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    The thread is exciting, the goals and lore are great! The expectations for how often the current roster will get IG and actually play are pretty low however.
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    Had some great RP tonight from so many people. Sorry if you are not mentioned as there is a lot of you. @FieJaxon Some short RP with you brother but great as always. Also remember family first but i guess someones got to love you eh ? @Eddie [email protected]@[email protected] Love the group RP that happens around the pub and you guys working together to keep the customers from doing weird stuff. Love you guys. @Genji it was a pleasure as always @Scarlett Loved the RP from you as always. I don't know if your character likes me or dislikes me @[email protected] and @Dino thanks for the great RP again guys always a pleasure in knowing you and hanging around with you. @derNils Quality RP from you as always my friend. Thank you for taking your beating like a champ. I can see you becoming a close friend of Colts @RogueSolace Thank you for saving our butts again with your medical RP. Treat Jaxon right and remember include his family from time to time. Again sorry too those that i didn't mention as there was lots of you at the pub. Thank you to all for some quality RP tonight <3
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    The pleasure was all mine and I'm curious where this VDC-UN-Storyline will go. From my side I want to add a huge shoutout to @FieJaxon, @derNils, @Harvey, @Mademoiselle, @RogueSolace, @Dino and @SgtSmithy. Love the characters, love the Roleplay - stay awesome! And special props to @Jean and @Eddie Sorella. Not sure why but you two somehow managed that a grumpy, disappointed UN-Veteran feels responsible for two complete strangers. I love the dynamic of you two <3
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    I like you and your blunt honesty because you know how to speak truths without being a complete dick about it; you're not even wrong, though I will make an honest attempt despite the lack of anything interesting with the game itself. Maybe we can do the role play together and you can help dirty up my clean sheet wink wonk
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    More of same tbh. Boring group, I don't really like the goals.. and to be honest the membership doesn't inspire a lost of hope that this will be pulled off well. I hope you prove me wrong. I'm always happy to be proven wrong.. but I doubt it'll be the case.
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    22nd CDF Phantoms (Translation: 22. Černaruské ozbrojené síly fantomů'' ) "We watched as our own country burned. We fought for our flag and watched it falter in the storm. Now this is all that remains of us. A burnt out husk of what was once a well oiled machine. I dare anyone to claim we didn't try our absolute hardest, and bled like few others bled, sacrificed boys on the altar of honour and preservation of the Fatherland. And yet they blame us, they hate us for what we did in those early desperate times - and they're not wrong. We have done horrible things in the name of survival, in the name of preserving our great nation. Each of us is owed a bloody pardon for suffering what we have - yet we march onward, people will think what they want to think - Let's prove to those who hate us just how wrong they are." Chaos. That is all that could be said to describe the initial days following the outbreak. Pure unadulterated chaos in it's most horrid and heinous form assaulted Chernarus - a disease like no other that rapidly turned all it touched into ravenous, post-human cannibals. To the few men who had to first fight the infected - it was a scene as if it was pulled straight from hell itself, a nightmare rent from the darkest pits within a man's mind. Shambling corpses, walking towards you with an endless and insatiable hunger for flesh and blood. Today, few feel any remorse for the infected, only a distant feeling of pity for the poor souls who are left for eternity to wander the earth until someone would grant them the sweetness and relief of death. But then? During the first days? These were our fellow countrymen, farmers, clerks, fellow CDF brothers in arms - even entire families shambled towards our lines. Children. We slaughtered the infected children so that they wouldn't butcher us in our sleep. God had truly forsaken us all when we were made to do that deed. None of us slept, many were left weeping - why? What god could be so cruel as to do that to an innocent child? ~A picture taken from Kirovograd, Chernarus. Post-Outbreak~ Morale was the first thing to go out of the window, and then naturally came desertion. Men fled from the front lines to save what was left of their families - refugees meanwhile stared at the few souls with so little left to live for who decided to stay behind and protect them. They looked at us like animals, dogs, pigs and slung several more words I shall not deign to mention. They hated us. Rumour had it that several CDF platoons had left massacres in their wake as to stop the spread of the infection...It was a shock to all of us. Even the most staunch and stalwart of hearts could not hide their anguish for long. Entire families just...gone - out of fear, out of doubt, or even something as heinous as simple psychotic rage. Few of us knew, and even fewer wished to guess. Intel was sketchy at the best of times - and we were all far too exhausted by the weeks of constant fighting to chase up command about it. The 21st of July was our breaking point. A day that for those few of us still alive who served within the CDF will forever be remembered as the day we failed. Everyone was desperate, with hundreds upon hundreds of people fleeing South-westward. Balota airfield was one of the few bastions that had stood for two weeks. Two. Weeks. - the CDF had managed to barely hold back the swamp of infected that now plagued the once peaceful countryside and picturesque seaside towns. We had all done horrible things in the name of protecting our fellow men, we had exhausted every option available to us - and the logical conclusion was total and utter capitulation. Men hadn't slept properly in weeks, ever fearful of waking up to an infected chewing on his best friend's neck, or a gun barrel from a civilian pointed at his face. Oh yes, how well the mighty bulwark of the CDF repaid for their selfless sacrifice - with hate, mistrust and hostility by those civilians who had fled the oncoming massacre, while boys far braver stayed behind to their certain deaths. The 22nd CDF Phantoms are an idea of Captain Luka Kratochvil, at least at the moment, to unite any and all surviving CDF stragglers, Governmental forces, NATO peacekeepers or civilians within South Zagoria, with an idealistic goal to restore, in some sense - partial social order within enclaves of South Zagoria, or if that goal proves unobtainable, to assist the surviving civilian populace in any way they see fit. Captain Kratochvil and the 22nd have minimal contact at best with Miroslavl command, and for the most part have been left to their own devices. However, their goal remains to gather intelligence on fellow organised groups, and to preferably keep them on neutral or friendly terms. The 22nd are not here to fight a war - they are here to keep as many of the surviving populace alive as possible. Short Term Goals - Establish an encampment within rural South Zagoria to act as a general stockpiling zone and refuge from the sporadic fighting throughout the county [EST. Day 240] - Make preferably non-hostile contact with organised survivor groups and utilise them to broaden our knowledge on the general status of survivors within South Zagoria [EST. Day 230] - Gather material pertaining to the Chernarus Defence Force or any other Government agency and gather a surplus - Uniforms, weapons, munitions, food and medicine [EST. Day 230] - Distribute surplus food, supplies, munitions and weapons to the civilian populace [EST. Day 240] Long Term Goals - Establish a permanent foothold within South Zagoria, preferably in a central defensible location in which we can distribute surplus supplies and to act as a general Cease Fire zone [EST. Day 300] - Gather any and all remaining stragglers of CDF, Governmental or Police forces into a single unified entity [EST. Day 300] Permanent Goals - Establish permanent Radio communications with Miroslavl Command, updating them on the Unit's status and the goings on within South Zagoria - Under only limited circumstances, provoke or deign to involve ourselves in large scale armed conflict with organised civilian groups, or civilians in general - Recruit, gather and organise any and all surviving CDF, Government, Police, Civilian or Foreign military forces who volunteer into our ranks into a cohesive and adaptable fighting force Allied: N/A Friendly: N/A Neutral: All Not Mentioned Unfriendly: Chedaki Remnants Hostile: Anarchy Chernarus Defence Force/UN/NATO Forces: Commissioned Officers: - Captain Luka Kratochvil (CDF, Commanding Officer) [Rifleman] - 1st Lieutenant Nikolai Petresk (CDF) [Retro] Non-Commissioned Officers: - Sergeant Kristen Klein (UN) [Shanoby] Enlisted Personnel: Governmental Forces/Personnel: Chernarus Police Department (CPD): - Radec Sokov (OREL) [Combine] - Lech Popov (CPD) [barto300] CDF Civilian Militia: - Luke Winters [Hudson] - Alesky Bara [Inferno453] - Albert Bazek [Albert Bazek] - Gabriel Novak [ballsofsqueel] - Allen Storm [Allen Storm] Current Recruitment Status: OPEN Please send your applications via PM to Rifleman using the below template: // OOC Section: This is a heavy RP group, designed around minimal combat and interpersonal relationships between member characters to begin with. I hope to further develop the 22nd based upon their experiences while within South Zagoria and interaction with other groups. I'm open to any and all feedback you guys have on the Idea, and please don't be afraid to criticise - I won't be able to improve on issues I haven't noticed yet - be they lore conflicts or just general grammatical tidying up.
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    It's finally here the first Kelsey Brothers Boxing event. We will be hosting an open right night on Saturday night (27/01/18) at 2200 Server time till late. The event is going down at the Novaya Petrovka Industrial estate, maps and screenshots coming soon. Bets will be handled by Jonny Jackson and the White Roses. Any fighters wishing to fight simply show up on the night and speak to one of the organisers (the sharply dressed lads with flat caps). You can also send a PM application to me to guarantee you get yourself a slot in the ring. If no one wants to fight our own boys will jump in the ring to show y'all how it's done. VIP tickets are also available to purchase IC for an item of high value, it can be paid in advance or on the night but VIP places are limited so don't take any chances. Freinds of the Kelsey Brothers may be invited to VIP treatment free of charge.
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    Enjoyed catching up with @Genji character Fae I feel bad for bringing up Oleg. Good to see @Eli Tate will deffinetly see you at your camp soon and of course @DrMax can't wait to see what happens next also @SgtSmithy hope your feeling better soon was fun discussing comforts while being ill. see you all tomorrow
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    Fuckin brutal. Looked through it though and I gotta love that recruitment app (may steal some ideas from that)
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    I know I'm making a lot of assumptions here but I think the current lack of groups is the result of a combination of factors. Certainly, the new regulations had a hand on this: this is undeniable but not in the way you might expect. I think those factors are: The reality of a smaller player base as we enter 2018 and Beta didn't materialize, thus deepening the usual lull in-between patches and the number of community members that go into their little caves to hibernate. The new regulations causing a shuffle, where those groups that were burnt out or not as serious about common goals and clear IC objectives quietly disappear to be replaced by new ones. Now, we have 4 groups on the Group Ideas section, up from the single group there was when this thread was started, so I can only guess people are starting to get the hang of what they have to do and are willing to put up with the new regulations. Ironically, people still see creating and maintaining a group as something desirable and worthwhile even if regulations don't seem to encourage it when compared against, let's say, dynamic groups. So, maybe we should just wait and see? The regulations are certainly stricter but they are not bad. If we iron out the problems with how SMART goals are implemented for groups as we are now, we'll have a much better experience when Beta comes and we get flooded by well-intentioned but inexperienced players that want to create their own groups as well. In a more populated community, a good foundation can make a big difference. I say let's give this a chance. SMART goals might even fulfil their purpose and encourage groups to advance the lore!
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    Fab day as Fae. Had LOADS of shit to sort out, Eli made me food at his camp cause I was starving, I met Jenna ( @Scarlett ) again after being in hiding, had some girl talk and straightened things out. Same with @pijkaCZ . Had a chat about what happened to Oleg and sorted out any rumours. Mothered @SgtSmithy because Colt is sick and someone has to nag him. Found a moo cow on my way to lop castle. <3
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    Thursday *Ford sits inside a dingy, green house. His worn journal is in his hands and his right leg is stretched out in front of him. It's sore, but not like it was even a day ago. He looks around the room and watches the sleeping forms around him and then begins to write* It's night now. Crazy few days. I'm on watch now, David @darczon69 just finished his turn and passed out almost immediately after waking me. Busy day. Went all the way to Tisy for gear and a new backpack. Forgive my writing, I know I usually just jot down ideas and events, but I want this day to mean something to whoever reads it...it meant a hell of a lot to me. I'll hopefully channel my old high-school self...the one who used to write short stories. Obviously I'm taking liberties with guessing what people are thinking, but I feel that the longer you're in someone's company, the easier it gets to read their emotions and mannerisms...Anyways..here goes. *Ford looks to his right and smiles, looking at the sleeping girl next to him, @Sophie her lips parted just slightly, her breathing deep and regular. He then glances at the man to his left @Pontiff and chuckles quietly, the man has fallen asleep with his glasses on and they have slid forward on his nose, giving him an old man look. Across from him is David, @darczon69 propped against the wall and sleeping soundly. Ford takes up his pen and begins to write, the pen scratching softly on the paper* Ford and David jogged up the hill behind the lodge, their camp falling behind them slowly, their guns in hand and their packs bouncing slightly up and down on their backs. Ford looked over at David as they jogged, his face frowning for a moment as a thought crossed his mind. "You think they'll find the note?" he asked, panting slightly as they crested the hill and began to make their way down the other side. David shrugged and almost lost his footing on the hill, a curse fell from his lips as he regained his footing. "You left it in the tent that has the food. Chances are that Hailee and Ben will find it easily enough..or Eli will and tell them where we went." He huffed and shifted his pack, thinking (not for the first time) that Ford was right, and a smaller pack was a smarter and easier burden. They traveled in relative silence the next few miles, Ford stopping to check his compass every once in a while to confirm they were still heading north, and making notes on his map. They had lunch inside an abandoned barn and enjoyed a few vegetables, and some steaks that David had cooked and wrapped, bringing with them. They were passing thru a town called Vavilovo when it started to downpour, rain pelting them in the face and instantly soaking them to the bone. David suggested another break, mostly to dry out and switch to rain gear, but also to discuss how to proceed once at Tisy. Ford nodded and they made their way to a house with a chimney, and while David went inside to prep the fireplace, Ford cut down a few small bushes and gathered the wood into his arms, carrying it inside. ...... "So. You think we can get in and out without being seen by that man Jack you claim controls that area up north?" David asked, shaking his shirt and draping it over the mantle to dry. Ford shrugged and took off his hat, slapping it against his leg and then shaking his head, flinging water all over, making David frown and wipe water off his face. "If we're quiet and stay off the roads, we should be fine. Besides...we're just going to look for a pack and maybe a bit of ammunition, not robbing tents or shit like that." Ford chuckled at David, then took out his raincoat, unrolling it and smoothing it on the floor. He plopped onto the floor and stared into the crackling fire, sighing with content as he warmed up. "Hopefully, if they found the note and came after us, they didn't get caught in this deluge like we did. Hailee thinks she's useless, but that woman is a damned gift to this group. How she finds what we need, and so fast...and she's quick too. I wouldn't be surprised if she caught up to us before Tisy." Ford leaned forward and holds his hands near the fire. David nodded at the other man's words and checked his beloved AUG again, hoping it wasn't seriously soaked. He wasn't sure how water affected the military grade weapon, but he'd hope for the best. He popped the clip out and refilled it with dry rounds, and then slammed it home. Ford looked up at a bright flare of lightning, then turned back to the fire. The men sat in silence, enjoying the warmth of the fire. ................................... Ford squinted thru his scope and tried to see who was down the road inside a church. More of a shrine, but whatever. He looked over at David and whispered. "Whoever it is, they got company. Looks like two, maybe three walkers outside the door. We could help them, but if it's a hostile, they'll likely thank us by shooting us...and if it's a friendly, we'll have unwanted company." David shook his head. He'd let Ford make the decision on this one, this was his trip after all. David was a friendly man, and didn't want to think the worst of people, but he also had learned a great deal about people the last few weeks, and he knew Ford could be right. "Your call." he said, and followed Ford as the man slowly headed towards the shrine. They were within 10 yards or so, and raising their weapons to fire at the infected, when the door burst open and gunfire erupted, throwing the undead backwards, slain, into the street. Ford and David raised their weapons and prepared for who was inside...... ((To be continued....))
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    This group is very generic nothing really unique but that is not a bad thing. (Sometimes generic can be good for the server) I would also like to see more creative goals I know yall can think of something the graphics could be improved also. But yeah best of luck with this. @ItzzNate I love you no hate.
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    This has got me like woah. Since when is Traveler the bad guy? He said some things that people didn't agree with, Opinions, and seems like everyone thinks he is the biggest piece of garbage now? Why is the world upside down. It is not that you people disagree, it is the level of hostility you disagree with. ::shakes his head:: Good Bye fellow mod-player. Thank you for trying with ideas, even if I agree or disagree, at least you brought to the table some ideas to improve things. Thank you for trying.
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    The group system on our website is a feature for serious, large groups - not every group of 5 survivors needs to use it. The fact that so many groups archived because they were forced to actually think about what they're doing shows that the feature is working as intended. One of the reasons for the smart goals was to get rid of unserious groups which didn't want to put in any effort in them. If people don't think it's worth it or are too lazy to follow and adjust their goals once or twice a month - their loss. It doesn't change anything in game. I'll be pushing changes to make it worthwhile for people who want to put in the effort and make an impact on the server and drive the lore through official groups and not just to have an icon below their name on the forums and a thread to post memes.
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    Good thing you are masochistic because this will get you roasted.
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    Well idk if i should post this here but i tried dressing up as my current character Dont have any good ingame pics rn but will get some for comparison later
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    Hey man, This isn't us just taking on the smaller groups for the world, if you read it it says "take what people can afford to give" this isn't a stand and deliver where we just hold guns at people until someone bites back. This group WILL make purposeful mistakes allowing other parties then just ours to so called "Win". Plus this isn't going to be the only kind of survivor/hostile group. Im sure there will be at least 1 more from other community members maybe two so peoples precious storylines have less chance of being touched by our "Generic" and "Non unique" roleplay. Not all of our characters are military if you look through the pages. From someone who just came from doing something differently involving hostile RP I can tell you people didn't vote for it at all even when we were super active. The whole "Tax" thing has a bad stigma to it because of past groups abusing the word, like I said take from those who can afford it such as people who sell drinks for as cheap as a bullet and can grow food. If people RP items like *Hands over bag of food* that will be alright, we are NOT looking for constant firefights if I wanted that there is a ton of better communities for that role and a lot of other people here feel the same. As to people saying we hate X military for what they did we are not out for them we are just learning our lessons to adapt to a new world in a kind of "If you can't beat them join them" kind of scenario. We are reasonable for the most part and just treating people to get them to like you is fine, we won't "Attack people" because they are the only active group or whatever. Our reasoning so far is from IC development what happened this morning when we went IC and we are not going to use this lore as our reasoning at all because we want to build an entertaining storyline for all parties which I cannot stress enough but this is something everyone should be doing anyway without people calling it out. Thanks all for the feedback so far though, helping us to improve helps everyone else!
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    Not sure if leaving thread or meme thread
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    Right then...Lets see how this will work out. Also, I posted this to see who is interesting in trying along a different project that was tried a while back. This isn't going to be a group for everyone and demands a lot of self sacrifice. The smart Goals are already in discussion with the current LMs. We are looking for people that want to try something different, its going to be a challenging group and one not to everybodies taste. But hopefully will be an interesting one who meet us.
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    I mean, I barely leave my house right now, but even I don’t really want to make a group or play with how many rules and restrictions there are. Things should be kept simpler, in my opinion. Too many rules on what you can and can’t do, and on how your group is supposed to be handled just push people away. Maybe if we were in beta it’d work, but right now people barely want to play anyways. I’m all for less restrictions. The old group system wasn’t broken. The SMART goals are a good idea on paper and in real life, but when forced to use them for a fictional group in an online acting community, it’s judt ridiculous tbh
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    See you in a few weeks in your 'I'm back' thread. Kicking and screaming like a child and then outright leaving when you don't get your way is pitiful, you're right.. this isn't mod, which is fine. Stop living in the fucking past, it's tiring. Bye.
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    You'll never change anything by leaving, I'm a 2013'er and I cannot see me leaving any time soon but it is your decision. In life we cannot get everything we want but that shouldn't stop us making the most of what we have got. Yes SA is a bit shit but so was the mod version if you think about it. I miss those mod days but I'm hopeful there are more good days to come. Ever the optimist... Take care out there fella.
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    Just because someone enjoys or wants to experience a different side of roleplay doesn’t mean it’s ok to shit on them. They’re just looking for something new and interesting to happen in game. At least it shows someone is trying to experience and enjoy new things instead of being stuck in the same boring RP that happens daily.
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    ?¿? I come here to role-play not get my rocks off. This literally looks like a Craigslist sex advertisement.