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    obviously this is a joke, but I spent about $75 on it because I have no life. Its for your enjoyment so enjoy ? *Cough* possible dayZRP welcome video? *Cough*
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    I recorded the Kamenici recapping the events of Cherno, what I found was shocking..
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    @Roland, I am pleading with you to reconsider your stance on Sexual RP and Rape RP in this community. It is the apocalypse and yes, if it were real, atrocious sexual acts would be committed against men and woman. But please, don’t make us subjected to them for the sake of realism. I fail to see how sexual harassment and rape is so necessary to RP that you would risk distressing members of the community to allow others to fulfil their twisted fantasies. The woman of this community (and some men) are not playthings to be humiliated, degraded, paraded around, called whores, made sex slaves and forced or pressured into RP of a sexual nature. I find it disturbing that there are people in this community who are so eager and willing to engage in this type of RP, exploiting the rules to take all control away from victims, leaving them no choice but to be subject of unwanted sexual behaviour. Below are some points I feel are worthy of consideration: Saying No: In real life, there are countless situations where girls have been brutally raped without saying no or fighting back. There are physical and psychological reasons for this. Many people in real life situations are left unable to react due to fear or shock. They may be in a coercive or controlling relationship with their rapist, or they may be too young to give consent. It is very easy to look at a situation in hindsight and say, well why didn’t you just go OOC and say stop. But in reality, it is far more complicated than that. There are plenty of occasions in game where I wish I had gone OOC to say stop. Not wanting to ruin immersion, not wanting to cause OOC conflict, or because I was caught off guard in the chaos of the situation and didn’t quite know how to react in the moment. Another thing to keep in mind is that while permission must still be asked to power game a character, the events leading up to the request and the request itself can still be distressing and of a sexual nature. The rules give people who want to indulge in rape and other sexual RP permission to attempt to seek out victims. Putting the burden on the victim of sexual abuse to end the situation is in my opinion, is a rather disgusting stance to have. To say following an event that its okay because she didn’t say no astounds me. I understand that it is a game, but the emotion and psychology of peoples actions is not all too dissimilar to real life in my opinion. Comparing rape and torture: While everyone may have triggers based on their real life experiences, this is not a valid argument in my opinion. Torture for most people is something so far out of the realms of what they have experienced that it’s almost impossible to truly imagine being subjected to it. However, rape and sexual assault is something that has most likely affected each one of us in some way. Most women here will have had to deal with unwanted sexual attention, and its not always as simple as saying no to make it stop. Unlike torture, its easy to imagine the feel of someone holding you down and forcing themselves upon you. It’s deeply distressing and not something that people should be subjected to in game. Age: As there is no way to verify age on this server, how can the rules possibly allow content of a sexual nature? Inciting minors to engage in sexual activity would violate laws in most of the world. Asking someone to ERP without making reasonable efforts to ensure that they are legally of age to consent risks violating criminal law. In addition, someone under age cannot legally consent to sexual activity, so even gaining //permission would not be valid. Allowing sexual RP in the rules may result in children either observing or participating is something that they should not be exposed to. Whether from a legal or moral standpoint, how can this be permitted on the server? Is allowing people to indulge in rape RP really such an essential part of role play that it should be allowed to continue, regardless of the distress and divide it causes in this community? Was the quality of RP any less when there were rules against sexual, racist and homophobic RP? Enough is enough. This is a game. We are here to have fun. Please change the rules to protect us.
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    Hey guys, I know I don't post here much but I felt this was an important announcement to make. Lot's of you may know @DatTurtle, He was fond at creating Motovlogs on his motorbike and was a great community member. Being an avid member of many biker clubs in the UK I have discovered and I am sad to announce that DatTurtle (Alan Petras) Passed away Yesterday in a collision on his bike More info can be found here There is also a gofund me to support his family I also thought it was important for staff to know as well just in case Rest In peace bro, shame we never got around to that ride. If you'd like to help out: https://www.gofundme.com/help-the-family-of-alan-nassi-petras?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=fb_co_shareflow_w
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    So this is a prayer for the community. I have been here for like 1 and a half year, and I have seen and heard a lot of drama, and of course experienced it myself. Now I think that things has been taking to the next level, in a very bad way. About a week ago I got told by the doctors that I have uterine cancer. I am gonna have a surgery where they remove my uterus, and there is a big chance that, the surgery will remove the cancer completely, unless the test of it, will show it was deeper then they thought, then I have to go through chemotherapy, and so on. But this should not be something that I will die off. This post is not about my cancer, but about how people are cruel against each other here in the community. Just to be clear, and to spare you some time, I am not gonna mention any names here. I just hope that the people reading this, have a really bad taste in their mouth, and regret what they said. I told some people here from the community about my cancer, and then 2 of the people, was in a discord with some other people from the community, and my situation was mentioned in the convocation. I myself have heard this convocation, since it got recorded by one of my friends, and holy shit, it was disgusting. One of the people in the convocation said "well at least she can not have babies, so we don't have to worry about there being more people like her around" another thing that was said was "I wish she had brain cancer instead, it would make sense, since she is so retarded" and the last one I am gonna mention is "Is it rape if she don't have a uterus" I get that some people in here has problem with each other, but to hate people so much over the internet, and wish them bad things is so horrible. We can not all get along here, and that is fine, but just ignore the people then. I understand that some things, can not be forgiven or forget, but most drama and fights in this community is over stupid stuff. I will ask and hope that some of you, will make a mends with the people that you have problems with, and remember that it's not worth it to be that angry or hateful towards a person you have never meet. We all have problems and things going on in our lives, and just think about that there is probably a reason that the person you "hate" is acting like they are maybe because they are going through some stuff themselves. I hope that people here will reach out to each other more and talk things out. Also remember that just because you are in a group or hanging out with a group of people you don't have to dislike the same people as them. Make you own judgment about people. And just to clarify this, I am not going after specific people, I just hope that people in this community will think about this.
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    February Mod Update Change-log: Its that time of the month again where we begin to compile the change-log for the next DayZRP mod update. This update will introduce some interesting features for you all to enjoy including new base-building components, crafting recipes, backpacks, vests and texture additions. Fixed: - Fixed issues with persistence on the Wooden Crate and Barricades. Added: - 6b5 Vest (Green, Black and Camo varients). - Tactical Backpack (Tan, green and Camo varients). - Revamped Human Skin Mask. - Burlap Sack Mask. - Buildable Ladders. - Buildable Weapons Rack. - Buildable Wooden Cross. - Buildable Rain Catcher (So you can live of the grid!) - Buildable Flag Holder. - Multiple Country Flags (Attachment for Flag Holder). - Sleeping Bags (Small Portable Storage). - Buildable Makeshift Tents (For small groups of nomads). - Buildable Small Wooden Fence. - Weapons Crate. - Surgical Tools (RP Item). - Small hand held (placeable) anglo-saxon cross. - Small hand held (placeable + craftable) crucifix. - Knights Breastplate Armor. (Wearable and provides moderate bullet protection). - Bone Glove Textures. - Multiple Comedy Shirts, Hoodies, hats and Textures. - New Armbands. - Moto Helmet Texture for our fallen community member. Removed: - Old Human Skin Mask Model. Changed: - Added loot spawns to the NEAF (Does not affect NWAF spawns). - Added loot spawns to Balota(Does not affect NWAF spawns). - Added Hatchback spawns to Balota and NEAF. - Added Lumber Pile spawns to Balota and NEAF. - Increased Light Intensity of fires and torches. - Modified loot spawns and animal spawns (Less canned food and more animals including wolves). Hope you all will get a lot of enjoyment out of this update once it is released. As you can see there has been a big shift towards base building and that will probably continue for another few updates until we have a solid selection of building options for all players.
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    God damnit. Can you people not solve problems nicely, instead of creating drama and bad rep for this community? BOTH OF YOU! @Sapperton if you have a problem with your friends ban then you ask your friend what happened. To us you are a random bystander asking about someone elses ban and we don't usually disclose ban reasonings or even proof to random people in the community, especially in a case like this where the evidence contains someone elses personal information. Also you don't create arrogant and dramatic posts about an admin being corrupt based on pure speculation and what "you've heard" with absolutely no proof whatsoever. Jim already told you, the entire admin team saw the evidence of doxxing and voted yes for permanent ban, as is the standard procedure for that type of harassment. You don't agree with it, that's fine, but leave that for your friend to solve and to not get mixed up with things that do not involve you. @JimRP you need to start solving problems like these diplomatically and not through your admin powers. Bans like these is exactly what gives bad rep to this community, and the reason why we see threads in other forums or communities about staff here being corrupt and members getting banned for voicing their opinions, when in fact there's no corruption involved and the ban could be avoided by explaining the situation calmly and to the point. There's no reason to ban someone every time just because they disagree with you or even show you attitude.
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    if ur character has a penis pick the male option if ur character has a vagina pick the female option
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    Some people aren't Soldiers. Some people didn't have specialist training when everything entered a rapid deterioration. We've had mercenaries; military, cannibals, Somali pirates and even Mexican gangsters. But everyone forgets about the civilians who once called the house you forage in... home. When the outbreak began the strong survived and the weak died out, you can see them roaming around every town and village in South Zagoria. When you put the infected down you see a monster or a threat, but we grieve, because every day we see a familiar face who once sold us oranges or served us in a bar, we see ourselves. However, the Local people haven’t all fallen from the face of the earth, they have just learned to avoid the super soldiers and psychopaths who are in abundance and instead prefer to hold onto whatever life we can salvage. Chernarussians have always been treated as if we never lived in this land, the families we had, the lives we made are swept aside by outsiders and agitators who claim it as their own with no regard to those whose struggles were significant even before the outbreak. Now it's just a matter of rebuilding and protecting those who remain, those of us who have banded together as Chernarussian people and taking back what was ours, our lives as they were, or as close as one can get. Zdejší is the result of the Chernarussian people's plight, the real people without a dream of a new state or a purge of all things foreign. A group of Settlers, Families and Defenders, all dedicated to salvaging a small piece of the land we had intended to spend a peaceful life in, after so many years of war. However this does not mean we will be rolled over, not again, the people will avoid conflict where it is possible but when called upon to defend even one Chernarussian life or those who have shown them kindness, expect conflict without mercy or hesitation. There are two branches of Zdejší, the Osadník (Settlers) and the Strážci (Rangers) both of these arms work separately but benefit each other in one way or another and their roles and work are the following: Osadník are the normal people and settlers within Zdejší, every man woman and child will be contributing to the Settlement or helping it to grow by either putting their skills to good use in a trade or field or by contributing in any way they can. Everyone must contribute as merit and dedication will earn you better rations and supplies. There are multiple roles you can fill: Specialist in a trade or craft, which includes any useful practical skill (Doctor, Builder, Education, Faith ect) Manual laborers, for those with limited skills (Collecting wood, apple picking, tending crops) Raising children, this is vital to our future and is considered a full time occupation Strážci are the defenders of the Settlers, they are at all times in 1 of 3 stages of activity, Defending, Scouting or Idle. Defending is the standard state for any Ranger who is not currently in the field, their job is to keep the area clear of infected, defend those going for water or supplies and aiding in supply and trade runs to other settlements. Scouting is the main aim for any Ranger, this includes scavenging for specialized loot, Infiltrating settlements to determine their worth, gathering information and searching for other Chernarussian survivors. Idle is the state when a Ranger is sleeping, spending time with family or otherwise not working in their trade. Strážci Maxmilian Vitek Myska - @Ducky Stepan Hajek - @DeeBlack Silvestr Marecek - @Harlow Grigory Blazkov - @Bulgarian Bombshell Vladan Volf - @Stormyvill Klaus Pololanik - @Galland Luka Kratochvil - @Rifleman Konvalinka Vlad - @Frostie Mikael Komarov - @Sgttater Radec Sokov - @Combine Emil Donal - @GodOfInternetLag Dima Petrovski - @Mike-Styles Osadník Miloz Kozlov - @cheeks Raina Valentová - @Vicarious Dr. Boris Krieger - @Grozo Gabriel Dolak - @Don Pravoslav Urbánek - @APTerminator Viktor Bogdan - @Falk Jiri Judinek - @Grazo Dmitry Bozik - @NozzyRP Milan Straka - @Ouromov Borivoj Kopriva - @Major Dominik Dvorak - @ToeZOG Konstantin Dudnyk - @Gremlinco Secure a safe haven for Chernarussians to live and feel safe [Ongoing] Take in any Chernarussian refugees [Ongoing] Infiltrate and secure contact and trade with settlement Chernarussian and otherwise [Ongoing] Recruit a Priest [Day 660] Recruit a Farmer [Day 660] Recruit a Weaponsmith [Day 685] Recruit a Doctor [Day 730] Recruit into a stable defense and scouting regiment and civilian branch [Day 730] Secure a larger town and set up a flourishing Chernarussian settlement [Day 1130] Establish a trade route with another local settlement [Day 1200] Deliver something really different in terms of Chernarussian RP and avoid the Militia/Military approach most take and instead opt into Chernarussian Civilian Roleplay Create a living Chernarussian settlement that realistically would be the most common post infection Provide a great RP experience to those we meet and interact with and leave a lasting impression Long-term stream-lining of Chernarussian RP as the main RP focus of the server, be it civilian or otherwise Chernarussian RP can be fun and should be the most common Have a great time RPing with this group YOU MUST BE CHERNARUSSIAN Send a PM to Either @Ducky, @DeeBlack, @Galland or @Harlow
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    You know what. No. Just reread your last post to make sure im not crazy. You are researching members of the community's personal history without permission. You may think you are doing them a favor, and hell in a couple cases you might have, but in the process you've violated the trust of the community. @J1988Dizzle will be permanently removed from the community and the group archived. I apologize to anyone affected by this.
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    Hello community members, today I will do something never seen before in this roleplay community and actually post a ROLEPLAY compilation.
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    Group has been archived, thank you everyone. I would also like to mention about everyone who gave us a headache during the run of Anarchy and constantly tried to attack us one way or another that regardless of that, we still had fun and didn't care about that bullshit. Because that's what you're supposed to do here, have fun. I thought everyone in the server was nice until I actually RP'd with these people and ran a proper hostile group. We ran into people trying to fuck our RP up (OOCly), people trying to get us banned one by one, people constantly trying to trap us, snake us out and everything like that. But you know why we remained strong and stayed here? Because people couldn't find a way to take us out, because unlike what everyone likes to say, we stayed true to our word and we followed the rules. In 4 months of existence we rounded up 4 bans, that's about it. Compare that to a 20 man roster, with dozen encounters every day and thousands of hours combined. We decided to stop having discussions about reports and situations and we tallied like 5 reports in less than a day. See, when you decide to have fun and actually talk shit out you can actually have fun in this game. People think the people in this group are dickheads and non-rping noobs. But you know what? I've RP'd with people that people claimed to be the "best". Honestly? They were trash. RP is what you make of it in the moment, not everyone will like our RP, but people think that we are people's personal maids when it comes to RP. Not every interaction will be the best but I know for a damn fact that everyone in Anarchy strived for the best out of every situation. To the people that decided to listen to the rumors, oh well - you spent all that time hiding and missed out on some great RP - to the people who RP'd with us, thank you, it's been a pleasure to RP with you.
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    “Afanasy Nikitin was a Russian merchant from Tver and the first European who traveled to India between 1466 and 1475 and left a journal of his notes known as The Journey beyond the Three Seas. His notes were found by N.M. Karamzin, an outstanding Russian historian of the beginning of the 19th century.” Portrait of Merchant Afanasy Nikitin “Afanasy Nikitin lived in the 15th century; however, the precise dates of his birth and death are unknown. On the grounds of the data containing in the journal and a short note which was usually placed in chronicles before Afanasy Nikitin`s writings experts concluded that in 1466 Afanasy started his trip to Shemakha with the Russian ambassador Vasily Papin and a trade expedition. They took the direction down the Volga River and reached the city of Astrakhan, where one of their ships was captured by robbers, and the other one wrecked in a storm near the Caspian Sea. Notwithstanding the loss of the ships and goods, Afanasy Nikitin continued the journey. He travelled by land to Derbent, got to Persia, and later reached India by sea. In India the traveler spent three years and in 1472 went back to Russia through the Turkish lands and the Black Sea, and died on his way to Smolensk. Some merchants delivered his notes to Moscow and later the writings were included to chronicles.” Derbent, Persia “The Persian lands were described rather briefly, which might mean that Russian merchants were well-aware of that country and it was of no interest to the traveller. The first impressions about India Afanasy Nikitin got in Chaul: half-naked people, women with their heads uncovered, odd hairstyles – many seemed unusual to the Russian traveller. He was incredibly shocked at the local tradition to commit dead people’s bodies to fire instead of committing them to earth. Nikitin had travelled across the whole India, including the sacred city of Parvat, and documented the local religious customs and traditions, peculiarities of the Indian market and trade. Although his narrations are simple and cannot boast the literary style that was appreciated in ancient Russia, the simplicity of his writings makes them enchanting.” The adventurous spirit of Merchant Nikitin has been an inspiration to many throughout the world and gave way for many others to travel, trade, and explore with little regard for a final destination in the same way he did. Such a pioneering spirit has always existed among humans, going back as far as recorded history. Names such as Vasco de Gama, Christopher Columbus, and Leif Eriksson fill books and detail their trials, tribulations, and exploits. Despite so many calamities throughout mankind’s rise from the Renaissance and onto the technological marvels of the 20th Century not once has the flame of exploration or curiosity ever been snuffed out, and as such it was no surprise that this flame would continue to flicker even long after such a catastrophe as the events that took place in the summer of 2017. Humans who had survived the first year away from large government safe zones or cities found themselves solidifying their positions. A granary inside a village on the outskirts of Primorsk, Chernarus 2019 Some even formed city-states with nearby towns and other groups from their own nations and began to trade and explore other areas to gain more information and seek out others who they could exchange goods with and improve their situation at home. Such expansion is bound to lead to conflict, but it is also a means for humanity to begin to pick up the pieces and access what the future holds. South Zagoria had always represented a little out of the way backwater to many of the other settlements and enclaves of Chernarus, even before the crisis struck. It was a rough province regarded as a haven for all manner of people, foreign, local and otherwise. A wild frontier full of prospects and opportunities for those able-bodied enough and willing to undertake the journey, but on the flip-side it represented somewhat of a place to avoid for those just trying to get by. Situation in Chernarus, Spring 2019 However, South Zagoria did lack the constant hordes, large scale warfare, and rampant military police actions experienced by others areas, which meant that many had grown used to the place and made a decent living for themselves as traders and hunters, keeping in mind the local players and power brokers and being sure to appease them or stay out of the way. The overall lack of hordes higher than category 2 made South Zagoria a good place for steady trade, and in the past 6 months there has been a steady uptick in outside parties moving in to trade with the locals. Within South Zagoria lay numerous untapped natural resources, alongside those which had been left by mankind. Lumber is easily procurable, and while many existing stocks have long since rotted away there are many mills at hand ready to return the production rate of pre-outbreak South Zagoria. Infected overrun a Georgian aid helicopter shortly after it crashed on mission in Chernarus, Winter 2019 Along with the natural resources exist previously abandoned resources that were left behind during the early days of the outbreak. Chernarus’ overall oil and fuel production occurs off the coast on the oil drilling platforms. However, South Zagoria’s early evacuations left vast stores of oil and other fuel products relatively untouched. With military rationing occurring, most fuel and oil resources are unavailable to the public. Thus, citizens and off-duty military personnel alike search for these resources in order to do everyday things such as fueling vehicles, powering generators, and cooking food. Aside from the large coastal safezones, many nomadic factions and other settlements outside of government control also have specific trade needs. While sources of freshwater in Chernarus are generally abundant throughout, food is a major concern for factions located in the area of Kirovograd and the central plains. Freshwater stream in the Black Mountains Extensive bombing over the course of the outbreak has reduced much of the arable farmland in that area to a sodden muddy mess, and much of the associated farm equipment and seed stores have been scattered or stolen. This makes growing food difficult, but the situation there is also not ideal for hunting as most animals have migrated to less turbulent areas out west or in the Black Mountains. South Zagoria on the other hand has a plethora of land suitable for farming and thriving animal populations, some leftover livestock from before the outbreak that have simply become free-range. The province is also ripe for trade due to the fact that a single entity or group does not have a large degree of sway over the populace, or the ability to regulate trade between the various parties that come and go. An underground prodejna in Russia Also important is the fact that due to the lack of government control in South Zagoria many parties such as civilian enterprises and military units that are loyal to the State and live within its protection are attracted to the promise of a regulation free environment, even being willing to trade outside of safe areas to do so. All of the above factors have made South Zagoria ripe for future business by outsiders, and are sure to affect the balance of trade in the upcoming months. Travelers cross a roadway entangled with overgrown vehicles, Central Chernarus One experimental formula has been used by a handful of factions with decent success. Factions who wish to trade will travel to cities or other zones, and establish a temporary compound. Inside of these compound walls, these factions will trade and give requests to locals. However, the factions don’t have all the time in the world, and after a few hours they have to begin their trek back. Thus, the local populace must make haste so that they don’t miss out on these occurrences to gather new information, trade for rare items, and aid other survivors of this worn-down world. However, these faction shops are easily recognizable. Consisting of gates and wood or sheet metal walls boxing an area in, they are also accompanied by a short-burst radio message provided by the factions of the shops to indicate that they are open for business. The Nikitin Prodejna is a weekly trade post event series that is planned to take place on Sundays, which allows other major events to take place on Saturdays. The "Prodejna" or Shop in Chernarussian, is simply a roaming trade post that contains various traders and characters from multiple factions. Each Sunday a new faction will set up a hub at a pre-announced fortified location and for 3-4 hours will trade, give quests, and talk to survivors from around South Zagoria. Over time you will be able to develop relations with these factions along an RPG-like reputation scale, which will be discussed in detail below. The area within the Prodejna will be rule protected, meaning no hostilities will be allowed there. Despite this, visitors are not permitted to loiter or gather there to abuse the rules. You go in, do your business, talk to the faction, receive/complete quests and leave. An area outside of the Prodejna will be provided for folks to gather, trade among themselves, fight, and generally do anything they won't. This area is not rule protected and normal rules apply. Currency: Roubles ('Cash') Currency is able to be traded for at the Event location. Simply bring what you'd like to sell and if the faction is interested they will purchase it from you. Each faction will buy and sell different things in a 'specialized' manner. However, there will be staples that are always traded or sold. Guaranteed to Purchase: Fuel (Filled Jerry Can) and Propane (Any Size) Guaranteed to Sell: Tier 1 Weapons (Civilian Weapons, AK, Pistols), Ammunition, and Canned Goods Reminder: You can keep Roubles from previous visits, Roubles you've found, or Roubles you've stolen, and still use them next event. Reputation Progression System - 60 Point Scale -30 | -20 | -10 | 0 | 10 | 20 | 30 -30 (Abysmal) -20 (Unfriendly) -10 (Poor) 0 (Indifferent) 10 (Known) 20 (Friendly) 30 (Very Reliable) Kratka Street: Kamenici | +15 - D7 Mercs | +10 Maskované Terory: Children of Mann | +10 - Ace Carter & Kallid Johnson | +10 - Windex & Co. | +10 - Robert Henderson | +5 Chrysopoeia Corporation: The House | +15 As you or your group complete quests on behalf of the various factions that travel through the area you will gain reputation with that group. Keep in mind your actions outside of the Prodejna affect this score too. For example if you hold a bunch of CDF soldiers hostage in one situation and a group of people within the same faction come to trade you may find yourself locked out. Each faction will have unique quests that you can complete over the course of each afternoon, and as you complete them you can improve your standing with the various factions. This can lead to improved exchange rates, preferential deals, and priority for specials. Every week this thread will be updated with details regarding each faction, including Lore, trade details, and their general background. Kratka Street Citizens from the neighboring city of Miroslavl have traveled to Berezino in hopes of establishing a temporary trade post. Having been forced to endure months of rationing, combined with a particularly harsh winter, and a severe lack of oil and fresh food, the citizens are searching for a variety of supplies. In exchange for common amenities such as fresh food or propane and fuel to power generators and heat their homes, they’re willing to trade multitudes of mass produced building supplies, and other goods. Things such as nails, sheet metal, tools, and fertilizer components, are just a few of the items these citizens are bringing. Every Sunday from 1PM (EST/GMT-5) - 4 PM - this changes every week but will always be on the event server - No hostilities whatsoever are permitted within the restricted area. Normal rules apply outside and in the hangout. You can do whatever you like there. This event cannot be sabotaged or attacked in any way. Outside quests with event characters excluded. The maximum amount of allowed outsiders in the actual market is between 5-10 people to avoid people using it to hide in or wasting time. It is there for business. The one exception is an entire group may be allowed to enter and trade if needed, no allies though. Furthermore, unnecessarily toxic behavior, or big dicking is not allowed. This applies to those inside and outside of the event. Bantering and going back and forth with Guard personnel is fine. However intentionally gloating, threatening, or anything similar may result in your immediate detainment/death. Death as a result of the previously mentioned does not grant anyone defense or attack rights. When you visit this event, you acknowledge and agree to the rules posted here, and the event rules on the forums. If you wish to interact in a hostile way with a faction host (at the potential expense of your own personnel and negative reputation), please PM Phatal on discord or the forums. 3.9 Events can be organized by both staff and players. Events may either be dynamic or official. Dynamic events are spontaneous events organized entirely in game, often advertised through radio (RCON admin chat in game) without any special rules or preparations. Official events are the ones announced on the website, with a thread in the event forums. Official events may not be disrupted, sabotaged, attacked or interrupted without a consent from event organizer. Official events may sometimes have other special, temporary rules applied to them that last for the duration of the event. No teleport will be provided by the staff team in order to avoid creating a massive waiting line. You will have to either walk on the around server to the venue, or walk on the live server and log back in to the event server outside the compound.
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    Merry christmas guys, this is my gift to you.
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    We named it after your sex life. Keep the meme's outta here.
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    Welcome to the 2018 rule overhaul thread. You will be presented a rule draft which was carefully *cough cough* cut and copy pasted from the current rules in order to reduce the overly restrictive nature of majority of them. Here you can see the current draft: https://www.dayzrp.com/newrules/ Major changes are as follows: Focus switch from rules to role play. We believe that if role play is good and enjoyable, rules shouldn't matter much as role play is the #1 priority here. Most rule breaks can be punished without need for restrictive rules (like the hostage rules telling you exactly when you can or cannot kill a hostage). Instead, Game Masters can just judge quality of RP that resulted from players actions on case to case basis and whether that decision made sense based on IC. Rule points reduced from 15 to 4, rules covering only the bare necessities giving freedom to the players to better role play in a chaotic, post-apocalyptic world where there are no rules or law enforcement Removed a lot of restriction rules that may no longer be an issue or were unnecessary and covered by other rules. Removal of hostile/peaceful characters, all rules apply the same to everyone Old kill rights split into "defense rights" that can be shared with anyone you play with and are valid when you were being initiated upon, and "kill rights" that you can share with your approved group members, which are valid when you're the one initiating on someone. Things you should vote on that the staff is currently split about: RULE 3.4 - Choose whether NLR rule should stay as it is now where you remember the situation you died in, or be changed back to previous setting where you forgot the entire situation that lead to your death (that's how it is defined in the draft) RULE 4.1 - Reason for initiation - some staff believe there should be no reason requirement in order to attack other players, as long as the role play provided is good and engaging.
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    So, not sure why this was not made by someone else as I was an onlooker of the situation. This is the problem with DayZRP right now. Basically that there is this trash rp that is accepted by many members of the community, and even some staff. Though the staff members may not of approved, some of them were not leading by example and instead enjoying the stupidity, but as it stands none of the staff has made a post or brought it up. So I guess I will. Understand, this is going to be nit picky. I will do my best to not name names. This went on for at least 1 - 2 hours that we were present for. Not sure how much longer after that. The situation started later in the day for the server about 20 minutes before night. I onlooked at about 15 people standing around near the entrance to the barn. Some were running around while others were gathering logs. Though this isn't bad RP, the people carrying logs did seem to enjoy walking to a non existent beat, swaying back and forth. Others around the entrance however seemed to keep holding each other up, aiming guns at one another and hands up, prone-ing and climbing over one another. After a short time of watching this, a few of our friends approached. They looked on and saw Emma, started having a normal talk with her which was decent rp. Then a group of men approached and started saying "We won't leave her with Chedekie." After a bit, my friend announced he was Chedaki, and they started saying "Is that some kind of cheese?" So they stopped the conversation and walked away a bit. They continued to scream, jump around, do 360's. Some time later they approached a man with a blue arm band. The man said that Chedaki hurt his mother, and it was not in a trolly rp way. However as the conversation continued others approached and continued to interrupt over and over, not letting either party continue the rp and continued to call both people retarded. This continued for a while, insult after insult, my friend asked "Why are you interrupting us?" His reply "Because you are retarded." After this our friends decided to walk away. It was growing darker so he walked into the darkness with the blue arm band. They walked into the dark, some random player grabbed a flare and lit up where they were going. They then were surrounded again and not allowed to continue roleplay. They were consistently interrupted and insulted. One thing I will add that I noticed, was a flare put down and several people running circles around the group with a flair, for no reason. So they walked away again, and were pursued and continued to be interrupted and insulted not allowing any roleplay to continue. They decided to tell the man that they would continue the conversation later. The words of others were "Yea retard, shut up and move on." Eventually it started to rain, and they went inside. As soon as they pushed open the door they saw at least 10 people crawling over each other, going into the corner, screaming to scream. "AH LETS GO LETS GO". They then went into the corner, jumping on each others heads and trying to fly or walk on top of each others shoulders. My friends took one look, said "What the heck?" And turned around to leave the barn. Basically that is the jist and continued throughout the evening on the server, and into the morning. However at one point, there was some gunfire and someone got on a megaphone saying "The Chedekie are shooting, everyone inside to hide from the chedekie." They continued to scream this over the megaphone for several minutes. The problems and troll rp continued throughout the time we were present there. Eventually we decided to leave because of the stupidity. However, I can't lie that one of our members did go up there and added to the stupidity by using a stupid accent. This thread is not to get people in trouble. That is not the goal. People are upset by the lack of RP, and I can see why. To many people don't care about the value of rp, and Don't care to keep their friends in check. Then you have those people who were doing decent rp, then decide to add to the troll rp, and after they get mad because the rp sucks. It really goes to show that people care so little about the rp of this community and its members that they would intentionally ruin others attempt to rp as well, laughing about it as they go. The worst part, is that there was at least four members, or X members of staff there present for the entire situation. I am not saying they were trolling, but they were letting it happen. And by the fact that I have to make this thread, goes to show how little they care about the betterment of the community over their friendships. Not sure why they are even in staff. Yesterday was a shit show. It was the worst rp I have ever seen on the server, and it was near to half of the server pop. You would think people would value actual rp, and would try to lead by example, but it dosn't seem to be the case. We are on a slippery slope now. How long will it be before staff completely disregards what happens ingame to the point where all rp is trolled away and the server is filled with stupidity and idiocy. Dark days ahead of us. I'm sure plenty of people will say "Boo hoo, you wern't there, we had great rp." If you think that was great rp then you have little to no standards and you clearly feel that trolling and ruining others experience is fun. I have been intentionally vague on who the problem is. We have video footage and many screen shots of the situation but this is not an attempt to get people banned. This is an attempt to wake people up so this server becomes better. Those of you, who were staff and are staff... You should be ashamed of yourselves.
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    As accurately pointed out by our sharp community members (thank you @Ducky and @Mexi), there was a flaw in the NLR rule which allowed players to effectively break NLR rule by returning to the same firefight they died in, as long as 1 hour has passed. Kill rights from a single hostile action can last as long as two hours and the kill rights constantly renew timer during the fight itself which technically can last indefinitely as long as the fight goes on, therefore we needed an extra NLR condition to prevent this kind of situations. This has now been rectified by an addition to the NLR rule. In addition to the 1 hour timer, you cannot get involved in the same situation, no matter how much time has passed. Situation is considered the same as long as either side has active kill rights on one another. This is in effect even if 1 hour has already passed or the fight moved to a different location. Pretty simple to understand I think.
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    I figured it would be a great idea to start tracking the changes coming this January to the mod. Here we go !!!! Fixed: - Textures from the last update. - Sickness version 2. - Issue with not been able to repair modded clothing. Added: - Barricading - Craftable Wooden Storage Crate - Venetian Mask - Human Flesh Mask with recipe - Recipe to cut jeans into short jeans - Black camo hunting bag - Digital Gorka camo pants and jacket (Mike styles) - Tan and brown Gorka pants and jacket (Mike styles) - Hiking jacket textures - TTSKO medic texture - Bomberjacket medic texture - Balaclava black camo texture - Press vest black texture - Press vest brown texture - Press vest green camo texture - Press vest grey camo texture - Barbed bat recipe (no longer spawns naturally) - Scrap metal and scrap metal recipes (Future base building item) - Cassete player - Guitar - Scissors (Used to craft short jeans) - 2 new backpacks - Harmonica - Camera - Surgical tools - Ecstasy tablets Added the following items back to the loot tables: - Frying pan - Cannabis - Cannabis seeds - Reflex vests - Hunting vests - Ammo Box - Black Pen Removed: - Neon colored textures replaced with duller ones Hope you all are looking forward to this update !!! It will arrive around Mid-Jan, this list may be changed or updated before then but these are the goals for this months release. Happy New Year !!!
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    Hello DayZRP members! I'm announcing a few changes that will be made in the community, some immediately, some in the coming days or weeks. As always I would love to hear your feedback on these changes so that we can tweak them together to everyones liking. 1. Server switch It's been a few weeks since release of DayZ server files and thanks to @Kerkkoh our admin tools are now complete. Admins and GMs are able to fly around the map, teleport players, spawn items, zombies and wolves, and even more which should help enormously with creating role play focused events and unique content. All admin tool actions are logged to a file that only I will have access to, so any abuse of power will be found quickly and dealt with swiftly, so that you as players can rest assured that the server continues to work with fair play in mind. We are also planning to mod the game client side with some custom RP focused additions, which will require you to download a mod folder and start the game with special command line in order to join our server, but that is coming later on and we will have a separate announcement for that. Anyway, the current S1 server hosted by GamingDeluxe does not allow for modding at this time, therefore we will be switching our main server to the self hosted one where we have full control over every aspect of the server. It will also have 100 slots and is hosted on better hardware which should help with performance. What this means for you is a wipe. Not just of persistence (items on the ground, stashes, tents and vehicles), but also of all characters as the new server will work on a separate database and the data cannot be transferred between the servers. We would like to switch the server some time this week before the weekend. --- UPDATE 2018-10-05 Server switch is scheduled for Friday evening server time. 2. Server changes New server means changes. As I already mentioned the new server will be 100 slots. We don't actually know if it can manage that many players and stay stable, but I suppose we will eventually find out and experiment with the max slots so that the inevitable lag does not harm role play too much. We have not one but two dedicated servers, each equipped with dual Xeon processors with SSDs, 96GB of RAM and 1Gbit fibre optic uplink at our disposal, so hardware should not be a problem. Besides slot changes we've also tweaked a few things and settings on the server, here are some of them: VOIP quality raised, which means that everyone will sound clearer and louder. The downside is that you will lose some of the 3D sound perception (from which direction someone is speaking). Let us know based on your experience if the setting is satisfactory or we should lower the sound quality for the sake of situational awareness. All players will spawn with a working hand radio on the new server, we hope that this will eventually remove need for 3rd party communication and reduce metagaming. If possible through modding we plan to vastly increase the range of these radios to make them more practical. Please use them to increase immersion! When posting radio chatter threads on forums, try to add a real working frequency of in game radio to it. Spawning points will be altered. After 3 years of running from the beaches of Chernarus as a new spawn, it's time for a change. When you start playing your character on the new server you will find yourself deep in a dark mysterious forest somewhere in South Zagoria. Will you find your way out? Because of overwhelmingly positive reaction to the suggestion posted here, the night time on the server has been extended. It should now start getting dark sooner and there should be at least 1 hour real time of night time, right before the server restart. --- UPDATE 2018-10-05 All of the above changes will be present on the new server after the switch. We will have polls about the spawns as well as VOIP quality so that we can decide whether to keep or change them based on your feedback. 3. Events Now that we have admin tools, it's time to finally do some events! You can expect admins flying around and spawning unannounced hordes of zombies or wolves near groups of players, adding more dynamic and unpredictable threat to your regular gameplay. We also plan to do a large scheduled event this or next weekend similar to old Invasion events from DayZRP mod, where the objective for players is to band together and stop an incoming horde of zombies from taking over a city or other important location. More details on that event will be available in a dedicated event thread that should be created today or tomorrow. The event will be held on a separate server where you will be geared to the teeth with ammo, weapons and what not. Fight for your lives! --- UPDATE 2018-10-05 The large scheduled invasion event has been postponed until next week, I simply didn't have enough free time to create and properly prepare an event this weekend because of work and other RL commitments. The unannounced random events created by GMs and admins will still happen. 4. Character names Now that we have a known workaround for the character name issue, we will be turning back on the enforcement of character pages as well as tracking of character play time. This means that unless you fix your in game name using this workaround, you will be unable to join the server, as you will be kicked for invalid character name. The workaround is available here: --- UPDATE 2018-10-05 This will be turned on and enforced on the new server, so make sure to fix and test your in game names before todays evening. 5. Getting rid of leaving threads The recent waves of leaving threads are leaving a sour taste in our mouths. A lot of people suddenly feel like "leaving the community" for one reason of another which is fine, but in reality it's more of taking a few months break and writing a rant bundled with throwing a few last jabs at other members on their way out. Also the staff members are getting tired having to monitor and moderate these threads, close them after 24h, revoke peoples posting rights. Then a month or two later someone wants to come back and want their rights back, creates a support ticket, one of the admins has to un-revoke the posting rights, this usually causes an issue with restoration of whitelisted status, which causes another ticket to fix that... *breathes* Yeah, not worth it. Introductions and leaving forum will be turned into "Newcomers" forum where new people can be welcomed to the community as well as ask basic questions about it. Leaving threads will be abolished completely and instead users wanting to "leave" will be asked to execute a manual action, here is a demonstration of said action. No posting rights or whitelist will be revoked for anyone, no bans on request will be issued and existing restrictions for people who already left will be lifted. If you wish to post a rant about something or someone you don't like we suggest trying general or suggestion forums or even PMs. If you really want to leave the community there is now only one way of doing so and that is to send us a support request for deletion of your account, which we are obliged to do as per EU regulations. Your account and information associated with it will be then be wiped from the website within 48 hours and SteamID blacklisted. --- UPDATE 2018-10-05 This has been completed.
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    Game is rated mature. Community members are recommended to be 18+ before joining. IC is IC, it's all role play. People who get offended OOC because of IC role play have a problem seperating the two, this usually manifests as increased sodium levels. Sure, one can get angry when subjected to rule breaks or bad role play, but if one is getting good role play, but still get angry or offended because of what kind of character someone is playing or which derogatory words they use, that's not healthy. Third party ToS like Twitch or YouTube are irrelevant to us, that's a problem of the content creator to comply with. My personal opinion is that if one can stream Mafia 3 which is full of racism, one can stream DayZRP. With recent rule changes we have abandoned outright banning certain types of RP and instead focus on judging quality of RP in general. If you believe someone is overdoing their racist/homophobic role play or doing it in a trolly way, submit a report with a video and we'll take care of it.
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    I think I and many others have noticed a change in attitude from Rolle and I guess now the admin team in recent months. A shift towards a less forgiving and more "my way or the highway" approach. I cite the lore wipe as marking the beginning of this change and the way groups, specifically hostile groups were threatened with removal and punish from Rolle, something that is continuing. Other important events are Dusty's perma ban and, from personal experience, my removal from staff. But I'd say one of the most drastic and uncalled for displays of admin authority was tonight with the banning of 4 individuals from a report by the same administrator who reported them. Something Rolle approved of. The exercise of Rule 4 in a way that only paints a picture of the admin team and Rolle simply not giving a fuck what anyone else thinks because they run the server and they will do as they please. The first instance of this was JimRP giving me warning points for a status I put on his profile and then denying my ban appeal himself. Now we have Aiko making a report against a group of people without video evidence, waiting for a PoV and then banning all of them minutes after it was posted. This "Deal with it" attitude in my opinion is extremely detrimental to the community. I don't play on the servers because I am not satisfied with DayZ right now, something most people agree on illustrated by the decline in players, but seeing this type of behavior dissuades me from ever playing again. I can only imagine how current players must feel knowing now that if they slip up the admins will not hesitate to permanently remove them at a moment's notice with Rolle's blessing. I can only imagine how new players might perceive the casual removal of players by administrators in a report they made. I can only imagine how the rest of staff must feel about this whole thing, especially Gamemasters who have been basically cast aside for a liberal use of Rule 4. I made a poll to gauge these opinions exactly. I didn't want to get sucked into some drama in this community again, I prefer being a lurker who beanz posts or banters in status updates. I don't like having to call out Rolle or the admin team, since the other two haven't given their opinion and because I considered Aiko one of my best mentors in staff. But I firmly believe this attitude will kill the community and there are no viable alternatives. This is the only DayZ roleplaying community that isn't a pile of shit, so let's not turn it into one.
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    No offense, but most of the hostile groups only offer RP that consists of robbing, beating people up, then telling them to scram afterwards. People don't want to participate in that and I don't blame them. You can only do that so many times before that shit gets boring, people have said they were robbed three times within one play session. Strong-arm people, force them to do things for you, do highway tolls, protection rackets. People also don't like how much PvP has increased over the months. Not all hostile RP has to end in an intiation. Offer more interesting RP and the people will come. I don't mind being robbed, but if that's the only hostile RP you have to offer, I will decline to go to popular areas and instead will RP with my group instead. As for the poll, all the suggestions are needed imo.
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    "Co je nejlepší pro zemi." "We have to show common citizens that our actions are focused on rooting out the evil, not on punishing anyone based on their nationality. Disarm the ordinary armed men, but eliminate all commissars, commanders and functionaries ruthlessly." -Soldier's Handbook, allegedly by Prizrak, supreme warlord of NAPA The name Kameníci roughly translates to 'Stonemen'. They originate from the town of Sinistok, in the Northern part of South Zagoria. It was a rather small town, but was bordered by the rather Russian-ethnic communities in North Chernarus. They could go 20 minutes up the road, and the dialect would be day and night. They were the 'frontier' of the true Chernarussians. They all bled green and yellow, and believed in what their country stood for. Most members of the Kameníci, prior to the infection, were located in the town of Sinistok. They were neighbors in the small, tight-knit town. Most knew eachother, they all grew up together, and once they hit their adult life, most took up the trades of their parents, or moved and joined the CDF. When the Apocalypse began, those who took on the name Kameníci did their best to secure their families to the city of Miroslav when martial law was instated in the early parts of 2017 before returning back to their town to defend against, what they believed, was an immanent Russian invasion. A rag-tag group of Chernarussian survivors stayed together up in the mountains, led by the NAPA guerilla, Mikhail Barta, he and a few of his brothers who fought in the civil war, were the ones who organized the group of locals. Watching from the sidelines as bombs, militants, and civilians all tore apart the country. The CDF left, and Anarchy reigned over all the lands of South Zagoria. But now- now was the time to stand up and reclaim what was once theirs. They were forced back to Miroslavl- defending their families in the city. Gathering more like-minded Chernarussians who aided in their guerrilla tactics against the BPR, who were attacking from the North. Mikhail gathered his band of patriots and fought the BPR alongside his countrymen and women, fending off, what they saw as, the second coming of the Chedaki. Whilst fighting, an IED containing poisonous gas killed 200+ civilians and CDF sentries inside the city, with the leads stating that the bomb had came from inside South Zagoria. They returned back to South Zagoria, finding an Irishman, Louie. He was responsible for the creation of the bomb, and the nationalist were told that the bomb was aimed towards the Kozlov brigades, specifically the Svobada terrorist who the Kamenici never really saw eye-to-eye to. Though brothers of the lands, they had different means of seizing their country. It was told then, that a lady, Taryn, and her group was responsible with the bombings of many of their loved ones inside of a refugee camp inside Miroslavl. After executing Taryn, Mikhail made the decision- stay within the region and make sure nothing like this will happen again. After achieving their goal of exacting vengeance for the despicable terrorist attack on Miroslavl, Mikhail Barta and his troop remained in South Zagoria for several weeks. Mikhail was wounded in an engagement with an unknown terrorist element somewhere to the north of Dubrovka and was carried to a nearby tree line. Their medic did his best the stabilize him, but without proper facilities or medicine -- he sustained near-fatal injuries. While the bullets flew around them, they performed a staggered retreat, and managed to escape with minimal losses. The Sousek brothers, being the ranking men left assumed command of the unit. They discussed for days on what they should do, with members of the formation vying to follow Mikhail's path to stay in South Zagoria and fight the terrorists, whereas the older Sousek, Dusan, supported a more liberal approach, one that would take them back to Miroslavl, to petition the remainder of the government for support. In the end, they ended up taking Dusan's route, making the trip through the countryside yet again back to civilization. They let the people know that justice had been served, distributing copies of the tape they had taken during the execution of the one responsible for the Miroslavl attack, and hoped to use this as leverage for military support on their return to South Zagoria. They had delivered their commander to an overcrowded military hospital north of the city, later receiving a mistaken report that he had died. It took months of heavy campaigning, political discussion and a vast amount of support from the people to afford them a respite, the government had agreed to send them a small consignment of special forces advisers along with material support. Mikhail doing building clearing drills with the new-found militiamen. The preparations for the expedition began, and the Sousek brothers commenced with efforts to relocate the old members of their unit, well, the ones that survived the past few months at least. They did what they could to get their veterans and reached out to several elements within the civilian populace that had an interest in joining up. And so, it began, the march back to South Zagoria, their home. This time, they didn't have a plan, or a goal, but they knew whatever they'd do would affect the region for the better or worse. In late December around Christmas, the unit got word of a rising communist threat in Elektrozadovsk and made a brief expedition back to South Zagoria to combat it. They assaulted their compound, situated in the school on the hill above the city and came out victorious. With the threat vanquished, they began their journey back west, back to Miroslavl. They went back to their respective lives, retiring in peace. Dusan decided to pay a visit to Mikhail Barta's remaining family in their government issued apartment, and when the door opened stood the man he had believed dead for months. Mikhail explained what had happened, and that the information Dusan received regarding his death was down to a clerical error. They caught up, and Dusan explained the situation in South Zagoria to him in detail -- something he hadn't been up to speed on in months. The new year came, and a broadcast in early January piqued the interest of the two soudruzi regarding a Russian Colonel announcing the 58th Army's illegal invasion of Chernarus, and decided to get the unit back together once again, who they could, anyway. They gathered who they could, dug up their weapons and began the march back to South Zagoria. They were headed back to their home to fulfill their original purpose -- defending South Zagoria. Mikhail Barta Ivan Volkov Hugo Nemecek Domek Svoboda Jesper Hansen Leopold Volk Jan Pavlik Josa Vacek Alexandr Kozak Lubomir Skala Dominik Reznicek Ostrovsky Sokov Ludvik Kozlov Michael Ondera Alexei Novikoff Oskar Novak Ruda Kasparek Maxmilian Vitek Myska Silvestr Marecek Dominik Dvorak Pavel Slava Andreevich Mikael Komarov Mikhail Barta, training the volunteer force from Sinistok Provide aid to all Chernarussians still in South Zagoria [Ongoing] Connect with any remaining CDF or governmental forces in the area and set up a terms of agreement with them [Ongoing] Find and remove and potential Chedaki and Russian militants who may be using the apocalypse to it's advantage [Ongoing] Stabilize the region of South Zagoria in order for the CDF to regain a foothold. [Day 700] Set up a Chernarussian-only refugee camp [Day 650] Remove any Russian or NATO military from the region. [Day 700] Bring a proper Chernarussian presence on the server, there are far too few locals and plenty of foreigners as it seems Give great RP, allowing an influx of different Chernarussian characters to blend together and play together, with a common patriotic goal in mind. Provide RP as a Guerrilla force, hitting camps and raids and running back to the woods, etc. Commander Mikhail Barta - @CaliforniaRP Guerrilla Ivan Volkov - @RandyRP Hugo Nemecek - @Ming Domek Svoboda - @PatZ Jesper Hansen - @Jannik Michael Ondera - @pijkaCZ Leopold Volk - @Tander Jan Pavlik - @Clarence Josa Vacek - @Veryniceperson Alexandr Kozak - @Mexi Lubomir Skala - @Meme Ostrovsky Sokov - @Wolfaye Ludvik Kozlov - @Solo Alexei Novikoff - @YungNate Oskar Novak - @BorisRP Ruda Kasparek - @Chernon Maxmilian Vitek Myska - @Ducky Silvestr Marecek - @Harlow Dominik Dvorak - @ToeZiesOG Pavel Slava Andreevich - @Dr Willsky Mikael Komarov - @Sgttater Send to @CaliforniaRP, @groovy tonyRP, and @RandyRP Big thanks to @Centurion for graphics
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    @G19RP managed to stand-off four religious fanatics. Give me your beans you miscreants! Full Video - Roleplay Story Background (in-spoiler)
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    Our active playerbase continues to grow for some unexplainable reason, and we are reaching new records in queue length to the server during peak times. I opened server 2 yesterday to temporarily help this issue, however as we all know it comes with a long list of problems on its own, including using the second server for looting, loot storage and ghosting into bases. At the same time we cannot expect to grow as a community and server if we cannot add additional servers and have enough slots for everyone. I have coded a little addition to the server player check today. What it does is it locks the second server until server 1 is 80% full. This happens automatically and without requiring staff to start/stop servers or do anything in particular. This way both S1 and S2 can stay permanently online, but S2 will only be usable once S1 fills up. Once S1 dips below the player threshold, an announcement will be sent to players on S2 and they will be kicked some time after in order to move to S1. The locked/unlocked status of the servers is displayed on the front page using a lock icon. This status is updated every 5 minutes.
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    Awimba and his Mercenaries crawl up through the darkness to rescue GenZ. Morning comes and he sees his operative get shot up the hill, he aims in and sees the bastard with the chernarussian colours on his outfit, he breathes in slowly and recites something in Zulu before slowly putting pressure on the trigger of his M14. He gets a bullet in the back of the head and his life flashes before his eyes for a split second before his soul falls into the abyss. Awimba Muncho's life ended by a Chernarussian bullet to the back of the head, alas he shall never be forgotten for in Bantu religion kings and queens live on through the memories of others and so he shall live on forever. f to pay your respects
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    It’s been 27 years since the collapse of Communism in Chernarus, but it is no cause to celebrate. A shadow has been casted over what sparse cities and villages existed in Chernarus after the Soviet Union - Nationalism. It had always been an issue in Chernarus. With the launch of Operation Alpenröschen during World War 2 into the Black Mountains and unto the proud city of Novigrad, the Nazi menace established a local pro-Nazi regime, made up of die-hard nationalists with a bone to pick with the Soviet government. The Chernarussian State, as some referred to it, was a spectre of things to come. Thankfully, the proletariats and those proud of their Motherland’s accomplishments rallied together to defeat the traitors. The situation in 1943 was not too different to the situation in 2009. The sons and daughters of those very proletariats, workers, and patriots rallied together once more against the fascist menace. This time, the workers were alone. There was no Soviet Army to swoop in from the North, over the South Zagorian cities and factories, over the rolling hills and through the dense pine forests. They were alone, but it made no difference. They fought long and hard. But, in the end, it didn’t matter. The fascists were backed up by the Imperialist West and they brought their drones, helicopters and planes. The fascists viciously hunted down the leaders of 2009. Many were executed, under guises of genocide, insurrection and murder - all lies of course. It is not murder to defend oneself. Now, despite everything that is going on. Despite the Apocalypse arriving in Chernarus - the fascists and reactionaries do not stop. They do not think to work together with one another. The foreigners trapped within our borders are prosecuted. Killed en masse and hunted, just as we were during those fateful days in 2009. I ask of you, my fellow workers - rise up against this menace. Bear your arms proudly, under the Red Banner. Fight back the reactionaries and liberate yourselves. "Workers of the world, unite!" 1943-1955 Partisanship had always been a part of life in the Black Mountains. The mountain town of Tuapse was in fact famous for it and thus, the concept of partisanship was nothing new come 1943. During Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812, small bands of civilians harassed the French and their allies before and after the retreat from Moscow. When the Kaiser’s army snuck in during World War 1, the Germans were forced to pull units from the front line to deal with the partisan activity and ultimately, the men and women from Tuapse participated in the Russian Civil War, founding small Red detachments, which were particularly successful in South Zagoria. When German Gebirgsjäger units, accompanied by traitorous Cossack SS-divisions attacked key Russian fortifications in the Black Mountains, partisan groups from towns like Tuapse proved invaluable in providing guidance through the treacherous mountain ranges and in attacking key supply routes, effectively trapping several detachments and platoons in the freezing cold mountain peaks. For their efforts, a small monument was erected in Tuapse, which only ever attracted four or five would be historians yearly. More importantly, Natasha Dmitrievna, a leader in Tuapse, posthumously received the Order of the Red Banner for her efforts. A woman, from such an obscure town, receiving such a prestigious award -- it shocked people. Ultimately, however, it solidified the town’s loyalty. Dmitrievna moved into the Chernarussian SSR after the war to live a quieter, more secluded life. She moved there with her two sons, Vladim and Alexander and husband - Abram. There, they founded a small rural town specializing in peaches and apples, named Stalinisi. People came and went, usually with the picking seasons. Only a few families remained, participating in local community activities and other then a few state interactions, a completely autonomous life. 1991 The town lived independently throughout the existence of the Soviet Union, only ever receiving a few calls for conscription and police visits for rowdy Chernarussians with a bone to pick. This changed, of course, with the Chernarussian Declaration of Independence in 1991. During the riots, Stalinisi was raided by small nationalist militias, with tools and supplies being stolen and hunting stalls and sheds being burned. The biggest shock came a few months later, when the newly established Chernarussian government came to the village with an ultimatum: remove the villages name and identity or be evicted. The choice was obvious, the men were too old to put up a fight and the boys too young to take their place. The village became Stary Yar and according to de-Communisation policies and the small monument dedicated to paristan Natasha Dmitrievna was demolished. This was a wakeup call for the denizens of Stary Yar, things were changing whether they liked it or not. They would have to fend for themselves in this new era of Chernarussian nationalism. The men buried their hunting rifles in fear of them being taken off them and the disgruntled ex-soldiers hid their old AK rifles under beds and in toy lockers. The truck drivers that used to transport apples and peaches from the orchards to the factories to be processed were laid off, replaced with Chernarussians in dire need of a job. Hell, even the police-men were replaced and reorganised. This major change sowed the seed of dissent and would enable the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star to gain control over the area. 2007 The scars from the 1991 raids and de-Communisation were still very real, and the foundation of the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star gave the village’s anger a productive release. For the most part, the ChDKZ was a legal movement, but they were planning something big. Anton Grigorievich , father of two young boys, was a devout Chedaki and planned to use the town as a training ground for Russian paramilitaries and weapon storage. From there on out, Stary Yar became a hotbed for extremist organisations. Anton’s two sons, Roma and Kirov merely watched as his father met shady men in suits and turtlenecks. They were old enough to consider politics, but not old enough to comprehend them. They’d talk about equality and the liberation of the working man, whilst beating down on rival Chernarussian gangs of boys in the woods. Anton could see that his two sons needed a productive outlet and an education. Hence, he gave them a run-down course on socialism and the implementation of the ideology just before giving the eldest a rifle and the younger a pair of binoculars. They’d train together for the remainder of the year. Late in the year, just before the snow fell a small brawl between a group of Russians and Chernarussians erupted. Kirov was stabbed during the fist-fight. Outraged, Kirov went home to Stary Yar and snuck out later in the night with his father’s pistol, whilst Anton and Roma were at the hospital. He rallied some of the other boys, who were keen for retaliation. The intention was to just scare him off and give him a warning. Maybe rough him up a little bit. But things turned sour. It turns out that this one particular Chernarussian boy was a drug dealer and had his stock to protect. A small gunfight erupted and Kirov shot the boy dead. It didn’t change him, it didn’t make him feel any better either. He simply knew that he had the ability to kill someone. This marked a turning point for the duo. They trained more rigorously, and even ordered some old military surplus online; smersh, camo netting – that kind of thing. Soon enough, their little gang of boys turned into a serious paramilitary, full of anarchists, Marxists and misfits. This undeniably made Anton proud and soon enough, their newfound paramilitary was also rocking the ribbon of St. George and the Chernarussian Red Star. They learnt that funds were desperate, so they took up robbing. Police-stations with armouries and lazy guards, desolate ATMs and local banks. In enough time, they’d earned enough dirty tanks to arm the entire local area and extra. In December, just before Christmas day, Roma would be arrested for possession of an illegal firearm – an AK-74U to be exact. For every bullet, a year would be added. The bias judge that presided over him gave him a life sentence without parole and in Chernarus, a life sentence really is for life. It was an outrage, but no strike or protest would change it. His younger brother plotted, but their father assured him that there was nothing they could do – yet. 2009 The twenty-first of November was cold, but otherwise clear. The Civil War had been raging for a few months now, with Anton’s militia seeing constant combat. The absence of Roma had greatly dampened morale in the militia, knowing that they walk free whilst one of their comrades are stuck in a tiny prison cell. Thus, they hatched a plan to break him out before he was transferred to Miroslavl. The men involved slipped through checkpoints as refugees seeking a new home, posing as Chernarussians to avoid suspicion. These men then gathered in a warehouse in Kamyshovo, where a fisherman had lent them a boat and where their weapons were waiting. A stolen blueprint revealed that there was a pipe that connected to the sea and into the maintenance room and ran underneath the prison. The plan was to rig this pipe with explosions and blow a large section of the prison from underneath it. Then, whilst the guards were distracted, they would climb up to the outer wall, rig it with explosives and create a hole in which they could allow prisoners to escape from during yard time. The plan failed for the most part. The explosion shook the ground, but nothing of real consequence happened above ground and the guards were still present upon the insertion to the wall. However, luckily, the guards were easy pickings for the battle-hardened warriors of the Stary Yar militia and they were still able to rig the wall. After retreating to a safe distance, they blew the wall. Confused and disgruntled guards watched as about fifty-five men in striped pyjamas ran out. On their boat, they took about five men with them – one of them Roma. Only a few escapees actually escaped par from that five, the rest being captured or shot. The brothers transferred out of the Stary Yar militia soon after the prison break, finding a home in a reconnaissance battalion, known for guerrilla tactics and assassination missions. Usually, they’d target people like local priests known for sheltering NAPA militiamen, local nationalist leaders and checkpoint officers. Rarely, anyone of importance was killed. Upon a raid further south, they came into an abundance of military grade uniforms and kit, effectively transforming the reconnaissance battalion into an actual fighting force. Gorka uniforms, mess kits hell, even belts. The battalion was present for war-crimes, but was never brought to light for any involvement or knowledge of such actions and after the Civil War, most members avoided persecution by splitting up and re-integrating into Chernarussian society. Those who spoke Chernarussian found this easy, but those who only spoke Russian were found and persecuted easily. The two brothers moved to a quiet town and lived out their lives named Zvir. Small amounts of contact was maintained between those who formed friendships during the war. 2017 The two brothers, Roma and Kriov, were for the most part unaware of the Apocalypse. The town of Zvir was too isolated and self-sufficient to realise what was going on. Suspicion was only created when a shipment of bottled water failed to arrive. At a town meeting, the two brothers volunteered to go to Zelenogorsk to either go pick it up or figure out why it’s so late. They arrived at a checkpoint. It didn’t feel out of the ordinary, the Chernarussian Defence Force always liked to bother the civil populace. But, no one came out of the checkpoint. Confused, they drove up to find it abandoned. Casings were scattered on the ground. Further up, there was a pile of bodies. The blood splattered on their clothing wasn’t a regular, crimson red. Instead, it was blackened and unnatural looking. Their faces were twisted and their irises were non-existent, just white and blood shocked. They quickly drove over to a payphone - but the line had been cut. Confused and frightened, they drove into Zelenogorsk to be met with hordes of standing corpses. They drove slowly at first, trying not to hit anyone, but then the undead began to bang on their windows. They picked up speed and hit as many as they could, speeding out of the most clear exit. Town after town, they saw the same thing. Figuring that travelling any further was pointless, they tried to send a radio message back to Zvir. No response. Again, nothing. Fearing the worse, they camped out for weeks, living off the land. Eventually, they figured that they should send a message over the radio, hoping to contact any of their old comrades from the Civil War. After the third message, they got a reply. They met where it all started, Zvir and reformed the movement. They planned to take advantage of the Apocalypse to create a new society. IC Goals Day 495: Establish a free territory within South Zagoria. Complete Day 500: Establish an understanding of the politics of South Zagoria and establish who is sympathetic to our cause and who is against it. Furthermore isolate and speak with as many survivors as possible to convert them to our cause. Establish contact with Viktor Padella. Complete Day 505: Continue to expand and grow our ideal Free Territory. Complete Day 510: Establish an official Free Territory Peoples Militia. Complete Day 535: Create a radio station to play nostalgic Communist music and inform survivors of current news. Failed Day 535: With the radio station, make contact with BPR and build relations. Complete Day 545-550: Enable a large recruitment drive. Failed Day 545: Establish a proper Commune Settlement. Complete Day 547: Establish a citizenry within the Commune. Complete Day 547: Keep our Commune sick-free, whilst also providing aid to those that are sick. Complete Day 548: Continue our cease-fire with New Moon and other groups. Failed Day 550: Defend ourselves from the Nationalist Threat. Ongoing Day 550: Receive support and thank the BPR. Complete Day 560: Re-form into a more passive group, leaving our armed hostilities behind. Partial Completion Failed Day 560: Establish worker communes within our standing commune. Ongoing Failed Day 565: Re-distribute all collectivized production within our settlement. Ongoing Failed Day 575: Communism and establishment has failed us, switch into a more anarchist group. Day 575: Avoid the cease-fire and any other forms of contracts/alliances created. Day 575: Throw ourselves back into the mix of group politics. Day 580: Start and or cause another large-scale conflict. Continuous: Avenge Comrade Kirov Continuous: Recruit those sympathetic to our cause. Continuous: Provide aid to those oppressed by reactionaries. Continuous: Abolish and denounce private property. (Not to be confused with personal property.) Continuous: Oppose any governments within South Zagoria and around the territory. OOC Goals Actively contribute to the lore of the server, the overarching narrative and the narrative of each individual character within the group. Provide a realistic and immersive experience. Create an opposition to current standing nationalist groups. Provide a sense of “consequences”. When a character is executed, they will be permanently killed. Roster Leadership: Roma Grigorievich - [email protected] Jiri Vlasak - - @Ducky Militia: Pavel Antonov - - @Thrash Tomas Nemec - - @Veryniceperson Igor Sokolov -- @lowca_ludek Aleksander Matejcek - - @KnightsTemplar Edik Petrovich - - @Stannis Anders Mata - - @Stagsview Andre Martin - - @MetalHeadPatriot Brody Graham - - @Onyx
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    *The wave of intense static and white noise begins to fade as a strange broadcast begins to clear through the noise, making itself heard over all of South Zagoria and beyond* (You may need to adjust volume through out the broadcast) *The static and white noise begins to overwhelm the air waves once again as the broadcast comes to an end*
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    -snipped, still getting beanz even now. Drama is settled. If Anarchy still wants the feedback DM me and i'll check my edits.-
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    The long awaited DayZRP mod "February update" is here. We didn't quite make the release in February because of refactoring a lot of the code and organizing assets, so that features and items created by different developers follow the same format and standard. Now that it is done, hopefully all future work done by the devs will follow this format and we won't have to repeat this process again. Another important change is that we also modified versioning of the DayZRP mod, since version numbers like V9, V10 and V11 didn't really tell people much. We will therefore switch to an easy to understand "Year.month.version" format with this update, for example this first release in March will be "19.3.1" and if we release a bugfix update later this month, it will be "19.3.2" and so on. In this new version we have added the first external content mod - MoreGuns. It adds quite a few high quality and popular weapons to the game, which we hope you will enjoy responsibly We were able to add this mod to our server thanks to @Misho who is a co-author of the MoreGuns mod. Thank you Misho! In order to play on DayZRP server you will have to subscribe to the MoreGuns mod and enable it alongside the DayZRP mod! This new update has added a lot of new versions and colors for existing items, which have been added and are now available in the Item Shop. Please report directly to me through PM or Discord if any variants in the Item Shop are not spawning correctly. Because of the new content added and new item classnames we are forced to fully wipe the server. This means all characters, storage, bases and vehicles will be deleted. Sorry! Full change log for the new update can be found below: Known issues that are being worked on and will have fixes released Soon™: Although we have tested this update for close to two weeks now on a public server, it's highly possible that there are still some other bugs left. Please report those in the DayZRP mod forum.
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    Have you ever wondered what life would be like, if.. we all got along without an hierarchy? If, people managed to maintain a group without having to pay their dues to someone? As Kant himself said.. from a certain point of view, anarchism is a society where law and freedom can be maintained without force. Of course, in today's society.. surviving is the hard part. However, with the right people, with the right mindset, surviving can be achieved and so can maintaining a society where no force is required to possess the rights that any person deserves to have. Anarchy is an ideology that most people would take for granted in our society, because of the massive chaos, but most people are not well educated on the matter and what anarchy really is about. Everyday, there's a new group of people out and about who believe they can rule the world. There's a group of people who believe they know the answer to what this world we currently live in is about, what is right and what is not.. but the answer had always been there and is the same for everyone. A self governed society where people's cause is re-establishing a society where no one is wrong except for people who try to force their opinion on other people. In our current society, there is only one way to achieve something remotely close to a society like that, a revolution. Violence is deemed right and wrong depending on the reason behind it, depending on people's perception on the situation and how necessary certain actions are. If for example the french revolution did not happen, or the revolution in South Africa, imagine how the world would've changed. Everything must be reshaped, reformed, even in a society where chaos rules.. if someone doesn't step up to make a change, then.. it'll never happen, which is this group's sole cause. Letting people know that they can all take part into opposing themselves against all forms of oppression, no matter what the cost is and no matter how that message can be carried across to other people. Collection of relics. Anarchy's art. Roots of Anarchism "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty." Anarchism is a political philosophy where a society is self governed by its own members and are not represented by another group or 'party' if you will. The idea of a nation state is opposed by anarchists. Anarchists believe in ideas of mututal respect for others, creativity and cooperation, while opposing hierarchy and government. Anarchism has traces from the 6th centuary BC by a Taoist philosopher Laozi and his successors had written pieces that hint to anarchism. Such as Zhuangzi's passage saying "A petty thief is put in Jail. A great brigand becomes a ruler of a Nation", a brigand being a foot soldier. The first sight of Anarchism in politics and religion was in Islam shortly after the death of their propher Mohammed, where Islam split into different branches as they all had different ideas on who to follow, you had the Shia, Sunni and Khawarij. Where Shia and Sunni had different ideas on who to follow, Khawarij Muslims believed that it was Allah's decision and that they would remain in their 'free' states in their own tribal villages where they shared similar ideas to anarchism but it was not full anarchism. Our tale "We anarchists do not want to emancipate the people; we want people to emancipate themselves." Dimitri Tarasov was born and raised in the region of the southern coast of the Black Sea, Pontus, near-by Trabezon in a really small village. The roots of his family originate from the Christian Pontic Greeks that remained throughout the area (including Trabezon and Kars in northeastern Turkey/the Russian Caucasus). He was moved to an early stage of his life inside the region of Caucasus and later on to Chernarus thanks to his parents getting into legal trouble with debts within the Caucasus region. He was brought up for the early stages of his life by a very caring family that only wanted to bring the best to their son, educating him well by actually homeschooling him for most of his life due to them not really being able to be in a position where they can properly pay for his education, but rather wanting him to teach other things which they considered mostly important in life. He was always a really silent person and tried to stay away from trouble, as much as he was able to. Dimitri joined the military and served for about two years when he realized the military was not the answer to our country's problems and that he was not helping the country by any means by spending his days aimlessly in the ranks of the army (pre-outbreak). He was much more of an artist and chose to quit the army at a young age to be able to focus onto his artistic side and look at life from a much different perspective. And oh boy was he in for a big surprise.. coming home in July of that year, to the outbreak. He knew he was fucked, he didn't know how to survive alone. Of course, he wasn't that social either and by that time the only way he could get involved with people was by signing up to join, kinda like he did with the military and so he did, he decided to join the ranks of PCC, not only to help his family out but to also become a part of a group that will help others, hoping he would actually not get in too much trouble but boy was he wrong. Dimitri Tarasov did get a warm welcome into PCC and was serving in their ranks for a long time. Dimitri saw a lot of things, he saw how people who everyone thought were all for saving people would turn as time went on. One valuable lesson for Dimitri was that no one is good and no one is actually right. People don't want to to help each other, they just want as much power as they can get. One great example would be Dimitri's encounter with the people north of Tisi, as well as multiple other groups near Stary that changed his view on what people really want to do during the outbreak. Same with BF, in Dimitri's eyes it was a handful of individuals that were all crazy from his point of view. After having a few situations with them, clearly people like them for Dimitri do not want a peaceful country, they want all the power in our country, rather than making the situation which we're currently in better. After PCC decided to disband the current organization built within the nation, Dimitri realized that there was no way law & order could be established in means that would better what was left of Chernarus, it was all about power. It came down to having to do what was necessary, whether that required violence or not, to preserve a world where Anarachism is the ideology which people follow. Dimitri of course realized that was certainly not easy along with the wide-spread activities of the Black Fangs and the PAU and also the slave traders and so on, it would be hard to get rid of every form of oppression. However, Dimitri has collected individuals that are all helpful in a way or another which can make his job a lot easier. People like Fyodr, Luke, Alexi as well as himself. These men were all collected by Dimitri for one job, to end the oppression on the people of Chernarus. To stop the evil of the power hungry men, to stop nationalism and in general all forms of oppression. These individuals were also gathered because they were all skillful in their own way, skillful social engineers, skillful marksmen and of course, great supporters of the anarch-communist ideology. The most important point promoted by this kind of anarchism is the abolition of the state. The group's views lean towards insurrectionary/platformist anarchism to an extent (organization wise). That means that this group was formed due to a common interest, which would be stopping the tyranny and oppression throughout Chernarus among also expanding knowledge about our ideology. The group also embraces the views of illegalism which means that the people of the group embrace the fact that they will have to get their hands dirty to achieve their goal. Every and each member that takes part in this group's activities know that violence will be the answer in most cases, due to what today's world has come to. These men are not scared to take part in such events, because it is needed to preserve our individual freedom and the freedom of our country from tyranny and terror reigned by other people and groups. Each member carries a relic on himself, which is a way to identify other members of the same ideology. Members of the group have their own unique relic, which is assigned to them by Dimitri. Stories of our members. Short Term Goals (by Day 450) i) Find the remnants of the coalition and make them pay for the death of our friends and loved ones during the war. (by day 445) ii) Relocate and operate a new home. (by day 445) iii) Bring in a new form of equal society and have multiple groups work together following our ideology. (by day 450) iv) Secure alliances with smaller groups get them to operate towns and offer them protection. (by day 445) v) Only attack when provoked. (ongoing) Long Term Goals (by day 480) i) Capture each radio warrior and teach them to have respect. (by day 470) ii) Dismantle all government forces in the South Zagoria Region. (by day 470) iii) Send emissaries from Anarchy to follow other groups and see how they operate. (by day 470) iv) When a trifecta of groups follow the Anarchy Ideology have them set up trade routes and send out security teams to protect them. (by day 470) v) look out for the smaller groups and help them flourish and advance their goals. (by day 470) vi) Pop out events every two weeks to help advance the lore. (ongoing) vii) Create a summit and have each group send a representative to openly speak out their concerns and how they contribute to South Zagoria (Once every 3 weeks meet up and discuss things) (ongoing) viii) Destroy anyone connected to Aegis or The Corporation make them suffer for capturing and torturing members of Anarchy. (ongoing) ix) Capture The Black Roses and have them pay for the false accusations against the doctors at Pavlovo. (ongoing) x) Restrict CDF airflow with anti-aircraft weapons. (by day 480) xi) Make sure that every single group around South Zagoria are Distributing their wealth to everyone equally. (ongoing) @JimRP - Dimitri "Dima" Tarasov @LouieRP - Luke Krey @G19RP - Fyodr Belokov @BorisRP - Boris Olov @Eagle- Jhon Derek @ExoticRP - Leo Lynch @KennethRP - Sami Iisiaat @VictusRP - Viktor Kovar @RandyRP - William Wolfgang @KyleRP - Aaron Miller @groovy tonyRP - Tony Doyle @MrPanda - Hondo Hunt @Kricket - Jakob Vasilev @Lucas - Lucas Jones Interested in joining? PM me with the form below. Disclaimer: If you have any problem with any group member's RP send a video and the members name to @LouieRP.
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    This is just... oh boy is this wrong. *cracks his furious typing fingers* let us begin. (Now before I begin, there are some people I feel are an exception to what I say. This does not apply to everybody in this friendship group, only a few that seem to lead the problem.) What we "see in game" is quite often you run around getting into fights very often, you're extremely aggressive with people for the sake of being aggressive. Why? Because you're good at PvP. But where you want to argue "it is what we see in game," what others see is a man getting shot repeatedly and never dying. Your argument follows that of a realistic one based off what happens in game. On one hand I can say fair enough, but what you then disregard is any other form of realistic hostility. Your group of friends fights, relentlessly. Your go to response is initiation. It's not hostile RP, it's initiation. People don't want to fight you because they will lose most of the time (and losing 90% of the time kills passion to get in game). People don't want to comply to you because you will execute them whenever you get the chance. Exhibit A: Whilst I take into account this is my groups report, the unbiased verdict presented by people that are not in my group shows what I am talking about. I will quote 2 parts of the verdict: "That being said we do not blame Para for refusing as it was painfully obvious what was going to happen" & "However, like in all situations killing someone should be a last-ditch effort even if you have rights.". As is obvious from the verdict, your group of friends executed 2 hostages simply because 'you could.' It was our first official hostility, and it was painfully obvious what would happen yet your party still chooses to kill as often as they can. Again I ask why? the image you constantly portray, through your actions and through your words on the forums, is that you only want to win. This in itself is detrimental to RP. Now, to move onto why people criticise your viewpoint specifically on the military group presence: Firstly: Here we have a prime example of an issue. You regard @Mexi's comments as 'nit picking' despite him actually proposing a very valid concern. Another example where you belittle another's argument instead of actually addressing the concern they put forwards. You don't, and evidently won't, roleplay out a fear of the military presence looming all around South Zagoria. The Russian military, as it currently stands in the lore, is incredibly high. The CDF, the UN, everything still retains a massive amount of threat looming nearby the region we play in. Hell, I refer you back to the days of the VDV when a nuclear blast went off. This shows the capability of the military is still at large, and we have not heard anything to say otherwise. Realistically, if you want to run around executing and killing as many people as you possibly can, how long is it going to be before the military stops regarding the civilian lives and pulls a 'Noah's ark', a purge of the area. You don't take into account the incredible power that could easily come back and destroy the entire area, one that is realistically more likely to come back if the zone is being overrun by a rag-tag bunch of bandits running around causing chaos. Missiles, tanks, more than your small band of now 'anarchists' could handle. And need I go into the detail about how little sense this makes for the character Luke Krey. In the Black Fangs you were involved with running a settlement, known as 'Tortuga' which took place in Stary. Then you moved on to try and help the PCC establish a Government, which was a military organisation. Then you established the 'farming organisation' which had the purpose of allegedly re-establishing 'Tortuga', which i don't need to remind is a settlement with rules. Now all of a sudden you're an anarchist? How does this make sense at all? A lovely screenshot of your backstory as to why this makes no sense: Now, this just proves everything you have done prior to this does not support Anarchy. And what's even more alarming is the fact he 'shot down a jet with an RPG'. Even if this were feasibly possible, you'd be fucked. You'd have the military hunting you down, this would be an official attack on a military organisation of the world, it would result in MORE, military intervention. So when you purport that the concerns raised are 'nit-picking' you are so, sooo wrong. Lastly, To quote a goal "i) Establish a place for people to feel equal as well as a place for our people to call home." from this group. Your goal pushes for equality among all, but you pushed for an agenda in the black fangs where "We are the bad guys, we can do what we like and push you all around because we're better." That was fair enough, but now all of a sudden it's equality? @Mr.Panda you pose the exact same issue here. Your character's actions pose contrary to anarchy and make no sense. So to summarise, your mentality is the problem and it needs to change. This dismissive and 'must win' attitude is one of the biggest problems to RP currently, and there are MANY that share my view. I have tried to talk things out with you numerous times, but you don't change and at this point I highly doubt you will. You don't care at all about realism, and you don't care about other people's views on realism as your emphasis, on everything, is to win. You've made this obvious to everybody over your last year of being here in DayZRP and to be quite frank, half of the community is sick of it. Many people have grown tired of it, and it is one of the reasons half of the players-base is done. People will not raise these concerns with you because A) you dismiss it as 'hate' and disregard it, and B) those that speak to you directly (at your request) give up because you don't change. What's even more ridiculous is that you always ask other people to change, to embrace your style and to open themselves up. This mindset you have portrayed is not one that benefits or promotes RP, it promotes your agenda, to win. For example you state "who cares dude If they cant physically show us this so-called magic military then it's irrelevant. I go by what I see in game." You, in game, always win through forcing your agenda on to people. You're good at PvP, so are your friends, there is no doubt about that. But what you want is to win, and you'll do that by crushing / steamrolling any group that opposes you. Your force groups into situations where they have no option but to fight back or give up. --------------- Now @JimRP what I have said above does not really apply to you in the slightest. I've got no issue with you, or any other of your members. Anarchy is a very well constructed group idea, and in the current times it probably would fit quite well. The graphics are incredible, and work very well with the group idea. The lore is a very interesting read, and I have no doubt about you being able to pull this idea off. I wish you the best of luck with the revival of Anarchy!
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    In the light of ladies night, the boys have decided to host a boys night. This is a peaceful event so ALL the boys from EVERY group can meet up and have a good time, please bring meat and drinks, we will have a cookout and listen to some music, all around a good time. Also, no girls allowed . Lets have it gents!
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    Černaruská Televize is a government funded TV station. It is maintained with taxpayers' money, and was funded to report objective, undistorted facts. Similiar to it's Czech counterpart, it's considered the fourth cornerstone of Chernarussian democracy. On 3rd of May it aired it's news reportage about the Chernarussian group of survivors and soldiers in the South Zagorian region - Kameníci. Thanks @Xehara and @Ducky for the voice overs.
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    All these avatars are completely free to use! More to Come. feel free to use any of these Avatars, if any one asks where ya got it refer em here! 99% of Avatars are 1 MB or lower! for your convenience! Also i do take Suggestions and sometimes even Requests!
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    Chapter one: voice over video in the spoiler Chapter two: voice over video in the spoiler RECRUITMENT Looking to start a new career of profit and glory? Look no further, Raven Shield Mercenaries Corporation is currently hiring more capable soldiers. Send us a message and we will set up an in game meeting or discord meeting for an interview! MEDIA MOD CONTENT AND ORIGINAL THREADS
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    Considering that the first version of the Campfire Collection is finished, I have decided to go ahead and make a little log of all the new things that the first version will contain. The first version focuses on the textures of items already in the game and adds more variety in clothing for players to use during RP. The next version will focus on adding the new items we have made. The main reason why I have not added the items into this version is because I want to figure out some chinks in the armor such as not been able to pick modded items up with the F key. They will be coming soon !!! New Textures: Backpacks: - Grey Child's Backpack - Pink Child's Backpack - Yellow Child's Backpack - Brown Hunting Backpack - Black Mountain Backpack - Cyan Mountain Backpack - Orange Mountain Backpack - Pink Mountain Backpack - Violet Mountain Backpack - Yellow Mountain Backpack - Black Talon Backpack - Cyan Talon Backpack - Orange Talon Backpack - Pink Talon Backpack - Yellow Talon Backpack Gloves: - Cyan Working Gloves - Green Working Gloves - Grey Working Gloves - "Jeans" Working Gloves - Pink Working Gloves - Dark Purple Working Gloves - Red Working Gloves - Yellow Working Gloves Head Gear: - Cyan Balaclava - Green Skull Balaclava - Red Skull Balaclava - Violet Balaclava - Yellow Skull Balaclava - "Jeans" Baseball Cap - Violet Baseball Cap - Yellow Baseball Cap - Cyan Beanie Cap - Orange Beanie Cap - Violet Beanie Cap - Yellow Beanie Cap - Grey Cowboy Hat - "Jeans" Cowboy Hat - Pink Cowboy Hat - Dark Purple Cowboy Hat - Yellow Cowboy Hat - Cyan Flat Cap - Green Flat Cap - Grey Flat Cap - Red Flat Cap - Dark Purple Flat Cap - Yellow Flat Cap - Cyan Radar Cap - Green Radar Cap - Grey Radar Cap - Pink Radar Cap - Violet Radar Cap - Yellow Radar Cap - Cyan Ushanka - Pink Ushanka - Violet Ushanka - Red Ushanka - Yellow Ushanka Tops: - Cyan Bomber Jacket - Pink Bomber Jacket - Red Bomber Jacket - Violet Bomber Jacket - Cyan Hoodie - Cyan Quilted Jacket - Pink Quilted Jacket - "Limited Edition" Rain Coat - "5.56" T-shirt (Removed) - "Beard Standards" T-shirt - "Chernorussain" T-shirt - "Eagle in Flight" T-shirt - "Fighting Irish" T-shirt - "Karate" T-shirt - "KIS" T-shirt - "ILM" T-shirt - "ElPresidente" T-shirt - "Russian" T-shirt - "USA" T-shirt These are all ready to be added to the game. Just waiting for the right time to update the server. I hope you all enjoy using these new textures to enhance your roleplay experience ?
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    There are only two biological genders, fact. That's what you choose when creating a character, not what gender the character identifies as - you can add that in background section if you feel it is relevant.
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    Life was a constant struggle for the Kozlov bloodline, descendants of the Don Cossack who ventured East, leaving the feudal system of the Kievan Rus to settle in the Western Caucasus. Like most Cossack legacies, the Kozlov’s pride themselves with their ancestors' glory, fighting the Golden Horde, the Tartars or later the Ottomans. It comes to little surprise that the young Oleg Kozlov wanted to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors. The Great War was over just like the white army, his father was serving in, failed in their battles. He was frustrated and even though his father was sent to Siberia along with most White Army soldiers he still envied him for getting the chance to prove himself. When World War 2 came around Oleg was conflicted, it seemed the only chance to fight was for him to join the Red Army, those people his father fought years before, those people he despised. In 1941 however another opportunity presented itself to him, he was able to join the Wehrmacht as a foreign volunteer in the 1. Kossacken Division. After the battle of Stalingrad, the Germans started to be concerned the Cossack might become disloyal so they were stationed in Yugoslavia. He was sent to fight partisans and even though he did his duty back then he didn't see much honor in the tactics which had to be applied and would have much preferred to fight on the Eastern Front. Some of his comrades' methods were so ruthless that the Croatians complained to Adolf Hitler personally. He became frustrated once again, not seeing any of the honor he fought for only the torture of civilians or partisans far behind the front lines. In 1944 Oleg's dream came true and they were finally allowed to fight the Red Army, however in 1945 they were, like all foreign volunteers transferred to the Waffen SS. With Germany losing the war, him having the reputation of the Waffen SS and his fellow Cossacks planning on surrendering to the British Oleg decided to flee to avoid the chance of possible repatriation to the Soviets. He made his way back to the Don region, deciding to settle in rural Chernarus as far away from detection as possible to build a family. “Viktor Kozlov with Oleg’s Shashka. 2005” Oleg learned the hard way that war wasn't all fun and games which lead him to rather build a family with his Chernarussian wife. He learned to love his new home and passed this love down to his many sons among them Viktor and Jirka and his daughter Vilma. Everything was fine for a long time until the Civil War in 2009 brought a war to their doorstep. Living in a Chedaki occupied part of Chernarus they tried to keep a low profile, not interested in giving up a prosperous life to fight. In mid-2009 however, the Chedaki acted on intelligence which implied Viktor was helping out Napa. It was a false assumption however Viktor as well as his wife Masha paid with their home and lives for it. The children managed to flee, however, this was the day a burning hatred ignited in them. They managed to get the rest of their clan together and March to war. “Ludvik and Pyotr during a raid on a Chedaki controlled city council building. 2009” It took time to get all the equipment they needed but they were determined. All of them found themselves slowly adapting to one role or another. Spartak managed to establish contact with gunrunners, supplying them with Soviet AKMs from Afghanistan. Ludvik proved his worth as an interrogator, the first of his brothers showing signs of savagery. Pyotr would make it his mission to plan their operations, what to attack, when and where. Milos had an interest in chemistry from an early age, mixing up napalm with nothing but common tools. Even their only ten-year-old sister helped to load their magazines and cleaning the guns. An entire family was on a warpath. They didn’t have a military hierarchy but they didn’t need one, they all had the same goal and every one of their skills went into symbiosis with the next. Soon a few of their neighbors would join them, fed up with the reign of terror the Chedaki installed in their homes. The Chedaki were taken off guard by the attacks the Kozlov’s started, not expecting this kind of resistance in their core areas. Soon they established a fierce reputation for themselves mostly because Ludvik among a few others insisted on killing every single one of them including the Chedaki’s families. The only ones who were taken alive were interrogated before joining their comrades in death. It was an open secret that what was happening at the time violated a lot of laws, however, after the war was over they were pardoned. The notion of war crimes was quickly dismissed since the Chedaki wasn’t seen as a military force and rather as criminals. “Family dinner in the bunker. 2009” After the war most of the brothers felt lost, searching for their own paths to a better future. Ludvik became active in politics and rebuilt the family estate, Spartak built on his knowledge on gun running, Pyotr started traveling the world and Milos was finally able to go to Uni and study Chemistry. They stayed in contact but for now, the war was over and they went back to being a normal family. They made it their tradition to meet every year for the Christmas celebrations and everything seemed to be going fine again, however, the hatred for the Russians wouldn’t ever go away again. This quickly changed when Sofia got attacked by Takistanis in 2014, getting robbed, beaten and worse. The brothers quickly met up back home and discussed what they should do, they felt like the justice the state could provide wasn’t enough. A decision was made and it didn’t take long for them to go back to the mindset they had during wartime. They went to the neighborhood said Takistanis lived in and tracked down the robbers. What started as a beating turned to torture and soon the manslaughter. The bodies were dumped on their block along with a message “Eye for an eye.”. It didn’t take long for the case to make the news, three dead migrants on the open street of Kirovograd just looked bad for the politicians but it was soon blamed on gang violence and the brothers went back to their lives. Although the brothers killed the men who attacked Sofia, all the men who attacked were not at the current residence of the original attackers. This, however, was not known by the brothers. It was, however, known to Sofia. The brothers told Sofia once she got out of rehab, four years later. They told her about the three Takistanis they killed, but Sofia knew, there was in fact four. After Sofia got taken by the Takistanis, she began to develop mental health disorders such as BPD (Bipolar Personality Disorder) and multiple psychotic disorders. She was sent to a hospital after a major incident. She didn’t get out of that place for four years. Sofia got out and all of her brothers were there to meet her as she walked out. That is when they told her, that they killed those bastards. They sat her down at dinner and told her straight up, the three men they killed, what they did to them. They described what they did in graphic detail. However, Sofia knew that it was not over. Sofia spent half a year hunting the final man. She was relying on pure luck to find him, and funnily enough, luck was on her side. She saw the man walking down the street casually. She recognized him instantly, the brown skin, the big bushy beard. But he wasn’t walking alone, he was walking with two children and a female, presumably his wife. She had a choice, fight or flight. She chose to fight. Sofia made her way through the crowd before tapping him on the shoulder, as he turned around shock hit his face as he comes to a realization o.f who was standing before him. Before any words were spoken, Sofia pulled out one of her brothers' blades and stabbed him in the stomach. The adrenaline and satisfaction of the blade going in took over Sofia, as she took the blade out and stabbed him again, and again, and again. His wife had already grabbed her screaming kids and ran, no one in the crowd did anything. She had assumed it was because it was a Takistani she was killing. People in the crowd even had a slight grin on their face. Seeing a Chernarussian taking out a Takistani was a sight to behold. As Sofia took the blade out for a final time, she dropped it to the floor and looked at her hands covered in blood and began to shake. The police were on site within minutes. They took Sofia away. Sofia used her one free phone call to call Pyotr, who was in Kiev at the time. Hearing what has happened he took the next flight back to Chernarus, calling on Ludvik who had the right contacts to get Sofia protection in prison. Once the Outbreak started they secured their village and soon took in other Chernarussians in need of safety. It took roughly a year until the surrounding areas didn’t cut it anymore when it came to supplying them with food, ammunition, and medical supplies. A small party led by the Kozlov brothers then made their way to South Zagoria to get what they needed. The Family @Grimnir - Pyotr Kozlov @Beni - Benedikt Kozlov @Solo - Ludvik "The Tiger" Kozlov @cheeks - Miloz Kozlov @Spartan - Spartak Kozlov @Razareth - Willem Nedved @DeeBlack - Stepan Hajek @Anxiety - Azarov Krillovich @Mak - Mikhail Krakov @Doc Holiday - Jurik Horak @Blackfyre - Maxim Karcarov @DrMax - Irena Jelinek @jason hunter - Patrik Carda @Mexi - Alexandr Kozak @Phatal - Tanya Serebryakova @Combine - Radec Sokov @fletcho1 - Ulysses Fearov Trials @Major - Borivoj Kopriva @Greener161 - Jakub Hosek @derNils - Milos Reznik @Chewy - Kamila Bezdeka Repatriate all Russians [Constant Goal] Convince more Chernarussian to join our cause [Recruitment Goal, Constant] Operation Partizan: - Capture the leaders of our enemies and either come to an agreement or kill. (0/4) - Keep sending food to Nova Ves (0/100) - Set up a network of safe houses (0/6) - Distance ourselves from political parties (Day 590) - Make Chedaki burn their insignia (0/20) - Find a way to indirectly message enemies without using radios. (Day 600) Friendly - The Chernarussian People Neutral - Legal Immigrants Hostile - Russians [History] - Chedaki [Civil War] - Takistanis [Sofia's Story] - Bad foreigners [Ludvik's background] Send a PM to @Grimnir and @Beni so we can figure out the rest from there.
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    “Fucking run!” As a female voices screams, they turn around as they approach the doors only to see a blood ridden horde chasing after them, stumbling and staggering as they chased after our small group of people. “Open the door! OPEN THE GODDAMN FUCKING DOOR!” A man screams in panic, his hands shaking in fear, his lips coarse as from the glimpse from his eye he sees them beacon closer by each passing moment. The lady looks over at the men, holding the the children close she slips her gun out and shouts: “Cover yourself Children!” A sudden blast of light with a loud metal clanking sound is heard with a blast of light as the lock swings open. She begins to gesture “MOVE!” “Get inside children!” holding the door open pushing one by one by file, some stagger as they run into the deep dark below. They were safe. The infection hit Chernarus within the summer of 2017 with many cities and towns within days broke down in chaos. The infected started to roam streets and the fields from all over the lands. While some people tried to leave the country, Others fled to the woods. Some occupied cities and made a last stand and after time some managed to build small scattered communities throughout the lands. While other came up with more… Conventional ways to survive. “THE SEWERS?! “the man questions a women, in panic from the infected outside and doubt from her, he raises his tone slightly at her. “Out of all the places here in Chernarus you pick the most vile, filthy and….” The voice interrupts him: “Safest place around in the whole of Chernarus”. She smirks at the man and responds back in an agreeable tone: “Exactly, nobody lives here...and the infected would have no interested in coming here.” “Let's get a move on deeper into the tunnels people, we need to find somewhere to call a home.” What began as a small group of people, some knew each other while others were complete strangers, over time they got to know each other in the sewer system. Ironically, it turned out others had the same idea, either people who already lived in the underbelly throughout their lives or the new blood that joined the rats. It didn't take long for them to realize that it was their safest bet to stay underground through the echoes of gunfire heard above ground or the constant threat of the undead. They had to get organized. At first they learned to follow the rats, as they knew where heat sources where, as the sewers where all connected. As time went by and deeper into the sewers they traveled day in/day out they began to discover patterns, networking and finally something new: “At first we saw nothing. The sewers felt like a never ending maze and our feet would constantly slip on the edges of the banks. Our feet covered in shit and crackling on rotting corpses of dead rats and animals that made it down the sewers. But as time passed in the tunnels our eyes adjusted. Tunnels became familiar and patterns were able to be memorized. But we did not expect to find this. They were small hives, some were locked and needed to be forced upon when we first discovered them but each room we found in the sewers had their own goldmine inside them. Sleeping areas, food supplies and some even held weapons. I don’t know how she knew we would find this down here...I’m sure it was all just god damn luck...but thank Christ we did, we wouldn’t have survived much longer without them…” ================================================================== These were old abandoned and vastly forgotten Soviet styled cold war bunkers. An underground network riddled within the sewer system of small bunker like huts built for the civilians to protect them if at any point the bombs would fall. Each hut was a small room, compact and airtight, designed for small groups of people to live in and each one packed with tinned treats and canned supplies. Just like the rats in the pipes, people got the chance to build a home. A nest underground. As time passed and as people began to settle in, lot of talks were given on how to run things, who would defend? Who would be responsible for mapping underground? Who was to gather supplies? A shelter is one step but maintaining it is another, people needed a place to sleep, food and water. A home. The maze that was the sewers became a secure area but people needed to learn how to survive along with how to support each other over anything else. Life underground proved to be different to everyday life. You could hear a pin drop a mile away and as time past your eyes adjusted to the darkness. Your voices echoed throughout the tunnels so you learnt to speak in whispers and the strong smell of decomposing snuffed it’s way out of your minds. Living in the mud and with the constant echo of the pipes creaking and water dripping was maddening at first. But we endured, we adapted and we finally thrived. At the beginning we tried to keep track of time. We counted the hours to form days but slowly but surely we began to forget when the moon rose and the sun set. Our internal clocks confused and battered we broke tradition, we ate when we were hungry, we slept when we were tired and worked when it was our duty to. After time, and after settling we decided to push forward, to form a community and a structure after many debates and what seemed like hours of discussion, it was one woman stood out during all these talks: “The difference between rats and people is that rats learn from experience.” She states in her thick Chernarussian accent. As time passes she easily captivates people's attention. Her tragic story about her husband during the chaos and how she managed to save her two children along with many others while talking she points at a group of people sitting together one by one. Her tone was soothing with a mother like charm behind it, slowly calming down survivors, to settle any dispute. People started to listen to her ideas and her plans and therefore she became their Matka, their mother. The founder and carer of her nest deep underground. ================================================================== It did not take long till it was decided the nest will not be kept by a handful group of people only. Mother decided no one was allowed to rest. Every man’s, women's and child's abilities were needed. Storages were set up in the huts, people armed themselves with what they brought with them or what they could find in the tunnels. We prepared ourselves, to defend our lair, our home. our rats nest. We were ready to go outside. No one held back. Everyone, side by side marched outside just as planned by mother. We fought many of those undead bastards as possible either with our weapons or our fists. We raided and secured what we could find: weapons, food, ammunition anything to help us survive down below and those whom we found nearby that proved useful and trusted we decided to give a chance to become part of a community in which a secure life was the main goal. Others might have considered it a gift as not all were chosen to join the nest. As time passed by the community had built their own small society within the system of the sewers. Every member was responsible to do his or her part for the nest. Each person had a particular set of skills and mother made sure they were put to their fullest. There were scavenger teams who were send out while others with medical knowledge took care of wounded. It was even set up that there was a playground for the younger kids and a very basic classroom in one of the huts for the older ones. Those who were able to shoot and fight taught it to the ones who were chosen to scavenge on the surface. With the first losses, there were people being responsible to build coffins and get the dead bodies out of the sewers, burying them in the ground outside.There was only certain amount of space within the bunkers and at times the scavenge team only came back with food and supplies and not with new people to join their lair. They grew to mistrust the outside world as rumors spread through the tunnels of war, fighting and murder on surface from those that were chosen to join the nest. Rumors became fact and fact become lore to mistrust those on the surface. The outside was a very dangerous and toxic world. But it was made sure nothing happened without Matka knowing about it. She watched over us and did her best for the community as any caring parent would. She spoke to everyone and set an example for everyone to follow. Even when tough decisions had to be made she was always there for us. As things evolved she began to pick out people to form a council of elders who supported her in making decisions and forming her community. Those whom few that rebelled against mothers word met her wrath and mercy but yet so few actually decided to go against her as she had saved practically everyone down there. People were thankful and did the best they could to help the community out. Everyone knew about the laws and how to become one with the nest, and as time grew they all agreed to follow it. "You are the ones that need to go... go further than we did before.", Matka said with a motherly but strong tone. "You can do it... we all believe in you and I believe in you.", Matka added while everyone was stood around her, listening. Like in a formal ceremony Matka explained to the rest of the nest why she chose this group of people to go beyond the grounds they have been scavenging before. This night and the whole next day, they started to prepare for the trip. Everyone helped, even the ones that would stay in the nest. The chosen group sat together over a map, not knowing which pipe would lead where...just a rough plan of where they want to go onto the surface. Moral was high. Everyone seemed excited but most importantly they were focused. "The night has come guys", a male stated, his voice full of excitement. "We will be in the pipes for at least five or six days... I'm glad I don't have to see your face all the time". A female voice responded followed by loud laughter from the rest of the group. Now it was time. The group said their goodbyes, not knowing when they would see the rest of the community again, their partners, their kids, their wifes and husbands. Some seemed excited and some appeared sad, holding back tears. The dark, the unknown and the pressure, looking into the pipe was too much for some members. The group started walking. Some had torches, some used headlights. For someone not knowing about the underground, the smell, the darkness and the rats would be unbearable. But not for the group, they knew what was coming.They have been traveling through the sewer system many times before. While walking, they did not talk. It was a young man who seemed to lead the group, always walking in front of everyone else. Every now and then he raised his hand, the sign for the group to stand still and to listen. Listen to everything they could hear. If they spoke, they whispered or even wrote things down on a piece of paper. Five hours of straight walking until the first break. A young female, covered in tattoos, was the one who managed the food and water for the group. She went from one person to another, giving out the rations, asking if everything is okay or if they would need something else. When what felt like day three was about to end, rumbles of strange noise began to echo from further up the pipe. The young man raised his hand firmly and pointed at a young female in the group to follow him, while the others stayed behind. They placed their bags down gently and carefully walked silently as mother taught them towards the noise in the distance. Suddenly loud echos of noises were heard as the young woman smashed a baseball bat against a creatures head. The creature was stuck between what seemed like a metal grating and to wiggle itself out. The female looked at the young man in confusion only to whispered an apology while the young man just looked at her, shaking his head in disappointment, looking angrily at her. They stood there for at least ten minutes, listening into the tunnels to see if they attracted any unwanted attention. Once they felt safe to move on, they gave the others the signal, it was time to move on. The group already was on their toes, weapons hand, ready for whatever there might come. The young woman apologized to everyone and explained what happened in a few words. Some sighed loudly, others rolled their eyes. But it was decided to take a break at that place, so they could fight off anything just in case they attracted more. At what seemed like day seven or eight, the young man raised his hand once again and everyone stood still. He pointed to his left. There was light shining through the tunnel. "That's it... we made it." he huffed in a soft but excited tone. "And that's my part now", a bald man said while placing down his bag. "Give me 15 minutes", he said, with a small smirk shining through his lips. He walked towards the end of the pipe, slowly and quietly till he vanished. The rest of the group waited in the darkness, not to be seen or heard. Around ten minutes later, he walked back into the pipe. "All good. Let's go out there ladies. Remember to hold your breath!", he smiled to himself. It was about to get dark as they, one by one, left the sewers through a small cramped pipe to be greeted by a flash of blinding light as their eyes adjusted to their surroundings, breathing in the fresh air. Gather information from travelers (repetitive process) Create a pool of sources: update intern map on locations of trade zones, camps, stashes 4/10 Locations) Build hidden storage of different supplies to ensure group’s survival (0/3 Barrels) Develop a system of trialship to tell apart between friend or foe (Est. day 554) Gain strength via other parties: Networking with potential alliances (Est. day 554) Ensure surviving of the group by using individual skills of members to teach and support each other (repetitive process) ================================================================== Keep an eye on the area around a manhole / an entrance to the sewers (Est. day 554) Keep the nest safe over anything even over your own life or the lives of others (repetitive process) Build a radio system to be able to transmit from underground into outer world (Find: 0/2 Generators, 0/5 Car Batteries, 0/5 Electronic Repair Kit , 0/3 Radio Backpacks) Tune in on different radio frequencies to gather information about situations on the surface (repetitive process) The storage needs to be filled. Families are hungry all the time. Get as much canned food together as we are able to carry - no matter how (repetitive process) Always act within the laws of the sewer (repetitive process) @neom - Noah Morton @Ron - Marticka Vanek @Terra - Antonia Laska @Stagsview - Anders Mata @DerrickStorm - Pavel Svovoda @Pebbles - WIP @Harry - Larry Johnson @AndreyQ - Andrew McKay aka Luke @PatZ - Pyotr Smirnov @DarkStyle - Kyrylo Zelenko aka Seeker @Callie - Riley Edin @Unknown [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Entity - Jesse Ray @Emile - Robert Samuels @Clammy - Charlie Collins @Jannik - Jesper Hansen @Roman - Roman Konstantin @Craig - Ladislav Ruzek Idea & Elaboration @neom @Ron Lore @Stagsview @Terra @Ron Sexy Graphics @AndreyQ
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    Posting this on behalf of @bunny who found the solution, so send beanz her way. Basically right click Dayz and go to properties. Change launch parameters, and type this: "-name=Name Here"
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    I want to thank everyone for the amazingly kind messages. They are very much appreciated. I know it might be a bit of a shock to most of you, my stepping down, but I needed to do it for my own mental health. I have too much on my plate right now, and I can't do it anymore. It's too hard to do all the things I want to do, and more importantly need to do. My time in staff started with trying to give back to this place, donating my time. It then turned into a distraction for me in the time leading up to my mothers death. Since then, more on then off, I've been supporting my wife as she deals with mental health issues. I've got nothing left in me right now that I can give to this place and need to step down before I break. I'd like to thank the staff team, both past and present. The past staff team, @Roland @Terra @Ron @Conor @Mamba @Hebee @Stagsview @bunny @Storm @Rory and honestly just too many more to name gave me the tools and leadership to hopefully help lead this place as best I could. If I've not mentioned you above, it's not because you didn't deserve it, it's because I've not yet had enough coffee ? . The current staff team is a solid bunch. I hope I have been able to shape you all as much as the past staff team did to me, and in a positive way. That's the true mark you leave on staff and the community. Remember the stories of the old staff team I told you, a great staff team can argue and gouge eachother's eyes out on a subject and then hug it out at the end and show eachother the love and respect you all deserve. That's a lesson the rest of the community can benefit from too, because as someone who has had to handle it, I can tell you all that you guys hang on to too much petty shit. Don't take offence to this comment, it's the insights of someone not involved in your drama, and you will all live happier lives when you don't hang on to things that will drag you down and hurt your own lives. Argue, gouge eyes, put it aside and let it go. Live by the old adage of getting into a bar fight and then sharing a beer. I have things I never got to do here, that I wanted to accomplish, but right now I just need sometime to myself. Sometime to look after my wife and even myself, because I'm beat the fuck down. I love you all and I thank you for letting me work along side you and for you. ~ Oliv
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    For now it is time for me to say farewell, my real life is taking over fast with the army approaching my family and college need more more right now and i've got commitments in other places of the internet such as other games/communities that I feel I will have more fun with. I guess everyone gets burned out eventually and since I joined a little less than a year ago i've pretty much played non stop and that is... bad but not regrettable. I've had a lot of memories and made a lot of friends here who I can say are closer than my whole like 7 IRL friends who I definitely don't take for granted. People act like this place is going down or whatever but honestly it's really not, this place hasn't changed other than new blood in some places and less in others but for the most part this community is about 100x better than most other places and you only have to go join a discord community to get a true taste of cancer. Sure DayZRP has its issues but everywhere does and its not broken just misguided but I got some wise words from vets here a while back which I took on seriously. But imma shout out my friends/people I respect in the community in no order other than how many people I can remember at 12am; @Jadeboat What can I say a really good staff member and a really good friend (Yeah I said it) you've always put thing in perspective and been honest which is all you can look for in a person through my eyes, we talked about the randomest shit at 4am then go watch Diary of a wimpy kid like its no one business then have the courage to watch fucking Mean girls afterwards. Don't change for the world and come back to staff when you get stuff sorted because honestly you are one of the better community members to do this kind of stuff (No offence to the current GM team ya'll are great too <3) Also @Drbeans *Insert multiple out of context soundboards here* @Buddy I could go on for hours with how much i've agreed with you and the things you have done for the community. The Mentor System that you picked up may not be popular but it works and really you are doing god's work and you don't bathe in the glory, you do it through PM's create meetings and get it done no need for a thread every time you help someone. You told me a while back in my "Community" thread to just enjoy myself and make the changes myself and I really took that in and I have enjoyed myself. Thanks for that advice that set me straight for a long time along with a lot of other things. @Strawberry One of my earlier friends throughout the community, after my horrible 6 fire fights a day RP in the saviours you took me in with 2eazy into Symptom and it did develop my hostile RP even more than the family did even if it did turn out cancer in the end. You always around on snapchat or whatever to play games and we talk on the regular enough to say we do, from everything to 3am chats about motivation to like just the crazy things its been nuts and you are a really good addition to the community. Keep fighting the good fight! @Brady Hell man you told me off more than anyone when I did some dumb shit and I needed it, you gave me a good insight on the rules from a staff perspective and from a community members one, I knew you before staff and to be honest you are the same as you are now so no dumb power trips here. You are a honest friend and funny, from listening to you negotiate to a female drunk at a party to you just being a lemon iC. Like strawberry (You two are like the same but different and I met you at the same time so you too will always be like a package deal) keep fighting the good fight. @Cocomii I met you in the newcomers channel and you told me you were stuck between a bin and my first advice to you was to kill yourself, ever since bringing you to symptom you have always been chill, another person I can say anything around and you will just send it back my way with good advice or some weak roast but ya'know... I'm glad you've come back recently as I do enjoy your RP and you commitment to it is unquestionable. @Honeybee You are sexy and I love you and that's all I have to say. Stay angry to be honest.. <3 @Jasper You are gone now but I still love you and you know everything I have to say about you already. Same with @LawRP @Darion Real chill dude, it's a shame we don't talk as much as we used to but times change, i'll hit you up soon since you guys don't even go into discord anymore I swear. I hope you come back and RP again because I missed your RP and our group OOC discussions. Stay chill! @Lyca n' @Ender The mayhem twins, you two are like so cool and people really just fucking go at you for fuck all reason and its unfair but sometimes that's just the way assholes are and you gritted your teeth all the way until the sweet end. You guys deserved everything you got after leaving staff except a big fucking thank you from all the people you helped indirectly like helping solve those peoples reports/disputes. Also you are both cool to talk to and I know I can come to you two with anything. Love you both <3 @Para What can I say except you are a good guy, drive your point and keep things flowing. Some people may disagree with that but eh, at least most people think you're right or you wouldn't of been a GM. Keep up with your education man and you better be my lawyer when I do some dumb shit in the future like idk not pay my Tv license or something like that. Stay cool man. @Elmo You are my favourite irishman, you've got a good head on your shoulders and the first person who gave me my caution. Also I remember you barging in and shouting at me and @2Eazy for putting things on Shiros wall Good times <3 @Methias Helo fy nghyfeillion dydd Mawrth nesaf! @PCJames You are the gift that does not stop giving, we have similar viewpoints for tasteful conversation and good synergy with our humour. I know I can trust you with whatever and we could talk for hours about life itself and the secrets of the universe. I'm glad you got LM after trying for so long and honestly even though it may be your cup of tea all the time the team needs you still because that's what you are a team even if you don't have any powers really as to say it. I'd leave you feedback but you leave that yourself on other groups Stay loving my prince. @Clumsy Thank you for all the graphics and advice for streaming when Is started out, I really appreciated and ill have to tune into your streams more often when I have free time! Good luck with your kid I wish you the best! @BostonRP Just memes man <3 As for everyone else that I can remember coming over my journey I appreciate ya'll (If I miss you and we talk or have been friends and I didn't mention you I love you too man <3) @2Eazy @Josei @Tony @Spartan @Brayces @Eddie @Hebi Kotei @Lad @Chewy @Sexlaxarienlaxask @Enigma @Jack Bandit @Will @Taryn @WulfeGirl @Stagsview @Laski @Macbrine @KyleRP @ExoticRP @Everyone else on this damn platforum I get along with. A song for the road Hopefully this will be on my gravestone @Laski O O F
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    Tbh if Sonic the Hedgehog initiated on me, told me to suck dick and then gassed me after 47 seconds of shit talking, I'd probably throw up a report too. Say what you want about the validity of the kills but there was so much more to that report than just the hostages dying, which seems to have just been glossed over like nothing else matters.
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    RP inspires me. Gonna draw all those people I meet ingame. Well, at least try. Here ya go @Watchman, @Phoenix Luca and Caleb are SO ADORABLE Used this for reference since I still got problems with poses n stuff: https://www.deviantart.com/senshistock/art/Kyle-Please-761296593 Edit: Just scaled it down a bit so it's easier to look at
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    Operation Eagle - Lore Event Series - "Tipping Scales" No.1 - April 14th, 2018 As Chernarussians and stranded foreigners alike attempt to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of the first year of the chaos in South Zagoria, events continue to unfold outside of the province. The Chernarussian government's attempts to preserve elements of the CDF have succeeded in part, but have resulted in massive safe-zones and a lengthy perimeter that must be manned by armed men. This string of fortified towns, airbases, safe-zones, and even cities stretch all the way from the Takistani border plains, to Primorsk's docks and the remote reaches of villages deep within the Black Mountains that rely on government shipments of supplies and hunting to survive. Outside of these areas the infected rule most of the countryside, with many locals trapped outside safe areas forced to scavenge and to try and find shelter. Often survivors find themselves dodging the bombs and rockets of government warplanes and helicopters that continue a relentless bombing campaign far from government territory in an attempt to draw the infected away and to clear out the countryside. Such an effort has killed many civilians, as standing orders for the air force are to bomb and strafe anything that moves outside of civilization. In a rather rare stroke of brilliance given the poor strategic command of the CDF during the Outbreak, the government quickly recalled flyable aircraft from airbases in danger of falling to ones safely within government territory, preserving the ability to launch combat sorties and more importantly, to drop supplies and aid to cut-off areas. As the crisis evolves outside of Chernarus, the logistical nightmare being resolved in part, the preservation of the CDF and the air force can be counted as pyrrhic victories for the Chernarussian State and those who still cling to it either for service or protection. Despite these limited advances, many around Chernarus view the inaction on the part of the Chernarussian State and the CDF to Russian occupations in Belozersk and South Zagoria as weakness or cowardice. However, the State cares little for such sentiments and is currently opting to preserve its resources and strip of territory along the coast and elsewhere, as opposed to martyring its remaining strategic assets against the might of the Russian Federation for PR. As the bombing and fighting against the infected continues, the Chernarussian Air Force continues to train inexperienced and rookie pilots to man combat jets in the bombing campaign. The air force's supply of aircrews in the Outbreak has dwindled significantly due to defections and therefore training of new pilots is essential to continued operations. Fueling this effort are the Primorsk and Miroslavl Air Force bases, the latter launching dozens of daily sorties of Mi-17, Mi-24, Su-25, and Mig-23ML aircraft on supply and attack runs. Within the base several two-seater Mig-23UB jets allow the squadron to continue training pilots to meet their personnel needs. Such training missions are undertaken almost daily and fly over the Green Sea, Black Mountains, and even within South Zagoria as they serve the dual purpose of recon and training. But unfortunately, such jets are aging rapidly under the stress of daily operations and the often low quality of repair work done to keep them in the air. High ranking air force personnel often fly in the Mig-23UBs to instruct their front seat pilots, putting officers with years of experience at risk if a technical failure occurs and they fall into enemy hands or are killed. While the Russian Air Force presence currently deters Chernarussian aircraft from flying too close to the border, training flights such as these often fly over the coast between Utes and the province. Our story begins with a late morning training flight from Miroslavl AFB, the CDF's military aerodrome on the edge of South Zagoria. [Across the sprawling airbase dotted by concrete hardened air shelters, taxi-ways, and jets ground crews and pilots disembark from their aircraft as they return from their sorties, others just beginning their missions as aircraft are armed for attack. In the north-east corner of the base, a couple two-seater Mig-23UBs sit inside their hardened air shelters as the ground crew fuels one of them for a flight around the coast of South Zagoria and along the Russian coast to the east of Chernarus. Colonel Nikola Mladek and his front seat trainee Lieutenant Karel Novak walk out of their barracks towards their aircraft as a T-72 tank off to their right fires a canister round at a crowd of infected about a kilometer away outside the perimeter. The two men glance over at the noise and quickly return their eyes back to the tarmac as they keep treading towards the shelter. A Mig-23ML of the local 54th Squadron begins the slow return approach to the base in the distance as it gets closer and closer to the edge of the runway.] "Nice morning huh?" Lieutenant Novak says as they walk up to the air force intel officer standing beside the jet. "I suppose, nice mornings like this can be deceiving though..." Colonel Mladek utters as he signs off on a sheet on the clipboard held by the officer. Both men salute and start a pre-flight inspection of the aircraft before climbing up the ladder and sitting in the cockpit. One of the ground crew in a blue jumpsuit climbs up the ladder after the pilots to hand them their AKS-74Us, maps, and IPads used for guidance. As Lieutenant Novak begins his pre-flight checklist the base commander and a COBR officer begin to walk into the shelter and Colonel Mladek waves from the backseat. The base commander climbs up the ladder to see the flight off as the COBR officer stands at the bottom, glaring up at the cockpit with gold-plated aviators and cigar in hand. The base commander whispers something in Mladek's ear that Novak can't hear from the front seat, and as the two shake hands Novak notes what just occurred, the thing which had happened so many times before. The one at the bottom of the ladder keep an eye on the one at the top of the ladder, the one at the top of the ladder lets the one in the back seat keep an eye on him. A lovely system of political loyalty and people so scared to misstep for fear their grandmother would tell someone in the party or God forbid an intel officer. Any discussion of defecting or flying a plane out of Chernarus to say, Turkey or Ukraine was promptly stamped out and those involved wouldn't be seen again for weeks. These jets and pilots were the State's last line of defense to keep it in power and to keep the quarantine secure and standing. Either this or be one of those poor wretches in South Zagoria where it had all started, fending for themselves or killing to stay alive. Within civilization, these problems felt distant, except when the lieutenant would depart his fortress of a base to go skyward. He observed hundreds of civilians lining the coast on the unusually warm Spring days fishing for hours to catch enough food for ration cans that were made and distributed, he saw the distant glisten of Russian ships out in the Green Sea, waiting for something to happen or to do something. Civilization was only a mirage even before. It is only what we tell ourselves and what invisible boundaries we think hold up civilization that matter. People going about their day, working, shopping, only a kilometer or less in some cases away from a mostly dead and desolate landscape. Politics aside, it became clear for Novak what he personally was fighting for. In the past his comrades had been deployed on peacekeeping missions to Takistan, fighting an enemy that was driving what they viewed as a foreign power out of their homes. Here it was much clearer. They were literally fighting for their right to live within civilization, a place where law and order reigned and armed men made it all possible. A hardened air shelter like the ones at Miroslavl AB. [The ground crew salutes the jet as the Mig-23 pulls out of the hardened air shelter and onto the taxiway, the worn and weathered portrait of Radek mounted atop the shelter with the slogan Smrt Nepratel Statu! (death to enemies of the State) gazes down on all that moved. The jet taxis out of the north-east fighter squadron block of the base and to the west by the transport section where 5 Mi-8/17s sit near an An-24 that had been busy dropping supplies to a federation of government towns north of Miroslavl that were surrounded by infected and militants. To the left on the strip of concrete between the taxi routes and the runway sit two Mi-24 Hinds, one painted in the standard CAF camo but with a slick wolf paint scheme around the cockpit, the other with an alligator mouth around the cockpit.] [As the jet continues down the taxiway to the west a soldier on the ground points to the sky and yells something neither men can hear, but they could guess what it was. The radio of the jet suddenly comes to life: "This is tower to Fawn-1, how copy over?". "Solid copy Tower, permission to take-off over?" "Permission granted Fawn-1, proceed to the end of the runway and fulfill your pre-planned flight path over." "Fawn-1 to tower, wilco."] The jet barrels down the runway and up into the sky towards the east, the base below growing smaller and smaller behind the aircraft. Towards the north, a hundred tiny fires burn, to the east lies the glimmering Green Sea. The pilots keep quiet and fly a couple miles off the coast of South Zagoria, high and away from the Russian no-fly zone. As they turn around the "Skalisty bend" as they call it Novak looks and sees two Russian Su-27s, "two contacts 12 o'clock high!". Mladek glances up at the pair as they head towards the Russian fleet, watching them as they get smaller and smaller on the horizon. "Disregard and continue, nothing to worry about they are just reminding us they are here." says Mladek with a grin. As the jet continues its flight Berezino is visible down and to the left in the far distance, a mere cluster of buildings surrounded by green and fronted by the deep blue of the ocean. Novak looks over a map on the IPad as he adjusts course when a sharp thud is felt from the rear of the jet, the airframe shuddering violently. "Are we hit?", Novak yells as Mladek strains his head to see as far back on the jet as he can. "No, but the controls are not responding", Mladek utters as he returns to a normal seating position. Novak tries to point the nose towards land as the pitch more or less gives out, making his only real option to roll left and try and get closer to shore. "If we go down out here we are fucked Lieutenant", Mladek says. The Mig shoots downward towards a fishing village in the far north east of the province as the radio buzzes with the warning of a Russian jet to stay away from the no-fly zone. As Mladek takes over the what is left of the controls he goes back over the cockpit radio: "Lieutenant prepare to eject, I am going to get us in as close as possible, Mayday Mayday Mayday Tower this is Fawn-1, we have experienced a technical failure and are going down, I repeat we are going down!" Lieutenant Novak grips the ejection handle along the sides of his seat and waits for the Colonel's call to eject. "Annndddd EJECT!" the Colonel yells as a massive rush of air and sound fill the cockpit as both men rocket out of the stricken jet and into the air. As the pair float towards the ocean they wonder what will become of them, bound for a place they know little about. God knows who or what will get to them first... Colonel Nikola Mladek and Lieutenant Karel Novotny When?: April 14th, 2018 Plan: As the Mig-23UB crashes in the distance, the pilots will float down somewhere between the Vavilovo and Kamenka border checkpoints. The Vavilovo checkpoint will be controlled by forces of the Belozersk People's Republic that are friendly to the Anarchists within South Zagoria. At the Kamenka checkpoint will be a contingent of CDF troops from Miroslavl. Coalition forces will want to attempt to rescue the pilots and see them safely to the checkpoint in Kamenka. This will grant them additional CDF ground troops and a supply shipment for the next event/battle against Anarchy and the potential for a formal alliance with the Chernarussian State. Chernarussian Checkpoint If Anarchy is able to capture the pilots, there is plenty of intel they can use to their advantage that the pilots will be carrying (Ipad for flight navigation, orders, documents, etc) aswell as the knowledge they carry. If they are killed or harmed it could be detrimental to Anarchy as they would lose options for the rescue of the pilots. If Anarchy captures and turns the pilots over to the government as part of a deal, they could receive arms, and possible an agreement to cease arming and backing of the Coalition. If they turn them over to the Belozersk People's Republic they will likely be granted a formal alliance, arms, more intel, and an HQ in Belozersk from which to have meetings. Belozersk People's Republic Checkpoint However, the pilots will attempt to evade any approach made to them, but will comply to any hostile threats or actions. If the pilots reach the government checkpoint without any assistance from the Coalition or any capture by Anarchy the event will result in no gain for either side. Radio calls will be made by scouts from various sides on the location of the pilots, so the pursuers will have an idea of where to search for them. The immediate area around Zelenogorsk to the west is a probably landing site but they could drop anywhere. Thanks to @Erik for the ideas! Event Description: This event is meant to minimize the plethora of issues that SA events normally have, and to make it absolutely as open-ended as possible. I was originally going to do this last year but it never worked out. The pilots will be carrying maps and plenty of intel of the state of things in the rest of Chernarus and beyond, and are far more valuable alive than dead for their bargaining power and their knowledge outside of what they carry on them. This event is an introduction into our series "Tipping Scales", and will serve to involve as many groups as possible as outside Lore factions affect the state of rp in South Zagoria. It will provide some context and support to the current conflict with Anarchy and those who oppose it, as each side can leverage Lore factions to their advantage if they will. The goal is to have as many folks around as possible when we do it. If you are active and easy to reach and are versed in Chernarussian rp and would like to play as Lieutenant Karel Novak please send me and @PCJamesa pm entitled "Event App" with some background on the rp you have done in the past and whatever else you think we need to know. We also need a 5 man team of CDF troops who will man the coastal Kamenka CP, and 3-4 BPR militants who can man the Vavilovo CP to take delivery of the pilots if Anarchy catches them. Hope you guys enjoy it, the thread will be updated with more details as we get closer but the event is set for the 14th of this month, with an exact server time TBD. Needed: 4 CDF/Government Troops, 5 BPR Militants. Roster Government Forces @Sgttater - CDF TBD @Razareth - Willem Nedved @Spartan - Lieutenant Karel Novak @Major - Colonel Nikola Mladek Belozersk People's Republic @Sylva - BPR TBD
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