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    We have been forced to disable some features on the website that relied on accessing and analyzing game server logs. These features are: Death count on the front page statistics Character damage and recovery system Character statistics This is due DayZ developer team forcing all server providers to disable access to FTP on DayZ game servers. I have tweeted the DayZ development team about it here: This is why we can't have nice things.
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    Even though the entire evening went slightly different than expected I still want to give a quick shoutout to @Mademoiselle, @Dino, @Harvey, @RogueSolace, @SofiaLR & @Blackburn for the RP and the tense atmosphere today. See ya IG
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    Part I - Addiction There are two kinds of work, the legitimate kind and the illegitimate kind. Which one do you think pays more? Exactly. You can either work nine to five working a minimum wage job, or you could do something with your life. If a few people die in the process, it's their own fault. Addiction is something we exploit. Addiction is something that we need in this business. Addiction is something that keeps the lights on. We exploit the people who are weak, who have nothing, and no one. No one will care if they die. I couldn't care less if they died with the needle in their arm. The thing is, with addiction, you have to keep feeding it, and the more you feed an addiction, the higher your tolerance climbs. There's always a smack head or a crackhead somewhere. When it comes to making real money doing things like this, you can't have morals, you'll have to be able to walk into a home, see two children on the floor, crying and covered in their own excrement... And still deal the smack and crack. It's a dirty business, but someones got to do it. Who am I to judge what they do? I look after my own, not drug addicts... Actually I tell a lie, I look after them to a certain extent. I've been in this life ever since I was sixteen, the deeper you dive into it, the harder it becomes to rise back to the surface. The benefits from this lifestyle are truly something though, the money, the power, the reputation... All that. You'll never understand what it's like to have those things until you've got them. Drugs ain't the only thing what this life provides people with, we do a lot more. Not everything we do is bad. To everyone on this estate, we're the banks, we're the police, we're family. Like I said, we look after our own. Our own little kingdom. Part II - Prison Obviously, in this life you're more than likely to go to prison. Business does not stop there though. In prison your life on the outside does not stop. It just gets more complicated. Business on the inside is all about contraband. Contraband is something that you're not allowed to have on the inside, so things such as mobile phones, drugs, alcohol. The more expensive the contraband on the outside, the more expensive it's worth on the inside. For example, if someone wants a really crappy phone... That's worth around £20 on the outside, it'd be worth like... £200 on the inside. Prices are inflated in jail. I met most of my distant family in prison, they owned their own cell block. They called themselves " FluX ". I was brought in, because I was family. I was brought in as a soldier, doing all the crappy work... Dealing drugs, stabbings, all that sort of stuff. It wasn't until three years later, I gained the rank of Underboss, and started living the good life. I had it all in Prison, the TV, the PS2... All the smokes and drinks I could ever ask for. Part III - The New Operations After I got out of Prison, I decided to leave. I was sick of the UK. There was a lot more money to be made elsewhere. So I boarded the next plane to Chernarus. My new home. I decided I didn't have the people or firepower to start dealing or anything. So I went into the counter fit goods operation, I was making the top designer labels and selling them at a fraction of the price. It actually made me a decent amount of money, but I had an issue. I'm a very greedy person, I wanted more money. More power, but most importantly, I wanted more adrenaline. That's when I got into street racing. The country of Chernarus has a lot of cars up for sale, and the underground street racing circuit was popping. I managed to buy myself an Audi A3 for 15 grand... Then it was time for my first race. I headed down to the city of Balota, where the race started. It was a race from Balota to Berezino. I drove up and got out of the car and paid the fee to join the race. I saw a lot of faces around, I only knew a few people but they weren't here, guess it was just me on my own. I got in and pulled up with the rest of the cars, then I heard the gun shot. I sped off and flew down the straight road in my Audi. It was over within 10 minutes. I won. I didn't even see anyone else, I was in the moment. I thought I was going to die in that car, but I won. I fucking won? An amateur beat a bunch of professionals? Jesus. I carried on racing, I won some, I lost some... That's where I gained the contacts I needed. At one of the after parties, I met this chick Ana. Apparently a real big shot... I should probably contact her at some point... Part IV - The Infection Even with the rise of the undead, business never stops. For all the civilians out there, it just means life gets harder... For people like me, life gets easier. I don't have to sneak around anymore, I can openly say what I do for a living. Plus the roads are clear, so it means I can go faster than ever before. You see, with this infection, the trading market crashes. I mean sure there are still people selling food and stuff but, they're no shopping centre are they? People begin to realise that the things they took for granted, are gone. The old saying is " You never know what you have until it's gone " well this just proves it.I decided to carry on my usual business. All the drug lords are still selling their product, all the arms dealers are still selling their weapons... And me? I was selling it all. I was the local guy, I was the guy that could get you anything you could desire, for a price. People used to say I was exploiting the situation... Too right I was. I never made this type of money before, but little did I know, shortly after the infection spread, the money I earned, was worthless. Just pieces of paper... What a fucking joke. @Beni - Ben Romano @Grimnir - Alex Kolsky @Doc Holiday - Joseph Nowell @Solo - Charlie Haynes @Jamie - TBD... Fuck sake Jamie. @Sleepyhead- Sunni Ashworth @Mexi - TBD [On Going Goals] Develop the Flux Network into the Network it once was. Export our drugs throughout the country. Build up our ranks and gain the family we once had. Clear each town out one by one, making it safer for the public. Interview everyone we meet, and find out more about them. [Day 225] Find a suitable location to set up our hydroponics lab. Find a suitable location to set up our workshop. Create a housing system for our friends. Find a suitable location to set up our counter fit goods operation. [Day 250] Create a new world currency. Find a suitable place to set up our counterfeit goods operation Find a suitable place to set up our hydroponics lab Find a suitable place to set up our workshop Recruit a medic, engineer, sparky, plumber, plasterer and painter [Day 275] Find a way to travel from country to country. The Flux network is the contacts that we meet in game. In order to get onto Flux's network you need to meet at least two of these requirements: - You have use to the group. - You're a friend of the group. - You're a leader of another group. - You have a relation in the group (Boyfriend, Sister, Girlfriend ect) - We're allied. - The group owe's you a favour. If you're in the Flux network. You will gain access to a frequency which only other members of the Flux know about. You will also gain access to our other forms of communication (Slack ect). Everyone on the Flux network should help each other if they get the chance. If you would like to join this group, please PM @Beni with the following template
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    Pharmacy (Lékárna) Hello, It's me again, with an idea that I hope will actually workout this time. I'd like to start a Pharmacy, where people could buy the much needed medication, ranging from nasal sprays to 'heavy' painkillers requiring prescriptions. How this would work? - Open Hours - The open hours will change for every week, because there's only two of us to look for the small bussiness, and I hope you understand we can't be around everyday. We still have our personal lifes and hobbies, so we took the unconditional option to change the Open Hours to suit our needs. Any changes will be made atleast a day prior, so don't worry, you'll always know ahead when or if to come pay us a visit. - Price List - Prices of our sortiment are calculated from the Czech currency - Kč at a 100:1 ratio. Meaning, that if a nasal spray you're looking for costs 299 Kč in real life Czech Republic, you'll have to pay 3 bullets. - 100 Kč = 4 euros (+-) - Once the LMs provide me with the strengh of Chernarussian currency, we'll most probadly switch to it, but as the information isn't available yet, I'll work with Czech Crown, as it should be around the same value. - Our Goods - ICly our small bussiness is supplied from contacts we've RPed out at Miroslavl', meaning that the range of goods we have should and will be comprehensive. There isn't a written down list yet, as you can imagine how many products are there, but we'll have a little bit of everything. If you're worried about your medication you can shoot me a message here on Forums, or simply visit our Pharmacy and place an order. - We keep most of our addictive substances outside of the Pharmacy building, hiding them in our stash, so if you're looking to rob us, is certainly an option, but you won't be able to get more than few doses from us directly. (Blue barrel full of Garden Lime, feel free to RP out that the Garden Limes are bags full of pills and what not. If you find it, take what you want.) - Prescriptions - Prescriptions are a concept, where if you want to buy some stronger painkillers, antidepressants, sleep pills, etc. you have to bring a prescription from one of the many doctors running around South Zagoria. This not only provides us with a tiny bit of realism and streets clean from dozens of high people, but also provides both you and the doctors with more RP. I'm currently talking to the White Raven Clinic at Pulkovo, and I hope they'll support me in this idea, providing you, fellow community members, with prescriptions. - Keep in mind that we won't be accepting prescriptions from every doctor in South Zagoria, but choose from those we actually can trust. If this system, whose purpose is to limit the number of drugs circulating between the people, can work, we can't just accept permissions from people we don't know and who might be giving out the prescriptions without even checking the patient. (If you're a doctor and you wish to apply for this, shoot me a PM and we can arrange an IC meeting). - Our Location - To be decided.
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    Nice to have RP with @Raptor where our characters don't instantly hate each other. Carter is certainly an interesting one, and the interaction Ian had with him was great. Both men immediately knew there was more to the other than they were letting on, and I loved it.
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    pretty lit RP with @Mr. Blue @Anoymouse @XxGrAipYyxX and the others that I missed
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    Sure you can use a picture of Negan like the 20+ others who do as well.
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    *Carter stares at his radio, a small piece of paper with a frequency is securely taped and waterproofed to the back of it. Written in small letters with an underlined font is two words: "Have faith." Carter finds his composure, holding back some emotions starting to sprout and presses the PTT speaking with a slighty somber tone.* "Hey uh I'm not sure if whoever is on the end of this frequency is still alive. But I've held on to these digits for almost a month now and I really need someone. I need someone to help find my faith again. I've done terrible shit since I got to this country but I've been away from God for years now. There's just nothing I do anymore to validate anything anymore..." *There's a brief pause as Carter trails off* "I have a coded frequency, 136.7 hz. You should have access to it on your radio." *Carter releases the PTT and sets the radio next to him, wiping a couple tears from his eyes."
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    lmao ok If reading the word 'fellatio' makes you uncomfortable, then perhaps the internet is not for you. And like Jim said... I'm pretty sure 16 year olds know what a blowjob is, and if sexual content makes them uncomfortable, then they should also stay off the internet. Stop being overly dramatic. Undead was trying to say he enjoyed the RP he received in a funny way (while pointing out that that is basically what the thread is about; a place for people to receive beanz from each other) and I was simply returning the favor. Anyways, I forgot to say that I enjoyed the roleplay the boys and I received from our hostage @NitroGenetics yesterday. Wish it would've led to more RP with the people we were actually after, but they just wanted to run away instead of RPing with us at all, so oh well.
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    Changed ownership to @Bruce Adams, best of luck leading the group
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    Oh Jesus, good music also! Don't you just love DayZ!
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    Hello @Auron, Welcome!
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    Guys seriously? When I come on here to give someone props for their rp ^^ that's the last thing I would want to read. Think about it, there are still people under the age of 18 that is in this community , look I'm well over the 16 age limit and it's not something I wanted to see. Seriously, think before you post.
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    I enjoyed the RP from everyone since coming back to Severograd especially @Jean, @Dallas , @Kouketsu, @bloodcrusader, @GreenySmiley, @Mattsxo, @Jonal, @InnKinn, @Niccokick, @Lady In Blue, @DrMax, @Scarlett, @Mademoiselle. I know I'm missing alot of names so sorry if I missed you ! Here's to #makeseverogradgreatagain !
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    A King is Dead. Part 1. He came to us as a friend. He claimed he just wanted to help. The King lied to us. I should have shot him in the shed. I should have ended his miserable existence then and there. Preacher knew it. David knew it. Even Hailee had her doubts about him. I was blinded by my hope for humanity, my hope that people were good. It all went down yesterday and today. It's my fault. I had returned from fishing and was sitting down to filet the fish I had caught. It was a good catch, four nice carp. A bit oily, but it beats the hell out of beans and apples. Even the wolf steaks were getting a bit tiring. I finished cleaning the fish and prepared to dry them. Drying is a popular method among people in the wild, according to Mason, perhaps because it doesn’t require equipment or a large supply of salt. Properly dried fish should keep for up to two months...or so he said.. Steps include: Clean and fillet the fish, slicing it into thin quarter-inch strips. Hang the strips out to dry in the hot sun with thread or thin wire. We used fishing line. After 12 hours, the strips should develop a dried protective coating but the insides will dry more slowly over time. Bring the fish in at night to avoid dew. Once dried, fish can be carried on your person and eaten at any time, in soups, or just like jerky. So after I finished hanging the fish up, I decided to take a small nap outside under a tree. I propped myself up against the tree and set my shotgun across my lap. I closed my eyes and tried to relax, pushing thoughts of the previous day from my mind. Getting grabbed in the woods, shoved in a car with another man and driven south. Thank God I escaped and found a radio. Hailee and David came and picked me up, brought me home. We need to leave this place. I hate the idea, but they'll come back here eventually. They'll realize after searching that I must have come back. I had just started to drift off when I heard a scream. I thought I was dreaming, and then the scream pierced the air again. Hailee. I scrambled to my feet and grabbed my shotgun. I looked down at it, then dropped it on the ground, pulling my sidearm instead. I ran for the house, then crouched by the door to the kitchen, my hand on the knob. I heard a voice inside, not David. Not Preacher. Not Hailee. Not King. His voice was muffled, but he seemed to be threatening Hailee, and she was giving him names. Fake names. Not ours. I turned the doorknob slowly, and peeked into the kitchen. Clear. I slipped inside and closed the door behind me. "Who is there? Come out with your hands up, or this pretty little thing gets a bullet in her Fucking skull!" No way in hell was I revealing myself. He'd shoot us both, or her, or me, and we'd both be dead. For Hailee's sake, I had to stay where I was. "Do you hear me? I said come out! I will kill her, I swear it!!" I paused and then lowered my voice, creating a batman like voice, and in another situation, it may have made me laugh, but I had to make sure Hailee didn't recognize my voice and try and make me leave, to save myself. "GET OUT OF HERE IF YOU WANT TO LIVE, WE HAVE THE PLACE SURROUNDED! YOU'RE A DEAD MAN IF YOU DON'T!!" "WHO IS THAT? I SAID WHO WAS THAT?!" Hailee cried out, "I don't know, I don't know!" Good. Fooled her and hopefully made this asshole think twice. Hailee cried out in pain again, and the man laughed coldly. "Maybe I just kill you. Your friend told me where to find you." "Who told you?" She cried out, and I heard a brief struggling inside the bedroom. So that's where he was, and he had her in there with him. How was I going to lure him out, what the fuck was I going to do? "King. He tell me where to find you, he brought me right here!" No. He wouldn't. He...we trusted him. Shit. Never again. I'll kill the asshole. Hailee cried out again, whether from some unknown hurt the man was inflicting on her, or the realization that Ezekiel King had betrayed us. Suddenly I heard David, he must have been down in the village and just returned home. His footsteps were outside the front door. "Hailee? Hailee, what's going on?" "NO! David! Get out of here!" she cried out. "NO you don't! Get your ass in here or the pretty girl gets a knife in her back! I'll do it!" David's footsteps paused outside and I could sense him realizing the predicament. He called out "Don't hurt her, I'm coming in. My hands are empty. Don't hurt her!" He opened the front door and closed it behind him, then opened the door to the kitchen. His eyes widened when he saw me crouched by the kitchen cabinets, gun in hand. I held a finger to my lips and nodded at the door. He nodded and took a step towards the door to the bedroom. "I'm coming in! I am unarmed!" "Hurry up and close the fucking door!" The next few minutes were a sweaty, muffled blur. David pleading with the assailant, Hailee's sobs and cries for mercy. The man laughing with glee as he tormented them, cut Hailee, cut David. I heard their cries and could do nothing. If I charged the door, he'd shoot them. If I tried to go outside and shoot him through the window, he could hear me and kill them..or capture me too. I could only hope David could lure him out somehow....
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    HEEEEYYYYYYY!!!!!!! Glad to have you here with us You've already gotten some pretty solid advice so I will simply say congratulations on your whitelist, be safe out in the wasteland and welcome to the community
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    I need to shave. But other than that, here's a thumbs up to all you beautiful people!
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    'No shade' hm. I'm giving RP another go when I get back from visiting Taryn, thanks for watching out for me though.
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    Hello! Good luck with your whitelist! If you ever want someone to talk with when no one is around I'm always lurking in public rooms! Hope you like it here!
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    Welcome, enjoy your stay !
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    Heya Auron! If your unsure about DayZ I can assure you RP is one of the best ways to experience the game, good luck with the whitelist!
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    These goals you have do not even resemble anything close to SMAR(T) principle, they're just generic "fight enemies" and "bring peace to Chernarus" goals. I don't know how this was approved. Please fix.
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    Like the commitment man, if I could give any constructive criticism it would be resize the photos to make em smaller and maybe some colours and graphics would be an excellent touch. Enjoyed the read man!