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    Just going to point out that if staff want to be heavy handed it will do nothing but damage the community. Also if you are going to make a report for something that is not really serious but slightly immersion breaking then send them a private message. Common courtesy can do great things. If you want to leave feedback on group pages make sure to be respectful and give them a solution. If it looks like you are just trying to slander them don't expect improvements it will just kill their motivation. Also holding grudges is nothing but bad for your health. That is all, Have a nice evening.
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    You're taking a casual stroll through the town of Novaya Petrovka, looking for supplies. You don't see anyone so you decide to make your way over to the police station, when suddenly from around the corner you hear a blood curdling scream... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" You run around the corner to help the poor soul when suddenly you realise its too late... The victim lays there in a pool of their own blood, A Detective suddenly appears, noticing the body as well as the witnesses present.. "Clear the crime scene! nobody move, I'm gonna need to question you all..." Everyone is a suspect, everyone could be the murderer, can you trust the person next to you? what was the murderers motive? does everyone's alibi's check out? You best hope that you know the answers, because you might be next... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC: This is going to be a murder mystery event! there will be a victim which for the purposes of the event will have to be killed, there will be a murderer, and there will be the witnesses, the murderer will have to be careful about who he kills, who he talks to, as his next move might be his last... The murderer's is to evade the situation and sneak out undetected, the victim will obviously be the clue to the murder, so even though you die at the start, you provide massive clues for both the witnesses and the detective! The witnesses have been caught in the crossfire and will have to be interrogated, as well as evade being the murderers next target.. The Detective (which will be me, a permadeathable character) will have to solve the crime without being silenced by the murderer! This event will be taken IC, all characters will remember what happened on the day and anyone who is killed can permadeath if they so desire. The date will be the 15th Febuary at 22:00 server time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roles: Detective Ray Sharpe. Suspects. If you want to be a murderer or Victim shoot me a PM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to take part? simply PM me with your interest in a chosen role -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Its a farming life for me. Establish a place to call home and to conduct business in. ( Day 210 outbreak) Establish a large radio network advertising our farming company. (Day 215 outbreak) Find military organizations and ask for their protection. (Day 220 outbreak) Establish the best farming community in South Zagoria. Protect our fellow farmers any means necessary. Produce enough food to feed the majority of South Zagoria We wanted to try out a new way of roleplay here in the community currently hostile RP is shunned either way. So we are going to take the route of campfire roleplaying but we will defend ourselves based on circumstances. The plan here is to set up a hub for people to come roleplay with us and share supplies. Food will be supplied free of charge. Rules don't be a dickhead and keep your weapons holstered. Click the radio to contact us ICly. Recruitment will be handled in-game but If you really want to join send @Vytis a message. Shoutout to Kyle Jones for the graphics.
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    Who we are We were all once the 85th platoon in the Chedaki. We were one of the successful platoons in the Chedaki's forces. Through brute force, we won victories across Chernarus, but each battle held a price to pay. Morale began to plummet within the platoon. Having to cut down Chernarussian blood to win a Civil war, took a toll on our men. 2009, Battle of Chernogorsk "Marines are pushing across the square sir, our armor is getting destroyed out there!," Carlton yelled to his platoon leader. "Our orders are to hold this factory, and that's what we are going to do!" Samuel yelled back to his men. He picked up his PKM and slammed the barrel through the glass he was standing in front of. He lowered his bipod and rested the heavy gun against the railing. Samuel was the second in command of the 85th platoon, his superior, a man named Viktor Reznikov, was on the roof of the building spotting for the sniper. Samuel kept his gun raised and waited for any movement that wasn't his fellow Chedaki soldiers. "Marines, coming down the road, I can see about fifteen followed by one tank. Carlton grab the RPG!," Viktor yelled from the roof of the building. Carlton was the rank directly below Samuel, and one of Samuel's closest friends in their platoon. Carlton quickly left his window and ran for the RPG on the ground floor of the industrial building. As he reached for it, a group of 5 marines came around the corner running towards their Command Center just across the road. "Marines directly in front!," Samuel called out followed by the spray of gunfire on their position. The 5 men were almost obliterated by the sheer amount of bullets that tore through their bodies. Viktor came running from the latter going to the top floor of the building, his sleeve was stained with blood. "What the fuck happened?," Samuel asked him. He looks up at Samuel and says, "Our sniper was killed, and marines have found the location of the Command Post. It's only a matter of time..." Samuel nodded his head and Viktor yelled at the platoon, "Grab anything worth taking, we are pulling out!" As he finished his sentence, the building shook. US tanks were firing at their position and the building was collapsing. "Move!," Samuel yelled. As they stumbled out of the building, it collapsed on itself killing everyone who remained inside. Samuel looked over at where their Command Post was and saw Lopotev and everyone else in the building being extracted by US and CDF forces. "Dammit," Samuel thought to himself as they left Chernogorsk. They continued through the woods until they were all exhausted and were barely standing. They set up camp there for the night and they all slept for what felt like minutes. Just before Samuel closed his eyes, he could hear the sounds of distant explosions and gunfire from the fighting still going on. They woke up at dawn the next morning. They crept through the forest to the town of Kozlovka. There, they saw a squad of CDF standing around a UAZ with a mechanic working on the vehicle. Viktor took his AKM and aimed down the sights. He did a motion with his hand to say move in and open fire. They moved in slowly. When they were at the last tree in the tree line, they sprinted guns raise and opened fire on the CDF soldiers. Ajdrien tackled one of the CDF and wrestled with him. Viktor sprayed down a marine trying to get into cover behind a nearby house. Carlton and Samuel killed the rest with their standard AKs and made it back to the car. They checked if the car was secure and operational. Right when they were about to hop in Ajdrien came back and made a motion with his hands. "Fuck, everyone hurry u-" A bullet ripped through Viktors stomach and he fell to the ground. Viktor’s blank stare pierced through Samuel as he loaded his commanding officer into the UAZ. They used the car to travel to a safe location up North where they got Viktor treatment and set up camp for the night. 2010-2017 After the war, the platoon went into hiding in a small town along the Black Mountains. The town, which was mostly populated by ethnic russians who supported the Chedaki during the war, offered the platoon safe harbor from CDF and other chernarussian groups that were hunting any remnants of the movement down. The men from the platoon stayed in this town for the next seven years until the epidemic emerged in 2017. 2017-Present Day A virus has spread worldwide, causing mass chaos throughout the world. A large amount of the population has died and have reanimated into some kind of walking dead bodies. 85th platoon had mostly stayed together, only 15 members left Chernarus and 10 remained at this point. They attempted to survive to the best of their abilities, but they did lose people to the infection. They wished to rebuild their beloved homeland to its former glory and also spread their beliefs in communism. Why we believe in Communism We have seen first hand that democracy is corrupt. Political leaders do everything in their power to keep themselves and other empowering figures wealthy to just leave the poor impoverished. Working to the bone day in and day out to barely make ends meet as the top one percent of population holds sixty percent of the wealth. The only way to rebuild the world is through the works of socialism to work in communion with each other. A social hierarchy leads to a separation of community that the new world cannot afford to have. No one should have all power, power should be distributed equally to the people. Redistribution of resources to community is the only way to keep populations rising and to ensure safety from any and all problems that present themselves. Internal conflicts such as religion are an abomination to society and the removal of such institutions will ensure equality and unification to everyone. Communism has been attempted in the past, but power struggles led to the downfall of many governments. We will not fall like the rest, we will survive and we will thrive because equality is the only way to ensure prosperity. -Establish a safe haven for the platoon and any fellow communists [Est. Day 300] -Repair a radio station to broadcast propaganda [Est. Day 300] -Find and recruit all former Chedaki soldiers and supporters into our ranks [Est. Day 350] -Find and destroy any remaining CDF forces still operating within Chernarus [Est. Day 300] -Establish and maintain security within the Socialist State of Zagoria [Est. Day 350] -Deploy the *** *** **** (classified) [Est. day 300] -Generálmajor- (Major General) N/A -Plukovník- (Colonel) Samuel Chernikov Carlton Reznov -Kapitán- (Captain) Sergei Molshakova -Nadpraporčík- (1st Lieutenant) N/A -Rotmistr- (Warrant Officer) N/A -Rotný- (Sergeant) N/A -Desátník- (Corporal) N/A -Vojín- (Private) N/A -Ondatra Milice- (Muskrat Militia/Foreigners) Nomi Naddeo -Allies- none -Friendly- Groups: None Civilians: Communists Ethnic Russians -Neutral- Anyone not mentioned -Unfriendly- Groups: US Forces CDF Forces -Enemies- None Please PM Centurion a copy of the following:
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    Gonna drop in some feedback. I had an encounter with @OnionRingOfDoom in the pub and it was a great experience If he is trying to pull off a batshit crazy character then he is doing it very well haven't really ran into the rest of you guys yet but I hope I do soon. I am happy to see that you guys updated your graphics good job on that. I have nothing negative to say right now so keep up the good work guys.
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    About a year and a half ago the server was amazing the diversity was brilliant but things got a stricter lot of people got banned. Then elitism took over and its all our fault. Sadly things will never go back to the way they were. My biggest concern right now is that Hostile RPers here have heat on them and by that, the staff team are waiting for them to make mistakes to either kill them or place them on a final warning so yeah... that's going to kill their motivation so I doubt to see any improvements there. Campfire Roleplayers have always been the same where If they cant beat them report them or send in a complaint. (Nothing new here) But yeah we can help pray for Beta to fix this right?
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    From the album Eddie Sorella's Daily Screenshots

    Eddie made a Great effort but Alexa won in the end, with Eddie eventually losing control and flipping his truck! Oh yeah @Jean, we were definitely racing btw, forgot to mention that!
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    @Elmo Always fun with you... even though it was only a small encounter. @Jean Was fun meeting ya! Was nice hanging out with you and @Spartan. @Spartan, We will be soon best friends <3 @Harvey, Thank you for trying to make it better with her "problem". You're the best! I actually think you have a big impact on her. @RogueSolace & @FieJaxon, You're also taking good care of me. Thank you <3 @Mademoiselle, Well ... I didn't expected that you would initiate on two people since you were alone. But I must say you did incredible good. I loved the hostile RP from you. One of the best I had for a while. Much love! Everyone else today. Was fun!
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    @Lyca fun meeting your new character, we'll be friends ^^ @Jean always a pleasure, you're a good "babysitter". @Elmo too. many. questions. @Rifleman fun seeing you ingame again ^^
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    Had a nice meeting up with @Eli Tate and @Misuteri_Hakurei in Pulkovo earlier today, also had a brief run into with @Major, @Elmo and @Jean - all in all a good day with a brief argument to break it all up nicely - I am so sorry that I cannot mention everyone I ran into though Thanks for the quality RP guys.
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    *The events you read here is what happened at the start of the lore* *The following events happened around the Tortuga was in its prime*
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    Had a nice chat with @Grimnir @Beni and a couple of other characters who I can't find but had some quality, if brief RP with today. Keep it up guys.
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    Just to suggest a few things, slightly off topic but still OK in regards to the conversation : A balance of groups is needed. Not too many of any one kind. We need hostile RP and campfire RP and everything in-between. Be unpredictable. Predictability of the groups has caused stagnation of the RP. Stop judging a groups OOC'ly. Actually meet them in game a few times before you make a judgement they might actually surprise you. So many people complain but don't actually get in game. The forum's should be second to the game but that seems to be the other way round at the moment. Want the RP to be more interesting, it starts with you so get your arse in game and do something about it. Stop blaming the game, we know it's a bit shit but until the devs get their fingers out and actually do what they keep saying they are going to do then we have to make the best from what we have. Get back to basics, try to remember what brought you to the community originally, be scared, be realistic, and for gods sake start to value your damn life while IC.
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    Loved hanging with these fools today @SofiaLR @kimmylou @XxGrAipYyxX @SpookyBug Thanks for being awesome!
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    I'm amazing at taking blurry pictures.
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    at work pic after my first jump out of a plane
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    "Get the White Raven (Clinic) stocked up and running again (Day 215)" will probably be an Ongoing Event by San Valentino and @TiviylScratch plays one of the Heads of Medicine in that group, so he is doing one Assuming I'm right @FieJaxon. The lore foreword can be found here: https://www.dayzrp.com/lore/
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    Hair is lighter, got it done today. SOON I WILL BE BLUE.
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    Ccorrect, only to lend assistance and prevent the event from getting dicked in the end. Its easier if its not just us 10 trying to handle the rest of server pop.
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    I feel like Emilia has lost her white knights...... to each other 😂😂😂 now she can go white knight chad 😂😂😂
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    So... I'm back in RP. Not your usual kind of guy, but I'm around again, for the most part.
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    Couldn't find the VDC, but got some dank screens from parts of the map I don't go to, so I guess I'll chalk it up to a W. One where I put in effort: The rest: p.s. I necro'd, sue me
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    OG 85th V2 the electric boogaloo All the good videos about our trials and destroying all the people who initiated on us are now all lost. RIP Edit: spoke too soon, I found a clip of some guys getting shot up by me rip zeke they put him don like a dog. 3 of us show up at 20:00 is and I drop them at 34:00ish, killed most of them until the server crashed and the last guy never came back.
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    you're slightly annoying, but i guess you'll have to do.
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    I've decided to make a video to help show people how to properly crop and resize images, how to make their own border overlay for use with ezgif, and how to add a border in photoshop to static images and to gif images. The video and timestamps can be found below: 0:45 - How to crop the image so that it is in the correct ratio and layout for the website, as well as how to resize your image so it is 150X200 so that it will work with a border overlay on ezgif.com 2:25 - How to make a border overlay to use on ezgif.com 5:18 - How to add your border overlay to an image using ezgif.com (Make sure your avatar use the same dimensions as your overly, 150X200) 7:42 - How to add a border to a static image (jpeg/png) in photoshop 9:05 - How to add a border to an animated image (gif) in photoshop
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    Thread for some examples of our dank RP, whether it be through video or screenshots. Here's one such example of some top tier roleplay, but make sure to turn down your audio because I fucking scream into the mic.
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    Greetings everyone. It feels great finally coming back BTW does anyone know what happened to my beanz
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    Talked about this before, briefly. Everyone got turned off about HostileRP because the amount of it was excessive. People couldn't establish settlements or even announce their general location without seeing people roll up a short time later, looking for trouble. Now suddenly all of the HostileRPers aren't doing it anymore and now it looks like there's an overabundance of CampfireRP. Both of these things are true. A balance needs to be struck. It's grating that some people may only now be realising because there isn't enough HostileRP instead of too much but I'll take whatever leads to a better communal understanding.
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    roll my good up @Tom
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    spent the day of bad luck with some good people. it was hard to play a pussy character when @Cosmo was being a dumb shit. from running to the bar for free drinks at a closed bar. to being told we werent allowed to loot any helicopter crashes and to stay out of red arm band turf (which is also dumb) chased by wolves 3 times. got lost in the woods by a drunk russian. shot by the fastest girl in the most eastern shit hole imaginable. then watched as previously mentioned tool accidently try and do some par kour. all the while being a journalist with a thighroid condition. most of it being shot in the upper thigh. thanks for all the great rp. minus the being told pretty much not too loot elicopters or come back to green mountain area or be shot. have fun with my grammar the one tag that works. and the spelling mistake.
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    Chapter 3 you said fleshlight not flashlight 😂
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    Somebody enjoyed my trollRP wtf?
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    Very unique idea which looks very fun for all involved. Do you have a date in mind yet?
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    When @SkinVest pumps in call with me.
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    *Kyle hears the radio for the fourth time he decides to respond and pressers the PTT* "well sorry but I will be keeping cover for the time being I don't trust anyone at the minute i have not heard anything from four of my men in in weeks and they seemed to all disappear all around the same time so I will be here on the radio but as for meeting up I may be around you may bump into me but I will not show my self, not at the minute" *releases the PTT and goes back to the fire and get some food cooking
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    We're in the home stretch for 500 BeanZ. Time to be bitchy and passive aggressive to get the rest.
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    Schools a thing... and it likes to eat time.
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    *Kyle hears his radio go off thinks for a second and then picks it up presses the PTT* "Punisher 1-6, Varg 1-1 Alpha-VJTF this Mountain 1-4" "Do you read" "Punisher 1-6, Varg 1-1 Alpha-VJTF this Mountain 1-4" "I will make this quick and will not give my name but there are a few out there I cannot say much because of the shit show that happened but I will try to help in any way I can I will keep checking the radio just try to keep your head down and try not to let people know you are NATO Mountain 1-4 OUT" *Kyle releasers the PTT and puts it back in his bag*
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