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Wedding Ceremony of Eddie Sorella & Alexa Valentine
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    *Ling Long picks up his radio, holding down the PTT.* *Ling Long releases the PTT, And light a cigarette.*
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    @LouieRP @DustyRP @NateRP @JoffreyRP @UndeadRP @WesternRP
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    Hopefully, nobody gets banned for the removal of dynamic rights. I can see it already. Bandit - Hands UP Whitename 1 - Okay Okay. Whitename 2 - Yeeted Nibba. Admin - Banned you got no rights. Whitename 2 - But... He was robbing my mate and my friend was in danger how else am I suppose to react? Admin - You reinitiate. Whitename 2 was never to be seen again on DayZRP. I get yall want to discourage PvP and promote RP and more groups to pop up but I think we should give the nonhostile RPrs something to help them out with not place a massive barrier up this is only going to make a bandits life easier and discourage people to play.
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    Makes no sense? It's unrealistic? Did you guys think having to tell people to drop their weapons before you shoot them (initiations), not being able to shoot others from far away when it makes IC sense (KoS rule), asking others for permission to scar them or not being able to help a friend because he is more than 500m away (current kill right sharing) makes sense or is realistic? None of it makes sense or is realistic when you look at it from IC perspective. But we still do have these rules. The only thing this will change is that if you're a lone wolf you will have to talk to other players first (initiate) before you can shoot them in the face. Oh the agony, you will actually have to role play, or even worse - create a group for people you regularly play with.
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    I think that this just gives large groups even more power to dunk on people. Maybe you should reduce the group minimum size from 5 to maybe 3 or 4? That would allow the small dynamics to be more goal oriented and drive their own RP, without losing power. The way I see this change is that it's a way to better monitor what RP everyone is providing since it's pretty stale right now. No need to punish casual players and people who just like to roll round with their friends. Also, I'm all for people making groups with good goals and shit, stuff that will actually make the server feel real. I just think that you're forgetting that people are SURVIVORS and a lot of peoples' goal is simply to survive. Surviving is a lot harder with these rules too, as you can't have a man on overwatch any more, you can't have people hiding in the bushes on the side of the road. You all have to be there and you can just get swarmed. Basically, anyone in a small group has to be submissive as fuck. I guess this kind of adds realism but it's not so easy, a lot of people have been in this community for a long time and they have a lot of friends. Others not so much. You see group after group coming out with pretty much exactly the same roster. It's because it seems once you've made friends in this community you stick with them. So these people always have an advantage against the casual player, or even the player who just isn't part of one of these huge cliques. Basically, if someone robs or shoots my friend, it seems dumb that I can't shoot the robbers because we don't have an official forum thread.
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    *Nedved pauses for a moment as his police scanner picks up the back and forth broadcasting spewing out about the Government. He glances around him as the police station seems all to empty for his liking. He scratches the underside of his chin as he stands up and walks over. He reaches out for the radio, but stops. The hesitation noticeable in his trembling hand. He shakes his head and takes the radio, grabbing a small electronic box sitting next to it. He places it on his throat and switches it on before tuning the radio to the frequency.*-Pushes down on the PTT button- *Nedved's voice would sound robotic and garbled. A mix of male and female tones making it unable to tell who or what he is.* You people amuse me.[An faint chuckle can barely be made out]People believing stories and rumors about anything and about anyone these days. The Government is fucking us over. Wake up lady! There is no Government any more. Those still clinging on to their uniforms and morals are doing so to keep themselves from cracking. If they even are who they say they are even. So many people have access these days to uniforms that you can't tell the real ones from the impostors. What is the point even? If you do manage to fake your way there are even more people that just want to see the uniforms burn. We are living...[He pauses a moment as he laughs]No, we are surviving in a carcass of a forgotten place and you want to bring justice? Go play out your fantasies somewhere were people will actually give a fuck. [He pauses a moment] ...or maybe you are one of those impostors. One of those individuals that prey on the weak because life didn't deal out a promising hand for you. Life took away the only shithole you every knew and the only people you manage to provoke human emotion for. If that is the case. Grow some balls and man up for a change. These people telling you they want to help are only doing it cause they have the same sick agenda as you have. They will use you until nothing is left or before they are stabbed in the back by you. So stop wasting everyone's time with your lies.-Lets go of the PTT button-*Nedved places the radio down and rips the electronic box from his throat before falling into his seat. He glances out the window with a faint smirk on his face.*
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    Just found this from a few months back, didn't even knew I had it recorded. @RogueSolace, @cheeks & @Aristocrat singing happy birthday to @Brayces:
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    Well, they could reinitiate I guess, but it'd be a bit of a..
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    @JimRP and I are working on role play Rust server right now, we have a dedicated server ready and up running a basic Rust server (the hardware I mentioned waiting for in December - 2 x Xeon E5-2667 v2, 64GB RAM). We are working on writing rules, configuring mods and I am working on a whitelist for the server. Jim plans to invite several content creators to play on our server and give us a nice promotion. I won't be giving any ETAs as we all know I can't hold any of them due to 2 kids, waifu, my job and DayZRP administration taking almost all of my awake time. But Jim is fairly enthusiastic about the project, and he has far more free time than I do, so no doubt it will happen Once we get everything for Rust done, I intend to move on to other games just as planned before - although I have scaled down the number of games we will support. Main problem is that we need a developer of some kind for ArmA, Ark and FiveM. These games do have generic ready to use mods, but it would be nice to have a person dedicated to configuring them to our needs and creating our own, custom mods. Soon™. Finally, CitadelRP has been given the honorable title of the official DayZRP lifeboat and exit strategy. In the unlikely event of DayZ Standalone going bust in the future and DayZRP no longer being able to sustain itself due to lack of players, we won't be rebranding DayZRP for a different game. Instead, DayZRP forums will be merged into Citadel and DayZ will become one of the games there.
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    As Lawrence I loved RPing with: @Eddie Sorella @Jean As Lorenzo I loved catching up with: @SofiaLR - Thanks for meeting up with me
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    Official Welcome to @Coda852 and @yellow02486! Sorry it took so long guys...
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    The staff team has had a team meeting on Sunday and we have decided to change things around here a little bit and try some new things out while we are waiting for Beta coming Soon™ 2026. Here are the things that we have decided on changing, which should happen within the current or next week, depending on how busy we are. There will be more announcements and/or sticky threads focused on every change on this list so everyone has a chance to get informed about them properly. 1. Player list on the server statistics have been removed This is to prevent easy access to metagaming players that are in game. While we know that there are alternative ways of acquiring this information, you are no longer handed it on a platter where you can check identity of someone on the server in matter of seconds. It may come back, depending on player feedback. 2. Private radio frequencies will be removed Only public frequencies will be allowed in the radio chatter forum. This is due the fact that a lot of private frequencies contain taunting and provoking content that is viewable by everyone and those targeted by such messages cannot defend or reply to them. It is also quite contradictory to have private messages on a public forum. Once this goes through everyone will be able to post on all radio chatter threads. We still ask however to not interrupt or disrupt other peoples conversations if you are not involved in them in any way or don't know the characters involved. Those interested in private radio chatter we direct you to private messages instead as a use of IC private communications. Up to 10 people can be added to a PM and it works just like a thread with conversation-like view and it is indeed private. 3. Dynamic groups will be removed The concept of dynamic groups will be removed, and with it kill right sharing between players not in an official group. With dynamic groups removed, only approved group members share kill rights with each other. Everyone not affiliated with an approved group are treated individually and will have to fight and survive on their own. Additionally, official groups do not have a distance or line of sight limitation to the kill right sharing, it is always available to all group members. There will be more explanations exactly how this will work in game, along with common examples once this is implemented and the rules are in place. The reason for this is to encourage players to create new, creative groups as well as allow the staff for easier balancing of power and a better screening process when it comes to groups. This is a trial and we will review the general feedback and effect this will have on game play, role play and player experience in a 1-3 months and decide what to do about it then. 4. SMART goals will work more as a guideline SMART goals will be a more of a guideline to keep in mind when creating good group goals, rather than a strict requirement. We still want you to have at least have the "SMAR" part in your goals, which will also probably speed up the approval process, but we won't be enforcing the strict format of group goals to follow the SMART principle. Do note that if your group has goals set to X and you do things Y in game which are completely opposite, we will still step in and question the groups official status. 5. Griefing rule will be added to the rules It's not specifically defined right now, but I believed that it was self-explanatory based on rules like 5.1 or 5.3 that it was not allowed. Apparently for some that was not so obvious. So since some people asked for it to be added, we'll do that.
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    *Roy shakes,as he slowly presses the PTT* "If anyone can hear me..This is Roy Kalo, and I Have been taken, somewhere against my will." "To my UPS family i'm sorry this has happened, you will all be ok , I do not know if I can say the same for myself." *Roy looks around cautiously, running out of time* "I'll see you all soon..or in the afterlife, I love you all my family, and I'm Sorry Bobby." *The radio turns to the sound of a gunshot, and the radio turning to static*
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    *Mesut is glad to hear Ling Long's voice and listens to the message carefully. Then presses the PTT* "Selam there Ling Long! Glad to hear that you are well, last news were not very reassuring. Count on me pal, anything I can do for you, just ask. Lately I am around your area so I will pop around and keep an eye on your stuff." *He remembers the first time he met Ling Long...* "Ling Long live long!"
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    We'll be using everything that Rust has available and @Major assured me he was going to help out with the lore as well!
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    that makes absolutely no sense in game.... @Rolle...seriously, what?
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    Well I found this somewhere some russians really know how to mine for assets in the game files and implement them well without the devs, Makes you wonder about having modding in the future... @The Traveler
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    Exactly, people aren't going to like it "but muh PvP" but that always comes with changes for the better Big fan of number 3. The other numbers aren't to bad either but #3 is cash. Finna have to hop in game sometime now even if beta isn't out.
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    @Jamie Lmao if you don't reply I'm better at PVP than you.
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    The removal of dynamic groups will not result in new and unique groups being made. It will result in either everyone joining a group (if that group even lets them join) or it will result in generic, cookie cutter groups being made that don’t serve any other purpose than to share kill rights. Not only that, but this will hurt casual players and is extremely immersion killing. I get that the original intention for dynamic groups was for them to be temporary, but that is not how they have been used for literally at least 3 years. If the intent for dynamics was to be temporary, why didn’t you clarify that in the rules or on the forums during any part of those 3+ years? Why is it only now being changed? There’s also the issue that not everybody has time to make or join an official group. Sometimes people just want to get on every once and a while to play with their friends. They may either not want to or cannot put forth the effort to stay active or make/join a group. So, that person and their friends potentially move on to another community with less ridiculous immersion breaking rules. The server desperately needs everyone it can get right now. Pushing people away by implementing annoying and immersion breaking rules will hurt the server terribly. I understand that the intent is to limit pvp, but pvp is not an issue right now. There is only one consistent bandit group right now, and it’s not like we’re initiating and killing everybody we can see. All in all, I believe this was a terrible change to make and will only serve to hurt casual players, hurt immersion, and ultimately push some people away from the community.
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    I am not in my happy place right now. Simply going to sit and see how this goes before making any critical judgments about it. Thanks for the heads up. EDIT// just gonna tag this onto the end of my post ti restate my initial thoughts on removing dynamics:
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    Yeah. Price List: For the boys: Zero Beans Everyone else: One Bean. My Work(Top row of gifs/photos are my own for my profile): @Grimnir @Solo @Doc Holiday @Steck @Oisin @Santa @JoffreyRP Ask for gifs in the comments with whatever gif you want done.
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    *Iosif would press the PPT, and the sound of a Russian voice would come over* "Wh-what?! Roy?! Roy.. what.. has happened?!" *Iosif would wait a second, hoping to receive a response back* "Agh.. Der'mo. I'll find out who did this to you Roy, find them.. and avenge you. In the meantime.. I shall look for this 'Bobby', he could be of help" *Iosif would then switch off the PPT*
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    DayZRP in a nutshell.
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    Good morning roleplayers the fucking postman woke me up
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    yes true but now there will be a rule so a dynamic group will not be able to help each other out which does not make any sense like if what @Thoros said about lowing to say 3 so players can try to get a group going or better yet make it so you can have a group of 3 and have a group thread but some limataions like keep the defence but no offence no ts room just a temp one or just use the rooms already made and then maybe or if you get anyone else to join and you get 5 or more you then become an offical group with all the perks
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    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay. Dropped you a follow and will hopefully catch your next stream
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    *Alex picks up his radio and pushes the PTT button down. He is speaking with a Chernarussian accent.* Wouldn't be surprised if they did, but do you have any proof like bruises or cuts? Everyone could just accuse people of shit, ano? *He pauses takes a swig from his whiskey bottle.* You want people to fuck up some rapists? Show me proof and we got a deal, but I can't be asked to risk my life if your story is bullshit. *He smirks and shakes his head.* If you agree on showing proof tell me where I should go to meet, I'll come alone if that helps... *He releases the PTT button.*
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    And again people just refuses to think outside of the small box.
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    Im sure you would complain when you are killed by a guy in a bush a way away for not complying or if you were gunned down when someone you were next to was initiated on and didn't comply. Both shitty scenarios that this change fixes. Let it play out in game and see how it goes, there are really easy ways to counter the fact that you can no longer just gun someone down as @Spartan has mentioned. Not to mention that said reasons are more ROLEPLAY orientated. It is on a TRIAL period, people can complain on the forums all you want but what really matters is how it affects gameplay. The outcome of that will dictate whether the rule stays or not.
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    *Hans angrily replies to the bullshit he hears on the radio chatter* As if we have not lost our friends and family! Soldiers who die are our comrades and we grief for them too. Many of us had a family before, some even had children who are now dead! And you label the military for all the bad deeds in this world. Tell me how many civilians have stolen, raped, killed, tortured other people? But ignorant girls like you do not go around and say "civilians are bad". *His tone fills with even more anger as he keeps going* You speak of some American soldiers?! Do we look like American to you?! Do you see any government?! Do you see us promote some government?! We run around risking our lives even when everything seems lost and so many of us have died on the battlefield and still throw food and meds at you and you dare label us soldiers with such shameful acts? Scheiße! *He throws away the radio in a moment of rage*
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    Big fat wieners in our butts.
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    Approved your whitelist, have fun
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    Huxley was busy tying her boots, brushing her fingers against her second set of dog tags that were hanging off her laces. It may be safer to get rid of them, but she was the sentimental type. Before she could find the guts to throw it away, her radio buzzed to life with a familiar voice. She grabbed it, and pressed down on the PTT. "Lorenzo? You were hurt?" Feeling like a terrible friend, she took a moment to release the button and beat herself up a little. "Nobody had told me, otherwise I might have come to help you. Let me know if you need anything. Get me on a private frequency and let me know where you're at. I'll try to swing by with some stuff."
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    @JimRP @LouieRP @DustyRP @JoffreyRP @G19RP @NateRP 2018
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    *Listening into the broadcast, a long sigh could be heard over the radio, as Luka would depress the PTT button and begin speaking. His thick Chernarussian voice calm and collected* "You people, judging us by the deeds of a few. Why do you hate us? We did all we could for you. For them. For Chernarus...We bled for you, died for you by the thousands so you lucky civilians could escape the carnage mostly intact. My men...men...I hesitate to even use that word now - Eighteen year old boys died for all of you. And now you act as an ungrateful, forgetful bunch who simply ignore the wandering corpses of my fellow brothers in arms in the many installations now abandoned around Chernarus as if we had done nothing - or as if every single one of us has done something horrible - as if they deserve such a horrid fate. I am sorry for your friends, Truly, I am sorry - and I know my words do not mean much - an old soldier trying to show condolences is rare and far between. The CDF didn't abandon you all by choice, that much is certain. And I am trying my hardest to help here in South Zagoria - but when it is just me, and a handful of others, trying to stem the tide and needs of hundreds, or even thousands of survivors within South Zagoria? That is when things tend to not happen fast, or often for that matter. You want to punish the CDF for what they did to your friends, your comrades, your family, so you look at the few men left here who are trying to do right by everyone, and say "we must show them consequences" - punish how? A bullet to the brain? Or something more heinous as torture for daring to fight for our country, to fight to protect others - to fight for you - and then having the gall to survive the outbreak, and continue following our oaths of service? If what you say is true - I cannot blame you for wishing for retribution against us - yet I speak from experience when I say that Retribution, once complete - leaves you a hollow and cold shell, almost disgusted in the end. The CDF did horrible things during the early days of the outbreak - that I will not deny. But do not simply condemn all of us for the actions of a few - especially those few of us that remain who are trying to help. Captain Kratochvil Out." *And with that, the Radio would fall silent yet again*
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    So my friends can't just drop them, they have to re initiate???? Uhm, what kind of nonsense is that? It clearly shows the people who initiates intentions if you don't comply you die... So they have to initiate on the initiators who have a high chance of killing everyone.... This gives people more of an advantage for: Robbing Gaining more hostile actions cause they know that many people on the server are too shy to re initiate because they're not PVP gods Know that their friends can't do anything unless they re initiate which 9/10 will end up with a majority of people dying from this.... No consequences to their actions (WHICH WAS LITERALLY TOLD WHEN I ASKED ABOUT MAKING AHOSTILE CHARACTER WHICH I FINALLY ACCEPTED....)
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    "Nah as of right now,GO ahead Pal."
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    Hah patriots got fukd
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    *Roy would wake up hearing the radio,grabing it smiling* "Ahhh I thank you again doctor for this, but MR Hans I respect your Deal with the CDF, and hope we cross paths on great terms!" *Roy would roll his shoulders,getting up* "We hope to see you,and anyone else very soon!" *roy Shuts off his radio*
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    [This is a article written by chad heart on the united people of salvation. all information has been gathered IG and IC for IC purposes a box with a stack of papers will be at the pulkovo bar labeled chad hearts reports] The United Nomads of Something or Other ( by chad heart ) I first heard of the united people of salvation through from a nice lady named Fae. she was my first encounter with a living soul since the outbreak and hers is another story. She and a man who only introduced him self as black, had gave me a brief view on the groups in the post zombie Apocalypse world i had called home for the last 209 days. Fae and black both stated they are a group of decent lads and lasses who "FIght the good fight", wear pink armbands and generally travel around the country helping people, even if that is doing security. Now what kind of journalist would i be if i didn't ask how to get in touch with them. Fae using them for her own security needs, had they're radio frequency with a smile. I promtly thanked her again for all she had done for me that day and contacted these fine people. Roy kalo gave me some information on the radio on himself and his group. after hearing it from the horses mouth i decided it was likely worth it to travel to the meeting point he mentioned far north and see what they were really about. A good day and a half of travelling and i was in sinistock. I met a man man on his way to the meeting point called loosif, he was a new member to the group, so of coarse we traveled all the way north to gather. he seemed a suited fit for the group. he kept asking me if i needed anything, had a few good talks on the way up and he stuck around with me for the better part of the day, then roy himself showed up. Roy was young for leading a group of people, "fighting the good fight" it all started for him when "those dead mother fuckers were on my lawn" as he so well put. The man him self didn't seem like any of the other group leaders i had been embedded with before. though charismatic and strong willed, my first impressions of roy kalo was that he didn't know what the hell he was doing, but trying to know what he was doing seemed like it was all he could do. The united people of salvation offered me a almost immediate position in their ranks which i declined and offered that i embed my self with them and write an article on them. i felt very off put that within the first hour of meeting me i was offered such a thing without them really getting to know me or my skill set. hell they didn't even ask me questions about my history or anything like that. just " you seem like a good guy, you should join us". The day i met with roy and loosif we traveled to grishino, just east of the north west air field. he did not know his way there, so i used my compass to help, he still got lost following me. we rendezvoused with a good number of the UPS, which took what felt like half a decade. There is even a 71 year old man who carries a machine gun. the only part i can say that is "united" about the UPS is that a bunch of people are in a group to gather. So over the next week or so i traveled with the ups. this reporter started traveling with a certain somebody more then others, but thats a developing story. though indeed the UPS is group of good people. they have some issues that make them less then they aspire to be and in my humble opinion, won't ever be due to those issues. There is no organization, just people doing what ever when ever and other people saying what the group should do while others just nod or shrug. The only real time i had seen them "organize" is on my final day with them as they were trying to decided on where to go since they're "brewery" was compromised. The communication over the radio is like listening to a kindergarten. Half the time i was with them i rather chose to keep my radio off. As most of it was cancerous to listen to. People always talked over each other. People always either didn't listen to others or only half listened unless they liked said person they were talking to or it was important. Roy would sometimes have to yell for everyone to listen or not talk over someone. If they are a fighting force, i would never ever be able to tell. There seems to be no military training, just people with guns running around claiming to fight the good fight. often or not characters would be bickering, joking to much with one another. like previously stated it was more of a dare care or kindergarten. You obviously can see my view on them is clear. Though good people, doing they're best to help the people whom are stuck here, they don't do much else but run town to town nomadic like, trying to keep them selves fed and for the majority simply to gather. within my one week traveling roy was taken from leadership, and everyone seems to now fight for leadership. They need a family sized Winnebago, i think they better suited to that then a military issued transport truck. Now with my view out of the way. Let get to another mans view of the group who was forever psychically changed by his encounter with them. Alex "Doc" Camile was a med student who volunteered to join the research and science teams which were appointed to help out the outbreak. he traveled here with his professor. he left a large gap from when he arrived to when he was with the ms-13 group. the doctor claims through a odd short story of play on words, that a psychotic killer had begun to harass and attack him self and his friends within ms-13. The med student whom wears a plate carrier and a ump on his back admitted to killing said mental unstable man. He claims he was just killing a wolf so it wouldn't bite anymore. He ran for maybe 2 or 3 days before the UPS caught up with him. From the stories i heard through word of mouth, this deranged man the doctor killed was with the UPS. i quote, "harbingers of a psychopath". No one in the UPS or the doctor him self stated the exact details only the whys of why they did things. the ups had taken the mans left arm and beat him to a pulp. Torturing a med student for killing a proclaimed deranged psychopathic killer? dosen't sound like fighting the good fight was on the mind of Roy that day. I could have not said it better then Alex Camile: "The UPS is a group of bandits hiding behind alturism" and for those who do not know, altruism is the principle or practice of unselfish concern for or devotion to the welfare of others. So dear reader i leave it up to you to decide for your self. You read my first hand experience and another mans. The nomadic people of something or other. A journalistic report by Chad heart
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    So who was it tho they did a pretty good job tbh even got me