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    An amalgam of the last few days of RP @Lyca @Jadeboat @Methias @Drbeans @NateRP @Harvey @Harsardie @Razareth And probably some others I've missed, thanking you all friendos :*
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    Aaron: *Smacks him on the back of the head with the buttstock of his rifle* Hostage: *gets erection* Like, what? hello?
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    Today's Lesson Children...
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    Plaque to a graduate at my high school who died in the horrific Pulse Night Club shooting last year in Orlando. May he rest in peace.
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    Coming into a dimly lit house, only lit by the sun's afternoon glow sticking through the windows and reflecting off the hardwood floor of the home, David walks in rocking his contractor's wear. Taking his hat, bandanna, and aviator glasses off, he runs his hand through his hair, pushing it upward. Hanging his hat up on the coat hangar in the hallway, David turns the corner, pulls up a chair, and takes his plate carrier and unhooks his rifle from it, laying it atop one another on the kitchen table. Pulling his radio off his belt, David switches to the frequency written down and held onto specifically by Vytis Puzikas, but given to David shortly before the events of this current situation. Staring at the radio before transmitting, David glances at it and lets out a sad sigh, and presses the PTT. "This message is to Doctor Faith Capella of the World Health Organization, although, to anyone else listening, this message may be for yourself as well. It's to my understanding that my friend Vytis Puzikas wanted to let you all know when his time came, and unfortunately, today is the day I transmit that very message." David pauses suddenly, and continues as normal. "I and Vytis got caught up in a firefight with some individuals who were very unruly, normally this wouldn't be out of the unusual for us, but today really changed our minds. During the fight, myself and Vytis were trying to hold out in a building against these people. The odds of survival in our eyes were slim to none, and had it not been for Vytis, I wouldn't have made it out alive. Vytis, on the other hand.. well, he's not with us anymore. Vytis stayed back to suppress while I booked it across the field, thinking he was going to run with me. By the time I made it across, the fire began to break to pick up heavily again, a pretty clear indication that it wasn't going to let up like it once had. In that time, Vytis's building got stormed into by unknown assailants and the fighting commenced until all went silent, and the sound of a grenade impact went off in the room he was in. It is at this point I fear the worst, and I know my friends would feel the deep sadness I currently feel. As security agents, we're not really supposed to get attached to others as far as friends go, but this one really struck home with me, and I'm gonna miss him. With that being said, anyone else listening to this frequency, Vytis lived to the fullest extent and was selfless up until to the very end. I have nothing more to deliver over these waves, because Vytis would have wanted this as his last broadcast. This is David, signing off." David switches frequencies, and walks to the cabinet of the kitchen, pouring a strong glass of Chernarussian alcohol into a tall, clear glass. He walks over to the wall, placing his back against it, and slides down slowly, hitting the floor with a sudden thud.
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    @Oisin @Razareth Great "walk" through the woods the other day, top notch humor. @Malet @Blackburn @SofiaLR @Lyca @Mademoiselle @RogueSolace @FieJaxon @Elmo - Good RP aswell past few days!
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    We have been forced to disable some features on the website that relied on accessing and analyzing game server logs. These features are: Death count on the front page statistics Character damage and recovery system Character statistics This is due DayZ developer team forcing all server providers to disable access to FTP on DayZ game servers. I have tweeted the DayZ development team about it here: This is why we can't have nice things.
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    Thoughts and prayers @Vytis. You weren't even a PvP'er or hostile RP'er but you still received the hammer as one would. You will be in everyone's thoughts and prayers.
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    I love you Brady, and im always here for you <3
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    How I imagine @Lady In Blue and the other top 10 dedicated players must be feeling..."For now." @Jack the Ripper
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    People need to chillllllllllll the fuck out holy shit
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    Where is your god now?
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    You can tell if a meme is going to be shit or not if the person posting it has RP at the end of their name it seems.
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    Loved the RP from the CDF lads today at Vybor Industrial. Also enjoyed the internal from @Grimnir, @Solo and @Sleepyhead. Looking forward to more.
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    Oh man, last night was some good shit. I enjoyed our conversations with all the folks we met in Severo last night. @RogueSolace I had some serious fun nerding out with you. @Cosmo, @Petrovsky you guys did a fantastic job as my security team last night. I enjoyed our little convo as we looked for a good place to log. All in all it was really good night and I'm looking forward to even more solid RP.
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    Pull out game: @Hebee/10
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    Nah man, you're being a bit over dramatic. Anyway... great RP today @JimRP @ExoticRP @DustyRP @BorisRP @SkinVestRP @KyleRP @NateRP @Keira @JoffreyRP @Exio @i am Bambi @LouieRP @WesternRP top notch stuff. Amazing RPers. If I missed anyone, my bad. Wish I could add more to the list but it's hard finding people who constantly run and hide
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    Are you the chick who tried to get a ride in my truck in Kamy earlier?
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    *Anonymous man picks up his radio, holding down the PTT.* *Anonymous man releases the PTT, And light a cigarette.*
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    Everybody welcome @Oisin to the Family! Welcome to San Valentino!
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    Squad-goals with @Razareth, @Dino & @Mademoiselle
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    Even though the entire evening went slightly different than expected I still want to give a quick shoutout to @Mademoiselle, @Dino, @Harvey, @RogueSolace, @SofiaLR & @Blackburn for the RP and the tense atmosphere today. See ya IG
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    I like the way she looks over in the distance Matching outfits (more @Lady In Blue pictures)
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    I am laughing way more than I should be at this, please send help!
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    Time to drink more. I'd pour out a 40, but I don't want it to go to waste. I have a lot of drinking avatars
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    A hefty entry of great quality, as usual. Keep up the good work ! I really like this new OOC goal; and man do I dig this Goliath feature. Hell yeah !
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    Leave the idea of hunting bears!!! You cannot find them. They find you!!
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    C'mon, those memes were obviously bean farms. I make quality-ish memes sometimes. Like this one when we were in VDV Or this one when Rolle was gonna perm 12 of us
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    this community man, developing into
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    Using steak as a reference for whitenames. Lady In Blue: "So like, they are raw and I am like, medium raw." Buddy: "I must be overcooked as fuck." @Mischief @Chief
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    I really enjoyed the RP from our hostages, @Exio and the weird pervert dude that we took. Was hoping to get some hostile RP with the other dudes at that compound, but it was bad timing. Also loved the RP with @Keira as we 'kidnapped' her and brought her on our adventures over the northern highway.
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    There bish welcome to the winning team
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    Being in the military IRL makes me never want to RP a character in the military lmao
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    Oh Jesus, good music also! Don't you just love DayZ!
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    Happy Birthday!!!!! :DDDDD
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    A King is Dead. Part 1. He came to us as a friend. He claimed he just wanted to help. The King lied to us. I should have shot him in the shed. I should have ended his miserable existence then and there. Preacher knew it. David knew it. Even Hailee had her doubts about him. I was blinded by my hope for humanity, my hope that people were good. It all went down yesterday and today. It's my fault. I had returned from fishing and was sitting down to filet the fish I had caught. It was a good catch, four nice carp. A bit oily, but it beats the hell out of beans and apples. Even the wolf steaks were getting a bit tiring. I finished cleaning the fish and prepared to dry them. Drying is a popular method among people in the wild, according to Mason, perhaps because it doesn’t require equipment or a large supply of salt. Properly dried fish should keep for up to two months...or so he said.. Steps include: Clean and fillet the fish, slicing it into thin quarter-inch strips. Hang the strips out to dry in the hot sun with thread or thin wire. We used fishing line. After 12 hours, the strips should develop a dried protective coating but the insides will dry more slowly over time. Bring the fish in at night to avoid dew. Once dried, fish can be carried on your person and eaten at any time, in soups, or just like jerky. So after I finished hanging the fish up, I decided to take a small nap outside under a tree. I propped myself up against the tree and set my shotgun across my lap. I closed my eyes and tried to relax, pushing thoughts of the previous day from my mind. Getting grabbed in the woods, shoved in a car with another man and driven south. Thank God I escaped and found a radio. Hailee and David came and picked me up, brought me home. We need to leave this place. I hate the idea, but they'll come back here eventually. They'll realize after searching that I must have come back. I had just started to drift off when I heard a scream. I thought I was dreaming, and then the scream pierced the air again. Hailee. I scrambled to my feet and grabbed my shotgun. I looked down at it, then dropped it on the ground, pulling my sidearm instead. I ran for the house, then crouched by the door to the kitchen, my hand on the knob. I heard a voice inside, not David. Not Preacher. Not Hailee. Not King. His voice was muffled, but he seemed to be threatening Hailee, and she was giving him names. Fake names. Not ours. I turned the doorknob slowly, and peeked into the kitchen. Clear. I slipped inside and closed the door behind me. "Who is there? Come out with your hands up, or this pretty little thing gets a bullet in her Fucking skull!" No way in hell was I revealing myself. He'd shoot us both, or her, or me, and we'd both be dead. For Hailee's sake, I had to stay where I was. "Do you hear me? I said come out! I will kill her, I swear it!!" I paused and then lowered my voice, creating a batman like voice, and in another situation, it may have made me laugh, but I had to make sure Hailee didn't recognize my voice and try and make me leave, to save myself. "GET OUT OF HERE IF YOU WANT TO LIVE, WE HAVE THE PLACE SURROUNDED! YOU'RE A DEAD MAN IF YOU DON'T!!" "WHO IS THAT? I SAID WHO WAS THAT?!" Hailee cried out, "I don't know, I don't know!" Good. Fooled her and hopefully made this asshole think twice. Hailee cried out in pain again, and the man laughed coldly. "Maybe I just kill you. Your friend told me where to find you." "Who told you?" She cried out, and I heard a brief struggling inside the bedroom. So that's where he was, and he had her in there with him. How was I going to lure him out, what the fuck was I going to do? "King. He tell me where to find you, he brought me right here!" No. He wouldn't. He...we trusted him. Shit. Never again. I'll kill the asshole. Hailee cried out again, whether from some unknown hurt the man was inflicting on her, or the realization that Ezekiel King had betrayed us. Suddenly I heard David, he must have been down in the village and just returned home. His footsteps were outside the front door. "Hailee? Hailee, what's going on?" "NO! David! Get out of here!" she cried out. "NO you don't! Get your ass in here or the pretty girl gets a knife in her back! I'll do it!" David's footsteps paused outside and I could sense him realizing the predicament. He called out "Don't hurt her, I'm coming in. My hands are empty. Don't hurt her!" He opened the front door and closed it behind him, then opened the door to the kitchen. His eyes widened when he saw me crouched by the kitchen cabinets, gun in hand. I held a finger to my lips and nodded at the door. He nodded and took a step towards the door to the bedroom. "I'm coming in! I am unarmed!" "Hurry up and close the fucking door!" The next few minutes were a sweaty, muffled blur. David pleading with the assailant, Hailee's sobs and cries for mercy. The man laughing with glee as he tormented them, cut Hailee, cut David. I heard their cries and could do nothing. If I charged the door, he'd shoot them. If I tried to go outside and shoot him through the window, he could hear me and kill them..or capture me too. I could only hope David could lure him out somehow....
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    'No shade' hm. I'm giving RP another go when I get back from visiting Taryn, thanks for watching out for me though.
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    We are searching for new people to fill ranks in the staff team! We're in particular interested in candidates who are fairly new to the community, who have not yet been "tainted" with bias towards existing groups or players, people who can bring new fresh ideas to the table from the perspective of a newcomer. If you have joined the community in the last year, have 200 posts on the forum, fairly clean warning history and good reputation in the community, don't be afraid to apply for a position in the staff application forums. Threads created in that forum are visible only to you and administrators.