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    K if this gets added when I spawn in I will just emote *Duct tapes PTT down*. Whats the work around for that.
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    Kinda sad to see some of the results for these polls but I think it reflects in large part the state of affairs currently. One of the biggest factors is attitude, which everybody who plays, browses, posts, or uses TS can work on. Part of the reason I don't spend as much time on TS as I used to is that it seems like every channel I jump in or hang around is clouded with "he-said/she-said", "this person is a cunt/POS/yadda yadda", and just general middle-school level gutter-snipe comments and chat from people. It's so fucking old and it is something that everybody can work on. "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it." Another thing is this mentality that groups are/should be either "server changing" or otherwise, and if they are not as such they are stupid or useless. We tend to forget that this is a video game we play to have fun in, and not a business or a job, and thankfully it was clarified that SMART goals are more guidelines + the time part isn't a basis for a group getting removed if they fail their goal. Groups should function as a means for people to enjoy the game and the server at a higher level, and not as taking on a yolk of "be fundamentally server-changing or fuck off." I have also heard from a couple people that the group they liked the most (Anarchy) was the most active. One of my biggest issues is having the Lore impact the face of things going on IG, and also providing fun events for people to go to. Lore helps give meaning and purpose to stuff, but it doesn't help anybody if it is just read on a forum and not used in any way, people are here to play a video game and not to read and I understand that. That is why events are so important as they can bring people together, make the Lore worth something, and give people something fun to do in a game that doesn't have much progression after you hit up Tisy. I saw on the poll that 11 people disagreed with the job that the LM team was doing, and it's one of those things where people can just downvote/meme but I still take that stuff seriously. Loremasters are not really related in their function to the rest of the staff team, our core responsibilities do not touch forum moderation, punishment, or any sort of duty that other members of staff do. We deal with groups, Lore, events, and stuff that is generally a bit more approachable in some people's eyes in that respect. Feedback is one of those things that we don't get a lot of, and it is generally positive so I like to have a feel for what people's gripes are or what we could do to improve. After reading all the posts I went through all the TS channels to get feedback from people, writing it down as I went so we have a bit of a record of things. That seems to be the only way to get feedback. It is what it is I suppose, but I think staff (LMs specifically) getting IG and being active is critical, and something I definitely need to work on. I wish people would bring their concerns to us directly or were more vocal about them in the first place.
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    For me I think the issue is mostly attitude of players. I've said over and over the problems I've seen in the community and have been both heavily supported as well as mocked. I've tried to be supportive and advise from years of rp experience, that is probably equal to most people's ages here. Bullying is a huge problem, and the ones doing it obviously won't acknowledge or agree the whole "hiding on the map" to me is a load of shit. * anytime somewhere fun for the community that promotes role play opens, a bunch of people have to come big dick each other, ending in a massive shoot out at some point and fucking over anyone who wants to actually have fun. because getting shot is actually a really big fucking deal that nearly no one takes seriously in this game * also complains of well just do what we tell you, and you'll have a great time. aren't actually viewed as the bullying that it is * people keep thinking we are in a Third World country where everything resource wise is completely gone, even though it's been approved by the Lore Masters that's not the case. Also it would take years with the amount of people left and the supplies to actually become anywhere near low on resources * well yeah while you would have some anarchy and violence, Ive provided a shit ton of scientific sources saying The overall behavior is otherwise. It's not all love and hugs by any means, but people genetically work together and help each other to survive. Even if it's for themselves, they still usually work together with entire community, because that how you survive. You get people to care about you and look out for you, and usually get that response by being nice to them and doing the same. Except it seems the majority of the opinion people have a is that's bullshit and just burn these places to the ground because somehow that is going to further their survival. lets see my ch * has had the shit beaten out of her and took nearly a month to recover. Because I actually decently role-play my damage, I'm not running around like nothing happened the day after I got shot in the foot or the leg, or after major surgery, like I see quite a lot * never had a good experience in a large place that wasn't ruined by people big dicking at some point * been shot multiple times * been forced to watch bad things happen to other people (both very traumatic) * takes care of innocent people * is one of the only people that can actually really fix people who are hurt * and for some reason a lot of people are really stupid about that and want to hurt me. So just destroy and threaten the people that can actually help you when you need it...great job...brilliant * has a massive amount of distrust because of trying to be nice to people and having a gun in my face as a result and my stuff taken * Watched the leaders of groups be incapable of acting like adults who can reason with each other * all the negans * have watched other groups and had to deal with another group trying to make you bow down to them because they can * been shot at least three times * suddenly gets a warning that "a large group of hostile people are heading right for you, heavily armed and with intent to hurt you." Really, irl after all of that, you'd be a fucking idiot if you DIDN'T run and hide. If you're pissed because you spend hours wondering the map and can't find anyone to role-play with, I really think you might need to look at the situation a little differently then again I'm not expecting anything because when the community was asked what they think the problem was, and a few people pointed out the problem that no one else would speak up about, it was literally mocked and ignored completely. I know a lot of people think I dislike hostile RP. That's not true. The problem is that I've seen very few people that actually make it fun. There has to be a balance and the server doesn't have one. At all. The fact that it takes people hours to find anyone, because people are hiding should be fucking obvious that something is not quite right. Because people don't just hide because it's fun, contrary to popular belief. No one wants to be in the background, people are doing it because if it was real life, that's with the smart people would be doing. Because the less chances of interacting with people that will probably hurt you and take your supplies, makes your survival rate go a lot higher If people could actually interact without everyone having a big dick competition in places, there would be a hell of a lot more role-play. That's apparently too much to ask for. haven't really been paying attention to the admin stuff lately. I've been really happy with the lore masters and working with them. Would love more rp with VDC and would love to see lore masters backing up government, military, and un/who actions
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    i almost posted this wall of text addressing all the communities problems but its not worth the effort tbh. despite all these threads that are meant to "discuss" the problems with the community and how to fix them nothing actually gets done and people get snippy at each other like its twitter. just spend less time being forum warriors and keep your grievances in game and you'll forget there were even any issues in this community. i come on here to beanz a funny post or update my profile music and this place has become a lot more enjoyable and stress free ever since. try it and then when beta comes you can make this your life again.
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    This thread is dedicated to providing the community with a peek into the state of the world outside Chernarus. This is an OOC thread so feel free to chat, discuss, and ask questions below. World Lore Entry No.1 - Faces of War - July 25-27th, 2017 (hit play, adjust PC volume and read) As Europe struggled to fight off the infected and contain the virus old rivalries and feuds between nations reared their persistent heads. As Russia was being blamed by the international media for the entire debacle in Chernarus, the Chernarussian State began consolidating the thousands of troops that had been saved pulled back to the coast and began planning a campaign to re-take key areas that had been lost. The US had pulled back troops from South Zagoria to Utes Island, and was calculating the next move as the NATO fleet ambled off the coast of Chernarus, unsatisfied and annoyed with losses and failure to reach ground zero. The Russians seemed content to continue their air campaign over all the areas near the border that contained infected or "unknown armed entities", killing everything unidentifiable or unreachable that moved and not allowing refugees to cross the border. Western Europe was in chaos dealing with local Outbreaks, while the Czech Republic, Poland, and many Balkan states refused entry and held thousands of civilians in airports and opted to contain the outbreaks there. It was clear something very serious and dangerous was afoot, but the inkling of really how dangerous the situation was about to become had been muffled as it appeared things were under control. People were content to turn the TV off after finishing their breakfast and head out to work or drop the kids off at daycare and ignore what was going on, which isn't to say they didn't notice more than they tuned it out. If it wasn't in their faces or hindering their daily lives they were content to forget it, but not for long. On the 25th an event would occur that everybody thought would be ten times less likely now given the circumstances, an unfathomable and unthinkable occurrence that belittled all the crazy events in Chernarus and around the world. At exactly 5:00 PM GMT-5 Eastern standard time the NATO fleet off Chernarus was struck by what can only be described as a massive underwater nuclear device of uncertain origin. No warning, no provocation, no indication of such an incoming catastrophic event taking place or being expected. This was the only moment from here on out that the drive-by news media stopped talking about the Outbreak. A veritable shock took over the world as everyone waited for what they thought must be an imminent massive nuclear war. Russia denied having any involvement and in fact several Russian vessels miles away were capsized by the waves and blast, which had been subdued by the ocean which was the only thing that prevented complete destruction. Russia denied any connection to the event, but at that time many neither cared nor wanted evidence to prove otherwise. Like during 9/11 people wanted blood to flow and heads to roll, but it was becoming ever clearer as that what had taken place would not be explained away easily, and that Russia had neither the desire or the gall to try such a thing. Many suspected a false flag or a trick, an attempt by some entity to get the world to destroy itself. The NATO fleet had gone dark, and the Russians sent seismic graphs and all manner of evidence to the US and the UN, in a desperate attempt to clear their name. Later that day, US President Donald Trump tweeted out that "A thorough investigation is being carried out, all military authorities are on high alert. We are prepared but will wait for evidence." Many Americans took to cellars and old Cold War bunkers in their backyard, everyone else sought whatever refuge they could find and proceeded to glue themselves to their TV or phone as they waited in anticipation of things to come. In the afternoon Washington DC was locked down, and shooting was heard from the vicinity of the National Mall and the White House. Smoke billowed from the city as onlookers tried to determine what had transpired, and the Pentagon was rushed by hundreds of armed men wearing no insignia. Minutes later Air Force One was seen heading west, and the president's personal twitter account was erased. The Pentagon released a brief statement saying that it was clear that Russia had conducted the attack and shortly following the president's staff quickly issued another statement denying this and claiming that there had been a coup. European NATO countries began a massive air assault on Russian military facilities and air bases in western Russia and the Baltics, hitting the Baltic fleet at Kaliningrad and missile bases there. The Russian air force went into action immediately, generating an enormous air war over Europe's skies as Russian bomber and fighter bomber squadrons attempted to strike NATO airbases in a bid to bring an end to strikes. The Luftwaffe, RAF, and Armée de l'air were the only air forces that actively struck Russian positions, where as US Air Force jets merely downed Russian planes as they flew in to bomb joint bases occupied by the US and its European allies. Russian troops that had been massed in Pskov flowed across the border into Latvia, pushing towards Kaliningrad to reinforce its isolated troops. As ground warfare rages in the Baltic states and the Russian advance drives through Lithuania 3 small-scale nuclear bombs dropped from French aircraft took out the vanguard of the Russian advance and decimated the remainders of Russia's ground force, killing 35,000 troops and 50,000 local civilians. Despite such an act, Russia refuses to retaliate accordingly and cites that it is only seeking to defend itself in the midst of airstrikes and the deployment of nuclear weapons against another nuclear power for the first time in the history of the world. Polish troops massed at the border move into Lithuania and with allies begin to drive Russian forces back. As the fighting escalates in the Baltics the outbreaks in and around airports in western Europe spread to the surrounding area, and one by one the fighting begins to peter off as France and Germany are forced by dire internal circumstances to combat the outbreak rather than attack retreating Russian troops. Mayhem ensues as the strong border protections of eastern European nations are undone by the fighting, allowing the Outbreak to spread into previously safe areas. Russia is the only nation that maintains territorial integrity as its troops retreat back inside its borders. It seemed as if order had been restored in the US, as the president's twitter account was reinstated and he retreated to the Cheyanne Mountain Complex. However, throughout the conflict in Europe an official declaration of war was never issued, and many people wondered what the nature of relations with Russia would be in this crisis and beyond. Many troops didn't know whether or not to fire on Russian troops in the distance, to talk or reconcile or to attack. That was unclear, but what was clear was that the Russian state and people were not interested in fighting people, rather the outbreaks that were popping up all around its territory. Outbreaks in Atlanta, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle were being responded to by the National Guard. A Chernarussian memo to the US government containing information about the spread of the virus was sent allowing containment efforts to be properly implemented. The meek Chernarussian Navy sailed out of Miroslavl and Novigrad to reach the initial site of the blast in an attempt to rescue survivors and find any remaining ships that were still occupied or operational. While the attention of much of the world was turned away from Chernarus, Russia annexed Belozersk city in north-western Chernarus, with the declared goal of securing the Nuclear power plant based near the lake. The 500 CDF troops there didn't fire so much as a shot and appear to have been overwhelmed or defected to the Russian side, as the area is known for the heavy ethnic Russian population and sentiments. The mayor of the town and a handful of military officials and COBR and OREL police departed in Mi-17s from the airbase as the local Chernarussian Mig-21 squadron fled the base to fly escort on the way to Primorsk and the CAF's Il-76 airlifter evacuated remaining ground crew and many civilians loyal to the State. As the transports flew away over the expanse of the western Chernarussian plains the Russians closed in on the town center, where a silence greeted them from locals that were left within the city walls. Nothing for them was certain, and the glorious sunset that day was barely noticed as those who had lived there wondered what the future held for them... Translation for the background.
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    Today was great for my first day here! Met the the CDF and others and went up to Sevrograd, hopefully that's spelled right, but only got into three firefights and still been going strong haha. But my first day was great here! Glad to meet everyone I RPed with and hope to RP with some of you soon!
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    This is rule 11.5 This rule is against ESPers or something. Read it: When rule 11.5 was implemented, it got rid of a lot of situations where players in third-party voice contact with each other would discuss in detail what they wanted to do and how they planned to do it, especially when talking about how to conduct hostilities against other players even as they were currently interacting with them. This was obviously unrealistic and cheap as this "radio contact", which was carried mostly OOC, took part in front of the potential victim without the victim's knowledge. No PTT push was emoted, no voice heard, nothing. From the victims POV a bunch of people just went inexplicably silent in front of him for long periods of time, even when they were supposedly and ICLY, talking amongst themselves over their radio sets while manipulating said sets. As it stands now, with rule 11.5 long implemented, most of these nasty non-RP situations have been covered, but as with most rules players have found workarounds. I am currently talking about the bad habit players have of double-micing their responses to their captors in order to let other people in the same TS channel (or sharing any other third-party voice client contact) know that they have been initiated on, along with as much other information as possible. This is done for as long as justifiable possible within the rules so usually they keep it up as long as it takes the initiator to emote taking away their radios, or at least until the initiated have finally completed the act of putting their hands up, which they purposefully delay. Nowadays, when players want to talk in radio in front of other players, they make it obvious. They say out loud "hold on, I'm being called over the radio", in some cases even placing the actual radio item in their hands or emoting it and walk away while chatting in a way that makes it very obvious to everyone around that they are manipulating their radio sets and having some sort of radio interaction. So I don't understand why we give a free pass to this kind of "stealth radio communication" when in all other situations the standard for having a radio conversation be undetected is actually staying 30 meters away from anyone else while having it. I mean, even in situations where they are holding a two-handed item/weapon, in these high-risk situations it seems players still find a way to stealthily press that PTT. I find this action unrealistic, very cheap and against the spirit of RP. If I was at initiation distance of a person, I would 9 out of 10 times be able to detect a PTT being pressed on a set like the ones we handle IG. Anyone would, at the very least, detect the person quickly sinking a hand into their pockets/jacket/backpack/whatever to press the PTT and then be able to respond accordingly. Whoever is cocky enough to do that in front of someone on a life-or-death situation would have a very good chance of getting a bullet to the forehead for all their trouble. My suggestion is either to make this kind of radio usage against the rules and/or to make pressing that PTT after initiation a hostile action against the initiator punishable by death. It would be preferable if it was against the rules as asking "//did you press the PTT as you answered me just now?" would be immersion breaking in most situations and I can only imagine it would be awkward to give a "Yes" response, knowing the result will most certainly be a bullet to the head followed by the initiator immediately fleeing the scene in fear of reinforcements. I think the positive effects of this rule change could be: A larger willingness from small groups of players and/or individuals to try and risk initiating hostilities on other players, specifical players are known to or that might be in larger groups. Some instances of individuals actually trying to stalk and isolate a prey out of big groups of people. A more realistic (though still slim) chance of taking revenge from lone wolves and smaller groups against larger groups that currently make use of this tactic to spread too far without negative consequence. Groups would have to be less careless about where their members roam, as right now they get a free alert of "I'm being initiated on" as soon as this happens and provided the position of these members is more or less known, then they are effectively baiting other players into initiate on horrible odds. Eroding the group-safe space mentality that people in big groups usually have. You play only when your teammates are all online? Well, you might still get caught with your pants down. So what do you think about these proposed changes? If you currently use or have benefited from people in your group using these kinds of tactics, be open about it while discussing the thread.
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    It's a video game; there's only so much realism people can stand before wanting to bash their head in with their own keyboards.
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    [Razz holds the firmly holds down the PTT, holding up to the face of Johnny Zhu] ''I, Johnny Zhu, Lance Corporal of NATO, denounce myself of all branches of government; monarchy, and my affiliations with all relations of NATO...'' [Briskly pulls the radio away from Johnny Zhu's face, giving him a rather sadistic smirk lightly patting the right side of his cheek sarcastically.. walking upstairs placing his photo upon a recording of his resignation onto the desk] ''This man has been held accountable for the vast robberies reported over the past week on the North West airfield, yet he finally learns his place within Chernarus.... amongst the rest of us. To the dwindling few self-righteous soldier boys, you stand upon a foundation of war-crimes and banditry, stained with the blood of innocent men, women, & children. I'd suggest you denounce yourself over the radio before, and quit bleeding for superiors who wouldn't for you, you're grunts enforcing the old ideologies of dead men. Fail to do so, and I will find and hunt you down myself.'' ''Razz McKenzie, avid anarchist enforcer & freedom fighter, signing off for the night'' [Releases the PTT followed up by an long-winded exhale, he'd exit the Administration building of the airfield and walk off into the night]
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    See stuff like this is totally unnecessary as far as I am concerned. There was nothing wildly off topic about anything this is issues facing the community and people voiced extra concerns about them. There is no real flaming here just a little back and forth and discussion in somewhat relevance to the topic at hand, community opinions. Why is a thread warning necessary for this we are all supposedly mature individuals capable of having a conversation. There was no flaming no whatever here. Unnecessary -1 I feel like there is a lot of people just voting down groups to vote then down. I hit neutral on all because obviously I haven't played in a while but if people that haven't played are down voting groups that's pretty dumb.
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    Too much campfire RP is... well we all know it's boring as fuck. But right now you've got to look at the cause of all the campfire RP. There were groups that tried to forward RP, to keep people in hotspots, to keep people actually roaming to find others and not just RP with their friends. The community needs to reflect on the change that has occured, people are sick of campfire RP but campfire RP is can easily be increased due to actions of another. IMO the problem that coms with it is this "must win" mentality that some people share. Just because you're better, stronger and prefer the hostile side of things (largely pvp related) it doesn't mean others will. When there's a superpower that nobody can deal with, and that OOCly won't change their behaviour, what do you think it will cause? (This isn't aimed at criticising you Centurion, more putting what I've experienced over the last couple months across). The Red Letter was a group that was set up to try and bolster HostileRP, to actually try and fill in the gaps for the piss-poor quality hostile most have experienced recently. It was an attempt to actually keep people in their hotspots and provide some RP that was proportional, none of this "you disrespected me, you must die" crap. it's old, boring and does not promote RP. But before I knew it some of the members who preached to try and improve things went back to the other group that, in a lot of people's eyes, was the problem. *shrugs* who knows, but right now I know it's the hostile RP that needs fixing if we're to create a balance in the server again.
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    *Nedved flinches for a moment as his police scanner picks up the back and forth broadcasting spewing out about the CDF. He glances around him at the abandon vehicles and shakes his head. He unclips the radio from his vest. He shakes his head grabbing a small electronic box out his back vest pouch. He places it on his throat and switches it on before tuning the radio to the frequency.*-Pushes down on the PTT button-*Nedved's voice would sound robotic and garbled. A mix of male and female tones making it unable to tell who or what he is.*More people showing no intellect of what is going on in the region I hear.[An faint chuckle can barely be made out]Let me help you on the right path. The CDF no matter how loud they shout and cause shit are merely a military organization supporting the will of the Government. They are not themselves the Government and if they tell you so they are bullshitting you. However since South Zagoria was placed under a state of Marshal Law before all the madness kicked in we have some of these military elements representing Chernarus poorly by thinking they are the Government now. Them denouncing their loyalty to their military unit is as much use as putting a ice cube in a stove. Nothing. Zero. Fuck all. They are merely betraying their nasinec and bratři that they have fought with for years.[He pauses a moment]The Chernarus Government is still performing its active role in trying to get ahead of this viral epidemic. Along them are still active Government Representatives feeding information on current events happening within the borderlines of South Zagoria. [He chuckles louder this time]If you hoped that having these soldiers denounce themselves would net you power or credit you are sadly mistaken. However if you do have a compliant with how the Government is currently handling the situation. You are more than welcome to march to Miroslavl' and try to explain your case. I can save you the trip and tell you what will happen. You will be met with the might of what is left of the Chernarussian Government. Not only the brave and veteran CDF, but also the CPF and CAF. Along side them would be our brave firefighters and medical personal that are still actively assisting foreigners and Chernarussians alike. Doing their part to smooth over this unpleasant situation, regardless of nationality. In hopes of actually returning you all home so you can live out your life as intended. [He pauses a moment] ...but go ahead and continue broadcasting this pointless declaration of war. For you will never scratch or harm the true might of Chernarus and its people. Sláva státu! -Lets go of the PTT button-*Nedved places his radio in his pouch again and removes the electronic box from his throat before continuing to walk down the road.*
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    Thank you @Chief @Spanners @Oscar Coates again I really appreciate the warm welcome!
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    We have been forced to disable some features on the website that relied on accessing and analyzing game server logs. These features are: Death count on the front page statistics Character damage and recovery system Character statistics This is due DayZ developer team forcing all server providers to disable access to FTP on DayZ game servers. I have tweeted the DayZ development team about it here: This is why we can't have nice things.
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    Had a blast. Everyone needs to pay us for us to be the pretty thorns we are aye?
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    Overall I feel this place isn't actually doing that bad at all, If you wipe the layer of shit that people have of this place it's actually a well organised community which still gets people in game every night looking to roleplay, a lot of people are going to be burnt out of the game and what not but this place isn't going to AFK until then. People still want to return to a well organized community with active staff and players which this place offers. Go onto the forums of any of the other DayZ communities they are dead/non existent due to various reasons but this place has one thing ALOT of places have dont have which is an unbiased staff team. I really honestly think that is a major player, am I saying I agree with the staff teams decisions all the time? Of course not it's just that at least you know there was a discussion between at least 3 people (Shown from people signing verdicts) and how points are handled so when people say staff are shit and that ill always disagree since 98% of the time its fair judgement which any person looking at the other perspective can see not one SJW doing everything from the shades because person X doesn't like person Y even if people disagree it's true. As for this thread in general I think it is quite positive and gives a good reflection of IC and OOC feelings/perspectives and maybe this would be a good monthly thing for the staff team to see what can change and for people to vote without having to TLDR and write a reply. +1 @Squillium
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    I have been saying this. I want this sooo bad. When beta hits in Q4 2015 we should totally have another LW or Lore advancement into the future guys. Thinkabooooooutit.
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    Then why are you still here?
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    11/23 staff members have approx less than 100 hours this lore-wipe. 4 of them are Game Masters who solve reports regularly. Still technically a minority but its enough to have me worried at least. I've always felt that staff members should be in-tune with what's occurring in-game and on the forums, but if you're only doing 1/2 the job, you're not as likely to be an effective staff member. A problem I've seen crop its ugly head up again recently is that lack of understanding between different types of roleplayers. For example, this status update, which unfortunately spiralled out of control, is an example of something that is not helpful when it comes to mutual understanding. One sees this and the comments below and can only feel that a conversation wouldn't be fruitful at all, as well as the fact that it lends fuel to the toxic mindset that I've seen people display recently, which is essentially "oh they're coming our way; best run, I don't want to deal with that shit today." People bitch and complain about the state of RP behind closed doors and on the forums, they moan and whine and wonder why nothing gets better. Take a step back, look at what you're doing right now, be it soapboxing like a fucking child, or spewing toxic hate about other roleplayers in a private chat to justify your isolationist, non-community based mindset, and just think "what if I did the opposite?" Assumption and prejudice are the barriers to all progress, so put yours aside and reach out to people, this is a community after all. Anyway, I'm curious @Squillium, what do you plan on doing with the statistics you'll collect from this? also as a side note if we ever do another lore wipe i'd love to be taken 15-20 years into the future but that's just me
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    - Hands are shivering from fear. Fingers are closely gripped to the trigger. Sleep deprived and anxious for weeks - " This is Lance corporal Johnny Zhu, one of the NATO survivors from the massacre at Chernogorsk. So much terrible things have happened... I'm stuck in a town called Kabanino right now... Crazy blue figures with scary masks running around everywhere. I've heard rumours from people that they're hunting down any military remnants. I must pray for the wicked. I am scared, until I heard your almost sacred voice on my radio. I am now determined that there is still hope and faith in this heathenish country." - Johnny suddenly feels a new surge of hope and life through hearing the prayer, and his faith convinced him he MUST meet this man. " A relief to finally hear another Christian spreading the Lord's word" " I must meet you, my faith draws me to you" " I must go now and hide, from the blue demons" "Amen"
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    *Hans awoken by the long radio transmission pressed the button down to reply* Well what the gentleman just said is somewhat correct, but we do not serve the Government, we serve the people it is the reason we are here. We are not seen gathering subjects and performing tests, we are seen distributing supplies and helping those in need. This help will be remembered and returned in time and what have you left Anarchy? Only death. Besides, the 22 Phantoms is not entirely made of CDF soldiers, I myself am German and when I get a chance to contact my soldaten back in the country killing your pathetic miserable group would be like swatting flies. Consider the rest of the nationalities in the 22nd as well, you will eventually be fighting against hundreds of us. Parade your so called victory while you can. *He lets out a muffled laugh, trying to take it easy due to his wounds*
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    I have to ask since it was once made such a big deal for other reasons long ago; Why are we attempting to implement more rules that make us break immersion while in RP? If I find myself in this situation when my dynamic friend and I are traveling about, you can put money on the fact that I will more than likely "break this rule" and do everything in my power to save my friends life. Why you might ask? Because it makes actual realistic and in character sense to do so! This rule change is literally telling me that I have to mentally break my immersion and restrain myself from helping my friend survive in a survival game or get banned for doing so. That is the complete opposite of what role playing is all about. Restating what myself and MANY others have already mentioned about re-initiating; We will be dead before we have a chance to utter a word of re-initiating or are even able to complete the animation to raise a weapon. Anyone who plays regularly or pays any attention to the report section will know this. Again, I understand the need for incentive to create official groups I really do. But not everyone wants to be a part of one or has the time to commit. Let's not also forget that this will genuinely confuse the living hell out of newcomers (who i'm willing to bet will not be a part of any official group) who are trying to grasp an understanding of what is and isn't allowed here. @Staff It has been mentioned several times that select people are still abusing the dynamic groups rule. What may I ask is so difficult about instead punishing these select few individuals who are costing us this drastic change? Add "Abuse of dynamic group rights" to the list of rule breaks that people can be charged with a hefty punishment and see how many will still chose to abuse it. I implore you; look at the statistics of people playing regularly now and compare it with the amount playing in 2015. Now do the very same for how many official groups there were then as opposed to how many there are now. It will probably be a very similar ratio if I'm not mistaken. It's not a matter of people not wanting to make official groups... there just simply aren't as many people around to make them. Changing that ratio will only hurt things more. Honestly, just keep the defensive rights and call it a day. It makes no sense to have so many pay the price for the poor decisions of so few.
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    Just wanted to say Hi to anyone that reads this, looking forward to jumping in, meeting people and creating stories. My main character is a forgotten UN Peacekeeper hell bent on searching for clues of the source of the outbreak and to find out what happened to the rest of his deployed team.
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    Thankyou @Rory @Jamie @Hebi Kotei @Rudolph @Hebee
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    Taken from several sheets of scrap paper written some week before, folded, and placed inside Ezra's notebook. "We kept ourselves nestled low behind a cedar break that night, all dog-tired and aching down to our bones. Moon was at a high slant, bathing us in a saturated ghost-glow, showing the truth in the sallowness of our faces. Gaunt, pissed, and chewing on dog hair by the look of our grimace. Brave men went up to Devil's Castle that night, and left nothing but footfalls and gunshots. Shots expected for an avalanche, raised nothing but a whimper. Merry Christmas, the war is over. The fire was kept low, pines kept the wind back and we just needed enough to keep our fingertips warm. Preacher kept his one eye flirtin' with every moving shadow; just waiting for another ambush to fuck up our night. Tyler kept his wound nursed, muttering to himself and shaking his head. I rolled a log over with a stick every so often, the embers danced up towards the sky, but it brought no comfort. Someone's stomach growled in the silence of the night. There was a shrill cawing, and thud, and sound of shaking brambles. Idiot raven had misjudged something and broke his little neck when he flew into a tree. He flapped around on the ground for a minute, and then stopped. We all starred at it for some time, until that stomach growled again. We took turns plucking the feathers. "Enough of this," someone seemed to whisper. And then we ate our crow."