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    Just going to point out that if staff want to be heavy handed it will do nothing but damage the community. Also if you are going to make a report for something that is not really serious but slightly immersion breaking then send them a private message. Common courtesy can do great things. If you want to leave feedback on group pages make sure to be respectful and give them a solution. If it looks like you are just trying to slander them don't expect improvements it will just kill their motivation. Also holding grudges is nothing but bad for your health. That is all, Have a nice evening.
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    You're taking a casual stroll through the town of Novaya Petrovka, looking for supplies. You don't see anyone so you decide to make your way over to the police station, when suddenly from around the corner you hear a blood curdling scream... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" You run around the corner to help the poor soul when suddenly you realise its too late... The victim lays there in a pool of their own blood, A Detective suddenly appears, noticing the body as well as the witnesses present.. "Clear the crime scene! nobody move, I'm gonna need to question you all..." Everyone is a suspect, everyone could be the murderer, can you trust the person next to you? what was the murderers motive? does everyone's alibi's check out? You best hope that you know the answers, because you might be next... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC: This is going to be a murder mystery event! there will be a victim which for the purposes of the event will have to be killed, there will be a murderer, and there will be the witnesses, the murderer will have to be careful about who he kills, who he talks to, as his next move might be his last... The murderer's is to evade the situation and sneak out undetected, the victim will obviously be the clue to the murder, so even though you die at the start, you provide massive clues for both the witnesses and the detective! The witnesses have been caught in the crossfire and will have to be interrogated, as well as evade being the murderers next target.. The Detective (which will be me, a permadeathable character) will have to solve the crime without being silenced by the murderer! This event will be taken IC, all characters will remember what happened on the day and anyone who is killed can permadeath if they so desire. The date will be the 15th Febuary at 22:00 server time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roles: Detective Ray Sharpe. Suspects. If you want to be a murderer or Victim shoot me a PM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to take part? simply PM me with your interest in a chosen role -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Its a farming life for me. Establish a place to call home and to conduct business in. ( Day 210 outbreak) Establish a large radio network advertising our farming company. (Day 215 outbreak) Find military organizations and ask for their protection. (Day 220 outbreak) Establish the best farming community in South Zagoria. Protect our fellow farmers any means necessary. Produce enough food to feed the majority of South Zagoria We wanted to try out a new way of roleplay here in the community currently hostile RP is shunned either way. So we are going to take the route of campfire roleplaying but we will defend ourselves based on circumstances. The plan here is to set up a hub for people to come roleplay with us and share supplies. Food will be supplied free of charge. Rules don't be a dickhead and keep your weapons holstered. Click the radio to contact us ICly. Recruitment will be handled in-game but If you really want to join send @Vytis a message. Shoutout to Kyle Jones for the graphics.
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    @Lyca fun meeting your new character, we'll be friends ^^ @Jean always a pleasure, you're a good "babysitter". @Elmo too. many. questions. @Rifleman fun seeing you ingame again ^^
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    Had a nice meeting up with @Eli Tate and @Misuteri_Hakurei in Pulkovo earlier today, also had a brief run into with @Major, @Elmo and @Jean - all in all a good day with a brief argument to break it all up nicely - I am so sorry that I cannot mention everyone I ran into though Thanks for the quality RP guys.
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    I'm amazing at taking blurry pictures.
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    So... I'm back in RP. Not your usual kind of guy, but I'm around again, for the most part.
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    OG 85th V2 the electric boogaloo All the good videos about our trials and destroying all the people who initiated on us are now all lost. RIP Edit: spoke too soon, I found a clip of some guys getting shot up by me rip zeke they put him don like a dog. 3 of us show up at 20:00 is and I drop them at 34:00ish, killed most of them until the server crashed and the last guy never came back.
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    This is what happens when a game/community gets to a certain point of boredom
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    you're slightly annoying, but i guess you'll have to do.
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    I've decided to make a video to help show people how to properly crop and resize images, how to make their own border overlay for use with ezgif, and how to add a border in photoshop to static images and to gif images. The video and timestamps can be found below: 0:45 - How to crop the image so that it is in the correct ratio and layout for the website, as well as how to resize your image so it is 150X200 so that it will work with a border overlay on ezgif.com 2:25 - How to make a border overlay to use on ezgif.com 5:18 - How to add your border overlay to an image using ezgif.com (Make sure your avatar use the same dimensions as your overly, 150X200) 7:42 - How to add a border to a static image (jpeg/png) in photoshop 9:05 - How to add a border to an animated image (gif) in photoshop
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    22nd CDF Phantoms (Translation: 22. Černaruské ozbrojené síly fantomů'' ) "We watched as our own country burned. We fought for our flag and watched it falter in the storm. Now this is all that remains of us. A burnt out husk of what was once a well oiled machine. I dare anyone to claim we didn't try our absolute hardest, and bled like few others bled, sacrificed boys on the altar of honour and preservation of the Fatherland. And yet they blame us, they hate us for what we did in those early desperate times - and they're not wrong. We have done horrible things in the name of survival, in the name of preserving our great nation. Each of us is owed a bloody pardon for suffering what we have - yet we march onward, people will think what they want to think - Let's prove to those who hate us just how wrong they are." Chaos. That is all that could be said to describe the initial days following the outbreak. Pure unadulterated chaos in it's most horrid and heinous form assaulted Chernarus - a disease like no other that rapidly turned all it touched into ravenous, post-human cannibals. To the few men who had to first fight the infected - it was a scene as if it was pulled straight from hell itself, a nightmare rent from the darkest pits within a man's mind. Shambling corpses, walking towards you with an endless and insatiable hunger for flesh and blood. Today, few feel any remorse for the infected, only a distant feeling of pity for the poor souls who are left for eternity to wander the earth until someone would grant them the sweetness and relief of death. But then? During the first days? These were our fellow countrymen, farmers, clerks, fellow CDF brothers in arms - even entire families shambled towards our lines. Children. We slaughtered the infected children so that they wouldn't butcher us in our sleep. God had truly forsaken us all when we were made to do that deed. None of us slept, many were left weeping - why? What god could be so cruel as to do that to an innocent child? ~A picture taken from Kirovograd, Chernarus. Post-Outbreak~ Morale was the first thing to go out of the window, and then naturally came desertion. Men fled from the front lines to save what was left of their families - refugees meanwhile stared at the few souls with so little left to live for who decided to stay behind and protect them. They looked at us like animals, dogs, pigs and slung several more words I shall not deign to mention. They hated us. Rumour had it that several CDF platoons had left massacres in their wake as to stop the spread of the infection...It was a shock to all of us. Even the most staunch and stalwart of hearts could not hide their anguish for long. Entire families just...gone - out of fear, out of doubt, or even something as heinous as simple psychotic rage. Few of us knew, and even fewer wished to guess. Intel was sketchy at the best of times - and we were all far too exhausted by the weeks of constant fighting to chase up command about it. The 21st of July was our breaking point. A day that for those few of us still alive who served within the CDF will forever be remembered as the day we failed. Everyone was desperate, with hundreds upon hundreds of people fleeing South-westward. Balota airfield was one of the few bastions that had stood for two weeks. Two. Weeks. - the CDF had managed to barely hold back the swamp of infected that now plagued the once peaceful countryside and picturesque seaside towns. We had all done horrible things in the name of protecting our fellow men, we had exhausted every option available to us - and the logical conclusion was total and utter capitulation. Men hadn't slept properly in weeks, ever fearful of waking up to an infected chewing on his best friend's neck, or a gun barrel from a civilian pointed at his face. Oh yes, how well the mighty bulwark of the CDF repaid for their selfless sacrifice - with hate, mistrust and hostility by those civilians who had fled the oncoming massacre, while boys far braver stayed behind to their certain deaths. The 22nd CDF Phantoms are an idea of Captain Luka Kratochvil, at least at the moment, to unite any and all surviving CDF stragglers, Governmental forces, NATO peacekeepers or civilians within South Zagoria, with an idealistic goal to restore, in some sense - partial social order within enclaves of South Zagoria, or if that goal proves unobtainable, to assist the surviving civilian populace in any way they see fit. Captain Kratochvil and the 22nd have minimal contact at best with Miroslavl command, and for the most part have been left to their own devices. However, their goal remains to gather intelligence on fellow organised groups, and to preferably keep them on neutral or friendly terms. The 22nd are not here to fight a war - they are here to keep as many of the surviving populace alive as possible. Short Term Goals - Establish an encampment within rural South Zagoria to act as a general stockpiling zone and refuge from the sporadic fighting throughout the county [EST. Day 240] - Make preferably non-hostile contact with organised survivor groups and utilise them to broaden our knowledge on the general status of survivors within South Zagoria [EST. Day 230] - Gather material pertaining to the Chernarus Defence Force or any other Government agency and gather a surplus - Uniforms, weapons, munitions, food and medicine [EST. Day 230] - Distribute surplus food, supplies, munitions and weapons to the civilian populace [EST. Day 240] Long Term Goals - Establish a permanent foothold within South Zagoria, preferably in a central defensible location in which we can distribute surplus supplies and to act as a general Cease Fire zone [EST. Day 300] - Gather any and all remaining stragglers of CDF, Governmental or Police forces into a single unified entity [EST. Day 300] Permanent Goals - Establish permanent Radio communications with Miroslavl Command, updating them on the Unit's status and the goings on within South Zagoria - Under only limited circumstances, provoke or deign to involve ourselves in large scale armed conflict with organised civilian groups, or civilians in general - Recruit, gather and organise any and all surviving CDF, Government, Police, Civilian or Foreign military forces who volunteer into our ranks into a cohesive and adaptable fighting force Allied: N/A Friendly: N/A Neutral: All Not Mentioned Unfriendly: Chedaki Remnants Hostile: Anarchy Chernarus Defence Force/UN/NATO Forces: Commissioned Officers: - Captain Luka Kratochvil (CDF, Commanding Officer) [Rifleman] - 1st Lieutenant Nikolai Petresk (CDF) [Retro] Non-Commissioned Officers: - Sergeant Kristen Klein (UN) [Shanoby] Enlisted Personnel: Governmental Forces/Personnel: Chernarus Police Department (CPD): - Radec Sokov (OREL) [Combine] - Lech Popov (CPD) [barto300] CDF Civilian Militia: - Luke Winters [Hudson] - Alesky Bara [Inferno453] - Albert Bazek [Albert Bazek] - Gabriel Novak [ballsofsqueel] - Allen Storm [Allen Storm] Current Recruitment Status: OPEN Please send your applications via PM to Rifleman using the below template: // OOC Section: This is a heavy RP group, designed around minimal combat and interpersonal relationships between member characters to begin with. I hope to further develop the 22nd based upon their experiences while within South Zagoria and interaction with other groups. I'm open to any and all feedback you guys have on the Idea, and please don't be afraid to criticise - I won't be able to improve on issues I haven't noticed yet - be they lore conflicts or just general grammatical tidying up.
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    Guess i'm 21 now yay
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    Yasss. More community made events. I like it.
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    Very unique idea which looks very fun for all involved. Do you have a date in mind yet?
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    [This is chad hearts journalistic review on chernarus as a country. at first it will seem like a travel log, the time frame starts with early summer 2016 to the events leading to the infection then it switches to current time frame in which you meet chad in game. Chad will be a journalist conflict reporter and here he will make his article for everyone in chernarus. the photos he takes in game will also be attached here and later decided how the final product will look. for all ic purposes you can find this note book on him where he writes down peoples names. small notes about them and the groups they travel in and his article he works on.] Chernarus: The Lost Gem (Jean you're the editor, format this some how, im just going to write and go with this one) Chapter 1: Passport please I wanted to start my new adventure to this country in a way i have never been, on the ground. By that i mean, i came upon train. The Russian Alabama as one of my colleagues told me in Halifax before i took off. As such i prepared for swamps and a heavy rural country side. If anything, taking the entry into the country by train had absolutely been one of the best decisions i had made about my trip here to chernarus. The landscape of this country was crafted by god himself. It was a painting so vast, its beauty seemed to stretched on forever. Each province indeed has its own unique touch, much like china where each province was similar in its culture but the smaller things seemed to really give each province its own distinct brand. A logger or simply a nature lover. Both would be in they're respective heavens with the amount of the forests that seem to utterly and truly do dominate the landscape. The country forms around these large wooden men, standing tall over everything. Making sure the ones whom thrive are well shaded. The vast forests may offer the hitch hiker many months maybe years of trail blazing, but the city life is just as bustling as the leaves in the many trees. I didn't come hear to talk, or focus at all really about that things that have happened in this country in the years that have passed. Chernarus as a whole is still healing, that much is obvious, but i believe the best thing right now is that its all over. People go about theyre daily lives. Go to works, say hello to each other in the streets. People are smiling. Within the last 5 years, things for the country have only looked up. With backings from both russia and NATO along with the UN being a possibility. Cheranrus has begun to finally blossom into the modern era. Though they weren't far behind, sovereignty for chernarus has always been well fought. After mere days here in the country i can tell you this dear reader. Chernarus is no russian alabama. Though its ties to russian culture, the orthadox church, and a bustling new refreshing taste of its own peaceful freedom. Chernarus is ready for the world to see it in a better light. That is why i am here. To take it all in, breath the fresh air and live like a immigrant in this lost gem. Chapter 2: Stone cutting a gem I came from the north, along side a mix of people. it seemed the young and the old. Russian friends and family. I may have even seen a mixed Cherno-russian family. which i didn't know at first but is very common here in chernarus. Sometimes when the only westerner on a train car is aboard everyone notices. This was another refreshing take, one of my more memorable ones. The stigma of westerners being a problem, does not seem to exist here culturally speaking. A lot of eastern Europeans are on the fence generally speaking of western involvement but here it seems like seeing a stranger with his packed bags was not a sight unseen in any regard here. I arrived in miroslavi. In what i only assumed wasn't the capital but from what i heard later about Novigrad much better. The giant skyscrapers. the car horns, it seemed as though it was a small st peters-burg. This was not what i wanted to come see. So i booked a hotel, went out in the middle of the day and roamed. People in the capital all in all were much like any other big city slicker. Always on the go, chip on the shoulder, money making profiteers. Who could blame them. They ran, operated and maintained the fresh air that was exactly they're job. Profit. A fresh take on they're own sovereignty with so much to offer with so many nationality based support and influence. The economy was skyrocketing, thus the profiteers were always busy. From the local coffee shop to the big business tycoons. Every single person seemed to be everywhere with great numbers. No one seemed angry about it at all. another thing memorable. I decided it was a good idea to get some food. The CBC offered me such a nice bag of money to come here, i decided if i wanted to show how much i was thankful it was time to get a full stomach of course with some of that money. I walked into what seemed like a mom and pop operation on the outside but turned out to be miroslavi's downtown hot spot. The manager was the only one whom spoke English and dined with me for lunch. I wont forget the hospitality. He said he had finished his paper work early, and since he was the only one who he knew that spoke English, he was going to be my first friend. we laughed drank vodka. he ordered simple foods. i had steak and potato, dressed with onions garlic and a house blend of smokey sauce. I stayed from dinner to closing and then my new friend Surgai took me out on the night. He wanted to show me that chernarus was like any other place in the world. it just needed time he said for people to see how truly great it is. My first day and long night with sergai and the people in mirsoslavi truly showed me this.
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    We're in the home stretch for 500 BeanZ. Time to be bitchy and passive aggressive to get the rest.
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    Schools a thing... and it likes to eat time.
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    *Kyle hears his radio go off thinks for a second and then picks it up presses the PTT* "Punisher 1-6, Varg 1-1 Alpha-VJTF this Mountain 1-4" "Do you read" "Punisher 1-6, Varg 1-1 Alpha-VJTF this Mountain 1-4" "I will make this quick and will not give my name but there are a few out there I cannot say much because of the shit show that happened but I will try to help in any way I can I will keep checking the radio just try to keep your head down and try not to let people know you are NATO Mountain 1-4 OUT" *Kyle releasers the PTT and puts it back in his bag*
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    Got a good deal on a pre-owned pupper, low mileage
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    Changed the color slightly to make it more appealing. Thank you all for the kind words it means a lot in these dark roleplay times.
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    We appreciate your feedback. We will take it into consideration with our nightly meetings where we discus ways to improve upon our group and our goals. Hello respected community member @OnionRingOfDoom. The only "hostilities" we will be taking part in is the aggressive farming of crops in South Zagoria.
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    I love the forums today...