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    The thread is exciting, the goals and lore are great! The expectations for how often the current roster will get IG and actually play are pretty low however.
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    Had some great RP tonight from so many people. Sorry if you are not mentioned as there is a lot of you. @FieJaxon Some short RP with you brother but great as always. Also remember family first but i guess someones got to love you eh ? @Eddie [email protected]@[email protected] Love the group RP that happens around the pub and you guys working together to keep the customers from doing weird stuff. Love you guys. @Genji it was a pleasure as always @Scarlett Loved the RP from you as always. I don't know if your character likes me or dislikes me @[email protected] and @Dino thanks for the great RP again guys always a pleasure in knowing you and hanging around with you. @derNils Quality RP from you as always my friend. Thank you for taking your beating like a champ. I can see you becoming a close friend of Colts @RogueSolace Thank you for saving our butts again with your medical RP. Treat Jaxon right and remember include his family from time to time. Again sorry too those that i didn't mention as there was lots of you at the pub. Thank you to all for some quality RP tonight <3
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    The pleasure was all mine and I'm curious where this VDC-UN-Storyline will go. From my side I want to add a huge shoutout to @FieJaxon, @derNils, @Harvey, @Mademoiselle, @RogueSolace, @Dino and @SgtSmithy. Love the characters, love the Roleplay - stay awesome! And special props to @Jean and @Eddie Sorella. Not sure why but you two somehow managed that a grumpy, disappointed UN-Veteran feels responsible for two complete strangers. I love the dynamic of you two <3
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    Yes, hello. Its me. TERNN... Sometimes, When I'm bored at work, I take selfies instead of doing actual work.
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    I like you and your blunt honesty because you know how to speak truths without being a complete dick about it; you're not even wrong, though I will make an honest attempt despite the lack of anything interesting with the game itself. Maybe we can do the role play together and you can help dirty up my clean sheet wink wonk
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    If this is to be my last update, I bid thee farewell. I tried to keep to my resolution and not flame people but.. I won't sit there and let people openly talk shit about people who I consider friends.
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    Seeing as it was locked I thought I'd post it here. You joined and helped run a community full of people who run it off of their hatred for what occurred ICly in the past, that can't control their own emotions and couldn't handle the RP not going their way, ever.. And yet you have the audacity to come and post that shit here? Fuck no. I liked you Loscham but that shit was beyond pathetic mate. You call other people 'cancerous fuckbois' but then proceed to insult people on your own leaving thread, hypocrite much? You could have just done a normal leaving thread and no one would have batted and eye, you would have gotten a fair few goodbyes and that'd have been it, but you had to go and throw that out there. Good thing Rolle doesn't take your advice, don't think many people did or would especially after that little 'stint' in staff.. Where you did nothing. The banter lads are gone, so not sure who you're aiming that at. I'd presume the people I call friends, so I'll pip up and tell you to take that watered down, windswept, genocidal maniac from the 1940's resembling haircut and fuck off elsewhere, thank you.
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    As of recently it has occured twice to me now that i am standing in a hotspot and that out of the blue someone raises their gun and shoots their complete clip empty (Usually directed towards a person) and this is a very frustrating thing. I fully understand that this isn't the fault of the person shooting however this is something that could easily be prevented. As of an example; last night a man was sitting peacefully at a tree minding his own business, probably writing something to his girlfriend real quick or grabbing a drink, and when he decided it was time to go back into DayZ, he raised his gun and killed two people by emptying his clip in the middle of a crowd. (I'm honestly still surprised how he didn't get more hence the fact everyone was clumped into a small ball). And because of this glitch, they had to completely re-loot and wait for two hours to come back to the group and RP it out medical that they were wounded, we could all see how a stupid glitch like this can fuck up someone RP. That is the main reason that in Poveglia (Pulkovo) San Valentino enforces the no gun rule. I know how it feels to enjoy your drink at the bar and before you know it you see: You are dead on the screen. At this moment its a stupid bug in DayZ that for some reason hasn't been hotfixed yet, but before that happens we can take matters into our own hands and prevent this situation from happening! What im suggesting here is that whenever you go into a hotspot you put away your gun, and if your character is a moody Chernarussian that refuses, please avoid ALT+TAB at all times so we don't get a situation like this again!
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    More of same tbh. Boring group, I don't really like the goals.. and to be honest the membership doesn't inspire a lost of hope that this will be pulled off well. I hope you prove me wrong. I'm always happy to be proven wrong.. but I doubt it'll be the case.
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    22nd CDF Phantoms (Translation: 22. Černaruské ozbrojené síly fantomů'' ) "We watched as our own country burned. We fought for our flag and watched it falter in the storm. Now this is all that remains of us. A burnt out husk of what was once a well oiled machine. I dare anyone to claim we didn't try our absolute hardest, and bled like few others bled, sacrificed boys on the altar of honour and preservation of the Fatherland. And yet they blame us, they hate us for what we did in those early desperate times - and they're not wrong. We have done horrible things in the name of survival, in the name of preserving our great nation. Each of us is owed a bloody pardon for suffering what we have - yet we march onward, people will think what they want to think - Let's prove to those who hate us just how wrong they are." Chaos. That is all that could be said to describe the initial days following the outbreak. Pure unadulterated chaos in it's most horrid and heinous form assaulted Chernarus - a disease like no other that rapidly turned all it touched into ravenous, post-human cannibals. To the few men who had to first fight the infected - it was a scene as if it was pulled straight from hell itself, a nightmare rent from the darkest pits within a man's mind. Shambling corpses, walking towards you with an endless and insatiable hunger for flesh and blood. Today, few feel any remorse for the infected, only a distant feeling of pity for the poor souls who are left for eternity to wander the earth until someone would grant them the sweetness and relief of death. But then? During the first days? These were our fellow countrymen, farmers, clerks, fellow CDF brothers in arms - even entire families shambled towards our lines. Children. We slaughtered the infected children so that they wouldn't butcher us in our sleep. God had truly forsaken us all when we were made to do that deed. None of us slept, many were left weeping - why? What god could be so cruel as to do that to an innocent child? ~A picture taken from Kirovograd, Chernarus. Post-Outbreak~ Morale was the first thing to go out of the window, and then naturally came desertion. Men fled from the front lines to save what was left of their families - refugees meanwhile stared at the few souls with so little left to live for who decided to stay behind and protect them. They looked at us like animals, dogs, pigs and slung several more words I shall not deign to mention. They hated us. Rumour had it that several CDF platoons had left massacres in their wake as to stop the spread of the infection...It was a shock to all of us. Even the most staunch and stalwart of hearts could not hide their anguish for long. Entire families just...gone - out of fear, out of doubt, or even something as heinous as simple psychotic rage. Few of us knew, and even fewer wished to guess. Intel was sketchy at the best of times - and we were all far too exhausted by the weeks of constant fighting to chase up command about it. The 21st of July was our breaking point. A day that for those few of us still alive who served within the CDF will forever be remembered as the day we failed. Everyone was desperate, with hundreds upon hundreds of people fleeing South-westward. Balota airfield was one of the few bastions that had stood for two weeks. Two. Weeks. - the CDF had managed to barely hold back the swamp of infected that now plagued the once peaceful countryside and picturesque seaside towns. We had all done horrible things in the name of protecting our fellow men, we had exhausted every option available to us - and the logical conclusion was total and utter capitulation. Men hadn't slept properly in weeks, ever fearful of waking up to an infected chewing on his best friend's neck, or a gun barrel from a civilian pointed at his face. Oh yes, how well the mighty bulwark of the CDF repaid for their selfless sacrifice - with hate, mistrust and hostility by those civilians who had fled the oncoming massacre, while boys far braver stayed behind to their certain deaths. The 22nd CDF Phantoms are an idea of Captain Luka Kratochvil, at least at the moment, to unite any and all surviving CDF stragglers, Governmental forces, NATO peacekeepers or civilians within South Zagoria, with an idealistic goal to restore, in some sense - partial social order within enclaves of South Zagoria, or if that goal proves unobtainable, to assist the surviving civilian populace in any way they see fit. Captain Kratochvil and the 22nd have minimal contact at best with Miroslavl command, and for the most part have been left to their own devices. However, their goal remains to gather intelligence on fellow organised groups, and to preferably keep them on neutral or friendly terms. The 22nd are not here to fight a war - they are here to keep as many of the surviving populace alive as possible. Short Term Goals - Establish an encampment within rural South Zagoria to act as a general stockpiling zone and refuge from the sporadic fighting throughout the county [EST. Day 240] - Make preferably non-hostile contact with organised survivor groups and utilise them to broaden our knowledge on the general status of survivors within South Zagoria [EST. Day 230] - Gather material pertaining to the Chernarus Defence Force or any other Government agency and gather a surplus - Uniforms, weapons, munitions, food and medicine [EST. Day 230] - Distribute surplus food, supplies, munitions and weapons to the civilian populace [EST. Day 240] Long Term Goals - Establish a permanent foothold within South Zagoria, preferably in a central defensible location in which we can distribute surplus supplies and to act as a general Cease Fire zone [EST. Day 300] - Gather any and all remaining stragglers of CDF, Governmental or Police forces into a single unified entity [EST. Day 300] Permanent Goals - Establish permanent Radio communications with Miroslavl Command, updating them on the Unit's status and the goings on within South Zagoria - Under only limited circumstances, provoke or deign to involve ourselves in large scale armed conflict with organised civilian groups, or civilians in general - Recruit, gather and organise any and all surviving CDF, Government, Police, Civilian or Foreign military forces who volunteer into our ranks into a cohesive and adaptable fighting force Allied: N/A Friendly: N/A Neutral: All Not Mentioned Unfriendly: Chedaki Remnants Hostile: Anarchy Chernarus Defence Force/UN/NATO Forces: Commissioned Officers: - Captain Luka Kratochvil (CDF, Commanding Officer) [Rifleman] - 1st Lieutenant Nikolai Petresk (CDF) [Retro] Non-Commissioned Officers: - Sergeant Kristen Klein (UN) [Shanoby] Enlisted Personnel: Governmental Forces/Personnel: Chernarus Police Department (CPD): - Radec Sokov (OREL) [Combine] - Lech Popov (CPD) [barto300] CDF Civilian Militia: - Luke Winters [Hudson] - Alesky Bara [Inferno453] - Albert Bazek [Albert Bazek] - Gabriel Novak [ballsofsqueel] - Allen Storm [Allen Storm] Current Recruitment Status: OPEN Please send your applications via PM to Rifleman using the below template: // OOC Section: This is a heavy RP group, designed around minimal combat and interpersonal relationships between member characters to begin with. I hope to further develop the 22nd based upon their experiences while within South Zagoria and interaction with other groups. I'm open to any and all feedback you guys have on the Idea, and please don't be afraid to criticise - I won't be able to improve on issues I haven't noticed yet - be they lore conflicts or just general grammatical tidying up.
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    There is hope in the darkness, for all things will be made new again. - Revelations 21:5 The group's creation was over time, he first met a lady in Chernogorsk named Kat. At first, they were apart and distrusting, but over time meeting other survivors and military units very dissimilar to them they created a bond together, soon on they met Borya and Vadik within a small supermarket just south of Balota. The pair of russians were hostile within the first interaction, but they tagged along as people were few and between with the infection eating most people they all used to know. Over the next couple of weeks people were coming in and out of the small group, they set up small camps in enwalled areas and looked for food through cupboards and cars. They worked as a team to survive while picking up more lone survivors. They lost some on the way, not many survived through it all dying to disease, elements or the things around them. Wars broke out and nukes went off and people found themselves doing what they didn't need to. Theft and murder were upon the list. Dustin will always remember the feeling of losing people he felt he had to look after. They put their faith in him and blood was on his hands. Dustin and his people found themselves being surrounded by well armed groups and militias. The VDV disarmed them and did not fend for them, the UN turned them away and ran away and the NATO n’ CDF did nothing but fight and disappear. War re-ravaged Chernarus and people ran and stole to survive. Being alone was more dangerous than distrusting the fellow man, but that became less apparent as time went on and supplies got more scarce. Some people viewed people as an asset just to survive, those people still walk the land free and use those around them. From the cities of Tortuga to the armed northern borders where people were turned away. People were forced to things they didn't want to do before, but now it's apparent that people need to change to survive, sure it's something just out of a movie but when it's real, the feeling of the hand being forced is ever apparent. Blood is in the river and people can't stop to clean it, only to make it ever deeper. People became closer over time, they began to talk about their lives before, diversity was clearly set out within the people but it makes things more interesting. Not overthinking the relationship within each other seemed to make things work, people don't need the same beliefs to get along, just the same mindset of survival and depending on each other to have their backs. No one is bullet proof and conflict was something that they knew was not required but sometimes being walked on like they have before will threaten their lives. Fighting to survive is important just as much as eating or drinking. Dustin had a falling out within some of the group members, some did not fit the new role he knew they must embed to keep themselves alive. They left and abandoned but fair few stayed though, ready to do what needed to be done. Strength is within numbers.. but Dustin knew he did not want to rape and pillage, just take what he needs from those who don't need it, even if it means a couple people can't be as selfish as they want to be. Bars opened and closed serving food for a cheap price, clearly enough to hand out for a bullet. Taxing those who need to be so him and his people can survive until someone comes and saves them but as each day goes by things look more bleak than ever. Dustin looked over at the people around him with Kat in his arms, they laughed and stared into the fires flames as the embers rose to the sky. It went quiet and Dustin let go of Kat and stood up and looked over his people, things went quiet as heads turned to look at him. “Now I know you people come from all over the place, we are diverse and ready to fight. Us being alive lets us prove we are still good people. We can look out for each other and that is all. Outsiders are selfish and people, desperate and ready to kill us in our sleep. We’ve come all around to be stuck together around this. People want to beat us into submission but we will not let them. Our lives mean too much to each other, selfishness here will get us killed. We take what we need and we are here for the reasons we want to exist. Thank you all for what you have already given me so far. We are the red letter of the world and we will stay important and not beaten into submission. Together we stand to take what we deserve” He sat down and looked into the barrel and smiled, looking at Kat. Leader @Galaxy - Borya Fyodor Council @Para - Havel Novotny @Bostonthicc - Jacob Singleton @ItzzNate - Dustin Fuller Members @Genji - Katya Kozlovsky @Erik - Kane Aster @OnionRingOfDoom - Jack Pepper @Laski - John Laski @Elmo - Connor Stanes @Strawberry - Thomas Hayes @Mexi - Timothy Hook @PCJames - Vadik Noskov [Short Term Goals] - Acquire a steady supply of food from scavenging smaller towns to prevent others from gaining it. [Day 250] - Build a new permanent camp so they do not have to continue to travel around, also rebuild an old radio tower to attempt to communicate with the outside world to see if new people are interested in joining their new sustainable cause. Day 250] [Long Term Goals] - Clear a large area from infected to make habitable for ‘The Red Letter’ and for like minded groups/individuals who have cooperated to work together under their dictatorship [Day 300] [Permanent Goals] - Prevent a new military foothold that have failed them in past and prevent them to set rules and regulations without negotiating with Dustin Fuller and his people. - Become a well organized group who use means of words and intimidation to control what they want but they are not afraid to demolish those who are presented as a threat to their survival. - Provide a fresh outlook on HostileRP without the need for constant firefights/shitting on others. - Talk to other parties before filling any reports out to ensure clear communication within the community. - Negotiate openly ICly with other groups and do not completely crush groups unfairly with a group of so called “PvP'ers”. - Keep IC-IC and OOC-OOC. Overall, we are looking for a fresh take on HostileRP, we understand we have deep boots to fill but we are all experienced roleplayers who are open to new storylines. We are open to all and any criticism no matter how minor, we are here to entertain you and we hope you can return the favour. We’d appreciate formal feedback with evidence but if not available we will take your words and look to improve as mature members of the community. If you feel you will be ridiculed for your feedback feel more than happy to send a discrete PM. Recruitment is mostly based of your character and not your OOC self, we are looking for quality roleplayers in a drama free environment. We are all here to have a good time, not a high school break-up. Recruitment is OPEN [Strict] Send applications at @ItzzNate, @Para & @Galaxy Thanks to @Galaxy for helping with writing the Lore. Thanks to @Clumsy for the graphics.
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    It's finally here the first Kelsey Brothers Boxing event. We will be hosting an open right night on Saturday night (27/01/18) at 2200 Server time till late. The event is going down at the Novaya Petrovka Industrial estate, maps and screenshots coming soon. Bets will be handled by Jonny Jackson and the White Roses. Any fighters wishing to fight simply show up on the night and speak to one of the organisers (the sharply dressed lads with flat caps). You can also send a PM application to me to guarantee you get yourself a slot in the ring. If no one wants to fight our own boys will jump in the ring to show y'all how it's done. VIP tickets are also available to purchase IC for an item of high value, it can be paid in advance or on the night but VIP places are limited so don't take any chances. Freinds of the Kelsey Brothers may be invited to VIP treatment free of charge.
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    We vote when we choose to play or not play DayZRP. That’s really all we have.
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    Enjoyed catching up with @Genji character Fae I feel bad for bringing up Oleg. Good to see @Eli Tate will deffinetly see you at your camp soon and of course @DrMax can't wait to see what happens next also @SgtSmithy hope your feeling better soon was fun discussing comforts while being ill. see you all tomorrow
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    Hi everyone, Some of you might remember me, not so many will. My character was Luke Winters ages back on Mod, I ran with FourFIve (FRFV), teamed up with B-17 and some other groups. most probably known for taking peoples blood and doing fake tests. Hope to see you all in-game soon!
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    But somehow I feel that people won't see it as reasonable.
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    -User has been warned for this post-
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    I look so fucking feminine right now god I regret shaving.
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    In my opinion, we should put a rule in place because of this exact reason. Everyone who plays dayz should know that ALT-TAB most of the time ends in a bad way with someone getting shot or them being killed. Just a reminder for everyone who doesn't know, if you shift tab you get that steam overlay and if you want to search something you can do it on the internet option which is on there so you don't have to ALT-TAB to do so. Another thing is that how are you meant to react to that? "Oh shit my finger slipped" that isn't exactly an answer tbh. I'm not gonna be like "Oh yeah that's fine you shot my friend if your finger slipped". If my friend got shot by this I wouldn't let someone say "my finger slipped" I would take there gun as clearly they're not trusted or even kill them. We should put a rule in place for stuff like this. Maybe not a 7 day ban but something like a warning point or a strike because people will listen and stop if they get things like that. Again, this is my opinion and just wanted to point it out!
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    *Lawrence Kelsey Speaks into the radio* "Aye up ladies and gents, Lawrence Kelsey here. Got a bit of an announcement for you today: The Boxing I've been telling everyone so much about is finally kicking off tomorrow night at the Novaya Petrovka industrial estate. Anyone wanting to fight, bet or just watch come along there will be no charge on the door, we only ask you keep weapons holstered while in our company and if you have any beef settle it in the ring and give us all a damn good show. VIP tickets are also available at the price of a valuable item such as a rare weapon. The VIP package includes the best seats in the house, free drinks, food and your own private betting stand so you can avoid the ques." "Right that's about it, any questions just ask on this frequency otherwise I'll see you tomorrow." *PTT*
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    can someone delete this?
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    Continuation from Previous Entry.... *Ford stretched his arm, his hand tired from writing. He shifted slightly and looked out the window, careful not to wake Hailee up. The sun was nowhere near rising...perhaps 3 am? He had never realized until now that he didn't have a watch. Never needed one since the world ended. You wake up when you need to, you sleep when you could. He was about to continue writing when he noticed Ben watching him. The man was watching him with a small smile on his bearded face. "My turn to keep watch young man." he whispered. "Best you put the writing aside and get some sleep. You'll need it to get back to camp. That leg needs rest." Ford nodded and grinned a bit sheepishly. "Lost track of time Preacher. Was just trying to get my thoughts down." He tapped his notebook and shrugged. Hailee moaned softly in her sleep and snuggled closer to him. "Mind if I take a peek at what you wrote?" Ben asked, keeping his voice low. Ford nodded after a moment of consideration, then slid the journal, open, to Ben. He started to close his eyes, and was asleep after a minute or two. Meanwhile, Ben settled himself with the journal in his lap and began to read....* Ford and David readied themselves, their guns raised and their bodies poised, ready to attack, if the person inside the shrine was friendly, or not. Slowly, a man stepped out into the light, the sun illuminating him, making him seem ethereal, ghost-like, angelic. The men squinted, not quite making out the features, until the man took another step forward, and the sun slid behind a passing cloud. He was an older man, bearded and wearing plain clothing, a sawed off shotgun resting easy in his hands. Glasses sat perched on his face and a look of determination was upon him. David suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and lowered his gun. "Preacher!" he exclaimed, and took a step forward. Ford frowned and looked again, blinking the sun spots from his vision, before realizing his companion was right. "Holy cripes...Ben, you found us!" ............. Ben crouched near a stream and wiped his glasses clean on his shirt, his gun rested across his knees. He looked at the two men across the little brook and chuckled. "I'm surprised myself that I overtook you...you left hours ago and yet, here we all are. Did you get into some trouble?" Ford shook his head. "David here keeps slowing us down with that giant pack of his, hell bent on carrying all worldly possessions with him." He sighed and splashed water on his face, then paused. "Did you see Hailee at camp Preacher? We left a note, which obviously you found. I was afraid she'd try and make the trek alone." Ben shook his head. He explained that he had not seen the girl for a few hours and had been poking around camp and had come across the note. He had thought about staying in camp and awaiting their return, but had felt an itch for adventure and felt the need to prove to himself that he could find his friends by himself. He recalled how they had found him and stood, stretching and then sliding his gun into a pocket at the bottom of his bag that he had fashioned himself. He quickly looked to see if the other men had noticed, and was secretly glad they had not. "I see you took my advice Ford, and approached an unknown person more carefully. I'm glad you're taking advice and not just discarding it. Again, I did not mean to insult you by calling you naive. Treating people with friendliness and kindness is a good trait, but in these dark times, you need to exercise caution. You did that today." Ford stood and shook water from his hands and pulled his gloves back on. He nodded and adjusted the backpack he wore. "Live and learn Preacher. Live and learn." ((More to come...))
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    I agree with your line of thinking, though you'd probably run into the argument of Rolle's image vs our image of the community. Everybody has a different image of what they'd like the community to be, its just a shame that, as Rolle said, only a select few votes really hold and weight and, even then, they can be overturned. I dunno, if it were me, I'd be one to realise that a community is made of members, your members gave you that power in the community, this would be an empty server and site without the number of people that log on every day. I think that dedication to their hobby, and their choice to grace this community with their presence, should be rewarded with a degree of self-determination in the community. Maybe I'm too wild, who knows
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    Probably the saddest moment in anime history
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    I mean, the bug can be completely avoided by hitting escape before alt tabbing, and then clicking at least once anywhere on the screen after tabbing back in.
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    I almost got dropped recently because of this. The guy standing in front of me was doing something on TS and he started firing in game. The bullets passed right next to me, it was a Christmas miracle I didn't die. This has been going on since ArmA2, all old school players know to press escape to open the main menu before alt tabbing.
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    Only took a few weeks. Happy to be back.
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    Fuckin brutal. Looked through it though and I gotta love that recruitment app (may steal some ideas from that)
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    Hey, I did some graphics for this sick idea for a group.
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    I know I'm making a lot of assumptions here but I think the current lack of groups is the result of a combination of factors. Certainly, the new regulations had a hand on this: this is undeniable but not in the way you might expect. I think those factors are: The reality of a smaller player base as we enter 2018 and Beta didn't materialize, thus deepening the usual lull in-between patches and the number of community members that go into their little caves to hibernate. The new regulations causing a shuffle, where those groups that were burnt out or not as serious about common goals and clear IC objectives quietly disappear to be replaced by new ones. Now, we have 4 groups on the Group Ideas section, up from the single group there was when this thread was started, so I can only guess people are starting to get the hang of what they have to do and are willing to put up with the new regulations. Ironically, people still see creating and maintaining a group as something desirable and worthwhile even if regulations don't seem to encourage it when compared against, let's say, dynamic groups. So, maybe we should just wait and see? The regulations are certainly stricter but they are not bad. If we iron out the problems with how SMART goals are implemented for groups as we are now, we'll have a much better experience when Beta comes and we get flooded by well-intentioned but inexperienced players that want to create their own groups as well. In a more populated community, a good foundation can make a big difference. I say let's give this a chance. SMART goals might even fulfil their purpose and encourage groups to advance the lore!
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    Fab day as Fae. Had LOADS of shit to sort out, Eli made me food at his camp cause I was starving, I met Jenna ( @Scarlett ) again after being in hiding, had some girl talk and straightened things out. Same with @pijkaCZ . Had a chat about what happened to Oleg and sorted out any rumours. Mothered @SgtSmithy because Colt is sick and someone has to nag him. Found a moo cow on my way to lop castle. <3
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    Thursday *Ford sits inside a dingy, green house. His worn journal is in his hands and his right leg is stretched out in front of him. It's sore, but not like it was even a day ago. He looks around the room and watches the sleeping forms around him and then begins to write* It's night now. Crazy few days. I'm on watch now, David @darczon69 just finished his turn and passed out almost immediately after waking me. Busy day. Went all the way to Tisy for gear and a new backpack. Forgive my writing, I know I usually just jot down ideas and events, but I want this day to mean something to whoever reads it...it meant a hell of a lot to me. I'll hopefully channel my old high-school self...the one who used to write short stories. Obviously I'm taking liberties with guessing what people are thinking, but I feel that the longer you're in someone's company, the easier it gets to read their emotions and mannerisms...Anyways..here goes. *Ford looks to his right and smiles, looking at the sleeping girl next to him, @Sophie her lips parted just slightly, her breathing deep and regular. He then glances at the man to his left @Pontiff and chuckles quietly, the man has fallen asleep with his glasses on and they have slid forward on his nose, giving him an old man look. Across from him is David, @darczon69 propped against the wall and sleeping soundly. Ford takes up his pen and begins to write, the pen scratching softly on the paper* Ford and David jogged up the hill behind the lodge, their camp falling behind them slowly, their guns in hand and their packs bouncing slightly up and down on their backs. Ford looked over at David as they jogged, his face frowning for a moment as a thought crossed his mind. "You think they'll find the note?" he asked, panting slightly as they crested the hill and began to make their way down the other side. David shrugged and almost lost his footing on the hill, a curse fell from his lips as he regained his footing. "You left it in the tent that has the food. Chances are that Hailee and Ben will find it easily enough..or Eli will and tell them where we went." He huffed and shifted his pack, thinking (not for the first time) that Ford was right, and a smaller pack was a smarter and easier burden. They traveled in relative silence the next few miles, Ford stopping to check his compass every once in a while to confirm they were still heading north, and making notes on his map. They had lunch inside an abandoned barn and enjoyed a few vegetables, and some steaks that David had cooked and wrapped, bringing with them. They were passing thru a town called Vavilovo when it started to downpour, rain pelting them in the face and instantly soaking them to the bone. David suggested another break, mostly to dry out and switch to rain gear, but also to discuss how to proceed once at Tisy. Ford nodded and they made their way to a house with a chimney, and while David went inside to prep the fireplace, Ford cut down a few small bushes and gathered the wood into his arms, carrying it inside. ...... "So. You think we can get in and out without being seen by that man Jack you claim controls that area up north?" David asked, shaking his shirt and draping it over the mantle to dry. Ford shrugged and took off his hat, slapping it against his leg and then shaking his head, flinging water all over, making David frown and wipe water off his face. "If we're quiet and stay off the roads, we should be fine. Besides...we're just going to look for a pack and maybe a bit of ammunition, not robbing tents or shit like that." Ford chuckled at David, then took out his raincoat, unrolling it and smoothing it on the floor. He plopped onto the floor and stared into the crackling fire, sighing with content as he warmed up. "Hopefully, if they found the note and came after us, they didn't get caught in this deluge like we did. Hailee thinks she's useless, but that woman is a damned gift to this group. How she finds what we need, and so fast...and she's quick too. I wouldn't be surprised if she caught up to us before Tisy." Ford leaned forward and holds his hands near the fire. David nodded at the other man's words and checked his beloved AUG again, hoping it wasn't seriously soaked. He wasn't sure how water affected the military grade weapon, but he'd hope for the best. He popped the clip out and refilled it with dry rounds, and then slammed it home. Ford looked up at a bright flare of lightning, then turned back to the fire. The men sat in silence, enjoying the warmth of the fire. ................................... Ford squinted thru his scope and tried to see who was down the road inside a church. More of a shrine, but whatever. He looked over at David and whispered. "Whoever it is, they got company. Looks like two, maybe three walkers outside the door. We could help them, but if it's a hostile, they'll likely thank us by shooting us...and if it's a friendly, we'll have unwanted company." David shook his head. He'd let Ford make the decision on this one, this was his trip after all. David was a friendly man, and didn't want to think the worst of people, but he also had learned a great deal about people the last few weeks, and he knew Ford could be right. "Your call." he said, and followed Ford as the man slowly headed towards the shrine. They were within 10 yards or so, and raising their weapons to fire at the infected, when the door burst open and gunfire erupted, throwing the undead backwards, slain, into the street. Ford and David raised their weapons and prepared for who was inside...... ((To be continued....))
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    That didn't last long. Well since I can't say bye on your thread, see you later, I don't really know you but I feel like somebody needs to stop being cancerous today so wherever your life leads you, have fun doing it.
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    This group is very generic nothing really unique but that is not a bad thing. (Sometimes generic can be good for the server) I would also like to see more creative goals I know yall can think of something the graphics could be improved also. But yeah best of luck with this. @ItzzNate I love you no hate.
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    This has got me like woah. Since when is Traveler the bad guy? He said some things that people didn't agree with, Opinions, and seems like everyone thinks he is the biggest piece of garbage now? Why is the world upside down. It is not that you people disagree, it is the level of hostility you disagree with. ::shakes his head:: Good Bye fellow mod-player. Thank you for trying with ideas, even if I agree or disagree, at least you brought to the table some ideas to improve things. Thank you for trying.
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    To Lorenzo, it was just another day of survival, but little did he know things were about to take a turn for the worse. How could anyone ever prepare for what he was about to encounter. The story continues.... Lorenzo discovered a town called Gorka, it seemed to be a quaint little town that's south-west of Dubrovka and north-west of Polana. Upon his arrival there was a strange energy that had overwhelmed him. It was as though he was being drawn in by force, it grabbed ahold of him and he felt as though he couldn't leave the area untouched. One thing that did crossed his mind was this place was fairly close to where he and his wife were separated after the train accident. His feels this surge of emotions that brings him to his knees at the though of his wife. Lorenzo thought to himself "I'm just having another stupid episode..this will blow over and I will be fine", the feeling continued to increase that left him breathless... He finally regained control over himself and immediately felt as though he had walked in a desert, thus prompting him to look for the town's water source. Venturing towards the north side of the main strip and making his way down the road Lorenzo expressed a sigh of relief, "Lovely, it's the town's water source, hope it's not contaminated though I do have a few purification tablets to help" he said. The water pump was along side of an old creepy church, but he rushed towards it anyway. "I should probably give that church a look to see if there is anything of use there". Lorenzo breaks open the door and begins exploring the inside of the church. There were only a few useful items found here, but he knew there was something more, so he decided to check the basement. Climbing down the steps he notices scratch marks all along the walls leading down...."What the hell happened here?" he said - his voiced carried into the next room where movement and growls became pretty apparent as to what had happened here. "People were thrown here by the people of this town because they were infected, they seemed to believe that their God will heal those who are sick...there were wrong I guess" While walking up the stairs he sees a girl near the priest's podium.. when he asked "Hey ma'am are you okay, do you need some help? She quickly turns around growling with hunger and jumps on Lorenzo. He fights her off and sees who she is....... "Rose it's you?! Oh my god, nooooooooooooo! She gets back up and attacks again but before she could bite Lorenzo he had shot a round putting her down for good. Lorenzo drops the gun and falls to the ground. "ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE!! he yelled as he went down. Lays next to her body he touches her hands, so cold and quickly jerks away from her. He sits and continues to lose it, "What do I have to live for now? I have nothing....nothing..." *Gunshots from outside start to get louder as he sits* "I have got to get out of here, but Rose..I can't leave you. I don't ever want to leave you" With the gunshots closing in - Lorenzo finds it in himself to get up and leaves the church. Without looking behind him he runs back into the open fields and into the dark forest.... He finally stops running and looks over the fields and says "I won't ever forget you my love...I will try to get out of this hell hole for the both of us."
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    The group system on our website is a feature for serious, large groups - not every group of 5 survivors needs to use it. The fact that so many groups archived because they were forced to actually think about what they're doing shows that the feature is working as intended. One of the reasons for the smart goals was to get rid of unserious groups which didn't want to put in any effort in them. If people don't think it's worth it or are too lazy to follow and adjust their goals once or twice a month - their loss. It doesn't change anything in game. I'll be pushing changes to make it worthwhile for people who want to put in the effort and make an impact on the server and drive the lore through official groups and not just to have an icon below their name on the forums and a thread to post memes.
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    Good thing you are masochistic because this will get you roasted.
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    Well idk if i should post this here but i tried dressing up as my current character Dont have any good ingame pics rn but will get some for comparison later
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    *the old priest is suddenly woken up by the distant howling of a pack of wolves, while far away, the idea of a wolf ripping his throat in his sleep makes the priest feel uneasy, he decides to broadcast to help him stay awake and alert* -his voice is low, like a whisper- "Greetings, it's the Preacher. I apologize for the little new I gave these past days. I know have proof that this transmitter is working properly, so I guess there isn't any crowd for my preaching at the moment, that's alright. I have an offer for whoever is listening : I am in dire need of a Bible for I've lost mine at the hands of brigands, your price shall be mine. These past days have been ... hectic to say the least, but I am still around and my offer for help and counsel still stands. *he clears his throat* David, brother, you may never hear this message but know that I am sorry I was so harsh on you. Your departure has us in deep sorrow; please come back. You're not a liability, without you we grew weaker. Don't be a stranger. I'll pray for you brother, stay safe out there, God is with you, Preacher out." *he wipes the tears that started rolling down his cheeks and starts praying with unfaltering fervour* -his voice is cracked but infused with extreme piety- "Lord, thank you so much for all you do for me. You have blessed me in more ways than I can count and in so many more ways than I probably even know. Every day you stand beside me, comforting me, supporting me, protecting me. I have every reason to be grateful for my faith and for the ways you have blessed me. I ask you to continue to bless me and guide me in my day to day life. Yet that is not the only reason I come before you in prayer at this moment. Lord, today I am asking you to bless my brother. He is so close to my heart, and I want only the best for him. I ask, Lord, that you work in his life to make him a better man of God. Bless every step he takes so that he can be a light unto others. Guide him in the right direction when he is faced with making the right choice or the wrong one. Give him the friends and family members that will point him toward you and what you want for his life, and give him the discerning mind to know who is giving him Your advice. Lord, I ask that you bless his future. As he moves forward in his life, I ask that you guide him down the path you’ve built for him and that you give him joy in walking down that path. I ask that you bless him with good friends, and that you give him the love he so dearly deserves. Thank you, Lord, for always being here for me and listening to me as I speak. Lord, I ask that I continue to have your ear and that my heart is always open to your voice. Thank you, Lord for all of my blessings, and may I continue to live a life that makes you smile and gives you nothing but joy. In your holy name, I pray, Amen." *the broadcast ends*
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    Well I am going to play devils advocate here... I myself have a windows glitch that happens at the same time every hour. And it glitches out and the makes me alt tab no matter what. I dont think we shouldn't have a rule against it due to computer glitches and what not.
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    No mention for a fellow 2013er? You're slacking Traveller. I wouldn't worry about coming back here. This community hinges on standalone's future and its looking very grim. Better ways to spend you're time now.
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    I mean, that would be like allowing people to vote on how much taxes they should pay or how many hours per day they have to work. Of course everyone will vote on the option that requires least amount of effort. The only democracy in this community exists in the staff admin channel and even that is somewhat limited by my presidential veto
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    Its been almost a year since that report and they still think you're a hacker lmao
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    Having a beer after school, while waiting buss Well it's my second beer but point is the same 😂
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    I believe people are being stressed to get in game and SMART goals is the main problem. There ARE going to be generic groups. There ARE going to be similar groups. Even groups with the same name. There ARE going to be less creative groups because there IS a limit to what you can roleplay. I'd love to make another group however certain things like SMART goals make it where I have to make it my career in running a group and not having any fun whilst doing so.