aiko did is fully acceptable and in line with rule 4 use, she is an administrator and she has full, unquestionable authority to use rule 4 the way she did. And she came to me ask for my opinion about it and get my approval and I told her to go ahead with rule 4 if she believed it was justified, since she knows best what happened and I trust her judgement. So no, she didn't really do it on her own without asking anyone first. Now, whether in this case rule 4 had to result in an instant permanent ban, that is an entire different question, which will undoubtedly be discussed in the admin team in the very near future.
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    This is a hard question, that I am very conflicted about. On the one hand, I think the way the report was handled wasn't good (I am saying that as a member who has no clue about the stuff going on in admin chat). I think the best option would have been to just wait for the video evidence and then perm then. I don't really doubt that it was trolly rp from what I've heard, but if it was that clear would it hurt to wait another hour and present the evidence for it? I think a lot of problems could have been avoided if that would have been done. The second issue I have is the fact that @Aiko did it herself, sure now we know that it wasn't her decision alone but it just looks really bad. It really looks like she promoted herself to judge, jury and executioner even if that might not be the case. I think if any other admin would have passed the verdict people would have an easier time accepting it (again with video please). At the end of the day, I somewhat agree with the decision though and I am saying that believing Aiko did tell the truth. I never was a fan of Somali pirates in Chernarus and I can indeed see the described actions as trolly, so to some degree, I can appreciate the heavy-handed punishment. My main point of criticism is the fact that no one waited for the video, if it really was that bad they could still get rule 4d after and everyone would be happy, at least as happy as they could be given the circumstances.
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    I think there is some confusion on what I am against there. To clarify I didn't make this thread to question the use of Rule 4 in general. Its a rule thats been around since I joined the community in 2013 and I saw it exercised soon after joining with the mass ban of SKA. I understand its purpose and why it exists, for important issues that need to be dealt with in a way the traditional process can't do. Why I don't agree with is how it has been used recently with the Aiko report being one of the biggest offenses that can be seen by the public, I'm sure there are some questionable final warnings I don't know about. Picture this for me: You believe yourself to be a rule abiding member of the community. You are roleplaying within the rules to your knowledge and behaving on the forums in a similar way. However, the admin team says you made a mistake and you are given a punishment through Rule 4. This could be points, a final warning or permanent ban. You cannot contest this punishment, it is set in stone. You don't think you did anything wrong but the admins exercised their right to deal with you in the way they saw fit. Now imagine this same thing is happening to other people, maybe even your friends for reason you don't agree with. Would you still have the same opinion over the Deal With It attitude then?
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    Actually you just projected your own biases by making this reply. The only person I told I was making this thread was Shroud who already agreed with what I was saying in ts. But if you want to dismiss a differing opinion by saying a poll is fake go ahead. You actually are the dayz rp equivalent of people who think Russia hacked the American election to determine the outcome.
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    So, remove forum games off the activity feed? https://i.gyazo.com/192da6a1a1bdb4e55116c844961425f3.mp4 thanks for reading my suggestion, it means a lot
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    I didnt mean to imply that Aiko's decision was single handed. What I meant is that they (the admins) discuss amongst themselves and then execute their decisions without consulting other staff and that said "other staff" should not be discredited because of admins' decisions.
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    The admins are the leaders of the staff team and the community. Their actions do in fact reflect poorly on the rest of the staff team as well. If the people at the very top abuse their power, then it discredits the entire staff team. Why should people trust or respect the staff team if the admins, the ones who are supposed to lead by example, don't even follow the procedures they put in place to avoid bias and corruption?
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    My conspiracy theory is that the Beanz war thread is kept up to make the forum post counter on the front page look inflated so people don't see that the actual number of posts is an average of one per 20-25ish minutes on a normal day. It's all a front. A con.
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    Do I agree with how the report went down (as it looks), no I don't however as Rolle has stated this issue will be discussed further so I will reserve my final judgement when I have more information. On a wider note: 'The Deal With It' attitude is prevalent for non staff as well. It isn't just about staff attitudes, it is also some members of this community who use 'I'm not changing for anyone' attitude. Things only work if there are compromises on either 'side', but if both sides are pushing then no one comes away happy. As a compromise, cautions, warning threads etc. were introduced as a more lenient way of a sanction but certain members still pushed it. People use the word maturity so much and yet act immature themselves and moan when they get points. "Lets discuss this in a mature fashion in TS" is thrown around so much then we get complaints that those asking for a mature conversation in TS just verbally beat the other group/person down. Reports have turned less into about stating the facts and more about shitting on the person who did the reporting. We are a community, community means to be together and at the moment we are not with this petty 'us and them' attitude. Being in staff is a no win situation, you try to enforce the rules that everyone has agreed to by continuing to be in this community and yet people consistently push things because for them it is funny but here is the kicker, for others it isn't. The game has become second to the forum and trying to best each other with some 'witty' comment or status update. So you have to ask yourself a question, is it fine for non staff to have a 'Deal With It' attitude but when staff do that is just so awful that we need to slam the entire staff team with they all must have this attitude. Peace to all.
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    I'll keep this as brief as possible, but I'm glad to see an r4 finally being used. Should Aiko have been the one to do it? Hell no! It just reeks of bias, even if it isn't there. Politically it just wasn't a good move. Onto the point of this thread though... Let me says this as nice as possible... I left this community for the most part because of the constant drama and harassment that was going on, with a good bit of the drama directed at me. Believe me whenever I say I heard all the shit you people have said about me to people you thought you can trust. Not naming names, you know exactly who you are. Simply, the quality of RP went down the tubes because admins and GMs werent verdicting as strictly as they should, and the community as a whole became even more of a cesspit than it was and not a damn thing was done about it. My criticism of the admins and Rolle isn't like yours, where you hate his "my way" attitude. I love it, and I want to see more of it. Then maybe finally after the dust settles we can recover.
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    My main issue is the fact that Aiko handled the report at hand, she put up the report, didn't allow logs to be posted and then R4'd them. The entire situation comes off as bias and unprofessional to the point where it does not sit right with me. It goes against procedure for the reports, for the staff member (apparently this only applies to GMs and below) to judge their own case but it happened anyway in this one. She shouldn't have closed the report with an R4, let alone be in the discussion for it. On the fact of the actual R4, I will withhold my opinion on it until some evidence comes to light on the actual report, we have permed people for trolling before regardless of point history and other factors. Cos I'm "bias" right? This is some top-notch attitude here "Exemplo Ducemus" - "By example, shall we lead" - Motto of the Royal Military Police, BAF
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    My overhaul experience with staff recently has been poor and I'm starting to feel that they are out of touch with the community and this is very bad. I would love to see staff say hey you made a mistake. Come talk to us on Teamspeak and let's try to figure this out instead of hitting them with the book and banning them. We need to find a middle ground and cooperate with each other If we do not do that then this community is doomed. The fact that the GMs never got a chance to pull logs or the other accused couldn't even post their POVs just to be pushed away like that shows disrespect and I'm starting to doubt that community value even exists here. The guys that were banned put in countless hours of their lives here and some of them invested money so for one Admin to go hey fuck this Ima rule 4 you because you are arguing your case is ridiculous. I want to see change but I don't think it will happen.
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    Even though we got destroyed, had a great time PVP'ing with the Coalition vs the Anarchists! Here are some tags: Our Side @Anoymouse @XxGrAipYyxX @AshleyJesse @kimmylou @TheTrueHawk and a shitload more people Their Side The usual suspects of the Anarchists! @KyleRP tag ya bois Also after the fight, the Coalition got back together and roamed South Zagoria until I fell off the stairs and died in Tisy. That's three times in a row! I'm never going back to Tisy lmao
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    @GreenySmiley @TiviylScratch @RogueSolace @Lyca Got Ella to smile and sign again. Enjoyed the RP ^^
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    Great rp today with @Brett, @Niccokick, and plenty of others.
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    Oh? I didn't realize anyone was permabanned for a comment in the report. I thought they were trolling in game. My bad.
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    The rest of staff have nothing to do with a single admin's R4.
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    Should just have a "Yes, we should" and a "Fuck yes" option tbh El Presidentes assassins gonna be knocking on my door any minute for cracking his code.
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    *Alexander pushes the PTT* I'll try to reach out tomorrow. Over and out. *Alexander releases the PTT*
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    To be honest we need more, normal civilians with regular jobs who are trying not to kill/harm others. That'd be more realistic than a bunch of people who think they're gods gift running around. As soon as the virus hits everyone's either Negan and the boys OR Rick and the boys. Take your pick. Plenty of people will rob you and beat you.
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    These goals you have do not even resemble anything close to SMAR(T) principle, they're just generic "fight enemies" and "bring peace to Chernarus" goals. I don't know how this was approved. Please fix.